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MasterCuts Prices 2024: Complete Guide to Services & Discounts

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mastercuts pricesNavigating the world of salon services can often feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to balance quality with affordability.

Did you know that over 500 MasterCuts locations are spread across the United States, making it a go-to spot for diverse hair care needs? Whether you’re after a fresh cut, a new color, or a complete hair makeover, MasterCuts prices in 2024 offer a blend of versatility and value that’s hard to beat.

This guide dives deep into the heart of what makes MasterCuts a preferred choice for many, from their comprehensive service offerings to the enticing discounts that await kids, adults, and seniors alike.

Get ready to unlock the secrets to not just a great haircut, but a salon experience that prioritizes your needs, budget, and time.

Key Takeaways

  • Adult haircuts at MasterCuts start at $16, providing an affordable option for hair styling needs.
  • A 20% discount is available for seniors on Mondays through Thursdays, making services more accessible to older customers.
  • MasterCuts offers a range of hair treatments and chemical services, including balayage, ombre, and highlights, with prices varying based on the complexity of the service.
  • The salon chain also supports the community through charitable donations, outreach programs, and a hair donation program, reflecting their commitment to social responsibility.

Services Offered

Services Offered
When considering a visit to MasterCuts, you’re looking at a salon that offers more than just a basic haircut.

With a range of services including chemical treatments like balayage and ombre, and deep conditioning to keep your hair healthy, MasterCuts tailors each visit to your personal style and hair needs.

Their professional stylists are equipped to provide you with a fresh new look or maintain your current style, all at prices that won’t break the bank.

Haircut Services

At MasterCuts, you’ll find a treasure trove of haircut services that cater to everyone’s needs, whether you’re after a snazzy new haircut style or just maintaining your current look.

They’ve got you covered with a variety of haircut tools and techniques to keep your hair looking sharp. Regular trims are the secret sauce to keeping your locks in tip-top shape, so don’t skimp on haircut frequency if you want to avoid those pesky split ends.

Need some haircut inspiration? The stylists at MasterCuts are like hair wizards, conjuring up the latest trends to give you a fresh-off-the-runway vibe. And when it comes to haircut maintenance, they’re full of tips to keep your hair looking salon-fresh.

With haircut prices that won’t break the bank and a range of hair care products to boot, you’ll walk out feeling like a million bucks without actually spending it.

Chemical Services

After a fresh trim or a snazzy new cut, you might be itching to switch things up even more with a chemical treatment at MasterCuts.

Whether you’re dreaming of sun-kissed highlights, a bold all-over color, or a texture change with perms or relaxers, they’ve got you covered.

Starting at $29.95 for mini highlights and scaling up based on your hair’s length and thickness, these services are the secret sauce to a head-turning new ‘do.

And don’t fret about breaking the bank—MasterCuts is known for its reasonable pricing, so you can indulge in a little hair transformation without the guilt.

Deep Conditioning Services

If you’re looking to give your locks some love, deep conditioning is your hair’s superhero. Think of it as a spa day for your strands, offering a buffet of benefits like strength, moisture, and that oh-so-coveted shine.

It’s not just a quick fix; it’s a commitment to your hair’s health. Whether you’re battling the frizz, nursing split ends, or just craving that silky smoothness, deep conditioning swoops in to save the day.

The process is simple: slather on that rich, nourishing cream, let it work its magic, and voilà—your hair is transformed from lackluster to luscious. But remember, moderation is key. Too much of a good thing can lead to a sad, limp mane.

So, find your hair’s happy place with the right deep conditioning frequency, and watch your hair thank you with every bounce and shine.

Color Services

MasterCuts is a full-service hair salon that offers a variety of services for men, women, and children, including haircuts, styling, color services, and chemical treatments. They’re known for providing quality services at affordable prices in a salon experience setting.

MasterCuts is part of the Regis Family of Brands, which means they’ve access to highly trained, professional stylists and a wide range of professional haircare products.

The salon offers a range of color services, including balayage, ombre, and various highlighting techniques. Pricing for these services starts at $35 for highlights, with specific pricing for balayage and ombre likely varying based on the extent of the service and the salon location.

MasterCuts also provides color consultations to help clients choose the right color and technique for their desired look, staying up-to-date with the latest hair trends and coloring tips.

In addition to color services, MasterCuts sells professional haircare products, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling products from salon-exclusive brands like Sebastian and TIGI. They also offer specialty treatments like perms, relaxers, and deep conditioning to cater to different hair needs.

MasterCuts is conveniently located in malls, making it easy for families to run errands while getting their hair done. They welcome walk-ins and offer quick appointment times, along with complimentary consultations to keep clients informed about the latest hair trends.

The salon maintains a relaxed, clean, and professional atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant experience for all customers.

For those looking for chemical hair treatments, MasterCuts provides services such as balayage and ombre, with specific pricing details available upon consultation or visit to the salon. They also offer a range of styling services, with prices varying based on the complexity of the style.

MasterCuts is located in Roseburg, OR, and offers a full-service salon experience with a focus on quality and affordability. The salon’s amenities include a convenient location in malls, the ability to accommodate quick trims and new hairstyles, and a team of professional stylists ready to provide personalized service.

In summary, MasterCuts offers a step up from the regular haircut routine with a variety of services and perks, including professional stylists, a range of haircare products, and the ability to cater to the latest hair trends and styles at competitive prices.

