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How Much Beard Balm Should You Use? Tips for Proper Application (2023)

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how much beard balm should you useItching under your beard? Studies show that 86% of bearded men experience itchiness and dryness at some point. But before you grab a razor, try beard balm. This nourishing blend of oils and butters penetrates hair follicles to soften and hydrate facial hair.

You want a beard that demands attention—without irritation. We get it. That’s why we created our premium balms to unlock your inner lumberjack. With just a pea-sized amount, our fast-absorbing formula conditions each hair from root to tip.

Simply massage into damp beard post-shower and comb through for even distribution.

Say goodbye to brillo bristles and hello to a bold, touchable beard that leaves ’em wanting more.

Key Takeaways

  • Start with a pea-sized amount and adjust the quantity based on beard length and thickness.
  • Apply the balm to the roots and skin, focusing on thoroughly massaging it.
  • Use the balm a maximum of 2-3 times per week, on days when extra hold is desired.
  • After applying the balm, comb through the beard to ensure even distribution and conditioning.

How to Apply Beard Balm

How to Apply Beard Balm
Applying beard balm correctly is key to achieving the perfect look and keeping your facial hair healthy. To get started, you’ll want to use a small fingertip-sized amount of balm. Then, apply it when your beard is still damp after showering, massaging it into both the skin underneath as well as throughout all of your facial hair before combing it out for even distribution.

Amount to Use

You’ll want to start with just a dab, as too much balm can leave your beard greasy and weighed down. Rub the balm between your fingers first, then massage it into your beard using circular motions, focusing on the roots and skin.

Adjust the amount as needed based on your beard’s length and thickness. A little goes a long way when used properly.

When to Apply

After showering, when your beard is damp, apply some balm for training and styling a couple of times a week. I recommend using beard balm 2-3 times per week maximum, focusing on days when you want extra styling and hold.

Otherwise, daily beard oil is best for nourishing those follicles and skin without greasiness. Target the roots really well, and brush thoroughly afterward to distribute the balm evenly into your beard.

How to Apply on Skin

Bro, massage that balm right into your skin under the beard – it’ll make ya feel so fresh.

  1. Apply a small amount to fingers first to melt the product.
  2. Focus on getting balm on the skin underneath beard hair.
  3. Use circular motions with fingertips to massage into pores.
  4. Don’t forget the neck area too for full coverage.
  5. Balm conditions facial hair and nourishes the skin simultaneously.

Massaging beard balm into the skin is key for hydrating those pores and follicles simultaneously. The natural oils absorb quickly to moisturize while the waxes coat hairs for styling.

How to Apply on Beard

Let those beard bristles drink up the balm’s nourishing elixir, broseph. Massage the balm thoroughly into the beard from roots to tips. Use a boar bristle brush to evenly distribute it throughout. Focus on achieving full coverage to moisturize hair and skin.

Just a thumbnail amount should suffice for medium-length beards. The natural oils will absorb quickly to condition while the wax shapes and trains those rogue hairs.

Comb Through Beard

You’ll want to comb through that beard with a quality brush to distribute the balm’s benefits evenly throughout the hair. Brush it through from roots to tips after massaging in the balm. This ensures it coats every hair and hydrates all over.

Benefits of Using Beard Balm

Benefits of Using Beard Balm
Beard balm should be an essential addition to your facial hair care routine. It conditions and moisturizes your beard while shaping and styling it how you want. Balm also helps prevent those unsightly split ends from forming by nourishing each hair follicle.

When applied properly, a quality balm will add volume and thickness to give you a fuller-looking beard. And the oils it contains form a protective barrier against harsh elements like the sun, wind, and cold.

Using beard balm regularly helps you maintain facial hair that not only looks great but feels healthy too.

Conditions and Moisturizes

Your beard will be so silky smooth and hydrated, it’ll put a supermodel’s hair to shame! Beard balm is packed with natural moisturizers, which help protect against dry skin while giving your facial hair the styling control you want.

Plus, when used in conjunction with beard oil, you can reap the benefits of both for healthy skin and well-groomed locks.

  • Keeps moisture locked in
  • Conditions hairs from root to tip
  • Shields from environmental damage

A combination of these two products gives your face an unbeatable softness that won’t go unnoticed. You’ll feel like royalty every time you run your fingers through those luxurious strands.

