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How to Dry Your Hair Faster Full Guide of 2024

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how to make your hair dry fasterSurprised at how long it takes to dry your hair? We get it. But don’t worry—we’ve got the inside scoop on how to make your hair dry faster. With a few simple steps, you can save time and effort while getting salon-worthy results that will leave you feeling confident all day long.

From conditioners with silicone for repelling water to ditching the towel, trying plopping, and doing everything else first – we have you covered! Here’s our guide on mastering the art of quickly drying out even thick locks without any heat or damage from styling tools.

So let’s get started and learn just how easy (and fast!) it is to properly air-dry your tresses in no time!

Key Takeaways

  • Condition and comb through wet hair for faster drying.
  • Use a soft, absorbent fabric like microfiber or cotton T-shirts for towel drying.
  • Try plopping or wrapping wet hair in a turban made with a soft fabric for faster drying and to maintain natural curls.
  • Utilize quick-dry lotions and heat-conducting products to accelerate the drying process.

Condition and Comb Through

Condition and Comb Through
If you want to dry your hair faster without a blow dryer, conditioning and combing are essential steps. To ensure even distribution of the conditioner, start by combing through wet hair when applying it, and then rinse off with cold water to seal the cuticles.

This will help keep your locks healthy while also reducing frizz for better results overall.

Use Conditioner With Silicone to Repel Water

For a quicker drying time, condition your hair with silicone-based products to repel water and keep it looking smooth.

  • Water-repelling ability for faster drying
  • Hair frizz reduction by sealing cuticles
  • Cold water rinse seals in moisture
  • Enhances shine for healthy-looking hair
  • Reduces breakage from dryness or styling damage.

Follow the conditioning techniques outlined above; make sure to use warm water to open cuticles and cold water afterwards to seal them shut! Finish off with a quick-dry lotion when your hair is 30% dry, or opt for heat-conducting products that reduce drying time even further.

Comb Through Wet Hair When Applying Conditioner for Even Distribution

Comb through your wet hair thoroughly when applying conditioner for an even distribution and glossy results. It’s important to evenly distribute the conditioner throughout your hair, while avoiding excess frizz.

When using a microfiber towel or brush with curly hair care in mind, be sure to use a gentle tapping motion instead of rubbing strands together.

To expedite drying time without resorting to blow dryers or other heat tools, try incorporating quick-dry products into your routine.

With the right combination of conditioning techniques, coupled with advanced towels and quick-dry products, you’ll have perfectly coiffed locks in no time!

Rinse Off Conditioner With Cold Water to Seal the Hair Cuticles

Cold-water rinsing seals your cuticles, giving you a glossy finish and protection from frizz.

  • Use conditioner with silicone to repel water when wet.
  • Rinse off conditioner with cold water to seal the hair cuticles.
  • Don’t skip conditioning – it protects against breakage and reduces frizz! Cold-water benefits also include improved shine, reduced drying time, and less overall damage to strands while creating a lasting style that looks salon fresh!

Comb Through Hair When Conditioning for Better Results

When conditioning your hair, comb through to ensure even distribution for the best results – just as the old adage goes: a stitch in time saves nine. Use leave-in conditioners and switch to soft absorbent fabrics like microfiber towels or turban wraps.

For curly hair, plopping is key to maintaining shape while air drying techniques such as rough-drying with fingers can reduce drying time. Products made with heat-conducting polymers help too; choose a ceramic vented brush when blow drying and avoid high temperatures for less damage.

Conditioning Techniques Towel And Fabric Tips Curly Hair Tips
Use silicone conditioner Soft Microfiber towel Plopping
Comb wet hair while applying Tapping motion not rubbing Wrap in cotton Tshirt
Rinse off cold water Use Act+Acre Intelligent Hair Towel

Ditch Your Towel

Ditch Your Towel
Say goodbye to your traditional towels and hello to soft, absorbent fabrics! For faster drying of your hair, avoid towel drying with rough fabric. Instead, switch to a microfiber or other absorbent material, such as cotton T-shirts, for plopping.

