15 Best Shaving Gels For Smooth Shave without Razor Burn

Let’s face it, and if you want a soft and soft feeling without the sandpaper feeling afterward, then you need the best shaving gel.

best shaving gelBetween a shaving soap, cream, and other shaving options, a gel is a new child in the neighborhood. They are all aimed at softening facial hair and preventing irritation, but they each work in their unique way.

Today’s man wants nothing more than the soft and soft feeling of shaving without hurting. Much of that depends on the shaving agent that they use as part of their morning routine.

Many prefer an excellent shaving cream. Others keep things traditional with shaving soap.

Then comes the skin-conscious crowd that plays it smart by using a shaving gel to get the job done.

Combine that with the increasing number of people looking for high-quality shaving gels, and companies have stepped up and come up with better products.

Look no further, as this article reviews the best shaving gels on the market today based on our extensive research and testing

Top 5 Best Shaving Gel (Quick Summary)

EZ BLADE Shaving Gel (6EZ BLADE Shaving Gel (6 oz)
  • Opens pores and softens the beard
  • Makes razor glide more easily over the skin
  • Clear, so it provides good vision while shaving
510 Customer Reviews
Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel withAveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with Oat and Vitamin E to Help Prevent Razor Bumps and
  • Hydrates the skin and prevents shaving bumps
  • Provides a smooth and smooth shave
  • Hydrates and soothes dry and sensitive skin
1,490 Customer Reviews
Neutrogena Men Razor Defense ShaveNeutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave Gel for even Sensitive Skin, Oil-Free Gel To Prevent Shaving
  • Prevents shaving irritation
  • Does not clog pores
  • Gives a comfortable shave
64 Customer Reviews
Every Man Jack Shave Gel,Every Man Jack Shave Gel, Fragrance Free, 7.0-ounce
  • MADE FOR YOU: The affordable, affordable care products from Every Man Jack are made for men only. Get the deep terrain you are looking for without drying out your skin.
  • NATURALLY MADE: Every Man Jack strives to use as many natural and plant-based ingredients as possible, while still delivering exceptional performance. No parabens. No phthalates. Nod yes. No GMOs.
  • MADE RESPONSIBLE: Every Man Jack shampoo and body wash bottle is made with at least 50% recycled plastic after consumption. We include recycled materials in our packaging wherever possible.
96 Customer Reviews
NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving GelNIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel - Protects Sensitive Skin From Shave Irritation - 7 oz.
  • Prevents skin irritation and reduces shaving bumps
  • Gives a smooth and smooth shave
  • Soothes the skin and makes it softer, smoother and softer
1,355 Customer Reviews
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What exactly is shaving gel?

What exactly is shaving gel

Before I reveal the list, I think it’s essential that you know what a shaving gel is. Many men confuse cheap foam aerosol “shaving gel” like a real shaving gel, but that is not the case.

I think it’s necessary to eliminate a bit of confusion about what shaving gel is.

When you use cheap aerosol products, what comes out is a gel substance that quickly turns into a white foam that looks like shaving cream.

Real shaving angels do not have that characteristic. These products hardly produce any foam.

Instead of a thick white shaving cream-like appearance, shaving gels have a thin soap-like foam. It hardly looks like shaving cream or soap.

This means that high-quality shaving gels are much thicker and very different from shaving creams or other products that you have probably used in the past.

These products have a different consistency if you place them next to shaving cream. It is smooth, transparent, and requires no shaving brush or bowl.

All you need to use these are your fingers and a decent razor. If you have not read about our safety razor article, please take the time and read it.

Things To Consider When Choosing Shaving Gels

father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom - shaving gels s and pictures Things To Consider When Choosing Shaving Gels

Just as men want football teams, they choose shaving gels. But it is vital to buy the best shaving gels than just picking someone in the store.

No matter how challenging it may seem, this article lists some important things to keep in mind before purchasing the next shaving gel.

Purpose of the gel

Different types of gel have been formulated for various purposes, so it is necessary to choose those gels that are suitable for your mission.

Some gels are mainly produced for beards, others for facial hair, and we have some gels that can be used from head to toe. Although some shaving gels are only provided for men, we have a few other gels that can be used by both men and women.

So before you buy your next shaving gel, decide which part of your body you want to shave. Then buy the best shaving gel designed for this purpose.

Clarity/thickness of the gel

Some gels are non-foaming and appear as a skinny layer when applied to the skin. To shape the hair very well and form the right edges, it is essential to remove gels that are very thin and show you what you shave.

These non-foaming gels sometimes contain anti-irritants and form a layer between the skin and the gel. This technique prevents the razor from touching the skin, preventing cuts or cuts.

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Ingredients to search (and avoid)

Labels are misleading. A company can sell you the benefits of its products, but not inform you of the possible damage that it can cause. You may want to tell yourself about the right ingredients to protect your health.

Now let’s focus on the wrong things.

  • BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene): a chemical that is associated with hormone disruption, plus eye, lung, and skin irritation.
  • Odor: one of the most common allergens that can expose you to more than 200 unknown chemicals.
  • Glycols: chemicals that retain and absorb moisture, but may cause dermatitis and rashes.
  • Isopentane: a solvent that can cause dry skin, dizziness, and nasal irritation.
  • Palmitic acid: this emulsifier causes allergic reactions in contact with skin.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene: the same chemical used to treat Teflon that can cause health problems such as breast cancer and heart disease.
  • Sulfates: skin-destroying elements that are usually associated with dermatitis, irritations, and reduced hair growth egg.
  • Triethanolamine: often found in foam, the additive causes hormone disruption.

Avoid these skincare providers at any cost, if possible. And make sure you keep your eyes open when viewing the ingredients list.

Now let’s focus on the right things.

  • Allantoin: This chemical compound relieves irritation and heals damaged skin.
  • Aloe Vera: a popular plant designed to hydrate and calm the skin.
  • Essential oils: popular oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, jojoba, and jasmine oil can balance hormones and reduce wrinkles.
  • Glycerin: Known as a wetting agent, it seals in moisture to combat dryness.
  • Oatmeal: peeled oat grains that prevent eczema, psoriasis, and rash.
  • Shea butter: a triglyceride that works as a moisturizing cream to protect the skin.
  • Vitamin A / C / E: antioxidants that protect the skin against environmental risks.

Other botanical and herbal extracts such as chamomile, cucumber peel, green tea, and olive leaf can also do wonders on the outer layer of the body.

15 Best Shaving Gel Reviews Of 2020

I have compiled a list of my favorite top 15 best shaving gel You will find a handful of different varieties, each has its unique advantages and benefits when it comes to shaving those whiskers and nourishing the skin underneath.