Shapes and Styles

Shaping and styling your beard becomes effortless with the right amount of beard balm. Rub a fingertip of balm between your fingers before shaping unruly hairs into the desired shape. For beards under one inch, a pea-sized amount should sufficiently tame and train hairs.

Longer beards may require more product, so start small and add gradually until achieving your preferred style.

Prevents Split Ends

The correct balm’s nourishing oils keep your beard’s tips hydrated, preventing split ends. Rubbing balm down to the roots coats each hair strand with shea butter and oils, locking in natural moisture from root to tip.

This helps strengthen and protect the hair cuticle to prevent damage and splitting.

Adds Volume

Applying beard balm can add volume and shape to your facial hair, giving it a fuller look. The emollients in a quality balm coat each follicle, gently lifting and separating the hairs. With daily brushing after application, your beard gains a natural boost in thickness and form.

Over time, beard balms train the hair growth pattern for a healthy, fuller-looking beard that frames your face just right.

Protects From Elements

You’re protecting your glorious facial fuzz from harsh wind, sun, and winter cold when beard balm’s on patrol.

  • Helps hydrate and moisturize beard hairs to prevent brittle, dry strands.
  • Nourishing oils create a barrier protecting the beard from environmental damage.
  • Natural waxes give light hold to tame frizziness caused by wind and cold.
  • Soothes irritation and prevents flaking associated with beard dandruff.
  • Allows the brush to glide through easily, spreading oils evenly to condition the skin.

Using quality beard balm guards your beard against external elements that can damage hair and dry out the skin underneath. Daily balm and brushing keep your facial hair strong, smooth, and comfortable in any weather.

Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil
As someone with expertise in beard care, let me explain the key differences between beard balm and beard oil. Beard balm offers styling control and thickness, while beard oil nourishes the hair and skin underneath.

You’ll want to use balm in moderation – once or twice per week – massaging a small amount thoroughly into the beard, focusing on the roots. Use just enough to shape and tame, adjusting for your beard’s length. Too much can leave an unwanted greasy residue.

Purpose and Benefits

You only need just a dab of beard balm to style and train those whiskers. A little balm goes a long way for shining up those bristles. Massage it into the roots to nourish each follicle. The natural oils will soften and condition dry beard hairs, while giving hold for brushing into shape.

It helps train unruly whiskers to look fuller and healthier. Just rub in a fingertip-sized amount when hairs need some TLC after washing.


Sounds like you’ve got a handle on beard balm basics! Now let’s delve into what gives each balm its powers. Essential oils and butters like argan, jojoba, and shea moisturize hair while taming frizz. Waxes and polymers act like natural hairspray, controlling flyaways. And carrier oils determine how greasy or dry the blend feels on your skin.

Application Method

Hombre, ridin’ beard balm like a rodeo bull’ll keep that scruff lookin’ sleeker than an oil tycoon, quicker’n a minnow’s swim in the Rio Grande.

  • Amount depends on length n’ thickness, so adjust as needed.
  • Focus on roots n’ skin – massage in thoroughly.
  • Use a brush to distribute balm evenly.
  • Don’t overdo it – too much looks greasy.
  • Wash out daily to prevent buildup.

Rodeo that beard balm, partner! Just mind the reins and avoid goin’ overboard. Massage it on down to the roots every few days to train them whiskers and nourish the skin beneath. Use a brush to spread it smooth as buttermilk. Rinse out the gunk daily so it don’t cake up.

Wrangle that mane just right, and you’ll be stylin’ sleeker than an oil baron’s silk tie.

Can You Use Beard Balm and Beard Oil Together?

Can You Use Beard Balm and Beard Oil Together
Many men with facial hair find that using both beard balm and beard oil provides the best results for beard grooming. The key is to know how to properly layer the products. First, apply a few drops of beard oil to moisturize and soften the beard hairs and the skin underneath.

Allow it to absorb slightly before adding a pea-sized amount of balm, massaging it in thoroughly to shape, tame, and lightly style your beard. Using oil and balm together gives your beard the nourishment it needs while also allowing you to maintain your desired style.

