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Is Hairspray Good for Hair? Pros, Cons & Tips 2023

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is hairspray good for hairCurious about if hairspray is good for your hair? You’re not alone. For decades, people have been debating the pros and cons of using hairspray on their locks – and there’s still no definitive answer.

But don’t worry, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not it should be a part of your hair care routine.

From understanding what ingredients are in it to learning how best to apply it so that you can reap its benefits without causing damage – we’ll cover everything related to hairsprays here!

So keep reading as we uncover all the details behind one question: Is Hairspray Good for Hair?

Key Takeaways

  • Hairspray has been popular since the 1940s for holding styles, adding volume, and taming flyaways.
  • Alcohol-free options are available to avoid drying out the hair, and they come in various scents and finishes.
  • When applying hairspray, it is recommended to brush wet hair gently, spray from 8 inches away in short bursts, start at the roots, and let the hair air dry before restyling.
  • It is important to be mindful of the ingredients in hairspray, as strong hold formulas can contain fatty alcohols that may damage the hair and scalp, while light formulas can leave residue.

What is Hairspray?

What is Hairspray
You may have heard about this magical solution to all your styling woes that’s been around for decades, but do you know how to use it properly for the best results? Hairspray is a polymeric spray used on wet or dry hair.

It began in the 1940s and has become widely popular since then. Its purpose is to add hold and keep styles lasting longer, while also providing volume and allowing experimentation with hairstyles like taming flyaways or lifting up oily roots.

When using hairspray correctly, make sure to shake it before applying 8 inches away from your head – avoid oversaturating! If you’re looking for an alcohol-free option that won’t dry out hair like traditional formulas can be prone toward doing, there are plenty of drugstore brands as well as salon-grade options available at varying prices with various scents and finishes ranging from wetter looks or drier ones too.

To promote healthy hair overall though – think beyond just hairsprays; proper care includes washing frequently with gentle shampoos free of harsh chemicals along with regular trims & scalp massages plus nutrient-rich diets & biotin supplements when needed!

Is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair?

Is Hairspray Bad for Your Hair
Hair care is a delicate balance between styling and health. To maintain healthy hair, it’s important to avoid heat styling, harsh chemicals, and over-washing with traditional shampoos. Hairspray can be used as part of your routine, but understanding the potential damage it could cause is key to keeping locks strong and shiny.

Washing and Conditioning

To ensure healthy hair, make sure to wash and condition regularly with gentle products.

For washing, look for ingredients like aloe leaf juice or coconut oil that are hydrating and moisturizing.

Conditioning should focus on adding nutrients back into the hair such as argan oil, shea butter, or avocado extract; avoiding harsh chemicals like sulfates or parabens, which can be drying.

Moisturizing ingredients help keep hair hydrated, while added nutrients can promote healthier-looking locks in addition to protecting from environmental damage due to styling products such as hairspray.

Benefits of using a natural shampoo/conditioner include more manageable strands and reduced frizziness, among other benefits!

With proper care, you’ll have beautiful tresses no matter what product is used!

Heat Styling and Brushing

Brush gently and sparingly to avoid breakage when styling with hairspray. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair before applying product, then opt for a boar bristle brush after spraying.

Before heat styling, apply a deep conditioner to protect from dryness and damage – even if using an alcohol-free formula! When using hairspray, direct the bottle 8 inches away from your head and spray in short bursts for desired hold without crunchiness or flaking.

For strong hold, try stronger formulas such as those containing fatty alcohols rather than aerosol cans of plain water, which can leave behind residue that weighs down locks.

With proper care, you can create beautiful styles while preserving healthy tresses!

Harsh Chemicals

Be wary of the harsh chemicals in some hairsprays that can damage your hair and scalp. Consider using an alcohol-free option, such as conditioning treatments. Also, try alcohol-free hairspray formulas with added moisture for dry or brittle hair.

You can opt for unscented, wet or dry finishes to suit any style. Additionally, salon-grade options are available for a professional look. Alcohol-free options are better for irritated scalps and colored hair prone to breakage.

Even if you don’t suffer from these issues, avoid drying out your locks by using an alcohol-free formula instead of traditional ones containing ethanol or other drying agents.

What Are the Benefits of Hairspray?

What Are the Benefits of Hairspray
Hairspray is a great styling tool for those looking to achieve an instant volume and hold with added strength. It’s important, however, to choose the right type of hairspray as traditional formulas containing alcohol can dry out hair and lead to breakage.

Instead, opt for an alcohol-free option that will provide a touchable hold without drying or damaging your tresses.

