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How to Cut a Ducktail Beard: Styles, Tips & Tools (2024)

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how to cut a ducktail beardTime-honored yet modern, the ducktail beard has been around for centuries and is still a popular facial hair choice today. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson, mastering how to cut a ducktail beard can be tricky if you don’t know what tools and techniques are required.

Key Takeaways

  • Ducktail beard is a classic style inspired by a duck’s tail feathers.
  • Tools needed: trimmer, scissors, comb, beard balm/oil.
  • Regular maintenance is essential for clean edges.
  • Achieving a Ducktail requires time and patience.

What is a Ducktail Beard?

What is a Ducktail Beard
You can get an iconic, masculine look with a Ducktail beard style that blends ruggedness and class. This facial hair styling is named after the duck’s tail feathers and comes in different lengths.

The Short version is ideal for beginners, while the Long type connects mustache to full-grown beards. For those who want something unique, try Pointed or HorseShoe versions featuring V-shaped tips.

To achieve it yourself at home requires patience; let your chin hair grow while keeping sides trimmed until you reach 2-4 inches of length – usually 4 months later! With help from a trimmer, scissors, and comb along with some beard balm or oil for hold, you’ll soon have the perfect Ducktail look tailored to suit your face shape – although avoid if long & narrow-faced.

Regular maintenance keeps edges clean & uniform while nourishing oils promote growth, so persevere through tough times for enviable fuzz worthy of any celebrity red carpet event!

Choosing the Right Ducktail Beard Style

Choosing the Right Ducktail Beard Style
If you’re looking for a stylish facial hair option that blends ruggedness and class, the Ducktail beard may be perfect for you. This classic style is versatile enough to suit most face shapes, with four variations available including Short, Medium-Length, Long Pointed, or Horseshoe.

Medium-Length Ducktail Beard

A Medium-Length Ducktail Beard has become an increasingly popular style, with many celebrities sporting the look.

Start with trimming techniques and styling tips for achieving the perfect medium-length ducktail. A beard trimmer, shaping tool, and scissors are helpful tools in forming this stylish facial fuzz.

Lastly, keep edges clean and groomed as you persevere through tough times towards a classic yet modern style statement of power and control!

Long Ducktail Beard

To achieve the look of a Long Ducktail Beard, grow your chin hair to about 5 inches and connect it to your mustache for a full-grown beard. For styling tips, start with an unguarded trimmer. Trim your cheeks downward, increasing the length near the chin.

Work on the sides and then the lower lip section, combing and shaping for uniformity before defining the neckline and shaving below it. Maintenance includes regular upkeep every 3-4 weeks. Use beard oil or wax, and consider using hemp or jojoba oil for faster growth if needed.

Pointed Ducktail Beard

Slice your chin hair into a sharp Pointed Ducktail Beard, like the tip of an arrow ready to strike. Choose a style based on face shape and hair volume, then gather a trimmer, scissors, comb, and brush for shaping.

Start by trimming the cheeks downwards before focusing on the sides and lower lip section. Comb through facial hair for a uniform length before defining the neckline with a shave below it.

HorseShoe Ducktail Beard Style

Experience the iconic HorseShoe Ducktail style for a look that’s both rugged and classy. This variation features a sharp style of ducktail facial hair with pointed ends, forming an upside-down U shape.

For styling tips, start by growing out your beard until it reaches 5-7 inches in length, then use trimming scissors or an electric trimmer to create the desired horseshoe shape.

Celebrity inspirations include Pierce Brosnan and Brad Pitt – they wear their Horseshoe Ducks well! A dab of beard oil helps hold hairs in place while conditioning them too. Try hemp or jojoba oil as they promote faster growth rates than other oils on the market.

The perfect balance between ruggedness and class awaits – choose wisely with the HorseShoe Ducktail today!

Tools and Products Needed for Cutting a Ducktail Beard

Tools and Products Needed for Cutting a Ducktail Beard
Tackle your Ducktail ‘do with the right tools and products! To be successful in styling a ducktail, you need to have access to certain beard grooming essentials.

Invest in quality shaping tools such as scissors, trimmers, and combs. These tools are essential for achieving sharp edges and even thickness throughout your beard.

Make sure you have some beard maintenance products on hand, like balm or oil. These products will help keep your locks soft while also providing hold when it comes time to shape the chin area.

Lastly, regularly brush your facial hair to ensure that all hairs are pointing downwards for an optimal trimming experience.

When it comes time to shape up those luscious locks into a classic ducktail style, there are a few techniques worth mentioning.

First off, get familiar with neckline shaving so that no stray hairs escape past the designated boundaries set by yourself.

Secondly, comb through any tangles before starting.

Thirdly, use both hands evenly when cutting around curves of jawlines/cheeks until the desired look is achieved.

Lastly, focus on perfecting the length near the chin area using either clippers or a trimmer without a guard attached. Adjust accordingly based on the thickness of growth patterned from the mustache region down towards the bottom lip section.

With these tips at hand, you’ll find success in creating an iconic Ducktails ‘doo worthy of any man who desires power, mastery, and control over their own personal appearance!

Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting a Ducktail Beard

Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting a Ducktail Beard
Ready to take on the challenge of cutting your own Ducktail beard? Follow this step-by-step guide for a perfect, sleek style. First, start by carving out a rough Ducktail shape with an unguarded trimmer – trim the cheeks down and gradually increase the length near the chin.

Step 1: Carve Out a Rough Ducktail Shape

Start by carving out a rough ducktail shape with your trimmer. Trim the sides of your beard downward, gradually increasing length near the chin to create an angle resembling a duck’s tail. Style variations depend on face shapes and hair volume, so make sure you have enough facial hair for this look.

