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10 Best Charcoal Toothpastes for Bright Smile 2024

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By adding the best charcoal toothpaste, your oral care routine is a great way to improve the color of your teeth and remove plaque even more efficiently than before.

best charcoal toothpasteCharcoal Toothpaste is made from ingredients other than regular pasta and uses the natural ingredient (activated charcoal) to provide your mouth with some additional health benefits.

Whether you have sensitive teeth and gums or perfect enamel, you will be able to include an activated charcoal toothpaste in your routine a few times a week. Also, most of the following formulas are completely natural and throw out unnecessary harsh chemicals from the window.

In addition to their natural composition, a high-quality charcoal toothpaste will be fluoride-free, triclosan-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, ideal for those with sensitive teeth, along with many other unique features.

In this guide, we cover some important considerations you should consider before using charcoal toothpaste, an overview of the best charcoal toothpaste currently available.

Things to Consider When Buying Charcoal Toothpaste

Things to Consider When Buying Charcoal ToothpasteBefore we get into our favorites, let’s take a look at how to determine the best charcoal toothpaste from lesser things.

They are as follows:

1. Ingredients

One of the most important factors when buying a charcoal-based toothpaste is the source of its ingredients. Since this is something you put in your mouth and some cases, you should put a lot of weight on where the toothpaste is made.

Simply put, we recommend buying only charcoal toothpaste and powders made in the US, Western Europe, or Australia.

The reason for this is that the governing bodies that regulate products made in these countries are generally much stricter compared to products made elsewhere.

One of the advantages of activated carbon pastes over traditional toothpastes is that they are made naturally.

This means that little or no use is made of chemically derived ingredients.

While activated charcoal itself may taste rather bland, many companies add essential oils such as tea tree oil or peppermint oil, to give it a light taste.

In addition to flavor, some companies also like to add baking soda or bentonite clay to give extra grain: it’s much easier to remove surface stains.

2. Flavor

The taste of your toothpaste is another crucial aspect to consider before making a purchase.

Most charcoal toothpaste products have peppermint as a standard flavor.

But you can also find essential toothpaste with more interesting flavor combinations because of their ingredients.

Since the best-activated charcoal toothpaste is usually made with natural products, you will not often find sugary charcoal toothpaste.

Instead, you will find flavors obtained from essential oils or ingredients such as citric acid.

Be careful if you have sensitive teeth since citric acid and other flavors can make your teeth uncomfortable if the enamel layers are thin.

Many charcoal toothpastes contain only xylitol as a sweetener; this gives the pasta a slightly sugary taste that is a bit general but useful.

3. Teeth Whitening

When you combine the number of people with sensitive teeth with those who don’t like the long process of whitening teeth, gels, trays or strips, activated charcoal is the perfect alternative for those who want whiter teeth without the harsh or chemical ingredients.

While we were unable to find formal studies on the effectiveness of activated charcoal and teeth whitening, the results were promising based on feedback from other men and women on numerous forums, videos, reviews, etc.

Since many claims that their teeth whiten after just a single-use, those looking for modest results should immediately discover that an activated charcoal toothpaste may be sufficient in teeth whitening.

4. Easy to use

Toothpaste is an everyday personal product that usually fits seamlessly into someone’s routine. Certain activated carbon products have properties that make them difficult to store, difficult to clean, and difficult to store in daily use. This is a factor for families with children, little to no storage space, small or tidy bathrooms, and for those who want discretion in their oral hygiene routine. When choosing your activated carbon bleaching product, consider the toothpaste’s ability to fit into your routine.

10 Best Charcoal Toothpastes Of 2024

For those looking for safer toothpaste alternatives, charcoal toothpaste is something to think about. It is the choice for a natural replacement for dental care. Some people look for a way to avoid the controversy surrounding fluoride.

Ready to give it a try? We have collected the best charcoal toothpaste on the market.

1. Hello Oral Care Charcoal Toothpaste

Hello Oral Care Charcoal ToothpasteView On AmazonFounded in 2011, Hello Oral Care is rapidly changing the toothpaste market by taking a product and turning it into something desirable (source).

