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10 Best Patchy Beard Styles (Fix, Grow, Care Tips) of 2022

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Unlike the days before, men with patchy beards kept themselves clean-shaven instead of exposing their blemished facial hair. It was the feeling of insecurity they were trying to avoid.

best patchy beard stylesNow it’s quite the opposite: Men with spotty beards have a range of facial hairstyles that suit their lifestyle as well as their personality.

The reality is that your genetics determines the ability of your beard growth, and there’s really not much you can do about that – other than making it an ongoing science experiment.

Has a patchy beard. Nothing to be ashamed of and shouldn’t stress. If you find that your hair is growing unevenly, there are a few ways you can improve it or even hide it altogether.

From styling tips and tricks, products, and ways to promote hair growth, we’ve got your ultimate guide to patchy beard fix.

So if your patchy beard feels less confident, whether you have a long or a short patchy beard, you now have a variety of patchy beard styles that can enhance your facial features.

How to Fix Patchy Beard

How to Fix Patchy Beard

  • The only way to fix a patchy beard is to be patient and avoid the urge to facial hair after you notice it grows in patches.
  • Let the hair grow for at least another month. During this time, you may notice that the patches are full, and you are out of stubble.
  • Allow the hair follicles to grow naturally and focus on trimming the hair around the neck and jawline.
  • For people with short hair, best can use a beard trimmer set to an adjustable length so you can focus on your cheeks and jawline.
  • Good brushing can help you tame the unruly beard. Brush the hair in one direction once you have found a time, especially before going to bed.
  • Use a comb to run it through the facial hair in repeated strokes in the same direction. If you could give 100 strokes a day, there is nothing better, and you should not overuse the shampoo.
  • Eat a balanced diet to supplement the growth of your facial hair. The beard patchy can help you show off a tough, masculine look.
  • So embrace your patchy beard with one of the patchy Beard styles that best suit your personality.

10 Best Patchy Beard Styles of 2022

Here are 10 beard styles for patchy beards to choose from to enhance your personal characteristics.

1. Clipped Patches

Clipped PatchesIf your cheeks are not growing too much patchy, keep your beard at number 1 or 2 with the trimmer. You can still see some spots, but it looks completely uniform because the beard has been trimmed.

It is still important to shave the beard lines such as the high cheek and low neck to maintain a bit of neatness while still looking rough and masculine.

This patchy beard style is suitable for people who don’t take their beards too seriously.

This look gives the wearer a shabby, relaxed look. If your work environment finds this look unacceptable, an elegant and well-textured haircut is a good way to balance the scruffy short beard look.

This gives others the impression that you take your grooming seriously and that your beard was a conscious choice and not out of laziness.

2. Patchy Beard With Low Fade Haircut

Patchy Beard With Low Fade HaircutThis is a hairstyle usually characterized by two layers that fade. So basically, to put this on, in a sense, your hair has to fade out gradually as you move to the sides.

Now carefully cut your hair halfway up the head to the desired length. Keep in mind that the fringe hair should be long compared to the hair at the halfway point of the head.

Now form the second fade of the layer on either side of your head. This hairstyle indicates the need to merge the beard with the hair. On the other hand, the sideburns should be equal to the length in the sideways hair. Now grow a mustache.

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While trimming your beard, you end up doing a little low to make them perfect for professional and casual events.

3. The Thin Strap Beard Style

Patchy Beard With Low Fade Haircut

It is easier to style a chin strap beard with a patchy beard, which runs along the jawline and ends at the sideburns. Shave the facial hair and let it grow slightly along the jawline. Use a trimmer to shape the beard in a straight line.

4. Bristly Brown Beard with Neat Moustache

Patchy Beard With Low Fade Haircut

This mustache is neatly trimmed but falls slightly higher to just below the nose. It is tapered on the sides and doesn’t quite connect the beard, which is cut short and neat. This facial hair is neat and still looks good.

5. Cheekbone Highlight

Cheekbone Highlight

Some of you will find that your cheek hairs grow relatively high but start to come down from a shallow angle and not converge with your mustache.

To get the best out of this, shape the beard according to its natural growth and clean the edges.

This accentuates your cheekbones and gives you a very masculine look. This style is a great way to show that you are unique and add texture to your face.

6. A La Souvarov Patchy Beard Style

A La Souvarov Patchy Beard Style

This is a unique patchy beard style for men, with the sideburns and mustache highlighted. You could call this patchy beard style a variation of the Franz Josef, with the sideburns forming upwards to the mustache.

7. Stubble Patchy Beard

Stubble Patchy BeardThe style in which your hair slowly fades as you go down. Obviously, a uniform length must be maintained for the overall beard. The presence of the last fade-out strand should be the same length as the beard with the fringe hair facing back. Make sure the hair and beards are connected.

Most importantly, the stubble beard patchy does not cut any part of the hairline.

Trim the beard gently to get a uniform look. To add to this, the stubble beard patchy beard style also stimulates the growth of a mustache, which is usually done to match the look for both formal and informal functions.

8. Extra Drama with a Rustic Beard

Extra Drama with a Rustic BeardJohnny Depp’s dark brown beard is fuller under the chin, with two longer tufts that almost form a small goatee.

His mustache is neatly trimmed and held just above the lip, with a small dark patch of hair just below his butt lip.

9. Rap Industry Standard Patchy Beard Style

Rap Industry Standard Patchy Beard Style

The Rap Industry Standard patchy beard-trimmed goatee has become popular after being worn by many rap musicians. This beard style resembles a combination of a circle beard and a skinny chin strap, which is trimmed thinly.