We will give you an in-depth evaluation of the best shaving gel products that will offer you the most effective and comfortable shave.

I am sure you will find something that you like. You may recognize some of the brands in addition to a few that you have never heard of or so far. If you are ready to surprise yourself and your lady with a bit of luxury, add one or these gels to your grooming game.

1-EZ BLADE Shaving Gel

A unique shaving gel thanks to the oil base, as well as you suffer from skin irritation.

It’s also “different” when it comes in a tub, and you won’t get the standard foam from it that you do with stuff out of cans.

A clear non-foam gel will leave you intrigued and wondering if you’ve bought a shaving gel or something a lot more expensive!

The clear gel is also suitable for people who want to see what they are doing because your face is not covered by foam.
EZ BLADE Shaving Gel 1

This gel is great for shaping your beard or any other type of shaving that requires real precision.

We like the waterless shave it offers and, thanks to the natural oils, gives your skin a great scent.

It’s a shave gel we wouldn’t recommend to beginners though, and here why.

It does dry fairly quickly.

So if you are still taking your time with your shaving, you will either have to hurry up or keep reapplying.

Shaving over the dry gel, which is sticking to your face, is not a good idea!

But a great product that is a significant investment in the world of shaving gels.

  • Opens pores and softens the beard
  • Makes razor glide more easily over the skin
  • Clear, so it provides good vision while shaving
  • Feels a bit sticky

Questions & Answers

Should you use a shaving brush with this gel? Or can you?

You can't disturb it

Can we get it in stores ?

I'm ot amazon

Does it prevent burning, black shade from using a razor?

When I use this product, I still have to warm my face before filling any burns. If you use it without a hot towel, you will experience burns

Does it only work with straight edge razor's?

No. Any blade

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  EZ BLADE Shaving Gel (6


I initially purchased this gel to use for my cheeks and my neck area so that I could see exactly what I was shaving so I wouldn't keep shaving hairs off my beard. I was using a regular shaving cream which made it difficult to see what I was doing and would result in my beard slowly dwindling away after each shave.I decided on this particular product because of the reviews and because it was available for same say shipping. As soon as I received it, I tried it out and was amazed out how smooth my face was. Despite the dull blade, my shave was smoother than with any other product I have ever used and I had no irritation afterward.I later decided to try to see how it did shaving my head. At first it seemed a little odd as it goes on clear and just a thin layer is all that is needed making it feel like there was nothing there. After the first pass, I knew that the new badger brush I bought and had only used once would now reside in the drawer along with a nearly unused tube of Italian shaving cream.The gel looks like green slime in the container but when applied to the skin is completely clear and has a nice, clean lime scent. Although it has a shaving oil in it, it is not greasy at all and washes off my razor easily. Another benefit is that no water or anything else is required making the process faster and less messy. It also does not leave a residue in my sink like the Italian stuff did.Needless to say, I am extremely happy I found this stuff.

Avatar Reviews  EZ BLADE Shaving Gel (6 1


When you open it, it gives off a strong mint (in a sense peppermint) scent, but because you have to use a little bit of the gel in your skin, the scent is not visible. This product is as advertised with your face needed to minimize preparation and rubs on your skin. I shaved after my shower, washed my face, did an after shave and went around my evening. I got a very smooth, clean shave with my straight-edge razor. 6 oz is definitely a suitable size or used at home. I love that everything about this product is natural. Great product! You have found yourself a lifelong buyer.

Avatar Reviews  EZ BLADE Shaving Gel (6 2

Robert B.

This shaving gel gives me the smoothest shave ever. It smells and feels good on my face and head. Unlike shaving cream, when I apply it, I can see what to shave without making mistakes by shaving something I didn't want!

Avatar Reviews  EZ BLADE Shaving Gel (6 3

Amazon Customer

I shave a head of a male friend who is bothered by everything he has ever used. After using it twice, he said that he had no bumps at all and could not believe how well this product worked for him. He got some bumps on his beard from another shaver and said that this cream helped to soften those bumps.

510 Customer Reviews

2-Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

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Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel is formulated with oats and vitamin E and offers you a pleasant shaving experience that moisturizes and prevents shaving bumps during shaving. – It has been proven that this product prevents notches and cuts due to the lubricating properties. This item gives a safe, smooth, and smooth shave.

You do not have to worry about skin dryness after shaving because the moisturizing lubricant that penetrates this gel is ideal for soothing dry and sensitive skin that is easily irritated after shaving.

It is important to note that this product does not clog the pores and has no odor that can cause skin irritation.

  • Hydrates the skin and prevents shaving beards
  • Provides a smooth and smooth shave
  • Hydrates and softens dry and sensitive skin
  • Does not clog your pores
  • Hydrates the skin and prevents shaving bumps
  • Provides a smooth and smooth shave
  • Hydrates and soothes dry and sensitive skin
  • Does not clog your pores
  • Does not work on all skin types

Questions & Answers

It contains paraben?

Yes, it has etiparaben, propylparaben and methylparaben. Good luck, this is a great product.

Is this gel clear/transparent? Are you able to see the hair you're shaving?

No, the gel is opaque. A little on the pale yellow side to be specific. No, you can not see the hair that you're shaving.

Does this foam up or does it stay more like a cream?

It comes in the form of a translucent gel and has white foam on the face. It is a good facial conditioner and comes without perfume. I buy this for my husband and these were his comments. He also said that it helps prevent the burn of shaving. It has sensitive skin and will only use this product.

Do I need a brush to use with this cream?

No, it's just a shaving gel that turns into cream.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with


This is a perfect complement to anyone's bathroom, regardless of gender. Originally, my husband tried this product because of my allergy to the fragrance, most of the normal men's shaving gels have very strong odors, so when I found this product, he was willing to try it. Fortunately, it turned out to be just what we both needed. He uses it to shave his face once a week, at least, and it soothes his skin and really creates a great barrier between the skin and the razor. this other week to shave my face, I have SOP and I tend to have facial hair at random, and in my legs. I have never cut myself while I use it, but my face and legs are soft as silk after using them and my skin has never had any irritation or burning when I use it.

Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with 1


If you are a hairy girl with sensitive skin like me, this product will literally transform your life. I wish I had found / tested this YEAR ago. My armpits are really clear, like in less red bumps and less! My legs are also softer and I felt less embarrassed with my shorts all summer! It is worth the extra money and they have already bought more.

Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with 2


I have tried other shaving gels and I will burn my neck area. This product has really helped reduce that irritation. I simply do not moisten the skin with water first, so I get a more protective layer when shaving. I also love your body wash too. I leave a light coat drying, but it seems to help soothe my skin with that protective layer. I am Irish (very sensitive skin) with multiple allergies (environmental and chemical) and it was possible to wash it with a baby so that my skin would not react with the hives. Regular baby washing really did not clean my pores well.

Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with 3


Both my husband and I are very sensitive to perfumes and fragrances of all kinds, especially those with a botanical base, such as essential oils. Many of the shaving gels labeled "unscented" or "unscented" that we have tried still contain extracts of plants and flowers (I'm not sure why they do) that cause irritation. Last year, we changed to exclusively using this gel to shave Aveeno, and until now we have not experienced any type of irritation. We both like the fact that this shaving gel does not really smell, apart from a soapy (very) light smell that is not strong or offensive, and that does not remain on the skin after use. It clears, glides well, rinses and leaves no sticky residue. It does not contain aloe, but so far neither of them has had a problem with being on topical products. In general, this has been a great choice for the two so far. A boat also lasts a while, so the price seems reasonable for the quality. I would definitely recommend it, as long as it is not allergic to oats, since it contains oatmeal (without perfume).

1,490 Customer Reviews

3-Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave Gel

This shaving gel is not only the best general shaving gel but also the best shaving gel for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

One of the most luxurious shave gels you can buy.

Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave Gel 1It provides a slick shave but does help prevent irritation.

The shave gel of choice for a lot of people with skin issues who need to feel protected from their razors.

You’ll encounter significantly less burn and a very comfortable shave.

On top of this, users comment on how their face feels moisturized after use.

Standard gels often cause your skin to dry out thanks to the use of alcohol, but that is something that Neutrogena has been able to avoid here.

It generates a thick foam from very little of the product, so you can be sure that this is going a long way!

We think it’s the best shaving gel on the market today.

The only negative we thought or was that it is not the easiest thing to clean your razor or face.

But that’s true or most shaving gels so that we won’t dwell on that.

  • Prevents shaving irritation
  • Does not clog pores
  • Gives a comfortable shave
  • May not work on thicker beards

Questions & Answers

Why did this product price increase from $4.98 at Wamart to over $14 at Amazon?

Probably stopped by Nuetrogena; now supply / demand starts.

Has anyone used this with a safety razor and how did it feel?

Yes, I shave wet regularly. Has a pleasant mild scent. Has a lot of foaming on Edge gel but can be combined very well with the other Neutrogena men's razor defense products.

Is this product, is good for head?


Is it sent free?


Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave


I have tried almost everything and shaved every day. This is without a doubt the best shaving gel in my experience. Neutrogena may not have named a football stadium after it ... but don't be tempted by advertising. This is definitely the best and I can't believe local stores don't save it. I think many people go for scented gel? This is best to prevent post-shave rashes ... and the smoothness of the foam is perfect. It produces a much thicker foam than other gels. I shave face and scalp daily with no problems with this gel ... if you are looking for a quality sensitive skin product, this is a must. Although it is unscented, it is a normal smell. I tried to be unscented and that was an unbearable odor. This is completely unofficial in that regard.

Avatar Reviews  Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave 1

Mark Ross

This is the best shaving cream I have used in more than 30 years of shaving. I first discovered it about ten years ago, but about a year ago my local grocery stores and drug stores stopped wearing them. After trying a few other options, I found the Neutrogena shaving gel on Amazon. Whooop whooop!

Avatar Reviews  Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave 2


This stuff is really good, 100x better than other "things / goo" in a can. Let my face feel good, really helps to prevent burns and infected hair. GOOD STUFF. Only possible negative observation is that it really clings to your razor and that makes it harder to clean up.

Avatar Reviews  Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave 3

Eric Soler

I love the smell that Neutrogena uses on their shaving cream and moisturizer. They should consider using it for a body spray. It smells so clean and clear. #well-doing #nicework

64 Customer Reviews

4-Every Man Jack Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin

One of the few shaving gels that are odor-free. Every Man Jack is a winner here because of the low costs and the non-toxic list of ingredients.

Parabens, phthalates, colorants, sodium lauryl sulfate, none of those nasty things. If you are looking for a product that is not irritating to sensitive skin, give it a try.

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Chamomile extract helps soothe and hydrate while Aloe and vitamin E soothe irritation and protect the skin.

This is, without a doubt, the best shaving gel available. It is odor-free and contains no harsh chemicals that irritate the skin. If you are used to using canned shaving gel, but for something better, then using it is a seamless transition.

Key Features
  • MADE FOR YOU: The affordable, affordable care products from Every Man Jack are made for men only. Get the deep terrain you are looking for without drying out your skin.
  • NATURALLY MADE: Every Man Jack strives to use as many natural and plant-based ingredients as possible, while still delivering exceptional performance. No parabens. No phthalates. Nod yes. No GMOs.
  • MADE RESPONSIBLE: Every Man Jack shampoo and body wash bottle is made with at least 50% recycled plastic after consumption. We include recycled materials in our packaging wherever possible.
  • ETHICALLY MADE: all Man Jack products are certified Cruelty Free by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization (PETA) and are never tested on animals.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Every Man Jack proudly produces our products in the USA.

Questions & Answers

Can it be used for pubic areas?

Yes, this is OK for use anywhere on the body. A lot of athletes use this on places other than their face! Thanks for the question - don't hesitate to let me know if you have any more.Cheers!- EMJ Team

Is the gel clear or foamy?

Delete first and then fold up after it has been lubricated.

Can I use this with a shaving Brush ?


Is this stuff beard friendly? I'm looking for something that won't be harsh on the beard when cleaning up neck/cheek line

Yes. My husband uses it. I think it works great!

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Every Man Jack Shave Gel,

Scott C.

I really love this shaving gel. I thought I'd give it a try before trying others, but I'll definitely stay with Every Man. I'm one of those guys with easily irritated skin, especially in my neck! I almost always had the large razor in my neck because of different creams and gels. With Every Man (for the first time in my shaving life) it is completely gone! Since two weeks. Frankly, the ingredients are not as natural as some reviews suggest (although more natural than most), but I have used more natural creams that just don't work as well. You just can't argue with the results. The gel feels good on the face and softens the hair well. It is odor free. There is a very slight subtle scent, but I like it. That's all, I hope it helps.

Avatar Reviews  Every Man Jack Shave Gel, 1

Master of Cats

love it. I have sensitive skin and bad allergies for most fragrance products. FYI, the one they sent this time, is not the one in the picture, but it's fine. I got it "Sensitive skin", but not "Fragrance free". But it is odor-free. I just used it now, great shave, no odor, no allergy.

Avatar Reviews  Every Man Jack Shave Gel, 2

Jane C. Harris

I asked the man I just married to turn into a perfume-free shaving cream because I am allergic to perfume. This was hard to detect, but so happy that I did. My husband really likes it and I do too. The gel creates a nice creamy foam for shaving. It has a pleasant, mild scent of plant-based ingredients - and looks really good for its skin.

