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Putting Beard Beads in Your Beard: Steps and Tips for Men’s Facial Jewelry (2024)

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how to put in beard beadsThinking of upgrading your facial bling? Let’s add some new beauty below your nose and above your chin. We’re talking about beard beads – the bold baubles that’ll make your whiskers shine.

You may feel the call of the wild waiting to be unleashed in those untamed strands. It’s time to answer with regal rings that would make kings jealous and sailors stare in awe. We’ll thread gleaming gems through your mane as simply as braiding. When we’re done, your beard will gleam gloriously, like a Viking fresh off a raid.

So come on, my friend. Stop hiding your inner warrior behind an overgrown shrub. Let’s adorn that furry foliage with beads fit for Valhalla. We’ll unlock the glories lying dormant in your scruff, one glinting bead at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a bead setting tool for easy attachment.
  • Measure your beard for the correct bead size.
  • Follow a step-by-step guide to put in beard beads.
  • Use string or a bead setting tool for attachment.

A Quick Guide to Beard Beads

A Quick Guide to Beard Beads
You’ll wanna start by brushing out your beard real good before twisting those charms into place. Them Vikings knew how to style their facial hair and we can take a page from their book. Try weaving in some braids or ponytails before sliding beads over for historical flair.

With the right maintenance and styling, your beard will be festival-ready in no time.

Mix silver, wooden, and beaded accessories together. Trendy bearded folks even throw some rings into the mix along with beads. Just keep your beard detangled and you’ll be rocking an envy-worthy look from the Norwegian fjords to the local brewery.

Your beard is your canvas, so get creative with shapes and textures for max bearddom. With the right upkeep, you can style your facial hair just like those seafaring Norsemen of old. Show off your personal flair by braiding, twisting, and beading for a legendary lewk.

Why Use Beard Beads?

Why Use Beard Beads
Experience the history and manliness of Viking-style facial hair when you use beard beads.

  • Style: Beard beads add flair for a unique Viking, lumberjack, or bohemian look.
  • Manageability: Keep long beards tidy and prevent knots and tangles.
  • Vibe: Project an image of strength, freedom, and confidence.
  • Expression: Make a statement about your personal style.

Unlike rings, beard beads feature intricate designs that really stand out. Embrace your inner warrior when you decorate your beard Viking-style with beard beads.

Choosing the Right Beard Beads

Choosing the Right Beard Beads
Are you looking to add some style and personality to your beard? Look no further than the various types of beard beads available! These small ornaments come in a variety of materials, from sterling silver and brass to wood and stone.

You can also choose from different styles such as ponytail, divided braid, double side braid, or layer across.

Materials for beard beads

Choose beard beads made of various materials for a unique look. Gold, silver, and wood beads stand out against facial hair. Gemstones like turquoise, tiger eye, and lapis lazuli add pops of color. Carefully store beard beads when they are not being worn.

Different beard bead styles

Try out different styles of beard beads to express yourself and add some flair – from the classic ponytail style to a double-sided braid, you’ll be rocking in no time! For an individualized look, consider bead sizing and placement.

Incorporate historical significance into your styling with beard braiding for unique combinations. Explore stylish combinations that showcase personal preferences through careful bead size selection based on the desired length of facial hair.

Using a bead setting tool

Using a bead setting tool makes it easy to attach beads securely to your facial hair. Loop the tool under your beard. Guide beads into place up the tool’s shaft. Firmly seat beads against the roots with gentle twisting.

Experiment until beads sit just right. Maintain flow with regular trims. The tool lets you quickly style striking beard adornments.

Measuring Your Beard for Bead Size

Measuring Your Beard for Bead Size
You’d be amazed that over 40% of men with beards now accessorize with jewelry like beads. Sizing your beard beads is key for the perfect fit and style. Measure the thickness of your beard hair using ring sizers or a tape measure.

For ponytail styles, note the circumference of your beard bundle. Account for any future growth too.

The width of your braids determines charm sizes. Mix sizes and styles like pairing thick hollow beads with thinner plug beads.

Bold beard beads let you express your personal flair.

Where to Buy Beard Beads

Where to Buy Beard Beads
You can find quality beard beads online from specialty shops or on Etsy, where artisans offer unique handmade designs. Search marketplaces like Etsy and eBay for artisan beard beads with intricate patterns and materials like bone, horn, and stone.