Their highly rated activated charcoal toothpaste checks all boxes as it is all-natural, contains no artificial sweeteners or peroxide, is sustainably crafted to reduce the impact on the Earth while never being on animals tested.

With the claim that it has noticeably whiter teeth in just four days, we came across the positive reviews.

Some reviewers claim (it whitens your teeth to (tooth sensitivity is gone).)

This toothpaste relies primarily on ingredients such as fresh mint, coconut oil, xylitol, and activated carbon (sustainably sourced from bamboo).

In addition to ticking all the boxes to be the best charcoal toothpaste, Hello Oral Care is made in the USA.

Finally, Hello Oral Care is independently owned. Although this may not seem like a big deal, you, if you visit the Hello Oral Care website, directly with the founder Skype.

  • Best charcoal toothpaste for fresh breath and whiter teeth
  • All-natural ingredients are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA
  • None, simply the best charcoal toothpaste available today

2. Cali White Activated Charcoal Organic Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Cali White Activated Charcoal Organic Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening ToothpasteView On AmazonThis is a similar paste to our last pick, although it works slightly better to maintain comfort even with the presence of baking soda.

The soda makes the charcoal work even better than before when it comes to whitening your teeth; consistent use should show you at least a few shades of improvement.

It feels softer on your teeth, probably because of the source of the charcoal.

Cali White Activated Charcoal Organic Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 1The activated charcoal here is food grade, so it’s already so worn out that it’s likely it won’t wear your enamel as hard as some other charcoal toothpaste.

But even with the presence of essential oils, it can still lead to tooth sensitivity if you already have thin enamel.

The Pacific Mint flavor is an offshoot of common spearmint.

It’s not that special, but it does help to separate this toothpaste from the rest of the pack.

A significant difference between this paste and the others is that the activated carbon particles tend to get stuck in your gums and teeth.

You should rinse very thoroughly because these particles are slightly thinner than the particles of competing pastes.

This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how good your flushing ability is.

We recommend using only a small amount of this paste if you choose not to overfill your gums with too many charcoal bits.

  • Whitens teeth
  • Not super irritating to sensitive teeth
  • Tastes great
  • Particles are so thin that they are difficult to rinse out

3. Seven Minerals Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

Seven Minerals Activated Charcoal Whitening ToothpasteView On Amazonone of the main considerations for charcoal toothpaste clients is enamel loss. The tooth enamel you are born with is all the tooth enamel you will get, so you want to shield it. 7 Minerals were the first enterprise to consist of calcium and magnesium. These additional ingredients protect your enamel strong and strengthen your teeth. You can set aside those concerns above enamel loss.

Activated charcoal, coconut oil, baking soda, and diatomaceous earth will get rid of stains. They will also whiten your teeth and preserve your mouth feeling fresh. You will genuinely like the way these additions protect your teeth feeling smooth, sweet, and clean.

In circumstance you are wondering what diatomaceous earth is, it is a natural sort of silica. Diatomaceous earth is the sediment of fossils formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. Some folks use it in capsule kind for improvement of their hair, skin, bones, teeth, and nails. Several feel it can battle dangerous harmful toxins. There is no scientific evidence to back individuals’ claims up even though.

Neem oil, an all-organic anti-inflammatory, adds much more to your brushing experience. It will boost the wellness of your teeth and gums. Natural peppermint and wild mint oil have additional a pleasant taste and cease poor breath. No much is a lot more worrying about whether or not your breathing may be offending someone as soon as once more.

If you travel a lot, you know, you can not get a four oz bundle deal via the airport security process. Their toothpaste is packaged in a 3.four oz. You can get to your ultimate location and nonetheless have your toothpaste with you.

  • Enamel Safe
  • Calcium and Magnesium added
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Neem Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Bleach Free
  • Fluoride Free
  • GMO-Free
  • No Parabens or Phthalates Travel Size
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Pricey compared to others
  • Some believed that mint oil made them feel like they had eaten a jalapeno

4. Finevine 100 Natural Charcoal Toothpaste

Finevine 100 Natural Charcoal ToothpasteView On AmazonIn addition to the activated carbon, this toothpaste is combined with various essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Interestingly, the activated carbon here is derived from coconut rather than other substances, so the coconut aftertaste is particularly strong.

