10 Best Bay Rum Aftershave Of 2019 : Complete Review

shaving is not complete without best bay rum aftershave lotion. A classic post-shave fragrance that is increasingly popular today is bay rum. It is one of the oldest scents after shaving, dating from the Antilles in the sixteenth century.

Until a hundred years ago, it was almost the most popular aftershave in the world. With shaving in the wet increasingly popular and all returning to the use of safety razors, we are seeing a great comeback with the aftershave lotion.Best Bay Rum Aftershave

However, there are many different variations of this product and not all are up to the reputation. It is easy to see why bay rum returns in the bay. It’s old school but not old-fashioned: a masculine scent of cloves and spices. Even so, the few companies that use authentic laurel leaves and rum will have variations in terms of odor, depending on where they get their bay leaves and rum. Even if two companies use identical ingredients, the smell will still vary depending on their proper blends. So this is the place you came to and I will help you find the best bay rum aftershaves.

What is the difference between a bay rum aftershave lotion and a regular post-shave lotion?

While these two products have the same purpose, the biggest difference between these two products would be the ingredients they contain. A lotion for after bay rum has two main ingredients: bay leaf and rum. Lotions for after regular use many more chemicals and are divided into two subcategories: water based and alcohol based. The smell is another thing that separates these two. The aftershaves of Bay rum have a strong aroma characterized by a wood, earthy or spicy aroma.

10 Best Bay Rum Aftershave On The Market

The best thing about aftershave is that you can find one that is suitable for every skin type. There are many types of aftershave products on the market, making it difficult to know which one suits you best. This article discusses the ten Best Bay Rum Aftershave based on their price range, popularity with customers and overall quality.

1-Bay Rum Aftershave – from Barberry Coast Shave.

What I like about this product is 100% of all natural ingredients that do not contain parabens or alcohol that can dry out the skin.Bay Rum Aftershave - from Barberry Coast Shave It also contains skin-friendly ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and shea butter.

This product will leave a cooling sensation due to the menthol content. Barberry Coast was able to achieve this thanks to the genuine combination of oils and spices extracted from bay leaves of the West Indies. The fragrance also comes from natural sources such as cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, orange, and allspice.

All these ingredients in addition to smelling good to have numerous benefits for our skin. These include stress relief and improves blood circulation. If you are looking for something with a traditional smell, then this would be a great option. Keep in mind that the smell is not so strong and if you prefer something with a stronger aroma, opt for another product on this list.

2- Genuine Ogallala: Bay Rum Aftershave

Located in the beautiful old cowboy village of Ogallala, Nebraska, the artisanal products of the authentic Ogallala Bay Rum Toiletry Company are among the best shave bottles available. Genuine Ogallala- Bay Rum Aftershave Genuine Ogallala, which probably has the strongest and most lasting smell of all the products on this list. As for the ingredients, this is another that only contains all natural ingredients such as witch hazel, bay oil, cinnamon, clove oil, rosemary, orange, lime, ginger, sage, and wintergreen. All of these essential oils combine to give this one of the deepest perfumes of any post-shave rum we have ever encountered.

On the other hand, they also create a scent that is not exactly what one imagines you should smell a laurel rum (although it is quite similar), but it is still quite pleasant. While the smell is definitely nice, there are still some problems that prevent it from being the first on this list.

First, this product tends to dry the skin a bit more than the others on this list, since it does not contain glycerin (although witch hazel does have some excellent nutritional properties for the skin).

The other main problem is that, once again, it does not smell exactly like an aftershave rum should be. While it smells good, if you’re looking for a true rum fragrance bay rum, you might be a little disappointed.

3-Captain’s Choice Original Bay Rum AfterShave

Captain’s Choice is one of the most recommended aftershave lotions for men who love the traditional aromas of bay rum. It has a particularly strong cinnamon note and some notable notes of clove.Captain s Choice Original Bay Rum AfterShave In 2011, Scott Brennecke was frustrated by the lack of high-quality aftershaves in the market.

He spent four frustrating months trying to perfect his bay rum before he was ready to start selling it. This touch of bay rum is a popular choice in the wet shaving community because of the unique sensation of bite described as (perfect burn). It is an intense burn similar to pepper but to the skin.

This feeling starts lightly and quickly becomes something that you think you can not handle. The men who liked the sensation have described it as (addictive). It has a classic aroma of laurel rum with just a touch of clove.

So, if you do not like the nail, this is a good alternative.

Most wet shaving machines agree that Captain’s Choice Bay rum is one of the best options available after shaving with bay rum.

The aroma is not overwhelming, but it is well rounded. Unlike other bay rums, it is not dominated by the addition of cloves.

4-Clubman Pinaud Bay Rum

Actually, it is made from artificial ingredients and synthetic chemicals, this gives it a fragrance that comes very close to the fragrance of rum for after shaving from genuine berries. Despite not being true to the original formula, he still has thousands of men who use it every day.Clubman Pinaud Bay Rum This Pinaud aftershave is available at a reasonable price and offers a classic bite when applied. Actually, he is the hardest of all the aftershaves on this list. While it smells good, it is possible that your skin does not appreciate all the synthetic things that affect it. If you are new to the Bay Rum aftershaves, this would be a perfect option for you. It is not as strong on the nose as some of the more traditional fragrances, it has a more modern scent, retaining traditional tones and is available at a reasonable price. Why not spend a little more and opt for a totally natural bay rum?

