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How to Get Curly Hair of Men: Expert Tips and Techniques of 2024

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how to get curly hair for menWant to rock curly hair as a man? First, understand your natural texture – wavy, tight curls, or coily.

Then, gently cleanse and deeply condition to hydrate those locks.

Try curl-enhancing techniques like heat styling with a curling iron or wand (use protectant!), or go heatless with Bantu knots or flexi rods.

Use argan, jojoba, or coconut oils to boost definition and shine.

Top it off with a curl-enhancing mousse, gel, or cream.

Scrunch while air drying or use a diffuser to shape those coils.

Finally, keep curls healthy with wide-tooth combing and anti-frizz serum.

Mastering these tips will manifest your curly mane – and there’s so much more to explore!

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace your natural texture, my curly-haired friend! Understanding your curl type – whether wavy, tight ringlets, or coily coils – is the first step to unlocking a magnificent mane. After all, every head of hair is a unique masterpiece.
  • Quit roughhousing with those luscious locks! Gentle cleansing, deep conditioning, and using the right curl-enhancing products are the keys to hydration and definition. Treat your curls like royalty, and they’ll reward you with bounce and shine fit for a king.
  • Heat styling and heatless techniques are your curly hair’s best friends. Whether you wield a curling wand like a magic scepter or opt for the overnight sorcery of Bantu knots or flexi rods, you’ll conjure up covetable curls that’ll make even Rapunzel jealous.
  • Nurture those curls with the patience of a zen master! Regular trims, deep conditioning, and using frizz-taming serums will keep your curly crown looking its best. After all, a well-maintained mane is the crown jewel of any dashing gent’s style.

How to Get Curly Hair for Men?

To get curly hair for men, use curl-enhancing techniques like scrunching and diffusing after applying curl creams or gels. Men with straight hair can try heatless methods like rag curls or opt for perms for longer-lasting curls.

Understanding Curly Hair

Understanding Curly Hair
Understanding curly hair is key if you want to master curly hair trends and guarantee proper curl retention and elasticity. Curly hair has an S-shaped pattern, ranging from waves to tight coils.

Recognize that curls can vary widely in texture and length. Curly hair types often experience faster drying due to reduced oil distribution. Factors like curl porosity and shrinkage play important roles in how your curls behave and how well they hold moisture. Proper maintenance helps manage these aspects.

With the right care, you’ll be on your way to showcasing striking, well-defined curls. Understanding these fundamentals is your first step toward mastering curly hair care and embracing your natural texture (Source).

Types of Curly Hair

Types of Curly Hair
Understanding your curl type is essential for styling, and men’s curly hair can be categorized into wavy, tight curls, and coily hair. Each type requires different techniques and products to enhance and maintain its natural texture (Source).

Wavy Hair

Now, let’s talk about wavy hair. Wavy hair is characterized by its subtle S-shaped pattern, making it versatile and stylish. To enhance your waves:

  1. Twist or scrunch damp hair to amplify curls .
  2. Use a diffuser attachment for even drying .
  3. Incorporate recommended products like mousse or gel for definition .

Tight Curls

Tight curls are vibrant and full of bounce, offering a distinctive, springy appearance . To master styling tight curls, it’s essential to use hydrating hair extensions, experiment with hair braiding, and employ coloring for added depth . Understanding curly hair styles and maintenance is imperative when moving between a buzz cut and stylish curls .

Aspect Method Benefits
Hydration Hair Extensions Retains Curl Moisture
Styling Hair Braiding Reduces Frizz
Color Variation Hair Coloring Adds Depth and Dimension

Coily Hair

Coily hair, known for its tight curls and dense texture, requires specific care. Start with moisturizing products to maintain hydration, as coily hair tends to be dry. Use a leave-in conditioner and avoid heavy styling creams, which can weigh it down. Gentle detangling with a wide-tooth comb or fingers can help maintain the coil’s integrity and reduce breakage.

Benefits of Curly Hair

Benefits of Curly Hair
Curly hair stands out with its attractive, thick, and bouncy appearance, granting you a distinctive look that catches the eye. Additionally, with proper techniques, it requires less maintenance and offers a variety of versatile styling options.

Attractive Appearance

Curly hair stands out in a crowd, giving you a noticeable and attractive appearance. Embracing cultural perception and breaking social norms, it defies gender stereotypes and fits current styling trends. Three key reasons why it’s beneficial:

  1. Projects confidence and uniqueness.
  2. Elevates your style with minimal effort.
  3. Versatile for numerous hair care products.

Reduced Maintenance

Curly hair’s reduced maintenance is a game-changer. With proper techniques, you spend less time washing and styling.

Use a quality conditioner to combat product buildup and manage porosity testing for the best results.

Your curls maintain their thick, bouncy appearance with minimal effort, reducing curl shrinkage and needing fewer touch-ups throughout the day. This leaves you more time for other pursuits.

Styling Versatility

Curly hair offers unmatched styling versatility. You can experiment with layering techniques to add volume or try texture combinations for a unique look. Undercut styles paired with short curls provide a modern edge. Defined curls stand out, making a bold statement, and can be adapted easily for different occasions, adding to the allure of curly hair.