Benefits of Combining

You’ll double down on nourishing that beard when using oil and balm together. Combining these two products can help improve texture, hydration, and growth while making styling easier.

Applying a quality blend of both daily will keep skin healthy as well as minimize the appearance of patchiness caused by hair loss or thinning.

Not only do they work synergistically to make your beard look better, but they also feel amazing—no more dryness or itchiness with this duo! Plus, their natural ingredients are gentle enough for even sensitive skin types, yet powerful enough to benefit any type of facial hair style or length without the need for harsh chemicals like alcohols, which can cause irritation.

So go ahead, explore all the possible benefits from combining your favorite oil and balm today – it’s definitely worth it!

How to Layer

After showering and towel-drying, only dab beard oil on your facial hair before gently massaging in beard balm from the roots out.

Comb through with a quality boar bristle brush to evenly coat fine facial hair.

Apply balm sparingly, focusing on luscious-looking beard areas needing volume.

Use fingertips to target any patchy areas with extra moisturizing oils and butters.

In cold weather, increase balm to protect from harsh winds yet avoid greasy buildup.

Properly layering beard oil and balm nourishes the skin, textures hair, and helps train even the most unruly of beards without greasiness.

Discover the power of this simple grooming routine for yourself.

How Often Should You Use Beard Balm?

How Often Should You Use Beard Balm
When it comes to beard balm, how often you use it depends on a few key factors. First, consider your beard length and thickness. The longer and fuller your beard, the more balm you’ll likely need to style and condition it.

For short beards, using balm just a few times per week is probably sufficient. But those with longer beards may need to use it daily to keep their hair healthy and under control.

The amount you apply matters too – start with a small amount, about the size of a fingertip, and adjust up or down as needed. The goal is to use just enough to shape and lightly hydrate, without looking overly greasy.

Finding the right balm frequency and amount takes some experimentation, but should improve the look and feel of your beard.

Frequency of Application

Cause your beard’s already conditioned, brush a smidge in just 1-2 times weekly for stylin’ and trainin’ those whiskers.

Initial benefits of beard oil soften and soothe skin while balms tame and shape. But beards dry out, especially in frigid winter winds or sweltering summer sun.

When overused, waxes and balms build up, blocking your skin’s pores. So after beard oil moisturizes, a dollop massaged through a couple times a week provides day-long relief. Balms shouldn’t become a daily habit, rather an occasional tool for special occasions when you need a manicured look.

Adjusting Based on Beard Length and Thickness

Y’all’s whisker density along with length determines balm amount. For instance, Juan’s mighty 10-inch beard needed dollops daily while Alex’s stubble barely used a dab weekly.

Apply just a fingertip of balm to a short stubble beard.

Use a pearl-sized amount for a medium-length beard.

For long beards over 6 inches, use a dollop about the size of a quarter.

Extra thick beards may require more balm regardless of length.

As your beard’s length and thickness changes with new growth, adjust balm quantity.

Nourish the beard roots while taming wild whiskers.

With the right balm schedule, your beard will flourish with a healthy shine.

How Much Beard Balm Should You Use?

How Much Beard Balm Should You Use
When it comes to using beard balm, there are some general guidelines to follow. For starters, you should aim for a fingertip-sized amount and warm the product between your fingers before applying. After that, adjust up or down depending on your beard’s length and thickness – longer beards may need more balm than shorter ones for proper conditioning and styling control.

General Guidelines

Buddy, don’t fret about using too little beard balm. Start small – a pea-sized bit r믭 between your fingers works wonders for training and taming your whiskers without getting greasy. Focus on your skin underneath, where the roots need moisture from quality oils like argan or coconut blended into quality balms like Cremo or Honest Amish.

Don’t overdo it though – a little balm goes a long way when paired with a nice beard oil before your face wash. Too much and you’ll end up with a greasy, unruly mess instead of a well-groomed beard.

Adjusting for Beard Length and Thickness

You’d better adjust the amount of beard balm according to your whiskers’ length and thickness, lest you end up with a greasy mess. For short stubble, a mere dab of Stalwart’s best beard oils blended with jojoba will tame those whiskers excellently.

Yet the expert tip is to set rules for adjusting, as your beard transforms into a lustrous mane. Require more balm to fully nourish and train longer strands, incorporating shea butter and coconut oil for conditioning.

