16 Best Epilator For Face And Body Easy Hair Removal

Are you tired of that annoying unwanted hair on your body? Do you dream of silky skin? The most affordable methods for removing unwanted hair are the use of disposable razors or resins.

Shaving may not be as effective, and waxing is a rather painful process.

So the next solution is to use an epilator that will give you silky skin for a few weeks. It is not as painful as waxing and is undoubtedly less trouble than shaving every day. best epilator for face legs

The average woman wastes 58 days of their lives shaving. Fortunately, you are already looking for a much better solution for epilation.

Best epilator for face and body gives you the best of everything – the softness of shaving and the long-lasting benefits of waxing, plus you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow that long!

Epilator is much faster and much less messy than waxing, and with the right epilator, your hair removal sessions will be almost as quick as shaving!

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Top 5 Best Epilator For Face (Quick Summary)

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual OpposedEmjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator
  • Seventy-two tweezers, thorough epilation, minimal pain, ergonomic design, prevents ingrown hairs, can be used on all parts of the body except the face, double speeds, easy to clean, 1-year warranty.
2,190 Customer Reviews
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 -Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator / Epilation + 7 extras
  • It is wide enough to shave you smoothly without having to make many movements.
  • You can use it wet or dry and regularly for painless hair removal.
  • The pulsating vibration massages your skin, which is excellent for circulation.
2,655 Customer Reviews
Philips Satinelle Essential, Compact HairPhilips Satinelle Essential, Compact Hair Removal Epilator for Legs, HP6401/50
  • Affordable price, sufficient tweezers to remove the hair at the roots, double speed, ergonomic design, the removable head is washable, including an efficiency cap to relieve pain, two years Guarantee.
6,179 Customer Reviews
Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator andPanasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver, with Six Attachments including Pedicure Buffer for Foot Care
  • Panasonic's multi-functional electric shaver and epilator for women with powerful dual-speed motor and six snap-on hair remover and pedicure buffer accessories for complete hair removal and foot care at home
  • The Panasonic epilator contains a shaver with hypoallergenic blades and foil for safe hair removal on the hair. sensitive skin and a pop-up trimmer to capture long and loose hairs and trim, shape and maintain the bikini line
  • Wide epilation with double disc epilation Head hair meets individual body contours, ideal for legs and arms, and Gentle Epilator Head takes care of hair removal from sensitive areas. Power source - AC 100-240V. Charging time 1 hour. Operating time 30 minutes
1,000 Customer Reviews
Remington Smooth & Silky DeluxeRemington Smooth & Silky Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator, Purple, EP7030E
  • 40 Tweezers - Total coverage
  • Detail light - Get a clear picture of your maintenance areas with the integrated detail light
  • 2 Speed settings - Dual speed settings let you find the performance that is most comfortable for you
372 Customer Reviews
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How To Find The Best Epilator For Face And Body

beautiful brunette woman epilating arms in the bathroom - epilator for face and body s and pictures How To Find The Best Epilator For Face And Body

How can you see if a specific facial epilator is worth buying? Here are some things to look out for when you) are looking for your best facial epilator:

Size of the device

An epilator for the face should be small enough to fit in small areas. The upper lip can be difficult to reach because of your nose.

The head of the device must be small enough to fit comfortably. You don’t want to hit the nose yourself.

Hair thickness

Hair thickness is significant to consider. Thick, rough hair needs more power to remove, and many small battery-operated epilators do not work well for this type of hair. You may need to purchase a wireless epilator to get the required power.

On the other hand, beautiful hair or (peach-coloured down) can also be challenging to remove for some epilators. Too powerful force epilators sometimes break these hairs on the surface instead of pulling them out at the root.

You can usually solve this problem by using a lower speed on the epilator and moving the epilator more slowly, but not always.

Power source

Disposable batteries power most epilators for the face. These can be advantages or disadvantages, and I think depending on your preferences. But keep in mind that the cells that run on batteries will be less sturdy and that you will incur additional costs for replacing the batteries.

However, to prevent this from happening a little, you can purchase rechargeable batteries.

You can also purchase a rechargeable face epilator that comes with a battery that you connect to charge.

However, you must be concerned about charging before use.

A typical epilator needs more than an hour to charge. You will then receive approximately 30 minutes of use before you have to charge it.

Body versus face only

If you plan to epilate all over your body, consider a full epilator first to see if it meets your needs. Then you do not have to make two separate purchases, just for epilation. And if you plan to epilate your upper lip, chin, cheeks or neck, a full-size epilator works excellent.

When making a choice, you must decide which type of epilator you want to use.

There are simple facial skin epilators or whole body epilators with attachments. Some women only want to remove unwanted facial hair. Others want to be hairless in different places.

However, if you are going to epilate your sideburns, between your eyebrows or above your eyebrows, a smaller epilator is more ideal. Although you can use a face cap on many epilators to epilate in these smaller areas, it is still confusing, and you will not get very accurate results.

Ease of use

The epilator must be easy to clean to remove all hair. Hair can clog the system if it is not entirely eliminated. Most epilators come with a small brush for cleaning. Others can be flushed under the tap.

16 Best Epilator For Face And Body Reviews 2020

To write these best epilator for face and body, I spent countless hours researching and testing different models on the market, so you don’t have to.

It has been a challenge but a grand challenge of researching all these hair removal devices.

My only reward would be for finding the right device after going through my epilator reviews.

1-Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator

Another great option with the best high-end epilators is the Emjoi AP-18 Emagine model.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator 1It is equipped with functions that make the epilation process more comfortable and efficient.

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You can use it on the bikini line (bikini top protectors and trimmers), legs and armpits.

The Emjoi Emagine has 72 tweezers, which you will find most with every epilator on the market.

This significantly reduces epilation time and gives you hairless skin for up to 6 weeks.

The two different heads of the Emagine hold the skin tight, which helps eliminate ingrown hairs and minimise pain.

Also, the epilator lifts the hair with Glide technology, and the tweezers slide over the skin. This helps to minimise irritation.

The two-speed settings also make it possible to adjust the epilation process for fine or coarse hair. This is a twisted epilator

  • Seventy-two tweezers, thorough epilation, minimal pain, ergonomic design, prevents ingrown hairs, can be used on all parts of the body except the face, double speeds, easy to clean, 1-year warranty.
  • Ribbed, not visible, there is no built-in light.

Questions & Answers

Anyone shaving their head daily?

It is a smooth device, it goes over non-sensitive areas well. But keep in mind this is a machine that rips hair out in a very quick manor. Unless you're use to getting your head waxxed frequently, I would not suggest this device for that purpose.

What is the length of the power cord?

97 inches

I have an older one of these, but can't remove the head to clean. Is this head easy to remove and clean?

The head detaches easily. The tool provided in the kit is like a little tiny bristle brush that can get underneath of the tweeser heads to push out any hair that is stuck. It only takes a few seconds and you are good to go!

Can it be used for your behind?

I use it for the small of my back. I'm sure you could use it for the round surface of your bum but I wouldn't suggest it for a Brazilian waxing replacement around the anal area.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed


This is the second epilator that I bought, and I liked it much more than the first one. When I opened the package, I found the epilator, the cable, the transport bag, the cleaning brush, the exfoliating pad and the manual, all included. The epilator fits comfortably in my hand and is easy to maneuver, even with the cable (which should remain connected during use and was not a problem). It's a bit noisy, but no more than other epilators, I guess, and actually a little quieter than the first one I tried. The fact that it has so many tweezers makes it go faster than an epilator with fewer tweezers. At first it hurts a little, but I have thick and thick hair, so it is much better to do it this way than with hair removal. I used this everywhere except on my face. Yes, all my bikini area, legs, arms and armpits. I use the small brush every few strokes to clean it, I go slowly and do not press hard or you'll end up cutting your hair instead of throwing it away. Also, cleaning the tweezers with alcohol between uses seems to help keep them grasping the hairs well. And everything fits perfectly in the small transport bag when finished! Vote yes if my opinion was useful!

Avatar Reviews  Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 1

Amazon Customer

I do not usually write reviews, but this thing is great! I struggled with facial hair all my life and used a razor every day! Someone told me to buy an epilator and eventually the hair will come back less and less. I tried lasers, electrolysis, all over many years and paid a lot of money to professionals. He says that you only use the Emjoi in only one hair of your face at a time, but I use it gently around my chin and my lips and it does a fantastic job. Does it hurt ... yes, but does the pain diminish each time you use it? Actually electrolysis hurts the worst. It's worth the money and my skin looks great! I love the fact that there are no batteries to get into! I can spend two weeks without using it and every time there is less time between uses and I do it several weeks ago. I would recommend it to any of my friends!

2,190 Customer Reviews

2-Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579

This is not the most expensive epilator there is, but it IS the best epilator that can buy money in 2020. Let’s see why.

Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579 1The head of this epilator is extra full, which helps to remove more hair in each pass. The head vibrates during use, minimising the pain that you experience during epilation.

The vibrations help to massage and numb your skin. And finally, the Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579 epilator head also rotates with your body. This helps to keep the epilator head on the surface of your skin in more difficult places, such as under the arms or behind the knees.

It is wireless, with the longest possible battery on the market, and can be used in both wet and dry environments. It is also easy to clean with a removable head that you can wash or use the included cleaning brush.

There is a built-in light for better visibility. To help with sensitive skin areas, the Braun Silk Epil 9 9-579 epilator offers two speeds and an efficiency cap. This helps to maximise hair removal and determines how much hair you want to epilate at any time.

Last but not least, the Braun epilator comes with seven extras! Yes, SEVEN! This includes a shaving head that you can use for shaving, a trimming cap for trimming the hair, an efficiency cap, a high-frequency massage cap, and a face brush.

The facial brush helps remove makeup and physically exfoliates any dead skin through micro-vibrations. All these fittings are watertight just like the epilator itself. The seventh extra is a charging standard for the epilator.

  • It is wide enough to shave you smoothly without having to make many movements.
  • You can use it wet or dry and regularly for painless hair removal.
  • The pulsating vibration massages your skin, which is excellent for circulation.
  • Comes with a few extra functions for better facial care.
  • Smart-Light technology ensures that you remove even the smallest hair.
  • Can use both AC and DC power and hence the portability.
  • Your first experience may not be smooth, so patience is required.

Questions & Answers

Any tips for less pain? its so painful I almost dont want use anyone have any tips for less pain??? thanks!

Whiskey. About three shots.

Have you used it on upper lip, and does it work?

It works EVERYWHERE! The multi-heads with which it is supplied are Ab Fab. I use it on legs, forearms, lip (and other facial needs), bikini line, etc. It also comes with an electric shaver with a large head trimmer, so if you dare not do the bikini line enough, just use the other mounting heads that included with it. I upgrade to this after just over a year of using the cheaper Braun Silk-Epil 8. P.S. IT DOES FIRST AS CRAZY. however, the hair on your legs is so easy to remove that you can pull them out with your fingernail, with normal use the only two places where I still feel a kind of angel (no longer omg) bikini and under the arms. Even in that sensitive area, tighten the skin as much as possible.

Is this good for removing pubic hair?

I'm a man, and I use an older Silk Epil 9 (I actually have to replace it, because the engine seems to be worn out) and I use it to remove it from my whole body, including my armpits, butt crack, and family jewels . What one needs to understand about epilation is this. The pain comes from the density of the hairs being removed. Not the actual removal. In other words, the more hair you have in a certain area, whether it's on your legs, arms or in my case, my torso, the more it will hurt. BUT after you remove your hair for the first time, it will grow back, making further epilations virtually painless. Why? Because hair grows in cycles. This means that not all hairs come up at the same time, so regrowth will therefore be sporatic. Which means that you will see a hair there and a hair here. Not the carpet that you initially had. This loose hair epilation is a piece of cake. The most that you get out is a light tickle. So if you can get through your carpet in the beginning, follow-up sessions are a piece of cake. And here's a tip to get through your carpet. First cut it as short as possible. And because the 9 is a wet-dry epilator, use it in the shower or in the bath. And then work bit by bit on the edges, similar to how a man would shape his facial hair. But I will tell you this ... the more you use an epilator, the less regrowth you will see. My upper groin area (bikini line for women) very rarely gets any regrowth ... ever. It's like I'm permanently removing her there. And I was an extremely hairy Italian guy.

Do you think men could use this effectively when they only have an average amount (for men) of hair on their chest, arms, legs, ahem?

The correct term for the ahem area would be Man Land.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 -

Amazon Customer

In agreement. First of all, I'm from the Middle East. I have very thick black hairs and, sometimes, 3 hairs per pore. I've walked away from Waxers several times, saying they just can not wax me because I'm too hairy and I'll bleed all over and STILL have hair, which is what happened every time I convinced someone to make me wax. So, I've been relegated to shaving with the hope of laser hair removal one day !!! But until then, this is INCREDIBLE. And, so cheap. I thought I might die, sweating in pain and literally salivating him on the first try, but I discovered a way that makes it MUCH LESS DANGEROUS: Here it is, ladies. Take a nice, warm bath. Soak your entire body in the bathroom for at least 25 minutes FIRST before doing anything. Then, once your hair is soft and soft and your pores are wide open, remove each part of the body from the water, foam it with a little foam. And and mild soap and then go to the city with your epilator. This reduces the pain by at least 60% for me, and I'm the hairiest girl you'll ever meet. I mean, I have hairs in parts of parties that you did not even have any idea that they had hair follicles. Therefore, take a bath. Soften, foam, then go to the city. It does MUCH better and, after a couple of times, you will not have any pain!

