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Best Bay Rum Aftershave: Excellent Scent & Long Lasting 2023

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Shaving is not complete without the best bay rum aftershave lotion. A classic post-shave fragrance that is increasingly popular today is bay rum cologne. It is one of the oldest scents after shaving, dating from the Antilles in the sixteenth century.

Men in the 1800s and early 1900s could not imagine their daily shaving routine without aftershave bay rum on the bay. When I was a kid, I saw my father’s obsession with this even applied a bit of bay rum lotion to my face when I was only 10 or 12 years old. I know it sounds crazy, but I couldn’t wait for my beard to grow. The spicy, sensual scent of laurel was simply too irresistible.

With shaving in the wet increasingly popular and all returning to the use of safety razors, we see a remarkable comeback with the aftershave lotion.Best Bay Rum Aftershave

It is easy to see why bay rum returns in the bay. It’s old school but not old-fashioned: a masculine scent of cloves and spices.

Even so, the few companies that use authentic laurel leaves and rum will have variations in terms of odor, depending on where they get their bay leaves and rum.

Even if two companies use identical ingredients, the smell will vary depending on their proper blends.

If you are also looking for recommendations for the best bay rum aftershaves for that perfect finishing touch, you’ve come to the right place, and I’ll help you find the right bay rum smell aftershave.

What is the Difference Between After-Shave Bay Rum Lotion and a Regular Post-shave Lotion?

While these two products have the same purpose, the most significant difference between these two products would be the ingredients list they contain.

Bay rum has two primary ingredients list: bay leaf and rum.

Regular aftershave lotion uses many more chemicals and is divided into two subcategories: water-based and alcohol-based.

The smell is another thing that separates these two.

The bay rum scent aftershave has a strong aroma characterized by a wood, earthy or spicy aroma.

Types Of Aftershave

The market has a wide range of aftershave products. They generally come in four forms: creams, gels, aftershave balms, and lotions. In addition to working as an antiseptic, they also soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate dry, irritated skin after shaving.

Unlike other products you use during shaving, the best bay rum aftershaves have a more prolonged effect. You do not wipe them away immediately after use.

As we mentioned earlier, lotions have the highest alcohol content of all aftershave products on the market: no less than 60 to 75%. They are very similar to the types of aftershave that hairdressers use. We recommend sending aftershave lotions away if you can. The high alcohol content in it not only dries out your skin but also narrows the pores and indirectly causes ingrown hairs.

Why Even Use Bay Rum Aftershave?

The primary purpose of the aftershave bay rum is to soothe the skin.

If you have problems cutting the skin, skin irritation, rash, and similar problems, the aftershave bay rum recipe has excellent healing properties.

Most post-shave lotions have ingredients that act as astringents to prevent cuts from bleeding. Other ingredients moisturize and soften the skin.

Help with acne. If you have occasional bouts that bother you after shaving, they will help you fight that.

It helps to tighten the skin and prevents acne in this way. If acne is a significant concern, you may want to opt for an alcohol-based aftershave.

10 Best Bay Rum Aftershaves 2023

The best thing about aftershave bay rums is that you can find one suitable for every skin type.

There are many bay rum recipes on the market, making it difficult to know which one suits you best.

This article discusses the ten best bay rum aftershaves based on their price range, popularity with customers, and overall quality.

1. Bay Rum Aftershave from Barberry Coast Shave.

Bay Rum Aftershave from Barberry Coast Shave.View On Amazon

I like this product because 100% of all-natural ingredients do not contain parabens or alcohol that dry out the skin.

It also contains skin-friendly ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and shea butter.
Bay Rum Aftershave from Barberry Coast Shave. 1This product will leave a cooling sensation due to the menthol content.

Barberry Coast was able to achieve this thanks to the genuine combination of essential oils and spices extracted from bay leaves of the West Indies.

The bay rum cologne also comes from natural sources such as cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, orange, and allspice.

In addition to smelling good, all these ingredients have numerous benefits for our skin. These include stress relief and improved blood circulation.

If you are looking for a bay rum scent with a traditional smell, this would be a great option. Keep in mind that the smell is not so strong and if you prefer something with a more intense aroma, opt for another product on this list of bay rum aftershave options.

