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Top 10 Best Heat Protectants for Gray Hair for 2024

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best heat protectants for gray hairAre you looking for the best heat protectants for gray hair? You’re not alone. In fact, as someone with gray hair myself, I’m all too familiar with this search. It can be hard to find a product that will keep your locks healthy and vibrant without causing any damage or discoloration in the process.

Here’s our roundup of the top 10 best heat protectants specifically designed for those who have gone gray – so you can get ready to look gorgeous and worry-free!

Key Takeaways

  • Gray hair is more susceptible to heat damage due to reduced natural protective oils.
  • Choosing appropriate heat protectants is crucial for maintaining the health and appearance of gray locks.
  • Hydration and mineral defense are important factors in heat protection for gray hair.
  • Proper application and usage tips include applying protectant evenly to damp hair, choosing products tailored to specific hair types, and using heat protectants every time you style your hair with hot tools.

Top 10 Best Heat Protectants for Gray Hair

Gray hair is particularly susceptible to heat damage, so it is crucial to select the appropriate heat protectant for your hair. This article examines 10 of the finest products specifically formulated for gray hair, including Malibu C Hard Water Hair Care, Kenra Platinum Blow Dry, HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protector, and more.

Malibu C Hard Water Hair Care

Malibu C Hard Water WellnessView On Amazon
Discover how Malibu C Hard Water Hair Care can help you defend against harsh minerals and provide shine and hydration to your gray hair. This vegan, eco-friendly, cruelty-free collection of clarifying shampoo, Hard Water Wellness Remedy, and sulfate-free conditioner is infused with Provitamin B5, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, and Flax & Rice Protein formulas.

It is suitable for all hair types, including colored and processed hair. It cleanses from the inside out, protecting against build-up while delivering added moisture.

  • Vegan-friendly formula
  • Eco-friendly and cruelty-free formula
  • Contains Vitamins B5 & C
  • Sulfate-free deep cleansing formula
  • Expensive compared to other products
  • Pleasant scent but may be overpowering
  • Some users experienced dryness after using

Kenra Platinum Blow Dry

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray |View On Amazon
Try Kenra Platinum Blow Dry to instantly cut your blow-drying time in half and get the polished look you desire! This ultra-lightweight formula provides intense thermal protection, eliminating frizz for a sleek finish.

Its beneficial properties are particularly suitable for coarse or thick hair types, reducing drying time by 50%.

With its pleasant scent and salon endorsement from beauty influencers and hairdressers alike, it’s considered worth the cost. Apply this spray on damp hair before blow-drying or air drying. Users have reported positive results after just a few months of use.

  • Decreases blow dry time by 50%
  • Provides long-lasting healthy-looking results
  • Suitable for all hair types, including colored & processed hair
  • Some users report an enduring burnt smell post-usage
  • Small bottle doesn’t last very long

HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protector

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil HeatView On Amazon
You’ll be amazed at the magical difference HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protector makes to your gray hair! This weightless mist provides professional salon-level protection against high heat styling tools and is infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins.

Suitable for all hair types, including natural and human extensions, this mild formula is sulfate-, phosphate-, and paraben-free. It hydrates, detangles, speeds up drying time while boosting shine – creating a nourishing protective barrier between your tresses & hot tools.

With its lightweight finish & pleasant fragrance, there are myriad reasons why this product should be part of every gray head’s arsenal of heat protectants:

  • Protects from exposure up to 450°F
  • Can be used as a leave-in conditioning serum
  • Mild formula – free from sulfates, phosphates & parabens
  • Provides professional salon-level protection
  • Some users found the product sticky upon application on dry hair, but stickiness diminishes after using a flat iron
  • Finding the right amount to spray is important as too much may make hair heavy
  • Not suitable for those seeking lightweight conditioning

Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

Moroccanoil Treatment, 3.4 Fl. Oz.View On Amazon
Experience the luxurious smooth texture of Moroccanoil Hair Treatment, a lightweight and non-greasy oil that softens and adds shine to your hair while offering protection from heat styling. It helps prevent frizz and flyaways, leaving you with softer, smoother, shinier locks.

Best used on damp hair after washing or as a pre-styling product before blow drying or straightening for an extra boost of hydration.

Users have reported impressive results within just weeks from using this quality treatment regularly – unleash your inner beauty today with Moroccanoil Hair Treatment!

  • Softens, smoothens, and adds shine to hair
  • Prevents frizz and flyaways
  • Protects from heat styling
  • Can be relatively expensive
  • Less effective on very dry/damaged hair

Aveda Damage Control Spray

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control UnisexView On Amazon
Aveda Damage Control Spray is a must-have for anyone looking to add shine, smoothness, and protection from heat styling – all without the greasiness. This vegan product is suitable for all hair types. It works as a leave-in conditioner to reduce frizz and detangle locks while also adding volume and maintaining texture.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush users have praised its non-greasy formula that offers maximum drying power with minimal damage, plus an appealing Aveda scent! Customers love it because it’s free from sulfates, phosphates, and parabens – perfect for achieving super shiny straight hair in one easy step.

