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How to Use Aftershave: Steps, Tips, and Benefits for Every Skin Type (2024)

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how to use aftershaveMaster the art of using aftershave by increasing your grooming routine and enhancing confidence. For both beginners just starting their shaving journey and pros who desire to master their craft, learning how to use aftershave remains the most important thing.

This guide will walk you through steps, tips, and benefits for applying aftershave on every skin type. You’ll learn to choose the right product, apply it correctly, and benefit from a more effortless, healthier shave.

Get ready for a completely new post-shave experience

Key Takeaways

  • Splash it on smart, not hard: Prep your face with cold water, pat dry, then apply a few drops of aftershave with a gentle downward massage. No need to go full Home Alone and scream your way through it!
  • One size doesn’t fit all faces: Choose your aftershave wisely based on your skin type. Oily skin? Go for splashes or watery tonics. Normal skin? Gels or light moisturizers are your new best friends.
  • It’s not just about smelling like a million bucks: Aftershave is your skin’s superhero, fighting off irritation, closing pores, and keeping those pesky ingrown hairs at bay. Talk about a triple threat!
  • Don’t ghost your aftershave: Use it regularly, but listen to your skin. If it’s not happy, switch things up. Remember, your face isn’t a science experiment – treat it with love and it’ll love you back

How to Use Aftershave?

To use aftershave effectively, start by rinsing your face with cold water and patting it dry. Choose an aftershave that suits your skin type: splashes for oily skin, gels for normal skin, and balms for dry skin.

Apply a small amount to your palms, rub them together, and gently massage the product into your face, focusing on the cheeks and jawline. Aftershave soothes irritation, sterilizes cuts, moisturizes, and adds fragrance. It also helps prevent razor burn.

Remember to avoid excess rubbing, especially if you have sensitive skin. By mastering these simple steps, you’ll elevate your grooming routine and keep your skin looking its best.

There’s more to discover about maximizing your aftershave experience

Preparing Your Face for Aftershave

Preparing Your Face for Aftershave
To prepare your face for aftershave, start by rinsing your face with cold water to close your pores. Then, gently pat your face dry with a clean towel and apply a bit of witch hazel to remove any remaining residue

Rinse Face With Cold Water to Close Pores

Rinsing your face with cold water helps close your pores, protecting against prolonged exposure and rash risks.

  1. Use cool, not icy, water.
  2. Splash gently to avoid temperature sensitivity.
  3. Focus on your shaved areas.
  4. Pat dry afterwards

Pat Dry With a Clean Towel

Dried with a clean towel by patting. Soft, absorbent cotton material won’t irritate your face. Larger towels will dry more area at a time while neat storing of fresh towels prevents skin problems. Keep your towel clean to keep your skin clean.

Apply Witch Hazel to Remove Any Residue

After patting your face dry, apply witch hazel to remove any shaving residue. This natural ingredient is excellent for sensitive skin, preparing it for aftershave.

  • Removes impurities
  • Soothes irritation
  • Prevents acne
  • Balances skin tone

Choosing the Right Aftershave for Your Skin Type

Choosing the Right Aftershave for Your Skin Type
Therefore, everyone should select the kind of aftershave that’s appropriate for his skin. Aftershave splashes or watery tonics would suit oily skin, and gels or light moisturizers should work well on normal skin.

Oily Skin: Choose Splashes or Watery Tonics/astringents

If you’ve got oily skin, splashes or watery tonics are your best bet. These formulas, like aftershave splashes, help regulate excess oil. Astringents and toners, often containing witch hazel or tea tree oil, can shrink pores and reduce shine. Their lightweight, watery nature keeps your skin clear without adding extra moisture

Normal Skin: Gels or Light, Moisturizing Formulas Work Well

For regular skin, use gels or light, moisturizing formulas. Gels will help soothe irritation while locking moisture in without that greasy feel.

Remember to store your aftershave in a cool, dry place and use it after every shave. Travel-size options will do very well on trips.

