15 Best Beard Care Kits Products For Perfect Beard Look

If you are serious about taking care of your beard, you need best beard care kits.

Not just a kit, but a package that is filled with the best available beard products, and that means more than just a beard trimmer and scissors. To show your beard at its best, you need the works: oil, shampoo, balm, wax, and even a razor.Best Beard Care Kits

Regardless of the length of the facial hair that you grow up, your beard must be well maintained. That starts with an arsenal of the right products for your beard type.

Just as you cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your face, your beard also needs some love. Take these hand-picked beard products in your care regime so that you will never again have a messy, unkempt beard.

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Top 5 Best Beard Care Kits (Quick Summary)

Seven Potions Beard Grooming SetSeven Potions Beard Grooming Set Woodland Harmony. Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo and Beard Brush Make
  • Perfect for yourself or as a gift
  • Natural ingredients
  • Oil and shampoo are supplied in full-size packaging
43 Customer Reviews
Beard Grooming Care Kit forBeard Grooming Care Kit for Men by Mountaineer Brand | Beard Oil (2oz), Conditioning Balm
  • High-quality beard oil
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Beard oil has two scents
1,243 Customer Reviews
Beard Care Shampoos, Conditioner, Grooming,Beard Care Shampoos, Conditioner, Grooming, Maintenance, and Beard Styling Sets by Beardsley & Company (Beard
  • Two perfumed shampoos
  • Bottles of all sizes included
  • Your beard will be clean, look great and smell great
6 Customer Reviews
Wizard Beard Grooming Care KitWizard Beard Grooming Care Kit - 2 oz.Natural Beard Wax, 2 oz. Natural Beard Oil,
  • Comb with fine and coarse teeth
  • Brush supplied with pig hair
  • Ample amount of wax and oil
106 Customer Reviews
Beard Brush & Comb SetBeard Brush & Comb Set for Men's Care | Giveaway Mustache Scissors | Gift Box
  • High-quality bamboo construction
  • Tough but soft pig hair
  • Very well made tools
5,087 Customer Reviews
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Why Do You Need A Beard Care Kits?

Without proper care, your beard will probably look itchy, coarse, and wild. You must ensure that your beard is properly nourished and hydrated.

You also need a comb or brush specially designed for beards. Beard packages contain different beard care products in one box, cover, or bag.

Beard care kits have both advantages and disadvantages.

Most kits contain everything you need to make your beard look and feel great. All products are made by the same manufacturer, which helps product compatibility and synergy. The shampoo is designed to work with the conditioner that works with the wax, and so on.

The disadvantage of a beard set is that you may not always want or need every product in the bundle. If you only need a beard brush, you may not want a kit with combs, shampoo, and conditioner. You do not want to pay for many products that you will never use.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Beard Care Kit

handsome bearded man. - beard care s and pictures Things To Consider When Buying The Best beard Care Kit

There are things to keep in mind before you buy your first beard care set. Of course, it must, of course, contain the right aids: shampoo, oil, etc .: To make complete beard care, but also to take into account the performance of those aids on your beard.


Another thing you should undoubtedly pay attention to when choosing a care package is the ingredients that have been put together to make the product.

You may want to stay true to the types of ingredients that you allow on your face because your face is an integral part of your body that should not be betrayed. The country knows for sure how to wear a look where you ’Always be proud of.

If you want your reality to look, you may want to choose natural ingredients instead of artificial or chemical ingredients.

Odour or unscented

We have also clearly indicated whether the products in the set have a smell or are unscented.

We did this because we know it ’a significant consideration for many boys.

Some people like a robust scent in their oils or balms.

They like it for the same reason that some people like strong aftershaves: they enjoy the smell and they want to smell nice!

Some others feel the exact opposite.

He doesn’t want to smell their beard oil all day long, or they don’t want it to take over their aftershave or perfume.

You know what you like, so make sure you choose a beard care kit with products with the desired odour level.


old vintage barber shop tool - beard care s and pictures Things To Consider When Buying The Best beard Care Kit

The fact that many sing the zinc quality about quantity do not automatically exclude the importance of amount. It is one of the factors that are worth considering when choosing a healthcare package.

Nobody certainly wants to visit the market when a clean-cut or wash is required. A great product that comes in resonance with its price with a reasonable amount is the best bet.

Although we are aware that drops of oil or balms can go a long way in taking care of your beards, if the quantity means a lot to you, never avoid products that meet your expectations.

Brush and comb

Do you need a brush, do you need a comb, do you need both or do you not need any?

Most kits, especially the larger ones, usually have one of each.

Smaller ones can only have one or even none.

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This is more about preference than anything else. If you need a comb, you must bravely choose a kit with a comb, and if it is a brush that is most suitable, don’Don’t beat choosing a comb that has it. Every right product has at least one.