Avatar Reviews  Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - 1

Elizabeth Hamilton

I actually paid for this, if that matters to anybody. It did affect my opinion when I was reading reviews because I feel like people who receive something for free are much more likely to give higher ratings than they may have.First off. I only got this a week ago. If my opinion changes, I'll update my review to reflect my views. There is also a lot to review with this, so I'm going to give reviews of the attachments as well as an overall opinion.OVERALLThis thing hurts. I am not one to avoid wishing ill will upon people I dislike, but I don't think I would wish this sort of pain upon my worst enemy. Oh, I read the advice columns. I tried a shot of vodka. NSAIDs. After exfoliation. In the shower. After a shower. Completely dry. Wet. Pulling my skin as taut in every direction possible. Leaving my skin be. Going slowly. Going quickly. I didn't try numbing cream, but I think I'm going to next time. The pain from this was worse than getting my tattoo and getting it removed--possibly worse than the combined pain of both. My hair is very thick and coarse (I'm pretty sure I'm half-Sasquatch; my skin is glow-in-the-day white and my hair is very dark), so maybe that's why it caused me so much grief. I ended up having to stop halfway through and finish up the next day. I was dripping sweat from the pain. There was a little blood. It wasn't enough to make me cry, but it was extremely uncomfortable. Each of my hair follicles was bright red after, and my skin was extremely warm to the touch. If I could have walked around without pants for the rest of the evening, I would have. Sadly that wasn't an option, so I put on some PJs and stayed as still as possible until I went to bed.That said, it may be the best worst thing I've ever put myself through. My hair normally becomes quite visible after 2-3 days, and I'm still relatively hair free. Some hairs did break off at the skin and they are becoming visible (more slowly than with shaving), but I am impressed with how smooth my skin is. Assuming that the hair comes back even remotely finer and/or sporadically enough to reduce the pain, the process was worth it. I am way too lazy to shave regularly. If this cuts down my need to remove my hair down to 2-3 times a month AND gives me an excuse to binge-watch a few episodes of bad TV while doing so, I'll deal with the pain.PURPLE/MASSAGING ATTACHMENT (5/5)This attachment is the best. It lets you get closest to your skin, so it can catch shorter hairs. I used this when possible. I even tested it on my chin because the sensitive/narrow opening head didn't do anything. I don't really think the rollers helped at all (maybe it helps people with thinner/finer hair?), but the closeness helps a lot. Short hair (but not overly short--the .5 mm claims on the box seem VERY generous to me, and I'd recommend having at least 1-2 mm) was still an issue overall, but most of what I had got taken off without too much issue. Besides the pain, of course.ARMPIT ATTACHMENT (5/5)You can't get quite as close with this attachment, but it is easier to use around awkward curves like your armpits. Warning to people who try to epilate their underarms: Be prepared for blood. Again, my hair is coarse and I have sensitive skin, but my pits were not happy at all. Several of my follicles were bleeding by the time I finished. The small surface area was the one relief because I managed to get each of them done in only a minute or two. Also, I have zero hair growth as of yet, and I usually need to shave my underarms every couple of days.NARROW/SENSITIVE ATTACHMENT (2/5)This thing is kind of useless for me. The hole is narrow to avoid catching your skin (which I didn't have any issues with whatsoever, even with the open attachments), but the plastic is so thick that it's hard to get short hairs. I get some hairs on my chin that I wanted to epilate, but this was useless for that. Unless your hairs are already somewhat long (thus quite visible), it won't help you with much.SHAVER ATTACHMENT--with and without trimmer head (4/5)This is alright for trimming. It isn't as good as a dedicated trimmer because you can't get as much hair at once, but it does its job pretty well. With the trimmer head, it brings hair down to about half a centimeter or so. Without the trimmer head, it gets pretty short--almost down to the skin. I found this to be a bit too short for the epilator, so I would suggest either holding it a bit away from your skin or using the trimmer cover if the hair you want to epilate is very long.STAND (?/5)I'm not really going to leave my epilator out all of the time, especially since I will supposedly only need it once or twice a month, so I'm not giving a review of this. It's a stand. It stands things.FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH (3/5)I'm a little disappointed in this. I make my own facial products (moisturizers, exfoliators, cleansers, etc.), and I was hoping that this might be something to either add to or replace my homemade exfoliators. I'll use it until the batteries run out or the head goes bad, but I doubt I'll keep using it after that. My skin doesn't feel any smoother or cleaner than when I use the products I make myself, and it has a bigger environmental impact thanks to the batteries. If you don't already have a decent product you use for exfoliation, this is okay. But if you have something you're already a fan of, I wouldn't expect miracles.

Avatar Reviews  Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - 2


Please take a look at my photos before and after. I waited until I had a 3-day weekend to try this, so that my hair was long enough to remove it. I'm very hairy, so imagine the looks of horror and disgust on the faces of the people I ran into in the store when they saw me, looking like a pint-sized version of Chewbacca. Anyway ... It took me a while to figure it out, but once I did, things went pretty well. I prick my chin hair every weekend, and that process usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Using this, I completed the task in about 10-15 minutes. (I'm sure the next time will be even less than that, now that I know what I'm doing). If you have already pulled the hair from your chin, this will be uncomfortable, but I would not say it is painful. I would use it again, since it consumes much less time than pricking each hair. Cleaning was easy, and so far, my face is not too irritated. (When I finished, I used Lily of the Dessert Aloe Vera Gelly). One of the problems I had was that the manual suggested removing the standard lid and placing the lid on it. The facepiece covers quite a few tweezers, leaving only some (I guess this is because most women only have a small amount of facial hair to remove and do not need all the tweezers). This posed a problem, since the epilator could not grab any of my hairs (except a few lengths). I finished replacing the original cap and then I was able to remove the unwanted hair. As you can see in the photos, YES she removed her hair, but there were still remnants of hair. I had to use my tweezers later, which, since this cost almost $ 100, was a bit disappointing. I really do not think I should have had to go back and remove the hair on my own, when this is supposed to remove the shortest hair. My hair is very thick, so maybe this will work better for someone with fine hair. Maybe next time, I'll try to brush my chin a few more times to see if they'll remove my hair, but since I've never shaved before, I made a conscious effort to run the epilator in each section of my face no more than 3 times. I did not try it on my sideburns, since I wanted to know if I will develop lumps / hairs grown after using this. I will update this review in a few weeks ...

Avatar Reviews  Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 - 3

Amazon Customer

OK. First, I am Middle Eastern. I have very thick, black hair and sometimes 3 hairs per pore. I have deviated several times from Waxers, saying that they just can't wax me because I'm too hairy and will just bleed everywhere and still have hair, which is what happened every time I convinced someone to wax me. So I was relegated to shave with the hope of laser hair removal one day !!! But until then this thing is AWESOME. And so cheap. I thought I might die, sweat in pain and literally drool over it at first use, but I have discovered a way that makes it MUCH LESSER: Here, ladies. Take a nice, warm bath. Soak your entire body in the bath for at least 25 minutes before doing anything. After your hair is nice and soft and your pores nice and open, remove every part of the body from the water, foam it in with some foam. y and smooth soap and GO TO CITY with your epilator. This reduces the pain by at least 60% for me, and I am the hairiest girl you will ever meet. I mean, I got her at parties that you didn't know it even had hair follicles. So take a bath. Soften, soap and then go to the city. It makes it MUCH better and after a few times you no longer have any pain!

2,655 Customer Reviews

3-Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 Epilator

If you are looking for the best affordable epilator, one of your most important considerations should be the Philips Satinelle Essential model. It’s the best-selling epilator on Amazon and with good reason.

Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 Epilator 1For the low price tag, there is no other model that can beat its efficient performance.
Philips Satinelle has been specially designed for epilating legs.

But it can also be used in the bikini line and arms. However, it is not recommended to use on the sensitive skin of the face.

It has an ergonomic design that offers a very comfortable grip. The epilator is equipped with 21 tweezers that pull the hair out.

With the two speeds, you can choose a softer speed when epilating more sensitive areas or finer hearing or accelerating when epilating coarser hair.

  • Affordable price, sufficient tweezers to remove the hair at the roots, double speed, ergonomic design, the removable head is washable, including an efficiency cap to relieve pain, two years Guarantee.
  • not for use on the face, not wireless, compared to more powerful models it takes longer for the epilator to have more rough hair.

Questions & Answers

Can this be used on legs after 2 days of regrowth after shaving, i can't stand hair on my legs for any longer than that?..

It depends on how fast or slow your hair grows. If you can't stand it after 2 days, I'd say yes. I personally, yes, I use it after two days and this is why. Prior to purchasing, I let my leg hair grow for more than a week. Made me crazy! But I already had my hair grow out, so when I used this, I got it all instead of getting it the next day because your hair grows in cycles. A few days later I noticed MANY ingrown hairs !! Omg, I must have had a hundred! So I plucked and dug and plucked away most of the day. I had even used the exfoliating rags every other day! I also noticed that the hairs had not taken root, and you know what that means ... it broke the hairs instead of pulling them out! Hence the ingrown ..... so now two days are tops for me. If you let out the purple protector, it will come straight against your skin and as long as your skin is tight, it will not pinch or grasp and it will better pull the hair through the root.

Does it work with 240V or only 110V because i want to be able to use it on my vacation in Europe?

It works for both. I use mine in the Philippines where it is 220V.

How long is your hair gone?

It grows again 3-4 days after I have removed my hair with this product. So it is a bit tricky to make this sound 1-2 days a week, and it takes a long time because you have to do more than twice until all your hair is completely gone.

It says in reviews and description ok for facial hair - but box instructions say only use on legs WHY is that and can it be used on the face?

yes, this is only used for flat skin such as legs. it is really painful when cleaning armpit hair 。oooo diapointed!

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Philips Satinelle Essential, Compact Hair


I did a lot of readings on hair removal before buying the Philips Satinelle. I exfoliated and shaved several days before the first use (and exfoliated again minus the shaving the first day of use). The product came as described with an extra long cord, which facilitates movement through the bathroom. This little baby is quite noisy, but my husband and my child asleep did not wake up in the next room. I successfully removed the hair from both armpits in a single session. From the comments I read, I have to say that it was not as painful as I thought. It stung me a bit later, but in 30 minutes my armpits had no red bumps and they were so soft. I did not use deodorant for a day to be on the safe side. I also had no discomfort at work that night. The next day I used deodorant and everything was fine. Not having irritation from shaving is wonderful! I had to shave my underarms TWICE in a day, that's how fast the hair has come back. Once a day at least. No more! It's been 3 days and my armpits are as smooth as a baby's bottom literally! In the legs: I attach a photo for you to see. I followed all the recommended exfoliation procedure, I was slow, I held it at a 90 degree angle and my legs had many red bumps. It took much longer than anticipated to complete both legs (knees down) and I still could not get all the hairs. I'm still learning, so I'm not going to let it discourage me once. Some say that those bumps lasted days and even weeks of irritation and that they led to ingrown hairs, but this is false for me. My legs had the same twinge of light after shaving with a razor. I used my moisturizer and the bite calmed down in 10 minutes. Fortunately the next morning my legs are almost completely clear! However, not all the hair is gone, so my legs are not soft for babies. It is definitely a learned procedure. The skin appears in all types of sensitivity levels, so I agree that this form of hair removal is not for everyone. For lack of a better word it is quite "rewarding" if it works! Oh, pit with smooth arms! The image that appears more to the left in my image shows my leg after I have calmed it in cold water, you DO NOT use water while using this epilator! UPDATE: I love this thing. I did a little more reading, the hair and skin grow in rounds and layers, so it is almost impossible for my legs to be completely smooth, however, I used it several more days in a row and got my legs satisfactorily. A week later, they still feel / look less than 1 day shaving razor. THE RED BULBS WERE ONLY AN IRRITATION "FOR THE FIRST TIME THAT IT EXPLODED THAT AREA". There are no red punches in all subsequent rounds. It is used on the inside of the thighs near the bikini area and has been much more successful than a razor. After 24 hours, the red bumps disappeared and he did not shave. My armpits are still soft! Not having irritation from shaving or rapid hair growth is surprising. Now that my skin is accustomed, I can sit down and touch up what is necessary without having to waste my time and water shaving in the shower. Another advantage: you will usually want to shave and leave your hair free when you go to the beach. Or swimming to shave right before the event makes sense? Until you get in the water and your legs are burned because you shaved the day before or the day before? NO LONGER! Once your legs are used, the faster speed is no longer intimidating. Extremely happy with how this epilator has worked in so many ways!

Avatar Reviews  Philips Satinelle Essential, Compact Hair 1

Kindle Customer

Those of you who are new to epilators, is basically that all your hairs are being pulled off at a very high speed. It is no less painful than pulling each hair, only faster. First, a little about me: I think basically somewhere in my ancestry, a Norwegian was paired with a Sasquatch. I have super sensitive skin, with ridiculously dark hair. This has made hair removal a challenge in my life. Shaved off? Forget this. It is hardly within 12 hours. Shave while it is smooth? Shave burn, no matter what. In those 12 hours of shaving, if it turns out that I'm going to swim or I get goose bumps, I feel like the needles stab my legs where the hair is trying to escape. Therefore, shaving is a no-go.Waxing. So far, my method of removing hair for the legs and bikini area. Cons: It's expensive, or if you do it yourself, messy and takes a long time. In addition, you need to grow enough hair between the wax works. So basically, I spend most of the summer in long skirts and light pants. I love winter. Legging season. Yes thanks! Fortunately, my husband does not care about my Sasquatch legs so much in the winter. I tell him it helps keep my legs warm. So, why the epilator? Well, I was on vacation with my family, and I could not go anywhere to get waxed up, and I wanted to go swimming without scaring the kids or tourists thinking they saw a little Sasquatch and taking blurry pictures. My sister-in-law had this model, and raved about it. I was curious, so I went for it. It took a while. The pain was intense. And even though I've had 2 children, I'm a bit weird when it comes to pain. It is difficult to describe the feeling that all the hairs on the legs are pulled off by turning the blades at the same time. Honestly, it was similar to the feeling of getting a tattoo. I had my husband taste it on a small part of his arm and he yelled. I could not handle it. I had to keep taking pain breaks. My skin would get used to it for a while, then I would have to move to a new place, and everything would start again. After that, my legs looked (and FELT) as if I had already burned the sun. I swore, never again. BUT, it lasted much longer than waxing. The hair became scarcer, softer and slower than when I turned. My sister-in-law said that the first time was the worst. Then, I bought it and gave it another chance. The second time, I had a good system. Smaller and more repetitive movements, simply by sliding them gently on the skin (without the need to push, like an electric razor), pulling the skin shown just above where you are working. And you know what? She was right. Much less painful. Done in about 30 minutes or so. Still painful, but tolerable. There is no redness in the skin (except in some places where the skin is super sensitive). Soft legs once more. And the best thing is that I do not have to wait for the hair to become too long and thick to use again, as it will pull the hair at almost any length as it grows. The thicker the hair is, the less painful it is. If you get it, I recommend you try it twice. Remember small and repetitive movements, slide gently on the skin, pull the skin that is shown above where you work. If you have done many tattoos, the feeling will be similar, so you will be fine. I do not know if I'll ever wear it in the area of ​​my bikini, I'm not that brave. But I think I've found a way to never have to wax my legs again.

