10 Best Shaving Cream For Women Smooth & Easy Shave

Women have thinner strands of hair than men, and they have softer skin. Ladies’ skins can be damaged if the correct care is lacking. That’s why people need the best shaving cream for women they can get.

best shaving cream for womenIt can be a bit of a tough job to get a smooth shave, and there is always the chance that annoying bumps and razor burns appear.

This can compensate for many of the good things about shaving. Fortunately, these problems can easily be solved with the help of the best shaving cream for women.

If you want hairless arms, legs, and armpits, you probably reach for your familiar razor when you are in the shower.

After all, who wants to endure the pain of waxing and depilatory creams that can last just a little too long? Although shaving is hassle-free, it can be accompanied by many side effects.

The right shaving cream makes it easier for the razor to glide over your skin and reduces all your problems. So, if you want silky smooth skin that stays on for days, check out some creams.

Top 5 Best Shaving Cream For Women (Quick Summary)

Cremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing ShaveCremo Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream, Astonishingly Superior Shaving Cream For Women, Fights Nicks, Cuts
  • This little cream fights shaving burns and prevents any notch and cut in your skin.
  • People do not need a moisturizing lotion as an aftershave. Cremo Coconut is competent.
  • The shaving cream creates a smooth, thin layer on the skin without too many foaming properties.
Gillette Venus with Olay UltraMoistureGillette Venus with Olay UltraMoisture Violet Swirl Women’s 6oz Shave Gel - Pack of 6
  • Gillette is a brand that ladies can trust with their eyes blindfolded for quality assurance.
  • It comes in a plastic bottle. Ladies will not have problems such as rust and corrosion by water.
  • One can have a pretty good idea of how much gel is in the can, thanks to the gel meter.
Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving CreamCoochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS For Pubic, Bikini Line, Armpit and more -
  • This shaving product is perfect for women who want some extra care for their genitals.
  • People will not feel an allergic reaction to this shaving cream during and after use.
  • Coochy Plus contains as many as five natural ingredients to help you care for the skin even after the shaving routine.
Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel, FragranceAveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel, Fragrance Free, 7 Oz
  • 7-ounce canister of Aveeno Therapeutic shaving gel with oats and vitamin E to hydrate the skin and protect the skin from bumps during shaving
  • Gluing shaving gel provides a smooth and smooth shave to prevent shaving bumps, notches, and cuts
  • Therapeutic formula combines moisturizing lubricants, vitamin E and oats, which helps to hydrate and relieve dryness
Alba Botanica Very Emollient MangoAlba Botanica Very Emollient Mango Vanilla Shave Cream, 8 oz.
  • People who like the natural formula for a shaving cream with a light odor should go for it.
  • Makers came up with Alba Botanica without testing it on animals and did not include parabens.
  • Alba Botanica also acts as an aftershave. It makes and leaves the skin super soft after shaving.
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Consider While Buying Best Shaving Cream For Women

Do you want to divorce yourself and look for the ideal product? Don’t worry, the buying advice I will give you in this part of the article is useful for women who want to do their research for the best shaving cream for women.

Get to know your skin first.

attractive young woman shaving her face - shaving cream for women s and pictures Consider While Buying Best Shaving Cream For Women

The first rule of thumb when buying a shaving product (especially soap, cream, or gel) is to get an idea from your skin. It is clear that not every cream is suitable for women’s skins. If your skin is oily or light-sensitive to most chemicals, you must know this in advance.

There are six types of skins when we get involved. People with normal skin types can use almost any shaving cream. However, women with dry and sensitive skin need special creams that can do the job for them without damaging their skin.

Take My Advice: Go Organic

As soon as you open your devices or set foot in stores, you see so many products that you get confused. Many of the brands will promise you this and that. The truth is; Most creams consist of chemicals. More often than not, they will damage your skins.

For me, the best shaving cream is organic. Nothing beats nature when it comes to taking care of us (our skins in this case). Products with natural lavender and Aloe Vera do a world of good to our skin. While you’re working, look for creams that contain moisturizers.

They may not look good, but these creams are pretty competent. These things do the work of an aftershave once women have finished shaving. Another advantage is that you do not have to search for extra aftershave once you have certain shaving foams.

If possible, look for an odorless product

Choose a product that does not emit any odor when you shop for these items. People can frown at me because I say this, but it’s the safest way to do things. Many of the brands use artificial means (AKA chemicals, people) to get the soothing scent for their products.

If you are REALLY after a soothing scent, some of the natural and organic shaving creams offer that too. Go for Gillette or Alba Botanica. You will find natural scents such as lavender-infused with their products. Again, nature is the best when it comes to such items.

Rate the foam quality of each product

what are you looking at? - shaving cream for women s and pictures Consider While Buying Best Shaving Cream For Women

Most ladies overlook this small point. I’m telling you, it’s a crime to do that. Unlike men, more foam does not mean the best in the industry. There is a fundamental difference in the hairs and skin types of men and women. Of course, men need thick foam from their creams to soften rough hair.

