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Shape Your Beard Masterfully With These Tapering Tips and Products (2023)

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how to taper your beardYou’re in need of a quality beard trim. Let me guide you through shaping that mane of yours into a tapered masterpiece with flair. A well-maintained beard commands respect while reflecting your finest qualities.

With a few trimming tips up your sleeve, you’ll exude confidence to match your stylish new look.

Now grab your trimmer, because it’s time to transform those whiskers into a head-turning statement. Leave the shaving to me – I’ll talk you through tapering your beard like a pro barber.

Trust me, the compliments will come pouring in once your beard game is elevated. But first things first: it’s time to shape up.

Key Takeaways

  • Let your beard grow for 4-6 weeks before tapering to allow enough length.
  • Define and keep the neckline trimmed along your natural jawline.
  • Taper the cheeks by trimming down along the grain for a polished look.
  • Put money into quality tools such as adjustable combs for precise trimming and tapering.

7 Best Products for Beard Tapering

Hey there, fellas. Achieving that perfect beard taper takes the right tools and techniques. When it comes to electric beard trimmers, the MGK 3060 is a top-notch option with its adjustable length combs and waterproof, portable design that make precision trimming a breeze whether you’re at home or on the go.

1. MGK Three Thousand Sixty Series

Series MGK3060View On Amazon
You’ll appreciate how the MGK 3060 kit offers adjustable combs to achieve your desired beard length. Though handling those tricky combs takes patience and practice to master the beard taper you want. With a full selection of length options ranging from 0.5 to 21 mm, you’ve got the tools to gradually shape your beard into a well-groomed fade.

But adjusting between the precision settings can be finicky until you get the motions down pat. Stick with it, gents. Smoothly blending those lengths is crucial for sculpting a taper with finesse.

  • Wide range of length settings for taper flexibility
  • Good value kit with attachments
  • Waterproof design easy to clean
  • Comb adjustments tricky to master
  • Not ideal for very long or thick beards
  • Mixed reviews on battery life

2. Gillette Beard Trimmer Proglide Razor Comb Attachments

Gillette Styler, 1 Beard TrimmerView On Amazon
Additionally, the Gillette beard trimmer with Braun technology provides versatility for maintaining facial hair at consistent lengths. This all-in-one grooming tool lets you trim and style your beard to perfection. The waterproof trimmer comes with three exchangeable combs for custom length and contouring.

Gillette ProGlide blades deliver an effortless close shave, while the detail trimmer nails those finishing touches around your beard line. Powered by advanced Braun engineering, this beard trimmer makes it easy to maintain a polished, well-groomed look at home.

The non-slip grip offers great control for detail work, and the shower-safe design is perfect for wet shaving or tidying up post-workout. With this versatile beard trimmer, you’ll achieve barbershop-quality results without the hassle.

  • Versatile all-in-one grooming tool
  • Interchangeable combs for consistent lengths
  • Waterproof and shower-safe
  • ProGlide blades for close shave
  • Precision edging and detailing
  • Battery life varies by battery type
  • Combs can be tricky to adjust
  • Potentially high repair costs

3. Co2crea Hard Case Philips Norelco Multigroom Trimmer Series 3000 5000 7000

co2CREA Hard Case replacement forView On Amazon
Grab that co2crea hard case to keep your Philips Norelco multigroom trimmer protected while traveling. This hard-shell carrying case is a must-have for guys who’re frequently on the go. The durable exterior provides defense against drops, bumps, and scrapes so your trimmer stays in top shape.

The water-resistant lining also keeps moisture out if you pack it in a gym bag or backpack.

With mesh pockets and storage trays, you’ll stay organized with space for the trimmer, charger, combs, oils, and any other grooming accessories. The hand strap makes it easy to grab and go. With your tools secure, you can focus on perfecting your look wherever the road takes you.

