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Unnatural Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones: 2024 Guide

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unnatural hair colors for cool skin tonesReady to take your hairstyle to the next level? Unnatural hair colors offer a unique way for cool skin tones to express themselves and stand out in the crowd. From sapphire blue and icy blonde, all the way through lavender, mint green, and rose gold – there are hundreds of shades available that you can choose from.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to determine your skin tone so you can find the perfect unnatural hair color for yourself in 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • Icy blonde is a suitable unnatural hair color for cool skin tones.
  • Sapphire blue complements medium skin tones.
  • Blue-black is a perfect choice for cool skin tones.
  • Lavender can balance out cool skin tones.

Unnatural Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones in 2023

Unnatural Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones in 2023
Are you ready to make a bold statement in 2023? If so, consider the range of unnatural hair colors for cool skin tones, such as platinum blonde, rose gold, pearl, burgundy, and blue. These shades are sure to add a touch of sophistication and flair to your look while also complementing your complexion with their stunning hues.

Platinum Blonde

For those with cool skin tones, platinum blonde is an on-trend color in 2023 that requires maintenance but can add a luxurious look to your style. Studies have shown that nearly 70% of people who dye their hair choose blonde shades, and celebrity platinum blondes show off the variety of looks you can create for yourself.

From subtle balayage highlights to icy pastel tones – styling this shade is only limited by your imagination! DIY tips include using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair as well as regular deep conditioning treatments.

Rose Gold

Embrace your inner goddess with rose gold hues, perfect for adding warmth to cool complexions. Rose Gold Maintenance involves using sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner, along with hair masks that provide moisture and strength for colored hair.

Natural oil nourishes damaged strands, while a leave-in conditioner keeps them revitalized, frizz-free, and looking polished.

For styling inspiration, turn to fashion blogs or celebrities rocking the look! To make sure you get it right, opt for professional application of this luxurious color – it’s worth every penny! With its flattering copper hue, Rose Gold is an ideal choice when experimenting with unnatural hair colors on those blessed with cool undertones.


Try out a luxurious look with pearl hues to perfectly balance your cool complexion.

You can start by analyzing your skin tone for the correct undertones and finding a quality coloring technician who understands how to work with natural shades of pearl. From there, invest in sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner plus nourishing oil treatments so that you can keep up with regular haircare like masks or leave-in conditioners.

Finally, don’t forget styling tips such as lightening pink undertones or going for honey instead of ash blondes – all designed specifically for gorgeous hair color on cool-toned skin!


Dazzle with the warmth of burgundy hair, perfect for bringing out your cool skin tone. This shade is great to pair with subtle browns and blues, adding a hint of color without going too bright. From deep mahogany to light rose gold hues, you can choose how bold or muted you want the final look to be.

Burgundy shades are also known for their long-lasting color when applied correctly and maintained properly – so don’t worry if it takes some time! When choosing this hue, consider your skin undertone. Dark complexions will usually appear more vibrant with added depth, while fair complexions may need a lighter shade mixed in order to avoid looking washed out.

Styling tips include using heat protectants prior to using styling tools, as well as applying regular moisture treatments such as masks or serums after coloring.


Feel the power of boldness that comes with rocking blue hair – a universally flattering color for cool skin tones! From light pastels to dark sapphire hues, there are plenty of options when it comes to dyeing your hair blue.

To keep blues vibrant and long-lasting, opt for quality dyes and professional application.

If you have a cool skin tone, avoid red tints and instead try an icy blonde or cobalt hue to bring out your features.

How to Tell if You Have a Cool Skin Tone

How to Tell if You Have a Cool Skin Tone
Are you looking to make a bold statement with your hair color? Cool skin tones have the perfect opportunity to experiment with icy blonde, sapphire blue, blue-black, mint green, and lavender hues.

Icy Blonde

Embrace your inner ice queen and upgrade to a chic icy blonde for 2023. Icy blonde styling is perfect for cool skin tones, adding sophistication and elegance to any look.