For this reason, I dispute the claim for women. First, ladies do not have thick and rough hair (usually). Their skin is much softer than their male counterparts. They need something else. Ignore products that claim to produce vibrant and creamy foam. Instead, go to those who provide a thin layer of foam.

This shaving cream produces just enough foam to protect the skin. Sometimes it is better not to exaggerate and later show remorse. That’s why go with the right brand.

Check to see if you burn any scratches or bumps on the face

When people choose a brand or shaving cream, it is good for them to perform a test run. If you buy it in a store, first buy a can or a tube of cream. Use it for a few days and check whether your shaver performs better or at least at the same level as before it is at the helm cream.

If you buy shaving cream for women online, testing is more comfortable than said. To make sure you get the real deal, buy one from a famous brand. Read the specifications carefully and check whether razors work better with the specific shaving cream you have chosen.

Always make sure that the shaving cream and the razor are good friends. They will synchronize and perform better. If possible, buy the same brand of shaving cream as the razor. Maybe it’s time to replace the blade you’ve been using all this time? You never know!

10 Best Shaving Cream For Women Reviews

There are enough shaving creams for women on the market if you are looking for a thorough search. It takes time to find the ideal for every skin type. Fortunately, I am here with 15 of the very best.

I explained what they could or cannot do in the next segment with short reviews.

In this article, I discuss 15 best shaving cream for women that I thought were in the upper part. These products soften the skin and hair, moisturize the skin after shaving, and leave a pleasant scent.

1-Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream

Cremo Moisturizing Shave CreamView On Amazon

Cremo claims that their shaving cream works well against the neck and razor. And I can certainly vouch for them. It also gives you a very close and smooth shave every time. Thanks to the unique and slender molecules, your shaver glides effortlessly through your skin.

Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream 1It makes your legs and an arms supply and supple, you never cut off again. It also leaves a beautiful silky feeling after every shave. You don’t even need lotion on your skin because it contains all the necessary moisturizers. This is the best shaving cream for women.

Speaking of moisturizers, it comes with a large number of essential and natural moisturizers. Aloe, calendula, and papaya extract are just a few examples. We all know how well papaya and aloe work as a skin moisturizer.

These are perfect for women with sensitive skin because they also help rejuvenate your skin and give you great and healthy skin.

You would be pleased to know that every ingredient used in this product is entirely natural. I said it more or less ago. No artificial or other types of chemicals were used. It is also free from parabens.

For those of you who don’t know, paraben is a chemical that is used as a preservative. They are very harmful to the skin and can cause serious problems. So yes! Cremo knows what they are doing.

A pro tip I would like to give ladies is to make sure you follow the instructions very carefully. Don’t try to improvise or get things out of the blue. Cremo says clearly to get the best performance from the cream, and you have to follow the instructions.

For example, they say that you should use an almond amount of cream every time. If you do more than that, it won’t be perfect when it comes to shaving. So yes! Please do not try anything unique.

Even if you are afraid of the foam or a lack of it, you don’t sweat. It is designed that way.

  • This little cream fights shaving burns and prevents any notch and cut in your skin.
  • People do not need a moisturizing lotion as an aftershave. Cremo Coconut is competent.
  • The shaving cream creates a smooth, thin layer on the skin without too many foaming properties.
  • You will like the aroma of this product. It lingers for hours even after you shave it.
  • Natural ingredients such as aloe and papaya extract are perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • I didn’t find any negatives with Cremo Coconut shaving cream.

Questions & Answers

Why is the "girl" version more expensive than the mans, for the same amount of product?

The only consolation of this stupid Pink Tax is that, at least, the products have the same price on the website of Cremo, so it is a surprise that it is not Cremo.

Customer Reviews
1,126 Reviews

Avatar John B.

John B.

Love, love, love this stuff. A little goes a LONG way. Smells like you've died and gone to some version of heaven where Brad Pitt has just returned from a little motorcycle jaunt through the gently swaying fronds of the coconut and mango trees lining the cobblestone streets of Old Havana and wants to snuggle with you after he gets out of the shower.

2-Gillette Venus with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel

Gillette Venus with a Touch of Olay Shave GelView On Amazon

Gillette is one of the most famous brands when it comes to everything that has to do with shaving. The Venus with a Touch of Olay is more proof that this is a reliable brand. One of the reasons why you don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to this product is the price.

Gillette Venus with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel 1It is affordable enough to add it to your monthly shopping list and not feel any bottlenecks. A small amount of gel also changes into a lot of foam, enough for a whole limb!

Everyone knows that missing that spot on your knee or behind your leg can be very annoying.

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This gel puts an end to that because it offers excellent coverage.

You can show off your arms and legs in short sleeves and hemlines, and you don’t have to worry about having an unshaven area. The other good news is that the gel is filled with moisturizers.

So that shaving is emphasized by super soft skin that is unlikely to get any spots or rashes.

Another thing that contributes to its long-lasting nature is coverage. With remarkable coverage, you will never miss a place. This is efficient for those little spots that don’t cover regular shaving gels.

