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How to Braid Your Beard: Epic Styles & Tips of 2024

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how to braid my beardReady to unleash your inner Viking? Braiding your beard is a great way to express yourself and give off the majestic aura of strength, power, and dominance.

Here’s an epic guide with all the tips, tricks, and styles for braiding that badass beard of yours in 2023.

So if it’s time for some fresh new inspiration in terms of facial hairstyle trends then look no further – let’s get started on creating those amazing beard styles with our step by step instructions today!

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the Viking spirit through beard braiding.
  • Ensure healthy hair with beard oil, shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Divide the beard into three parts for braiding.
  • Experiment with various braiding techniques for distinct appearances.

How to Braid a Beard

How to Braid a Beard
You can achieve a legendary and sophisticated look by braiding your facial hair in various styles, such as Viking or Goatee.

For easier braiding, use beard oil, but shampooing and conditioning are also recommended to keep it healthy. Towel dry it before applying oil, then brush gently to distribute the product evenly throughout the strands.

Comb through using a thin-toothed comb, followed by trimming any uneven sections for neatness before styling begins.

To braid, divide into three equal parts, then cross the side pieces over the middle strand until the desired length is achieved – experiment with folding and twisting between pieces too! Secure with elastic bands, wax, or products designed specifically for beards like beads.

Proper diet plus external nourishment will boost growth, while regular washing (gently) helps maintain cleanliness so you always look sharp regardless of the style chosen – try bunning up at the back if looking extra dapper is needed one day!

Different Beard Braid Styles

Different Beard Braid Styles
Embrace the bold look of facial hair with popular beard braiding styles such as the Wizard Twirl, Classic Viking, Beard Bun, Goatee Braid, and Three Prong. Make a statement and give your style an upgrade with intricate designs like the Forked Braid.

Wizard Twirl

Create a magical look with an iconic spiral of facial hair – the Wizard Twirl. Learn braiding techniques, styling tips, and Viking culture for the perfect twirl.

Classic Viking

Style your beard for a legendary look with the classic Viking braid. This style consists of one long, central plait down the chin. Use a thin-toothed comb and trimmer to maintain facial hair hygiene so braids retain their shape.

Beard Bun

Achieve a modern, legendary look with the Beard Bun – an effortlessly stylish style that is sure to turn heads! Use braiding techniques, beard trimming, and styling products for an impressive braided look.

Goatee Braid

Try out the cool Goatee Braid for a unique twist on your facial hair. This style requires a braiding technique and styling products to secure the braid at the desired length. Facial hair care is key, so keep up with regular beard maintenance, oiling, and trimming as needed.

Three Prong

Create a look that will make heads turn with the Three Prong style – three individual braids hanging down your chin like an ancient sea captain’s. Braiding techniques, variations, and accessories can be employed to craft intricate facial hair styling.

Invest in beard care, growth, and accessorizing for a bold facial hair appearance.

Forked Braid

You can easily customize your look with a Forked Braid, which is an alternating two-strand twist. Use beard oil, trimming techniques, and styling products to achieve the desired look.

How to Grow Beard Long for Braids

How to Grow Beard Long for Braids
Achieve a legendary and masculine look by braiding your long or short beard. Whether you’re looking for the classic Viking braid, a double/forked style, or something more subtle like a small side braid, there are plenty of options to choose from.

With the right maintenance routine and styling techniques, you can master this art in no time.

Long Braided Beard

Achieve a legendary look by weaving your facial hair into long, intricate braids. To do so, you’ll need to grow and maintain your beard with the proper care; use products like shampoo, oil, and conditioner for the best results.

Mastering the braiding techniques is key – from French braid to Viking styles – but styling products can help add texture and hold.

Short Braided Beard

Get ready to show off your short, stylized braids for a unique look! With long-term care and proper maintenance, you can create amazing braid designs with your beard. Learn the steps of braiding as well as basic trimming and styling techniques. From Viking Beard Braids to Three-Pronged Buns, mastering these methods will give you full control over your manly look.

Viking Beard Braid

Experience the majestic aura of a Viking braid and be ready to take on any challenge. Use beard oil, conditioner, and styling products to craft your long braided beard with techniques inspired by Viking folklore.

Follow proper care practices such as regular moisturizing, massaging, and trimming for an impressive look that oozes power and mastery! Cornrow braids add intricate details, while nourishing your beard with proper nutrition completes the picture for a truly legendary style.

Double/Forked Braid

You can add a unique twist to your look by trying out the Double or Forked Braid. Add beads for Viking flair, use elastic bands and trim for maintenance, nourish internally with diet tips, and externally with oil to get that bold masculine statement.

Small Side Braid

For a unique look, try adding a small side braid to your manly style. Use braiding tips and beard length for styling products such as oil application, beard trimmer, or wax. A braided beard requires extra maintenance but gives you the trendiest of styles with nourishing benefits.

How to Grow a Beard Long Enough for Braids

How to Grow a Beard Long Enough for Braids
Want to learn how to braid your beard? You’ll need the right tools and regular maintenance for a successful style. Discover the steps involved in braiding, as well as tips on maintaining long facial hair.

Beard Maintenance Tools

To keep your beard looking its best, you’ll need the right tools to maintain it. Invest in quality items like waxing supplies, a trimmer with adjustable settings, oil for nourishment and hydration, shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for facial hair.

Regular Beard Maintenance

Keeping your beard looking dapper requires regular maintenance and care – after all, you wouldn’t want it to look unkempt!

Start with a diet that nourishes the body, which will, in turn, help promote healthy facial hair growth.

Use oil or conditioner when washing your beard. Then, towel dry and gently brush before applying more oil.

Trim carefully using a thin-toothed comb and trimmer for upkeep.