Use a tapping motion rather than rubbing when using the fabric, as this will help reduce frizz and prevent damage. Finally, try out a turban wrap made from soft materials for optimal results in quick air-drying of your hair.

Avoid Rough Towel Drying; Use a Soft Microfiber Towel

Ditch your rough towel and switch to a soft, absorbent microfiber for faster drying that’ll leave you with sleek, frizz-free hair. Benefits include reduced damage from vigorous rubbing motions as well as increased water absorption.

The best microfiber towels are lightweight yet highly efficient in removing moisture while still being gentle on the delicate strands of hair.

Proper towel drying techniques involve using a tapping motion instead of aggressive rubbing and avoiding overworking the same section more than once, which can lead to unnecessary frizziness.

Switch to Microfiber Towels or Soft Absorbent Fabrics

Switch to microfiber towels or absorbent fabrics for a gentle yet effective way of drying your hair quickly. Enjoy the benefits of microfiber towels, such as fast absorption and increased softness, while avoiding harsh rubbing that can cause breakage and frizz.

Get creative with turban wrap techniques using any type of soft fabric for an extra boost in moisture removal! For straight hair, try plopping with cotton T-shirts to keep strands sleek without damage from heat styling tools.

Lastly, air drying is often preferred over blow drying due to its ability to retain natural oils and shine – perfect if you’re looking for glossy locks without the hassle!

Use a Tapping Motion, Not Rubbing, to Avoid Adding Frizz

Tap your hair with a soft absorbent fabric, like you would tap the keys of a piano, avoiding rubbing to prevent frizz from forming and creating an unruly melody. The tapping motion benefits include reduced static electricity for easier styling and smoother results while preventing damage to the hair’s cuticles.

To achieve quick drying without compromising on style, try using frizz prevention methods such as tousling your locks or plopping damp curls in a cotton T-shirt before air drying.

Try a Turban Wrap Made With a Soft Absorbent Fabric

Try wrapping your hair in a turban made with a soft, absorbent fabric to speed up your drying time.

  1. Protecting hair cuticles from the rough texture of traditional towels.
  2. Absorbing moisture quickly and evenly throughout strands.
  3. Allowing for styling options if desired before blow-drying.
  4. Avoiding damage caused by powerful blow dryers or flat irons!

Fabric choice can vary depending on desired results; try silk, cotton, or microfiber for best results when plopping curls or air-drying straight styles after wedding hairstyles are complete!

Towel turbans are suitable for all types of hair textures and types – go ahead and give it a try today!

Try Plopping

Try Plopping
If you have curly hair, plopping is a great way to maintain your natural curls and make your hair dry faster. To get the best results, wrap wet hair in a cotton t-shirt for plopping and use the Act+Acre Intelligent Hair Towel ($30), which is made of microfiber material that reduces frizz and prevents damage.

For Curly Hair, Try Plopping to Maintain Natural Curls

If you’ve got curly hair, plopping can be an effective way to keep your natural curls intact while drying faster. Wrap wet strands in a soft cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel for several minutes – like a cozy hug! Plopping is gentle and helps lock in moisture, reduce frizz, and prevent heat damage.

It’s also great for different types of hair textures compared to other blow-drying methods.

Wrap Wet Hair in a Cotton T-shirt for Plopping

Wrapping your wet hair in a cotton t-shirt helps maintain natural curls and dry faster. The benefits of plopping are clear: it’s easier to style, adds volume, reduces frizz, and cuts down on drying time.

When choosing a t-shirt for this purpose, always opt for 100% cotton. It absorbs moisture better than polyester or synthetic fabrics.

With these methods combined with products like VERB’s Ghost Prep or Bumble & Bumble’s All Style Blow Dryer, you’ll be able to achieve salon results without leaving home.

For the ultimate drying experience, grab yourself an Act+Acre Intelligent Hair Towel – it’s a small price to pay for soft, frizz-free locks! This microfiber towel is superior to traditional cotton towels and other synthetic alternatives as its fibers are designed with heat conductivity technology.

Not only does this reduce time spent blow-drying your hair, but it also minimizes potential damage from high temperatures.

