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How to Dye Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy: Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

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how to dye hair like narcissa malfoyAre you looking to replicate Narcissa Malfoy’s iconic hairstyle? Look no further – we’ve got all the information and step-by-step instructions you need right here. Rocking a half-black, half-blonde bob with an edgy side-swept fringe is the perfect way to show off your own unique style this season! With just a few simple steps, you can have hair that will make even Voldemort jealous.

Key Takeaways

  • Section your hair for precision and style.
  • Decide between permanent or semi-permanent dye based on your hair type and desired lightness.
  • Gather necessary tools: sectioning clips, rat tail comb, application brush, and a non-metallic bowl.
  • Protect your skin with petroleum jelly during the dyeing process.

How to Dye Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy

How to Dye Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy
Ready to rock the Narcissa Malfoy look? To achieve this half-black, half-blonde color, you’ll need to section your hair and then prepare the bleach mixture. Next, bleach the bottom of your hair and touch up with toner or purple shampoo. Afterward, dye the top of your head to complete this unique two-toned style.

Finally, deep conditioning is necessary to restore moisture that has been depleted by chemicals.

Step 1: Section Your Hair

Start sectioning your hair according to the two-toned Narcissa Malfoy style for an edgy, on-trend look. A good stylist can help you decide where and how much to bleach or dye. Consider whether a permanent or semi-permanent dye is best suited for your hair type and desired level of lightness to achieve perfect color results.

Use the right tools and techniques, such as sectioning clips, a rat tail comb, and a petroleum jelly application brush, for precision in creating this stunning hairstyle. Take your time during the process, whether bleaching from scratch or toning prelightened parts, to ensure optimal results that will last longer without causing damage.

Step 2: Get the Bleach Mixture Ready

Mix bleach and developer together according to the instructions, taking into account your desired effect for a customized finish. Before applying, make sure to use an application brush and gloves, as well as a non-metallic bowl for mixing.

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to apply the mixture. Start at the bottom of your head using small sections with specific timing in mind. Touch up any uneven color with toner or purple shampoo before dyeing on top – either semi-permanent or permanent depending on preference.

Step 3: Bleach the Bottom Section of Your Hair

Put on your gloves and grab the bleach mixture, then start applying it to the bottom section of your hair for a bold look.

Sectioning is key here: separate out sections with clips according to Narcissa’s two-toned style.

Use an applicator brush for even coverage and follow time limits carefully – too long and you may damage strands!

When finished, consider toning or using purple shampoo if the desired color hasn’t been achieved yet.

Remember to use a non-metallic bowl when mixing dye or bleach and apply petroleum jelly around the edges of your skin for protection against staining.

With proper preparation and coloring techniques, you can achieve that iconic black and blonde combination inspired by Narcissa Malfoy!

Don’t forget to take care of your hair afterwards – deep conditioners can help restore moisture lost during the bleaching process.

Step 4: Touch Up and Toning

After you’ve bleached the bottom section of your hair, it’s time for a touch-up and toning to achieve that perfect Narcissa Malfoy look. To maintain the color and restore moisture, use a deep conditioner or purple shampoo.

Avoid shampooing immediately after dye application as it can cause fading or uneven results.

Toning is crucial for achieving an even finish. Mix toner with developer according to the package instructions, then apply it with an applicator brush in sections from root to tip for the best results.

If you want variation in color intensity, try using petroleum jelly on areas where you desire less deposit.

Lastly, reference pictures are essential when trying to achieve this look. Compare your progress against them throughout each step.

Step 5: Dyeing the Top of Your Head

Once the bottom half of your hair is bleached, it’s time to dye the top with semi-permanent or permanent color for a show-stopping two-toned look! Select one based on the desired outcome and current hair condition.

For optimal results, use petroleum jelly to protect the skin and wrap dyed sections with foils. This dual-toned trend requires commitment and quality products – follow dos like professional consultation; don’ts such as shampooing immediately should be avoided for successful styling.

Step 6: Deep Conditioning

Finish off your makeover with a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and protect hair from damage. A great way to do this is by using quality hair care products such as masks, leave-in conditioners, oils, or serums.

Deep treatments should be used once a week for best results, especially if you’re bleaching or dyeing regularly.

To apply deep conditioner at home, start by shampooing the hair and then towel dry it until damp before applying the product generously onto strands from root to tip.

What is Narcissa Malfoy Hair?