They also work pretty well in balm form. Every day, enjoy the refreshing fragrance an aftershave has to offer

Applying Aftershave Properly

Applying Aftershave Properly
Now that you have chosen the right aftershave for your skin type, apply it correctly. Shake 2-3 drops into your palm and rub your hands together. Let them open for a few seconds so all the alcohol within evaporates; these ingredients are responsible for razor burn and irritation.

Massage the aftershave gently into your face, from the cheeks down to the jawline area. Don’t forget to swipe up from your neck and under the chin. If you’ve got dry skin or are prone to razor bumps, be gentle.

Proper application will enhance this beard care routine and leave you refreshed

Types of Aftershave and Their Benefits

Types of Aftershave and Their Benefits
You’ll find several types of aftershave to suit your skin’s needs. Splashes and lotions work well for oily skin, gels are great for normal to oily skin, and balms provide extra moisture for dry skin

Splashes: Watery, Astringent, Good for Oily Skin

If you’ve got oily skin, splashes are your go-to. These watery, astringent formulas contain ingredients like tea tree oil and chamomile extract to balance your skin’s natural oils and tighten pores

Lotions: Lighter, More Water-based, Good for Oily Skin

While splashes can be harsh, lotions offer a gentler alternative for oily skin. These lighter, more water-based formulas effectively control excess oil without overdrying. Here’s what makes lotions ideal:

  • Higher water content
  • Balanced oil absorption
  • Lower alcohol content
  • Varied fragrance options

Gels: Light, Moisturizing, Good for Normal to Oily Skin

While lotions work well for oily skin, gels offer a light, moisturizing option for normal to oily types. Their consistency provides hydration without heaviness. Apply a few drops for refreshed, balanced skin

Balms: Thick, Lock in Moisture, Good for Dry Skin

Aftershave balms are your dry skin’s best friend. They’re thick, locking in moisture and soothing irritation. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Balm consistency: Rich and creamy
  • Balm application: Massage gently
  • Balm ingredients: Often include aloe vera
  • Balm storage: Keep in a cool place

Aftershave Benefits

Aftershave Benefits
Aftershave offers multiple benefits that go beyond a pleasant scent. It soothes irritated skin, sterilizes minor cuts, moisturizes your face, and helps prevent razor burn, making it an essential part of your post-shave routine

Soothes and Repairs Irritated Skin

After choosing the right aftershave, you’ll appreciate its soothing effects. Alcohol-free formulas are your skin’s best friend for post-shave care. Here’s why:

Skin Concern Soothing Solution
Redness Aloe vera
Burning Witch hazel
Dryness Shea butter
Inflammation Chamomile
Itching Tea tree oil

Sterilizes Cuts or Scrapes

Aftershave’s disinfectant properties don’t just soothe; they create a sterile environment. Its antiseptic ingredients protect your skin, promoting wound healing for those inevitable nicks and cuts

Moisturizes Skin

Beyond disinfecting, aftershave nourishes your skin. Opt for alcohol-free formulas with essential oils like witch hazel to moisturize without irritation, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin

Provides a Great Fragrance

Aftershave isn’t just about skincare; it’s your signature scent. Different types offer various fragrances, from classic to modern, letting you leave a lasting impression wherever you go

Helps Prevent Razor Burn

While fragrance is a perk, aftershave‘s real power lies in preventing razor burn. Its ingredients soothe irritated skin, keeping your face smooth and comfortable post-shave

Additional Considerations

Additional Considerations
Consider using an alum block as an alternative to aftershave if you have sensitive skin. Be mindful of potential allergies to ingredients like witch hazel or tea tree oil, and avoid excessive rubbing when applying aftershave to prevent irritation

Alum Block Benefits

Looking for an aftershave alternative? Try an alum block. It’s a natural option for those with sensitive skin. Simply wet the block and glide it over your freshly shaved face. You’ll enjoy:

  • Soothing relief from razor burn
  • Pore-tightening action
  • Long-lasting protection

Allergy Considerations

While alum blocks offer benefits, be cautious if you’ve got sensitive skin. Opt for alcohol-free formulas and watch out for common allergens like witch hazel or tea tree oil. If you’re prone to aloe vera irritation or chamomile reactions, choose your aftershave wisely

Avoid Excess Rubbing

Don’t overdo it when applying aftershave. Excessive rubbing can irritate your skin. Here are key points to remember:

  • Allow time for alcohol evaporation
  • Consider your skin’s sensitivity
  • Apply in a downward direction
  • Give the product time to dry
  • Use less for better results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to apply aftershave correctly?