Again, you know better than anyone what to pick up in a kit that fills the gaps in your beard tool’s arsenal so that you can shave your beard and generally maintain it effortlessly.

15 Best Beard Care Kits Reviews

Buying a beard care kit can be a cheap and easy way to quickly build up a stock of useful tools and beard wax and nourishing products, all designed to help you keep your face.

Finding the right beard accessories for your specific needs is an entirely different problem.

That’s why we want to help you fill your kit, and we’ve added a list of the best beard grooming products to make your purchase decisions easier.

Our complete guide to the 15 best beard care kits starts now:

1-Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set

The brand Seven Potions has been active in England since the start in 2014. Mainly focused on high-quality male care products with natural ingredients, their products appear on different ‘best of’ reviews, and rightly so.

Their beard care has everything a severe beard needs: beard oil, beard brush, and beard shampoo, and helps you give a soft, manageable beard that looks good and feels good.

Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set 1You also get the three products in full-size versions, not half (or smaller) containers that you get in many Best Beard Care Kits. Indeed, there is the same size that you get from the regular portfolio with products from Seven Potions.

Their Woodland Harmony Beard Oil softens and regulates your unruly beard hairs while nourishing the skin to prevent aggravating things like beard and beard freezing. The oil contains jojoba, sweet almond, apricot kernel, as well as vitamin E, which stimulates, among other things, beard growth.

The Seven Potions Beard Shampoo – also included with this kit – has a similar woody, masculine scent as you pick up the bell in different categories, including softening your beard, reducing dandruff, and the fact that a small part of this sturdy, luxurious beard produces foam.

Last but not least, the Seven Potions premium beard brush completes the kit and helps keep your beard styled and well maintained. Made from 100% bristles, it comes with a pear body.

  • Perfect for yourself or as a gift
  • Natural ingredients
  • Oil and shampoo are supplied in full-size packaging
  • Little or none, but some reviewers say you should use an extra bit of oil on coarse beards
43 Customer Reviews

2-Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit

The Mountaineer brands are the best and use only all-natural products. Whether you are a beginner who is just starting to grow his beard or someone who wants to keep his established whiskers good, the mountaineer has everything you need.

In the beard kit, you get 2oz of oil, a can of Magic Balsam, 4oz wax, and an oval, military-style brush. Everything you get in your product is 100% natural and made with high-quality ingredients.

The WV Timber Scent Oil is perfumed with cedarwood, and Fir Needle is widely regarded as one of the best lubricants on the market and gives you a woody, smelling a scent that is not overwhelming.

Pairing seamlessly with the oil is the grapefruit, lime, and fir needle scented magical balm. The wood wax has the same essential oils that smell. It is perfect, and it is made with a mild Castilla soap. Finally, you get an oval, military brush of high quality to remove those annoying tangles and knots.

The set comes in a jute bag and is easy to carry.

  • High-quality beard oil
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Beard oil has two scents
  • The brush is not of the same quality as the other products

Questions & Answers

What are the steps to using these products? I bought this for my son's father and he isn't sure if he uses each product together or .....

The wash should be used on the beard instead of a shampoo. The oil and balsam can be used together. Start with the oil in a clean, damp or wet beard. Works on the skin and through the beard. Brush and then use the balm. Work the balm through the beard, working away from the face and towards the ends. Both products are left in conditioners. No need to rinse or wash.

What essential oils are in the coal, timber, citrus and spice, and original scents that are listed?

Coal: Clary Sage, mint and patchouli. Wood: cedar wood, spruce needle and eucalyptus. Citrus and spices: orange blood and cloves

Is the beard brush hard or ruff on the skin?

Not at all the bristles are firm but not rough

Which smells more like pine, the timber or the pine tarm?


1,243 Customer Reviews

3-Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set

Some care sets give you everything you need, but not much.

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Not Beardsley.

Our friends in Beardsley say, ” Hell with travel shampoo, conditioner, etc. ” and give you everything in full size. We thank them for that.

Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set 1That said, the Beardsley kit has everything to do with the hygiene of your beard and not with the beard growth. Not that other kits do not also emphasise the health, but Beardsley thinks that a clean, smelling beard pulls the ladies in instead of pushing them away.

So what do you get in a Beardsley kit? Full-sized containers of first-class shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and oil, that’s what.

Your set comes with two shampoos, Wild Berry Ultra Shampoo, and Cantaloupe Ultra Shampoo. Both shampoos are specially developed for beards and moustaches.

The Beardsley ultra-conditioner ensures that your beard feels soft, and your skin is supple and fresh. Meanwhile, the unique lotion has a cooling Bay Rum smell, while the oil is light enough to be used every day, and your beard remains extremely manageable.

  • Two perfumed shampoos
  • Bottles of all sizes included
  • Your beard will be clean, look great and smell great
  • No comb or brush

Questions & Answers

Do you use the lotion and the oil at the same time?