You’ll be left with glossy strands in no time once you start using the Act+Acre Intelligent Hair Towel properly. Dampen your hair before wrapping it up tightly into a turban and securing it with the elastic loop provided.

If you’re looking for more affordable options or would like something specifically tailored towards curly-haired ladies, there are plenty of alternatives on offer too. Some options include Bumble & Bumble Quick Style TOWEL DRY ($28) or Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Luxe Turkish Towels ($25).

Do Everything Else First

Do Everything Else First
You can speed up the drying process by air-drying your hair partially before using a blow dryer. Letting it dry naturally as much as possible and continuing with your morning routine while it dries will also help.

Rough-dry by tousling the hair with fingers for added volume to finish off the look.

Air-dry Hair Partially Before Using a Blow Dryer for Faster Results

Try partially air-drying your locks before using the blow dryer, and you’ll be looking sleek in no time. To reduce heat damage, use a combination of towel and fabric tips like microfiber towels or turban wraps with soft absorbent fabrics.

For curly hair, plopping is an effective technique to maintain natural curls. Quick-dry lotions are great for those short on time as they help speed up drying while adding shine and smoothing elements for a polished finish!

Invest in quality hairdryers, such as ionic ones, to cut down on drying time by reducing static electricity caused by negative ions.

Let Hair Dry Naturally as Much as Possible

Allow your hair to air dry naturally as much as possible for the best results. Towel alternatives like using a microfiber towel, turban wrap, or a cotton T-shirt can help reduce frizz and time spent drying hair.

Air drying comes with many benefits, such as reducing damage from heat styling tools and preserving natural curls in curly hair types.

Continue Your Morning Routine While Hair Dries

While you’re getting ready for the day, let your hair air dry as much as possible; this will help speed up the process. For example, try multitasking while drying – apply face lotion or mascara while brushing out wet tresses with a ceramic-vented round brush and using a quick-dry product on 30% dried strands.

Rough-dry by Tousling Hair With Fingers for Volume

Tousle your strands with fingers to create volume and help speed up the drying process. It’s a quick and easy technique, often referred to as finger-drying, that provides an effortless styling boost.

Start by lightly shaking the towel of excess water before running your hands through damp hair in a gentle tousling motion from roots to tips for maximum lift. This works great on all hair types, but it’s especially helpful if you have thick or curly locks that are difficult to dry quickly with traditional methods.

Give it a try – you’ll be amazed at how much time this simple trick can save!

The Rough-Dry Rule

The Rough-Dry Rule
Make your hair dry faster without using a blow dryer with the help of traditional mousses like Herbal Essences Body Envy Mousse. This product helps to speed up drying time and add texture, while also helping to prevent frizz when you spritz strands with it.

For an extra boost, try applying a quick-dry lotion once your hair is 30% dry for optimum results.

Traditional Mousses Like Herbal Essences Body Envy Mousse Can Speed Up Drying and Add Texture

Try spritzing strands with traditional mousses like Herbal Essences Body Envy Mousse to speed up drying and add texture. Get the best results by using: 1) Heat-conducting products for faster drying; 2) Quick-dry lotions when hair is 30% dry; 3) Microfiber towels or soft absorbent fabrics; 4) Plopping technique for curly hair; 5) Soft cotton T-shirt wrap for plopping.

Spritz Strands With Mousse to Help Air-dry Quicker and Prevent Frizz

Spritz your strands with mousse to help air-dry faster while preventing frizz. When applying mousse, spread it evenly throughout the hair and massage it into the scalp for optimal results.

To maintain volume and hold, opt for a quick dry lotion when your hair is 30% dry.

Avoid excessive heat damage by turning down the settings on your blow dryer or using negative ion technology, which adds shine and speeds up drying time.

Lastly, don’t forget to choose products labeled quick-dry or air-dry. These products contain starches to remove moisture and smoothing elements for a sleek finish every time!

Apply a Quick-dry Lotion When Hair is 30% Dry

Once your hair has reached 30% dryness, apply a quick-dry lotion to accelerate the drying process. This product helps speed up air-drying and can reduce frizz from forming while simultaneously adding shine and volume.

