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How to Get a Thicker Mustache? Factors & Steps Full Guide (2024)

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You agree that a mustache is a sign of masculinity, insight, and leadership, so how to get a thicker mustache?

portrait of sullen tramp man - thicker mustache s and pictures how to get a thicker mustacheMustache refers to the hair strip that grows above the upper lip of the face, improves men’s appearance, promotes self-confidence, and increases attractiveness.

Grow a thicker mustache is a great way to transform your appearance, but grow a thicker mustache is not easy; it requires a lot of patience, care, and grooming.

If you are tired of waiting for your mustache and need to know how to get a thicker mustache and beard faster, or are unsure which style of mustache you should fit in, don’t worry!

We are here to guide and teach you how to get a thick mustache by steps you can take to grow a thicker mustache and find the right mustache for your face.

We will also investigate many other relevant issues related to mustaches, such as patchy mustache.

In particular, we will examine the different types of mustaches, the different beard and mustache products that can help you, and the length of time a typical mustache needs to grow under different conditions.

6 Factors for Growing a Thick Mustache

young man getting mad expression - thicker mustache s and pictures Factors For Growing A Thick Mustache

Your lifestyle plays an important role in the quality and quantity of your facial hair. Here are some of the factors you can make to improve your facial hair‘s quality and get thicker facial hair.

1. Lower Your Stress Level

stress is related to the production of cortisol or the stress hormone. In short, elevated cortisol levels cause a reduced production of testosterone. Testosterone has a direct link with facial hair growth.

That is why we recommend lowering your stress level for better facial hair growth.

2. Protein Nutrition

Hair is actually a protein called keratin. Therefore, protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken, beans, eggs, etc., should help you grow a thicker mustache.

3. Exercise

as if there were insufficient reasons to practice. It essentially helps to promote better metabolism. This, in turn, helps to have better blood circulation that leads to thicker hair follicles.

4. Avoid Sugary Foods

sugar hinders the absorption of proteins that are essential for hair health in general.

5. Sleep Well

lack of sleep causes a reduction in testosterone levels. Therefore, allow six to eight hours of sleep for a healthy testosterone level that essentially promotes hair growth.

6. Scrub Your Skin

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells. We recommend exfoliating your skin at least once a week. Exfoliation helps to stimulate hair growth.

3 Best Products to Help Get a Thicker Mustache and Beard Faster

The following products help grow mustache faster and thicker.

1. Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Men Better Hair Growth and Thicker Mustache

rogaine for men better hair growth and thicker mustacheView On Amazon

Although initially formulated to treat higher blood pressure, Minoxidil had an undesirable side effect of increased hair growth. Later, around 1988, the FDA approved Minoxidil for hair loss.

rogaine for men better hair growth and thicker mustache 1Besides, 5% Monixidil or Rogaine is the approved formula for hair loss treatment in men.

Rogaine essentially acts as a vasodilator. It works by increasing the hair follicles and essentially improving the growth phase of hair. Clinical studies have shown that Minoxidil works in approximately 90% of men with hereditary hair loss.

It actually stops the hair loss or worsening hair loss. Men have noticed noticeable hair growth in about three months.

To use Rogaine, you have to put half a cup of foam on your fingers. Then use your hand to massage the area where you experience hair loss.

Rogaine essentially revitalizes the hair follicles that have become dormant. However, you must absorb the foam in the scalp before styling or blow-drying your hair.

A monthly Rogaine offer costs around $ 30, so it’s actually less than one coffee a day. For the best result, you must apply it twice a day. Moreover, Rogaine is just as effective on facial hair as on the scalp.

How to Apply Minoxidil Foam for Grow Mustache Faster?

