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How to Put on Beard Beads: Styling Tips & Tricks (2024)

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how to put on beard beadsLet’s face it, you can never go wrong with a good set of beard beads. Whether you’re looking to add an extra touch of style or make your beard stand out from the crowd, there’s no better way than accessorizing with some classic Viking-inspired jewelry.

If you’ve been dreaming about adding some character and flair to your facial hair, look no further than this comprehensive guide on how to put on beard beads! We’ll be going over everything from what types of materials are available for purchase, tips and tricks for styling tastefully, as well as a few benefits that come along with wearing them.

Beard bead enthusiasts rejoice – we have all the information needed right here so let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Beard beads come in various styles and materials, including Viking runes, Norse symbols, and geometric shapes made from zinc alloy, plastic, and bronze.
  • Proper maintenance involves brushing your beard and securing the beads with ties or hair ties to prevent tangling and ensure longevity.
  • Threading beard beads through your facial hair is easy with practice, and DIY enthusiasts can create unique designs using beading tools.
  • Beard beads add texture and dimension to your facial hair, allowing you to express your unique style and personality through your bead choices.

How to Put on Beard Beads

Looking to add some flair and style to your beard? Look no further than the various styles of beard beads available, such as Pieces Hair Beard Beads, Vikings Rune Beard Beads Set, Norse Vikings Beads Hair Tube, Yahpetes Hair Beard Beads, Norse Vikings Runes Beads Hairpin, or Viking Beard Silver DIY.

For a truly unique look, try Bronze Norse Thor’s Hammer beads; they are made from solid quality bronze material and perfect for creating stylish looks.

Pieces Hair Beard Beads

24 Pieces Hair Beard BeadsView On Amazon
You can add a cool, antique touch to your beard with the Pieces Hair Beard Beads set and its quality zinc alloy beads. This unique accessory comes with 24 different characters of viking rune beads, 6 pieces of love top quick bearder hairpins, and 160 pieces of black plastic elastic bands – all neatly tucked away in one flannel bag for easy organization.

What’s more is that you’ll find it incredibly easy to use. Simply brush or comb your hair before adding jewelry, then thread the bead using a loop made from either floss or string! For thicker beards, make sure you have enough supplies on hand, such as thin wire and aluminum threaders, so that everything holds together snugly without tangling.

With this product, you won’t just look stunning, but also feel empowered knowing that throughout history, bearded men around the world have adorned their facial hair as both practicality and pride!

  • Quality zinc alloy beads are durable yet lightweight
  • Easy to use for viking styled looks quickly with minimal effort
  • Includes tools like rubber bands & velvet storage bag for neat organization
  • Rubber bands included may slip or break easily if not secured tightly enough
  • Plastic threading devices could be sturdier than they are provided

Vikings Rune Beard Beads Set

Qingsi 40 Pcs Vikings RuneView On Amazon
The Vikings Rune Beard Beads Set offers an easy way to add a touch of antique style to your beard or hair with its sturdy zinc alloy metal beads. This set features 40 PCS of Mardi Gras beads Norse Viking Beard Beads in 8 different styles, designed for all types of beards and mustaches.

Each bead is clearly etched with runes and characters, perfect for festivals or Renaissance fair costumes. The package also comes with a storage bag, which makes it easier to organize the pieces after use.

Threading may require some effort, but aluminum threaders can help secure the attachment if needed.

With its versatile styles and durability, this set can be used as everyday accessories or for special occasions like weddings too!

  • Durable zinc alloy material
  • Versatile designs suitable for any occasion
  • Clear etchings on each piece
  • Small needle tool might arrive broken
  • Larger one not fitting
  • Not suitable for thicker beards

Norse Vikings Beads Hair Tube

PIAOPIAONIU 57 Pcs/Kit Norse VikingsView On Amazon
For a Viking-inspired look, the Norse Vikings Beads Hair Tube offers an assortment of 57 beard beads, including runes, dragons, and metal pieces. This product is perfect for those looking to add some antique charm to their facial hair or simply liven up their hairstyle.