This protective case is specially designed to fit the Philips Norelco 3000, 5000, and 7000 series trimmers. It’s an affordable way to protect your investment in quality grooming gear. No more digging around bags hoping your trimmer didn’t get tossed around.

  • Durable protection against drops and scratches
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Hand strap for easy portability
  • Mesh pockets and trays keep accessories organized
  • Only fits specific Philips Norelco trimmers
  • No warranty information provided
  • May not fit the largest trimmers with many attachments

4. Bevel Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer for Men

Bevel Beard Trimmer for MenView On Amazon
Supposedly the Bevel cordless trimmer provides a close shave for beard grooming, but you’d need to add combs for more versatility. Beauty and grooming should be an uplifting experience so our goal is to elevate your daily routine.

When you feel your best, you can be your best. With its sleek design and adjustable zero-gap blade, this rechargeable trimmer aims to deliver precision and artistry to facial grooming.

Designed by professional barbers, it could be the hero your beard needs. However, some have noted the lack of length guards limits trimming options. Adding a few magnetic combs would expand its capabilities for sculpting stubbles of all lengths.

Invest in this self-care essential and unlock your most confident look.

  • Sleek, portable cordless design
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Adjustable for precision trimming
  • Designed for professionals
  • No length combs included
  • Potential skin irritation
  • Heavier weight

5. Kent Apsley Fine Wide Tooth Mustache Beard Comb

Kent R7T The Apsley FineView On Amazon
Kent Apsley Fine Wide Tooth Mustache Beard Comb

Stimulate your beard’s natural oils as you glide Kent’s saw-cut cellulose acetate comb through ’em. This pocket-sized grooming tool packs some punch with its fine teeth and smooth glide. Handmade in England, Kent’s been around since 1777 – they know a thing or two about quality.

Though pricey, this comb’s built to last decades. Saw-cut then hand polished, the teeth gently exfoliate and evenly distribute oils. With proper care, it becomes an old friend in your routine. An investment in your masculine image.

  • Stimulates natural beard oils
  • Fine teeth for exfoliation
  • Smooth glide doesn’t snag whiskers
  • Handmade craftsmanship
  • Durable material built to last
  • Expensive price point
  • Small size not ideal for larger beards
  • Requires care to avoid breaking teeth

6. Beard Brush Beard Grooming Boar Bristles Straightens Growth

Beard Brush by ZilberHaar -View On Amazon
Groom his beard smooth with this compact, German-engineered brush boarin’ pear wood sturdiness ‘n authentic boar bristles that’ll tame those whiskers quick. Made for travelin’, this palm-sized brush exfoliates skin underneath the beard n’ works natural oils through wirey whiskers.

The stiff boar bristles stimulate new growth ‘n relieve that terrible beard itch no man can stand. You get top quality durability for a lifetime of groomin’ from this well-crafted brush.

Users dig the ergonomic pear wood handle and scent. But some bigger fellas found it a tad small. This here brush delivers a soft, straight beard naturally when used daily. It’s a great beard care addition that’s portable for stylin’ on the go.

  • Quality German craftsmanship
  • Compact size for travel
  • Stimulates beard growth
  • Small size for some users
  • Expensive

7. Andis Professional Slimline Pro Li Cordless Clipper Trimmer

Grab that slim Andis clipper for effortless touch-ups. This lightweight, cordless trimmer easily maneuvers for precise lineups and detailing. With up to 2 hours of battery life, 6000 cutting strokes per minute, and an ergonomic grip, you’ll trim and outline facial hair with ease.

The included guide combs allow you to cut at different lengths. Charge it up and have this versatile, portable trimmer on hand for quick trims anytime.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Long 2 hour battery life
  • Fast cutting motor
  • Ergonomic, comfortable grip
  • Guide combs for varied lengths
  • Battery may die prematurely
  • Not suitable for very long/thick hair
  • Some quality control issues reported

Let Your Beard Grow In

Let Your Beard Grow In
Let your beard grow out before you start tapering. Patience is key when it comes to beard styling. Give your facial hair at least 4-6 weeks of growth before beginning the tapering process.