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Those of you who are not yet familiar with epilators, it is actually all your hair that is plucked at a very high speed. No less painful than picking any hair, just faster. First a bit about me: I actually think at a certain point in my origin, a Norwegian who is accompanied by a Sasquatch. I have super sensitive skin, with ridiculously dark natural hair. This has made hair removal a bit of a challenge in my life. Shave? Forget it. It is stubbly within 12 hours. Shave while it's stubborn? Shaving fire, whatever happens. When I accidentally say, go swimming or get goosebumps during those 12 hours of shaving, it feels like needles stick my legs where the hair is trying to escape. Shaving is therefore prohibited. So far my favorite hair removal method for legs and bikini line. Cons: it is expensive, or if you do it yourself, messy and time-consuming. Plus, the hair should grow long enough between wax jobs. So I actually spend most of the summer in long skirts and light pants. I love the winter. Legging season. Yes thank you! Fortunately my husband doesn't mind my Sasquatch legs in the winter. I tell him it keeps my legs warm. So why the epilator? Well, I was on vacation with my family, and I couldn't go anywhere to get waxed, and I wanted to go swimming without scaring kids or tourists who thought they saw a short Sasquatch and made blurry photos of me. My sister-in-law had this model and was delighted about it. I was curious, so I went for it. It took a while. The pain was intense. And although I have had 2 children, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain. Difficult to describe the feeling that all your leg hairs are being pulled out by turning the blades in one go. To be honest, it was similar to the feeling of getting a tattoo. I let my husband try it on a small part of his arm and he screamed. Could not handle it. I had to keep taking breaks because of the pain. My skin would get used to it a bit, then I would have to move to a new place, and it would all start again. After the words, my legs (and FELT) looked like I had already had a pretty bad sunburn. I swore, never again, but it took so much longer than waxing. The hair grew scarcer, softer and slower than when I waxed. My sister-in-law said the first time was the worst. So I bought it and gave it another chance. The second time I had a good system. Smaller, repetitive movements, just gliding gently over the skin (no need to press, such as an electric shaver), draw the skin just above where you work. And you know what? She was right. Much less painful. Ready in about 30 minutes or so. Still painful, but acceptable. No redness on the skin (except a few places where the skin is super sensitive). Smooth legs again. And the great thing is that I don't have to wait for the hair to become super long and thick to use it again, because it will pluck the hair to almost any length as it grows. The scarcer the hair, the less painful it is. If you get this, I recommend trying it twice. Remember small, repetitive movements, glide gently over the skin, pull the skin that was learned above to where you work. If you have received many tattoos, the feeling will be the same, so it will be fine. I don't know if I will ever really use it on my bikini line, I'm just not that brave. But I think I've found a way to never have to wax my legs again.

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I read a lot to epilate before I bought the Philips Satinelle. I exfoliated and shave a few days before the first use (and exfoliated again minus the day of the first use.) The product was delivered as described with an extra long cord, making it easy to move around the bathroom. This little baby is pretty loud, but my sleeping husband and toddler didn't wake up in the next room. I have successfully removed the hair from both armpits in one go. From the reviews I read, I have to say that it was not nearly as painful as I thought. It stung a bit after that, but within 30 minutes my armpits had no red bumps and they were so slippery! I didn't use a deodorant for a day to be on the safe side. I also had no discomfort at work that night. The next day I used deodorant and everything was fine. No irritation when shaving is great! I had to shave my armpits twice a day, that's how fast the hair came back. At least once a day. Not anymore! It was 3 days ago and my armpits are literally smooth like the bottom of a baby! On the legs: I made a photo for you to see. I followed the recommended scrub procedure, went slowly and held it at a 90-degree angle and my legs had many red bumps. It took much longer than expected to get both legs (knee down) complete and I still couldn't get all the hairs. I'm still learning, so I won't be discouraged once. Some say that those bumps lasted days and even weeks of irritation and led to ingrown hairs, but this is false to me. Afterwards, my legs had the same light sting that they have with a razor after shaving. Used my moisturizer and the sting was soothed within 10 minutes. Fortunately my legs are almost completely cleared the next morning! But not all the hair is gone, so my legs are not baby smooth. It is definitely a learned procedure. Skin comes in all types of sensitivity levels, so I agree that this form of hair removal is not for everyone. In the absence of a better word it is quite worthwhile if it works !! Yay smooth armpits !! The leftmost image on my photo shows my leg after I have calmed it in cold water, you do NOT use water while using this epilator! UPDATE: I love this thing. I read a bit more, hair and skin grow in circles and layers, so it is almost impossible to completely smooth my legs, but I used it for a few days in a row and my legs got satisfactory. A week later and they still feel / look less than 1 day of razor blades shaving stubble. THE RED BUMPS WERE ONLY A FIRST TIME INCLUDING THE AREA OF IRRITATION. No red bumps in all subsequent rounds. Used on inner thighs near bikini line and have had much more success than a razor. Red bumps disappeared after 24 hours and no shaving irritation. My armpits are still smooth! No shaving irritation or fast hair growth is amazing. Now that my skin is used to it, I can really sit down and touch anything without wasting my time and shaving water in the shower! Another plus: normally you would like to shave / be hair-free when you go to the beach or swim so shave just before the event makes sense? Until you get into the water and your legs burn because you shaved the day before or the day before? NOT ANYMORE! If your legs are used to it, the higher speed is no longer intimidating. Extremely happy with how this epilator has worked in so many ways!

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4-Panasonic ES-ED90-P

The ES-ED90-P epilator from Panasonic comes close to the Braun Silk Epil and still offers an excellent choice minus some functions.

This epilator comes with a 60-degree rotating head with built-in light, and two working speeds to epilate more or less sensitive parts of your body in one go. With 46 tweezers it falls in the mid to high range for tweezers.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P 1It also comes with six attachments. Two of these attachments are epilating attachments, with a soft epilating cap and a precise cap attachment. The softcover is intended for parts of your body with a low tolerance for pain because it reduces the number of tweezers along your skin.

The precision cap makes the head smaller so that you can epilate smaller areas with more accuracy. The precision hood can be especially useful for men for beards.

Other accessories include a shaving head, a bikini comb hood, and a pedicure buffer for removing dry skin and calluses.

This epilator also works in wet and dry environments.

Profit, just like the Braun, price, and reloadability are the most important but still minor problems.

This is still an excellent investment in terms of price because it is much less than even one salon wax session.

This epilator cannot be charged during use, as with some wire simulators. Be sure to charge immediately after each or every few sessions to ensure that it always runs when you need it.

Key Features
  • Panasonics multi-functional electric shaver and epilator for women with powerful dual-speed motor and six snap-on hair remover and pedicure buffer accessories for complete hair removal and foot care at home
  • The Panasonic epilator contains a shaver with hypoallergenic blades and foil for safe hair removal on the hair. sensitive skin and a pop-up trimmer to capture long and loose hairs and trim, shape and maintain the bikini line
  • Wide epilation with double disc epilation Head hair meets individual body contours, ideal for legs and arms, and Gentle Epilator Head takes care of hair removal from sensitive areas. Power source AC 100-240V. Charging time 1 hour. Operating time 30 minutes
  • Panasonic epilator contains a Pedicure Buffer attachment to remove dry, rough skin and beautify the feet gently. Compatible with outer foil with inner leaf combination, inner leaf
  • Wet dry handy hair removal, always uses dry or in bath or shower; Panasonic shaver/epilator cleans quickly and easily under warm running water; Built-in LED light and travel case included. Use on hair about 2 to 3 mm long about 1/8 inch

Questions & Answers

Is this something that could replace a razor? Does it give the same smooth feeling on your legs, or wherever you use it?

I asked my wife she said this machine is very smooth and is faster than a razor she stopped using razors

So is this just an epilator that can be used on wet or dry skin, OR is it an epilator on dry skin, with a razor attachment for wet? I'm confused.

The epilator can be used wet or dry as well as the razor attachment according to the directions.

Is it possible to buy replacement parts.... I need a new foot care/pumice head.?

Yeah. You can find then in panasonic website. Panasonic>personal care>beauty. Click on the exact same product and you can see accessories at the bottom of the page

Can you use this epilator while its plugged in?

No, it can only be used while unplugged, but it holds a charge for a good hour.

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I've used the Philips and the Braun, and this is by far the best epilator I've ever used! Now, if you think this means that it does not hurt, a big surprise awaits you. If this is your first hair removal, you will be very spoiled, since this is the first, but you must make sure you can tolerate the uncomfortable sensation of having your hair pulled out of the root. If you can not handle a wax, you will hate this. This unit has been the most successful for multiple hair types. I have thin baby hairs, wirery hairs and thick corse hairs. And in my legs, I feel that my hair grows in some random directions. With other units, this would cause thicker hairs to be cut instead of thrown or ignored. This unit ignores or does not care if I change the rotation of the head. The head pivots which is ideal for curved areas. I've used it everywhere hair grows (except in my head, and I mean everywhere!). Some tips for beginners ... 1) If you are ordering this today, go shave your legs now, so that when you arrive you have 2 days of growth. 2) exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate 3) moisuturize 4) when you arrive before using it, use a body brush or sponge and brush the hairs and remove the dead skin. 5) go to the shower and really warm up (the pores open and let the hair slide more easily when you are warmer) 6) take a little shower gel and place it in the epilator 7) begin to shave, pretend that It is a shaver. At first it will hurt a bit, and if you have a pulsating shower head, let it throb in the area that is waxing (almost numb) 8) Do not think for a moment that you will get all the hairs the first time. Set a 5 minute timer and stop. (Approximately 1-2 passes). Must have a light hand; Do not press hard, and follow approximately 1 to 2 inches per second. 9) If you are prone to have ingrown hairs, or if you rarely exfoliate or moisten, get some tanning toner or salicylic acid (I get the clean and clear toner just for this) and go over the ones that you have depilated. 10) Congratulate yourself and repeat each shower for a week. After a week you will be surprised. I wax once or twice a week but it only takes 5 minutes. If you let it grow more than 1/8 of an inch, you should start over :(.

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For all those who complain about this product because it is "painful", what did you expect? Take a pair of tweezers and begin to shave the hair on the legs, obviously it does not feel good, now imagine that 20 hairs are removed at the same time and that's how it feels when using an epilator. The 'soft head' is a must, not because it makes it soft, this is a little misleading, but because it is not as painful as using the regular accessory. I have a clear skin and a mixture of light / dark hair, I have noticed that thin and thin hair can not be extracted as effectively as darker hair, but it tends to work a little better when the hair is about 5 mm. long and I use the slowest of the two configurations. The first time is going to be the worst, but if you can take a couple of glasses of wine in advance and resist it, it's worth it. My legs were very shaken and irritated for a day or two after the first use, but I did not have to use them again for a couple of weeks, which was amazing considering that I would get a stubble the same day I would shave. Each time it has become a little less painful, I have probably used it 6 times more or less in the last 4 or 5 months. In that period of time, I have only shaved a handful of times, just because I have actually forgotten to use the epilator because the hair is so slow and soft now and it is extremely painful to pluck the long hairs. The instructions say not to be used on the thighs and knees because the skin is more sensitive and can get caught in the forceps, it is a little more sensitive than in the lower legs, but I could never catch the skin. I tried using it in my armpits and bikini once, I would not recommend it. Forever. Really. It hurt. To the point where I bled, and sat there with the handkerchiefs tucked under my arms and in my lady's shoes. I can handle the daily shaving of those parts quite easily. In general, I love the softness of my legs now, it's the kind of softness I could never get with a razor. My boyfriend does not even realize when it has been weeks since I shaved because the hair is so soft and fine when it grows back, unlike when I used a razor and he would accuse me of not shaving for a week. when in fact it had been a day. I'm excited to see how much thinner my hair will get over time and, hopefully, how much less painful it will be. It's already a great improvement from the first time I used it, but I have high hopes with such good results in such a short time! * This photo is 3 days after depilating my legs, and I still do not have a hair in sight! *

Avatar Reviews  Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and 2


I’ve used the Philips, and the Braun, and this is by far, the best epilator I’ve ever used! Now if you think this means it doesn’t hurt, you are in for a big surprise. If this is your first time epilating you will be very spoiled with this being your first one, but you should make sure you can tolerate the uncomfortable feeling of having your hair pulled from the root. If you can’t handle a wax, you will hate this. This unit has been the most successful for multiple types of hair. I have baby fine hairs, wirery hairs and thick corse hairs. And on my legs, I feel like my hair grows in sometimes some random directions. With other units this would cause the thicker hairs to be just cut instead of pulled or ignored. This unit ignores or doesn’t mind if I change the rotation of the head. The head pivots which is great for curved areas. I’ve used it everywhere hair grows( except my head, and I mean everywhere! ). Some advice for newbies... 1) if you are ordering this today, go shave your legs now, so that when it arrives you have 2 days of growth. 2) exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate 3) moisuturize 4) when it arrives before using, use a body brush or loofah and brush the hairs up and eliminate the dead skin . 5) go get into the shower and really get warm (pores open up and let the hair slide out easier the warmer you are) 6) take some shower gel and put it on the epilator 7) start epilating - pretend like it’s a shaver. It will hurt a little at first , and if you have a pulsating shower head, let it pulse on the area you are epilating (almost numbs it) 8) do not think for one moment you will get all the hairs the very first time- set a timer for 5 minutes and stop. (About 1-2 passes). You should have a light hand-do not press hard, and go about 1-2 inches per second. 9) if you are prone to ingrown hairs, or rarely exfoliate or moisturize, get some witch hazel or salycylic acid toner (I get the clean and clear toner just for this) and go over the are you epilated with some. 10) Congratulate yourself and repeat every shower for a week. After a week you will have be amazed. I epilate once or twice a week but it only take a 5 minutes . If you let it grow out more than 1/8 inch you have to start all over :(.

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5-Remington EP7030E: The Cheapest Wet Dry Body + Face Epilator

The Remington EP7030E is a bit of an unusual model.

Why do I say that?

Remington EP7030E- The Cheapest Wet & Dry Body + Face Epilator 1Because it’s affordable, well, that’s not the weirdest thing.

The thing that surprises me is the attachment that goes with it:

efficiency cap with aloe vera, there are a few small green rolls that massage the skin, so it is the Remington version for the message roll mount of the Braun
the precision hood that is actually a face mask and it can also be used on the bikini line, making the package complete
it is wireless and wet & dry so that it can be used in the shower
This is the cheapest wet dry epilator that can be used to remove the hair from the entire body plus face.

Also, the Remington EP7030E has:

  • 40 tweezers
  • Two speeds
  • built-in light


As always,

When it comes to wireless epilators, there are complaints that the battery is not charged after a few months of use.

This is why people still don’t feel comfortable buying a wireless model.

I and many others are still waiting for a cable pill epilator with all the right accessories, such as the Braun 5780, but it is not easily available worldwide.

Key Features
  • 40 Tweezers Total coverage
  • Detail light Get a clear picture of your maintenance areas with the integrated detail light
  • 2 Speed settings Dual speed settings let you find the performance that is most comfortable for you
  • Rechargeable Enjoy the convenience of wireless use with the rechargeable battery with a low power consumption indicator light
  • Extra caps This set contains a massage cap with aloe vera for soothing skin and a precision cap for use on the face and detail areas

Questions & Answers

Can you use this product of your face ?

