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How Much Does a Haircut Cost? Pricing Guide & Tips for All Services (2024)

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how much does a haircut costA haircut can cost anywhere from $10 to over $90, depending on the experience of the stylist, your location, and the type of salon you choose.

Here’s a general guide on average costs, additional services, and tipping advice. These variables will vary from Los Angeles to New York City and can help you determine a price range that fits your budget.

Read on for mastery of your next salon visit.

Key Takeaways

  • Snip snip! The price of a trim depends on where you go, who you see, and what you get done.
  • Location, location, location! City slickers pay more for their cuts than country bumpkins.
  • Experience matters! Seasoned stylists charge more than newbies.
  • Don’t forget to tip! Show your stylist some love with a little extra cash.

How Much Does a Haircut Cost?

Curious about how much a haircut costs**? On average, men pay around $28 (ranging from $10 to $100), while women’s haircuts average between $17 and $93. Factors like stylist experience, salon type, and location play a big role.

Additional services like styling, coloring, or extensions can add $20 to $600 to your bill. Don’t forget to tip your barber or stylist, usually 10-20%. Bundling services or hunting for promotions can save you some cash. To get a clearer idea of what affects pricing and how you can snag the best deals, take a closer look!

Average Haircut Prices

Average Haircut Prices
The cost of a haircut, though, is very dependent upon your hair type and the region in which you may find yourselves.

On average, for men, it costs about $28; however, their prices range from $10 to $100, depending on things such as the barber’s skill and the city cost of living. You’ll find more experienced stylists charging higher prices for their expertise, especially in large, upscale salons in cities like Weymouth, MA, if they’ve a specialty in textured hair or longer lengths.

Generally, a woman’s haircut will be more expensive than a man’s. It can range from $17 to $93 on average.

Keep in mind that though you do get the added services and luxury one would intend, the affordable route isn’t a wrong way to go with a bit of research and a description of your expectations.

Factors Affecting Haircut Costs

Factors Affecting Haircut Costs
One of the main factors influencing the cost of a haircut is the experience of the stylist, the location of the salon in an upscale area of the town, or the type of salon. Experienced stylists in upscale urban salons raise their prices, while you might get a better deal from barbers in smaller cities.

Stylist Experience

Stylists’ experience is vital in haircutting in deciding on the pricing. A well-educated, well-trained, certified stylist with many years of education and a large clientele will be able to charge more since they’ll have developed expertise.

The ability to cut precisely and stylishly is an art sharpened over the years through working. None should involve cheap experiences but instead look for masters in high-end barbershops; probably it may be costlier, but then it comes with qualifications.


Location plays a pivotal role in haircut costs. Urban vs. rural, east coast vs. west coast—each affects pricing. High-end salons in metropolitan areas like New York and Los Angeles typically charge more than budget options in smaller towns. Whether you’re getting a regular men’s haircut or styling for a special event, location determines the final cost.

Salon Type

The type of salon you visit has much to do with how much you’ll have to pay. High-end salons usually have more luxuries such as highly trained stylists, wealthy clientele, reclining chairs, and scalp massages, which help to massage the stress out of your life. These salons cost much more yet provide great attention to detail and personal care that some find well worth it. Key factors to consider include:

  1. Stylist training and experience
  2. Ambiance and Salon Amenities
  3. Demographics of clientele
  4. Services or range of services offered

Gender-Specific Haircut Costs

Gender-Specific Haircut Costs
The prices of haircuts vary quite a bit for men, although on average, they’d be $28. For women, you might pay anywhere from $17 to the high $93 or more when you consider closely such factors as your stylist’s expertise and where the salon is located.

Men’s Haircut Pricing

Many men’s haircuts can differ significantly in price, sometimes from $10 to $100, depending on factors such as the experience of the barber, location within the city, and style of haircut.

Complicated designs like fades and undercuts require a great deal of skill from the barber; thus, they generally command higher prices. The same is valid for urban locations and very posh barbershops.

Nevertheless, gender-neutral pricing may allow for cheaper costs. Research your barber and schedule an appointment to guarantee the best service possible.

Women’s Haircut Pricing

For women’s haircuts, prices vary due to stylist experience, location, and salon type. You’ll likely pay between $17 and $93. High-end salons in big cities charge more. Look out for:

  • Textured hair fees
  • Inflated prices for perceived value
  • Lack of expertise with different hair types
  • Gender-neutral pricing

    Ensure realistic dialogue with your stylist for the best results.

Additional Service Costs

Additional Service Costs
Remember that the amount of money paid for haircuts, though, is an additional cost added to the style of hair, color change, treatments, and installation of extensions. Be sure to discuss all extras with your stylist and what those will cost so you won’t have any surprises on your bill.

Hair Styling

Hair styling isn’t just about looks—it’s about texture, technique, and the right products. Whether you’re prepping for special occasions, managing ethnic hair, or just want a fresh men’s haircut, consider using styling clays or hair creams. Home haircuts and consultations with a celebrity hairstylist can guide you in mastering your daily look without breaking the bank.