It is best to use the Lotion as part of the morning routine to keep the facial hair manageable. The use of oil at night is recommended to help hydrate, leaving no marks on pillows or clothes with the recommended use. However, using both together does not help to improve the whiskers; in fact, it inhibits the absorption of the oil due to the excellent detangling capacity that the Lotion provides.

Is this vegan? Any type of animal by products or alcohol used in the ingredients?

Our products do not contain animal byproducts, however, two of our products contain alcohol (conditioner and lotion).

Do any of the products included have almond oil/extract in them? Hubby is allergic to almonds and looking for a nice beard set.

There is no almond oil or extract in Beardsley's products.

Hi if I order this product do u think i can get before March 14 ?!

I had it within a week. The shipment was very fast.

6 Customer Reviews

4-Beard Wizard Beard Care Kit

You are a wizard, Harry … Seriously, this kit is something Dumbledore would be proud of. This bag contains beard oil, wax, comb, and brush, all supplies for an affordable price. This is a great starter kit, and you can’t go wrong. Let’s break down what’s inside.

Beard Wizard Beard Care Kit 1The brush and comb were surprisingly fun because these items can cost the same as this entire kit. The brush is 100% pig bristles, a widely used material that is used for beard brushes. The comb is made of sandalwood material and does not feel (cheap) in any way. The comb is also two-sided, both coarse and beautiful teeth.

The two most important things to discuss are the Wizard beard oil and the Magical Hold wax. Both are advertised as odour-free, but the wax has a slight soapy odour. Everyone interprets scents differently, some like it, and others don’t.

There are only four great ingredients. Often these products can be loaded with many different carriers and essential oils with questionable effectiveness. The wizard contains vitamin E oil, aloe vera, chamomile oil, and jojoba oil.

Price comparison is not possible because they only sell their wax and oil as refills. Essentially, you pay more than half the cost of the kit for the brush/comb slightly.

  • Comb with fine and coarse teeth
  • Brush supplied with pig hair
  • Ample amount of wax and oil
  • Light odour
  • Some say they don’t like the smell without smell.

Questions & Answers

Are the products fragrant? If so what does it smell like?

The oil doesn't really smell like it. The magical scent smells to me like a mild, clean soap.

Hi! I've bought this for my boyfriend and we don't want to have any other product but I'm hoping there is a way to just buy the oil or wax separate?

If you keep searching on Amazon, I am sure you can find it

Does this seller still sell the beard wax and oil separately?

I just bought it, but it looks like it is currently out of stock. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9P0HMA/ref\\u003dcm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_j-L0Cb3F9X646

Could I buy just the magical hold separately?

Yes, because I use very little of mine lasted six months. and I'm getting ready to order again in July. The last time I ordered was in December great products that I really love

106 Customer Reviews

5-Grow A Beard Brush Comb Set

The following is the smallest and cheapest beard care set for men on our list. It lacks washes, balms, or oils, but it has some excellent care tools.

What is in your head when you imagine a beard care set?

We want to take a gamble that you comb and see brushes: but also beard oils, waxes, and balms.

Grow A Beard Brush & Comb Set 1For most people, that is probably correct, which is why the other products on this list almost fit into that template.

The kit here from Grow A Beard is different: it comes with a brush with pig hair and is a premium combination of tools.

There are no oils, balms, or waxes here, just a set of high-quality tools in a men’s trim and beard kit.

This set is therefore perfect for the man who has to pick up a ready-made set of care aids, but already has a preferred brand of oil and balm to improve his beard growth.

We want to think about why buy a kit and spend extra money on things you don’t need?

Well, you don’t need that with this set either!

Moreover, you can be sure that you are investing here in a set of top-quality care aids, including a bristle brush.

Grow A Beard has decided to use bamboo in both the comb and the brush handle.

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This is wood that is not only environmentally friendly but also an excellent beard care box.

It is durable but soft, antistatic, and easy to clean.

The width with several teeth also ensures a comb that is suitable for different beard lengths and thicknesses.

The brush is also of high quality.

Again, it has a sturdy and comfortable bamboo handle, while the bristles are soft but stable to ensure an excellent comb.

If you need a high-quality brush and comb combo, look no further.

  • High-quality bamboo construction
  • Tough but soft pig hair
  • Very well made tools
  • No oils or balms

Questions & Answers

Are the brush bristles made 100% of boar?

Hello there, yes 100% is boar.

The description says gentlemans giveaway mustache scissors but Im seeing several comments that say that scissors arent included. Whats up?

Yes, I have them with mine. Excellent purchase!

Does this comb work well with course hair? ( black people)

I can't say for sure, sorry

Does it come with scissors also ?