The taste of coconut combines with peppermint oil to give you a soothing experience once the paste is applied.

The essential oils, along with the peppermint oil, also make this one of the best charcoal toothpaste for sensitive teeth. However, our standard warnings about charcoal paste and tooth sensitivity still apply.

This coconut oil whitening toothpaste also has baking soda.

This ingredient will whiten your teeth to some degree. And gives some great bleaching results if you use it consistently.

The essential oils help reduce chafing on your teeth and gums.

There are only four ounces of paste with the purchase, which is the standard amount for most charcoal bottles of toothpaste.

Another small minus is that the consistency of this paste is somewhat runny.

There is a high risk of a mess if you are not careful or not used to using charcoal paste.

You probably don’t want to use this paste everywhere except in your kitchen counter.

However, the consistency of the pasta is also an advantage.

The thin nature of the paste makes it easier for the charcoal to reach the crevices between your teeth and remove plaque.

  • Tastes good
  • Bleaches well
  • Has soothing essential oils
  • Consistency helps spread the charcoal
  • Very fluid

5. Twin Lotus Charcoal Toothpaste

Twin Lotus Charcoal ToothpasteView On AmazonTwin Lotus was a pioneer with its activated charcoal toothpaste a handful of quick years in the past.

By indicates of a mixture of guava, clove, sorbitol, and a distinctive herbal blend, this charcoal toothpaste was created to stop damaging breath.

As evident in the many critiques, we came across numerous folks with extremely delicate teeth, which have been pleased with the final results. Ought to you suffer from sensitivity in your teeth or gums, this item shouldn’t set off any pronounced ache with continued use.

While this toothpaste wasn’t developed to whiten teeth, instead the focus was on getting rid of damaging breath, you should count on to still have a shade or two brighter smiles following going by means of the total tube.

The significant disadvantage of this charcoal toothpaste, in contrast to the other people we reviewed, was the taste. Usually, toothpastes have refreshing flavors of peppermint, cinnamon, and so forth. However, this toothpaste relies on cloves: producing it extremely distinct from the norm.

All-round this charcoal toothpaste by Twin Lotus is the perfect match for individuals seeking to get rid of poor breath. The distinctive herbal mixture, coupled with activated charcoal, will supply a fresh breath instantaneously.

  • Designed to remove bad breath
  • Safe to use on sensitive teeth and gums
  • Whitens teeth with extended use
  • Taste can be unpleasant for some

6. Probiotic Charcoal Toothpaste

Probiotic Charcoal ToothpasteView On AmazonThis activated charcoal toothpaste has a unique formula. It retains the beneficial bacteria that support your teeth, gums, and your immune system. It does more than kill the bad bacteria; it also supports the good bacteria.

This probiotic toothpaste contains L. paracasei, coconut oil, and xylitol. These protect the good bacteria in your mouth. This helps support your immune system and keep your body working optimally. It will also whiten your teeth while keeping your mouth shut and staying fresh all day. You never have to worry about a dragon’s breath again.

This toothpaste does not contain foaming agents, artificial chemicals, or detergents. These additives kill not only bad bacteria but also healthy bacteria. The good bacteria in your mouth help your mouth stay fresh and healthy all day long.

There are no foaming agents in this toothpaste, so don’t look for that famous mouth full of foam. You will never find it. It will feel a little different until you get used to the difference.

  • No added bleaching agents
  • No artificial chemicals
  • No abrasive chemicals
  • No foaming agents
  • Contains beneficial bacteria
  • Supports periodontal care
  • Safe for children to use
  • Made in the USA
  • Does not remineralize teeth
  • Some detect a salty taste
  • On the pricey side

7. Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening ToothpasteView On AmazonThis charcoal toothpaste has no bleaches in its formula.

That makes it a little bit better for men with sensitive teeth, although it doesn’t have many added ingredients either.

It has clove oil to make it a little bit better and peppermint oil to add a sweet flavor.

Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 1In general, however, this charcoal paste contains fewer ingredients than many competing products.

The charcoal here is derived from bamboo.

Bamboo is a type of grass known for its hardiness and pure nature.

Suffice it to say that this is one of the best types of activated carbon in terms of cleanliness.