What is Narcissa Malfoy Hair
Discover the daring, two-toned look of Narcissa Malfoy’s hair and learn how you can make it your own. The trend was inspired by Helen McCory’s portrayal of Narcissa in Harry Potter – black on one side with white blonde streaks on the other.

It is a versatile style that allows you to express yourself while customizing the length and type of bangs or lob for your face shape.

Haircare tips are essential when attempting this look at home, as bleach and permanent dye can damage locks if not utilized properly. Celebrity trends like Dua Lipa’s black-underneath, blonde-on-top cut have reignited interest in this hairstyle among TikTok users who share videos creating their own version called ‘The Narcissa’.

DIY techniques involve prelightening with bleach followed by toning for the desired color before using semi/permanent dyes for styling success. It is important to use gloves, developer, and foils, along with petroleum jelly for protection from skin irritation.

So go ahead and customize yours today!

Choosing the Right Dye for Narcissa Malfoy Hair

Choosing the Right Dye for Narcissa Malfoy Hair
Are you looking to recreate the iconic Narcissa Malfoy look from Harry Potter? Whether you opt for a permanent or semi-permanent dye, choosing the right product and technique is crucial. With proper preparation and professional assistance, you can achieve an attention-grabbing two-toned hairstyle that will capture everyone’s attention.

Permanent vs. semi-permanent dye

You’ll need to decide between permanent or semi-permanent dye to get the Narcissa Malfoy look just right. Permanent dyes offer more color durability and styling options but can damage hair health in the long run.

Semi-permanent dye is gentler on hair, though it won’t last as long and may require frequent touch-ups for vibrant results.

Considering hair type

Before attempting to dye your hair like Narcissa Malfoy, consider your locks’ type and texture as well as how it’ll look with the two-toned style. Hair textures vary from straight to curly, so you may need more or fewer products for optimal results.

You should also decide on color options: will you opt for black and blonde or something else? Styling tips, such as where to part the hair, are essential too!

Maintenance advice is necessary to keep any damage at bay. Use conditioner regularly, avoid excessive heat styling tools, and don’t forget about deep conditioning treatments.

Lastly, understand proper application techniques of bleach pre-lightener mixed with peroxide followed by toners that remove yellow undertones to achieve super clean white hair!

Consult a professional

If you’re new to hair coloring, it’s best to consult a professional for help achieving the Narcissa Malfoy look. Professional advice can provide consultation benefits and increase the chances of success.

Talk with your stylist or salon about what products they recommend for this unique hair color style. They’ll be able to guide you through each step in detail and make sure that everything is done properly, from pre-lightening techniques all the way up to toning and touch-ups if necessary.

Their insights can also help ensure that your final results are as desired while minimizing potential risks like damage or brassy tones due to overbleaching or dyeing too much at once.

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Narcissa Malfoy Look

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Narcissa Malfoy Look
Are you prepared to transform your hair into Narcissa Malfoy’s iconic two-toned look? To start, gather all the necessary supplies: gloves, hair dye, developer bleach powder, an application brush, and more.

Then, part your hair in half to determine how much should be black or blonde before mixing the bleach with different volumes for the desired results. Finally, apply it to the bottom section of your hair and touch up any uneven color with toner or purple shampoo.

Gather Your Supplies

Gather all the necessary supplies, from gloves to dye and developer, for a successful Narcissa Malfoy makeover.

To ensure accuracy and avoid any mishaps, create a checklist of items such as hair foil, sectioning clips, toner, or purple shampoo.

A rattail comb can help part your hair before styling, while petroleum jelly protects your skin during the application process.

Match color options with the desired look. It is preferred to use semi-permanent or permanent dye instead of bleach for those who only want subtle highlights near the roots.

Consider professional consultation if you’re new to coloring, and remember that maintenance requires quality products plus regular deep conditioning treatments!

Part Your Hair

Start by parting your hair down the middle, creating two sections for the black and blonde halves. Use accurate color placement to achieve Narcissa Malfoy’s iconic look. Sectioning techniques are key to getting the desired balance of colors between both sides of your head.

Utilize a rattail comb when making precise parts to keep them even throughout the styling process.

For extra volume and texture, lightly tease or backcomb each section before applying coloring products. This will also help separate strands from one another, making it easier to evenly distribute the dye through your hair without over-bleaching any single area or strand too much at once.

Take time to consider how you want to style it as well, especially the fringe pieces.

Mix the Bleach

Mix the developer and bleach powder according to their instructions, taking care to use different volumes for desired results. For a successful color transformation, choose an appropriate dye or bleach depending on your current hair condition.