My package came with scissors

5,087 Customer Reviews

6-Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit For Men

Zeus has covered you and a few more with their beard care.

But that is no surprise because their equipment is based on the premise that a beautiful beard is one thing, but a nice beard that is soft and manageable is even better.

Make no mistake; the Zeus Deluxe set is extensive because it consists of beard shampoo, conditioner, beard oil, and bore brush and a cool jute bag with which you can carry everything.

It is worth to take a look at each:

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit For Men 1Shampoo

Zeus Beard Shampoo and Wash are good things. It is specially formulated for beards and moustaches and also has an antioxidant mixture that is good for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin, do not worry. This shampoo will work for you.

An essential ingredient in the shampoo is Dragon’s Blood, a tree-based substance that reduces skin inflammation. The shampoo and wax also contain green tea – ideal for roses and chamomile, which strengthen the hair and also gives it a beautiful shine.

And, like a quality beard shampoo, the Zeus brand will not strip your facial hair from natural oils.

Made from all-natural ingredients, Zeus Conditioner cleanses your hair and softens it while protecting skin cells. It also protects you from beard rose and split ends.

Beard oil
You must have beard oil in your package. Oil makes your beard healthier, fuller, and more manageable. Still not convinced? Well, it also ensures that your skin does not dry out, and the beard rose gets out of the way. The oil in the Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit answers the bubble both in terms of ingredients (entirely natural) and in terms of performance. It even comes in three scents: Verbena lime, sandalwood, and vanilla rum. You look good and smell nice, but you do not overwhelm anyone with smells.

  • Unique shampoo formula treats dandruff and itchy skin
  • Cool, refined kit design
  • High-quality bristle brush
  • Jute bag instead of the box may not be attractive to all users

Questions & Answers

How long do the products last before doing another purchase?

The shampoo and conditioner lasted my husband 9 months. It still has some balm and oil, but alternates to preserve this because it is your favorite. He has sandalwood and it is a beautiful and attractive aroma.

Don't see an ingredient list for any of the products. Are they by chance all natural?

We only have the things of Verbena Lime. The ingredients of beard oil are safflower seed oil, argan oil, vitamin E, acetate, fragrance and grape seed oil. The Verbena Lime shampoo and conditioner have many ingredients and I think they are all natural, they say they do not contain parabens, sulfates or cruelty. My husband loves this brand and his beard always looks and smells amazing. I hope this helps!

Do the grooming kits have matching scents for each product? Want to be sure before I purchase.

Yes. Everything in it has the same smell. It is charming, and useful!

Which is the most popular scent?

Sandalwood is very beautiful, subtle. The test? My wife likes it and I don't notice it. I hope this helps...,

139 Customer Reviews

7-Prophet Tools Beard Kit

Another great beard set that would be an ideal gift for any man with a hair in her hair. The product is delivered in very aesthetically attractive packaging with a striking colour scheme in a very professional-looking arrangement. It is also useful to pack a few handy pieces, such as the oil bottle with a drip device, making it much easier to measure the product.

Prophet Tools Beard Kit 1The overall appearance of the product is dark and orange, giving it a very masculine yet sophisticated feel, but at the same time, it acts as a sunscreen that holds back the oil in the sunlight. Strangely enough, the oil does not smell at all. It is better than smelling bad, but such products usually smell like something. Anyway, the oils do their job and make the beard easy to handle and feel soft and healthy.

The comb has widely spaced teeth so that even thick beards can be tamed easily without many painful tangles. This is all without being too bulky, so it can be kept in your pocket if you need to do beard maintenance along the way. This is a beautiful product that will excite all beards.

  • The oil is supplied with a dropper
  • Has a beard comb, ideal for thick beards
  • Barebones at low costs
  • Oil has no odour. For some, it can be considered a professional.

Questions & Answers

Does it work on black men?

I'm not sure if I have fairly rough textured hair and it works for me

Will this help my beard grow? Mine is patchy in places and need something to give it a boost.

No. It should help keep it lubricated and not a beard druff.

Is this american made??

No. I believe this was made in China. View this link: https://wholesaler.alibaba.com/product-detail/Organic-Beard-Oil-Leave-In-Conditioner_60279116654.html

Can I use this oil for my head hair as well ?

Certainly is possible! Hair is hair. You just don't need as much as for the beard, because the hair on your head is softer than the roughness of your beard.

3,638 Customer Reviews

8-Grave Before You Shave Beard Care Pack

Just the name itself: (Grave Before You Shave.)

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Says it all. As a dedicated beardsman, you probably have days when you would instead come out of this mortal spiral than shave your incredible display of bearded glory.

That said, however, there is more to dig before you shave than a great name that reflects the spirit of many proud beard wearers. Their beard care package is ideal for every man who takes care of his beard.