With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this set is sure to last through any occasion or festival. The black paint may come off after initial use, but it can easily be replaced with clear nail polish or varnish for added protection against fading over time.

Threading your beard might be challenging due to the small openings of the beads.

  • Stylish and durable set of 57 zinc alloy metal beads in 8 different styles
  • Perfectly sized for mustaches and beards
  • Includes storage bag for easy organization
  • Small holes make it difficult to thread onto thicker beards
  • Silver color may fade quickly without proper maintenance
  • Need additional tools (aluminum hair threaders/hair ties) for secure attachment

Yahpetes Hair Beard Beads

Yahpetes Hair Beard Beads 2View On Amazon
Yahpete’s Hair Beard Beads are sure to give you all the viking-inspired swagger you need – no longhouse required! These stylish and durable Zinc alloy metal beads come in two pieces, boasting a vintage rune pattern for an antique look.

The lightweight design is comfortable on the skin and perfect for mustaches, beards, dreadlocks, ponytails, or braids. For secure attachment, they recommend using aluminum hair threaders or hair ties due to the small openings of these beads.

Suitable for Renaissance fairs and costume accessories, as well as creative jewelry making projects – Yahpete’s Hair Beard Beads have it all covered!

  • Made of high-quality zinc alloy material with a vintage rune pattern
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Multi-purpose – suitable for beard, hair, bracelets & necklaces
  • May require tiny elastics underneath beads to prevent falling out
  • Can be tricky to apply, especially if it’s your first time – requires tools like bead threader or similar tools

Norse Vikings Runes Beads Hairpin

HANPABUM 48 Pcs Norse VikingsView On Amazon
Secure your look with the Norse Vikings Runes Beads Hairpin – the heavy, quality beads and extra tools make it easy to achieve a stylish Viking-inspired style. This product is perfect for those who want an antique look without having to put in too much effort.

With its clear etchings and beading tool, you can easily attach the 40 zinc alloy metal beads in 8 different styles that come with this set.

The loop tool might not be very sturdy, but all other tools are included along with 57 beard beads if needed for braiding or affixing using rubber bands.

  • Heavy material construction & durable design ensures long-term usability
  • Comes on necklace & includes storage bag making organization easier
  • Includes 57 beard beads/1 velvet bag/assorted runes/dragons & metal pieces
  • Suitable for braids affixing or using rubber bands
  • Larger beards might present challenges when threading these beads
  • Loop tool included may not be sturdy enough for the job

Viking Beard Beads Silver DIY

YMHPRIDE 80 Pieces Viking BeardView On Amazon
You’ll love the versatility of YMHPRIDE’s Viking Beard Beads Silver DIY set – perfect for adding a unique touch to any look! This 80-piece set of silver plastic and metal oblong beads is lightweight, making them ideal for styling beards, hair, or dreadlocks.

With a loop tool and extra tools included in the package, you’re sure to get creative with your look. Plus, they come on a necklace in an easy-to-organize bag, so you can keep track of all your pieces.

Just make sure that if you have thicker beard hair, use sturdier tools as some customers have experienced difficulty threading their beads due to small openings – aluminum hair threaders or ties can help here! If it’s thin dreads that need embellishment, rubber bands are often used instead.

  • Lightweight design makes these suitable for many styles such as braiding and affixing.
  • Solid materials ensure durability.
  • Comes with additional necessary tools like loops & extra pieces.
  • Sharp points may cause damage when inserted into thick hairstyles.
  • Inadequate provided tools; sturdier ones recommended.
  • Difficulty reported by some customers when putting them on.

Bronze Norse Thors Hammer Beads

LynnAround Bronze Norse Thors HammerView On Amazon
Add some Viking-inspired flair to your beard with the Bronze Norse Thor’s Hammer Beads. Imported from Thailand, these beads are made of solid quality bronze material. They are lead, cadmium, and nickel-free, ensuring safety for your hair and skin.