GHD Heat Protectant Hair Spray fans say this invisible barrier helps improve the surface smoothness of their hair by preventing cuticle lifting.

  • Non-Greasy Formula
  • Vegan Product
  • Suitable For All Hair Types
  • Maximum Drying Power With Minimal Damage
  • Not Recommended For Coarse & Thick Hair Types
  • Must Be Used With Care Instructions To Maintain Safety Standards

GHD Heat Protectant Hair Spray

ghd Bodyguard Heat Protectant forView On Amazon
GHD Heat Protectant Hair Spray

GHD Heat Protectant Hair Spray provides your hair with a lightweight thermal barrier for superior protection against heat damage, leaving it sleek and smooth. This award-winning spray is formulated using the GHD Hair Heat Protection System, which combines protective and conditioning ingredients to create a perfect finish.

It coats each strand of hair evenly, preventing cuticle lifting while improving surface smoothness for an ultra-soft feel. The non-greasy formula won’t leave you feeling weighed down and offers long-lasting hold, as well as enhancing shine – all without parabens or sulfates! Plus, it’s compatible with ghd Platinum+ Styler and other styling tools, so you can get salon-quality results at home.

Some users may find similar effects from other brands, but few have been able to outperform this exceptional protectant spray in terms of performance, both on fine brittle hair or thicker coarser textures alike – plus there’s no doubt about its pleasant fragrance!

However, some people might not be impressed by its lack of added shine, although hairspray adds bounce without weighing locks down. Also, due to the black nozzle coloring being hard to spot in dimmer lighting, application could prove tricky too.

  • Lightweight thermal barrier for superior protection against heat damage
  • Non-greasy formula won’t weigh down your locks
  • Compatible with ghd Platinum Styler & other styling tools
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • No significant amount of added shine
  • Black nozzle color makes application difficult
  • Regular cleaning/maintenance required

Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Enhanced 1.0View On Amazon
Revlon’s One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush will help you achieve a salon-level blowout in minutes with its improved motor life and Ionic + Ceramic Technology. This revolutionary styling tool lets you dry, style, and volumize your hair all at once while reducing frizz and protecting against damage.

The unique oval design is equipped with nylon pin & tufted bristles for detangling, along with round edges to create volume. With 3 heat/speed settings plus a cool option for setting hairstyles, this dryer meets U.

It’s also easy to clean; just regularly clean the air inlet as well as remove hair from the brush after each use so that your bristle condition stays intact!

  • Improved Motor Life & Faster Blowouts
  • Style & Dry Simultaneously
  • Unique Oval Design For Smoothing And Volume
  • 3 Heat/Speed Settings Plus Cool Option For Setting Hairstyle
  • Safe To Use On Any Hair Type – Meets U.S Safety Standards
  • Easy Cleaning Process
  • Designed Exclusively For 120V USA Outlets

John Frieda Luminous Glaze

John Frieda Luminous Glaze ClearView On Amazon
John Frieda Luminous Glaze enhances shine for a sleek finish and provides lasting hydration with its luxurious smooth texture designed for all colors and shades. The salon-inspired treatment is ammonia-free and peroxide-free, making it suitable to be used daily or weekly as part of a hair care routine.

With the help of shine enhancers that polish each strand while pore menders fill damaged areas, your hair will feel soft yet sleek with improved color vibrancy after use. Reviews have been positive across different types of users, which include those looking for an alternative to expensive salon treatments.

However, some reported limited impact on glossiness or softness when using this product.

  • Effective for gray hair & various hair types
  • Provides shine & thickness
  • Suitable alternative to salon treatments
  • Doesn’t work well on long/gray hairs
  • Limited impact on glossiness & softness
  • No remarkable change in certain cases

Color Wow Shine Spray

COLOR WOW Extra Mist-Ical ShineView On Amazon
Color Wow Shine Spray offers an intense burst of glossy shine and a light vanilla scent that will make your hair look healthy and vibrant. It utilizes Mullein flower technology to convert invisible UV light into full-spectrum light, giving your hair brilliant shine without greasiness or dryness.

This product is suitable for all types of hair – straight, curly, wavy, or textured – as well as color-treated and natural locks alike.

Furthermore, Color Wow Shine Spray is paraben & sulfate-free, plus cruelty-free vegan certified, so you know you’re doing right by both yourself and the environment when using this amazing product!

  • Intense burst of glossy shine & pleasant aroma
  • Suitable for all types of styles & colors
  • Non-greasy formula maintains volume
  • Enhances blondes’ luminosity; makes gray sparkle & adds dimensionality to browns
  • Doubles up as a heat protectant
  • Cruelty-Free Vegan Certified
  • Pricey compared to some other products

Ouidad Climate Control Heat Gel

OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control HeatView On Amazon
For a reliable, long-lasting hold with stunning shine, Ouidad Climate Control Heat Gel is the go-to choice. This award-winning gel contains ceramides that help define curls and add touchable flexibility to your hair without leaving it greasy or weighed down.

It locks in moisture and blocks out humidity to prevent frizz and flyaways while its advanced Anti-Frizz Nano Technology works to keep your hair hydrated in any climate.