Grave Before You Shave Beard Care Pack 1You get this with your grave before you shave the beard care package:

  • Two bottles of beard oil (smell of Viking Blend and smell of Bay Rum)
    Beard soap
  • A beard comb with interchangeable blade

All elements are of high quality, which is no surprise because the people at Grave Before You Shave are committed to helping men find the best way to preserve your beard.

The GBYS oil not only smells excellent: with two scents to choose from, but it can also keep your beard conditioned and untangled. You will like to style your beard, but also (and your skin underneath) keep it hydrated and itch-free.

The beard soap is just as effective and also ensures that your beard odour is not too soft and, at the same time, remains conditioned.

Finally, the kit comes with a switchblade comb that looks great and allows you to style your beard effectively.

  • The oil is great for hydrating your beard
  • Very affordable
  • Natural ingredients
  • It contains no beard balm or wax

Questions & Answers

Which one to use first?

It is your choice. One is unscented and the other scent is Bay Rum. You don't normally wear them both at the same time.

What does it smell like?

The Bay Rum Has a spicy rum scent with coconut afternotes. The Viking mix has a slight mint scent due to the Tea Tree ingredient. Grandpa's soap has a campfire scent with pine nuts.

How do you apply the oil?

It is a drop applicator. So just apply small drops to the beard and massage / comb.

Does it come in a gift box with everything inside?

No, everything is delivered separately bubble wrapped. I actually bought a cheap wooden box from Michael and colored it myself. It was a cool way to give it to my boyfriend and he loved the gesture.

431 Customer Reviews

9-Rapid Care Beard Brush and Beard Comb Kit

If you have a partial beard, full beard or just a moustache, you need something to keep it tidy and tidy, Tools with which you can shape your whiskers are essential to make your beard look healthy and neat. It is a good product for taking care of beards and moustaches.

It is made of 100% plank hair and ensures that every facial hair, whether the long, short, thin, thick, firm, tangled, of course, gets the brushing it needs. A good one helps you spread your oil through your beard and smooth the beard and improve the styling, essential to remove any tangles or knots in your beard, brushes all the dead hair that is in your stubble, making it fuller.

It is a thick, fine-tooth finished comb that is antistatic. A beautifully handmade item that is perfect for maintaining your moustache. It comes in a gift box that is durable and has magnetic closures. It also gives you a travel option for a cotton bag.

  • Most affordable option
  • Unscented oil
  • Hit the scissors
  • Only fine comb, no coarse side

Questions & Answers

Does the comb have thick to fine teeth?

All are the same size.

Is the beard oil over powering in smell? Husband wants a good oil that is not to woodsy smelling and overpowering.

I think it has a very nice smell. Not woody or overwhelming. My husband hates the strong fragrances or the overwhelming smells and really likes it. Hope this helps

Is this 100% boars hair or is it a mix?

It's 100% natural boar bristles!

Are these waterproof? Can they be used in the shower without warping, discoloration, etc.?

I would not use them in the shower, they are made of wood, so they are porous, warping and discoloration are guaranteed.

1,698 Customer Reviews

10-Maison Lambert Deluxe Beard Care Kit

Everything about the Maison Lamber Deluxe Beard Care Kit has a stylish look, and it all starts with the cool wooden cigar box in which it sits.

Indeed, it is stylish in the pure French fashion, and that includes everything in it: organic beard balm, natural beard shampoo, a wooden beard comb, and the biological body juice that is also included for free.

Maison Lambert is also diligent when it comes to hypoallergenic and keeping their products free from odours. Their smells come from pure essential oil to create a pleasant but not overwhelming scent with hints of wood.

No animals are tested with the ingredients of Maison Lambert, and they are free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, toxins, and other artificial rubbish that is not good for your skin or hair.

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Let’s look at the individual elements of the Maison Lambert kit:

  • The handmade beard soap contains shea butter and beer. That’s right, beer, because beer is known to soothe and soothe irritated skin and also contain ingredients that act as an antibacterial agent. They are useful things.
  • The shampoo contains argan oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and cocoa butter, essential ingredients in every beard shampoo that claims to be legitimate. It gives you a good foam and leaves you with a softer beard that has a pleasant smell.
  • The beard balm from Maison Lambert is 99% organic and has a soft and simple texture that makes it easier to apply than many other lotions. It does a great job in the fight against beard and beard.
  • The beard oil also mentions argan and jojoba oil as ingredients, as well as Tocopherol – an antioxidant from the vitamin E family. It absorbs quickly in your beard and offers the woody fragrance that most women find attractive.
  • The beard comb is handmade, looks great, and does everything you can expect from a beard comb.
  • Everything about Maison Lambert has a personal touch.
  • Excellent scent
  • Natural ingredients
  • It is difficult to identify specific errors with this kit. This would be nit-picking.

Questions & Answers

Can you smell the lavendar at all?