  • I would recommend this thing for the natural ingredients that do not threaten your skin.
  • You have this subtle scent that lingers long after applying it to your face.
  • Glycerin keeps the moisture from your skin trapped, unlike alcohol that dries it. In addition to the fragrance, Barberry Coat provides aftershave antioxidants and stress-relieving properties.
  • The makers’ confidence shines with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.
  • People first feel the alcohol burn sensation, so alcohol is mixed with other ingredients.

2. Genuine Ogallala: Bay Rum Aftershave

Genuine Ogallala: Bay Rum AftershaveView On AmazonLocated in the beautiful old cowboy village of Ogallala bay rum, Nebraska, the artisanal products of the authentic Ogallala Bay Rum Toiletry Company are among the best aftershaves available.

Genuine Ogallala bay rum probably has the most robust and lasting smell of all the bay rum aftershave products. As for the ingredients, this is another that only contains all-natural ingredients such as witch hazel extract, bay oil, cinnamon, clove oil, coconut oil rosemary, orange, lime, ginger, sage, and wintergreen.

All of these essential oils combine to give this one of the best bay rum cologne of any post-shave rum we have ever encountered. On the other hand, they also create a scent that is not exactly what one imagines you should smell a laurel rum (although it is pretty similar), but it is still quite pleasant.

While the smell is pleasant, some problems prevent it from being the first on this list.

First, the ogallala bay rum product tends to dry the skin more than the others on this list since it does not contain glycerin (although witch hazel extract does have flawless skin nutritional properties).

The other main problem is that, once again, it does not smell exactly like an aftershave bay rum smell should be. While it smells good, if you’re looking for an authentic rum fragrance, bay rum, you might be a little disappointed.

  • The design will certainly interest people; a vintage bottle with a screw cap indicates aristocracy.
  • In my opinion, the makers simulated the organic scent of Bay Rum as closely as possible.
  • I feel that the price is exactly right. It is not too high or too low compared to the other options.
  • Ogallala customer service is something to cherish for our general users there.
  • Having the right amount of alcohol is the key to giving users an alcohol burn sensation.
  • The odor disappears fairly quickly after you first apply the aftershave.
  • I would have liked to keep afloat in place to keep the liquid in the bottle.

3. Captain’s Choice Original bay rum AfterShave

Captains Choice Original bay rum AfterShaveView On Amazon

Captain’s choice original bay rum is one of the most recommended aftershave lotions for men who love the traditional aromas of bay rum. It has a strong cinnamon note and some special notes of clove.

In 2011, Scott Brennecke was frustrated by the lack of high-quality aftershaves in the market.

He spent four frustrating months trying to perfect his bay rum before he was ready to start selling it.

This touch of original bay rum is a popular choice in the wet shaving community because of the unique sensation of bite described as (perfect burn).

It is an intense burn similar to pepper but to the skin.

This feeling starts lightly and quickly becomes something you think you can not handle.
The men who liked the sensation have described it as (addictive). It has a classic aroma of laurel rum with just a touch of clove.

So, if you do not like the nail, this is a good alternative.

Most wet shaving machines agree that the captain’s choice of bay rum is one of the best options available after shaving with bay rum.

The aroma is not overwhelming, but it is well-rounded. Unlike other bay rums, it is not dominated by cloves.

  • I liked how Cat O’Nine Tails smells. The sweet scent of sandalwood is always a welcome feature.
  • This thing is absorbed quickly into the skin. captain’s choice cat O’Nine Tails doesn’t even cause the yellow glow.
  • You will notice a soft and warm feeling when it starts to work its magic on your skin.
  • Witch hazel extract has antibacterial properties. Small incisions and cuts healed quickly in my case.
  • Glycerin is a welcome addition to the traditional ingredients of this fragrance of laurel shaving.
  • The combustion it causes is also noticeable. I would not recommend it for people with sensitive skin.

4. Clubman Pinaud Bay Rum

Clubman Pinaud Bay RumView On Amazon

Clubman Pinaud bay rum smells of nostalgia from the golden age. The uber-masculine perfume with solid hints of bay leaves, cloves, and cinnamon has weakened women on their knees since 1880. That is quite long!

The first thing you touch immediately after applying the lotion is a heavenly note of cloves and cinnamon about the fragrance profile. You can only smell the bay leaves after the solution has dried on your skin.

This is one thing you should know before it drives you crazy. Unlike traditional bay rum aftershaves, it has no rum in it. It is SD-40 alcohol that causes quite a bit of burning when applied immediately after shaving. The SD-40 acts as a disinfectant for notches, cuts, and bumps after shaving for those who don’t know.