96 Customer Reviews

5- NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Shaving Gel

Carefully formulated with aloe and extra thicker foam, NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Shaving Gel will help you get a smooth and smooth shave without irritating your dry or sensitive skin.

Most men who have experienced skin complications after using other shaving gels agree that this product is a game-changer since it reduces annoying shaving marks and bumps on the skin.

The infused aloe helps promote the health of your skin and gives it a soothing feeling. Unlike other brands, it also protects you against razor burn and aftershave irritations.

It has incredible skin moisturizing properties through a thick foam that makes your skin silky, soft, and soft.

  • Prevent skin irritation and reduce shaving bumps
  • Gives a smooth and smooth shave
  • Softens the skin and makes it silky, smoother and softer
  • Prevents skin irritation and reduces shaving bumps
  • Gives a smooth and smooth shave
  • Soothes the skin and makes it softer, smoother and softer
  • May be too thick for some types of razor

Questions & Answers

Is the can rust-proof? In other words, will it create rust if stored in the shower?

It is not made of metallic material, it is made of plastic.

Does it work for pubic areas for men?

If you are careful.

Is this good for razor bumps and acne prone skin?

This is the best shaving cream I have used. I never had problems with that. You have been shaving for more than 20 years

How long does this usually last?

For me it has been a minimum of two months. I do not have a heavy beard but I shave daily. This is the longest shaving gel I have bought and I am satisfied with the quality and quantity.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel


I'm not sure why there is a distinction between men and women in shaving gel other than perhaps the perception that women or men need a certain fragrance, but I am a woman who compares this to shaving gels of other women and some men. the best. I shaved the entire lower region and I was bitten by the fragrances / ingredients of other creams / gels for shaving. These things do not sting. Foams easily and does not obstruct the razor. I can not even think of the smell of the top of my head, so it should not have a strong smell (maybe that's why it does not itch). I never use the razor blade when I use this and I always shave. I would recommend

Avatar Reviews  NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel 1

Jeffrey J.

I am having trouble writing this with a serious face, but I have used this shaving gel against the gillette gel that I still have and I realize that the final shave (how smooth my face is) is noticeably different. (It's not as good as gillette gel) I really thought that all the shaving gel was pretty much the same, but after 3-4 different attempts with new razors, the only thing I can think about is that the gel The thickness is thicker and the three blades of my razor may be engulfed. I may have different results, but I can not give this gel an excellent rating. It is not terrible, but it is not something that you buy again when there are other options for the same price.

Avatar Reviews  NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel 2


NIVEA FOR MEN Sensitive Shave Gel is a grooming product for luxury men at a bargain price! This is the second time I buy this product for my husband. He loves to shave! He has tried all kinds of shaving gels for men of luxury and this is his favorite by far. Report that makes shaving with a razor a pleasant experience. Your skin stays smooth and the shaving burn is a thing of the past! (It also has less ingrown hairs). Trust me ... save money and try this product! You will not regret having done it!

Avatar Reviews  NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel 3


I have used this product for some years and it seems that they changed the formula at the beginning of 2018 because it irritates my skin the first weeks after I started using a new bottle. After that I do not have any problem, but every time I start a new bottle I get a week or two of irritation. I have sensitive skin and this is the best shaving cream I have used.

1,355 Customer Reviews

6-Edge Shave Gel

Edge Shave Gel has been carefully designed to give sensitive skin the ultimate protection during shaving.

If you have sensitive and easily irritated skin that keeps getting rashes or redness, you will find this product useful since it’s carefully made with aloe to help soothe your skin.

It’s also infused with moisturizers and lubricants that help by providing an excellent razor glide. It further has cooling conditioners that enable your face to feel incredibly fresh.

You can use this product if you are acne-prone since it is proven to be very effective. It also helps prevent shaving bumps and other related skin complications.

  • Prevents rashes and shaving bumps
  • Cools and cares for the skin
  • Hydrates and lubricates the skin
  • May dry on some skin types

Questions & Answers

This stuff doesn't smell "clean" does it? I mean like some crappy cologne smell. I want a something that is unscented or very low scent.

The only one that is essentially unscented is COLLOIDAL OATMEAL AND ALLANTOIN. It has the faintest smell of a box of oatmeal. Very nice compared to the perfumed options that give me a headache!

Is this a non-foaming gel?

It is a gel if it sprays into your hand. When you apply it to your face, it foams somewhat. So I don't know how to classify it - foamy or non-foamy. I will say that Edge is the best shaving cream that I have found and I have probably been using it for 30 years or more. On your face, it retains its body and facilitates a smoother shave than any other shaving cream I have used.

Can I shave my head with this?


What size is each can? Why Amazon doesn't include that in the description or title is very strange.

Says 7 oz in Amazon description.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Edge Shaving Gel for Men,

S. H. Wells

Only a small amount of the gel foams into a full-face foam. I have been using Edge brand shaving for many years and I trust the brand. It provides a smooth shave and the gel does not irritate my skin. The gel has no strong odor: if it is anything, I would describe the odor as clean / soapy. I am very happy with this product and I find it useful to order from Amazon.

Avatar Reviews  Edge Shaving Gel for Men, 1

G. Davis

Most of the shaving gels that are on the market today have scents that are definitely not in agreement with me. Many of them also have "cooling" agents that can easily make the shaving experience even worse. I love this product because it is basically free of perfume and the foam stays thick and rich during shaving and does not go to "cotton candy" like so many other brands on the market. This is a product that I hope will never change its formula.

Avatar Reviews  Edge Shaving Gel for Men, 2


I have been using the Extra Protection Edge Shave Gel for years and years to shave not only my face, but also my head. I have sensitive skin and before I noticed this, I had problems burning the razor - irritation, redness, etc. From time to time I couldn't find this in stores and I tried something else or a different variety from Edge or another brand, and I always had more problems with that than with this specific variety. After too often not being able to find it locally when I needed it, I started buying it in bulk through Amazon, now I don't even bother checking stores.

Avatar Reviews  Edge Shaving Gel for Men, 3


My husband and I looked for a shaving gel with a decent rating on EWG's Skin Deep, which also had no male or female scent, because we both use the same shaving gel. This is a great product for both of us. It comes out like a gel and forms into a foam. My husband uses it to shave his face with great results. I used it for forearm and leg shaving and it works great for both. The fact that it comes in a 6-pack is great because we don't always have to buy it in the store when we're gone. Each can also take us a while.

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7-Tomb 45 Shave Gel

Tomb 45 Shave Gel is usually designed for hairdressers, and it comes in a beautiful, squeezable bottle that can be applied immediately to minimize waste.