Hair Preparation Techniques

Hair Preparation Techniques
To prepare your hair for styling, start with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt without stripping natural oils and follow with a hydrating conditioner to reduce frizz and provide moisture . Before styling, use pre-styling products like mousse or gel to define and enhance your curls .

Gentle Cleansing

Start your hair prep with gentle cleansing to protect your curls and scalp. Use sulfate-free shampoos to avoid drying out hair and worsening dandruff . For men with sensitive scalps, a co-wash can be very effective .

  • Choose sulfate-free shampoos
  • Try co-washing
  • Avoid harsh sulfates
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Limit shampoo use

Conditioning for Hydration

Conditioning for hydration is key for curly hair. Opt for a rich conditioner to compare how it retains moisture effectively. Include deep conditioning in your routine; twice weekly works well (Source). Balance protein and moisture with every wash, and consider a leave-in conditioner for daily use. Hydrated curls hold shape and reduce frizz .

Pre-Styling Products

For ideal curls, pre-styling products like mousse, gel, or cream play a pivotal role in hair preparation. Start with gentle cleansing and conditioning for hydration. These pre-styling agents add texture and grip without weighing your hair down, ensuring your curls stay defined and frizz-free throughout the day .

Curl-Enhancing Methods

Curl-Enhancing Methods
To achieve curly hair, consider using heat styling tools like a curling iron, which can help define and enhance your natural texture . Alternatively, heatless methods such as Bantu knots and flexi rods are effective for creating curls without damaging your hair .

Heat Styling

When heat styling, start by applying a heat protectant spray to safeguard your curls. Choose a curling wand with a suitable barrel size to fit your curl type. Set the heat settings to a medium level to prevent damage. Remember to curl in alternating directions for a natural look.

  • Heat protectant spray
  • Appropriate barrel size
  • Medium heat settings

Heatless Techniques

When you prefer heatless curling, overnight curls are a breeze using pin curls, flexi rods, or perm rods. Pin curls allow you to achieve tight curls without heat, while flexi rods offer versatile curl sizes depending on the rod thickness . These methods are healthier alternatives that avoid heat damage and provide natural, bouncy curls .

Chemical Treatments

If you want to achieve long-lasting curls, chemical alterations like perms or texturizers can give you permanent or relaxed curls. Make sure you’re using these methods sparingly to prevent curl damage. These treatments transform straight hair into defined, textured curls, making them a powerful option for those seeking dramatic transformations. Always consult a professional for best results.

Natural Curl Enhancers

Natural Curl Enhancers
To naturally enhance your curls, consider using argan oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil, which moisturize and define your hair without heavy residue. Simply apply a small amount to damp hair and let it air dry or style as desired.

Argan Oil

When enhancing curls, argan oil is a game changer. Known for its intense hydration, it helps in taming frizz and adding shine. Its rich fatty acids and antioxidants nourish and protect, especially for color-treated hair. Apply a few drops to damp hair or try an argan oil hair mask to lock in moisture and define curls .

Jojoba Oil

To master your curls, use jojoba oil for its exceptional benefits. Cold-pressed jojoba oil enhances absorption, promoting scalp health and stimulating hair growth . Apply this versatile oil to lock in moisture, reducing frizz and providing hydration without weighing down your hair. It’s a powerful ally for achieving those thick, bouncy curls you desire.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be an amazing natural curl enhancer. It offers numerous benefits:

  • Nourishment: Deeply hydrates, making your curls bouncy.
  • Damage Repair: Helps in reducing breakage.
  • Growth Promotion: Stimulates hair growth.
  • Frizz Control: Smooths and defines curls beautifully.

Just warm it slightly and massage into your hair, then let it work its magic overnight.

Styling Products for Curls

Styling Products for Curls
To effectively manage your curls, incorporating mousse, gel, and cream can be transformative. Each product serves a unique purpose, from enhancing volume to locking in definition, ensuring your hair looks its best all day .


To make the most of hair mousse for your curls, start with damp hair for better hold. Choose a mousse designed for your curl type. Dispense a golf-ball-sized amount, working it through your hair from roots to tips. Layer for desired volume and definition, then finish by scrunching and air drying or diffusing for best results.


Use gel to define and enhance your curls. Opt for a gel with strong hold and suitable consistency to avoid residue. Apply it to wet hair using the “prayer hands” method.

  • Scrunch the gel in for definition.
  • Reactivate gel with water as needed.
  • Allow hair to air dry, or use a diffuser.


Moving from gel, curl cream is essential for improving curl definition and frizz control. Apply it to damp hair, ensuring even distribution. A high-quality curl cream provides medium hold strength and shine enhancement, maintaining your curls’ natural bounce and texture. It’s a game-changer for achieving well-defined, moisturized curls without the crunchy feel .

Drying and Shaping Curls

Drying and Shaping Curls
To effectively dry and shape your curls, try air drying or use a diffuser to enhance natural curl patterns while minimizing frizz. Scrunching your hair with curl-friendly products can add definition and volume, giving you a polished and stylish look .