These products often contain ingredients like antioxidants and aloe, which nourish hair while also providing style support throughout the day.

A good quality hairspray is key when it comes time to seal any look while still maintaining luscious locks afterwards too!

How Should I Apply Hairspray?

How Should I Apply Hairspray
For best results, hold the can 8-10 inches away and spray in short bursts. When applying hairspray, it’s important to use a product that doesn’t contain drying ingredients, which can cause hair breakage.

Additionally, you should look for products free of alcohol or ethanol as these will dry out your scalp micropigmentation too quickly.

As part of your daily hair care routine:

  1. Make sure to blend a deep moisturizing conditioner with each application.
  2. Start spraying at the roots and work outwards for maximum hold.
  3. Always let your strands air dry before styling them again with more hairspray if needed.

For added shine without extra stiffness, finish by using an oil-based serum on any flyaways after styling has been completed.

To ensure healthy locks now and in the future, be mindful when incorporating hairspray into your routine – avoid overusing it while still allowing yourself ample experimentation!

Are There Different Types of Hairsprays?

Are There Different Types of Hairsprays
You may be surprised to learn that there are several different types of hairsprays available, each offering a variety of benefits. From professional alcohol-free hairspray to fragranced and unscented varieties, you can find the perfect one for your hair type and styling needs.

Kenra Shaping Spray 21 is an alcohol-free option with maximum moisture retention, providing extra firm hold with high shine – ideal for dry or brittle hair.

Herbal Essences Volume Hairspray contains antioxidants, aloe vera, and bamboo extracts, while SexyHair Healthy Sexy Hair Spray provides medium hold with high shine plus humidity resistance without any flaky buildup or drying out your locks!

Pantene Hairspray offers flexible hold in an ultra-lightweight formula, whilst Rahua Voluminous Spray livens up lifeless strands by increasing volume without damaging it, as well as having a delightful citrus scent due to its natural ingredients such as lemon juice extract!

With so many options on offer today, you’re sure to find something that works best for you!

Can Hairspray Damage Your Lungs?

Can Hairspray Damage Your Lungs
With moderate use, you can avoid damaging your lungs from exposure to the ingredients in hairspray. Heated products and dry hair are more prone to damage with heavy-duty styling sprays. But new types of alcohol-free hairsprays provide a safer alternative that won’t harm your health or leave residue on hair.

These formulas keep styles lasting longer while moisturizing dry tresses for maximum manageability and softness without fear of respiratory irritation caused by traditional aerosols containing ethanol or other volatile compounds.

What to Look for When Buying an Alcohol-Free Hairspray

What to Look for When Buying an Alcohol-Free Hairspray
When shopping for an alcohol-free hairspray, ingredients are key. Pay attention to the label and look for formulas that contain natural moisturizers to prevent drying out your hair. Additionally, consider the level of hold you need; some products offer a light spray while others provide maximum hold with no stiffness or flaking.


Discover what ingredients to look for in an alcohol-free hairspray so you can style with confidence! Hair products made from natural ingredients are a great choice. Regular hairspray often contains alcohol, but many brands offer alternative formulas that skip the harsh chemicals.

Look for organic and sulfate-free options, as well as those without parabens or synthetic fragrances. Alcohol-free formulas use softer holding agents like vegetable proteins and polymers instead of ethanol or ethyl alcohol—these will keep hair healthy while still providing lasting hold when used correctly.


Choose the right hairspray for your desired hold and achieve a look that’ll last all day – with no crunchiness! Look for an alcohol-free option to keep hair soft and maintain bounce. It’s a good idea to vary levels of hold based on the style you want. For everyday hair needs, lightweight holds work best, offering natural movement while keeping flyaways in check.

Hair sprays also provide strong yet flexible long-lasting control, perfect for special occasions or outdoor activities without worrying about windy weather ruining your ‘do. Pick one with extra shine if you need it too! Don’t forget humidity protection as well – essential if living in hot climates where the air is often thick with moisture.


Are you wondering if hairspray is good for hair? Dandruff, a common scalp condition caused by hormonal changes, genetics, or an overuse of alcohol-based products, can be difficult to treat. Fortunately, natural remedies and even hair transplant surgery are available options.

Hormonal Changes

Be mindful of hormonal changes that can lead to hair loss and take steps to ensure your mane is as healthy as possible. Avoid styling with high heat, which will dry out the scalp and cause irritation. Wear silk scarves or hats when in cold weather – this helps protect from harsh winds and reduces breakage due to extreme temperatures.