Absolutely! And it works great! Not for around the eyebrows, although I have used it between them with good results. But for those annoying "old lady" chins hairs and the upper lip and anywhere else like the peach fuzz on the sides, this product works. I am very, very, very happy to finally have found something that does the job so well. The first time is a little ouchy, but it gets better with each use. And the hairs do not grow back quickly and are finer than before. It is less painful to me than waxing. I have sensitive fair skin and have had no problems with this product. Good luck!

Does anyone recommend this for an asian woman w/ a mix of fine to coarse hair? I would like to use it on my legs, arms and pits, brazilian area &face.

I have coarse hair, and ended up returning this one because it was not powerful enough to remove a lot of hair at a time. I replaced it with an Epilady which works a lot better.

IS this Rechargeable?

Yes it comes with a charging cord.

This product have some accesories ?

It had a wall charger, and a smaller head attachment to focus on a smaller area of hair.

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Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Deluxe


Although I have given very few Amazon reviews, I am so convinced of this epilator that I simply had to recommend this wonderful product. This is my first epilator. A little over 60 years ago, I've been struggling more and more to handle the hairs on my old lady's chin. Who knew you were starting to grow WHISKERS as you got older? This has been a continuous and maddening problem for me for several years. I've been playing every day. Finally tired, I looked for permanent hair removal. My God, the expense! So I decided to try an epilator before going to such extreme measures. I read a lot of comments on Amazon and decided to try the Remington. They have been doing razors for decades, so I thought they knew something about hair removal. I have only used the epilator twice, but after my second use, my face has been free of hair for 5 days! FIVE DAYS!!! It's so amazing, I'm still rubbing my chin and mustache area to make sure I'm not imagining things! I use the medium-sized protector, I place it at low speed, and I go slowly, tensing my skin as men do when shaving, Repeat areas until I no longer feel any hair being pulled. After having been pricking me for years, the pain seemed minimal (I have very sensitive skin), but at least I was prepared for some discomfort. This hair problem has made me so unhappy, I was willing to endure almost any amount of pain, if the hair could be kept at bay. This only solves many problems, especially travel problems. I can take this with me for trips that last more than a week. No more confiscated tweezers in security control! No more waking up with mustaches! No more than five o'clock! I have light and fine hair on my face. I hope, as indicated in many reviews, that hair growth will continue to decrease as I use the epilator more. I can try this in my armpits and legs at a later time. For me, the simple joy of not having to shave my face daily is simply a miracle. I plan to buy another of these and save it for the future. If you hate the hairs on your chin chin, try this. With the beautiful Amazon, you have 30 days to return it, so what can you lose besides the disgusting mustache? If my opinion changes, I will write an update, but for now, I am a happy woman!

Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Deluxe 1

Rachel Bernhardt

I have been using epilators for approximately 25 years, and I could not be happier with the quality and price of the Remington7030. A favorite feature is that the head can be removed completely; It will make the cleaning easier and more complete than with the previous fixed head models that I have used, and neither will any hair disappear in the mechanism. This model is also much lighter than the one I used before, and I think that going wireless will make it easier to maneuver around the body. Others have already posted useful information here on how to use the epilator, so I will only add some tips I have learned over the years: * Before you can expect to be free of hair for 4-6 weeks (with occasional retouching), You should shave regularly during a whole cycle of your personal hair growth pattern. For me, that means shaving weekly for about 5 weeks. At first, even after you were sure that you had thoroughly shaved off each new growth streak as you grew, you may discover that a small lock of hair has appeared at night on your calf or chin or anywhere else: they are just follicles. that they have left the schedule of the rest of the growth of your hair. Finally, most of your feedback will have a similar program. * If you are new to hair removal, do it calmly and you will get used to it. Try first to make a small area around one knee; If you start to bite too much, press the palm of your hand firmly against the area for a few seconds and then move to the other knee. If your skin is very sensitive, it may even take a few days to finish the first stage, but that's fine. * Useful supplies: a glass of wine before starting and a spray of Lidocane (sunburn) to cool off afterwards. In the afternoon, in case of redness.

Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Deluxe 2

Amazon Customer

I am very happy with this epilator; It works very well. I bought this unit because it was classified as the best epilator for thick hair in a separate site. I use it mainly on my face for those thick white "granny hairs". It works well on thick hairs, as well as peach fuzz on my face and upper lip. No more trips to the classroom to wax! It should not be used on the eyebrows. There is a learning curve to get the correct angle and pressure, as well as keep the skin learned, and slide it more slowly than you would with a razor. I had to go to the same area several times to get everything. Faces and barbels are much harder to make than legs. I hope to be more efficient with the practice. The results are very smooth skin. I really want to have to do this every few weeks. The level of pain is almost equal to that of hair removal or tweezing. Painful for the beginner, slight discomfort for someone who is accustomed to hair removal and hair removal with tweezers. As with waxing, immediately after using the unit, I used ice and then aloe to minimize the irritation of the skin on my face. I do not think this is necessary for the legs unless you have very sensitive skin. *** If the pain bothers you, apply a laser or a cream to numb the tattoos as indicated before using the unit. There are many brands of numbing cream that are sold in amazon. As indicated, I carried the unit at full load before using it. This will maximize the life of the battery. I also plan to keep it clean so that it lasts a long time. This is the first epilator I have, so I can not compare it with other brands, but I am very satisfied and I would recommend it a lot.

Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Deluxe 3


I’m a woman with facial hair issues. I tried to get rid of my chin and mustache hair permanently, but after spending a ton of money on laser treatments I still have a lot of dark, coarse hair left. I also have very long peach fuzz all over my face. I was stuck using cream, tweezing, or waxing regularly. I recently went to a salon and had my entire face waxed (I left my eyebrows, of course) and now I am maintaining the smoothness with this beauty. For many years I waxed my legs and under my arms, so I Am not real hairy in those places. The epilator will keep me smooth there as well—much better than shaving and cheaper than waxing. My under arms hurt like heck when I first used the epilator but I got used to it. Start on the low setting until you get used to it, then crank it up. Good luck!

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6-Braun Silk Epil 3 SE3170 Epilator

Braun Silk Epil 3 is equipped with a 20-tweezer system that ensures easy hair removal for the roots, leaving the skin smooth and shiny.

Braun Silk Epil 3 SE3170 Epilator 1This epilator also does not run on batteries but is a wired unit. Rechargeable models are usually more expensive.

As with the models mentioned above, Braun Silk Epil 3 also offers two speeds that you can choose depending on whether you are epilating more beautiful or coarse hair.

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The Silk Epil 3 epilator has a message system that effectively soothes epileptic sensation by stimulating the skin during the epilation process. This results in maximum comfort and minimal irritation.

The construction of the epilator contains SoftLift tips that are designed to remove even the flat-lying hairs. This model also contains the same SmartLight function as on the Silk Epil 7 epilator. This feature is handy to ensure that you do not miss a hair during the process.

  • Two speeds, SoftLift tips, root hair removal, SmartLight lighting, high-frequency massage to prevent irritation.
  • corded, not for use on the face.

Questions & Answers

Is it rechargeable?

No, this unit is NOT rechargeable. But I actually prefer using plug-in ready because I don't have to wait for it, or have it lose its charge quickly (as some models I've tried do).

What is the voltage?


Does it works on cord or Battery?

cord only.

Lost electical cord--any chance of ordering new one? braun silk-pil 3 women's epilator, electric hair removal

You could try going directly to the Braun site.

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Avatar Reviews  Braun Silk-épil 3 Women's Epilator,


This will tear that shit straight from the root and leave you baby soft, with teary eyes and cursing God. It hurts like little bees, but that's how all epilators feel. The head of this small machine is easy to separate to clean. There were two speeds: 1 = shuddering, 2 = shuddering, the involuntary watering of the eyes and the crossing of the knees. If you are sensitive to hair removal or to creams like I am, then this is the self-punishment hair removal tool for you. Works. You fuck the full moon!

Avatar Reviews  Braun Silk-épil 3 Women's Epilator, 1

Amanda Little

I am a woman who had to shave every day to have soft legs. If I have chills shortly after the shower, I may not even have wasted my time because my hair would grow back. Now it's January 9 and I shaved exactly 1 time since Amazon left this baby two weeks before Christmas. (And that was because I wanted to wear a skirt for work and had plans to shave that night). I have used the epilator 4 times. It is not completely free of pain yet, but it is much more bearable. I definitely recommend this product, but with clear expectations. My legs have been waxed and curled, so I knew it would not be easy. The last time I waxed, the hair was "almost long enough" and we decided to try it. A lot of pain (and $ 80) for more or less results. I decided to try a different route. We are planning a Caribbean cruise in the spring and I do not want to have to worry about shaving in the small shower or the side effects of salt water. I thought the epilator was an investment small enough to be worth trying. Let me be honest here, it's not a painless hair removal. Even after a hot shower (and yes, some wine) there were areas that felt more like my skin was being peeled than a bunch of tiny tweezers doing their thing. However, I kept the epilator moving and got over it. The first time, it took me about 45 minutes per leg, that hour and a half, probably 10 minutes was really painful, but obviously it was not unbearable, just not at the top of my list for a fun way to spend the night of the Saturday. Also From the note - your legs will not be perfectly smooth. STILL. The hair grows in stages, so while you may have a ton of small, plucked hairs on the top of the toilet seat and the bathroom floor, there is another round of follicles that pull out tiny hairs that are not enough Long for the tweezers to grab yet, but they are long enough to make your legs feel sharp. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, three to five days later, go to another round (hair removal + wine). It will not hurt so much, but it's not exactly a massage either. Repeat again in three to five days. Be sure to exfoliate before and after to prevent ingrown hairs from moisturizing, moisturizing, hydrating!

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Kindle Customer

I love this thing So let's start by saying that it's not pain free at all. But the pain is not serious, it is a slight bite (like a tattoo) and after a while, the affected area feels almost numb and does not feel at all. I got this a week and a half ago, I opened it and used it as soon as the man left it. I'll say I used it on my hair a lot longer than it should, like the growth of a whole winter, which is probably why it stung me, but damn this little thing does work. When I stopped being a baby and I just went for that, I put both legs, knee to the middle of my thigh, in about forty-five minutes. There is no redness, irritation or ingrown hairs. I have pcos, so my hair grows back faster than it should, in the past I shaved in the morning to have stubble on my legs at bedtime that night, I used nair and other depilatory creams, to have Emerging stubble about two days later. THE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN A WEEK AND HALF OF A FREE AND LOOSE AND SMALL LEATHER, AND ONLY INDICATED SOME REGIME ON A SINGLE PART OF A LEG. A WEEK AND MEDIA CHICOS !!!! DOWN !!! As I mentioned, I have pcos that also lead me to a random patch of hair growth on my chin, I've tried everything in the area from shaving to waxing, until I've only returned the same night. Today, while reviewing my only hair stain on my legs, I dived and used this also on my chin and OMG is softer than when I entangled it and could see the hairs that were plucked, they were completely torn off by the root. The second time, the pain was minimal, more a nuisance than anything else really. IM A BELIEVER AND A LIFETIME USER! IF I AM ON THE NEAR IN ALL ONLY BUY IT AND LOVE IT !!! It's amazing!!

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They have been using epilators for almost 25 years. This is my fifth epilator and I'm somewhat satisfied with it, it's not the best I've tried, but it was cheap, so I do not regret it. It does not hurt more than other devices, let me tell you. I imagine that waxing after shaving the legs could hurt a lot, so my advice to all of us that we are a little patient with the process, will get a little better over time. I also prefer to do it after a warm shower when the skin is a little softer so that the hair is easier to pull. It comes without accessories. It has a small light that is weak but useful to have. After 25 years of continuous hair removal, most of the hair on my leg is gone, so it is easy to lose spots without good lighting conditions, so the light is very small and can still be seen. It is double voltage, it is used in Europe with only one plug converter without any problem. As for performance: this device does not pull part of the hair from the roots. When the discs are attached to them, they break, so they grow back much faster. This could simply be a user error and have to find the optimal point for the angle, so if the time performance seems to improve, I will definitely update this review. For now I'm giving it a solid 3.5 stars.

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7-Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

The Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator is a different kind of powerhouse because it is a very efficient epilator for people with sensitive skin.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator 1It only has 36 tweezers, but it has the furriest pin codes per minute. There are two speeds on this epilator. So although there are far fewer tweezers, at each of the two rates the tweezers rotate very quickly to pull the hair out quickly. This makes the Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator perfect for causing the least amount of discomfort on sensitive skin.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator has another useful function for people with sensitive skin – all 36 tweezers are 24-carat gold-plated and have antibacterial properties. This plating makes the tweezers hypoallergenic and reduces ingrown hairs.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator 2It contains a massage aid that helps numb your skin during epilation. Just like the Emjoi AP-18, it is not water-resistant but has a cleaning brush. It must not be used in the shower.

This epilator is also wireless and rechargeable. You can even use it while charging, unlike the other epilators treated so far. This allows you to use this epilator at any time in dry situations!

It would be nice to see Emjoi make their epilators waterproof. The Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator has so many functions in addition to the excellent epilation technology.

Being able to use it in the shower would complete its list of functions and make it attractive to a wider audience.

Key Features
  • Make sure this fits
  • By entering your model number.
  • 24-carat gold-plated tweezers discs
  • Pain reduction technology and massaging finger attachment significantly reduces discomfort
  • Ergonomically designed soft grip

Questions & Answers

Can it be used on facial hair?

You can. I use it on my upper lip. It really hurts but it plucks all the hairs even the little peach fuzz.

Can this be used in Asia because the voltage is 240V in Asia?

So here is the details about the cord adapter.DIRECT PLUG-IN CLASS 2 TRANSFORMERMODEL:LG034120 (AD-EMJUD-3.4-1200-40)INPUT: AC 120V 60Hz 10WOUTPUT: DC 3.4V 1200mA

Does the gold really make a difference when compared to other products?

Yes at least to me it does keeps Irritation at its lowest, its easier to clean and lasts longer.

Why is the Emjoi Optima so much more expensive?

Please be advised that emjoi no longer manufacturers the Optima model. If you have found it available it is most likely from a third party vendor.