Like a seasoned barber, rinse your face with cold water and pat dry. You’ll want to pour a few drops into your palm, rub hands together, then gently massage the aftershave onto your face in a downward motion

Are you supposed to wash off aftershave?

No, you’re not supposed to wash off aftershave. Let it absorb into your skin for maximum benefits. It’ll soothe, moisturize, and protect your face. Don’t rinse it away – you’ll miss out on its powerful effects

Do you put aftershave on wet or dry skin?

Ever wondered about the perfect skin state for aftershave? You’ll want to apply it on damp skin. After shaving, rinse with cool water, pat your face gently, leaving it slightly moist. This helps the aftershave absorb effectively

What is the point aftershave?

Aftershave’s point is to soothe your skin after shaving. It disinfects cuts, closes pores, and prevents irritation. You’ll also moisturize your face, reduce ingrown hairs, and smell great. It’s a quick way to elevate your grooming routine

How do you use aftershave?

Rinse your face with cold water, pat dry. Pour a few drops into your palm, rub hands together. Gently massage the aftershave onto your face in a downward motion. Let it absorb for a refreshed, protected finish

How to use aftershave splash?

Imagine you’ve just nailed the shave. Now, splash a dime into your palms, rub them together, and pat them onto your face. Start from the cheeks, moving downward. Don’t forget your neck for that refreshing finish.

What is aftershave & how does it work?

Aftershave’s a post-shave treatment that soothes your skin and prevents irritation. It works by disinfecting, closing pores, and moisturizing. You’ll feel refreshed and protected, reducing razor burn and ingrown hairs while enjoying a pleasant scent

Is aftershave a good idea?

Ever wondered if aftershave’s more than just a fragrant splash? It’s a wise choice for your skin. Aftershave soothes irritation, prevents ingrown hairs, and keeps your face feeling fresh. You’ll love the confidence boost it provides

Can I use aftershave on other parts of my body?

You can use aftershave on other body areas, but it’s not recommended. It’s formulated for facial skin and may irritate sensitive spots. If you’re looking to freshen up elsewhere, opt for body sprays or lotions designed for those areas

How long does the scent of aftershave typically last?

You’ll typically enjoy your aftershave’s scent for 2-4 hours. It’s strongest in the first hour, then gradually fades. Factors like your skin type, the product’s quality, and environmental conditions can influence its longevity

Is it safe to use aftershave daily?

You’ve heard it’s okay to use aftershave daily, but is it? Generally, yes. It’s safe for most skin types, but watch for irritation. If you’ve got sensitive skin, opt for gentle, alcohol-free formulas to avoid dryness

Can women use mens aftershave products?

Yes, you can use men’s aftershave products. They’re not gender-specific and often contain ingredients beneficial for all skin types. You’ll want to choose based on your skin’s needs and personal preferences for scent and texture

Does aftershave expire? How long does it last?

Time flies, but your aftershave doesn’t! It typically lasts 3-5 years unopened and 1-2 years after opening. You’ll know it’s expired if the scent changes or it irritates your skin. Use it up before it goes bad!


Learning how to use aftershave is like adding the final brushstroke to a masterpiece. You’ve now got the tools to choose the right product for your skin type and apply it correctly.

Remember to prep your face, select wisely, and apply gently. Whether you opt for splashes, lotions, gels, or balms, aftershave offers numerous benefits. It soothes, sterilizes, moisturizes, and helps prevent razor burn.

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