Plus, this vegan-friendly styling product is free from silicones, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, phthalates, and petroleum, so you can use it with confidence knowing that there are no harsh chemicals included!

  • Award-winning formula
  • Defines curls for an all-day hold
  • Locks in moisture for shiny curl definition
  • Prevents flyaways & frizz
  • Vegan-friendly formulation free of harsh chemicals
  • Non-greasy & lightweight finish
  • Pleasant scent
  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Not suitable for fine straight hair types

How to Use EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm

How to Use EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm
EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm provides a unique solution to styling gray hair with its combination of natural plant-based compounds and heat protection. This silicone-free product helps boost shine while protecting from heat tool damage, promoting healthy hair for long-lasting results.

Here are five key benefits:

  • Hydrates & Detangles: The balm hydrates and detangles the hair cuticle, leaving it smooth and glossy without weighing down the strands.
  • Temperature Protection: It protects against high temperatures up to 450°F (232°C), helping prevent breakage or split ends caused by overuse of hot tools.
  • Shine Boosting Vitamins: EVOLVh’s polishing balm is infused with vitamins that help enhance your gray tresses’ natural luster without weighing them down or causing buildup in your scalp.
  • Hair Health Benefits: Rich in antioxidants, this balm nourishes each strand while strengthening its structure from within for improved elasticity and manageability throughout the day.
  • Gloss Protection: Protects against environmental aggressors like humidity, which can cause frizziness on gray hairs, as well as UV rays, which may lead to discoloration over time.

By using EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm regularly, you can restore balance back into dull-looking locks while still protecting them from daily wear and tear!

Other Heat Protectants to Consider

Other Heat Protectants to Consider
Considering other heat protectants is essential for protecting your gray hair from the damaging effects of heat styling. Look for color-safe, sulfate-free products with plant-based ingredients like thermal shielding silicones and a polyelectrolyte complex.

PVM/MA Copolymer adds extra protection while Pacifica Vegan Silk Blow Out Primer and Protectant gives smoothness and shine without weighing down strands. EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm provides UV protection, hydration, anti-aging benefits, as well as taming frizziness without leaving any residue or greasiness behind.

It can even be used on wet or dry hair before blow-drying! For those who prefer silicone-free alternatives, there are many options too, such as creams, gels, oils that provide similar benefits to those mentioned above but in an all-natural way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the long-term effects of using heat protectants on gray hair?

Using heat protectants on gray hair can lead to long-term nourishment and hydration, but it can also cause an accumulation of residue. To ensure healthy locks, look for quality products tailored to your needs that provide protection without damaging the hair’s delicate structure.

Is heat styling suitable for all types of gray hair?

Heat styling is suitable for most types of gray hair; however, it can be damaging if not done correctly. For example, those with coarse or thick hair may benefit from using a product like Kenra Platinum Blow Dry, which offers intense protection and reduces frizz.

To ensure minimal damage to gray hair, always use quality heat protectants and select hot tools that are appropriate for your specific type of gray hair.

Are there any natural alternatives to synthetic heat protectants?

Yes! Natural alternatives to synthetic heat protectants include plant-based compounds, such as argan oil and shea butter.

What is the best way to apply heat protectants for maximum protection?

Apply heat protectants evenly and lightly to damp hair before styling. Be sure to avoid getting product on the scalp and roots as this can lead to buildup. Allow hair to air dry or use a blowdryer on a low to medium heat setting for best results.

Vary how much product you use depending on your hair length and thickness. Those with fine hair need less product than those with thick, coarse hair. Spread product evenly from mid-length to ends. Focus application on the most heat damaged areas.

Make sure to apply product to all sections of hair, not just the top and front. Allow product to fully dry before using any heated styling tools. Use a higher quality heat protectant that contains silicones or oils that can help seal the cuticle.

Avoid overusing product or applying too close to the scalp. This leads to a greasy look and can hinder volume at the roots. For maximum protection, thermal protectants with UV filters can shield from sun damage as well.

How often should I use heat protectants on my gray hair?

To protect your gray hair from heat damage, use a high-quality heat protectant every time you style with hot tools. Apply it evenly to ensure maximum protection and long-lasting results. Nourish your locks after styling for added shine and moisture.


With an estimated 7.5 million Americans having 50% gray hair or more, it’s important to use the right products to maintain healthy, glossy locks. Heat styling is a common practice, but it can cause serious damage to gray hair, making it more brittle and prone to breakage.

To help protect gray hair from heat damage, it’s important to select heat protectants that are specifically designed for this hair type.

  • Malibu C Hard Water Hair Care
  • Kenra Platinum Blow Dry
  • HSI Professional Argan Oil Heat Protector
  • Moroccanoil Hair Treatment
  • Aveda Damage Control Spray
  • GHD Heat Protectant Hair Spray
  • Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush
  • John Frieda Luminous Glaze
  • Color Wow Shine Spray
  • Ouidad Climate Control Heat Gel

All of these products will help protect your hair from heat damage, while providing you with gorgeous, glossy gray locks.

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