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Best Orange Hair Dyes: 15 Vibrant Colors of 2024

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best orange hair dyesStellar strands of orange – an unforgettable look! Whether you’re a daring diva, bold babe, or free-spirited fashionista looking for the best orange hair dyes to rock in 2023, we’ve got you covered. From choosing the right shade and considering the formula to tips on how to dye your locks with vibrant color, this guide is here to help you find just what you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider factors: shade, formula, and skin tone.
  • Shades range: fiery red-orange to muted tones.
  • Formulas: free from harsh chemicals and ammonia.
  • Top brands: Arctic Fox, Manic Panic, Clairol, Lime Crime, Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids, Adore Orange Blaze, The Henna Guys Henna Dye.

How to Choose the Best Orange Hair Dye

How to Choose the Best Orange Hair Dye
When it comes to choosing the best orange hair dye, selecting the right shade and considering a formula that is suitable for your needs are key factors. From vibrant neon shades to muted oranges, there are many options available depending on what kind of results you want.

When finding the perfect fit, look out for formulas free from harsh chemicals or ammonia as well as ones that provide extra conditioning benefits.

Choosing the Right Shade

When choosing an orange hair dye, consider the shade that will flatter your undertone and skin tone best for a beautiful transformation. Start by assessing your natural color and researching ammonia-free, vegan options to find one with low irritation potential.

Visit a store to see product colors in person before making a purchase decision. Sunset Orange is an excellent choice if you have medium blonde hair, while Electric Tiger Lily from Manic Panic can give you glowing neon results on pre-lightened Platinum Blonde locks! Finally, Lime Crime Cutie offers vibrant citrusy shades suitable for Light Brown to Platinum Blonde hair types without damaging it.

Considering the Formula

When considering the formula of orange hair dyes, you’ll want to opt for a product that is nourishing and non-damaging.

Formula Color Intensity Vegan Options Long Lasting Results Non Damaging
Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color High Yes 8 weeks Yes
Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids High

How to Dye Your Hair Orange

How to Dye Your Hair Orange
Dye your hair in an eye-catching, vibrant orange shade with the help of one of these top 10 dyes for a daring transformation.

Arctic Fox Sunset Orange, Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily Orange, L’Oreal Paris Feria Copper Crave Hair Dye, Lime Crime Cutie Orange Hair Dye, and Adore Orange Blaze Hair Dye are all great options.

Punky Flame offers a muted orange shade that fades gradually over time, while Clairol Textures & Tones Flaming Desire provides long-lasting results without ammonia.

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids delivers intense color, and Kiss Tintation Neon Orange is perfect for creating neon looks.

Finally, The Henna Guys Henna dye lets you achieve natural-looking burnt orange shades with zero chemicals or metallic salts, making it ideal for those who want to avoid pre-lightening their hair before coloring.

All of our recommended brands are vegan-friendly and offer hair-friendly formulas free from harsh ingredients like ammonia to give you beautiful results every time!

What Arctic Fox Sunset Orange Looks Like

What Arctic Fox Sunset Orange Looks Like
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange offers a fiery, deep red-orange look that will make heads turn. This vegan-friendly dye is made with no harsh chemicals and conditions hair while coloring for safe use.

The true orange shade can be mixed with Cosmic Sunshine to achieve a lighter tone – perfect for those looking to experiment with temporary hair color without any commitment or damage! Its ammonia-free formula makes it suitable even for pre-lightened platinum blonde strands, but it requires lightening if you’re after an intense hue of orange.

For an extra shimmering copper blend, Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color in Orange Crush is the way to go.

What Punky Flame Looks Like

What Punky Flame Looks Like
Experience a unique, flame-hot orange hue with Punky Flame Hair Color. This semi-permanent hair dye adds vibrancy and eye-catching color to your look while nourishing strands to prevent breakage and over drying.

With its vegan-friendly formula free of ammonia, you can be sure that the results are long-lasting without damaging your hair.

The sugary citrus vanilla scent will leave it feeling silky soft, healthy-looking, and smelling great! It’s suitable for prelightened platinum to medium blonde or even light brown hair for those who want an easier transition into bolder colors such as 38 Sunrise Orange with Adore Shining Semi-Permanent Hair Color:

  • Cruelty-Free
  • No Ammonia
  • Vibrant Colors

Achieve beautiful vibrant shades without sacrificing condition – perfect if you’re new to experimenting with daring hues! Perfectly suited for all types of tresses, this commitment-free color fades in up to 35 washes depending on porosity, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck too long in one shade – unless that’s what you really want!

Whether adding a tint or going full-blown neon orange blaze, trust Punky Colour Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color – Flame when choosing the best option.