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public name

I highly recommend this epilator. It is surprisingly soft and very powerful. It will do a quick job to remove your hair even in the most sensitive areas of your body! Overall, I've seen places that recommend a smaller head and a lower speed for more sensitive areas, but I found the opposite is what happens with this appliance. The higher speed was actually more comfortable: much more comfortable than prolonging the pain! Even with the exposed head, there was a very small risk that skin will be caught, since the sides do decent work pushing skin slightly outward. I threw them a star because after one use or two, the battery power option did not seem so powerful. While I can keep it plugged in for the maximum power experience, it bothers me that the battery does not seem to have the same effect. This could be a nuisance if you were traveling with him or not in a convenient place for an electrical outlet. I have not heard from the company either when I asked about this. If you have concerns about epilators in general, this review will probably not alleviate them. However, I believe that this is the best and most comfortable epilator I have tried. Any method of hair removal that you end up being comfortable will be the best for you. This is only to say if you want to shave or, currently, the soft Emoticon is the best option. I discovered that this works on hair of all lengths, so even if you relax a little maintenance, will recover. As an added benefit, it comes with a small sponge so it can exfoliate before waxing. !) and a cleaning brush. Everything is quite easy to clean: the cover comes off and you can easily remove any hair and turn your head to remove the tweezers. Some reviews have asked if gold is a trick. Do not! Not only does it look good, gold has antimicrobial properties that should prevent it from harboring bacteria. This is especially important since your exfoliated and plucked skin has essentially no natural defenses.

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Sei P.K.

Purchased July 2012 as my first epilator. Even after doing a fair bit of research and comparison, I was still hesitant about purchasing, but four years later, I am very glad I made the selection. I would say I am a fairly averagely hairy person with average pain tolerance.Before this epilator:I had always shaved previously, and wanted a way to remove hair that lasted longer. I tried buying "ready to use" wax strips (the kind you rub between your hands to warm up) and it was disastrous. Not only did it hurt a lot, it didn't even remove half the hair! My skin was red, bleeding, sore and the skin/remaining hair was also covered in wax. I surmised I was probably doing something wrong, so I tried a couple of different brands/products, in different areas... in sum it was a nightmare. I ended up using tweezers to remove the remaining hairs. (Very tedious, I can assure you.) As a very broke college student, I also couldn't justify spending the extra money to go get myself professionally waxed every month. The problem with shaving armpit hair is that it grows back really quickly and would irritate/itch. It also looked very unsightly. I even tried tweezing it all (I actually did this for a while). Needless to say, I needed a better way to remove hair!Using this Emjoi epilator:How does it work? This epilator is effectively many tweezers pulling your hairs out repeatedly. When the head spins, the gold plates are pushed together as it goes down, and any hairs it catches gets pulled out.Does it hurt? It hurts just as much or as little as tweezing your hairs out. Buy a tweezer and try on yourself in the area you're thinking of hair removal. Of course this would be a lot of hair pulling out at one time, so the small pain is multiplied by the amount of hairs plucked. But that's the point of the product!Purchase comes with (see picture): a quite durable carrying bag (as you can see, mine has survived the abuse of travel and such fairly well), two "heads" that can be popped on and off (for cleaning), a "lid", a little cleaning brush, charger with a very long range, and a loofa (unfortunately this does not last for many years, but while it did, I really liked it! I actually wasn't able to find one I liked as much as it). The "lid" only fits on the pink head. The purple "head" has massaging "teeth," which supposedly helps lessen the pain. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I definitely like it because it helps "guide" your hair removal (see tips below). The epilator has two speeds, one for "finer" hair and another for "coarser" hair.To maximize efficiency, I would suggest:- if your hair is full length, shave it first, and let it grow back a bit, so the hairs stick out from your body and can easily be picked up by the epilator (a length you would be able to tweeze yourself)- keep the skin for the area as taunt as possible, otherwise your skin can get caught. (don't worry, it doesn't hurt too much, the epilator will just stop and you just turn it off and reposition before resuming)- try tweezing your own hair first to see which area hurts the least for you. some people say legs, others armpits, etc. first use the epilator on the area that hurts least for you, so you can get used to it- when epilating, you should be running the device upwards against hair growth (just like shaving). If I were to do my lower leg, using the purple attachment/"head", I would hold the device teeth side down, start from my ankle, holding the epilator perpendicular, or at a 90 degree angle towards my leg, and run upwards. The purple teeth follow the area the hair was just removed from, supposedly giving you a nice "massage" to relieve the pain your skin just experienced as the hair was tore out of the pores. The purple teeth ensure you are at the right angle! (if the teeth are touching you, then it's right, trust me)- when starting out, try using the lower speed ("1") on finer, smaller areas to test if the pain is manageable. Just turn it on, and put it against the area so only the hairs there can be tweezed.- unlike shaving, your movement of the device has no effect on the hair being removed! Move it up the area slowly, as the revolutions of the head pick up the hair- the removed hair either falls out of the head (I would suggest epilating over something, so afterwards you can easily sweep the fallen hairs into the trash) or sits inside the pink/purple "attachment." Take it off and use the white brush to brush the hair into a receptacle!- repeat until finished!Compared to shaving:Shaving is definitely faster, as one quick motion slices the hairs, and also leaves a nice smooth finish. Epilating takes a little longer, since you can't move over the area as quickly, and you might need to repeat if you didn't get all the hairs in the first "stroke." However, shaving needs to be repeated very often, while epilating generally the hair is completely removed and needs to grow back. Sometimes, say if you're doing the underarm, you need to touch-up with tweezers, but even so, adding up the amount of time required to shave many times, epilating once is less time and effort.In sum:Cost-wise, this easily makes up for itself over time. Add up those disposable razors/razor heads and shaving creams, over the course of years, and this ~$60 investment turns into cost savings! (When I bought it in 2012 it was $46)There are more expensive ones with more tweezer heads, but I find this one is sufficient and does the trick.Even after four years it works just as well as when I first bought it. I will say that perhaps the battery life is not as good as before (I never really timed it, perhaps I'm just forgetting to charge it) but the cord is very long so there hasn't been any issues there.

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public name

I highly recommend this epilator. It is surprisingly gentle and very powerful. It will make quick work of removing your hair even on the most sensitive areas of your body! Generally I have seen places recommend a smaller head and lower speed for more sensitive areas, but I found the opposite to be the case with this epilator. The higher speed was actually more comfortable - much as you could expect pulling hair out faster is more comfortable than prolonging the pain! Even with the exposed head there was very little risk of catching your skin as the sides do a decent job pushing your skin lightly away.I knocked them down one star because after a use or two, the battery powered option did not seem as powerful. While I can just keep it plugged in for the full power experience, it bothers me that the battery does not seem to have the same juice. This could be a hassle if you were traveling with it or not using it in a place convenient to an outlet. I also have not heard back from the company when I asked them about this.If you have concerns about epilators in general, this review probably won't alleviate them. I do think this is the best, most comfortable epilator I have tried, however. Whatever hair removal method you end up being comfortable will be best for you. This is just to say if you want to epilate, or currently do, the Emjoi Soft Caress is the best option. I have found that this works on hair of ALL lengths - so even if you get a bit lax on your maintenance, it will pull through.As a bonus, it does come with a small loofah so that you can exfoliate before depilating (a MUST!) and a cleaning brush. The whole thing is pretty easy to clean - the cover pops off and you can pretty easily brush away any hair and rotate the head to clear any out of the tweezers.Some reviews have asked if the gold is a gimmick - no! Not only does it look good, Gold has anti-microbial properties that should keep it from harboring bacteria. This is especially important as your exfoliated, plucked skin has essentially no natural defenses.

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8-Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

One of the top-rated epilation devices for face and other sensitive areas is the Emjoi Epi Slim model. It has a slim and compact design and runs on batteries so that you can use the epilator anytime and anywhere.
Because it is specially designed for sensitive skin areas, this is not the best option for legs.

The tweezers have a narrow design that helps remove the hair from the root. It gently covers small areas for efficient but gentle epilation.

Because of the narrow design, it will work well on the bikini line, underarms, upper lip, chin, and cheek. It may not be the fastest epilator, but it works well.

The epilator fits nicely in one hand, thanks to the ergonomic design. The Emjoi Epi Slim is a great option if you are looking for an epilator with a sensitive epilator for sensitive areas that are also very efficient and easily portable.

  • It works on batteries and is therefore very handy.
  • It is safe for use on sensitive skin, such as the upper lip and eyebrows.
  • You can use it on other parts of your body besides the face.
  • It is not great for male or coarse hair.

Questions & Answers

I'm 69 years old. How does it work with older wrinkled skin?

Pinky, It should work OK as long as you hold the skin taut. I'm only a couple years younger than you. It does pull, though, but you won't have to use it again for a couple of weeks. I only use it about once a month because I get one wax in between. Good Luck!

How does in work on the bikini line?

Works great! You have to be brave though. LOL

Is this a good product for removing male facial hair? If not, which epilator is best?

No, I assume it would leave too much stubble. I am not sure of a good epilator for a man.

Does this product come with packaging? And does it come with batteries?

It comes in a padded plastic envelope, enough to protect it in shipping but it's not in a box. I don't remember if it was in a hard plastic package. The mailman was able to stuff the mailing envelope in the small slot on my mailbox.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator -

Christina Burgess

I have battled thick and thick facial hair for most of my adult life due to PCOS. I had to shave every day or I would have a beard, mustache and side burns. My upper lip was permanently red from the burn of the blade and I constantly checked and re-applied the makeup and avoided anything that made me sweat in front of people. 20 years of this ... I decided to try hair removal after weeks of reviews and investigations. I will not lie, it hurts like a mother the first time. Especially if you have thick, thick hair, but if you are tired of dealing with hair, you will absorb it because it is worth it. The second time I laughed because the pain was not a third of what it was the first time. I also have a soft, silky Remington epilator that works very well, but it really gets to the crevices of your face and is not very noisy, so it's not that scary. Personally I would like a cable version of this epilator, but I have rechargeable batteries, so everything is fine. I thought it was defective after the first use, but my batteries were not very good, I changed them and it works like mint! This epilator gets a stubble that can barely be felt by hand and is not painful, in my opinion. Any hair removal can be painful and, although it was very painful the first time, the daily burn of the razor and the skin irritation were painful every day, not just once or twice a week. I've been to the city without makeup since I used my Emjoi and I did not even go out without makeup before. I'm in love with Emjoi!

Avatar Reviews  Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator - 1

Rita R. Sheppard

This blue version of the Emjoi Epi Slim does a good job, but is much rougher than the previous white version and does not do the job so well. I have seen that the results last 6 weeks, but I am lucky if they last a day. Be very careful when ordering one of Emjoi's Epi Slim epilators. When I ordered one earlier this year, I received the cheap version of Tweezee, which is garbage and $ 10 more than the real Emjoi Epi Slim.

Avatar Reviews  Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator - 2

angelica gomez

I'm a woman, but I'm pretty hairy and this is amazing! I wish I had done it much earlier. After trying laser hair removal, discoloration, waxing and shaving, this has been the best. I'm pretty hairy, so I have to use it every 3 days on my cheeks and chin, but only once a week on my sideburns. My skin is not silky or whatever, but it's pretty close. It's good to wake up and not be happy to worry about the hair on my face. I am very excited not to have to use makeup, and best of all is that it is inexpensive, it does not involve any chemical and it is fast. The first time you use it, it will hurt! But then you get used to it. It's just for the face, try to use it in my arms and even though it works, it took me forever. Some tips1. Dúchate before using it, open poros2. Use some type of pore cleaner before / after using it (use witchhazel) 3. Do not put on makeup immediately or put on heavy creams, let your face breathe. The only reason is that 4 stars is because I would like it to be electric instead of battery.

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9-Emjoi eRase e60: Corded Affordable Epilator for Body Face

The Emjoi eRase e60 is one of my favourite epilators, and there is no way to get it out of my epilator reviews.

Emjoi eRase e60- Corded Affordable Epilator for Body & Face 1A lot is going on:

  • a very affordable price
  • 60 tweezers, the second after the Emjoi AP-18 in the number of tweezers
  • a sensitive attachment containing a number of those 60 tweezers, with which you can use the Emjoi e60 to
  • even remove facial hair
  • with cord
  • Two speeds
  • the Skin Glide technology that lifts the flat hair

the 3-disc system that ensures that the skin is stretched during hair removal for a bit of comfort, you still have to smooth the skin
and there are even shavers and trimmer attachments

There is no built-in light; it is a feature or defect that belongs to all Emjoi models.

Key Features
  • 60-Tweezer Precision Hair Removal Epilator
  • Erase Glide Technology Smoothly removes hair to prevent irritation
  • Double opposite heads Stretch skin for gentle removal
  • For use on face and body
  • Removes hair on root-draining skin Smooth up to six weeks

Questions & Answers

Is the shaver part of this decent?

Thank you!

What about facial hair? Can this be used for upper lip? I've never used an epilator, so any suggestions/hints would be appreciated!

Yes you can, but be prepared, it hurts much worse on the face than on the legs. It's a great little epilator, I really like it. Maybe try some ice to the upper lip first?

How long do you have to grow hair to have it work?

I shaved the day I ordered it, so by the time it came 3 days.

How well does it work for facial hair specifially the neck area? I hate those crazy razor bumps

I use mine strictly for my face and sides of neck close to face and it works great. After I'm done I use the electric shaver attachment to get any tiny stray hairs. Bought a second one because I never want to be without it.

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Avatar Reviews  Emjoi eRase e60 Dual Opposed

A. C. Brown

I just could not pass up the opportunity to rate and review this product! I'm very impressed! This is my first purchase of epilator. The reason why I chose this is mainly because after reading and comparing several reviews (including viewing YouTube reviews) of other brands, it seemed like a good hair removal device for beginners. Now that I've used the epilator for the first time, I would. Tell other newbies the following: I found that this particular epilator is very comfortable despite the many reviews of others in the market and the whole process in general. I would say that I followed the suggestions for the first time of the instructions of the product and found them as a very useful guide (at night, take a shower / hot bath to open the pores + exfoliating areas in which you will use the device). I tried to use the Guard at the beginning, but took it away by making too many passes. I covered more area when the guard cover was removed and I did not feel the need to put it back on because the traction of the machine was not exactly "painful" in itself ... I would describe the feeling as a "nuisance" instead of pain , and this is after using the device first under my arms and in the bikini area ... Having interchangeable heads is a good feature.60 clamps is a good number to start considering that the highest market count is 72, The same brand Feeling of hair removal with this device on a pain scale from 1 to 5, being 5 extremely painful, would give my experience with this product a 2 ... Excellent epilator for beginners!