It is infused with aloe vera to soothe the skin and give a very smooth shave with an uplifting, fresh scent.

Made to hydrate the skin and soften facial hair, this product also provides a fantastic sliding effect and helps replenish the skin with vitamin E, which is essential.

to worry about redness and rash after shaving, as this item lets the blade slide smoothly over your face like butter without clogging the pores.

  • Ensures smooth sliding of the blade and does not clog the pores
  • Prevents redness and rash
  • Moisturizes the skin and makes smooth shaving effortless
  • Does not work well with some blade types

Questions & Answers

Is this tested on animals?

I could't find any information about the manufacturer but I was inspired by your question to do some animal testing myself. I tested it on a feral cat, a racoon, and a lizard. It did seem to hurt when I squirted it into the cat's eyes, it definitely didn't like it. But it seemed fine afterward. The lizard never recovered his sight, so I put him out of his misery with a hammer. I laced the racoon's food with it and after about an hour she started vomiting blood and spraying diarrhea everywhere, the next morning she was dead. So based on my experiments I wouldn't suggest eating it or putting it in your eyes. I hope this helps!

Can this be used on the head?

Absalutly! It works great for the head and leaves no dry scalp.

How many ounces?

It is eight ounces. But a little droplet goes a long way, this item will last if you don’t excessively use more than what is already able to work for you perfectly. Use in small amounts and it will last you a good while

Is a after shave necessary after using the gel ?

No the slow leaves your skin feeling smooth

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I don't review much, but I had to go here. Of course I have thick facial hair and over the years I have searched for the best and least irritating shave. I have found a pair of premium shaving leather that works great with a straight edge and THE safety razor (1 knife is all you need, stop the gimmicks with 5 blades!). I came across this shaving gel and watched a few videos, placed in my order and am more than satisfied. Smoothest and least irritating shave I have ever had. The aloe in the gel heals and moisturizes your skin like no other. Even the next day my face feels hydrated. Could not be happier, A + product.

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This product is amazing. Invented by Cris Bossio one of the best hairdressers I have ever seen. I like this because it creates a smooth shaving experience and it smells good too. It keeps the skin hydrated. I have very thick facial hair and this product softens my hair in seconds. I highly recommend it for every hairdresser and not a hairdresser.

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I love shaving with an old-fashioned razor but I continued to get irritation and a red rash on my cheek area. I even steamed my face, put on warm towels to open my pores; and still got very red, dry areas where I shaved. I knew my razor very sharply, so I had to look at shaving gel elsewhere. I found Tomb45 shaving gel and never looked back. I don't even have to steam anymore or use a warm towel on my face. Simply remove this gel from the tube and start shaving. The razor now glides smoothly over my face like butter. No more ingrown hairs or red, itchy spots on my cheeks. This gel took away all the preparatory work that I would have to do with all other big box shaving gels. Will only use this brand while I'm still shaving.

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Ok so I had to leave a review for this product, so I buy this shaving gel after watching some reviews on YouTube, I recommend it, because if you shave a lot, you know that some shaving gels don't really do anything, so the tomb45 smell really good super gelly and it makes my skin relaxing and soft when I shave with a razor / knife, I use some whit shaving cream and I never know when to make a nice line, so I end up washing my face to do lines or details on my beard, but with this tomb45 gel I can see when I shave and I never let my skin bleed, 100% recommended, if you buy this item, I also advise you to buy the nivea cream for use after shaving Feels nice and comfortable

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8-Elegance Plus Shaving Gel

Elegance Plus shaving gel is made with a clear and non-irritating formula and forms a layer between the skin and the blade to protect you against cuts, cuts, and shaving burns.

Most men use this gel for a smooth and smooth shave without irritation, stains, or bumps.

It is very economical to use compared to other brands on the market. You only need a small amount to shave quickly and cleanly and smoothly.

Wash your face before use and apply the gel directly to the area of your skin to be shaved. Gently massage before shaving with a razor and rinse.

  • Prevents shaving irritation
  • Forms a layer that protects the skin against wounds, cuts, and burns
  • Affordable price
  • No foam foam

Questions & Answers

I was just sent a black bottle with no Elegance label on it? Did this happen to anyone else? How do I know this is a true Elegance product?

When I got my bottle, it had a label on it, if yours came without one, I would send it back and send another one to you, just to check if you get the right product

Could this be used on the Bikini area with a safe razor?

Yes, this will also work for that.

Can this be used with Electric Shavers that allow creams/gels?


Can i use this on my scalp?

Yes absolutely! I focus on my customers every day!

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Avatar Reviews  ELEGANCE GEL Shaving Gel

Amazon Customer

First. Ignore the idiotic reviewers who say this product is too thick to shave with. The directions and description of this product say that the gel must be applied to wet skin to get a smooth gliding effect ... This stuff is just amazing. I am an average joe who shaves with a razor and because this product does not foam, I can get a much cleaner precise shave. I also have sensitive skin and with this shaving gel I don't get any shaving burns or ingrown hairs. A little bit goes a long way. This bottle will probably last a year. Can't beat the price!

Avatar Reviews  ELEGANCE GEL Shaving Gel 1

Marie B.

Really good stuff. My hairdresser recommended it to me and I couldn't be happier. With the clear gel you can really see where you cut and shave and you can easily go over it. Smooth contact that I feel is superior to a foam. Smells great too !!!!!

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9-King of Shaves Alpha Shaving Gel

The shaving gel is specially made for sensitive skin to prevent irritation and to give excellent leaf gliders.

The gel is best for shaping facial hair for a comfortable and smooth shave. King of shaves shaving gel is formulated with essential oil, tree oil, aloe, and menthol to prevent rash.

King of Shaves Alpha Shaving Gel 1It is a perfect shave with excellent razor and blade performance. After shaving, the gel makes the skin smooth and hydrated without becoming dry and tight. It has a low foam capacity; Hence, shavers can see what they are shaving.

If you are looking for a shaving product that gives a perfect razor blade and shaves comfortably, smoothly, and smoothly, King of Shaves works perfectly for you.

It is safe to use on any skin type because it has not been tested on animals and is enriched with aloe, essential oils, and tea tree, which are very healthy for your skin and hair.

It has no odor and has been dermatologically tested to be great at preventing rash and irritation that can occur after shaving.

Also, it has a foam-free formula that helps you to see the area where you are shaving, giving you the perfect shape of the facial hair you want.

  • Offers a comfortable, smooth and smooth shave
  • Prevents rashes and irritation
  • Give a good shave
  • The smell may be too strong for some men

Questions & Answers

How well does this work fir black men we hace to be extra careful about these products?

It is awesome. Offers great lubrication and does not create ingrown hairs.