What Clairol Textures and Tones Flaming Desire Looks Like

What Clairol Textures and Tones Flaming Desire Looks Like
Transitioning from Punky Flame to Clairol Textures and Tones Flaming Desire, you’ll find a permanent hair color that offers intense orange tones. It is suitable for black to light brown hair, requiring root touch-ups as natural hair grows.

The Power Shimmer Feria Conditioner seals and smooths for lasting bold color, while Excellence Crème provides grey coverage. For best results, wear gloves and protective clothing during application, and perform skin sensitivity tests beforehand.

This fade-defying superior preference dye is ammonia-free, making it gentle on your tresses. Its moisturizing formula contains jojoba oil, botanical extracts, and conditioners, which prevent breakage or over-drying of the hair strands.

This leaves them frizz-free, silky soft, and healthy-looking, with long-lasting vibrant colors and minimal fading over time.

This commitment-free semi-permanent dye can help you achieve highlights and ombre styles. In addition, it can create a striking look, especially when combined with Color Brilliance Neon Brights Ion Semi-Permanent Creme Hair Color – Blood Orange, perfect for olive skin tones and warm undertones.

Alternatively, Splat Long Lasting Hair Color – Orange Fireballs is ideal if you are looking for something more subtle yet still taking advantage of this season’s hottest hue.

Arctic Fox Hair Color Dye Sunset Orange

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-FreeView On Amazon
You’ll love the long-lasting, vibrant results of Arctic Fox Hair Color Dye Sunset Orange – it can last up to 8 weeks with minimal smearing! This vegan-friendly dye is made from no harmful chemicals and conditions hair while coloring.

With its pleasant scent, you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant odors during your application process.

It’s also easy to mix with Cosmic Sunshine for a lighter true orange shade if desired. The gentle formula prevents damage while restoring vibrancy and leaves hair feeling silky soft after use. Additionally, customers have praised the bright colors that are achieved without peroxide or ammonia inclusions in their formulas.

  • Vibrant colors
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Conditions hair
  • Easy mixing
  • Pleasant scent
  • Tinting of scalp possible
  • Prolonged color bleeding after washing

Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily Orange

MANIC PANIC Electric Tiger LilyView On Amazon
Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily Orange is perfect for daringly brightening your hair with a semi-permanent dye that glows under black lights. This vegan and cruelty-free formula requires no developer, making it easy to use at home without the hassle of mixing various products together.

It gradually fades in four to six weeks, leaving you with custom shades and tones depending on how long you want the color to last. With its pleasant scent and natural ingredients such as fatty acids and vitamins, this gentle product nourishes strands while coloring them orange, so there’s no need to worry about damaging your hair or skin irritation from harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide often found in other dyes.

Customers have praised the vibrancy of their results when pre-lightened first; however, some have experienced less intense colors than expected due to fading over time, which may be dependent on individual hair’s porosity levels or application process not followed correctly according to directions provided by Manic Panic themselves – an important factor worth considering before purchase!

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free Formula
  • No Developer Required
  • Fades Gradually Over Time
  • Natural Ingredients Nourish Hair
  • Color May Not Be As Vibrant As Expected
  • Must Pre-Lighten Hair First For Best Results
  • Can Cause Skin Irritation If Used Improperly

Loreal Paris Feria Copper Crave Hair Dye

LView On Amazon
The previous subtopic discussed Manic Panic Electric Tiger Lily Orange, a vibrant semi-permanent hair dye that glows in the dark under black lights.

Now let’s take a look at L’Oreal Paris Feria Copper Crave Hair Dye, another incredible color option for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair.

The Power Shimmer Feria Conditioner seals and smooths your locks, while Excellence Crème gives you gray coverage so that vivid colors stay true all day long.

However, there are some considerations when using this product, such as wearing gloves during application to avoid skin irritation and performing patch tests before use to prevent allergic reactions.

  • Multi-faceted permanent hair color offering 50 shades inspired by modern fashion trends
  • No appointment required – easy application process
  • Long-lasting results due to fade-defying superior preference formula
  • Gloves must be worn during application
  • Patch test recommended prior to full usage

Lime Crime Cutie Orange Hair Dye

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair DyeView On Amazon
Lime Crime’s Cutie Orange Hair Dye is a vibrant, semi-permanent color option that’ll give you a bold transformation with its sugary citrus vanilla scent and conditioning ingredients like fatty acids and vitamins.

It can be used on pre-lightened platinum to medium blonde hair, as well as adding a tint of color to dark blonde or light brown hair.

Certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA, this vegan and cruelty-free makeup and hair brand encourages self-expression through their vivid colors.

The application process for Lime Crime Cutie Orange Hair Dye is easy enough that anyone can do it in the comfort of their own home without needing any professional assistance! After applying petroleum jelly around your skin to avoid staining, it’s time to get dyeing – section by section if needed – before washing off after waiting the recommended amount of time specified on instructions.

Results will last up 5 – 35 washes depending on porosity, so regular top-ups may be necessary.

  • Easy DIY application at home
  • No harmful chemicals present
  • Cruelty-Free and Vegan-Friendly
  • Gives long-lasting results between 5 – 35 washes depending on porosity
  • Adds vibrancy even when applied onto darker shades
  • Color longevity depends heavily upon the individual’s natural shade/porosity
  • Can cause allergic reactions, so patch test prior to full application advised

With Lime Crime Cutie Orange Hair Dye, you’ll achieve vibrant orange hues while keeping your tresses looking nourished and healthy all at once! A great choice for those looking for an ethical yet daring way of expressing themselves through fashion trends without damaging their locks in any way possible.

Make sure you take note of safety measures such as patch testing prior to use for best results.

Adore Orange Blaze Hair Dye

Adore Semi Permanent Hair ColorView On Amazon
Adore’s Orange Blaze Hair Dye is a vibrant and bold color option that’ll give you an easy, commitment-free transformation. This vegan and cruelty-free hair dye from the USA can be used to achieve beautiful shades of orange without harsh chemicals like alcohol, peroxide, or ammonia.

The formula conditions your hair while coloring it for maximum protection against damage.

It’s quick and easy to use with clear instructions on the packaging – just make sure you do a patch test before applying! If you have light blonde to medium blonde hair, then this product will work best for achieving intense colors, but it may also add some subtle tinting if applied in lighter browns or blondes.

  • Vibrant & bold color
  • Easy application process
  • No damaging chemicals
  • Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly
  • Patch test recommended prior to full application
  • Results vary based on individual’s hair type/color

Punky Flame Hair Color

Punky Flame Semi Permanent ConditioningView On Amazon
A vibrant and eye-catching flame-hot orange hue is exactly what you can expect with Punky Flame Hair Color. With its commitment-free hair color, you don’t have to worry about long-term damage or smudging – it gradually washes out in up to 35 shampoos, giving your hair a break from the harsh chemicals found in permanent dyes.

This product nourishes strands while coloring for maximum protection against breakage and over-drying.

Whether creating multi-tonal ombre looks or holographic hues, Punky Flame Hair Color offers a wide range of styling possibilities – perfect for those looking to express themselves through their locks without spending money at an expensive salon visit each time they fancy changing things up!

  • Non-damaging formula does not require peroxide
  • Nourishes strands while coloring
  • Leaves hair frizz-free, silky soft, and healthy-looking
  • Fades gradually in up to 35 shampoos
  • Contains Keratin Complex for intense color vibrancy
  • Offers diverse styling options and encourages creativity
  • Not suitable for dark blonde/light brown shades unless pre-lightened first
  • Patch test recommended before full application

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Orange

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids (Orange) 3View On Amazon
Experience hair color transformation at its finest with Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Orange – like painting your head in liquid sunshine! This semi-permanent dye offers intense, long-lasting results without the need for mixing with a developer.

The vivid orange shade is perfect for creating bold, striking looks and comes in ten shades to match any style. Plus, it’s formulated with natural ingredients that help condition and color your hair while keeping it vibrant and healthy.

With this commitment-free hair color, you can easily achieve highlights or ombre styles without damaging your locks – just be sure to wear gloves during application and perform a skin sensitivity test beforehand to avoid allergic reactions or skin irritation!

  • Intense long-lasting colors
  • No need for mixing with a developer
  • Formulated from natural ingredients
  • Easy to apply – no appointment necessary
  • Suitable for highlights & ombre styles
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Skin sensitivity tests should be performed before use
  • Patch testing recommended prior to full application

Kiss Tintation Neon Orange Hair Color

Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair ColorView On Amazon
The next product we’re going to look at for a vibrant and bold orange hair transformation is Kiss Tintation Neon Orange Hair Color. This semi-permanent hair color treatment comes with 48 mixable, vivid colors so you can easily experiment with your style without damaging your tresses.

What makes this one special is that it’s formulated using natural ingredients like aloe vera water, which contains proteolytic enzymes and amino acids to keep the scalp healthy. It also has conditioning agents like argan oil, olive oil collagen, and keratin for softness and shine.