Do you know what’s annoying? No more shaving gel while you are in the middle of a shaving session. Fortunately, this is supplied with an indicator gel meter. You can now quickly know how much gel is still in the can and when you need to buy a new one. I call that convenience.

Well, although they recommend you to Gillette Venus Swirl Razor for optimum performance (why wouldn’t they, right?), It did just as well in my personal experience with other shavers. The most important point to note is the quality of the gel, not the razor. I strongly recommend that you try these.

  • Gillette is a brand that ladies can trust with their eyes blindfolded for quality assurance.
  • It comes in a plastic bottle. Ladies will not have problems such as rust and corrosion by water.
  • One can have a pretty good idea of how much gel is in the can, thanks to the gel meter.
  • I must say, this cream/gel (whatever you call it) covers your body parts better than most products.
  • Gillette will not give you any irritation or red spots on your sensitive skin.
  • I found nothing to worry about in this shaving cream.

Questions & Answers

What is the best way to store a cartridge after use?

The best way to store the razor after use is in a dry place, away from water or moisture.

Customer Reviews
10 Reviews

Avatar J. D. Robinson

J. D. Robinson

This is my absolute favorite shaving gel! I wish it were not so difficult to find in stock. It is much thicker and smoother than any other I have tried. The scents are just heavenly! I don't mind shaving nearly so much when the shower is so delightfully scented with this!

3-Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS

Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISSView On Amazon

Okay, I was skeptical about this product. Although it had a good number of good reviews, I wasn’t sure, because I had previously had bad experiences. But after using it firsthand, all my doubts disappeared. On the contrary, I was super impressed with the product, especially if you look at the price.

Intimate shaving can be a difficult task because secret parts of our body have susceptible skin. With that in mind, Coochy has made formula with five moisturizing ingredients.

Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream SWEET BLISS 1These ingredients are Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Maca Root (you know it’s good when Avocado and Aloe Vera are in it).

These are all anti-inflammatory and vitamin-rich elements. They will improve your intimate shaving experience 100% dramatically.

Well, these are all “Talks” if they do not work well in real life.

Fortunately, Coochy plus intimate shaving cream has been proven clinically and in practice.

It works on all skin types thanks to the well-known formula for shaving cream.

Because the cream has been developed with a formula that works very well on the private parts of our body (with sensitive skin), it also works great on other body parts. It softens even the coarsest body hair.

Pubic or underarm hair is no match for this shaving cream. This certainly helps to prevent razor blades or cuts.

Even more surprising about this product is the balanced pH value. In case you didn’t know, the ideal vaginal pH is between 3.5 and 4.5. Everything below or above means danger to your intimate parts.

That is why they have integrated an advanced formula with the name ” COOCHY PLUS ” This formula maintains that perfect balance to give you a more enriched and healthy skin. It also helps to prevent the risk of vaginal odor.

This shaving cream will keep your intimate parts healthy and irritation-free.

  • This shaving product is perfect for women who want some extra care for their genitals.
  • People will not feel an allergic reaction to this shaving cream during and after use.
  • Coochy Plus contains as many as five natural ingredients to help you care for the skin even after the shaving routine.
  • Thanks to these natural ingredients, the shaving cream can soften the roughest hairs.
  • Shaving burns and bumps are a thing of the past with Coochie plus and the patented formula at work.
  • Some users may not like the strong odor. Keep this in mind when buying this cream.

Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between this and the coochy plus squeeze bottle?

easier to get to the last drop

Customer Reviews
1,561 Reviews

Avatar Roxana Velazquez

Roxana Velazquez

It gets better! I am in love

I love this shaving cream , it leaves my legs so smooth I would buy a bigger size since I shave very often.  When I used regular shaving cream and it gave me razor burns and razor bumps but ever since I started using coochy shaving cream my legs have been so smooth , I would never go back to regular shaving cream.  For anyone that's wondering, Coochy Plus is the improved version of the original Coochy cream. 

4-Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

Aveeno Therapeutic Shave GelView On Amazon

Do you have the type of skin that is red, dry, and itchy after a shave? If this is the case, this Aveeno Therapeutic shaving gel can help stop these side effects. One of the reasons why your skin itches and is irritated after you shave is because you subtract your skin from natural oils.

When this happens, your skin stays behind without protection and lack of moisture.

The oatmeal in this shaving gel helps to lock up the oils while the shaving result is excellent.

The gel does more than just store your body oil. It also adds its lubricants during shaving. This not only gives your skin extra protection, but the shaver can also move smoothly over your skin.

This, in turn, means that you don’t have to worry about those sore and ugly red bumps on your skin.

Because there is no added perfume or fragrance, there is also no chance of developing an allergic reaction to the gel.

Key Features
  • 7-ounce canister of Aveeno Therapeutic shaving gel with oats and vitamin E to hydrate the skin and protect the skin from bumps during shaving
  • Gluing shaving gel provides a smooth and smooth shave to prevent shaving bumps, notches, and cuts
  • Therapeutic formula combines moisturizing lubricants, vitamin E and oats, which helps to hydrate and relieve dryness
  • Rich and gliding gel is uniquely formulated for dry and sensitive skin that is easily irritated by shaving
  • Van Aveeno, a Dermatologist, recommended the brand for older than 65 years. Has no added odor that can irritate sensitive skin and is also non-comedogenic so that it does not clog pores

Questions & Answers

It contains paraben?