10. Short and Sparse Beard

Short and Sparse BeardJames Franco is known for his rebellious nature and scruffy looks, but this neat and uniform beard makes him seem more mainstream.

His mustache extends to the beard, and the area under the lip is usually shaved clean, with more hair and volume below the jawline.

Stimulate Your Beard Growth Naturally

Stimulate Your Beard Growth NaturallyAs we mentioned, your beard growth is determined by genetics, but there are things you can do to maximize your beard growth.

Of course, if you’re already in top shape, getting more than eight hours of sleep a night, and eating a diet that Tom Brady would be proud of, skip this part – your beard will grow to its fullest potential.


Exercise – especially strength training – helps increase testosterone levels. Large, functional, compound movements that recruit multiple muscle groups are the most effective. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, rows, and chest and overhead presses are all great.

If you are new to lifting weights, spend some time with a trainer or coach. Bad form slows down your results and leads to injuries. If you have been sedentary, consult a doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.


A well-rounded diet full of protein, vitamins, and minerals will help your beard while performing well. Maximize its growth potential. Hair is made up of protein, so it’s essential to make sure you’re getting enough. A lack of protein can make whisker strands brittle and weak. B, C, and D vitamins, as well as zinc and iron, also help keep your beard healthy and grow steadily.


Biotin has been shown to help strengthen hair and fingernails and as a supplement has been shown to improve hair growth. Chances are, you’re probably already getting enough biotin through your diet, and if so, adding an extra dose won’t help much. But if your diet does not contain biotin, you can add it as a supplement to help your beard grow optimally.


Sleeping eight hours every night also improves the quality of your beard. as the growth rate. Body temperature drops during sleep, leading to increased blood circulation – including circulation to hair follicles and roots. The more nutrients can reach the hair follicles and their roots, the better.


Stress can alter the growth rate of both beard and scalp hair because it weakens the immune system – and a weakened immune system means less hair growth.

How to Make Your Patchy Beard Thicker

How to Make Your Patchy Beard ThickerOkay, you’ve given your beard a few months and done all of the above to maximize your beard growth. Right now, there are some techniques you can use to make your beard look thicker and fuller patchy.

Get a Probeard Trim

Go to your hairdresser and let him know that you are growing a beard. Your stylist can help you define your cheek and neckline, and getting your beard hairs to a more uniform length can accentuate the areas where your beard is fuller. You may still have some patches in your beard, but if you remove those flies and hairs that grow in different directions, it makes a big difference and can help create the impression. Induces a fuller beard.

Brush It

A beard brush can direct your beard hair in a more uniform direction, which, if long enough, can help you cover some of those hairs’ patchy regions.

We find that beard hair responds better to 100% boar hair than to nylon or synthetic hair. Add a small amount of a medium-hold product, such as Styling Balm, then brush hair into place. The Styling Balm helps keep your beard hair locked all day long.

Boar bristles are also great for exfoliating your skin, fighting dandruff, irritated skin, and clogged pores. The bristles also improve blood circulation to the skin throughout the gentle massage of it – and healthier skin means healthier beard hair.

Get It With Some Sea Salt Spray

If your beard hair is straight and fine, you can give it some more volume with a product like Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray. Do you know how a day of swimming in the ocean makes your hair a little bit wavier? Sea Salt Spray does the same, and that extra wave in your beard can make it look fuller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes a patchy beard?

A patchy beard can be caused by many things, including age (young and old), genetics, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, stress, or even a fungal infection. If you’re experiencing new blotchiness or hair loss, it may be a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure it’s not a serious health problem.

Can a patchy beard look good?

A scruffy and patchy beard can contrast your delicate features and give your face a unique accent. All you have to do is let the beard grow out. While this style is low maintenance, the difference between a scruffy beard that looks good and looks completely neglected is the little maintenance habits.

Should I let my beard grow if it’s patchy?

Growing your beard can be a way to hide any patchy growth, as the length will cover it. In fact, if you let it grow freely for a few weeks, you can spot any blotchiness and your growth pattern. You have to persevere during the difficult growth of your stage.

Is patchy beard unattractive?

Patchy beards may not be as luscious as a full beard, but this doesn’t make them unattractive. You have to have the confidence to work with what you have.

Do beard patches fill in?

Beard patches can be filled in depending on the cause of the blotchiness. It’s hard to fight genetics, so if that’s the cause, you may not be fortunate. However, if it results from a poor diet, stress, or illness, lifestyle changes, medications, and beard care can help solve some problems. Even if you are young with a patchy beard, time can help as you may grow a fuller beard as you grow you get older.

How do you style patchy stubble?

It is easier to style a chin strap beard with a patchy beard, which runs along the jawline and ends at the sideburns. Shave the facial hair and let it grow slightly along the jawline. Use a trimmer to shape the beard in a straight line.

Do Beard Growth Pills or Oils Work?

Products claimed to give you a dense, full beard unlike anything you’ve been able to grow are the equivalent of penis enlargement pills. These products don’t have any science or testing to back up their claims.

Any company that claims their oil or balm increases your hair growth or the density of your beard is lying to you directly. There is no evidence to support the idea that you can induce more facial hair growth with any topical over-the-counter oil or balm.

Beard oils and balms can condition your beard, soften your skin, and help your beard look better. But they won’t change the genetic makeup of your beard.

The Wrap Up

By now you should have gotten some great patchy beard styles on how to style and patchy beard fix.

The most important thing is to take advantage of your strengths.

The smoother your beard, the shorter you should keep it.

This creates a sleek yet rugged look. Styled correctly, patchy Beards are a very distinctive feature for many men.

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