Unlike other semi-permanent dyes such as Keracolor, Kiss Tintation provides long-lasting results that won’t fade away in just a few washes – one 5 oz bottle will cover an entire head of thick mid-length hair! You can use it on its own or mixed with conditioner for more subtle tones depending on what kind of effect you want to achieve; from candyfloss pink all the way up to bold pink shades!

Customers have reported positive experiences when using this dye, including good vibrancy levels as well as an easy application process – plus no ammonia or peroxide involved, so there’s minimal risk of damage done while achieving beautiful hues!

  • Long-lasting results
  • Formulated using natural ingredients
  • Vegan & cruelty-free formula
  • Comes in 48 mixable colors
  • No developer needed
  • Limited availability

Clairol Professional 8ro Flaming Desire

Clairol Professional Textures & TonesView On Amazon
You’ll turn heads with Clairol Professional 8ro Flaming Desire, a fiery red-orange hue that’ll give your hair an unforgettable glow. This ammonia-free permanent creme hair color is formulated to provide natural-looking tones while softening and moisturizing each strand.

Enriched with Jojoba oil and five botanical extracts, the deep conditioning formula works to lock in luminous shine for maximum vibrancy. Plus, its proprietary Soy Complex helps keep strands looking silky smooth after every application.

The easy three-step system makes it perfect for at-home use. Simply mix steps 1 & 2 together into a bowl before applying from root to tip or targeting specific areas of the head using a brush.

As part of an advanced line of 46 permanent creme colors, this shade offers plenty of options no matter what look you’re trying to achieve, all without needing professional assistance!

Customers have praised both its vibrant results as well as cost-effectiveness when compared against other brands on the market today. Though there are some reports regarding color bleeding, especially on wet hair, users have found that gray coverage has been effective, while allergic reactions or skin irritation are reduced in comparison.

Over time, the color may gradually fade back out towards dark brown, but this can be countered by touch-ups when needed!

  • Vibrant Results
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Application Process
  • Gray Coverage
  • Reduced Allergic Reactions
  • Color Bleeding (on Wet Hair)
  • Gradual Fading over Time

The Henna Guys Henna Dye

Henna Hair & Beard DyeView On Amazon
Discover the vibrant, plant-based alternative to chemical hair dyes with The Henna Guys Henna Dye.

With 1 pack containing a whopping 100 grams of product – enough to cover a full head of medium-length thick hair – it’s an excellent choice for those looking for impressive results without breaking the bank.

Glam up your locks with this easy-to-apply dye that will leave you feeling liberated and powerful every time you look in the mirror! Forget about rashes caused by harsh additives; The Henna Guys promise only nourishing ingredients are included in their formula.

Best of all, it won’t lighten dark colors, so if subtlety is what you’re after, then this could be just perfect for your needs! Unleash bolder versions of yourself by experimenting with different shades – anything from candyfloss pink to orange blaze can easily be achieved through mixing these amazing hues together.

Get ready to experience explosive color power like never before as soon as this magical potion touches your strands!

  • 100% Natural & Vegan
  • Zero Chemicals & Metallic Salts
  • Plant Based Hair Dye
  • Easy To Apply
  • Nourishing Ingredients
  • Does Not Lighten Dark Hair Color

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does orange hair dye last?

Orange hair dye can be a liberating and empowering experience, as it’s like painting the canvas of your head with vibrant colors.

What are the benefits of using an orange hair dye?

Orange hair dye offers a bold and vibrant look with endless possibilities. It can be used to create unique colors that are sure to stand out, as well as providing long-lasting results for those who want a color change without commitment.

Are there any risks associated with using orange hair dye?

Yes, there are risks associated with using orange hair dye. Bleaching your hair can lead to dryness and breakage if not done properly. Improper application or an overly harsh formula can cause scalp irritation or skin staining as well.

Does orange hair dye come in different shades?

Yes! Orange hair dye comes in a variety of shades, from fiery red-orange to vibrant gingery orange. Experiment with permanent dyes for long-lasting color or opt for semi-permanent options that fade gradually over time.

With so many brands and shades available, you can find the perfect hue to express your unique style.

What is the best way to maintain orange hair dye?

To maintain your orange hair dye, keep it hydrated with protein-enriched conditioner and use color-safe shampoo. Avoid overwashing to prevent fading; protect from sun exposure for long-lasting results.


With so many orange hair dyes on the market, it can be difficult to find the best one for your unique look. But don’t worry – we’ve discovered the top 15 orange hair dyes for 2023 that are sure to give you a vibrant, bold, and beautiful color transformation.

From Arctic Fox’s Sunset Orange to Punky Flame’s fiery orange hue, there’s an orange color for every preference and need.

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