Yes, it has etiparaben, propylparaben and methylparaben. Good luck, this is a great product.

Customer Reviews
2,546 Reviews

Avatar Aleks Cameron

Aleks Cameron

Five Stars

I had INCREDIBLY itchy skin. This worked instantly.

5-Alba Botanica, Shave Cream

Alba Botanica, Shave CreamView On Amazon

Finding a smart and fragrance shaving cream that comes in your taste makes it fun to use. The Alba Botanica Shave cream is available in both vanilla and mango aromas; therefore, you can always choose one of your choices.

The high-quality and natural shaving cream will guarantee your skin the best care ever.

This is because it is made from essential oils, minerals, blending pure vegetables and vitamins.

With all these quality ingredients, shaving cream is ideal for all skin types.

Apart from this, it is very safe, which means that you will not experience any side effects after using them. The cream shave is effortless to use; just apply a thin layer of cream after you have moistened your skin with warm water.

It also has a great scent. The scent mixed with mint aloe made a surreal experience. Try it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

The only thing I would change about this product is the thickness of the gel itself. It is very thick and heavy. It does not produce as much foam as products at a comparable price.

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That’s why you should use a relatively large amount of shaving cream every time you use it. I wish they would listen to what people had to say about their products before releasing a new one. Well, not all companies are the same.

Give it a try, and you will find the very amazing shaving cream.

  • People who like the natural formula for a shaving cream with a light odor should go for it.
  • Makers came up with Alba Botanica without testing it on animals and did not include parabens.
  • Alba Botanica also acts as an aftershave. It makes and leaves the skin super soft after shaving.
  • This nourishing shaving cream is a perfect product for dry skin types, just like my previous choice.
  • You will notice that the shaving cream gives you a close layer on your skin. Great for smooth shaving.
  • I am not a fan of the quality of the foam that it produces on women’s skin.
  • Razors can drag on your skin from time to time. To prevent this, apply a generous amount of the cream.

Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews
84 Reviews

Avatar Jes


Smells great, works well

Goes on so smooth and lotiony, smells great, such a good shave. I buy it all the time now

6-Kiss My Face Shaving Cream

Kiss My Face Shaving CreamView On Amazon

This is something that can be used anywhere in your body – even those oh-so-sensitive areas such as your bikini line.

This shaving cream is so soft that you can let your friend or husband try it on your face and have a smooth shave without side effects! This is a great cream if you usually get an allergic reaction with other products.

Because the ingredients are entirely natural, you don’t have to worry about synthetic oils or odors.

What makes this shaving cream even better is that it gently cleanses your skin without removing all-natural oils. Soap herb and lemongrass help cleanse your skin, so it is unlikely that there will be an infection or inflammation later.

Then there is coconut and olive oil that soften the skin, making it kissable. Since only vegan products are used, and no animal testing is performed, you may have a good conscience with this shaving cream.

Key Features
  • This remarkable 11oz shaving cream in a handy pump is second to none with a unique 4 in 1 formula shaving cream that ensures a clean shave while soothing, softening and hydrating your skin on legs, face and armpits.
  • In addition to olive oil and coconut oil moisturizers, this shaving soap contains Golden Seal, lemongrass, and Aloe Vera to soften plus a natural pomegranate-grapefruit scent to stimulate your scenes.
  • Let this unique moist shave naturally with its exceptional botanical blends including lemongrass and soap herb for cleaning
  • Cruelty-free
  • Every ingredient in this product is deeply thought through from the Goldenseal to protect against scratches and scratches on the Lady’s Mantle that acts as an astringent and evenly cooling peppermint acts as an antiseptic and stimulant
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan formulated with gluten-free ingredients also free from parabens and phthalates. Leaping Bunny certified

Questions & Answers

I couldnt find the expiration date anywhere on the bottle and trashed the outer box already. Anyone knows how long will it last since 03/16?

There is a code on the bottom of the bottle that starts with a K, followed by 6 numbers, which is the production date. For example, K042415 would be a production date of April 24, 2015. This product has a shelf life of 3 years.

Customer Reviews
1,723 Reviews

Avatar Kindle Customer

Kindle Customer

This is fantastic. I don't believe it's for shaving.

Just tried this for the first time with a new brush and a bargain introductory offer from Harry's razors. Lathers up nicely and makes a noticeable difference on the skin. You simply can't beat the price offered here. Perfect in the shower as it won't wash off too easily. That's not a complaint, that's a positive.I can't believe it took me this long to find a product this good.Upon further review:After two weeks using this, I've found this makes a big difference in both the closeness of the shave and softness and feel of my face. With a bit of practice and a shaving dish, the lather generated is as good as any of the shave gels.