5-DR Harris Bay Rum

DR Harris Bay Rum Coming from England, D.R. Harris specializes in high-end products that are perfect for men even with sensitive skin. This aftershave of laurel rum does an incredible job of softening and refreshing the skin after shaving.

D.R. Harris has a light scent, so it will not interfere with a colony if you use one. In addition, there are bonus points for the bottle with the class aspect.

6-GABELS Bay Rum AfterShave

GABELS Bay Rum AfterShaveAnother popular brand of aftershave lotion for bay rum, and another one that you should definitely avoid. The Bay Rum shaving lotion from Gabel is produced in the Virgin Islands, the original home of bay rum, but it still has almost nothing in common with the original, apart from its fragrance profile.

Yes, it smells like laurel rum, since it actually uses laurel oil to achieve that characteristic aroma. If you have been looking for good aftershaves for sensitive skin, this can also improve it. The aftershave lotion is very balanced and immediately closes the pores of sensitive skin so there is no further irritation.


7-Royall Bay rum Of Bermuda

If you wrote this article 10 or 15 years ago, it is very likely that this product was on the list, since it used to be considered among the best bay rum aftershave. In fact, I vividly remember my father using this particular product as a child.GABELS Bay Rum AfterShave 1

But while my father is still a fan of laurel rum, he was forced to abandon this product a few years ago, and according to the criticisms I read, he was definitely not alone. Basically, the company regrettably made the decision to change its recipe at some point, which resulted in a new product that is far inferior to what it used to do.

Not only that but unlike Gabel or Clubman-Pinaud, this is not even cheap.

So do yourself a favor and try something else.

8-St. Johns Bay Rum Cologne and Aftershave

When we talk about rum, all conversations eventually lead to St. John’s. The name comes from the island on which the laurel trees grew and became an important export in the 1920s.St- Johns Bay Rum Cologne and Aftershave

Since then it has grown in size. The classic bottle with its ‘fishnet’ packaging has been around since the Second World War and it makes St. John’s Bay Rum immediately recognizable to those who know it.

The best way to describe the St. John formula is, ‘Blank’, It is alcohol-based, but burning is really more of a tingling sensation and it is very flexible to adjust. Fragrant, it is well balanced. The bay rum forms most of the body, but it is well mixed with the cloves, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and musk to create a nice, woody scent. However, the odor is of relatively short duration; Testimonials range from a few minutes to just over a few hours.

9-The Master Bay rum Aftershave

The Master Bay rum AftershaveThe Master Bay Rum is an affordable aftershave that is popular because it does not cause a burning effect on the skin. It comes first because of the perfect packaging without leaks and the mild odor.

This aftershave is generally appreciated by people who are sensitive to odor. It is an excellent product for people with sensitive skin because it does not cause irritation or redness.

Master Bay Rum is supplied in a plastic bottle with a capacity of 500 ml. It can be used for both wet and dry shaving for trimming and shaving.

10-The Bull and Bell Bay Rum Aftershave

The Bull and Bell Bay Rum AftershaveThe Bull and Bell Bay Rum is a specially designed after-shave intended to relieve burns because it does not dry out the skin.

It is ranked as the Best Bay Rum Aftershave since it is usually handmade to moisturize the skin and has a soothing effect, accompanied by a scent that lasts all day.

Made from a combination of aloe and hazel, so it is not sticky and can, therefore, be used by both beginners. It can be used by people with sensitive skin because it is flexible and does not irritate.

Why even use Bay Rum Aftershave?

The main purpose of the aftershave lotion is to soothe the skin. If you have problems cutting the skin, skin irritation, rash, and similar problems, the aftershave lotion has excellent healing properties. Most post-shave lotions have ingredients that act as astringents to prevent cuts from bleeding. Other ingredients moisturize and soften the skin.help with acne. If you have occasional bouts that bother you after shaving, they will help you fight that. It helps to tighten the skin and prevents acne in this way. If acne is a major concern, you may want to opt for an alcohol-based aftershave.

Choosing The Best Bay Rum Aftershave

Some of these resort-style products can come close to the original scent, but none of them can adequately reproduce the clove, rum and cinnamon fragrance that come from a post-shave lotion. Similarly, many aftershaves lotions replace the rum with cheaper grain alcohol.

Bay Rum Aftershave

Unfortunately, this not only eliminates the odor, but it is also much harder on the skin and can leave it with a sharp and tight feeling.

You will find that some aftershaves contain glycerin. This is a product based on vegetable oil that helps to moisturize and care for the skin, leaving it silky. If you have dry skin or just do not like the hardness of most aftershaves, then you should try to find one that contains glycerin.

If you have not tried the bay rum yet, it’s time to try it.

You will love the masculine scent.

The above products represent the Best Bay Rum Aftershave lotions; I am sure you will find one that works well for your needs.

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