Avatar Reviews  Emjoi eRase e60 Dual Opposed 1


I have tried almost all the hair removal options (razors, waxing, depilatory cream and even laser) and this is my favorite. It's the second epilator I've had. The first, also an Emjoi, worked on batteries and worked fine, but I wanted something that would not need new batteries all the time. Here's the deal: Emjoi requires more time than shaving, but the results last a little longer. I only use it once a week, and I prefer to spend ten minutes at a time shaving every time I shower (and constantly buy razors, shaving cream, etc.). The best trick I learned was to dust off my skin with cornstarch before try to pluck me. Without cornstarch, the blades adhere to my skin. Once I have sprayed, they hold onto the hairs much more efficiently and the whole process goes much faster. Cornstarch makes a big difference with waxing the armpits, but it also helps in the legs. It hurts a little, but as many other reviewers have said, the more you do it, the less you care. It does not bother me especially the pricking sensation, but I could see how it would bother some. However, if you have sensitive skin like mine and are prone to ingrown hairs, discomfort deserves the results. I get less red hair when I use Emjoi. My Emjoi has lasted until months of use until now. The price is excellent if you take into account that shaving is also obtained. It's good to be able to plug it in and not worry about running out of battery power too. If you are serious about using an epilator, this is the one you want. If you are not sure, you may want to try the cheaper battery model first. However, this is a better and more resistant product, if you are willing to spend a little more.

Avatar Reviews  Emjoi eRase e60 Dual Opposed 2


While searching online for what I really wanted to buy, I stumbled across the I eRase e60 epilator and decided to look at the description and review the reviews ... well, that soon led to the purchase, it was compact, easy to use and people said they loved it, so I was completely surprised, I have something that I have my mind on, I understand it and I ended up changing my mind about my favorite brand and model in exchange for buying Emjoi eRase.i didn 'Hurry up to buy, I loved it the way it looked (I have pink and mint and it's cute as a candy), but the most important thing is that I love the way it is done. It does not disappoint. It's easy to use. Easy to mention clean, small and compact, it works perfectly, the double head makes things easier and faster. I have very sensitive skin and this epilator is quite soft. It has a protector that can be used on the rotating head for gender areas. but I prefer not to use it, it also has a second shaving / clipping adapter that also works very well. Eliminate "barely seen" and fine pieces of hair without problems, I also use it regularly in the armpit area and in my arms. In general, after months of use, I can confidently give you 5 stars. Excellent price, comfort, ease of use and quality! I'm glad I changed my mind when I bought and ended up receiving Emjoy eRase instead 🙂

633 Customer Reviews
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10-Co dream 4-1 Best Value Epilator with Features

Are you looking for an epilator for beginners with a few more multifunctional functions? Look no further than the Co dream 4-1 epilator.

Co dream 4-1 Best Value Epilator with Features 1It is a less popular epilator with a younger brand. But don’t let that stop you if the functions make this an attractive choice for you.

The 4-1 refers to the four functions that this epilator offers through attachments ep Å¡ ep epilator, shaver, hair clipper, and callus remover.

Among the extras, the callus remover has the highest rated confirmation on Codream 4-1. In terms of multifunctionality, this is a powerhouse.

It is rechargeable via the power adapter and can be used if it is connected or wireless. There is a built-in LED light. The epilator head can be removed and washed with water.

But the epilator itself is not wet/dry and may only be used in dry places.

Regarding the characteristics, making the entire epilator would be water-resistant, so that this epilator would be well rounded.

Apart from features, the Co dream 4-1 epilator lacks the latest technology in both the tweezers and the epilator motor.

Key Features
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: This electric epilator is approved by CE international safety standards and is safe when taking care of your face or body. Rolling speeds on two levels for your choice as a safety measure for individual sensitive skin. The design ensures easy operation. EASY to change the header for a different purpose.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND CORDLESS: rechargeable, make sure you always use the device at its optimum power. All in one set. Save a lot of money by buying batteries, and you dont have to remove individual solutions for your hair and foot to remove personal care accessories.
  • GET ATTRACTIVE, SEXY AND SMOOTH SKIN OF HEAD-TO-TOE: Scrub dead, hard dry skin on feet; Removes unwanted hair on legs or arms, Unwanted ugly hair in other sensitive areas. 4-in-1 attachments include Epilating head, Pumice head, Shaving head and Hair clipper. BEAUTY SPA-LIKE RESULT: Experience beauty spa-like results in the comfort of your home or when travelling. Moisten after use by applying your favourite skin cream. You will look BEAUTIFUL in your ideal SANDAL, graceful SKIRT, charming DRESS and hot BIKINI! Whenever you want, wherever you want. Perfect gifts for friends, family and children.
  • The steps for using the codream epilator to get the expected result. First: use the epilator better after showering or bathing, make sure the skin is dry, then some small hair may come on the surface. Second: hold it at a 90-degree angle to the surface. It is a natural and comfortable way to hold it. Finally, do not press it against the skin, keep it loose, because the rotating tweezers grasp the hair and pull it by the root.
  • EXCLUSIVE OFFER Buy two and SAVE 15% enter code 4HKKOCJE at checkout. 90 DAYS Money back guarantee! Try it without risk at this reduced price and take advantage of this temporary offer! Click on the ADD TO CART button to order now!

Questions & Answers

How many hours do you charge this after every use? And where can i buy roller heads

Fully charge for 8 hours and you have a good tool that helps you for 1 hour. You can search for this Asin B01GQ1V1UY B01GQ1V1UY to buy replacement heads.

Can you use this plugged in?, does anybody know how many tweezers the epilator has?

Yes, you can use this connected. The charger fits in a standard 110-socket. The epilator has 15 tweezers, you can pull most hair from sensitive areas.

Can this be used for facial hair....like chin and upper lip?

Yes, you can use it for facial hair.

Are there replacement heads available for this shaver?

Yes, you can search this Asin B01GQ1V1UY B01GQ1V11S to purchase the replacement heads.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Alayna 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Epilator,

michelle kinsey

Lov Loved Go. A little tug and all the hairs are gone.

Avatar Reviews  Alayna 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Epilator, 1


My husband and I got this, interested in different attachments. We are both happy with how it works. The battery does not last long but it is easy to recharge it.

Avatar Reviews  Alayna 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Epilator, 2


After a year, it still works. Thank you.

Avatar Reviews  Alayna 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Epilator, 3

Thomas Linnsie Shaffer

Wonderful versatile hair removal tool. Durable results

214 Customer Reviews

11-Epilady Legend 4

Epilady Legend 4 1

One of the newest editions in Epilday’s range of epilators is the Legend 4 model. It is a full-size rechargeable epilator that is designed for hair removal on all parts of the body for smooth skin for 4 to 6 weeks.
There is an option to use this device wirelessly or with a connected cable. Either way, you will have the same power and efficiency.

The broad epilation head has the perfect angle guide that helps the user epilate at the ideal angle for maximum efficiency. The 40 tweezers can remove even the shortest hair, leaving the skin perfectly smooth.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold with rubber touch on gripping points. Two speeds make it possible to choose a more suitable speed when epilating coarse or fine hair.

Key Features
  • RECHARGEABLE: Epiladys Legend 4 is a rechargeable epilator with fast, smooth operation. Effective for use on any hair colour and skin colour. The Legend 4 can be used with or without a cord, making it easy to travel.
  • ELECTRIC HAIR REMOVER: It is not necessary to always shave the same spot to get those stranded hairs. The Legend 4 removes the hair directly from the root and gives you results that last up to 4-6 weeks. This makes your skin silky smooth and flawless.
  • RAZOR-SPEED: Legend 4 offers two working speeds for perfecting your hair. No expensive spa treatment is needed if you can give yourself one at home. Let your skin feel like it has just been freshly waxed.
  • SUPERIOR FINISH: great results quickly. With 31,000 pin codes per minute, you will be amazed at how immediately you can feel clean and refreshed. The full epilating head ensures fast and smooth action. Let the Legend 4 be your shaver replacement.
  • THE BEST FRIEND OF LADIES: The Legend 4 works on all hair types and colours, making it the epilator for everyone. The ergonomic design with rubber touch on grip points ensures a firm and non-slip grip. Can be used on arms, legs, armpits, bikini line and face.

Questions & Answers

Where is epilady made?

Made in PRC 9peoples republic of china0

How does this compare with the original Epilady from the 80's? I've used that one for 25 years and while happy, wanted to know if this removes more thoroughly so I don't need touch-up shaving.

It's much better than the older models, It seems to get more hair,and I don't have to shave as often! I love the smoothness of my legs after! jackie Fox

How well does it work with facial hair removal?

Okay, so I decided to try it on my face before answering. I don't have much facial hair but tried it on my upper lip. Woo! Who knew there was so much hair there? I am fair haired and so I guess it never showed! The hair is fine and soft but the epilady was still able to grab on and rip a lot of hair., but not all of it. I don't recommend using it prior to going out in public. I look like I was stung by a bunch of sweat bees (do they sting?) or rolled my upper lip in a bed of chiggers.

Can you use this on your bikini line?

Yes, just make sure to keep the skin pulled tight and important human parts protected.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Hair Removal Epilator - Epilady

Debra Livingston

I am a real user of this product and this is a legitimate review. Some of these reviews seem to be professional writers that are maybe hired to leave reviews. I've been using this Epilady for over 3 weeks now. It's my first time using an Epilady. I have used this on my face, my arms, my arm pits, my legs and my bikini area. I think this product works better in some areas over others and that's why I rated it 3 stars. I'll start with the face. I usually bleach the hair on my face but started to worry that that was leaving a mustache stain so I thought I'd try an Epilady. I think it works the worst on the face because the hairs on the face or the finest and hardest for those little tweezers to grab. But it does work, it just takes a little time to remove the hair and you will likely still have to do some light plucking with tweezers for those hairs that this just won't remove. You have to be careful on the face though because you will want to press down to get those hard to get hairs but you can not press down with this but only run it very lightly over your face. If you press down it will remove a light layer of your skin and you will be left with red patches that will take a few days to heal and go away. I had some red patches where this removed a thin layer of my skin that was embarrassing for a few days. The pain level is not that bad on the face again because the facial hairs are so fine. Over all I am more satisfied with the Epilady over bleaching my face so I will continue to use the Epilady on my face.The armpits are by far the most difficult to do with this product. It's an awkward place and you can't pull the skin tight which you need to do and it's difficult to move the Epilady in small circles. One of the cons for this Epilady is you can't use it like a regular razor. You don't just swipe up and the hair is removed. You have to do little circles and many little circles in the same area before it removes the hair. For the arm pit and the face I usually have to do it every day for a few days before I can remove all the hair. It did leave a little bit of a bumpy rash under my arms and it's not smooth and silk under the arms like it is on the face. The pain level is not too bad under the arms. A little worst than the face but not the most painful spot on the body.The arms were easier then the face and arm pits because it's just a smooth straight surface so it does better on the arms. It is a little more painful then the face because the hair is thicker. It does very well on the arms and is easier to use on the arms except in areas you can't see like the back of the upper arms. You have to be able to see what you are doing to see if you've removed all the hair.For the legs this product probably works the best on because the hair is thickest on the legs. It works best and is easiest on the legs but it's also the most painful on the legs - because the hair is thick on the legs. It is the MOST painful around the knees. It was so painful around the knees it gives me a pit of a stomach ache when I do that area. It does remove the hair very well on the legs if you can just power through the pain.The bikini area - yikes - I didn't have the nerve to use this the first go around on the bikini area plus I was worn out after doing the face, arm pits, arms and legs. The pain is not nearly has bad as I expected for the bikini area and it does work well on the bikini area but proceed with caution. It's easy to grab hairs you don't want to remove so you have to be very careful. You must pull the skin tight here because this Epilady can pinch that area and cut and remove chunks of skin. The second time I did my bikini area it pinched me and removed a small chunk of skin. That was it for me and I couldn't go on anymore after that - in that area. It really freaked me out.The first time you use this your skin is silky smooth but after the first time you won't really have silky smooth skin anymore because the hair begins to grow back at different rates in different areas so while you may be able to remove all the hair that is long enough to remove there will be some just below the surface that will poke out the next day and those you wouldn't get. The biggest con is you need to do this at least once a week if not more depending on how picky you are about removing every last hair. Going 4 to 6 weeks between using this doesn't seem at all realistic to me. I have to do this once a week every where. However all the hairs don't come back at the same time like it would with a razor but enough hair grows back in by the end of the week that it's noticeable and needs to be removed. It took me about 3 hours the first time I did this to remove all the hair and that was the most painful because there was so much hair to remove. The second time it was less painful because there was less hair to remove because all the hair doesn't come back in at once. It took me about 2 hours to remove all the hair the second time around. The third time I was getting used to the pain but it's still painful. It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to remove all the hair the 3rd time around. I don't know if I will continue to use this for all areas on my body. It's time consuming and it gets hard to bring myself to deal with the time and the pain involved. I think I will definitely continue to use this on my face rather than bleaching my face. I will probably also continue to use this on my arms because that hair grows back in so fast with a razor. I don't know if I will continue using this on my arm pits, legs and bikini area though. Since this hair comes back in within a week I don't know that the pain and the time involved is worth it to continue using it in those areas. It's faster to just shave and a lot less painful. I will use this all over for longer because my hope is if I continue to use this that the hair will stop growing in but I suspect if I were to stop using this all together all the hair would eventually come back in. 🙁 If you're thinking about this I think it's worth a try - given the fact that the price is reasonable - and see how it works for you. It's one of those products that some people may end up loving while others will hate. You just won't know until you give it a try. I'm glad I gave it a try.

Avatar Reviews  Hair Removal Epilator - Epilady 1

Anne E. Terres

I started with my armpits, about 2 mm of hair at that time, not very thick, but also the delicate and tiny hairs that grow on most of my legs. (We will get in touch with them) despite the irregularity of the surface, it is done admirably. It was a bit painful, so we took it in stages, but in the end, the hair was gone, beautiful. Next, I made my ankles, which strangely have a darker and thicker hair than the rest of my legs, but not much. A little longer, maybe 5 mm. Epilady worked well, but those hairs tend to be skinned on my leg, so I had to encourage some of them to stand up, which was annoying. The third place was thicker hair, of the same length of 2 mm. Oh. It worked well, I said enough. Finally, the rest of the legs, this is where I ran into problems. These hairs are very thin and light. The epilady seized them without difficulty, but instead of taking them out they separated from where she had grabbed them. So, I ended up with small hairs still small. Seriously, that's fine in my case, they're basically invisible, but if you're very good, but also dark hair? This may not be the tool for you.

660 Customer Reviews

12-Braun Beauty Edition Facial Epilator

If you have spent a lot of time browsing the facial epilator market, then you know for sure. If not, let me tell you it is unique. The Braun beauty makeup model offers the first 2-in-1 model for both facial epilation and an electric facial cleansing brush.

Braun Beauty Edition Facial Epilator 1The cleaning brush offers you a much more thorough and thorough cleaning than manual cleaning and scrubbing, while also saving you time in your routine. It also gives the skin a much smoother, softer feel than the traditional scrub can offer, which is excellent.

The Epilator also has much more effective results than manual techniques and is a definite step above the most inexpensive Epilator options available, making it an excellent choice for Braun if you want a professional standard with a very reasonable price tag for personal care.