With proper hair maintenance through quality products, you can stay ahead of the trend while keeping your tresses in top condition. For fair skin tone beauties looking to make an impactful statement with their hair color this season, consider experimenting with icy shades like platinum or pearl hues that will add depth without overwhelming your complexion.

Hair color trends come and go, but icy blondes are here to stay. So, treat yourself right by following some simple styling tips like using sulfate-free shampoos, indulging in deep conditioning treatments, and nourishing your hair with natural oils.

Sapphire Blue

Take your look to the next level with sapphire blue, a universally flattering color that’s sure to turn heads. This vibrant shade adds warmth and dimension, making you stand out from the crowd. Styling cool skin tones with sapphire blue provides confidence for any occasion.

Keep your bold new hair trend looking its best by maintaining it properly—use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, as they are essential!

Medium skin tones will benefit from maroon or purple shades, in addition to sapphire blue, for an eye-catching style.

With proper maintenance, this daring hue can be worn all year round without sacrificing vibrancy or shine!


Try blue-black for a bold, daring look that’ll turn heads! The color variations of this shade are perfect for cool skin tones. Styling possibilities range from long and wavy to short and straight; whatever your preference, you can achieve the style with ease.

Celebrities like Rihanna have rocked this look, proving it suits all types of personalities! Blue-black differs from navy in its tone as it’s much darker yet still retains an icy touch.

To maintain luscious locks, using hair care products specifically created for unnatural colors is key to keeping your mane looking healthy and vibrant! Determining if you have cool skin tones can be done by checking out wrist veins, sun reaction, or natural hair/eye color.

Mint Green

Swap out your usual hue for a refreshing mint green this season – it’s the perfect way to give yourself an eye-catching look with just one subtle change! Mint green is a great choice if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

For styling, use pastel shades and mix up different tones for an extra funky hair color. Maintenance should include regular deep conditioning treatments as well as sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

This shade of green works best on cool skin tones but can be adapted to suit warm complexions too; try pairing with yellow or gold undertones in makeup looks for maximum effect!

Wanting something more daring? Try mixing minty hues together or incorporating highlights that add depth and personality – the possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY tips like these!


Lavender is a universally flattering color that adds warmth to cool skin tones. It looks particularly great with warm-toned skin as it helps balance the complexion’s overtones without looking too garish or overwhelming.

Lavender can be customized for any look you desire, from styling tips and lavender vs.

To keep your locks looking their best when sporting a lavender shade, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, along with natural oils like argan oil for maximum hydration – even if you’re going silver! Dark shades may require bleaching treatments before applying, so it’s important to speak with an experienced stylist beforehand.

With its versatility of hues, ranging from muted pastels to vibrant purples, there’s sure to be a lavender shade just right for you.

How to Choose the Best Unnatural Hair Color for Your Cool Skin Tone

How to Choose the Best Unnatural Hair Color for Your Cool Skin Tone
Are you looking to enhance your look with an unnatural hair color? Whether it’s a bold blue or a subtle pink, getting the right color for your cool skin tone requires careful consideration. Before choosing a hair dye, make sure to assess the health of your strands and consider factors like professional vs at-home coloring and how much maintenance is needed.

Determine the Health of Your Hair

Before committing to an unnatural hair color, make sure your locks are up for the challenge. A nourishing shampoo and conditioner are essential to maintain the vibrancy of any hair color while protecting it from damage.

Lightweight oils can be used to add moisture without weighing down tresses. Additionally, a weekly deep conditioning mask will help keep strands healthy.

For those with olive or wheatish skin tones, natural shampoos that provide essential nutrients may be beneficial in maintaining strong hair health over time. When choosing products, be mindful as some colors may require more maintenance than others.

With regular care and attention, you can ensure your chosen hue looks its best all year round!

Consider Your Skin Color

Check your wrist veins, sun reaction, jewelry preference, and natural hair/eye color to determine whether you have cool or warm undertones before choosing the perfect unnatural hair color that’ll make you look dazzling.

Cool complexions suit hues such as browns, blues, taupes, and gothic shades. Neutral colors like white and black can also flatter a cool skin tone, while rose gold with copper accents balance it out perfectly.