When checking the label, you may find the names of some synthetic chemicals. I just want you to know that most of these substances are derived from essential oils.

Most people who complain about severe alcohol burn or redness probably use a lot. You are supposed to use only a line on your face and body. So it is not right to entirely blame the product.

If your skin is seriously allergic to synthetic fragrances or dyes, I recommend that you consult a dermatologist before using it. You can also do a patch test on your skin if that’s handy. Another glitch in the product is the lack of potency in the fragrance. Although it smells perfect, I wish it could have been a bit stronger and more durable.

  • Those who like to have a direct burn on your face while using laurel will love this thing.
  • Alcohol is a strong disinfectant, with this amount of small incisions and bruises have no chance.
  • The aftershave has a soft scent that gives you a pleasant feeling when it comes into effect.
  • I noticed five different but subtle scent layers with which this thing comes or changes.
  • The scent will not project much; it is perfect for guests who want their aftershave discreetly.
  • The alcohol is intense. So, Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum is not for everyone.
  • Pinaud has included some difficult to pronounce chemicals in the mix. I would say: Buy wisely.

5. Gilbert Henry Natural Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

Gilbert Henry Natural Bay Rum Aftershave BalmView On Amazon

Although it’s not hard to find a completely natural bay rum aftershave splash, finding a natural bay rum aftershave balm is something completely different.

But that is exactly what it is – gilbert henry bay rum only uses natural essential oils of aromatherapy quality and are free from parabens and other unwanted chemicals.

I love to relieve pain and irritation afterward less than stellar shaves thanks to the aloe-based, which hydrates and soothes the skin without leaving a greasy or oily residue.

Another reason I prefer is that it contains no alcohol (alcohol is on) the ingredient list. Still, the company says this is because some extracts are made with alcohol), which means it has won) Don’t dry out your skin like so many other products.

Of course, the lack of alcohol probably means that it doesn’t deserve the rum label on the bay, but the smell is still exactly what you would expect.

That said, although I and many others like the smell of this specific product, it has a much more pungent clove smell than many other products – with quite a few reviewers that the smell of clove was a bit too overwhelming.

  • I think it’s great to have a pump cap. Amateurs and first-timers will not spill too much of the aftershave.
  • You have citrus, authentic West Indian bay leaf, and allspice with clove and sandalwood base.
  • I liked the addition of Neem oil and witch hazel extract. The makers insisted on healing notches and cuts.
  • The formula contains no synthetic elements. This makes it free of parabens and sulfates.
  • I liked how light it felt in my hands. It doesn’t feel greasy! Even for a second or two.
  • I would find the price steeper than the others in the same category.

6. GABELS Bay Rum After Shave Lotion

GABELS Bay Rum After Shave LotionView On Amazon

GABELS bay rum after shave has that vintage 1800s hairdressing aroma that we all love. You will even find a few bottles of these today in a barbershop. It is one of the few bay rum brands that has maintained the quality of its product over the years.

The characteristic scent of GABELS comes from laurel oil. It contains bay oil, sucrose out of acetate, SD-40 alcohol, and food colorants. There is a noticeable touch of clove in it, but it is not overwhelming. The aroma is ideal for men who prefer the classic fragrance of Cologne/aftershave over the smell of modern deodorants.

I did not find any offensive ingredient on the label. Because of the alcohol content, it does burn. However, the burn is not painful. It is pretty refreshing on your skin.

The balance of all ingredients in the blend is on-point. Once applied immediately after wet shaving, it soothes firms and firms your skin. It also closes the pores to minimize skin irritation caused by shavers.

Those who love masculine, mild aromas that linger on the body instead of an overwhelming scent would love this bay rum. Although the smell is not too greasy, it stays with you for 7-8 hours. What’s even better, you can re-apply it a few times if you want. It does not irritate your skin.

Because the scent is very light, you may need to use a considerable amount to achieve a robust, long-lasting scent. The good thing is that aftershave is not expensive at all. So you don’t have to break the bank to smell like a stylish, handsome hunk.