A big downfall is using products with alcohols or sulfates – these ingredients strip away natural oils, leading to long-term damage to the hair’s health.


You may find that genetics play a role in determining your hair type and pattern, regardless of age or hairspray use. While using the right product can give you a perfect hair day for any occasion, it’s important to consider the cons of hairspray too.

A hot tip is to look for an alcohol-free flexible airspray formula, which is lightweight yet strong enough for formal events without drying out your strands. For extra hold on those days when you need it most, try an alcohol-free hairspray like Kenra Shaping Spray 21 or Herbal Essences Volume Hairsprays.

Whatever option you go with, remember that regular trims are key to maintaining healthy locks and avoiding split ends!


Avoiding alcohol in hairspray can help keep hair healthy since it’s a common cause of scalp irritation and dryness. Many traditional formulas contain ethanol or denatured alcohol, which dries out the strands, leaving them brittle over time.

To achieve a firm look without compromising your locks, switch to an alcohol-free hairspray like those from Kenra Shaping Spray 21, Herbal Essences Volume Hairspray, SexyHair Healthy Sexy Hair Spray, and Pantene Hairsprays.

These hairsprays are formulated for younger masks while providing maximum hold and humidity protection. Rahua Voluminous Spray is also an excellent choice if you’re after voluminous hair with light texture.

Natural Remedies

Try natural remedies for dandruff, such as massaging your scalp with essential oils or using tea tree oil-based shampoos. For big hair and taming flyaways, choose the right product to safely style while avoiding normal hairspray that can dry out hair.

  • Natural shampoo: Look for sulfate-, paraben-, and fragrance-free options that will nourish the scalp without stripping away moisture.
  • Essential Oils: Mix a few drops of lavender or rosemary into your favorite carrier oil before applying directly onto the head in gentle circular motions.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: Dilute vinegar with water before pouring over freshly washed strands; rinse after 5 minutes for shiny, voluminous curls minus the itchiness!

With proper care and these natural solutions, you’ll be on your way to healthier hair in no time at all.

Hair Transplant

If dandruff is impacting your hair health, a hair transplant may be an option to consider. This procedure involves removing healthy follicles from one area of the scalp and implanting them in areas where thinning has occurred.

To mitigate further damage, it’s important to adopt a daily routine that includes using heating tools sparingly, washing with gentle products regularly, and styling with alcohol-free hairspray if needed.

Keeping up these habits can help maintain your hair’s long-term health while getting rid of flyaways or any other unwanted texture changes caused by dandruff.

Additionally, biotin supplements or topical treatments prescribed by a dermatologist could also promote stronger locks over time for more voluminous results you’ll love!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Hairspray Cause Hair Loss?

Hairspray does not damage hair follicles or cause hair loss. Dandruff can slow growth, but hormonal changes, genetics, and excessive use are more likely causes. Use hairspray responsibly for best results; avoid harsh chemicals, alcohol-based formulas, and tight styles.

Support health with proper techniques and a diet rich in nutrients plus biotin supplements.

How Can I Promote Healthy Hair?

Promote healthy hair by washing, moisturizing, eating nutrient-rich foods, and staying hydrated. Limit heat styling and tight styles that pull on follicles. Use gentle shampoos and conditioners free of harsh chemicals.

Is Hairspray Safe for Colored Hair?

Hairspray can be an effective styling tool for colored hair, but choose alcohol-free options to avoid excessive dryness. Look for formulas with natural ingredients that nourish and protect while providing hold.

Avoid sleeping in hairspray and brushing through it to prevent breakage. Use proper technique when spraying, such as shaking the can before use and avoiding oversaturating hair.

Are Alcohol-Free Hairsprays Better for Hair?

Yes, alcohol-free hairsprays are better for hair. They provide the same hold and shine without drying out locks like traditional formulas with alcohol do.

Are There Different Hold Levels of Hairspray?

Yes, hairsprays come in different levels of hold. Some provide a light to medium hold, while others have an extra firm grip with high shine. There are also alcohol-free options for those looking to avoid drying out hair and scalp irritation.


Whether you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to styling your hair, you want to make sure you’re using the right products. Hairspray can be a great asset for achieving and maintaining all kinds of styles, but the question is, is hairspray good for your hair? The answer is yes, when used properly.

Hairspray can provide hold, add shine, and create volume, but it’s important to choose an alcohol-free formula that won’t dry out your hair. It’s also important to use proper techniques, wash hair thoroughly, and take steps to promote natural hair health.

With the right product and the right knowledge, hairspray can be a great addition to your styling routine.

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