7-EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

To start with, EOS is a great brand. They are very popular for making good shaving creams at a reasonable price. However, I was amazed to see the bold statements they made. Claims such as EOS ultra are the best shaving cream for women who put a smile on your face. EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave CreamView On Amazon

So, of course, I had to try it out. And it has indeed put a smile on my face. They have every reason to make such bold statements.

Probably the best thing about this shaving cream is the price. It is very competitively priced and readily available. But don’t get the wrong idea. It is cheap but certainly not in quality. Perhaps it is one of the best creams on the market.

I was also a big fan of the fragrance of this product. It comes with a scent of lavender jasmine. It is wonderful. I immediately fell in love with the smell. At least I recommend trying the scent. Trust me, and you will not be disappointed.

It contains various moisturizers. So yes! Even if you have dry skin. It should do well. It also offers you free shaves. Not only that, irritation and itching are virtually non-existent after using this shaving cream.

There is one thing that I should mention. If you worry about the cream, that doesn’t make enough foam. Do not panic. It is designed that way.

Moreover, their instruction clearly states that it does not foam. And more importantly, it does a much better job than those cheap products that produce an enormous amount of foam. It is preferred to use, as you can see through the cream. This gives you much-needed control over everything.

The cream is super soft and easily softens any hair. You can easily use it on the private parts of your body without having to worry about compatibility.

  • For women, the scent of this shaving cream is something to enjoy. Lavender jasmine at its best.
  • You will find no chemicals in the formula of this shaving cream and no harmful effects.
  • The package is transparent. You get what you pay for and see it too. Nice!
  • The shaving cream is consistent in delivering results. The quality will not deteriorate over time.
  • If you have dry skin, EOS Ultra-moisturizing shaving cream is your Go to the product.
  • Much more shaving cream than usual is needed to achieve the ideal result.
  • The shavers are known to get stuck to this product from time to time.

Questions & Answers

Could a guy use it on his face?

I do, it works very well. It was recommended to me by my son-in-law.

Customer Reviews
84 Reviews

Avatar Theresa


Better than the fancy stuff.

I bought this and Coochy Intimate Shave creme at the same time. This is a fraction of the price and works way better in my opinion.

8-Remay Glide and Shave Gel Bar

Remay Glide and Shave Gel BarView On Amazon

Few things are annoying than just stepping out of the shower to discover that you have missed a lock of hair on your leg or arm. This usually happens because the hair is flattened during shaving, making it easy for your razor to miss some of it.

However, the gel bar forces all hair to stand upright before shaving. In this way, the razor can grab and remove each piece.

The gel bar is also easier to work with than traditional creams or gels. You can apply it anywhere without having to mess up your hands. It is also easier to reach those hard-to-reach places and to ensure that they are covered. Although it may not seem that way, this bar contains coconut oil and tea tree oil.

This means that while you concentrate the hair on your body, you also help to soften your skin.

Key Features
  • Ultra sensitive shaving gel for legs armpits bikini area head and face. for legs armpits bikini area head and face
  • All you need is REMAY and a razor to quickly and easily shave in or out of the shower. Shower safe
  • 3-in-1 shaving gel coconut oil moisturizer and tea tree oil cleanser. Made in North America. TSA safe
  • Lasts many shaves Each gel bar lasts 30 or more shaves. Creates a soap-free micro-barrier
  • Prevents notching, bumps and shaving fire Save money on buying those expensive razor fillings

Questions & Answers

Does this product smell like coconut. I really want my husband to try it, based on the reviews, but he hates coconut. Thank you.?

No, I do not smell a strong coconut smell. My husband does not like coconut either and he uses it.

Customer Reviews
514 Reviews

Avatar Fitzy


Great product

These are very easy to use and far less messy than any shaving cream. Love it!

9-Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream For Women Dry Skin

Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Cream For Women Dry SkinView On Amazon

Women with dry skin are always advised to find the ultimate shaving cream for dry skin.

This is one of the best shaving creams for dry skin that combines high-quality lubricants and soothing ingredients with vitamin E and glycerin. This means that after using the shaving cream, it makes the skin soft and smooth all day.

The shaving cream is also perfect for replenishing the natural moisture of dry skin. This is due to the fatty composition of ivory foam, making it suitable for dry skin.

This is the ultimate dry skin shaving cream that can offer you a comfortable and healthier feeling for smooth and hydrated skin.

You can also say goodbye to all those irritations and shaving burns. The carefully crafted formula ensures that this thing is idiot-resistant on any skin. So that is a plus.

It also has a pleasant scent. Unlike cheap and unsanitary products, it contains natural scents. I immediately fell in love with his scent. It is not healthy or weak — just the perfect balance between both worlds.

With a view to multifunctional use, this shaving gel is designed to be used on all parts of the body. Public parts, armpits, legs, arms, you name it. More importantly, it adjusts things accordingly.

The only improvement I would make to this product is the packaging. I was not a fan of their packaging.