  • In addition to the aftershave lotion, this can also be used as a perfume for the subtle scent.
  • You have a solid odor to contend with. It is subtle but refreshing after a smooth shave.
  • A bottle of 16 ounces is sufficient and takes a long time to start up—a worthy product for the money.
  • This aftershave cools and soothes the mess shave wounds during a shaving routine.
  • Alcohol disinfects notches, cuts, and bruises but does not cause a burning sensation in users.
  • Some users may not like the light smell that GABELS has. But again, it is by no means a perfume.

7. Hurricane Series Bay Rum by St. John

Hurricane Series Bay Rum by St. JohnView On Amazon

I saved the best (and the most expensive) for last. My readers will relax (again) when I refer to this. Not that it is slightly less of a (quality) product, but it is expensive. You may have to serve more than $ 50 for one bottle. But let me tell you, it’s worth the money.

I liked how you could splash this on your face. Makers could have left with a (pump) system but decided not to. A 70-year-old formula is better displayed in a bottle (made by hand).

Given the heritage, I expected quality ingredients from the Hurricane series. Guess? There are some striking groups of ingredients that you will find there. First, there is a premium group of bay leaves. These things are responsible for smelling the Hurricane Series.

The scent is as you want and expect it to be. It overwhelms me immediately. You can see the treble of herbs and bay leaves in the scent. I go so far that this is a (sensual) fragrance meant for men with passion and drive to achieve something.

SD-40 alcohol is a standard part of these lotions. You KNOW what alcohol is doing now, don’t you? It works as an antiseptic for the notches and cuts for the record.

I also read about FDandR Yellow # 5, Red # 40, and Blue # 1 in the mix. These ingredients give this St. John Cologne a sparkling texture. Then you have water, laurel, and glycerin to eliminate the stringent’s overwhelming side effects.

Glycerine also does the hydrating work. Alcohol gives users the burning feeling that they want a St. John product. Glycerin lowers the intensity. In general, the feeling remains manageable.

  • At first glance, I was addicted to the design of the bottle. It is handmade with beautiful cork on top.
  • The burn is intense; no quality has been compromised with this lotion of the Splash type.
  • Alcohol is the driving force with its antiseptic properties and intense burning sensation.
  • I also like the strong scent of the herbs and bay leaves. Users can use the hurricane series as cologne.
  • Glycerine acts as the moisturizer in the group that sinks the alcohol.
  • It is PRICE. A bottle from the hurricane series of St. John may cost you more than $ 50.

8. Grand Bay Bay Rum – The Classic, Grand Formula

Grand Bay Bay Rum – The Classic, Grand FormulaView On Amazon

Enthusiasts will remember the classic Dominica Bay Rum. It had a straightforward approach because it was no different than aftershave. For a while, it disappeared from the shelves (to the sorrow of its fans), but don’t worry; it) returned under the name Grand Bay. (Although the terminology, especially on Amazon, becomes cumbersome. (Grand Bay Bay Rum)?)

The scent is an elegantly simple bay rum to which nothing else has been added. The ingredients are water, alcohol, and Dominica Bay tree oil. The simplicity does have a downside; the odor only lasts about half an hour before it fades. Because it is primarily alcohol, it has a good dose.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, you should do this better, especially since there are no other ingredients to soften the burning of alcohol. And regardless of your skin type, a moisturizing cream is recommended after application because of your skin.

Grand Bay also offers a lime version of the same aftershave while maintaining the elegant simplicity and adding a scent of lime. It is a fascinating combination in itself if you like experimenting.

  • Nice traditional blend.
  • Classic laurel scent.
  • 8 oz bottle for other brands gives you an ozone layer of 4.
  • Too specialized. Maybe boring for some.
  • The scent does not last too long.

9. Taylor of Old Bond Street Bay Rum

Taylor of Old Bond Street Bay RumView On Amazon

Shaving enthusiasts will no doubt know Taylor from Old Bond Street. The name alone feels British, and they have been producing good quality shaving products since 1854. With the slogan traditionally mixed for the discerning gentleman, their bay rum continues that tradition. 

There is a sharp alcohol trap above the usual, so be careful. Scented is the pure bay leaf with additions of clove and citrus, which becomes comparable to a soft but spicy bay leaf after the application. Most fade after about an hour, so you may want to carry the bottle around if you want to retain the scent. Taylor says it can be used as an aftershave or cologne.

Regarding ingredients, some caution is required—the expected combination of water, alcohol, and essential oils, plus chemicals derived from essential oils. You don’t have to worry about that. It contains some preservatives; as always, consult your dermatologist if in doubt.