Be patient during growth and use beard oil or balm to maintain style while keeping edges sharp. Use scissors for cheek trimming and a shaping tool for contouring. Use a comb or brush to tame flyaways before applying a product finish like wax or pomade after washing it cleanly.

Step 2: Gradually Clean Up the Rough Edges and Shorten the Sides

Shape and shorten the sides of your beard to gradually clean up the rough edges for a neat ducktail look. Use a trimmer with adjustable guard lengths, starting from 1/2” upwards, to define your cheek line.

Angle down towards the chin and neckline while maintaining symmetry on both sides of your face. Trim or shape any stray hairs evenly using scissors or razor blades for precision detailing.

While shortening each side, focus on creating an even length that connects to a point at the base of the chin in order to create a Ducktail effect when combed outwards and downwards into place.

Beard styling is all about experimentation; take it slow during this step until you achieve desired results! When trimming facial hair correctly with care and attention-to-detail, you can easily craft different looks – from classic stubbles to full beards – suitable for any face type or occasion.

Step 3: Shave Your Neckline and Line Up the Cheeks

Carefully shave the neckline and line up your cheeks to create a balanced look. When shaping a ducktail beard, it’s important to define the neckline properly for an overall neat appearance. Use an unguarded trimmer to go around your neck in upward strokes, keeping it at least 1/8 inch above the Adam’s apple.

Be careful not to remove too much hair, as this can make your face appear longer or shorter than intended.

After shaving off any excess growth on the lower part of the cheek area, use a brush or comb to shape them slightly so they are even with one another for symmetry and definition.

Step 4: Maintain the Shape

Keep your look sharp and stylish by maintaining the Ducktail shape. To do this, use a beard brush to stimulate facial hair growth and keep it looking neat. Regular trimming of edges is also important for a clean-cut style. You can achieve precise lines with the help of beard balm or oil, as well as shaping tools like scissors or trimmers.

Maintaining and Styling Your Ducktail Beard

Maintaining and Styling Your Ducktail Beard
Maintaining and styling your Ducktail Beard is all about keeping it clean, applying beard oil or balm regularly, trimming and shaping as needed. To keep your Ducktail looking sharp, you must make sure to wash the facial hair with a quality shampoo designed for beards, as well as apply some beard oil or balm daily to maintain softness.

Properly cutting and shaping will help define the edges of this style while also giving it that unmistakable duck’s tail look under the chin – so take care when using trimmers, scissors, combs, and other tools.

Cleaning and Washing

Make sure to clean and wash your Ducktail before attempting any fancy styling – after all, it’s no use brushing away a full-on food baby!

To keep the Ducktail in good condition, adopt a regular beard hygiene routine. Start by washing your beard with mild shampoo or soap twice per week. Then, comb through your facial hair while damp for an even distribution of products like oil and wax.

Cleaning is essential for maintaining healthy skin underneath too. Exfoliate once per week using gentle scrubbing motions, which will remove dirt particles from deep pores without damaging sensitive skin cells.

Finally, invest in quality shaving tools such as sharp blades that won’t pull hairs out when used correctly.

Applying Beard Oil and Balm

Smoothly coat your beard with a generous helping of oil or balm for that perfectly groomed look. Beard grooming is an essential part of maintaining and styling your Ducktail beard. You’ll need quality products like beard oils, waxes, and other tools for proper care.

Professional barbers can help you get the right facial hair coverage at the sides while keeping it fuller on top.

Longer beards require more frequent use of these products as they tend to dry out faster than shorter ones due to increased exposure from the elements.

Trimming and Shaping

Shape your facial hair to create that distinct Ducktail look. Follow these trimming and shaping techniques:

  1. Use a beard brush to detangle the hairs before you start.
  2. Trim downward from the cheeks with an unguarded trimmer, gradually increasing length near the chin.
  3. Work on the sides and lower lip section for symmetry using scissors or a shaper tool.
  4. Comb evenly throughout and define the neckline by shaving below it for a clean appearance.
  5. Style with oil or balm as desired.

With regular maintenance, you can keep this classic style looking sharp! Aim for precision while trimming around the cheekbones and jawline to achieve the perfect Ducktail shape.

Best Face Shapes for the Ducktail Beard

Best Face Shapes for the Ducktail Beard
If you’re looking for a masculine beard style with a touch of class, the ducktail is perfect.

But not all face shapes are suited for this stylish look. Diamond-shaped faces have strong cheekbones that can pull off the pointed chin of the Ducktail nicely. Round faces may find this look flattering as well; just make sure to keep your cheeks trimmed down and sideburns short to avoid an overly round shape at your jawline.

Square-shaped jaws also work with this style. You’ll want longer hair on top than on the sides so as not to create too much bulk around your jawbone area.

Oval faces suit most styles, including ducktails. They will need more trimming along their necklines, though, to prevent any harsh lines from forming there due to having more length on their chins and lower lip sections than other face shapes typically do when growing out a full beard like this one!

Heart-shaped faces should be careful about how long they cut their facial hair since having extra weight under the chin can exacerbate narrow cheeks further while leaving them looking less defined overall.

So if you’ve got what it takes (time & patience) plus an appropriately shaped face, why don’t you try giving yourself or someone else a good-looking ducktail shape? Celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan & Brad Pitt swear by its charm, after all.


A well-maintained Ducktail beard is the perfect way to show off your masculinity and style. With the right tools and products, you can achieve the Ducktail beard of your dreams. Whether you opt for a medium-length, long, pointed, or HorseShoe Ducktail style, the key to success is taking the time to trim and shape your facial hair properly.

Start with a full beard and use an unguarded trimmer, scissors, comb, brush, and shaping tool to craft the desired look. Once you’ve achieved the perfect Ducktail, remember to keep it that way with regular trimming and shaping.

With a bit of patience and effort, you can master the art of cutting a Ducktail beard.

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