Hair Color

The hair coloring fees range greatly. Among the common services are:

  1. Bleach touch-ups: $40 to $100.
  2. Root touch-ups are generally $30 to $70.
  3. The highlights and lowlights could be done for anywhere from $50 to $150.

Prices will vary based on hair length, stylists’ experience, and the salon’s location.

Hair Treatments

Hair treatments can elevate your look beyond a haircut. Consider options like keratin treatments, scalp treatments, deep conditioning, hair masks, and hair spa services for added benefits. Here’s a quick guide:

Treatment Average Cost Benefits
Keratin Treatment $150 – $450 Smoother, frizz-free hair
Scalp Treatment $25 – $75 Healthier scalp and roots
Deep Conditioning $20 – $60 Moisturized, soft hair

Hair Extensions

When considering hair extensions, account for hair length, maintenance costs, and whether you want natural vs. synthetic hair. Extensions require color matching and damage repair, often costing $200-$600 in places like Milwaukee. Before deciding, consult your stylist to discuss your needs.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Extension Type Choice
  3. **Maintenance Plan

Average Haircut Costs in Major U.S. Cities

Average Haircut Costs in Major U.S. Cities
If one were comparing haircut prices in, say, Los Angeles, New York City, and Phoenix, extreme variations would be observed. Knowing how these come about can enable better planning and decisions based on the location against set budgets.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, you’ll find diverse haircut prices driven by hair trends, celebrity stylists, and the vibrant salon atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking hair inspiration or community vibes, LA has it all. Men’s haircuts range from $20 to $85, while women’s cuts vary from $30 to $150.

Service Low-End High-End
Men’s Haircut $20 $85
Women’s Haircut $30 $150
Celebrity Stylist $100 $500+

New York City

In New York City, expect higher haircut costs, especially at high-end salons like Oscar Blandi Salon. Men’s haircuts typically range from $50 to $200. Some factors include:

  • Stylist Experience: Highly trained stylists charge more.
  • Location: East Midtown Manhattan is pricier.
  • Salon Ambiance: Luxurious settings with additional services like scalp massages.


In Phoenix, haircut costs average around $25 for men and $50 for women, but prices vary by location and stylist experience. Local barbershops and salons offer diverse services and promotions. Mid-range establishments provide quality cuts without breaking the bank. Here’s a quick reference table:

Service Low-End Mid-Range High-End
Men’s Haircut $15 $25 $50+
Women’s Haircut $30 $50 $80+

Special Offers and Deals

Special Offers and Deals
Keep an eye out for haircut packages, discounts, and promotions that can help you save money. Many hair salons also offer loyalty programs, giving you benefits for regular visits.

Haircut Packages

Many salons have haircut packages that bundle services together at a lesser cost. Some standard inclusions in such packages are a haircut, style, and sometimes even a deep conditioning treatment.

Look for salons with credible reputations so you can be assured of good value for money. Compare inclusions within the various packages among different salons and see what works best for you.

Discounts and Promotions

Take advantage of salon memberships and product discounts by booking your haircut online. Many salons offer special promotions through their websites or apps, providing easy appointment scheduling. Look for referral bonuses when you recommend friends, which can often give you a discount on your next visit. These deals make maintaining your look more affordable and convenient.

Hair Salon Loyalty Programs

Hair salon loyalty programs can save you money through referral incentives, exclusive promotions, and member perks. By joining, you might receive client bonuses like discounted services or free treatments. These programs reward regular visits and foster relationships with stylists, making it easier to maintain your look without breaking the bank. Keep an eye out for these deals.

Tipping and Gratitude

Tipping and Gratitude
When getting a haircut, tipping shows appreciation for your stylist’s efforts and helps build a good relationship. Aim to tip around 10-20% for stylists and 15-25% for barbers, depending on the quality of service.

Tipping Etiquette

As far as tipping goes, the following are some guidelines to remember:

  1. Tip your stylist 10-20% depending on the quality of service.
  2. 15-25% for barbers to show appreciation.
  3. Use cash for a more personal touch.
  4. Think about the work and attention that the stylist will have to put in when deciding tipping. Showing appreciation will get you good service next time around.

Building Relationships With Stylists

Good relations with your stylist are a must for the best service. Keep in mind client loyalty and always be open about what you like. Individual approach and flexibility in scheduling often come from good rapport with your stylist. The reputation of a good stylist goes along with their communication skills, turning every visit into enjoyment, making them customer needs-oriented.

Relationship Tip Benefit
Open Communication Bespoke Service
Regular Visits Flexibility in Scheduling
Honest Feedback Best Techniques
Loyalty Programs Discount Benefits
Trust Stress-free Appointments

Showing Appreciation for Barbers

Show appreciation for the barber by leaving a good, standard tip of 15-25%. This act identifies the value attached to their skill and the effort they’ve put into this profession and establishes an amicable relationship with them.

If you receive excellent service, give a good tip. It not only rewards good barbers who often are never paid for their total worth but also motivates them to maintain their service standards so that they get the best every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is $30 expensive for a haircut?