Here are four benefits of using a quick-dry lotion:

  1. Enhances texture for better styling options.
  2. Locks in moisture to prevent breakage.
  3. Adds weightless shine without greasy residue.
  4. Helps protect against heat damage during blow drying or flat ironing sessions afterwards if desired!

To determine when hair is 30% dry, try pulling strands apart with two fingers – they should barely stretch but not be dripping wet – then get ready to spritz on the lotion!

An alternative product that provides similar results includes leave-in conditioners which also detangle after towel drying 70%-80%.

Use the Right Brush

Use the Right Brush
When it comes to drying your hair quickly and efficiently, the right brush is key. To get the best results, opt for a ceramic-vented round brush like Olivia Garden’s. Divide and clip thick hair into sections when drying, apply heat protectant before using an ionic hairdryer, and benefit from negative ions that add shine.

Choose a Ceramic-vented Round Brush Like Olivia Garden’s for Efficient Drying

For efficient drying, choose a ceramic-vented round brush like Olivia Garden’s to quickly and smoothly take your locks from wet to dry. These brushes are designed with ionic technology that helps reduce frizz and static electricity for a glossy finish.

Benefits of using Olivia Garden brushes include quicker styling time, more volume, less heat damage, and improved texture. You can achieve these benefits by properly using the brush and following the right techniques.

To start, divide your hair into sections using clips. This will make it easier to work through your hair and ensure that each section gets dried properly.

When using the round brush, always move the blow dryer in one direction away from the scalp. Avoid excessive back-and-forth rubbing, as this can cause breakage or split ends.

In addition to using the round brush, you can also use other tools such as mousses and quick-dry lotions to speed up the drying process. These products can be applied alongside the proper round brush technique for faster results.

However, it’s important to remember that regular maintenance is key when it comes to cleaning any hair tool that is used frequently.

For Thick Hair, Divide and Clip Into Sections When Drying

Divide your thick locks into sections and clip them up for an efficient drying experience.

  1. Divide hair horizontally from ear-to-ear.
  2. Separate the top layers of hair from underneath.
  3. Part down center or side depending on desired style.
  4. Place clips at root level to keep in place while brushing and styling.

Using a heat protectant is also key – choose one with high heat resistance formulated for your particular texture. For best results, use an ionic dryer that delivers negative ions to reduce static electricity and speed up drying time while maintaining shine.

Effective brushing will help create volume as you go along. Focus on small strands at a time using light strokes until completely dry!

Apply a Heat Protectant and Opt for an Ionic Hair Dryer to Reduce Heat Damage

To protect your hair from heat damage, apply a heat protectant and use an ionic hair dryer. Heat protectants help create a barrier between the hot air of blow-dryers and your strands, reducing breakage caused by high temperatures.

An ionic hair dryer is designed with negative ions, which add shine and speed up drying time by reducing static electricity in the air around you. It dries your locks faster than traditional blow-dryers. Look for products labeled heat protecting or ionic for the best results.

The right combination of these two elements will ensure long-lasting protection against damaging heat while keeping frizz at bay!

Negative Ions Add

Try an ionic hair dryer to harness the power of negative ions and combat frizz for a sleek, shiny finish. Negative ions are scientifically proven to reduce static electricity in hair, resulting in faster drying time compared to positive ionic blow dryers.

They work by breaking down water molecules into smaller droplets that quickly evaporate from your strands – no need for excessive heat! Plus, these advanced tools can help keep your locks healthy and damage-free with their lower temperature settings.


No more waiting forever for your hair to air-dry! With these tips and tricks, you can make your hair dry faster than ever.

From using the right towel and conditioner to applying quick-dry lotions and mousses, you can easily cut your hair-drying time in half.

Invest in a ceramic-vented round brush to help you speed up the process. And if you have curly hair, plopping with a cotton T-shirt is a great way to keep your natural curls looking great.

So, if you want to make your hair dry faster, keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to perfect hair in no time!

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