Secure braids with elastic bands or wax to maintain the length needed for styling, like Viking braided beards.

Finally, use styling products sparingly as they contain harsh chemicals that can damage beards over time.

Steps to Braid Your Beard

Braiding your beard is an art form, so learn the technique to start styling and get creative! Begin by using beard oil for easy braiding. Use a thin-toothed comb and trimmer to groom the hair. Divide it into sections, then cross the side strands over the middle for the desired length of the braid.

For unique styles like Viking or Goatee Braid, use elastic bands or wax for security. Professional scissors may be needed to trim excess hairs from ponytail-style double braid looks.

Maintaining Your Beard Braids

Maintaining Your Beard Braids
Once you’ve grown a beard long enough for braiding, it’s time to move on to the next step: maintaining your braid.

To keep your style looking sharp and fresh, regular oiling and moisturizing are essential. Consider using high-quality beard oils specifically designed to nourish facial hair while also giving it an extra shine.

Additionally, trim any split ends or stray hairs with a trimmer to help create clean lines in between styling sessions.

When styling your braid each day, make sure you take into consideration how much time and effort will be required beforehand. This way, there won’t be any surprises when actually securing all those strands together with wax or other products such as elastic bands, etc.

Lastly, when aiming for a unique look, consider experimenting with different techniques like twisting or folding between individual sections.

All these tips combined are key elements necessary for achieving that perfect ‘braided’ look every man desires – no matter what stage their journey towards mastery may be at.

The Best Braided Styles for Men’s Beards

The Best Braided Styles for Men
Achieve a bold and stylish look by braiding your beard. Men’s beards can take on many different forms, from the long braided Viking-style to the more subtle goatee braid or short ponytail options.

The Long Braided Beard

You can achieve an iconic look with a long braided beard, giving you a bold and masculine statement. Master the art of beard braiding by using thin-toothed combs and styling products to divide your facial hair into three sections.

Cross side strands over the middle and experiment with twisting for the desired length. Adornment with beads is popular among Vikings who mastered this style centuries ago while nourishing beards through proper care, diet, oiling, and trimming are important steps in maintaining it.

The Braided Goatee Beard

Experiment with a classic style like the braided goatee beard for an iconic and daring look. Make sure to master your braiding techniques, as well as nourish your beard with proper nutrition, hygiene, and styling advice.

The Short Braided Beard

Show off your stylish side with a short braided beard – perfect for making a statement without taking up too much space. Get the look by using proper beard care and styling products to braid facial hair of any length.

Keep in mind tips like crossing strands, twisting and folding between them, plus securing with wax or elastics.

The Ponytail Beard

Try a trendy ponytail beard for an eye-catching and edgy look. Braiding the beard into a ponytail offers endless styling options, from an everyday look to a business casual style. Nourish your facial hair with oil before braiding – this will help maintain the braid longer too! Experiment with variations like two or three-strand braids and master updos for special occasions.

The Double Braid Beard

Create a statement with your facial hair by braiding it in a double braid style – the perfect combination of rugged and refined.

Develop a grooming routine to nourish your beard, including regular trimming and moisturizing with oil. For best results, master the technique: divide into three sections, then cross side strands over the middle strand until the desired length is achieved.

Experiment with different styles like the Forked Braid or Wizard Twirl to get that unique look you desire! Make sure you’re maintaining beard health throughout this process too; eat right and enjoy all-day confidence from having an awesomely braided beard!

Viking Beard Braids Are Worth the Effort

Viking Beard Braids Are Worth the Effort
Viking beard braids can take a bit of effort to achieve, but they’ll give you an iconic and masculine look that’s worth the time spent.

For example, if you want to stand out from the crowd with a unique style, try graciously knotting multiple strands into one intricate braid for an unforgettable statement.

  • Learn proper braiding techniques by practicing on smaller sections of your beard first.
  • Use beads or other decorative items to add character and make it even more eye-catching.
  • Take care of your facial hair by regularly trimming and nourishing it internally as well as externally with oils or conditioners for the best results over time.

The options when it comes to braided styles are vast, so don’t be afraid to experiment! From classic Viking looks all the way down to subtle Goatee Braids, your creativity should be unleashed here, resulting in truly stylish appearances that no one else will have seen before!

With enough patience and practice, any man can pull off these sophisticated looks without too much trouble while still keeping their own personality intact through customizing different elements like color schemes or adding extra details like plaits at certain points in order to create additional depth/texture throughout each strand – making sure their new look stands out above all others!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I make sure my beard braids last longer?

Braiding your beard can give you a stylish look that lasts. To ensure it maintains its look, use quality products like beard oil and conditioner, wash regularly with shampoo, and comb carefully.

What type of hair is best for beard braiding?

The best type of hair for braiding is long and thick, while a dampened beard will make it easier to braid. Apply oil or conditioner before you start, and use thin-toothed combs to separate your strands.

What are the benefits of beard braiding?

Beard braiding has many benefits, including more control over styling and better protection from the elements.

Is beard braiding a difficult skill to learn?

Braiding your beard can be a challenging skill to learn, but with practice and persistence, you can master the art. Alliteration helps elaborate on styling techniques for an empowering look that is bold and masculine.

Are there any precautions I should take when braiding my beard?

Take precautions when braiding your beard, such as using oil or conditioner for easier styling, brushing gently, and trimming regularly.


You’ve now mastered the art of beard braiding, from classic Viking styles to the ponytail beard. Braiding your beard can give you a stylish and bold look that stands out from the crowd. With the right tools, maintenance routine, and patience, you can easily achieve any of these legendary braided styles.

And the best part? All these styles revolve around how to braid your beard. So don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own unique look. With the right combination of braids, you could be the envy of all your friends.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show the world your new and stylish braided beard.

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