The beads feature a 6mm x Width: 8mm x Length: 1.30 cm or 0.51 Inch hole size, allowing for secure attachment to hair strands or beards of different thicknesses.

With their antique design and heavy metal construction, these Thor’s hammer rings will never rust away as you enjoy endless adventures in style. They are perfect for braiding your beard into something unique without any tangles.

Additionally, they can be used as dreadlock accessories, pirate jewelry pieces, or medieval braid decorations, adding flavor to your hairstyle.

  • Made of high-quality material that won’t rust away easily
  • Securely attaches onto different thicknesses of hairs/beards
  • Can also be used on dreadlocks and other hairstyles like ponytails and braids
  • Smaller than expected, which might not suit thick beards well
  • May require waxed dental floss if threading is difficult
  • Could slip off easily due to its lightweight nature

What Are Beard Beads and Charms?

What Are Beard Beads and Charms
Beard beads and charms are a great way to add some flair to your look. From classic metal rings to stylish Norse rune beads, there is something for everyone when it comes to beard jewelry. Anchors offer a unique decorative option that adds an extra touch of masculinity and style for the modern man looking to make his mark on the world.

Beard Beads

You can adorn your face with a unique style by using beard beads. There are many styles to choose from, such as Viking rune beads and Thor’s hammer rings. Care should be taken when threading the beard for bead attachment. It is recommended to brush or comb before adding jewelry.

For a DIY look, consider experimenting with charm designs and stacking multiple beads together for a distinctive style.

Beads have an ancient history throughout cultures worldwide. They have been used for both practicality and symbolism of pride throughout time. Whether you’re looking to add some flair or just want something special, there are endless possibilities in facial hair decoration.

Beard Charms (Anchors)

Anchor your look with beard charms for a bold, timeless statement. Take advantage of various materials like zinc alloy and glass to make unique facial hair adornments that’ll set you apart from the crowd.

Achieving the perfect placement is key to making sure your charm stands out – use thin wire or threading tools to secure them in place.

DIY enthusiasts can also create their own handmade glass beads for an even more personal touch! Experiment with trendy designs and colors. Think anchors, runes, dragons…the possibilities are endless! With careful bead securing and creative placement techniques, you’ll have a look that’s both fashionable and one-of-a-kind.

How to Use Beard Beads Tastefully

How to Use Beard Beads Tastefully
Looking to get creative with your beard? Beard beads are the perfect way to add a bit of flair and style.

Tips and Tricks

To make the most of your beard beads, try experimenting with different charm designs for a unique look. Incorporate various styles and colors to customize your style. Placement is important; combine charms and rings for an eye-catching effect or use them on braids as an alternative to rubber bands.

Don’t forget proper maintenance: brush or comb regularly, secure bottom beads with stacked placement, and avoid tangles when adding more pieces.

Getting Stylish

Show off your style and personality by accessorizing with a unique set of Viking-inspired beard beads! There are plenty of options out there for adding some flair, from zinc alloy characters to bronze Thor’s Hammer Beads Rings.

Varying materials like metal or plastic make it easy to find something that works best for you.

Try experimenting with different styles and placement techniques. You can thread the bead through hair ties or use charms held in place by rotating counterclockwise.

How to Use Beard Charms Tastefully

How to Use Beard Charms Tastefully
Try adorning your beard with charms to add a hint of mystique and flair. Choose carefully from an array of hooked snakes, sturdy dwarven-style pieces, or creative animal designs to perfectly match your personality.

Carefully select the right size for the length and thickness of your beard – too small will be uncomfortable; too big can look sloppy. When adding any charm, ensure the area is taut so it lies flat against the skin for maximum effect.

Beard Charm Selection:

  • Choose from metal charms made in shapes like skulls or anchors that come pre-attached on a triangular coil for easy insertion into hair strands.

Stylish Beard Decor:

  • Opt for colorful beads strung together with wire loops that can easily slide through existing facial hair without snagging.