No. All the items in this kit have a very "masculine" smell.

Is the beard shampoo a soap bar?

Yes, it's a bar, my son says it's great, it soaps up nicely, does not dry out and has a pleasant smell that quickly disappears so it does not conflict with any other beard oil you can use. scented. He really likes beard soap.

Can you buy the products seperately wheh you run out or do you have to but the whole set again?

Actually, I just bought the soap only after my husband ran out. He chose to try a different beard oil.

Where are the products made ?

Paris, France, I think.

163 Customer Reviews

11-BeardClass Beard Grooming Set

We’d better respond to this sooner. Otherwise, we will not have enough time and space!

This care setting offers just about everything you need to maintain and trim your beard or moustache.

First of all, you get very high-quality beard oil.

BeardClass Beard Grooming Set 1Packaged with no less than seven essential extracts, and also completely natural.

It is designed to keep your beard and skin hydrated and happy.

This is supported by a beard balm that contains 13 extracts and is also completely natural and non-greasy.

Both items are also odour-free.

Tools are a good idea for more. You can then choose items in a pit stop at NASCAR.

Scissors are always handy for quick maintenance.

Do you need brushes? Second try!

Both are supplied with ergonomic handles and high-quality bristles.

Need a comb? How about four?

A well-made wooden beard comb oscillates well and has naturally adjusted tooth combs and is perfectly sized to slip into a pocket for grooming on the go.

It is supported by a folding comb and a larger, wooden comb with medium-sized teeth that is perfect for working with a thicker, longer beard.

There is also a small snorkel, but more about that later.

A convenient palm diffuser brush completes the tool list and allows you to apply oil without getting it over your hands.

That’s a tool that we don’t see often, and honestly, given the usefulness that it could be, it’s nice to see it represented here, and it’s also pretty cheap.

  • Twelve items in the set!
  • Very high-quality oil
  • A versatile range of brushes and combs
  • Mustache Comb is not great

Questions & Answers

What does this smell like?

Hi! Thank you for contacting us. The beard oil and beard balm are completely unscented and odor-free. They leave no scent on your beard. I hope this helps! Friendly, Beardclass customer service

Does the oil and balm use tree nut based oils?

It says yes

Is this product ok for 4c hair? (African American hair) Haha looking for my boyfriend's birthday.

Hello thanks for reaching and the answer is: ABSOLUTELY YES !!!

Hi, how is this kit good for 4c, black mens hair? Buying for my boyfriend.

Yes. I had the same question before I bought it, but bought it anyway and he loves it. However, he doesn't really use the combs, he said the teeth are too close together and that it might take a nap.

542 Customer Reviews

12-Smooth Viking Beard Comb and Brush

If you are starting to grow a beard or know someone who is, this might be a perfect, affordable product. The brush and comb are sturdy and versatile and are suitable for making your beard look respectable, even if it is a bit short.

The hair of the boar brush is very delicate, which is always good for a newbie’s skin that can turn red if they use a coarser scrub. The brush is also easy to hold; it is in no way awkward, and the wooden finish is a feast for the eyes.

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This is a very tempting purchase when you start your beard journey because it does not contain all the luxury oils and the like if you are not sure if beards are for you.

You could even supplement this with a razor blade kit, and you would be ready. It has a great gift value because it is made with pear wood, which makes it look very finished without being too heavy.

It gives a bit of a luxurious feel, which makes newbie-beard trimmers love it and feel better about trying something they don’t know. All in all, a great beard product for beginners.

  • Great for beginners
  • Double-sided comb
  • You only get a brush and a comb. This is great if you do not need oil.

Questions & Answers

Can I use this on my head hair?

Hello, excellent question! Yes, you can use our beard brush for the hair on your head. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

How often does it need to be cleaned and what do you recommend cleaning it with?

Hello Matthew, the more styling products you use, the more often you need to clean your brush. The suggestion is to clean it once a month with only soap and warm water, but if the products accumulate quickly, it would also be fine if you have any questions, please contact us!

Is this brush's bristles 100% boar hair?

Hello Jamie, that's a great question! The hairs of our beard brush are made of natural black pig hair and the handle is completely made of wood. At Smooth Viking we try to keep our ingredients and materials natural. I hope that with the information I have given you, I have been able to answer your question satisfactorily. If you have any questions or need anything else in the future, you can always contact us.

Can you use this in the shower? I shave my hair to #1 and if I could multitask while showering this would be perfect

I'm sure you could. Not personally. I also do not trim my beard, I only trim under my neck. I only condition my beard once, at most twice a week, so the rest of the time it would be useless to do it in the shower. If you wash it constantly, it removes the beard from its essential oils. But what I do is after I get out of the shower in the morning, but I apply my oil and then use the brush to distribute the oil everywhere. I think that is the best for my beard. The steam opens the pores and what doesn't and that brush also exfoliates. I really think it's best to do it outside the shower, but that's me. It would probably not hurt the brush as long as you don't hold it under water.