Consider factors such as texture, facial features, and complexion. Select styling options that best suit you – from fringe length to tone of black/blonde hue. Make sure you maintain the look with quality products after analyzing trend trends, including Dua Lipa’s two-tone style.

To ensure long-lasting effects while avoiding damage caused by chemicals, follow maintenance tips like not shampooing immediately post-application!

Bleach the Bottom Section

Apply the bleach to the bottom section of your hair, carefully separating each strand and following all time limit instructions. Use an applicator brush for precise application and gloves to keep hands clean while coloring.

To maintain even coloration, focus on one small area at a time before moving onto another section of hair. If needed, touch up any unevenness with toner or purple shampoo for the desired result.

After bleaching, use hair care products to restore moisture levels and protect against damage caused by chemicals or heat styling tools.

Touch Up Your Lightened Hair

After lightening your hair, touch up any uneven color with toner or purple shampoo for a flawless finish.

To ensure longevity of this two-toned style, consider investing in quality hair care essentials such as deep conditioners and root regrowth solutions. Make sure to always use a color-safe shampoo and protect your hair from heat styling tools.

For best results, opt for toning products that contain violet pigments. These pigments will neutralize brassiness while deepening colors at the same time! Regular maintenance can help you keep your blonde locks looking healthy and luminous longer – so don’t forget about it!

Dos and Don’ts of Dyeing Your Hair Like Narcissa Malfoy

Dos and Don
If you’re looking to get the Narcissa Malfoy look, there are a few dos and don’ts that come with dyeing your hair like her. Before beginning this type of project at home, it is important to be mindful of safety measures and precautions in order to achieve professional results.


Take your hair dyeing game up a notch with the Narcissa Malfoy look! Get it right by following these dos: make sure to get professional help, read directions carefully, and use color-safe products.

To maintain this edgy look, pick quality hair care products and keep an eye out for damage caused by bleach or chemicals. When selecting colors, consider your natural shade, texture of hair, complexion, and facial features to see what suits you best.

With these tips in mind, you’re now ready for a showstopping two-toned ‘do that’s all yours!


Don’t attempt dyeing your hair like Narcissa Malfoy on damaged tresses or freshly washed locks. It’s important to use color-safe products and ensure proper ventilation while working with chemicals, as they can be very damaging.

If you’re a novice, it may be best to go professional for this look. Rushing the process can lead to uneven results and further damage your hair.

Avoid using hot water when cleansing after application as well. Hot water will strip away the color pigment faster than cold water would!

For those looking for styling ideas or maintenance tips related to ‘The Narcissa’, there are plenty of options available online that offer trend analysis and haircut options.

Pros and Cons of the Narcissa Malfoy Hair Color

Pros and Cons of the Narcissa Malfoy Hair Color
Are you considering the Narcissa Malfoy hair color? Whether it’s for a statement-making look or a subtle touch, this two-toned style is rising in popularity. It offers an edgy and versatile hairstyle but comes with potential risks. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of dyeing your hair like Narcissa Malfoy.


You can achieve an edgy and on-trend look with the Narcissa Malfoy hairstyle, offering versatile styling options to customize your desired style.

Pros include its camouflaging effect for thin hair, potential to suit various hair types and facial features, as well as the ability to make a statement.

Maintenance requires commitment and quality products like color-safe shampoo or deep conditioners. Color variations are available through dyeing techniques such as semi or permanent color applications combined with toner application for brassiness reduction.

Celebrity inspirations range from Dua Lipa’s blonde-on-top black underneath combo to Helen McCrory’s original portrayal of Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, providing timeless inspiration that will remain popular forever!


Be aware that the Narcissa Malfoy look can be damaging to your hair, as both bleach and permanent dye are strong chemicals. It requires a specific haircare routine to maintain the desired color and prevent damage.

Additionally, bleaching can cause brassiness, which will require an extra step of toning for even results. This style may not suit all hair types or facial features due to its bold hue combination. It is best suited for those with thicker strands or more neutral complexions who are looking for an edgier look than what traditional blonde/brown combos offer.

The maintenance requirements should also be taken into consideration before attempting this trend!

Deciding Between Bleach or Dye for the Narcissa Malfoy Look

Deciding Between Bleach or Dye for the Narcissa Malfoy Look
Are you looking to dye your hair like Narcissa Malfoy? Bleach and dye offer different levels of intensity, so deciding which option is best for you requires careful consideration. With the right knowledge, you can choose between bleach or dye based on your current hair color, condition, and desired lightness.