The lack of anything to hydrate is more noticeable, so users with dry and sensitive skin must be careful.

  • An old brand that is known for its quality.
  • Subtle, not overwhelming odor; also works as both cologne and aftershave.
  • Excellent alcohol trap.
  • Nice bottle.
  • Although the bottle looks good, it is made of plastic.
  • Very short-term odor.
  • No counterweight for the alcohol.

10. St. Johns Bay Rum Cologne and Aftershave – The Classic, Traditional, and Original

St. Johns Bay Rum Cologne and Aftershave – The Classic, Traditional, and OriginalView On AmazonWhen we talk about rum, all conversations eventually lead to St. John’s. The name comes from the island on which the bay trees grew and became a necessary export in the 1920s.
St. Johns Bay Rum Cologne and Aftershave – The Classic, Traditional, and Original 1Since then, it has grown in size. 

The classic bottle with its ‘fishnet’ packaging has been around since the Second World War, and it makes St. John’s Bay Rum immediately recognizable to those who know it.

The best way to describe the St. John formula is ‘Blank’; it is alcohol-based, but burning is more of a tingling sensation and flexible to adjust. Fragrant, it is well balanced.

The bay rum forms most of the body, but it is mixed with cloves, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and musk to create pleasant, woody scents.

However, the odor is of relatively short duration; Testimonials range from a few minutes to just over a few hours.

  • The classic laurel scent, the classic that your father and grandfather wore.
  • The iconic bottle is instantly recognizable.
  • Subtle odor, excellently mixed, nothing overwhelming.
  • Works as an aftershave and cologne.
  • Almost too traditional; no provision for hydration.
  • Heavy on the wallet.

FAQs About Bay Rum Aftershave

What is Bay Rum aftershave?

Bay Rum is a type of cologne and aftershave lotion. Other uses include an underarm deodorant as a shaving soap fragrance and a general astringent.

What Does Bay Rum Aftershave Smell Like?

There are many possible answers to the question, based on familiar scents, to give you an idea of the scent of bay rum.

The bay of the West Indies is related to allspice, and a scent can give a small picture of what bay rum can look like. It is also repeatedly described as the smell of Christmas, thanks to the spices. At least one woman has described it as ‘spicy cupcakes.’ Another said cautiously: something that a contract killer would wear.

A woman once described it as Thanksgiving, the most masculine Christmas cookie ever made.

We will answer that question a little differently. Think back to older times, the age of your grandfather or great-grandfather. Time for the hectic updates to the second within reach. A time of woolen suits and cigars.

Think of the ideal father. The strong man with a full beard has been carefully trimmed, who can repair his car with his bare hands and absorb all the antics of his children without ever looking.

Think of what he had to undergo to become all that, and imagine that bay rum is an ingredient in making the man.

Can I Use Aftershave as a Cologne?

Yes, you can; there is nothing fundamentally different about the two products, and some manufacturers even advertise their products as aftershave and cologne. These are Taylor of Old Bond Street and St. Johns in the list above.

It’s just that aftershave is not as strong as perfume or perfume, so that it won’t last that long. On the other hand, that can be an advantage: your potential partner sniffs, leans close, and smells exactly what it was …

Why Does Aftershave Smell Differently in Different People?

Aftershave is applied to your body, and that canvas influences the scent tones on your skin. The whole thing is a complex interaction of your body chemistry and the make-up of the aftershave you’ve just applied. There will usually not be much difference, especially since aftershave is not as strong as perfume, but in all cases, it is best to test before using it regularly, just to be sure.

Choosing the Best Bay Rum Aftershave

Some of these resort-style products can come close to the original bay rum odor, but none of them can adequately reproduce the clove, rum, and cinnamon fragrance that come from a post-shave.
Similarly, many aftershaves lotions replace the rum with cheaper grain alcohol.

Bay Rum Aftershave

Unfortunately, this not only eliminates the odor, but it is also much harder on the skin and can leave it with a sharp and tight feeling.

You will find that some aftershaves contain glycerin. This product is based on vegetable oil that helps moisturize and care for the skin, leaving it silky. If you have dry skin or just do not like the hardness of most aftershaves, you should try to find one containing glycerin.

If you have not tried the bay rum yet, it’s time to try it.

You will love the masculine scent.

The above products represent the best bay rum aftershave lotions; I am sure you will find one that works well for your needs.

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