Once your beard reaches the desired fullness, follow these beard care tips:

  • Use beard oil daily to condition skin and hair follicles for optimal growth. Opt for lightweight formulas to avoid greasiness.
  • Brush gently with a boar bristle brush to train hairs and distribute oils. This stimulates growth and prevents ingrown hairs.
  • Shampoo 1-2 times per week with a mild beard wash. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet and stay hydrated for healthy beard growth.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling that can dry out hair and skin. Let your beard air dry after washing.
  • Resist the urge to trim or shape until the beard is filled in. Patience allows for the most styling options.

Once your beard has grown in sufficiently, you’ll have the length needed to start sculpting your perfect tapered style.

Define the Beard Neckline

Define the Beard Neckline
You’ve let your beard grow in, now define your neckline by holding your head up and trimming along your natural jawline. To shape a clean neckline, start by combing your beard downwards. With good scissors or clippers, trim the hair just below your jawline in a straight line across your neck.

Avoid the temptation to trim too high up your neck—this can expose unsightly stubble later.

Use these tips when defining your neckline.

Tip Why It Matters
Trim with precision Defines a crisp line between beard and neck
Follow your jawline Looks natural and frames your face well
Comb first, then trim Ensures you cut evenly
Go slow No need to rush; avoid over-trimming
Check often Look in the mirror to ensure symmetry

With some patience and the right tools, you can achieve the perfect neckline that complements your face. Defining a good neckline this way makes a big difference in polishing off your beard’s style.

Trim the Sideburns

Trim the Sideburns
Let’s get down to detailing those sideburns now. This is one area where precision really counts when tapering your beard. Start by combing your sideburns down to remove any tangles and truly see their length.

Use your beard trimmer with no guard to cleanly cut and shape the bottom edge so they are uniform. The ideal sideburn length falls just above the top of your earlobe. For maximum style, taper your sideburns starting slightly longer at the top and tapering inward as you cut downward.

Take your time here using the trimmer guards to subtly fade the length inward. Well-groomed sideburns that gracefully taper into your beard will build an overall polished, intentional look.

Maintaining your sideburn fade requires frequent trimming – about once a week for most men.

Taper the Cheeks

Taper the Cheeks
You’re slowly reducing the density as you work down from the sideburns. Now it’s time to taper the cheeks.

  1. Use small, downward strokes with the grain to taper the hair growth under the cheekbone.
  2. Leave the connectors intact between moustache and beard.
  3. Fade the lower cheek line into the jaw for a polished finish.

With practice, you’ll perfect your technique and achieve salon-quality results. Beard grooming takes dedication, but a tapered fade enhances your style. Focus on symmetry. Refine the cheeks until satisfied, as this region attracts the most attention.

Your patience will pay off with a well-sculpted, professional appearance. Upgrade your look with proper beard fading – an artful process but achievable with care.

Use Quality Tools

Use Quality Tools
Invest in high-caliber tools to optimize your beard tapering potential. When selecting a beard trimmer, look for adjustable guide combs to toggle between lengths with precision. Seek out self-sharpening blades that require less maintenance yet still deliver sharp, consistent trims.

Opt for cordless functionality to enable flexibility and maneuverability for sculpting cheek lines and other tricky spots. Waterproof specs allow convenient trimming during a shower when hairs are softened.

And battery life of at least 60 minutes ensures you can finish your entire beard session before needing to recharge.

Proper tools empower you to shape and taper your facial hair like a pro. So don’t just grab any old beard trimmer off the shelf. Do your research, read reviews, and make a thoughtful investment in a quality device built to last through countless beard grooming and styling sessions over the years ahead.

Your handsome beard will thank you.

Perfect the Mustache Area

Perfect the Mustache Area
Transition from previous subtopic: Get your trimming tools prepared, now it’s time to perfect the mustache area for a well-groomed beard fade.