Beard Bead Trends:

  • Try out the latest trends by mixing different styles such as braids embellished with Viking runes or dreadlocks accessorized with wooden tubes.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, consider the cultural significance when selecting decorative elements – many cultures have long histories involving intricate bead patterns related to rites-of-passage rituals and spiritual practices.

Not only does this make a unique statement about who you are, but it also demonstrates respect towards traditions passed down over generations.

Take time choosing materials when shopping as well – quality matters since some could cause irritation if not properly cared for after use.

How to Use Hooked Snakes Tastefully

How to Use Hooked Snakes Tastefully
Embrace your inner strength and adorn your facial hair with hooked snakes to express the power of bravery and courage. Take inspiration from styling trends, creative beard adornments, unique decor pieces, and artistic embellishments to craft a look that’s uniquely yours.

Here are some tips for using hooked snakes tastefully:

  • Use multiple sizes of hooks for texture or contrast in color.
  • Create an asymmetrical pattern by varying hook size or position.
  • Secure snakehooks into braids instead of rubber bands for extra security.
  • Combine small charms with larger ones on different parts of the Beard.

Beard jewelry is a great way to add personality when you want something special but not overly ostentatious – careful use can make all the difference! Whether it’s modern twists on classic designs such as Viking runes or ancient symbols like Thor’s Hammer, there are endless possibilities when it comes to expressing yourself through one’s appearance.

Beard Styling With Jewelry

Beard Styling With Jewelry
Add a touch of flair to your beard with stylish rings, beads, and charms! Transform an ordinary look into something extraordinary.

From Norse runes to modern designs, you can find the perfect accent for any style. Rings make a bold statement while beads add texture and depth. Charms offer unique decorative options that are sure to turn heads.

When styling with these accessories, brush or comb your beard first, then tie off sections using rubber bands or hair ties before threading on jewelry pieces such as rings and beads.

Consider bead size and colors that complement facial features, as well as trends which change seasonally.

Not only do these items provide aesthetic value, but they also evoke ancient history where manliness was celebrated. So why not rock some Viking-inspired look today? With proper care, including removing them correctly after each session (avoid tugging!), continue enjoying beautiful expressions from this timeless trend.

Benefits of Using Beard Beads

Benefits of Using Beard Beads
Transform your beard with the unique and stylish addition of beard beads. Not only do they add interesting visual elements to enhance your appearance, but they also possess a cultural significance that has been around for centuries.

Styling options with beads

Explore the creative potential of beard beads to add a unique touch to your style. Try beading with different materials like zinc alloy, plastic, or bronze, and experiment with sizes ranging from small rings to large charms.

Adorn facial hair with intricate designs such as Viking runes and dragons for an eye-catching look.

Care for them properly by brushing before threading, using floss loops or hair ties when attaching, and rotating counterclockwise then clockwise when removing so they don’t get tangled in other hairs!

Create custom pieces that reflect your personality through DIY projects. Consider trends such as stacking multiple beads together or wearing them on braids for a modern twist.

Enhancing beard appearance

Transform your look and add a modern twist to your beard with stylish beads. Choose from an array of bead materials, styles, and colors for the perfect aesthetic. Carefully consider trends in beard styling when selecting pieces that match your individual style.

For inspiration, explore Norse Vikings Hair Tube DIY Sets or Yahpetes Hair Beard Beads to snag fresh ideas on how to use them for unique looks! With proper care and attention given when putting on each piece, you can create bold statements or subtle accents as desired.

Take control of your facial hair expression by rocking chic accessories like Viking Beard Beads Silver DIY sets today!

Cultural significance of beads

Unlock the cultural significance of beard beads and discover why these ancient adornments have been used as a symbol of pride for centuries.

From Norsemen to Ancient Egyptians, beards have been adorned with jewelry throughout history. From rings and charms to dreadlocks and braids, styling techniques vary across cultures but all carry an empowering message – strength in unity.