The set includes a carrying case, a mirror with LED lighting and an extra slim head to provide exceptional precision for those tricky small areas, especially the forehead and above the upper lip.

The Epilator can cut shorter hairs than waxing, and with a much more painful experience. The areas where the Epilator is located can remain hair-free for up to 4 weeks. The best thing is that you don’t have to wait for the hair to become visible, because the Epilator removes the hair at the root.

Key Features
  • LADIES FACIAL HAIR REMOVER Wave goodbye to your peach down and moustache upper lip. The Epiwand facial hair remover is designed to quickly and easily remove unwanted facial hair of women from the cheeks, chin, neck and upper lip. Roll the epilator spring over your face. Each staff is supplied with instructions and requires no batteries or maintenance.
  • NO STUBBLE REMOVES FACIAL HAIR FROM THE CARROT Unlike the popular lipstick shavers for women, the Epiwand removes the facial hair of women from the root. Removing the hair from the heart means that you will not experience any male-looking stubble in the face and that the hair needs longer to grow back and becomes thinner over time.
  • SAVE MONEY WITH EXPENSIVE HAIR REMOVAL TREATMENTS Save money and time on expensive hair removal treatments such as laser facial hair removal, sugar, face waxing, facial hair threading and electrolysis. The Epiwand thread cutting tool is suitable for all skin types, including women with sensitive skin who have experienced harmful bleaching creams that can burn and permanently discolour sensitive skin. This hair removal tool removes dark coarse hair and even beautiful light hair (peach down).
  • REMOVES FACIAL HAIR WITHOUT THE KNIFE: The pure nature of the Epiwand makes it easy to remove hair without the clutter of sticky wax or shaving cream. This means that you can even use it on the road while you travel. Thanks to the small, portable travel format, you can take it anywhere or use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home and still achieve flawless results.
  • RESTORE YOUR CONFIDENCE: If you or someone you love is self-aware about noticeable facial hair, the Epiwand is a no-brainer. This tool ensures that the hair grows less coarse over time and can last up to 4 weeks. It is a perfect gift for a friend and a great addition to your beauty set. Feel more confident and facial hair every time you leave home by investing in your own cheap Epiwand facial hair epilator today.

Questions & Answers

How painful is this?? Thanks! 🙂

Same as using tweezers only alot of tweezers all at once pulling alot of hairs makes my eyes water

Is this just a fancy tweezer?- Is this for permanent hair removal?

This is definitely more like a tweezer except that it extracts multiple hairs at a time, so much faster than a tweezer. I can tell you from years of experience that NOTHING is a permanent hair remover, including lazor. Eventually It always comes back.  never ending for us females. I love this because it's fast, easy and cheap. I hope this helps. -katy

Has anyone tried using this thing on legs, armpits or bikini area? Besides the pain, what are the results like?

I don't think it would be very effective on a large area such as the legs. It does leave some hair behind and takes many passes to get most of the hair off. It works best on the thickest hair. For the same area, an epilator might have 80 "tweezers" where this device only has the equivalent of three. I think you could do the area visible when wearing a bikini, but you would start running into difficulty with appropriate angles needed to make the spring remove the hair. If you try it, I would recommend doing it on short stubble rather than longer hairs. Maybe if you had a friend help you could do the armpits?? It is theoretically possible to do yourself if you are very flexible, but I can't imagine it myself.

I have an epicare wand which i like. anyone know how epiwand compares or if same parent company as names are very similar?

We can confirm that Epiwand and Epicare are indeed 2 separate which both similar products. Epiwands are made to the highest standards and materials, and are uniquely designed with a grip twist handle for easier control and facial hair removal effectiveness.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Epiwand Facial Hair Remover Spring

Andrea Bambino

Holly crap makes this hurt like a loving mother. I remember reading "painless" from a critic. They must have been drunk with FA because I'm pretty sure they tore my soul through my sideburns. The product does exactly what it says. And there are YouTube videos to show you how to use it. It worked, but I had to punch myself in the vagina a couple of times to get the courage to use it after my first time. If you want to comb your face and laugh, think about kidney stones or delivery. This device is for you. If you are not good at inflicting enormous amounts of pain, you may try something else.

Avatar Reviews  Epiwand Facial Hair Remover Spring 1

Lawyer For Justice

I have been looking for something to remove fine facial hair for my super sensitive skin. The waxes and sugars were too hard, even if they were natural or soft formulas. Do you pinch my face? No, but thanks. Then I found this little boy. I like it. I do not love it, but I do not dislike it either. It definitely removes some fine hair. I know because it makes me want to cry when I'm using it. It hurt. I mean ... really, it really hurts. I was waiting for it because I realize that I'm tearing the hair from my face. So that's fine. It is supposed to hurt to get things out of your body that belong to your body. I only give it 3 stars because it does not really stick to superfine hairs. That is a lot of hair on my face (fine hairs, blond). It seems that it grabs a thicker and thicker hair, but it leaves behind the buggers that I really wish they were not there, like the little furry friends around my mouth and chin. Call me sexy, I know. I keep it and I will continue using it, but I will need to complement it with tweezers or use my favorite NADS (can not you call it something else?), Which is the only thing that does not irritate my face.

Avatar Reviews  Epiwand Facial Hair Remover Spring 2


"I have been using the Epiwand for several months and it works well! I had a small learning curve with the use of Epiwand on the sides of my chin, but Tasmin in Customer Service was very useful (he told me to puff my cheeks like a puffer fish) and that made the difference. I have also noticed a much slower growth of hair on the chin and upper lip. This is a great advantage for me. In addition, the hair is much thinner and less visible when it begins to grow again. The use of the Epiwand does not require any "reserve" time. I use it when I'm watching TV and it only takes a few minutes. Before the Epiwand, I spent money on my chin being locked every two weeks. The hair would begin to grow again within two days of hair removal. Then I would resort to shaving between depilations. This meant faster, thicker growth and shaving strokes. No more waxing appointments, no more shaving strokes, no more being shy and a lot of money saved! Thanks Epiwand !!!

Avatar Reviews  Epiwand Facial Hair Remover Spring 3


So after reading a lot of reviews about this, I bought it anyway and decided to try it. Very happy to have done it! I watched videos on how to make it work, but I realized that, after using it for a few months, I can now do it in different ways depending on where my face is "rolling". Some days I just feel it, other days it makes me cry. One thing I LOVE is that it does not leave my skin red and swollen like after waxing or threading. Also with waxing or threading, I always had the problem that one or two days later I had all these loose hairs that seemed to jump (I loved the SOP!). Now I can do a quick touch-up while my iron is heating up. I also love that I do not have a battery and I do not have to panic about a battery discharged in my little trimmer when I'm traveling!

683 Customer Reviews

13-Braun Silk Epil 7: One of the Best Epilators for Body and Face

It’s great for women who want to take a relaxing bath and at the same time remove some hairs.

It is also a good epilator for men because it is powerful.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 04/02/2020 08:40 AM

Braun Silk Epil 7- One of the Best Epilators for Body and Face 1Because it is wet and dry, it is also wireless.
Charging takes 1 hour and lasts a maximum of 40 minutes.
It is easy to clean because it can be washed without problems.

Some users have complained that the battery will no longer be charged after some time. It is, therefore, best to extend the 2-year warranty, but also ensure that it covers the array.

It has 40 tweezers, which is nothing spectacular at first.

The spectacular thing is how fast this model is and how powerful it is.

What is also spectacular is that the tweezers close properly, so it is intended that the hair is plucked as small as 0.5 mm, just like the above epilator from Emjoi.

I have looked at this aspect a bit because it interests me a lot.

The findings are:

According to many women, Silk-Epil 7561 removes even the smallest ones.

It is excellent to find out that it works as it should because it has a reasonably hefty price tag and it justifies this very well.

If you’ve noticed,

the Braun Silk Epil 7561 is very similar to Panasonic ES-WD51-P and they are also in a short price range.

They are both wet and dry epilators, they both have a trimmer head, a shaving head and tweezers, and both work for a maximum of 40 minutes on one charge.

Other additions are:

  • the rotary head
  • the built-in light
  • the two speeds
  • the shaving head and the trimmer head and the epilation wipes

The epilation wipes do not do much except that they smell beautiful.

The price is perhaps the only thing I can say I don’t like.

But it is still absolutely worth it.

This model can also not be used during charging, and it must be disconnected. The explanation for this is the wet function.

Key Features
  • The most efficient epilator from Braun. The mildest skin External study at the IPI Institute, Stuttgart, March 2013.
  • Epilation removes 4x shorter hair than wax. Plus eight extras including bikini trimmer
  • Wireless wet and dry epilator. Virtually painless with regular use
  • Bonus bikini trimmer. Charges in just 1 hour for 40 minutes of use. Use wirelessly in the shower or the bath.
  • Including shaving head and trimmer hood

Questions & Answers

Just got the epil silk 7 for mother's day. i use it on my legs around my mouth and on my fore arms. all the hair is growing back! what gives braun?

This isn't for permanent hair removal. You would need laser or electrolysis for that. This pulls the hair out, which results in longer times between hair growth. The hair should change thickness and should be easier to remove after continued use. I've been using mine for several years now, and I really don't have any discomfort at all, and my leg hair has changed to very fine, almost baby type hair. it removes very easily. I like not having to shave every few days, and then dealing with the course stubble.

Can this be used while charging?

The answer is sometimes. If the battery is really low it won't turn on while charging similar to cell phones. Otherwise you are good to go.

Hello everyone .. can the epilator used for hard hairs ? how many days hairs will take to grows back ?Is bikini trimmer burning or eatching our skin ?

Yes! It works perfect for thick hair. It takes about 15 days to grow again. Over the bikini area is really painful. In time it becomes tolerable.

Will this work on coarse stubborn facial hair? I've never used an epilator.

I've been using this product for about 15 years. I've used other models, and they go out periodically. This is the newest model and it is the best. Your question was does it work on course, stubborn facial hair? Yes, every model works great on coarse hair. Now, you will have to get used to the slight sting, which I did very fast. It is like waxing, removing the hair from the root. This newer model gets the finer hair better than previous models, so it covers all. I hope this helps. I also purchased one here that is just for the face. It's similar in size to the little electric razor that comes with this one, but it pulls the hair, and is easier to handle and smaller for smaller areas. This is one of the products I can't be without.. I haven't used a razor in 15 years. 🙂

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil

Carolyn A Feffer

I'm obsessed with my epilator! I want everyone to know how good these are! I waxed a year ago and I loved it because I have thick dark hair that requires a daily shave to be smooth ... I rarely felt that I could go a day without feeling like I needed to shave again. I tried sugar, hot wax, hard wax. I love the result of waxing, but hair removal hurts, it always makes me shudder when they throw, and it's expensive. I do not like to wait until my hair grows and then save a lot of money to start the process over again. I asked the last person who wrapped my legs and all my friends, but no one had heard of an epilator, and if they did, they thought I was an old school product that sounded very painful. I decided to try this Braun epilator after some research and I calculated 1. Braun guarantees your satisfaction with the epilator and 2. it is not much more money than a wax. When I turned it on for the first time I was a little scared. It took me a while to have the courage to put it on my leg. I took a hot shower and just had to go for it. Now I'm obsessed. This is a great product. You can use it wet or dry, collect short hairs so you do not have to wait for it to grow, it hurts much less than a wax, and is a unique investment for many uses. I am very happy to have found out about the epilators and I encourage you to try it. I think that waxing (hot, hard or sugary) hurts much more. I have very sensitive skin. After epilation, I usually have red bumps on my leg for about 36 hours. This does not happen to me when I depilate. Some tips: I clean my legs with Tend Skin Solution after shaving and then I put coconut oil. When shaving, go slowly and, sometimes, you should move the epilator in different directions (not just up and down) to get all the hairs. First I waxed my legs after my final wax, so it could have contributed to make my first waxing session a breeze (since my hair was thinner than I had been shaving). All in all, I am telling all my friends about this and I am considering buying them as gifts for my friends. Last weekend I waxed in my backyard in the sun and then went to the beach. My legs looked very good. I have already saved money. Much better than waxing or shaving! Give it a chance, it may become your favorite beauty trick 🙂

Avatar Reviews  Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 1

Amber L

So this is an epilator. If you waited without pain, you are not informed about what you are doing. My complaint is not pain. It's the effectiveness of this. I used another brand that pulled more hair in a single pass before, and this simply is not up to scratch. It works, it's noisy but it works. I just want you to grab more hair at one time. Also: portion: it is easier to start after a wax because your epilator is a fantastic maintenance tool. The initial impulse is, by far, the most painful. Maintenance? It's not a biggie, comparatively. They buffed my buts and then I keep them. I did not have to wax again since I bought it.

Avatar Reviews  Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 2


I bought this for my legs, arms and armpits and to replace shaving. I have dark and thick hair, and this epilator is so ineffective. I have used this product in dry skin, in moist skin, with cream / shaving conditioner, in baby powder, stretching the skin smooth, slowly and with the greatest possible angle, but I did not. Receive the expected results. After using it, the hair on my leg feels like two days after shaving. Also, the use of this has caused ingrown hairs on my legs that I have never experienced with a razor. The pain is manageable once you get used to using the product and I like that you can use it on dry legs. The only reason I gave three stars was because the electric razor and the bikini shaver are great. TL; DRPROS: can be used on dry skin. Limited pain (once acclimated): the electric razor. The bikini shaver. hair completely from the follicle) - Causes of ingrown hair - Does not last longer than shaving - Takes longer than shaving - More painful compared to shaving

Avatar Reviews  Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 3


Bought this torture device to replace hair removal. I got tired of making appointments and the high price of hair removal. I had never shaved before, but according to the other reviews, I prepared for the pain. Let me tell you, it was not as bad as I thought. I took it slowly, only doing sections at once. I did most of my bikini area for two days. I also strongly suggested wetting your bikini area before using it. It makes a big difference. The hair removal will hurt. Knowing a lot However, you will not have to deal with the razor burn and the aggravation caused by chemical hair removal. Worth the effort. This specific device has many nice features and the cover made specifically for the area of ​​your bikini was great! I hope (as much as I can) to incorporate this device into my beauty routine and you should too!

460 Customer Reviews

14-Facial Advanced Cleansing 5-in-1 (with epilator attachment)

As you can see from the name, this set is primarily a facial cleansing brush, but one of the five additional accessories is an epilator head. It has both an epilator and a shaving head to give you a long-lasting hair removal that won’t irritate your skin. It is portable, lightweight and handy, and it also gives you a facial brush, stimulator and pedicure attachment for a wonderfully pampered device.

What is included?