When it comes to your mustache, symmetry and definition are key for a polished beard fade.

  1. Use small, precise trimming scissors or a precision trimmer to define and shape your mustache’s outline.
  2. Comb your mustache hair down over your lip and trim any stray hairs that extend past the corner of your mouth.
  3. Trim your mustache‘s underside to prevent it from drooping over your lip. Carefully trim upward using small snipping motions.

Pay close attention to subtle asymmetries and make minor adjustments as needed. With patience and practice, you’ll shape and maintain a symmetrical, well-groomed mustache area complementing your fresh beard fade.

Taking time to perfect the details makes a world of difference in your finished look.

Apply Beard Oil

Apply Beard Oil
Apply a few drops of beard oil post-trimming to keep the skin moisturized and the hairs soft. Beard oil nourishes the hair follicle and skin underneath, preventing irritation and promoting healthy growth.

Work a couple drops into your palms, then massage thoroughly into the beard, getting right down to the skin.

Choose a lightweight, non-greasy formula with ingredients like jojoba, argan, or grapeseed oils. Scented options add a nice touch, but go easy on the strong fragrances. Apply beard oil daily, especially after washing, to maintain softness and tame frizz.

Stick to a simple routine of washing, gentle towel drying, oil application while slightly damp, then brushing into shape. Beard oil keeps things looking neat and intentional. Just a few drops makes a difference in comfort, manageability and style.

Find a formula that works for your beard texture and goals.

Brush Regularly

Brush Regularly
Polish your follicles daily with a boar bristle brush to train the hairs like soldiers standing at attention.

  1. Choose a boar bristle brush made with all-natural bristles. The stiff bristles are ideal for beard care.
  2. Brush in the direction of your beard growth to train hairs and stimulate follicles.
  3. Use a brush with a combination of boar and nylon bristles if you have a coarser beard.
  4. Brush for 2-3 minutes daily to distribute natural oils, exfoliate skin, and straighten your beard.

Daily brushing helps shape and maintain a beard taper. Bristles gently pull tangled hairs straight while sweeping away dirt and dandruff. This distributes natural oils down to the skin for conditioning. When done regularly, brushing helps train beard hairs to lie neatly in the direction of growth.

The result is a smoothly tapered beard with tamed flyaways and intentional shaping. Upgrade your grooming to keep your beard fade looking sharp with a quality boar bristle brush.

Maintain With Frequent Trims

Maintain With Frequent Trims
Keep your taper tight by trimming frequently. The tapered beard style requires upkeep to maintain its precision lines and gradual fade. For most guys, you’ll need to trim your beard at least once a week. Depending on your hair growth rate, you may have to trim more often.

I recommend keeping a beard grooming kit handy so you can taper as needed. Having the right tools available makes the process quicker and easier.

Item Use Brand
Beard trimmer Create sharp lines Wahl
Detail trimmer Precise tapering Andis
Straight razor Crisp cheek lines Feather
Beard comb Guide trimming Kent

Staying diligent with frequent touch-ups will keep your facial hair looking sharp. The more you taper your beard yourself, the better you’ll get at perfecting the technique. With regular trimming sessions, you can maintain the flawless fading and sculpting that defines the tapered beard style.


So you’ve armed yourself with the right tools – now it’s time to master the art of beard tapering.

Start by letting that mane grow out in full force. Once you’ve got some length, define the lines: a crisp neckline and cheek line will give your beard shape and structure.

Then grab your clippers, with the right guards for gradual length changes, and start sculpting. Shave upward on your cheeks, taper down the sideburns, and blend the neck seamlessly into your style.

Take your time, trimming a bit here and there until the proportions feel just right. Don’t forget regular upkeep – maintain your lines and gradually trim length to keep your beard in check.

With the right tools and techniques, you’ll have a beard taper with the precision of Da Vinci.

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