  • Ladies who have to shave every day of the week will find this cream within budget and perfect.
  • If your skin is rough, this cream will do wonders to soften it during shaving and afterward.
  • The formula inside will soften your skin, and the razors will find it easy to glide over you every time.
  • Skintimate is perfect for every part of your body, including the intimate parts you care about.
  • I loved the smell of this item. It soothes your skin and also gives you a fresh feeling.
  • What I don’t like about this shaving cream. The makers could have upgraded the packaging of this article a bit. It seemed boring.

Questions & Answers

Which one is it?? It it the CREAM like the text says or is it the GEL like shown in the picture?? I can't tell by the reviews.

It is the cream. And I bought a whole box thinking it was the gel. Very deceiving for the seller because the cream is HORRIBLE.

Customer Reviews
327 Reviews

Avatar Sara


Nothing less than perfect.

I have quite sensitive skin, so when it comes to shaving (especially in delicate areas), this is my go-to. It doesn't lather since it is a cream rather than a gel, but the feeling of beautifully soft, moisturised skin that you get after using it is irreplaceable. On top of this, one bottle lasts for a decently long time, even if you're sharing it with someone else. Could not recommend this product more.

10-IntiMD Intimate Shave Cream

Okay, every woman knows how hard it can be to get a soft and smooth shave on their bikini line.

To make matters worse, because the hair is so coarse, you usually have to deal with ingrown hairs and other painful and ugly problems. The IntiMD shaving cream helps to make this easier.IntiMD Intimate Shave CreamView On Amazon

The smooth cream ensures that the razor moves gently over your skin and shaves the hair. So you get a smooth shave without cuts or cuts.

But what’s so great about this cream, how does it help to reduce the after-effects of bikini shaving? Your skin reacts much better, thanks to the soothing and hydrating ingredients.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or getting infected.

This makes your bikini line look much nicer, even if the hair grows back. Another area that will greatly benefit from this product is your armpits, where the hair can be thick and stubborn.

Key Features
  • MOISTURIZING FORMULA (Formulated with five powerful hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and vitamin-rich agents that dramatically improve your intimate shaving experience Jojoba Oil / Avocado Oil / Aloe Vera / Shea Butter / Maca Root.
  • IMPROVED COOCHY SHAVING CREAM Met (With the strong points of MOISTURIZING products, COOCHY PLUS Intimate Shave Cream is developed based on the most trusted formula for intimate shaving cream Safe for all skin types Made in the USA
  • INTIMATE and UNIVERSAL (Because COOCHY PLUS is developed for the most intimate parts of the body, it can also be used safely on other parts of the body Helps soften even the most coarse body hair, such as pubic hair or armpits.
  • INTIMATE GUARD (To prevent shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, shaving fire or rash caused by other shaving products, MOISTURIZING means soften the hair and form an invisible shield on your skin to smooth shaves to give off that leave no marks or damage your intimate skin.

Questions & Answers

Does this help with ingrown hair and the visible "black dots" that woman get with VERY thick and dark hair?

Dear Maria, thanks for the consultation. Based on our years of research and experience in intimate care, our researchers have come to the conclusion that COOCHY PLUS shaving cream definitely helps with common nuances of shaving, such as incarnate hair and "black dots", between others. First, the "black spots" that most women AND men get after shaving are very different from incarnated hairs. This is especially true if your hair is thicker than average. The "black spots" you see are essentially the section of hair where the shaver can not reach. This can be caused by a shaving razor or an ineffective shaving cream. With COOCHY PLUS, the MOISTURIZING agents + form a soft and silky invisible shield that allows the shaver to pierce the intimate skin in extreme proximity without damaging sensitive skin. Achieve effective deeper to eliminate additional hair that dramatically decreases the appearance of "black spots". Obviously, the result will be different from the hair type and skin conditions. While incarnate hair can be caused by similar problems, such as a dull razor blade, most people suffer from ingrown hair due to an incorrect type of shaving cream. Pubic hair or armpit hair are very different from facial hair or legs, so they require additional care and shaving techniques. Avoid using regular shaving cream for your intimate shaving needs. In addition to providing an invisible shield to protect sensitive skin while shaving, MOISURIZING + agents offer additional benefits such as anti-inflammatory or antioxidants and minerals rich in vitamins to prevent clogging sensitive hair cuticles. I hope I have tackled everything. If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us directly. Sarah Beech - Public Relationship LiaisonIntiMDIntimate Care, Made PersonalLos Angeles, California

Customer Reviews
567 Reviews

Avatar CCB


The name is silly. The results are wonderful.

The name is pretty ridiculous, and I'm hoping visitors don't spot it in my shower. But, this stuff is awesome. As I've gotten older, I get more of the red and itchy bumps after shaving down below. With summer upon us, and my kids eager to hit the pool, I took a risk and ordered this cream. I AM THRILLED. Immediately, things were smooth, without any redness. No itching, even days later.

11-Tend Skin Air Shave Gel

Tend Skin Air Shave GelView On Amazon

If you hold the razor as close to your skin as possible, you can shave better. However, that has its problems. For example, how often did you cut yourself while shaving? Are you tired of the red and raw feeling after a shave? The Tend Skin Air gel ensures that there is a buffer between your skin and the razor.