  1. Wash your face, preferably with a facial cleanser or facial cleanser, and not with a bar of soap.
  2. Rinse your fingers and hands with cold water. The foam dissolves too quickly if your hands are warm, so make sure they are nice and cool.
  3. Spread the foam over your fingers. Use an amount that fits half the cap, or about 1 ml.
  4. Apply the foam to your beard and the skin under it until you are used up.
  5. Wash your hands thoroughly when you are done.
Key Features
  • Delays hair loss
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Available without prescription
  • Affordable
  • Proven results

2. Nature’s Bounty Super Potency Biotin 5000mcg

natures bounty super potency biotin 5000mcgView On Amazon

In your attempt to grow a mustache, you want the hair to be healthy and strong. This can only happen if you use the correct product.

It is specially formulated with all the essential ingredients that make this dream a reality.

Perhaps the most striking ingredient that this product has is biotin. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, part of the B vitamin family. It provides support for energy metabolism.

It also helps the body convert food into energy. This does mean that it also supports healthy hair growth, skin, and nails.

Healthier and thicker hair is crucial for developing great patterns later. This is because patterns develop better when the hair is thicker than in a situation in which they are shorter.

Grow your mustache in thick and healthy strands by incorporating this ointment into your arsenal.

Key Features
  • Supports healthy skin and hair
  • High-quality laboratory tested
  • It comes in the form of easy to swallow capsules

3. Beard Grow XL A Facial Hair Supplement

beard grow xl a facial hair supplementView On Amazon

Beard Grow XL is a nutritional supplement for hair growth. It is 100% natural and contains no steroids or hormones. In short, it is a specific product for facial hair. It comes in pill form, and you can take a maximum of three per day.

beard grow xl a facial hair supplement 1It is essentially a multivitamin with A, E, C, and B1essential for healthy hair growth. Vitamin A stimulates hair growth.

That is why you would see vitamin A in many hair loss products, and vitamin E has natural antioxidant properties that help treat infections. Vitamin B1 or thiamine helps convert food into energy and is essential for healthy skin and hair.

Also, it contains palmetto. Although there is little evidence to suggest efficacy in hair loss, it has yielded promising results. Scientists think it blocks the action of 5-alpha reductase that converts testosterone into DHT.

DHT is basically responsible for hair loss in men.

Beard Grow XL contains ponytail extracts. These extracts essentially contain silicon dioxide or silicones that help strengthen the strands of hair.

Take three tablets a day for optimum results. What you have to take into account is that you do not expect immediate results. Give it at least a few weeks before you conclude. After a few weeks, your facial hair will become softer, smoother, and more vital.

Key Features

How to Get a Thicker Mustache Faster Step by Step

indian man presenting while pointing at side - thicker mustache s and pictures How To Get A Thicker Mustache Step By

There are steps you can take to make your mustache grow faster; here is a five-step guide to growing a thick mustache.

1. Determine Your Suitability for Thicker Mustache

Growing a thick mustache is not for everyone. Much of this has to do with genetics. In short, genetics, along with a few other factors, determine the quality and quantity of your hair. That is why it is important to determine whether you can indeed get a thick mustache.

If you have a thick beard, you can, in principle, expect an adult mustache. However, if you have a spotty beard with thin hair growth, it is implausible that you have a thick mustache.

However, if you can’t determine what your mustache will look like, it’s no harm to give it a try. Grow your facial hair for four to six weeks, and you can see how the adventure will work for you.

2. Prepare yourself psychologically

You must now prepare yourself psychologically for the mustache’s growth process. In general, facial hair such as beards grows at a speed of only 0.4 mm per day. This means that it takes a few weeks before you expect visible manifestations of the mustache. You have to be patient for that.

After the mustache has grown to a reasonable size of about 6 to 8 mm, you must decide which pattern you want to from mustache styles. You can then choose between the toothbrush mustache (Tom Selleck) and the handlebar (George V), the two most common.

3. Grow it

the next step is to grow your mustache. We recommend a period of four to six weeks without shaving and not cutting your mustache. The second thing during this phase is skipping all your facial hair, including the beard.

This allows your mustache to blend into the hair above your chin. This is essentially the hardest part of your growing, ever-thicker mustache adventure.