For added vibrancy, consider violets, eggplants, or lavender, which all work well on light to dark skin tones alike!

Plant-powered ingredients in styling products will help keep colored hair healthy, so opt for sulfate and paraben-free shampoo & conditioner, along with natural oils for nourishment and moisture.

Decide Between Professional and At-Home Color

Deciding between a professional or at-home hair color can be daunting, but with the right knowledge, you’ll have gorgeous locks in no time. Professional coloring techniques offer precision and accuracy that cannot be matched by DIY methods.

But if your budget is tight, you can try using vegan hair masks to keep the color vibrant for longer. Investing in quality shampoo and conditioner, along with natural oils, will also help maintain colored hair healthily.

For cool skin tones, choose colors like brown, taupe, platinum blonde, or rose gold with copper hues. Blues like cobalt and sapphire blue, eggplant purple, and pink shades including light pink and dusty pink are all great options too.

Finally, pick a shade that expresses yourself while catering to your skin tone needs too!

Figure Out How Much Maintenance You Want to Do

Think about how much effort you’re willing to put into maintaining your hair color. Consider the application process, whether it’s DIY or professional, as well as the level of care required for different shades.

Some colors, like white or black, are low maintenance and require minimal upkeep. Others, like pearl blonde and eggplant, require frequent application and nourishment. When choosing a hair color shade, make sure it suits cool skin tones perfectly. Also, consider using premium quality hair care products such as plant-based oils, leave-in treatments, and strengthening formulas to keep your locks healthy while expressing your individual style.

How to Maintain an Unnatural Hair Color

To keep your bold new look vibrant, invest in quality hair care products and regular treatments. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo, paraben-free conditioner, natural oil for deep nourishment, and leave-in conditioner to prevent frizz.

Gluten-free masks will promote color retention while adding strength to strands. Avoid overwashing as this can lead to hair color fade – lukewarm showers are best! Color-enhancing products such as purple shampoos act like toners that help maintain the vibrancy of unnatural colors between salon visits.

Finally, using protective styles prevents breakage and keeps the desired hue intact for longer periods of time.

Determining Your Skin Tone for Unnatural Hair Colors

Determining Your Skin Tone for Unnatural Hair Colors
Discover your true skin tone and flaunt it with a stunning hair color that’s sure to make heads turn! To find out if you have cool undertones, first check your wrist veins.

Sun exposure can also be helpful in determining what type of skin tone you are; if your skin usually burns rather than tanning, chances are that you possess cooler undertones. Jewelry preferences can give an indication as well—cooler tones tend to suit silver more than gold jewelry pieces.

Lastly, take note of the natural colors in the form of eye and hair shades. Those with typically light eye and hair shades often indicate cooler hues, while darker complexions may suggest warmer ones.

With these clues at hand, find the perfect unnatural hue for yourself!

Summing Up: Expressing Yourself With Unnatural Hair Colors

Summing Up: Expressing Yourself With Unnatural Hair Colors
Express yourself and embrace the trend of 2023 with creative colors like brown, blue, taupe, gothic shades—or even rose gold with copper hues for a balanced complexion. Hair color can be used to express individuality and symbolize different emotions.

For those looking to make a statement without drastic changes in hair length or texture, trendy hair accessories such as headbands or clips are great options.

Hitting the right balance between skin tone and shade is key when it comes to finding an unnatural hue that suits you best—it’s all about self-confidence! Even if you decide against going full-on rainbow unicorn mode, try embracing natural shades instead.


As the old adage goes, change is the only constant in life, and there’s no better way to express that than with a unique, unnatural hair color. Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance colors like blues, violets, and mahogany or a more luxurious look like platinum blonde or pearl, cool skin tones have plenty of options.

Before selecting an unnatural hair color, it’s important to determine your skin tone and the health of your hair.

Hair care is essential for maintaining the vibrancy of your unnatural hair color. To keep your hair looking its best, be sure to use sulfate and paraben-free products.

With the right color and care, you can express yourself and stand out from the crowd with the perfect unnatural hair color for your cool skin tone.

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