Tend Skin Air Shave Gel 1This means that while you shave smoothly, it does not have to disturb your skin.

Another great thing about this shaving gel is that you get excellent coverage. Therefore, regardless of the body part that you shave, you can be sure that you will get every hair there.

This allows you to keep your skin hair-free for a little longer. This is the perfect product for the summer when you have to stay bald for days, and you don’t have to worry about regrowth. The formula is hypoallergenic and prevents allergic reactions.

Key Features
  • Made from the best combination of ingredients
  • It far exceeds the smoothness of all shaving gel on the market
  • Try to rub it between your fingers and find out for yourself

Questions & Answers

Does this product provide a good glide for DE shaving?

I personally use a DE razor and this is the best product that I have found by far. It will leave the shaved area much closer than an electric shaver

Customer Reviews
482 Reviews

Avatar Brittany b

Brittany b

Ingrown hairs under your arm pits? GET THIS!

I've struggled for yearssssss trying to find something that'll help my bumps under my arm pits that are SUPER painful and just irritating honestly. It got to the point where I would never raise my arms because I didnt want people to see my red bumps! I've tried dozens and i mean dozens of products and this stuff actually freakin works! I swear by this stuff and i tell anyone and everyone about it! Its saved my freakin life I tell ya! Now I can wear whatever I want without having to worry!

12-Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil

Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave OilView On Amazon

The best shaving cream for dry skin is not shaving cream at all – it’s an oil. It is made from a mix of natural shea butter, soothing allantoin, and nourishing oils such as jojoba and grape seed.

Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil 1This shaving oil moisturizes and softens the skin and ensures a smooth, comfortable shave.

Also, the plastic bottle does not leave a ring on the edge of your bathtub, it does not hide your razors like a traditional cream or gel, and because it is clear, you can see if your stains are missing. It also comes in a pomegranate citrus scent.

Many Amazon reviewers with sensitive skin say that this is the only thing that their skin does not leave bumpy and red, and also note that it prevents cuts.

Key Features
  • 100% PURE NATURAL SHEA BUTTER a Premium deep moisturizer that makes dry, cracked skin wonderfully soft and smooth.
  • MIXTURE OF NATURAL OILS infused with amazing skin conditioners that prevent dehydration.
  • PARABEN FREE Absolutely no parabens or formaldehyde donors! Free from harmful chemicals for healthy skincare.
  • MADE IN THE USA Proudly made in America by a world-class professional cosmetics team in an American beauty laboratory.

Questions & Answers

Is this product vegan and cruelty free?

The ingredient list suggests that it is all plant-based formulation. I can only assume that all the plants used were sent quickly and humanly.

Customer Reviews
1,212 Reviews

Avatar m


will never use shave cream or shampoo again!

I love this stuff!don't hesitate to buy this one.this smells wonderful (better than the pomegranate version).this oil helps you get a very close shave and it seems like the hair takes longer to return.the product bottle lasts a long time (I would say half a year) and I will not return to shaving with shampoo or shaving cream).it's more expensive than buying it in the states, so I'm ok with spending the money because I'm not close to the border.



Most women always feel irritated after shaving. To prevent this, it is essential to try a shaving cream that removes all ingrown hairs and causes irritation. This high-quality shaving cream offers the best services for such excellent services. It will remove any ugly bumps, irritation, dryness, and notches.

This makes it very perfect for shaving every body part. Moreover, it formulated for the most intimate areas; hence, you can use it to cut both confidential and sensitive body parts.

Because of the natural ingredient, it will soothe, hydrate, soften, hydrate, and restore your skin. This means that your skin remains very soft and smooth, just as you would expect.

Key Features
  • FOR SENSITIVE AND INTIMATE AREAS (Bikini Soft is formulated for the most intimate areas so that it can be used anywhere on the body. Plus, it is translucent, so you can see exactly where you are shaving.
  • NO MORE IRRITATION OF SHAVING ( eliminates ingrown hairs, ugly bumps, redness, irritations, notches, cuts and dryness Just smooth, soft skin You can even shave spots with a sweet bikini (when you’ve missed a place)
  • YOUR SKIN NEVER FILDS THIS FLAT Perfect for Shaving armpits, legs and bikini line You can feel the difference with Bikini Soft (silky, smooth, soft
  • ALL NATURAL SAFE INGREDIENTS Soothes, soothes, moisturizes, tones, moisturizes and repairs your skin You can make the smooth difference feel
  • 100% MONEY BACK EMPTY BOTTLE GUARANTEE (If you are not satisfied, even if the bottle is empty, we will refund every cent

Questions & Answers

What are all of the ingredients? The list above says the ingredients 'include' but does not list all of the ingredients, esp. fragrance. Thank you.

The ingredients are listed for the Coconut Joy Shave Oil. Note: there is Coconut Cybilla scent in the Jojba and Coconut oils.