Considering the average men’s haircut in the U.S. costs $28, a $30 haircut isn’t pricey, especially if you value decent service and skilled barbers. Just remember to factor in tipping around 20% for good measure.

How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

For a $20 haircut, tip around $3 to $ It’s a way to show appreciation and support for the stylist. Generally, 15-20% of the total cost is considered a good tip.

How much do you usually spend on a haircut?

Imagine your hairstyle as a crown; you usually spend around $28 on a haircut. Depending on factors like city, barber skill, and reputation, the cost can range from $10 to $

How much should a woman pay for a haircut?

The cost of a woman’s haircut can range from $17 to $93 or higher, depending on your location, the experience of the stylist, and the standing of the salon. Doing your homework in advance and discussing your ideas with your stylist should ensure that you get value for money.

How much does a haircut cost?

Ironically, for something that grows back, haircuts cost quite a bit. Expect to pay $10 to $42 for men and $17 to $93 for women, with prices skyrocketing in urban areas or upscale salons.

How much does a haircut cost in Los Angeles?

The prices of hair salons in Los Angeles range from $20 to $70, depending on the location of the salon, the experience of the stylists, and what type of service you request. High-end salons are, therefore, very expensive.

How much does a haircut cost in New York City?

In New York City, men’s haircuts typically range from $10-$200 depending on the salon and stylist’s experience. High-end places like Oscar Blandi Salon charge $80-$200, reflecting premium service and expertise.

How much does a haircut cost in Phoenix?

Imagine spending a fortune on haircuts! In Phoenix, though, you’ll find men’s haircuts typically range from $15 to $ Women’s cuts vary from $30 to $75, influenced by the stylist’s expertise and salon location.

How much are haircut packages?

Haircut packages can range from $50 to $200, depending on location, stylist experience, and included services like scalp massages or hair treatments. These packages often provide better value compared to individual services.

How much is hair styling?

Hair styling costs vary widely, typically ranging from $30 to $150, depending on the complexity of the style, your location, and the stylist’s experience. Always consult your stylist beforehand to get an accurate estimate.

How much is hair color?

Thinking dyeing your hair is a cheap affair? Think again. Hair coloring costs range from $50 to $150, influenced by the stylist’s experience and the salon’s location. Always consult with your stylist for a personalized estimate.

How much are hair treatments?

Hair treatments vary widely, generally ranging from $20 for basic conditioning to several hundred dollars for advanced procedures like keratin treatments or color corrections. Always consult your stylist for a specific quote based on your needs.

How much are hair extensions?

Hair extensions can cost between $200 and $ This depends on the type of extensions, the expertise of your stylist, and the salon location. It always helps to consult your stylist to know an estimate personally for you.

How much is a hair consultation?

You wouldn’t believe how it can be with hair consultation! For some $25-$100, depending on the stylist’s level and location, you’ll get consultations regarding your hair type and the style you wish to achieve.

How much do you tip for a haircut?

You should tip 10-20% for stylists and 15-25% for barbers. It shows gratitude, helps build relationships, and supports stylists who often don’t get the full price for their services.

What kind of deals can clients ask for?

Score big savings by asking about first-time client discounts, referral bonuses, and package deals! Don’t be shy—ask if they’ve off-peak rates or seasonal promotions to get the best bang for your buck.

Can I get other services at a hair salon?

Absolutely, you can get other services at a hair salon. Options might include hair coloring, scalp treatments, deep conditioning, keratin treatments, and styling. Many salons also provide manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing services.

How do I maintain my haircut?

Imagine your haircut looking fresh longer by cutting every 4-6 weeks, using quality products, and regular trims for maintenance. Consult your stylist about specific care tips for your hair type and lifestyle.

What haircut is best for my face shape?

Choosing a haircut that complements your face shape enhances your features. For round faces, go for angular cuts; square faces suit soft layers; oval faces can rock most styles; heart-shaped faces benefit from volume at the crown.

What are signs of a good barber?

You know you have got a good barber when he asks about your preference, gives helpful advice, keeps the shop clean, really pays attention to details, and ensures you’re satisfied. They mix skills with customer care.

How often should I get a haircut?

Get a haircut every 4-6 weeks to keep your style fresh and manageable. This timeframe helps maintain the shape and health of your hair, ensuring you always look your best.

How do I prepare for a haircut?

Research stylists, bring inspirational photos with you, and clearly describe the type of look you want. Confirm your pricing up front, then ask questions about the style and how to maintain it. Be sure the stylist knows your hair type and the cares associated with that, along with your lifestyle, to achieve the best results.


Mastering the haircut price guideline is like plotting a course of travel; you have most of the tools at hand now. Prices with haircuts are based on experience, location, and type of salon.

Add gender-specific prices, extra services, and proper tip amounts, knowing exactly how to keep your budget in check.

The guide provides all the information on special offers and incredible deals about obtaining long-term friendships with their stylist.

Have this next time to the salon smooth and less expensive by doing it well.

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