Still, too much product means trouble – aim for the Goldilocks amount. Ultimately, heed my years shaping beards behind barber chairs, and you’ll style a powerful, understanding beard daily.

When to Use and Apply Beard Balm

When to Use and Apply Beard Balm
Applying beard balm at the right time is key to achieving a well-groomed look. Incorporating it into your daily grooming routine not only helps keep facial hair healthy and styled but also moisturizes and conditions the skin beneath.

Best Time to Apply

For best results, apply your balm after showering when your beard is still damp. The steam from the shower helps open up the hair cuticles, allowing the balm to penetrate deeper and really get absorbed.

Make sure to towel dry first so your beard isn’t dripping wet. Use a dime-sized amount and warm it between your fingers before massaging it thoroughly into the hair. Focus on the roots and skin underneath to condition properly. Balm gives the best hold and control when applied to slightly damp beards.

Just don’t apply too much or you may end up looking greasy. Find the sweet spot through some trial runs.

Incorporating Into Grooming Routine

Ya gotta make beard balm part of your regular grooming routine a few times a week for the best styling and training. Work it into your specialized grooming regimen to keep your beard in top shape. Find the right place for it alongside your daily beard oil to promote healthy hair and skin.

It’s a good idea to focus extra attention on massaging balm into the skin underneath and other inaccessible areas. Don’t overdo it though – moderation is key for optimal effects without greasiness. Let your beard be your glorious mane with the right products in the right amounts.

What is the Best Beard Balm?

What is the Best Beard Balm
When searching for the ideal beard balm for you, focus first on quality ingredients that nourish facial hair and skin without irritation. Look for natural oils like argan, coconut, and jojoba, as well as Shea or cocoa butter.

The right formula depends on your beard type and desired hold. Thicker beards may require more control from heavier butters, while patchy or thinner beards benefit from lighter oils that won’t look greasy.

Test balms that offer your hair the right balance of flexible hold and conditioning to keep your style in place without dryness or flaking.

Finding the perfect blend for your beard takes some experimentation but pays off in healthy, handsome facial hair.

Ingredients to Look For

Choose organic balms with natural oils to deeply nourish the beard. Look for beard care products containing the highest quality natural argan, jojoba, sweet almond, and coconut oils. These important tools moisturize hair follicles and skin while fighting dandruff and irritation.

Tea tree, rosemary, and cedarwood essential oils also soothe and stimulate growth.

When reading labels, avoid alcohol, parabens, and fragrances, which can dry out facial hair. Opt for beard balms with beeswax to shape unruly whiskers without flakes or grease. Seek out expert-level brands using organic butters like shea and cocoa to soften coarse bristles.

With the right nourishing ingredients, your beard will look healthy and feel incredibly soft.

Considerations for Different Beard Types

You’ll want to adjust how often you reach for the balm based on your beard’s personality. If your whiskers are in that awkward adolescent phase, daily balm trains them into place. Once you hit the full beard stage, you only need balm a few times a week for styling and control.

Fellas with naturally coarse or kinky beards benefit from daily balming with superior beard products like Cremo beard balms. Their creamy texture tames and nourishes unruly patches. But for soft, straight beards, occasional use prevents greasiness.

Whatever your beard’s disposition, match balm routine to growth stage for best results.

How to Store Beard Balm

How to Store Beard Balm
Buddy, to keep your beard balm in optimal condition, be sure to seal the container tightly after each use and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Also, check the expiration date regularly and discard any balm that seems dried out, separated, or just doesn’t have the same soft texture.

Proper sealing and storage will help your balm retain its beneficial ingredients and desired consistency longer.

Proper Sealing and Storage

Keep your beard balm fresh by sealing the container tightly after each use and storing it in a cool, dry place.

  • Refrigerate after opening to prolong shelf life.
  • Look for balms in tins or tubes instead of jars, which can collect bacteria.
  • Don’t let water get into the balm.
  • Check the expiration date and discard if it changes consistency.
  • Transfer to a smaller tin if not using quickly to avoid air exposure.