Facial Advanced Cleansing 5-in-1 (with epilator attachment) 1You will receive a complete pamper series in this set. You will receive the handheld device with a facial cleansing brush, epilator head, lady shaver, stimulator, and callus remover. It is rechargeable and therefore also contains the power cable. The device is equipped with an anti-slip switch and a button with one push on the button to unlock the attached head. It also indicates how much load it currently holds by the load indicator.

This is a very versatile device, and you can easily switch between attachments to quickly change functions. With this complete system, you can prepare your skin, remove your hair and even give yourself a relaxing massage. With this 5-in-1 device, you can also pamper your feet and bring the feeling of the spa to the comfort of your own home.

Changing headers takes no time – there is a one-touch release button that detaches the attachment, and then you can easily swap the head for your copy, which clicks in place.

The charging point is located at the bottom of the handle, and there is an indicator to let you know how much charge it contains.

Key Features
  • High-frequency micro-vibrating facial cleansing brush delivers daily deep cleansing and gentle peeling
  • Rolling massager renews skin texture for a refreshed, smooth feeling
  • Epilator and shaving heads ensure long-lasting and anti-irritating hair removal
  • Callus remover pampers your feet as a spa in the comfort of your home
  • Find Cleansing System includes facial cleansing brush + Massager + Epilator + Lady Shaver + Callus Remover, you can realise five functions in 1 set. Rechargeable, lightweight and handy!

Questions & Answers

Can I use this Epilator on face ???

Yes. I do and it works well. I would not use anywhere around eyes though.

When using this device, is it easy to accidentally press the buttons? Do you find that their position gets in the way or is it just not an issue?

Dear Sir/Madam, The button on the back, which is used to release heads, not easily to be pressed. And facial brush has microseismic function for deeper purifying:-) Yours sincerely Flend Tech.

How to charge this product? electric 110V or 220V?

Dear Pham, We offer charger for this facial cleansing brush, it supports 100-240V input:-)Your friendFlend Tech.

3 ?s 1-Can this be used while it is charging/plugged in? 2-How long does it take to charge? 3-How do you know it is charged?(light turns green?)

I bought this for my wife. She loves it. It works very well and does the job. She says it did not take long to charge and she does not have to charge it that often between uses. She has not used it plugged in. It has a couple of attachments and there is one she uses on my heels. If your heels get rough and cracked in the Summer, there is a wheel that quickly helps make them smooth. This paid for itself, and no more paying to have your face waxed, wife says.

15- Remington Smooth Silky Facial Epilator

 Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator 1

The Remington Smooth and Silky epilator are specially designed to remove unwanted hair from your face, giving you smooth skin that lasts. It is compact, so you can easily take it with you, and an AA battery powers it, so it has been troubling you for a long time, without having to worry about dragging cables in your bathroom!

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In this set you will receive the Remmington facial epilator, a cap to protect the head when you store it or travel and a brush to clean it. It requires 1 AA battery, one of which is in the kit. Of course, this is not as diverse as other available kits, but if you are looking for a facial epilator and you don’t have to worry about cleaning brushes or pedicure accessories, then this is the one for you.

This facial epilator is very easy to use. You do not have to change your head, fold the battery, and you are ready to leave. The on/off switch sits comfortably on the handle, slide it up, and it turns on. There is only one speed, but the performance is precise.

Key Features
  • 6 Automatic tweezers The rotating tweezers quickly and gently remove unwanted hair for a smooth, long-lasting result. -} Protective cap and cleaning brush Use the protective cap to protect the epilator head during storage and travel. Use the supplied brush to remove hair from the tweezers of the epilator
  • Works on batteries (1 AA included)

Questions & Answers

Anyone compare to bellabe facial hair remover? which one would u recommend?

I cant compare it to Bellable facial hair remover... But I did not care for the product ..you're better off tweezing

How exactly IN PLAIN ENGLISH are you supposed to hold this to your face, side, tip, etc.?

The skin must be held taught and the Epilator held at 90 deg to hair/skin in small circular movement.

Does this remove very fine facial hair (peach fuzz)?

Yes, I have light colored hair, which is finer than dark hair and it works great! Just make sure you use it according to the directions and you will be fine.

Anyone know where I can get a copy of the manual for this? It is not on their site and the link on here does not exist.

I use it more straight thaen at an angle and I use the brush byn brushing as much of it as I can and it seems to work fine

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Facial

Shobi Seneviratne

I just received this and when I read some of the not so good reviews, at first I was a bit skeptical. But in reality this is a great little product. I have PCOS, which means that I have super thick facial hair (more than some others with PCOS), so I decided to start shaving my facial hair. Hair removal will not hurt, NO MATTER WHAT you buy, because it literally is pulling the hair from its root. But this Remington felt good and it hurt even a little less. I managed to get all the hair out and I am very happy for the price!

Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Facial 1


I have been using an epilator for more than 30 ears on my legs. While the devices have improved a lot, none is comfortable to wear on the face. This is. It requires patience and a certain tolerance for pain, but each time you use it more often it will hurt less. Keeping it at the right angle and moving in slow circles is key. It will take several uses to eliminate the soft facial hair completely. . Also, despite claims to the contrary, you will have to use an epilator more often than every 6 weeks. I recommend once a week at the beginning. I have to shave at least every two weeks. But, by far, the best method of hair removal for the legs and also with this facial hair. If you decide to try an epilator on your legs, I recommend that you use it both dry and in the shower. It is not so painful.

Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Facial 2


I have been using this for 3 weeks now. I have used many other hair removal treatments, including laser hair removal. The laser permanently removed approximately half of the hair, but the remaining half continued to grow again. When one system ceases to be effective, it will change to another. More recently I've been waxing. This caused a lot of irritation and it would get outbreaks. I got this unit because the waxing became ineffective and I found myself pulling out the hair that the wax would not remove. The first time I used this I had not waxed in a long time, so it was painful. Now I make regular use every two days and I love it! It takes some time to get used to when it comes to the angle at which it should be for it to work. Each person's hair grows differently in all parts of your face. I have to go against hair growth and not use pressure. Start everything! Yes, it stings me, but I no longer have skin traumas or rashes. This is a great unit for money and I will do it again and again!

Avatar Reviews  Remington Smooth & Silky Facial 3


I am approaching 40 and as I get older, I have noticed an increase in annoying facial hair. Arranco, I have used wax strips and depilatory creams, but they are messy and can be painful. While this practical device is not painless, it is very easy to use and really helps with the problem. I discovered that after almost a month of use, my facial hair grows again at a very impressive speed. I only had to use it two or three times in the month, the first time and then two touch-ups. And the time between retouching has increased and the amount of hair that I have had to remove each time has decreased. I have developed a method that seems to help a little with pain as well. I found that my upper lip was the most painful, so I keep it for last. I do it around my eyebrows, a little on my chin, and then I move closer to my upper lip. It seems to help me prepare and it does not hurt as much as I suppose. The fact is that it is pulling several hairs at a time, but the pain is not worse than the tweezers and much less than waxing, and the minimization of the hair removal project over time is a great advantage. I'm glad I made the purchase!

653 Customer Reviews

16-Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet Dry

This is the fastest epilator from Philips, with more power and forceps to remove even more beautiful hairs. You can keep your hair for free for weeks, and you can use this model on your legs, arms, bikini and even your face. What’s more, it’s a 2-in-1 device, which means you can use a shaver in your more sensitive areas if you want, and it has a total of 5 attachments to give you everything you need to keep it smooth and silky. Are staying.

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry 1The set contains the handheld device, a shaving head with trimming comb, epilating head, face area and covers for sensitive areas and a cleaning brush. You also get a blanket to keep everything together. The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is also included and is rechargeable.

The Philips Satinelle Advanced is very easy to use. The cups click into place quickly, and the caps sit comfortably over the top. The S-shaped handle is designed to be comfortably held and held comfortably.

This gives you complete control and the best range, no matter which part of your body you treat.

You will find the best results if you hold the device at an angle of 90 ° to the surface of your skin. It has a non-slip handle, so you can use it best, whether you want to use it wet or dry.

The lithium-ion battery only takes an hour and a half to charge fully but gives a maximum of 40 minutes of use. However, you can charge it quickly, but it only takes 5 minutes to be sufficiently amplified for slightly longer usage time. The patented ceramic disc system is extremely efficient and lifts and removes unwanted hair.

Key Features
  • Satinelle Advanced cordless epilator effectively removes hair through the root on the entire body legs, armpits, bikini line and face for weeks of smooth skin, even in sensitive areas
  • Special ceramic tweezers rotate quickly to capture more hair through the root while being gentle on the skin
  • Extra-wide epilation head grabs more hair at the first pass for faster hair removal without pulling sensitive skin
  • The rechargeable electric epilator is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides 40 minutes of cordless use on wet or dry skin. Fully charge the appliance before you use
  • Multipurpose 2-in-1 epilator and female electric shaver comes with the epilators handle plus five attachments to adjust your epilation and hair removal

Questions & Answers

I have very fine white facial hair. Will it remove fine white hairs?

yes, I have very fine facial hair and the device takes everything, I am very satisfied with the result

Can you use this while showering?

If not charging, yes. Or you can use while charging, at your own expense.

How is this item warranty? Is the world warranty available?

Hello! This Philips Satinelle Epilator includes a 24 month worldwide warranty.

For men?

Hello! Yes, the Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, Electric Hair Removal, Cordless Wet & Dry Use, (BRE635) can be used for men.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, Electric


I have been using this for about 2 months. I was nervous to try it and yes, it hurts the first rounds, but in general I have been happy with the results. Patterns: I do not have to take my hair off as often anymore, nor do I have to shave every day anymore. It worked excellent in my armpits and began to return approximately 1-1 1/2 weeks later. My armpits feel so soft afterwards. I'm quite used to the feeling of waxing now and it does not "hurt" like when I started. Cons: the product rips off most of the hairs on my legs and does a great job of removing them from the root, but there are still a lot of thick dark hairs on my legs that just will not come out! I still shave almost daily but it has removed the appearance of hair from the legs and feels soft even with the hairs that refuse to come out. I have had a few ingrown hairs on my legs after using it. I've noticed that dry brushing is the key to experience and exfoliation! I am still doing exercises and finding ways to improve my experience. Hair removal in the warm shower seems to come out more of the hairs hard than dry hair removal.

163 Customer Reviews

What Is An Epilator

beautiful brunette woman epilating arms in the bathroom - epilator for face and body s and pictures What is an epilator

I know some women have never heard of these devices so far, and that’s okay.

I’m going to make a long introduction so that you can catch up.

A hair removal applicator is a small device that removes hair from the root thanks to the small metal / ceramic tweezers.

Hair is not removed one by one because that would last forever.

Some of them are removed from the root with a single passage.

The tweezers rotate, and they grab the hair and pull it from the root.

Here’s the kicker:

You can have soft skin for two weeks, up to a month.

That’s pretty great, and you have to admit it!

Types Of Epilators

Spring Type

Does Epilady invent the first epilator?

If you’ve ever seen or used the Bellabe, you know what I’m only talking about that a motor-powered the spring type epilator.

The Bellabe is a device for removing facial hair that needs to be rotated by hand.

Type Of Rotating Disk

Remington was the first to replace the spring with a series of metal disks.

Type Tweezers

That is the modern epilator that we are all currently using.

How Does Epilator Work

How does epilator work

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The epilator’s head consists of a small metal tweezer that moves together and apart while the head is rotating, grabs the hairs and pulls them off the root and then releases the removed hairs.

Several small tweezers grab her and pluck them from their roots.

It is automated epilation, and therefore, the pain is also more intense.

The hair is pulled from the root, just like with resins.

FAQ About Best Epilator For Face And Body

Is it painful to use the best epilator for face and body?

Hair is removed from their follicle, so epilation is painful.

Such as waxing, even a little more painful than waxing, especially when it comes to removing facial hair.

Shaving and hair removal creams are non-painful hair removal methods.

Does epilation become less painful over time?

That’s for sure.

If you immediately switch from epilation to epilation, it will be excruciating in the beginning.

Some people don’t accept it, and if it’s torture for you, it’s best to give up.

But if you stick to it,

it will ultimately be less painful. The body and the mind adapt.

If you go from waxing to epilation, the transition will not be so uncomfortable.

How to make epilation less painful?

I’m not going to lie: there aren’t many things that make epilation less painful.

Taking a hot bath or shower helps open the pores.

By keeping the skin tight while removing the hair, it also helps a little.

An efficiency connection or a holder for a massage roll makes everything just that little bit better.

If you want to epilate your bikini line or armpits, use a cap for sensitive areas.

Will Epilating Cause Ingrown Hairs?

Where Can I use Epilator?

Because epilation removes hair from the root, below the skin surface, there is a chance that you will get ingrown hairs as they grow back. Some people seem to be more prone to them than others. Don’t let this prevent you from epilating; the benefits outweigh.

Make sure you scrub regularly to prevent ingrown hairs. Some epilators, such as the Braun Silk-Pill pill, have a peeling brush that you can use. If you choose a model without, you can use a regular body scrub instead. We recommend selecting a scrub that uses natural exfoliators, such as the Astra Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub that you can purchase here at Amazon. This scrub uses Himalayan sea salt. Alternatively, you can buy exfoliating brushes designed for this purpose.

However, you don’t want to scrub too much – once, maybe twice a week should be enough. Do this just before you epilate and then again after a few days.

Can I epilate my face?

Yes, you can, but choose one that is specifically designed for facial hair. Facial epilators have features such as the ability to rotate in two directions and generally have fewer tweezers so that you can be more accurate with your shape.

Many body epilation devices have a smaller head or cap that reduces the epilation surface, but a specially designed facial applicator will be much milder for your face. Moreover, it is shaped so that you can reach the hair more quickly.

However, male hair in the face is much denser and thicker than in women. Therefore, if you are a man, you will find that epilating your face will be much more painful.

Can I epilate my Bikini line?

Yes, you can. However, remember that you are likely to feel more discomfort when epilating your bikini line. This is partly because the skin is more sensitive and partly because the hair is thicker.

We recommend that you use an attachment that reduces the epilation surface for your bikini line. Although this means that it takes a little longer, it is more helpful for your skin.

Don’t forget to exfoliate before and a few days after epilating your bikini line. This area can be more prone to getting ingrown hairs.

You can also cut your hair short before you start epilating your bikini line. Work on smaller parts at the same time and keep your skin tight.

Final Words

We recommend choosing epilation as an excellent hair removal method. It is so famous for a reason. You get long-lasting results and beautiful soft skin.

It may take some getting used to, but you will be happy with the results. Another hair removal option that you can consider is electrolysis (the best hair removal products for home electrolysis).

We hope that with our best epilator for face and body reviews you will find the product that delivers the most efficient performance.

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