To make it even better, this toothpaste comes with a free toothbrush with a purchase.

The asking price is comparable to other products, so you necessarily get this brush at no real extra cost.

It’s not a special brush, but it’s a nice touch and can add a little more value if you happen to need a new brush too.

The consistency of this paste is moderately thick.

The charcoal granules are noticeable, and our testers found they spent some time figuring out small pieces even after a good rinse.

But the positive side of this consistency is that the plaque on their teeth was pretty much gone, so it can be a good buy if you’re dealing with excessive plaque issues.

In general, using this toothpaste with a proper rinse technique is likely to eliminate all real drawbacks.

We would easily recommend one of our best charcoal toothpaste for anyone who also needs a toothbrush.

  • Comes with a free toothbrush
  • Good grain consistency for plaque removal
  • Does not bleach and deteriorates enamel
  • Grain consistency can get caught in teeth sometimes

8. Blackmagic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Blackmagic Activated Charcoal ToothpasteView On AmazonWhile you may find it difficult to use a product from a company called BlackMagic, rest assured, there is no special behind the scenes juju that will brighten your teeth.

Instead, this product relies on a blend of natural ingredients, with activated charcoal being the main culprit for a whiter smile.

This toothpaste, infused with evergreen oil and spearmint oil, leaves your breath smelling wonderful.

Unlike other toothpastes made abroad, there may be loose quality control standards, and this product is made in the USA.

Given the strict labeling guidelines for US-based products, what’s on the side of the package says what you put on the end of your toothbrush.

One feature that we haven’t talked about in many of the other product reviews is whether the toothpaste is compatible with dental work.

Of all brands, this range from BlackMagic is compatible with both dentures and crowns.

Second, unlike Active Wow charcoal. Also, the BlackMagic charcoal toothpaste has the same properties as a standard toothpaste that you are so used to. This means you don’t have to worry about a messy cleaning process after every use. Given the addition of coconut oil, this paste tends to be a little liquid / watery.

Some people have tried to solve this watery problem by putting the toothpaste in the freezer for about half an hour to thicken the solution. While this may be a bit of an exaggeration for some, if you’re looking for a thicker pasta, at least it’s a quick fix to this problem.

  • Made in the USA
  • Will whiten both teeth and refresh the breath
  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Maybe a little runny

9. Ecco Pure Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Ecco Pure Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening ToothpasteView On AmazonThis is one of the simplest charcoal toothpaste products you can find. It only has activated carbon and some light peppermint oil as its main ingredients.

While there are other small compounds to make the toothpaste in its (pasty) shape and texture, these are ultimately small and have no real health or beneficial effects.

The activated carbon comes from China.

The texture of the charcoal is slightly grainy, which may take some getting used to.

It feels very different from what it looks like once it’s spread on the tip of your toothbrush.

But the large charcoal particles can help clean your mouth when it comes time to rinse.

The peppermint oil makes the taste known. But a bamboo toothbrush is included with this purchase.

The inclusion of the toothbrush helps to increase the price-quality slightly.

The toothbrush is simple but well made and has short black bristles ideally placed to scrub away hard plaque and rub the charcoal bits into the crevices of your teeth.

Overall, the biggest drawback to this charcoal toothpaste is the fact that you only get 2.82 grams for your purchase.

That’s a bit lower than the standard amount of toothpaste in most bottles, and the asking price is in the higher range of what you can get most other charcoal toothpaste for.

But this is still a good option if you want a charcoal toothpaste that is a light and straightforward ingredient, possibly for health or moral reasons.

Keep in mind that the lack of a lot of essential oils means that this charcoal toothpaste is not an excellent choice for sensitive teeth, even if it doesn’t contain bleach like baking soda.

Also, this paste is great for whitening your teeth than the small effects that all charcoal products already offer.

  • Comes with bamboo toothbrush
  • Not many ingredients
  • Not much in the bottle

10. Ecco Pure Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Ecco Pure Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening ToothpasteView On AmazonThis choice is a charcoal and fluoride toothpaste, and you can get three bottles of the stuff for a meager price.

The fluoride combines well with the charcoal powder and prevents the enamel from wearing out.

This allows men with sensitive teeth to get the whitening benefits of charcoal toothpaste without causing too much irritation or damage.