Customer Reviews
57 Reviews

Avatar dwnncl


Worth It

I have always been a victim to ingrown hairs, especially under my arms. Using this product, I am actually able to shave my underarms everyday if desired. Downfall is it tends to clog the blade. Lots of hot water!!!

14-Completely Bare Completely SMOOTH Moisturizing No-Bump Shave Gel

Completely Bare Completely SMOOTH Moisturizing No-Bump Shave GelView On Amazon

Consider this moisturizing shaving gel from Completely Bare to double the battle against shaving fire and bumps. It is packed with various skin-softening ingredients – such as aloe vera and chamomile – as well as moisturizers such as jojoba oil, calendula and sunflower oil to combat redness, bumps, and irritation while you shave. Also, the formula is enriched with (environmentally friendly) pearls that dissolve on contact with the skin, allowing the hydrating ingredients to work more efficiently.

Key Features
  • HERE IS THE SCOOP Have incredibly smooth movements with our soft shaving gel! completely smooth not only gives you an incredibly smooth shave but also helps keep ingrown hairs and bumps away
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS Contains plant and flower extracts such as Aloe Vera, Calendula flower and chamomile for dry, irritated, itchy skin to soften and moisturize or damaged skin helps hydrate sensitive flaky skin, reduce redness and prevent irritation
  • ESSENTIAL OILS Formulated with sunflower seed and Jojoba oil to retain moisture, provide a protective barrier and make skin look younger
  • PETA CERTIFIED CRUELTY-FREE and VEGAN- Formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, oxybenzone, formaldehyde-releasing agents, retinyl palmitate, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban Dermatologist tested
  • ECO-FRIENDLY BEADS dissolve instantly when applied to the skin, making it easy to absorb all moisture benefits

Questions & Answers

Does it remove bumps?

I didn't get any bumps with this shaving gel. It is very moisturizing and smoothes my skin. I strongly recommend giving it a chance.

Customer Reviews
223 Reviews

Avatar Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

So smooth & wow what a scent

Love it. Feels so smooth & what a luxurious scent.Feels so much smoother than shaving creams or gels

15-Bare Intimate Shave Lotion For Women

The Bare Intimate shaving cream is a unique and high-quality shaving cream that is gentle on sensitive skin. This is because the shaving cream contains high-quality ingredients and anti-inflammatory properties of powerful B5 and Allantoin.

These ensure that your skin is nourished and protected against any irritation.

This means that shaving lotion can be used in intimate and sensitive parts of the body. It is one of the top-rated creams that minimize burns during shaving.

Questions & Answers

What does the lotion smell like?

It smells like perfume, it is so fresh and delicious

Customer Reviews
146 Reviews

Avatar daniGirl


Best Shave Lotion EVER

I tried this Luxxx Shave Lotion when a friend of mine suggested I try it. It was the best advice ever. I have naturally very sensitive skin. Shaving would cause me to break out in a painful rash EVERY SINGLE TIME. My poor hubby just got used to YETI legs. I've tried tons of different razors and shaving creams and lotions. This one did the trick!! For once, I'm not breaking out!!! And I'm loving it!! For those who have the same problem, I'm using this Luxxx Bare Intimate shave lotion and an actual 'real' razor with the 'real' razorblade made by Shaveology, I believe. It's actually my husband's razor. Good thing he loves me.

FAQs About Shaving Cream For Women

What are the most acceptable substances in shaving cream?

Often people get confused while getting a shaving cream by evaluating the elements that are mixed into it. Yes, this judgment is necessary to make the correct purchase decision. The most accepted substances in a particular shaving cream should be based on your skin type. For example,

Vitamin E and glycerin are the common elements that can lubricate your dry skin, and it is more acceptable at a pH of 4.5. Now with sensitive skin that refers to shaving cream that must contain natural elements such as Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Maca Root, etc.

With a certain pH level below 4, 5 In short, acceptable fabrics, depending on your skin type.

What could be the possible side effects of unsuitable shaving cream?

Shaving cream can also have specific side effects, such as other skin-friendly products. If you get a shaving cream that may not be suitable for your skin category, you may experience various skin problems.

The side effects can usually be

  • Irritation and redness
  • Stinging and burning
  • Ingrown hairs or bumps and rash
  • Abnormal allergen syndrome

Sometimes the constant side effects symbolize negative vibrations from other shaving accessories.

Advantages Of Women Shaving Creams

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Advantages Of Women Shaving Creams

Several benefits can be achieved by using shaving cream. The shaving cream offers a smooth and smooth shave that is very precise and gentle to the body.

This means that the surface remains free of hair and that it may take some time before it grows. Also, shaving cream will leave the surface softer and open of dry skin.

The best shaving cream for women is the product that is good for the skin. Trust me, and when it comes to our body, gimmicks don’t finish it. How beautiful a product looks, sooner or later it will come out. That’s why it’s better to be informed in the beginning and to buy the ideal.

Your skin leaves little room for experimentation. I would not speak for it either. Instead, feel free to buy one from the list here. If you are willing to do the legwork yourself, the buying guide is pretty much your starting point for the research. Happy shaving.

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