3,118 Customer Reviews

13-Beard Care Kit + Comb + Brush + Oil + Luxury Gift Box Easy Grooming

Keeping your beard or moustache in top shape is easy with the Beard Care Kit from Beard Legacy. This product is made in the United States and contains everything you need to take care of your beard and care for your beard.

Our oil and unscented leave-in-conditioner soften and tame even the wildest beards. The all-natural lubricants are not only suitable for beards, but moustaches, and keep your beard and skin guaranteed soft and supple. Itching is always a problem with beards, but our Jojoba Argan Oil + helps alleviate this problem, softens your sideburns and softens your skin underneath.

The bamboo brush hairbrush ensures that you get a good brushing experience that also stimulates the skin underneath. Not only will it rid you of excess remains, but also eliminate all dandruff while you form your beard at the same time. With the antistatic wooden comb, you can avoid the split side and make sure your beard does not look frenzied. Buttons and buttons are a thing of the past when using this product.

  • Ideal for cutting and maintaining beards
  • Comes with handy storage and travel pouch
  • The kit nourishes your moustache and beard and makes styling easy
  • Contains no beard wax or shampoo

Questions & Answers

Is this product made in the USA?


How many ounces for the oil?

1 ounce

Do yall offer scented oils?

Dear Travis, we are working to obtain the best organic and perfumed organic blend, we do not want to compromise the integrity of our beard oil. Take a moment to review the new product line that we currently have at offer.https: //goo.gl/ElVhpcThanks for your question. George

How long should the beard be to begin use? I keep a short beard (1")

If the hair of the beard is in good healthy condition ... any size, it does not matter! 🙂

603 Customer Reviews

14-Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

The Big Forest has everything you need to make your beard healthy and well cared for. Using the original OneDTQ formula, this pine-soaked, 100% natural and organic and makes every beard, he makes the man very happy.

Keeping your beard clean and fresh and letting it grow to its full potential has never been easier.

The shampoo spreads a delicious fresh pine scent. The beard oil offers a full, thick beard that looks healthy and well-groomed, quickly soaked, and left no residue. The sweet scent will refresh and revive your beard, making it look shiny and soft.

Just like the hair on your head, beards can also be different, with which they refuse to cooperate. The leave-in-conditioner with light hold from Big Forest will help you get that rogue hair under control.

The wood-based brush in military-style, made from natural hair, ensures that your whiskers are cleaned of any residue that may stick to your beard. The bristles are short and soft, so the hair does not pull out, but sturdy enough to ensure that your beard gets the brushing, it has to remove knots or knots and look good.

Key Features
  • Beard Growth Package Packed with Top Rated Beard Treatment Products Washing, Oil, Balm, and Brush
  • PURE LIQUID BEARD Wax Blocks follicles, cleans and removes dandruff
  • Beard Oil NATURAL CARE Fast-absorbing conditioner for leaving behind, moisturiser and softener
  • Beard and MUSTACHE BALM Light shaping blade in beard butter Keeps beard silky and healthy
  • 100% BREAST BRUSH Beard BRUSH Best for facial hair growth, conditioning, styling, and shaping
17 Customer Reviews

15-DapperGanger Beard Kit

The people at DapperGanger describe their beard package as (a serious badass beard care package), and I agree with that. The kit contains a bit of everything. In addition to the beard oil, wax, and balm, you also get a pair of scissors and a comb. The bag is durable, portable, and has a classic look with a light grey colour.

  • Beard shampoo (8 oz): contains coconut, lavender oil, aloe vera, and more. It has a citrus-like odour and will soften your beard.
  • Beard balm (2 oz): a bit stiff can take some time to melt.
  • Metal comb: stainless steel. Doubles as a keychain bottle opener. Do not expect miracles from this comb if you have a thick beard.
  • Beard oil (2 oz): contains sunflower, almond, avocado, and other essential oils. Has a lemon-like odour. Effective in reducing beard itch.
  • Care scissors: robust stainless steel scissors, ideal for a quick trim.

DapperGanger Beard Kit 1

There are many things in this kit that you will like here. All bottles are large. Moreover, all ingredients in their products are 100% organic.

Between scissors, bottle opener/comb, and beard products, the DapperGanger kit is an excellent gift for the party animal in your life. All products are non-toxic, natural, and do not contain GMOs. They are great for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

Many beard packages contain the same basic ingredients. DapperGanger distinguishes itself through pure uniqueness. We have never seen a comb that acts as a bone

  • Large bottles last a long time
  • Durable, portable travel bag with a sleek, contemporary style
  • All ingredients are 100% organic certified
  • The comb is not very effective in managing longer, thicker beards

Questions & Answers

Are all of the products vegan?

