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How to Use Shaving Soap to Get a High Quality Lather Step by Step (2024)

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You have made the decision to shave in a more traditional and masculine way and what is better than knowing how to use shaving soap. Good for you.

Expect world-class shaves at your home if you master the to use shaving soap

While many people continue to shave with cheap, canned creams, body soap or anything, with nothing else water, the fact is that using a high-quality shaving soap can easily help you get a better shave and also reduce or eliminate shaving, skin irritation and other common problems.

To get the most out of your shave, have a product that uses none of the chemicals, but only natural ingredients that provide superior lubrication and nourishment to your skin.

We have already discussed how a traditional wet shave can make a more pleasant experience and improve overall results and the only way to wet shave is to use a classic foam cream or shaving soap together with a shaving brush.

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You did your search online to make your shaving set, compared prices for hours and bought all the things you needed for a great traditional shaving experience.

You have the shaving soap, the awesome badger brush with a shaving bowl that was a great bundle deal, and finally the aftershave balm.

How are you going to use all these goodies that you have just purchased?

In this article, we will focus on the correct use of shaving soap, product selection, soaping and application best practices. So sit back and enjoy it.

Why use shaving soap and what are the advantages?

Although we have often mentioned it, the benefits of wet shaving cannot be emphasized enough because it certainly leads to a better shave with much less irritation. Yet the benefits are not only in the method but also in the means (eg shaving soap and brush).

Shaving soap is one of the best products available at the moment and that will protect the face against burns and irritation from multi-pass shaving.

One reason why fans of this product have the lubrication it offers, allowing them to use a sharper blade and shave closer.

One of the biggest problems with most canned shaving creams is that they are loaded with chemical and artificial lubricants (although there are some decent, more natural options) that are needed to prevent the propellants from driving the cream and can dry out your face.

Shaving soaps, on the other hand, are usually made from mainly natural ingredients that are nourishing, moisturize and protect the face, while they also usually provide better lubrication so that the razor can glide smoothly over your skin.

Most canned shave products use artificial scents from artificial sources. In other words, manufacturers use synthetic scents that mimic the real thing.

In the case of shaving soaps, there are two things to consider. The first would be with an unscented product if you already use cologne or do not like strong odors.

Second, if you don’t wear perfume and you could go with a soap that has a stronger odor. Do not forget to read the ingredient list to ensure that the scent used comes from vegetable sources.

How do you use shaving soap?

There is really no right or wrong way to use shaving soap because a number of different methods can be used. Yet there are really only a few small differences between the different foaming methods.

When it comes to choosing the method to use, this usually depends on the quality of your shaving brush, how much time you are willing to spend and the specific shaving soap that is used.

This means that it may require a little experimentation on your part to determine which method works best for you.

The great thing about using a shaving soap is that it’s not really one set of rules to follow. There are various methods that you can use to achieve the same optimum result.

So there will be a trial and error period while refining the technique.

Things you need to use a shaving soap effectively

  • A shaving brush
  • Shaving bowl (if you don’t foam directly on your face). You can also use any bowl, cup or cup if you don’t want to spend money on it. Bear in mind that you have to screw in the shaving brush. That’s why a short and wide bowl is preferable.
  • shaving soap. Thank you master the obvious.
  • A good wet face with hot water when you are about to apply the foam.

Method 1: Foam in the shaving bowl

lathering in bowl shaving soapBefore we start, we assume that you are already following a few steps to prepare your facial skin for shaving. Pay special attention to the case where your skin is sensitive to shaving.

Ideally, you have some hot water splashed on your face just before you apply the foam. Here we go.

1.wash and Soak the brush

Since you have the shaving bowl, fill it with hot water – do not boil, and let the brush soak for a minute or two. Alternatively, you can also brush with running hot water.

Avoid sucking your brush in a sink full of water, because the sink is usually not in the cleanest condition. Because this shaving brush touches your face, it doesn’t seem to be the most hygienic thing.

2. Empty the water

If you soak the brush in the bowl for a few minutes, remove it and empty most of the water. Just leave a teaspoon in it. You must also remove the excess water on the brush. Shake it a few times until the brush stops dripping.

3. Soften the shaving soap

Now it’s time to make some preparations for the shaving soap. Add a little hot water to the soap, a few drops or a teaspoon maybe. This makes the soap softer. Ideally, this step is completed at the same time that the brush immerses in hot water.

4. Swirl on the soap

This is the most important step if you want to make a good foam. Take the brush and start turning it on the soap. You have to run it a few times for 10-15 seconds. When you have finished rotating the brush on top of the soap, it’s time to make the foam in the bowl.

5. Swirl in the bowl

Time to get the shaving bowl. You’ve already had a little water in it, right?

Take the brush and start turning it into the bowl. This will take you around a minute or a little less. When you turn the brush in the bowl, you will see the foam start to rise. In the beginning, it will bubble, but when you swirl, it will get thicker quickly.

6. Check if the foam is ready

Now there is a chance that the foam is not exactly as you want it. There are three possible results.

The first is that the foam is perfect, and you can also apply it to your face, that’s great.

It can also be bubbling and you have to keep turning until it gets the necessary thickness.

There is also a chance that the foam is too thick and in such a case it is a good idea to pour a few drops of water into the bowl and turn it again. The key here is to add water bit by bit to prevent the foam from becoming too watery.

7. shaving

Once you are sure that your foam well and thickly, it’s time to apply it to your face with your brush until it covers all the areas you want to shave. Just brushing your face is enough and no extra swirl is required.

You are good to go with the shave.

Method 2: Build up face foam (preferably)

Building lather on the faceIf you are just starting to law shave and want to know how to use shaving soap, I am convinced that this method is something you will enjoy. In addition, I have the impression that it is a little easier to build up foam.

As with method 1, we assume that you have prepared your face well to prevent and save possible irritation or shaving beards.

1. Soak the brush

As with method 1, you must soak the brush in warm water (pay attention to the water temperature) and make the badger hair soft and moist. Once you’ve done this, shake the brush a few times until most of the water goes out, but be careful not to dry the brush too much.

2. Soften the soap

This is not as important as in method 1. Pour a few drops of hot water on the soap to make it a little softer.

3. Swirling time

Now that you have a soap that is ready to be turned and a wet shaving brush, it is time to wriggle a little. Take the brush and turn for 10-15 on the top of the soap. You do not need to exert any pressure here. Perform a few gentle movements on the soap until the tips of the brush contain some soap.

4. Apply it to your face

Have you already prepared your face well? Your face must be good law.

Start swirling actions on your cheeks to build up the foam. After swirling on your wet face for 30 seconds, you will have a nice and thick foam.

As with method 1, there is a chance that you will get a watery or very thick foam. If this happens, follow the same procedure.

If you get a watery foam, turn the brush over the shaving soap and keep winding.

If the foam is too thick, pour a few drops of water on the ends of the shaving brush and place it on your face again and let the swirling begin again.

5. Shave yourself

You did it. You have a good foam and you are ready to shave.

Packing up

It seems like a long process, but it really isn’t. If you have soaped a few times, you will find the right method that works for your preferences. This is the beauty of wet shaving. It is an art that needs some time to learn, but the results will be worth it.

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