How well does this work for black men we have to be extra careful about these products?

It ensures good lubrication and does not make ingrown hairs.

How well does this work for black men we hace to be extra careful about these products?

Excellent! The best I've had.

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Avatar Reviews  King of Shaves Supercooling Shaving


This is a gel, not a cream and is not intended as a foam. It is smooth and ensures a smooth shave. Both the menthol and the regular work work the same. It is more expensive than some, but it does last because you don't have to use much. Look around for a good price and stock.

Avatar Reviews  King of Shaves Supercooling Shaving 1

Charles W Tarlton

I don't normally write reviews. But this is the best shaving gel I have ever used. I have a medicine cabinet full of gels and creams that try to find the right one that is not too greasy, that does not dry out too quickly, where the razor feels like it is cutting the hair at the first pass without feeling that I'm going to cut some skin in the process. This product appears to meet all qualifications. Even if the razor becomes dull, I still seem to get a smooth, smooth shave. I like this product enough to write a review, so that says something about how good the product is. Will certainly be a returning customer.

Avatar Reviews  King of Shaves Supercooling Shaving 2

Scott Edman

I have tried countless shaving creams and gels during my 58 years - King of Shaves is the best. Don't ask me why the best product is so hard to get - you can't find it in stores anymore, so you have to order online.

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10-Aveeno Active Naturals

Aveeno Active Naturals Shave Gel is well-formulated for sensitive and irritated skin and is all you need to say goodbye to shaving burns and bumps.

It is odor-free and has no strong chemical odor. If you suffer from burns or have nasty bumps after shaving, this product is an excellent option for you because it gives a superior, clean, and smooth shave.

You can shave with it as often as you like without experiencing any irritation. It is infused with active natural ingredients and is a lot cheaper compared to other foaming brands.

You can wear your favorite cologne after using this product because it only has a faint fresh scent that fades quickly.

  • Provides a smooth and comfortable shave for sensitive and easily irritated skin
  • Prevents irritation and is very cheap
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Odor deteriorates quickly

Questions & Answers

What's the difference between this and the older "Therapeutic" shave gel with the cream-colored can? They both seem to have the same ingredients.

I've used both and I don't think there is much of a difference if any. I have sensitive skin and this one is completely non-irritating with absolutely no fragrance. Great stuff!!

Is this can aluminum or is it made of a metal that can rust in the shower?


Is it clear?


This is a multi pack?

at least when I ordered it, no, it's a can.

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Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Active Naturals Men's Shave


It is quite difficult to find a truly odor-free shaving gel that does not have a strong chemical odor or that does not have a natural, non-odorous odor, such as orange extract or something. And a surprising number of sensitive skin brands contain odor. Unfortunately, the sensitive skin / odor-free niche seems to be getting smaller because some of the larger manufacturers have discontinued their brands in this segment. It is fairly simple: there is a first scent that is slightly sweet and fruity, but it disappears after about 5-10 seconds. (And even that grows on me.) After that, the scent of the cream is quite weak. But the key is that there is no scent - no scent made to stay with your skin for the rest of the day. After you wash it, you smell ... nothing. And it is as good a skin formulation as any other shaving gel that I have used over the years. No shaving fire.

Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Active Naturals Men's Shave 1


What can you say about shaving gel, actually a lot. Hubby loves the stuff and never gets shaving bumps or burns. He has sensitive skin. The natural product is superior to some of the cheaper, super foaming brands. Has a pleasant scent that is not overwhelming. Give it a try. It can just become your new favorite shaving gel!

Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Active Naturals Men's Shave 2


This is the best shaving gel I have ever found. I have very sensitive skin and this is perfect. I used to buy this at target or Wal-Mart, but those in my neighborhood seem to have sold it. I'm glad I found it on Amazon, because I subscribe and save now and I'm never without it! Great product and no odor at all

Avatar Reviews  Aveeno Active Naturals Men's Shave 3

Brandon Settles Jr

I suffer from very bad bumps but this cream takes care of my skin and gives a smooth and clean shave (head and face). The only thing that remains is the scars that fade with my washings and creams.

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11-Bump Patrol Shave Gel

Regardless of your skin type or shade, Bump Patrol Shave Gel is excellent to offer you a clean and smooth shave without irritation or bumps.

This product helps you to say goodbye to burns, redness, irritation, and nasty ingrown ingot hairs. It also makes shaving pain-free and improves razor gliders to give your skin a smooth feel.

It is infused with menthol that rejuvenates, soothes and cools the skin.

Apart from giving a clean and smooth shave, this gel also promotes the health of your skin. Use it for your favorite aftershave for amazing results.

  • Offers a clean and smooth shave for all skin types
  • Promotes healthy skin, rejuvenates and soothes
  • Prevents irritation, ingrown hairs, and redness
  • Strong smell

Questions & Answers

What about this reduces razor bumps? Is there a particular chemical in it?

I've been using this for about 10 years, I don't know what's in it, but it works. I use both the saving gel and the hump patrol

Is this suitable for women?

Yes, great on legs.

Does it stay clear after applied to your face?

No, if you rub it in, it will turn white.

Is it clear?

It is a blue gel, but somewhat clear

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Avatar Reviews  Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel

Rob and Debbie

So I am more than impressed! Not only has it exponentially reduced the effects of shaving fire, I only need a quarter to cover my entire face and bald head. And why, because after you've started shaving, you can continuously steal from your already soaked places without diluting the amount! This stuff is fantastic! And get a nice knife guys. That is primarily the problem of shaving fire. Bump Patrol is only half the solution.

Avatar Reviews  Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel 1


Bump patrol cool shave gel is the best product for a smooth and smooth shave. I have tried different types of shaving creams and nothing else works.

Avatar Reviews  Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel 2


This shaving gel is amazing. You don't have to use much at all. Like the size of a pea takes care of my entire face. No ingrown hairs, even without shaving for a few days. My face is very soft and it smells great too!

Avatar Reviews  Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel 3

Amazon Hooked!

This is really great to shave. It is smooth and does not cause bumps such as shaving cream. I'm a woman and my bikini line is pretty sensitive

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12-Bulldog Original Shave Gel

Here is another odorless and paraben-free option that is slightly more expensive.

Like Every Man, Jack, Bulldog shaving gel contains nothing toxic.

Bulldog Original Shave Gel 1It contains eight essential oils, jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and Konjac Mannan that protects, lubricates and nourishes for a smooth and irritation-free shave.

This is a brushless shaving gel and helps you to smooth out if you have a thick beard.

Men with sensitive skin have another option because this product contains no odor.

No perfume and parabens mean that this product will be great for most people, even people with easily irritated sensitive skin. Just like the Cremo cream, this shaving gel does not require a shaving brush, and a little goes a long way so that a 5.9-ounce tube will last a long time.