You can be intimidated by people’s strange appearance or your inner doubt about how it will end. We recommend that you be patient, let the magic begin, and let her be in this phase.

4. Set the Desired Patterns

Be patient during the growth and maturation phase. Always keep your facial hair good, neat, and organized.

This ensures that the hair looks good enough to achieve great mustache styles later.

As soon as the hair drops to the upper parts of your lips, take a hair clipper and cut it off to get rid of stray dogs. Alternatively, you can use a handlebar to trim each side always to maintain a uniform length.

The purpose of these adjustments is to make the hair that occupies the face’s parts under the nose the longest.

5. Maintain it

Getting a thicker mustache is part of the story. The rest maintains it. Here are some things you need to do to save your dream mustache.

  • Wax it: if you have a thicker and mature mustache, you need beard/mustache wax to maintain your style. Beard wax has a holding power and also helps hydrate facial hair.
  • Combs: agree or disagree; a few strands of unmanageable hair can ruin your entire business. Moreover, it needs major efforts to prevent it from growing in all directions. A beard/good mustache comb or mustache brush would help maintain a style and tame your hair.
  • Use conditioner: if you have a thick mustache, you likely have thick, coarse hair. A beard/mustache softener/conditioner keeps your hair soft for care and gives a shine.

How Long to Grow a Full Mustache?

mid adult man with a long beard - full mustache s and pictures How Long To Grow A Full Mustache

Generally, a full mustache takes about a couple of months to 6 months to grow. To achieve full growth, there are problems that you must solve.

You also have to be patient because the process is marred with different challenges.

To start, you must stop shaving completely. Don’t forget to shave your beard and facial hair in one go. The hair starts to germinate after 4 to 6 days when you have stopped shaving.

Use a moisturizer, beard oil, facial scrub, and other products designed to improve hair growth and accelerate growth.

Your hair will grow considerably longer after 15 to 20 days (approximately 2 to 3 weeks). It is at this point that you will style and care for your hair. Continue to apply the aforementioned growth enhancers for faster results and better quality results.

After the third week and until the fourth week, your mustache will fully develop. During this period, you will experience some itchy beard and mustache feelings. You will then be tempted to shave your beard.

However, do not give in to this temptation. This phase is only a passing cloud, and you will overcome it instead of later.

After the itchy phase has passed, your mustache will grow into a (shrub). You can now apply the correct style at this stage. The handlebar performs particularly well in this phase of hair growth.

However, if you are interested in the Epic mustache, you may have to wait longer than one year.

FAQs About Grow Mustache Faster and Thicker

When does a mustache start to grow?

It differs from person to person, depending on your genetics. If the men in your family have mustaches, you are more likely to have one yourself. If their mustache started growing earlier, it’s probably yours too.

How fast does facial hair grow?

How fast your beard grows depends on several factors, including your genetics, age, and race. Most men experience their greatest beard growth between the ages of 25 and

But back to the original question: the average growth rate of facial hair is about an inch per month, sometimes less, sometimes more.

To understand how hair grows, it is important to know three growth phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is when the hair grows: when the hair follicle cells divide rapidly to create a new hair shaft: in the catagen phase, the hair is inactive.

The telogen phase is when new hair starts to push older or dead hair too, hopefully, start the process all over again. About 10% of all hair follicles are in the telogen phase.

How can I make my mustache thicker?

Don’t shave regularly – it’s a myth that your facial hair will get thicker after shaving. Let the bit grow for about a month, and then shave it.

Is it okay to use castor oil for my mustache?

Yes, it is very effective for thickening both a mustache and a beard. All you have to do is apply a few drops of castor oil to your mustache area and massage gently; the results will certainly appear.


Grow a thicker mustache requires a lot of patience, care, and care alongside genetics.

You can improve facial hair quality, including your lifestyle factors such as your stress level, sleep patterns, and eating habits.

You can also improve the way you work on your hair quality to get better, looking for thicker hair follicles.

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