That said, this charcoal paste doesn’t use any natural ingredients either.

It uses a lot of synthetic compounds or typical toothpaste chemicals, and the mint flavor in each bottle is noticeably artificial.

It is a standard mint flavor but is not as tasty or attractive as mint toothpaste that uses peppermint oil.

Another plus of this choice is the fact that three bottles are included with the purchase.

The total asking price is reasonable, so you could theoretically get enough charcoal toothpaste to make a single purchase for the rest of the year.

  • Contains fluoride
  • Comes with three bottles
  • No natural ingredients

Charcoal Powder Versus Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal Powder Versus Charcoal ToothpasteWhen activated charcoal paste came out, the only option available was in powder form.

In recent years, however, many companies, both large and small, have started to introduce a traditional pasta in combination with active charcoal.

Here’s how they differ today:

1. Charcoal Powder

Preferably from those who want as few ingredients as possible or suffer from sensitive teeth, the charcoal powder can work through your teeth quickly. While the first application can be messy at times, the charcoal powder offers more value compared to a paste.

2. Charcoal Toothpaste

Using charcoal powder can seem a little weird as it is very different from the paste you use every morning to brush your teeth. Charcoal paste bridges this gap and contains many of the same physical properties as toothpaste, but with the introduction of activated charcoal powder.

The charcoal paste is often combined with other ingredients, including flavoring, baking soda, etc. for more targeted and effective results.

FAQs About Charcoal Toothpaste

Now that you have a new charcoal toothpaste on hand, we’re going to tackle any lingering questions you have about its use or its benefits.

Does a charcoal toothpaste replace your existing toothpaste?

As good as activated charcoal is to remove plaque, prevent cavities, and brighten your smile, it should not be used as a daily toothpaste.

Some have claimed that their gums felt a little raw when using an activated toothpaste (at least twice a day).

What are the benefits of charcoal toothpaste?

Activated charcoal has several significant benefits that justify the growing place as the main ingredient in many health products, not just toothpaste.

An unbalanced pH in your mouth can lead to an excellent chance of bacterial growth.

Did you know that bad breath is mainly caused by an overload of bacteria colonies growing on the surface of your teeth or the surface of your tongue?

Halitosis (the medical term for bad breath) can only be effectively eliminated through a variety of efforts, including eliminating excessive sulfur-emitting bacteria.

Therefore, using charcoal in your toothpaste can quickly return the overall pH of your mouth to its natural state.

Charcoal naturally absorbs plaque, so it’s much easier to get rid of it with just one bee. The charcoal toothpaste, unlike much ordinary pasta.

Most manufacturers of this brand new activated charcoal toothpaste recommend brushing no more than two or three times a week.

Is charcoal toothpaste safe to use?

There is much debate about the safety of using charcoal as a toothpaste. The main concern is the abrasion of charcoal and the ability to transfer the enamel from your teeth. A soft toothbrush and gentle brushing can reduce the chance of enamel loss.

If you develop sensitive teeth, this is an indication that you may have erosion of the enamel. Stop using charcoal toothpaste or alternate it with commercial toothpaste.

The other concern with charcoal is whether it can whiten your teeth. There is no doubt that charcoal can remove plaque and stains from your teeth. Whether it can help you whiten your teeth is something only you can check. Some users love the difference a charcoal toothpaste has made. Others claim that nothing else has happened since they started using charcoal toothpaste.

Can a charcoal toothpaste remove deep stains?

If you have been trying to remove coffee, wine, or other stains for years, it is probably better to go to the dentist for a professional whitening treatment.

However, if you want to remove superficial stains in a fairly non-abrasive way gently, charcoal powder or charcoal toothpaste may be enough.

Many reviewers found that activated charcoal outperformed their regular stain removal toothpaste: again, these claims are subjective and have not been scientifically proven.


after several hours of research, reading reviews, forums, and more: we are confident in the above list.

If you’re looking for organic and natural ways to whiten and care for your teeth, try charcoal. The best charcoal toothpaste is sure to get rid of many questionable substances. Your smile will be bright, white.

Now, if you feel like we should check out a few other brands: drop us a line in the comment section below and let us know what you think!

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