Dangers of Bleach Vs. Dye

When considering the Narcissa Malfoy look, it’s important to weigh the risks of using bleach and dye for this two-toned style. Bleach can be harsher on hair than permanent dyes; however, both are damaging if used incorrectly.

Color choice is key. You must assess your current hair color and condition before deciding between bleach or dye. It’s also wise to analyze trends when styling yourself according to a celebrity influence like Narcissa Malfoy.

Consulting a professional stylist can help ensure success with this unique look.

How to Determine Which Option to Use

Deciding whether to bleach or dye your hair for the Narcissa Malfoy look requires careful consideration of both risks and rewards. Do you have a natural dark shade that needs lightening? Is there a base color you wish to enhance? A stylist consultation can help determine which option is best for your desired outcomes.

DIY tips for achieving the Narcissa Malfoy look include measuring volumes, using ash tone or purple toner, avoiding shampooing immediately after bleaching, and applying petroleum jelly on the skin before application.

It’s important to note that bleach will cause more damage than dye, but it can give a greater lift. Therefore, the choice should be based on the current condition of your hair and the desired level of lightness.

To make the style unique, you can experiment with different color tones. By doing so, you can achieve a personalized and distinctive look that resembles Narcissa Malfoy.

Will the Narcissa Malfoy Hair Color Suit You?

Will the Narcissa Malfoy Hair Color Suit You
Considering your hair type, texture, facial features, and complexion can help determine if the Narcissa Malfoy look is right for you. Complexion considerations are essential. A cool tone will work best with the black-and-blonde combo.

Styling options depend on face shape. You can choose between long bangs or sweeping layers to frame your face correctly.

Hair type assessment is also important. Thin strands may need more product, while thick locks require less attention when it comes to dyeing and bleaching processes. Coloring tips include using ash tones or purple shampoos for toning out yellow undertones.

This will help you achieve ultra clean white hair results that won’t fade fast over time like regular bleach would do.

Personalizing this look according to each individual’s needs makes all the difference! Whether subtle or showstoppingly striking, achieving this eye-catching two-tone style requires commitment but promises great rewards in terms of beauty and fashion impact!

Personalizing the Narcissa Malfoy Hair Dye Job

Personalizing the Narcissa Malfoy Hair Dye Job
Personalizing your Narcissa Malfoy-inspired hairstyle can be like painting a masterpiece – choose the right colors to make it truly come alive! Customize your look with personalized color and styling tips, while ensuring you maintain a haircare routine.

Choose between permanent, semi-, or demi-permanent dye for different color variations to suit any occasion. You’ll need gloves, hair dye (including developer and bleach powder), an application brush, and a non-metallic mixing bowl.

Reference pictures are crucial if accuracy is desired. When applying dye, protect the skin with petroleum jelly. To remove yellow undertones from the bleaching process, use purple shampoo or ash tone/purple-based toners.

To achieve perfect results that match your natural complexion, try consulting a professional stylist who will guide you through every step of this two-toned hair journey!

Maintenance and Care for Narcissa Malfoy Hair

Maintenance and Care for Narcissa Malfoy Hair
Taking care of your Narcissa Malfoy-inspired hair requires commitment and quality products. To keep the color vibrant, use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored or bleached hair.

Avoid hot water when washing as it can strip away natural oils from the scalp, leading to dryness and breakage. After washing your hair with cool water, apply a leave-in conditioner to help lock in moisture while styling.

For extra protection against heat damage from blow drying or curling tools, always use a thermal protectant spray before styling with heat tools such as flat irons or curlers.

When brushing wet hair, be sure to start at the ends working up towards roots using gentle strokes. This helps prevent split ends caused by tugging on knots too harshly, which weakens strands over time resulting in broken hairs that are more prone to additional damage due to lack of strength within each strand itself.

Finally, regular deep conditioning treatments will improve elasticity, allowing for less snapping off when manipulating into various styles so you can rock this look all year round!


Getting Narcissa Malfoy’s two-toned hair can be a daunting task, but with the right supplies and a step-by-step guide, you can achieve the look of your dreams! Whether you’re opting for permanent, semi-permanent, or demi-permanent dye, you’ll need a variety of tools to get that perfect black and blonde mix.

Preparation and maintenance are key to the success of the look. Make sure to consult a professional if you’re new to dyeing and invest in quality hair care products to protect your hair from damage.

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