Today’s global beard trends embrace this symbolism while adding modern flair with intricate designs, colors, and shapes that reflect personal style preferences.

With new insights into their history behind them, men everywhere can reclaim the unique power of their facial hair through creative self-expression with Beard Beads!

How Do Beard Beads Work?

How Do Beard Beads Work
By adding beard beads to your style, you can tap into a tradition with centuries of history and give yourself an individual look that stands out from the crowd.

To do so, there are several considerations: styles, materials, maintenance needs, and sizing.

Popular beard bead styles include runes or symbols for Norsemen-inspired looks; gods or talismans for spiritual designs; geometric shapes like squares or rectangles to add texture; and gemstones, which offer color variations.

Materials range from zinc alloy metal pieces to plastic oblong beads in various sizes and colors – each having their own unique advantages, such as lightweight versus sturdier options.

Maintenance requires brushing regularly with a quality brush designed specifically for beards, as well as using hair ties when necessary. It’s important to take into account hole size if threading is desired due to its smaller openings compared to rings.

Finally, researching current trends allows users the opportunity to customize their look even further by staying on top of popular demand in regards to coloring patterns and design choices available today!

How to Attach Beard Beads

How to Attach Beard Beads
Attaching beard beads is a fantastic way to add style and flair to your facial hair. To start, ensure that your beard is groomed with a comb or brush before tying off sections of it. Then, prepare the bead by threading it through floss or string. Next, position the bead on top of the tied-off section as you slide it up over the tie using an additional piece of string for extra security.

Step 1 – Comb Your Beard

Before getting started with your new beard beads, it’s important to comb out facial hair for the best possible result. Explore various styles and materials of beads plus accessories like thin wire or a mirror.

Maintenance is key too. Choose colors that complement your style, stack multiple beads together, and secure them at the bottom. Don’t forget about history either. Norsemen may have used them for practicality, while bearded men around the globe braid their beards in decorative ways even today.

Express yourself through creative combinations of charms and rings. Unleash a unique look full of power and mastery!

Step 2 – Tie Off a Section of Your Beard

Tie off a 2-4in section of your beard with a hair tie to begin attaching the beads. You can secure up to 5 beads per section, making it easy for you to create intricate designs quickly! Choose from various materials such as zinc alloy, silver plastic, and metal oblongs or bronze Thor’s Hammer Rings.

Ensure proper care for longevity by regularly brushing your beard and removing any knots that may form during styling.

Step 3 – Prepare the Bead

Next, prepare the bead by creating a loop of floss or string for threading. Consider the size, style, and placement when selecting beads. Choose from an array of colors and shapes to suit your look. Hair ties can also be used in combination with beads to secure them in place.

For extra security and long-term maintenance, consider using accessories like thin wire around the base of the bead after it’s been secured with floss or hair ties.

Step 4 – Thread Your Beard Through the Bead

Using a 4-6in loop of floss or string, carefully thread your beard through the bead and slide it up over the hair tie.

For an extra decorative touch, consider stacking multiple beads – some people have been known to use 40!

There are various styles and materials for Beard Beads: from viking rune beads to love top quick bearder pins.

The accessories you choose should reflect your own unique style while also considering maintenance requirements such as size, color, and hole size.

Take inspiration from Norsemen or Ancient Egyptians who decorated their beards for practicality and pride respectively.

No matter which way you go, make sure it’s an expression of yourself!

Step 5 – Position the Bead

Position the bead on your beard where desired, ensuring that it is secure and comfortable. Consider different styles of beard beads to express yourself, as well as color choices that complement your look.

DIYers can affix their own with a beading tool or floss for an intricate design.


Beard beads and charms are a great way to express yourself and add a bit of flair to your look. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Viking or rock a cool and casual style, there is an accessory to fit your needs.

With a little practice, you can easily learn how to put on beard beads and charms.

If done tastefully, they can add texture and dimension to your look. They also give you the opportunity to show off your creative side.

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