Air Drying

After applying curl-friendly products, air drying helps enhance moisture retention and frizz control. To get well-defined curls:

  1. Apply a leave-in conditioner to keep moisture locked in.
  2. Scrunch your hair gently with a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt.
  3. Avoid touching your hair a lot to prevent breaking up the curl pattern and causing frizz.

Diffuser Use

After you air dry, grab your diffuser attachment to maintain your curls without sacrificing volume or creating frizz. Use low heat and speed settings, cupping your curls in the diffuser and lifting them up your scalp. This blow-drying technique enhances volume and curl preservation while effectively controlling frizz, giving your curls a natural, bouncy finish .


Next, scrunching is crucial for defining curls. Begin with damp hair and apply your chosen product. Use these steps:

  1. Scrunch sections of hair upwards towards the top.
  2. Diffuse to set curls without frizz.
  3. Shape curls with fingers while drying.

This method enhances natural curl patterns and adds volume, creating a stylish, carefree look .

Curl Maintenance Routine

Curl Maintenance Routine
To maintain your curly hair’s health and appearance, regularly use a wide-tooth comb to prevent tangles and an anti-frizz serum to keep your curls smooth. Deep condition your hair twice a week to vouchsafe adequate hydration and minimize breakage.

Wide-Tooth Combing

Finish drying those curls with a wide-tooth comb. It helps detangle hair and prevents knots, ensuring minimal hair breakage and maintaining your hair health. Here’s a quick guide:

Time Step Action
0 min After drying Run comb through lightly
1 min Sections Comb small sections
3 min Front to back Ensure coverage entirely
5 min Recheck Smooth out missed tangles
7 min Settle Let hair set naturally

Anti-Frizz Serum

To master anti-frizz techniques, focus on light, even serum application to damp hair. Select a product known for both frizz control and enhancing curl definition. Work the serum through your curls using your fingers, ensuring full coverage without weighing them down. This method preserves the bounce and reduces unwanted frizz, giving you well-defined curls.

Deep Conditioning

To maintain your curly hair, deep conditioning is essential. It helps with curl definition, product absorption, and moisture retention. By deep conditioning twice weekly, you enhance your curls’ bounce and reduce potential damage. This regimen guarantees your hair stays hydrated, manageable, and healthy, making your curls easier to style and maintain.

Avoiding Curl Damage

Avoiding Curl Damage
To avoid curl damage, use products in moderation to prevent weighing down your curls and always handle your hair gently to minimize breakage. Additionally, protecting your hair from heat is essential; opt for air drying or using cool air settings when styling .

Product Moderation

Maintain your curls’ health by using products in moderation. Balancing product formulation and combination helps your curls stay defined without added weight. Opt for gels and creams that suit your hair type and aim to alternate between wet and dry styling methods. For better hold and definition, combine light products that complement each other, avoiding overloading your hair.

Gentle Handling

Using gentle handling helps maintain your curls’ integrity. Opt for brushing techniques that minimize tugging and use detangling methods with a wide-tooth comb. Select products designed to reduce breakage and enhance curl preservation. Instead of rough towel drying, gently squeeze out excess water to avoid disrupting your curl pattern. This routine ensures healthier, longer-lasting curls.

Protecting From Heat

To protect your curls from heat damage, always use a thermal protectant before any heat styling. Over-styling can lead to thermal breakage, compromising hair health. Minimize the use of blow dryers and flat irons, and opt for occasional heatless styling alternatives. Regular deep conditioning also helps maintain strong, resilient curls, ensuring they remain lustrous and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the right curl pattern?

You’re in charge – pick a pattern complementing your face shape and lifestyle. Loose waves add movement; tight ringlets pack pizazz. Channel your inner rebel or sophisticate. Own it, rock it confidently – that curl pattern is yours.

Can curly hair be low maintenance?

Yes, curly hair can be low-maintenance with the right approach. Using the right products, allowing it to air-dry, and embracing your natural texture minimizes styling time.

What causes frizzy curls and how to tame them?

Frizzy curls, like tangled knots, signal hair’s thirst. Quench them with leave-in conditioners; their smoothing oils tame strays. Gentle handling post-shower cuts frizz too—pat dry, don’t rub roughly.

How often should I get a trim for curls?

For curly hair, getting a trim every 6-8 weeks helps remove split ends and promote healthy growth. But don’t cut too much – curls need length to thrive. Embrace your natural texture by finding a stylist skilled in cutting curly hair.

Are there any supplements beneficial for curly hair?

Biotin and folic acid supplements fuel hair growth, while omega fatty acids like fish oil nourish curly strands from within—a power move for luscious locks.


Mastering the art of how to achieve curly hair for men opens up a realm of styling possibilities.

With patience and the appropriate techniques, you’ll cultivate an alluring curly mane that complements your unique look.

Embrace your natural texture, nourish those locks, and let your confident curls shine through.

A well-defined, frizz-free curly hairstyle is an investment worth making – one that pays dividends in both style and self-assurance.

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