For in-person shopping, visit local retailers that specialize in men’s fashion accessories and beard products. They frequently stock beard beads among their selection of rings, combs, oils, and waxes. Seek out specialty boutiques near you for a tailored shopping experience and knowledgeable staff.

With many options between online and local shopping, you’re sure to find the perfect beard beads to complement your style.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put in Beard Beads

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put in Beard Beads
My bearded friend, let me guide you through adorning your facial mane with exotic beads. You can insert beard beads using either string or a specialized setting tool, securing those shiny baubles in your bushy brilliance.

Using String or Thread

Threading a length of string or thread through the beard rings can help securely attach them to your facial hair.

  • Beard bead styling tools
  • Maintenance products for keeping them in place
  • Creative jewelry pieces to express yourself and add flair
  • Learning about beard bead history for added knowledge. With these tips, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your new look without sacrificing quality!

Using a Bead Setting Tool

Using a bead setting tool is the quickest way to add beads to your beard, taking as little as 30 seconds. Choose from various styling options and select the right type of beads for you – be it hollow or plug style.

Have fun experimenting with different Viking-inspired looks while keeping your manly mane neat and tidy.

How to Ensure Beard Beads Stay in Place

How to Ensure Beard Beads Stay in Place
To make sure your beard beads stay in place, use a bead setting tool or thread to secure the bead onto the hair.

  • Grip the bead tightly against the beard with a setting tool while twisting it into place.
  • Tie off the end of the braided beard section with a clear elastic for extra hold.

Use smaller beard rings and charms that grip hairs more securely. Apply a light holding styling wax or gel before inserting rings and charms.

Experiment with different bead types and styling products until you find what keeps your beard bling securely in place all day.

Confident beard styling projects an air of bold self-assurance. Mastering the Viking beard bead look unleashes your inner warrior.

How Long Should Your Beard Be for Beard Beads?

How Long Should Your Beard Be for Beard Beads
No standard beard length is required to enjoy the stylishness of beard beads; experiment with different styles and lengths to find the look that best suits you.

There are several techniques for styling your facial hair with these unique ornaments: ponytail style, divided braid style, double side braid style, and layer across. Each method can be enhanced by using a bead setting tool for threading on beads or clear rubber bands as an extra safety measure.

Beads have a long historical significance in cultures such as Viking and Germanic tribes, while also being found during Ancient Egyptian times—proving their timeless appeal!

To keep your Beard Beads looking neat, it’s important to maintain them regularly with gentle brushing and combing before adding any additional jewelry pieces.

Debunking the Myth: Do Beard Beads Damage Your Beard?

Debunking the Myth: Do Beard Beads Damage Your Beard
Contrary to popular belief, beard beads won’t damage your facial hair. Beard beads are actually great for grooming and styling your beard. The beads help keep flyaway hairs in check and can train your beard into shape. Proper beard care like brushing and beard oil will prevent any tangling with beard beads.

Instead of harming your beard, beard beads offer beard benefits. For a lower maintenance option, try temporary beard rings or hair clips for styling. But for convenience and easy application, quality beard beads utilizing premium materials can’t be beat.

Experiment with different bead styles and patterns to find your signature beard bead look. With some maintenance and care, beard beads are a stylish way to wear your beard.

Proper Maintenance: Cleaning Your Beard Beads

Proper Maintenance: Cleaning Your Beard Beads
After rinsing your beard beads, dry them with a microfiber cloth to prevent water spots and maintain their shine. Clean your beard bling regularly. Use mild soap and water weekly to prevent buildup. For silver and gold beads, gently polish monthly with a jeweler’s cloth. Wood beads just need a quick brush to remove oils.

Keep stones looking fresh by soaking occasionally in warm water with a drop of dish soap. Your beard is your crowning glory, so keep your regal beads primed to impress. Proper care preserves your beads so they continue elevating your style.


So there you have it, gentlemen – with some planning, patience, and the right tools, you can turn your beard into a true Viking masterpiece. Adding beads brings personality and flare that show the world you take pride in your fantastic facial hair.

Embrace your inner Norse warrior and get creative with your beard jewelry. With the right technique, your beard beads will be locking into place in no time.

Putting in beard beads takes your style to a new level of boldness that demands respect.

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