Proper storage is key to keeping your beard balm effective. Like any grooming product, it can degrade over time with air, moisture, and bacteria exposure. Follow these simple tips to retain the quality ingredients that keep your beard looking its best.

Checking Expiration Date

Today’s the day to give that beard balm the sniff test, friend. Don’t just glance at the label – really inspect that expiration date and give it a good whiff. We want to make sure it hasn’t gone rancid. Balms with plant oils can spoil just like food.

If it smells off or looks weird, into the trash it goes. Don’t risk skin irritation on a product past its prime.

This unique snowflake deserves your particular attention. I know checking a date isn’t a bonus point activity, but it’s good recommending for any quality balm, especially in a hot Australian market.

Alternatives to Beard Balm

Alternatives to Beard Balm
You may want to try beard oil, which is lighter and used daily to moisturize the skin and hair follicles without leaving any residue. Beard butter provides deeper hydration and styling for coarser beards. For handlebar mustaches or other styled facial hair, mustache wax can provide a stronger hold and shaping than balm.

Beard Oil

Instead of beard balm every day, alternate beard oil to hydrate whiskers and soothe the skin underneath.

  1. Essential oils like jojoba, argan, grapeseed.
  2. Vitamin E to nourish follicles.
  3. Lightweight, fast-absorbing texture.
  4. Softens and conditions without greasiness.

Oil is ideal for daily maintenance. The key is finding a formula tailored for your beard type and using the proper technique so it reaches the skin below. With quality ingredients, beard oil will keep your whiskers healthy while preventing irritation.

Beard Butter

Buddy, try a dollop of that beard butter to shape and hydrate your whiskers with shea and cocoa. It’s creamier than balm for extra softening on dry skin and longer styles. This moisturizing blend nourishes coarse hair that needs some TLC.

Just a pea-sized amount warmed between fingers melts nicely to tame and define. The rich formula penetrates right to the follicles and skin for a healthy beard from roots to tips.

Mustache Wax

Get bold hold for your ‘stache with some wax, pal. Sculpt and style those whiskers just how you like with this stiff pomade. Just work in a tiny bit on the tips to train hairs in place all day. Wax also prevents food and drink from messing up your fine ‘stache.

But don’t overdo it or you’ll have a crispy, crunchy mudflap. Keep some balm for nourishing the rest of your beard, and you’ll be rockin’ a classy look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What ingredients should I look for in a quality beard balm?

Look for quality ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter; avoid alcohol and harsh chemicals. These will nourish your beard hair while also providing the styling control you need – that’s a liberating feeling! Balms made with these natural ingredients are sure to leave you looking sharp.

How do I know if I’m using too much beard balm?

Got enough beard balm there, Paul Bunyan? If your beard looks drenched and dripping wet, you’ve gone overboard. A little balm goes a long way – use a pea-sized amount and add more if needed. Focus on your beard roots and skin for shine and softness, not quantity.

Moderation prevents a greasy, waxy mess that belongs in a candle factory, not on your face.

Can beard balm be used to train or shape my beard a certain way?

Yes, beard balm can definitely help train and shape your beard! The waxes and butters provide a light hold to style your beard and mustache how you want. Just use a beard brush after applying balm to style it into place. Over time, regular use will train the hairs to cooperate.

Does beard length and thickness affect how much balm to use?

The beard knows no limits – let it grow free! Yet, to tame the mane, adapt the balm to thy follicle forest. Thicker beards demand more to groom the bristle bramble. With great beard comes great responsibility – moderate the moisture lest grease besmirch your style.

Judge not by length alone – adjust thy balm to bring out the beard’s natural glory.

What’s the difference between beard balm and beard butter?

Beard balm and butter are both great for conditioning, but balm offers more control. Balm’s wax-like consistency helps shape and style hairs, while butter is softer to provide intense hydration.


With your thumb and index finger warmed up like hot coffee in winter, use them to scoop and spread just the right amount of beard balm – a dollop as big as a coin.
Take your time methodically combing it through, nourishing those bristles root to tip.
Applied with care just a couple times weekly, the balm conditions, trains, and keeps your beard flourishing the way nature intended.
Focus on using just enough beard balm to style without greasing up your mug.
Then stand back and admire your landscape of rugged masculinity.
Simply brush your beard in place and get on with your day.

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