Key Features
  • INGREDIENTS: Our original shaving gel contains aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea.
  • LETS BE CLEAR: our original shaving gel has been specially formulated to start bright and then build up into a soft foam so you can see where youve been shaved. This promotes a smooth, comfortable, but accurate shave.
  • ITS EVERYTHING ABOUT BALANCE: All products from our Original line use ingredients that offer a combination of calming and moisturizing properties.
  • WE GET IT: In between the daily hardships of shaving to the overall daily load we put on our skin, Bulldogs products are specially designed for everyday use on healthy skin.
  • DIRECTIONS: Wet face with warm water. Massage into your stubble. Shave smoothly. Repeat this if you miss a place. (Hey, it happens.)

Questions & Answers

Should this be sealed? I just received mine and it didnt have a foil seal on it like all other beauty products do.

Mine has not been sealed either. I thought it was like lotions were not being sealed. Contact the company if you are not sure about contamination. The product is pretty good

Electrian shavers shavegel work?

Do not know. I only used the beard care cream

Some say it lathers and some say it doesnt. Whats the answer?

It’s similar to a shave butter than that of a lather. It’s very smooth and doesn’t irritate my face at all though

Is this hydrating like lotion?

Yes, it’s oil based, but don’t use it as lotion just for shaving. Bulldog also make lotions and moisturizers

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Avatar Reviews  Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming

Nick Mullins

I have been using it for more than 6 months and I can already see a difference. I used to have trouble getting appointments. All the more male men all got ladies, and I was desperate. I was considering ending my life by taking an overdose of cheap Butter Pecan ice cream. I walked through the store, getting ready to buy my ice cream when I saw it! One of those male men is secretly putting this in his cart. I thought to myself ... "SELF, maybe this is the key!" So I put the ice back in, and this instead. I took it home and tried it. Never again will I have to sit and home and Netflix and relax with myself! I go out every night and all the fine ladies faint as soon as I leave my 1971 Pinto. Do yourself a favor ... stack the deck to your advantage .... buy this NOW. And a Pinto from 1971.

Avatar Reviews  Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming 1

Amazon Customer

I don't usually write reviews, but this product is exceptionally good for a number of reasons. It goes clear and stays clear, which ensures accurate shaving, especially if you want to have a clean line with beards or other facial hair. I have sensitive skin and this product has never given me an outbreak. In fact, this shaving gel has actually prevented them from using its ability to protect the skin while shaving nearby. I actually didn't irritate bumps after shaving. This shaving gel leaves your skin feeling very soft and soft even after shaving. I really can't say enough about it. I wrote a review hoping that other people buy it so that it stays on the market. It seems that all the best products are disappearing. I shaved for 40 years and nothing that I used before comes close.

Avatar Reviews  Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming 2


I have very sensitive skin and I have gone through a ton of products but ultimately have settled on Bull Dog - except it isn't "settling" at all. Smells great and keeps my face moisturized and feeling great after a shave. Also, in my opinion, given all the other much more expensive after shave gel/cream, this is reasonably priced. Been using this more a year now and will keep re-ordering.

Avatar Reviews  Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming 3


Definitely one of my favorite shaving angels out there! It has a great scent that is not too overwhelming and perfectly blends together for a good smooth shave. I have sensitive skin and this is just perfect for me because it never irritates my skin and this is not even their sensitive skin shave gel! I would definitely recommend trying this if you are looking for a new shaving gel.

206 Customer Reviews

13-Anthony Logistics Shave Gel

If we had to choose a product for the title of the best shaving gel, some of us would say this excellent product from Anthony Logistics.

While we find that others may be better concerning the quality of ingredients, Anthony Shave Gel is an excellent all-around option for those looking for the right product at an even better price.

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The use of eucalyptus and rosemary helps to clean the skin and prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, while the carrageenan extract helps to soothe and heal the skin.

All of that would be good enough for us to recommend it, but you can also pick it up at Amazon at a high price.

This is one of the most affordable high-quality shaving gels you’re likely to come across.

Questions & Answers

Does it foam up or stay clear on your face?

It has a bluish tint, without foam.

What country is this made in?

United States

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Anthony Shave Gel, 6 Fl

toni b

The husband has sensitive skin. This shaving gel really helps.

41 Customer Reviews

14-Clinique for Men Aloe Shave Gel

Clinique well-known brand in ladies’ cosmetics. But they also make care products for men and their fragrance-free shaving gel.

This product has slowly gained a grip on the care of men due to its performance.

Thanks to the high aloe content, this shaving gel forms a great cushion, and the oil-free formulation leaves no oily residue.

Aloe also helps to calm the razor burner, and some offer so much moisture that some men say you don’t have to use aftershave.

If you have oily skin, give this a chance because Aloe will absorb excess oil.

This costs around $ 25 for a 4.2-ounce bottle; this shaving gel is pricey. But a little goes a long way.

Don’t let the low number of reviews stop you from trying this product. Clinique has a high aloe content that helps moisturize, protect, and calm shaving fire.

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Avatar Reviews  CLINIQUE by Clinique Skin Supplies

Katherine Evans

Expensive, but worth it.

Avatar Reviews  CLINIQUE by Clinique Skin Supplies 1


Great product, makes shaving easier.

Avatar Reviews  CLINIQUE by Clinique Skin Supplies 2


I like it

Avatar Reviews  CLINIQUE by Clinique Skin Supplies 3


Only use C, inique products and tried it on my husband and he likes it. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone.

28 Customer Reviews

15-Dr. Bronner’s Magic Organic Shaving Gel

If you are one of those who prefer to use organic products, you are probably already familiar with Dr.’s full range. Bronner, of which the Magic Organic Shaving Soap Gel is the following.

With all organic ingredients, this is a must for anyone looking for a more natural shave.

That said, in terms of performance, it probably doesn’t have a good job or a job that smears like most of the other gels on this list.

Nevertheless, we still thought it was enough, mainly if you use a shaving brush to make it work in foam.

In reality, the biggest problem with this problem is that it is too thin, but again, a quality shaving brush should help minimize this problem.

Although you could forgive that it was expensive considering the use of organic ingredients, it was pleasantly surprised to hear it was very reasonably priced.

We also really like the pleasant scent of the green mint, which both felt pleasant on the skin, without being too overwhelming or lingering too long.