According to our supplier Made in USA, everything is vegan except for the beard balm. In the future we will test if we make it vegan, but do not want to compromise odors or texture, because they are perfect at the moment.

How exactly do you get vegan leather?

Looks like leather, feels like leather, but it is not made with animals. It is synthetic leather. Hope it helps.

Can i take a beard kit on an airplane for a gift for my son? The one with a dropper bottle of oil and thr beard scizzors? On Delta?

Probably not in your hand luggage ... scissors would certainly be confiscated and I think the bottles are larger than 3oz. But if you have packed it securely and securely in your checked bag, it should be fine. Another option is to email it to your final destination and pick it up there.

Does it help beard growth?

Unfortunately that is not the case. It helps to preserve the current beard hair.

157 Customer Reviews

Buy A Beard Kit Versus Buy Specific Products

man full of doubts - beard men ask s and pictures Buy A Beard Kit Versus Buy Specific Products

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Although costs have risen ’t the bank charges, beard care kits are also not exactly cheap.

The least expensive kits will give you around forty dollars, while high-end kits can be $ 100 or more.

So, is buying a beard package a good deal – or do you have to buy the products separately?

There are some items that are exclusive to a beard package. Almost everything is available for individual purchase. There are few factors here that need to be taken into account.

If there is only one product in the set that you absolutely love, you may want to purchase it separately.

For example, a quality beard brush will last for years, which is much longer than a bottle of shampoo or wax.

Although the specifications of certain brands vary, buying a kit is, in most cases, a better value than buying each item individually. On average, you save at least ten dollars: and often you save even more.

Suppose you find a kit that you are considering. Every product in the set is easy to identify. Easily view the cost of each item individually. In most cases, you will find that the kit has a greater value.

  • You need different products usually, its cheaper
  • Like the brand
  • Buy a gift
  • It contains an item that lasts a long time (brush)
  • You need one product
  • It does not contain basic products such as beard oil, shampoo, etc.

FAQ About Beard Care Kits

Do I have to buy a beard and moustache set?

best beard products for growth

The short answer here is, of course, no!

No one is going to put a gun on your head and force you to buy a beard package (although that can be a very successful selling technique, at least in the short term).

On the other side of the coin, however, we think that in most cases it can be a good idea to buy a quality package.

If you have come this far in our guide and are still asking this question, a full set may not be suitable for you.

What we would recommend is that you read our guide above, especially the advantages and disadvantages of buying a kit.

Consider whether buying a kit can save you some time and money, but ultimately feels no pressure whatsoever.

Everyone ’s beard is as individual as the person behind it, so do it: and buy: what feels right to you.

Is growth promoted by regularly maintaining your beard?

If you let a beard grow, you need the most patience and time. However, there are some things you can do to promote the growth of your beard. The truth is that you can not grow your beard faster than automatically. There are ways, however, to make it appear shiny and fuller and more luxurious. This is where the right product comes into the equation.

A man looks out of the window with the beard. Applying beard oil from the beginning of the growth of your beard growth will hydrate not only your beard but also your skin. This way, you avoid much of the itching associated with beard growth. The beard oil will also help you to give your hair a pleasant feeling and a healthy appearance.

Brushing or combing your facial hair is very important to help with growth. This also eliminates dead hair and stimulates the growth of new hair. It naturally makes your facial hair fuller.

The only way to solve a beard fracture is to cut your facial hair down where the problems start. This prevents your beard from growing fast, but the advantage is that it improves the consistency of hair growth and makes your facial hair a little fuller when regrowing. To get your facial hair in the best shape, you should check out Amazon for the great offer they have now for 2020.

How We Choose The Best Support Sets For Care

There is no crystal ball or secret formula when it comes to our reviews. However, there is a lot of research and personal experience. Can we try every care kit there? No, but only because we do not have the resources.

But we dig deep, while we are aware of products that get high rankings and many positive reviews. After all, if enough people say something is right (or better), there is sufficient reason to believe them. Where there is smoke, fire is as they say.HOW WE CHOOSE THE BEST SUPPORT SETS FOR CARE

That brings us to the end of our beard care assessment, my bearded friends.

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There are some great kits available, so take your time, do the research before you choose the one that suits you.

Choosing the best beard care kits that are good for your beard or moustache can be difficult.

There are many best beard care kits available. Do your research, read the reviews, and decide which is the Best Beard Care Kits for you. We trust that our reviews of the best offers have given you an insight into what is available on Amazon.com.

Whether you are looking for combs or brushes or a complete package, we have covered them all in our list of best beard care kits for 2020.

As always, your comments, suggestions, and feedback are also welcome. Do you have a favourite beard care set? Do you prefer to buy the best beard grooming products separately and not in a game? If so, tell us why.

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