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Clean Shaven Vs Beard: Beard or No Beard What is Better? (2023)

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Beards have been popular in recent years, and many men have embraced facial hair.

beard vs shavedToday the beard doesn’t just look exquisite and attractive with the latest beard trimmers, beard oil, beard wax, and beard balm. Excellent, but it has now become a must-have for many men.

You may be wondering if you should have a beard or no beard?

It’s an age-old question that has left men baffled for centuries. What is better? Shaved or bearded?

Oh, not just a decision they have to make before a date, but in certain situations like meetings, job interviews, or family gatherings. Determining which style is appropriate, stylish, and naturally attractive can be quite a challenge.

Don’t worry, and this article will answer your questions

  • What’s a better beard or clean shaven?
  • Does clean-shaven look better?
  • Beard vs no beard, which do females prefer?

Let’s take a look at clean shaven vs beard and look at the perception of both and some clear facts about the pros and cons of beard vs no beard.

Clean Shaven Vs Beard: Bearded Look

beard vs no beardUnlike close shave, there are multiple beard looks. Some require no maintenance at all. You can just let your beard grow until it touches your belly button. This approach is not recommended.

A beard can look just as good as a close shave if properly cared for and maintained. Shaving, oiling, and combing are all necessary to keep the beard looking good.

The perception of the beard is constantly changing. Sometimes it is fashionable to have a faded neckline. At other times, you may want to grow your mustache. In the end, it’s all up to you and what style you’re comfortable with.

Do Beards Make You Hotter?

beard or no beardFor some people, facial hair is a complete turn-off. Others find bearded men just as attractive as clean-shaven men.

In reality, if you are already beautiful, a beard will not make you look horrible. It can make you less approachable or more masculine.

Growing a beard should be a choice. Your jawline or lack thereof will be the key to determining whether you look good with a beard.

For some people, the choice is taken out of their hands because their hair grows irregularly and not very long. If your hair grows in patches and sprouts all the different colors, you may not want to grow a beard.

Are Beards Regarded as Aggressive?

The science of facial hair isn’t exact, but some research suggests that beards can make a man appear more aggressive. Are people afraid of men with beards?

If you can grow a beard, you show that you have active testosterone in your body. This may mean that men with a beard have the physical potential and drive to be more aggressive.

The perception of aggression does not necessarily mean that people will be more afraid. Obviously, wearing a beard isn’t necessarily scary. In addition to aggression, a beard can also be a sign of maturity, confidence, and style.

The Benefits of Having a Beard

  • More attractive: According to a study by Dixson et al., women found men with facial hair more attractive than those who did not. This is because facial hair is a sign of strong genetics in men, a trait that women are evolutionarily attracted to. It also provides a strong jawline, which contributes to your tough look.
  • You don’t have to shave every day: This one speaks for itself. When you grow a beard, everyday shaving disappears. Now you have more time in the morning to relax before work.
  • It’s fun to maintain: The beauty of a beard is that maintenance only takes place a few times a week (for most ). Maintenance includes quick trimming, washing, applying beard oil and balm, and quick combing. All of this can even be done by your barber, who should also be trained in beard maintenance. Otherwise, beard maintenance can be done in your spare time, and many men consider it a therapeutic task.

The Disadvantages of a Beard

Can Itch

If you are starting to grow a beard, your skin can be very itchy. Without proper beard maintenance, this itch can last for some time. Beards become itchy because the hair can curl to certain lengths and rub against the skin. Add to that the build-up of dead skin cells and dryness, and you get irritation.

But there is a solution: Let the beard grow a little longer, wash and exfoliate your skin and add some beard oil to relieve inflammation and dryness. Maintenance only takes a few weeks, and you will notice a huge difference in comfort and style.

It Can Be Difficult to Grow a Beard

Many men find it difficult to grow a beard. Usually, they get the frustration of a patchy beard and shave it off. But what they don’t realize is that beards take time.

Some men may need more time than others, and this can be a difficult understanding. Several factors, such as genetics and hormones, affect the rate at which a beard grows. But be patient, and it will come.

Over time, testosterone will activate the various hair follicles on your face, and soon you will have a full and luscious beard.

Beard Vs No Beard: the Clean Shaven Look

clean shaven vsbeardThe clean-shaven look has been around for a long time. It’s unlikely your grandpa will be shaking a beard anytime soon. Personally, my grandpa is 92 and feels uncomfortable if he hasn’t shaved.

He shaves daily, and it’s been conditioned in him since his time in the military.

Does a close shave look better?

Does a close shave look betterYes, clean-shaven women have been shown to look more attractive than a beard; although a beard style can give you more respect, it’s unlikely you’ll get more dates.

In 2016, 43% of American men shaved every day; according to Mintel, we expect those numbers to rise.

According to beard statistics, in a 2018 beard reliability survey, 20% of respondents said they find clean-shaven people the most trustworthy, while only 3% trust bearded men. And it’s not just reliability – 4% of respondents think men with beards are intelligent than 18% who believe men without facial hair are smarter.

While this may not always be true in the real sense, we have no control over how people see us.

The clean-shaven look is classic and simple. Your chin is visible and prominent. There is no beard to hide it. The look requires constant maintenance.

The appearance of a stray lock of hair will ruin everything. For some people, this means shaving every day. For others, it means shaving just a few days a week.

The Benefits of a Clean Shaven

  • Lower maintenance: Shaving involves one process: shaving, usually with a razor or electric razor. This will become your daily routine for the rest of your life. Pretty easy.
  • Acceptable everywhere: Don’t worry about others judging you for having a dirty beard. Traditionally, a clean face may have seemed more professional, but I think this is becoming less of the status quo as beards become more popular.
  • Look younger: People see beardless men as young. This is because clean-shaven men show fewer signs of testosterone. As you may or may not know, growing a beard requires more testosterone to activate the hairs on your face. Testosterone production is more common in older men than in adolescent men, and people subconsciously recognize this as an age indicator.

The Disadvantages of a Clean Shaven

  • Always spend money on blades: If you shave every day, you will, of course, need a lot more blades. Blades cost money, and this can add up over the course of the year.
  • Unexciting: Apply lubricant, run the razor blade over your skin, dry yourself. It’s all very predictable. No surprises. Shaving every day becomes a chore. Nothing is exciting about it except the part when you’re done.
  • Babyface: Back to the ‘younger looking part.’ Sometimes men look too young without a beard. Almost like babies.
  • Shaving can irritate the face: Constant shaving and the wrong technique can cause men irritation when they shave. This includes pain, redness, and ingrown hairs. If you are constantly irritated by shaving, consider growing a beard to avoid these side effects.

Get a Close Shave in 4 Easy Steps

Get a Close Shave

  • Prepare to shave: Make sure you have the right tools before shaving to save time. Charge the shaver in advance or have the shaver ready. Provide good shaving cream and aftershave.
  • Dry or wet?: Determine which one do you prefer? With a shaver, you can go for a dry shave, which is also skin-friendly and gives fewer cuts. On the other hand, wet shaving is more refreshing and smoother if you have good shaving cream.
  • Be cool: Wash and rinse your face before shaving. You don’t want dirt and sweat on your skin pores. Make sure you don’t do it after or before a hot shower, as that can irritate your skin even more.
  • Be good: Now for aftershave. Splash your face with warm water, use a good aftershave or moisturizer.


Growing a beard can be a great way to express your personal style, and every man should try to grow one at least once in his life.

Ultimately, your choice in style is your decision. For what it’s worth, we think you know you’re on the right track if you feel good about yourself and enjoy getting ready in the morning.

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