It is also available in unscented, Lemongrass Lime, Tea Tree, and Lavender

Key Features
  • SMOOTH AND Moisturizing: the organic and vegan ingredients are combined with a pure, Castile liquid soap base for a rich, soothing foam and a hydrating feel.
  • SKIKAKAI: Organic shikakai comes from the seed pods of the small South Asian tree Acadia Concinna and has been used in India for thousands of years as a gentle conditioning cleanser for both skin and hair.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND VEGANISM: Certified Organic by the USDA National Organic Program and Certified Vegan by Vegan Action.
  • NATURAL: Smooth and luxurious soap without synthetic detergents or preservatives, because none of the ingredients or organisms are genetically modified.

Questions & Answers

I've used the peppermint scent before. Is this the same formula (besides the scent)?

Don't know, but I do know that the product is just terrible! It's so watery that half of the product ends up in the sink ... and shaves terribly.

Will this item work with electric shavers?

It hardly works with a razor, so NO. This is a terrible product!

Is it fragrance free ?


Does the shaving soap suppose to appear a brownish color ?

Yes, mine is also brown.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Dr. Bronner's - Organic Shaving

Sarah O.

I love Dr. Bronner's commitment to making quality products without harsh chemicals, and this shave gel is no exception. I wasn't expecting it to foam, so no complaint there. The flaw is that the bottle sits upside-down, but the "gel" is not at all viscous, so when you open it the soap pours out the bottom. I've only used it a few times and I'm almost out already because half of it went down the drain. If DB redesigns the bottle so that it sits upright this would be a much better product. But for now, it's a waste, which is a shame. Hopefully they read these comments and take heed to customer reviews!

Avatar Reviews  Dr. Bronner's - Organic Shaving 1

Jess K.

I have tried several shaving gels and foams and this is the only shaving product that completely prevents irritation on my skin. It doesn't foam as easily as typical shaving gels, but as long as your skin is really wet (I use it in the shower), you can make it work in foam. The only thing I don't like is the tube. Because the gel is so liquid, I turn the tube upside down so that it does not pour out so quickly when dispensing. They must really think of a different container / dispenser.

Avatar Reviews  Dr. Bronner's - Organic Shaving 2


Works well! Yes, it is liquid but that is because you first have to scrub it in your hands before applying it, then a little more foam on your skin! I especially like the unscented, because it is better for more "sensitive areas", the price is right and the ingredients are good too. Much bl0p0etter than the mainstream typical shaving cream !!

Avatar Reviews  Dr. Bronner's - Organic Shaving 3

Amazon Customer

I absolutely love Dr. Bronner's products. I have very sensitive skin which led me to the products. Once I realized that Dr. Bronner values the samethings I do, I knew I would always use the products. I was buying the wash from a local health food store in Chico, CA. Now I get it at Target where I moved to. But, I could only find the shave gel online. Now, I intend to get myDr. Bronner's products from Amazon.

123 Customer Reviews

Shaving Cream Versus Shaving Gel

What is best for achieving the ultimate shave? Both can make the most comfortable shave possible.

Experts can sell you quickly based on personal preference, but the more considerable amount of things has proven that shaving gels are the more powerful healthcare solution.

Some of the best reasons are:

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  • Better for thick hair: Certain formulas work faster to remove sideburns from the face than creams.
  • Faster removal: it softens the skin and makes it easier to lift and remove the hair.
  • Slide action: knives are much smoother to walk over your face.
  • Less application: although creams require a large amount of volume, gels are more effective when applied in smaller amounts.
  • Shaving transparency: it is easier to see where the blades of your razor go through.
  • Skin protection: a layer is created between the blade and your skin and protects it against cuts, cuts, and especially burning shavers.

The benefits are nothing short of surprising if you ask us. But as with all high-quality shaving products, a shaving gel is only as good as the ingredients.

Knowing what is right and wrong for your mug will only lead you to glide even better on the right path to a flawless shave.

Shaving Soap Versus Shaving Gel

The struggle between a shaving soap and shaving gel is a conflict between classic and modern.

When it comes to a classic shave, shaving soap is a perfect choice. It comes together in thick, masculine foam and gives a warm, luxurious shave.

Some even claim that it gives a much better shave. These pros do not come without costs.

Shaving soap also requires much more preparation time, is more difficult to use, and the skin can dry out quickly. Alternatively, the gel is fast and efficient.

Maybe it’s not steeped in the same feelings of nostalgia or class, but it’s true. It is also the most skin-friendly of the shaving options and distributes large amounts of hydration to dry pores.

If you prioritize efficiency over tradition, the gel is the right choice.

Who should use shaving gel?

i'm getting a bit bored of this beard - shaving gels s and pictures Who should use shaving gel?

We have already covered the differences between shaving soap, cream, and gels in the post, so we will not go into too much detail on that subject.

Regarding the result, all three products are much better than almost any shaving product that comes in a can – regardless of what the opposite claims, they all offer a smooth shave.

Put, if you want a higher quality shave, you need the best shaving gels, creams, or soap.

Although all three products serve the same purpose – to soften your facial hair and to lubricate the face to prevent irritation – not all products work equally well for all people.

The biggest problem with shaving soaps (and some shaving creams and gels) is that many of them tend to dry out the skin.

Although this may not be a problem for some, it can cause problems for men who already have issues with dry skin.

On the other hand, the best shaving gels not only lead to dry skin, but many even offer extra moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, which can help minimize existing dry skin problems.

So if you often see that your face is too dry after shaving, we strongly recommend switching from shaving soap or cream and using one of our recommended shaving gels instead.

Many men also think that shaving gels lubricate the face much better because they are usually much thicker than traditional soaps or creams.

This means that they are an excellent choice for those of us who often suffer from shaving because the added lubrication should help prevent this problem.

Read our article about getting rid of shaving bumps for more tips.

Apply Shaving Gel And Make An Excellent Hot Foam

The shaving process for gel will vary slightly depending on whether you have chosen a foaming or non-foaming product, but generally, the same standard steps follow for each shaving routine.

If you chose shaving gel because you don’t have time to prepare a soap, you can still get excellent, warm leather by investing in a shaving foam dispenser.

These heat your gel/cream to mimic the hot, fresh feeling of shaving with soap.

If you have purchased a foaming gel, you can also use the best shaving brush, although most gel products are standardly applied directly to your facial hair with your hands.

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If you have chosen a non-foaming gel, a dollop is usually sufficient. Remember that you can always add more if necessary.


Gels have slowly started to dominate the shaving market in recent years, and that is no wonder. From their gentle hydration to increased precision, the pros continue to add.

Determining which shaving gel you want to buy is a matter of personal preference, but hopefully, you now have the resources and knowledge to make a better-informed decision.

There you have it, 15 best shaving gel that helps you get a smooth and irritation-free shave.

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  1. Avatar for Eric White Eric White says:

    The gel makes really easy to shave and especially less messy, I use EZ Blade and Anthony, and si far EZ comes on the top, anyhow you compiled a really informative I might try some soon 🙂

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