MasterCuts Price List

MasterCuts Price List
MasterCuts stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking quality hair care services without breaking the bank. With adult haircuts starting at just $16 and kids’ cuts at $13, it’s clear that affordability is a key aspect of their offering.

Moreover, the inclusion of discounts for seniors and students further emphasizes their commitment to providing value to a diverse clientele.

Whether you’re looking for a simple trim, a new hairstyle, or specialized treatments like color services, MasterCuts caters to a wide range of needs while ensuring a professional salon experience.

Adult Haircuts

When you’re ready to shake things up with a new haircut, MasterCuts is your go-to for a fresh look without breaking the bank.

  1. Adult Haircut: Starting at just $16, you can snip your way to a new you.
  2. Adult Haircut with Shampoo: For a squeaky-clean start, add a shampoo to your cut for $19.
  3. Styling Options: Want to add a little flair? Styling services vary, so you can choose what suits your vibe for the day.

Whether you’re after a trim or a total transformation, MasterCuts’ stylists are ready to wield their scissors and craft a look that’s uniquely you. With prices that won’t make your wallet weep and a salon experience that feels like a treat, you’re in for a hair adventure that’s both satisfying and smart.

Remember, hair styling isn’t just about the cut; it’s about the confidence you carry out the door.

Kids Discounts

After diving into the world of adult haircuts at MasterCuts, let’s shift gears and talk about the little ones in your life.

MasterCuts rolls out the red carpet for kids with prices that won’t make your wallet cry. For kiddos 12 and under, a snazzy haircut is just $13, and if you throw in a shampoo, it bumps up to a still-reasonable $16.

It’s like getting a golden ticket to the chocolate factory of haircuts, where every child leaves looking sharper than a box of crayons.

This isn’t just about snipping away; it’s about giving your mini-me a boost of confidence with a fresh look. Whether it’s back-to-school season or time for a seasonal refresh, MasterCuts makes sure your child’s hair is in the best hands, minus the premium price tag.

So, next time you’re pondering over where to get a quality haircut for your little one without breaking the bank, remember MasterCuts has got your back (and your kid’s hair).

Senior Discounts

At MasterCuts, seniors can enjoy a snazzy new haircut without breaking the bank, thanks to the 20% senior discount available Monday through Thursday.

To snag this deal, you’ll need to be at least 60 years young and flash your senior discount card when you pay. It’s a cinch to get your hands on this card—just pop into any MasterCuts location and claim it for free.

With this card in your wallet, you’re all set to keep your locks looking sharp and your savings intact. Whether you’re after a trim or a full-blown hair transformation, MasterCuts’ senior pricing makes it a breeze to maintain your mane without skimping on style.

Salon Hours

Salon Hours
Looking to squeeze in a fresh cut or a color touch-up at MasterCuts? Here’s the lowdown on salon hours to help you plan your visit:

  1. Regular Hours: Most MasterCuts salons are open for business from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays. On Sundays, they typically wrap things up a bit earlier, at 6:00 pm.
  2. Holiday Variations: Keep in mind, salon hours can get a bit wonky around the holidays. It’s always a smart move to give your local MasterCuts a ring or check online for any special holiday hours before you head out.
  3. Location-Specific Times: Remember, hours can vary by location. Some salons might decide to open their doors a bit earlier or close later, so it’s worth a quick check to confirm the exact times for the MasterCuts you’re eyeing.

Don’t let time tick away while you’re dreaming of that new hairstyle. Whether you’re after discounts, products, or just some hair beauty and health tips, MasterCuts is ready to welcome you.

4 Best Hair Treatments

When considering hair treatments at MasterCuts, you have a variety of top-notch options to enhance your hair’s health and appearance.

The Nioxin System Kit 1 is a go-to for those battling thinning hair, while the Mielle Organics Hair Strengthening Oil offers a nutrient-rich formula for all hair types.

For a more tactile approach, the Heeta Hair Scalp Massager Scrubber and Elizavecca Collagen Hair Protein Treatment provide hands-on solutions to improve your hair care routine.

1. Nioxin System Kit 1 for Thinning Hair

If you’re grappling with the nuisance of thinning hair, the Nioxin System Kit 1 could be your knight in shining armor. This three-step regimen is a game-changer, designed specifically for natural hair that’s just beginning to throw in the towel.

It’s like a superhero team for your hair: the cleanser shampoo dives in to clear out sebum and grime, the scalp therapy conditioner swoops in to fortify your strands, and the scalp & hair treatment stands guard to prevent breakage without a rinse.

It’s no wonder this kit has snagged the Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Award for 16 years straight. Imagine giving your hair a pep talk with every wash, that’s what Nioxin does – it’s like a cheerleader for your scalp, leaving your hair looking fuller and feeling stronger.

  • Clinically proven to reduce hair loss due to breakage.
  • Strengthens hair and refreshes the scalp.
  • Delivers a healthy shine and increases hair fullness.
  • May not work for all types of hair loss.
  • Requires ongoing use to maintain results.
  • Some users may find the regimen overwhelming.

2. Mielle Organics Hair Strengthening Oil

MIELLE Mielle rosemary mint growthView On Amazon
Imagine giving your hair a spa day, every day. That’s what you get with Mielle Organics Hair Strengthening Oil. It’s like a superhero for your strands, packed with over 30 essential oils and nutrients.

Think of it as your hair’s personal bodyguard, fighting off damage and promoting lush, healthy growth. Whether your hair is the life of the party or a bit on the shy side, this oil has got it covered, making every day a good hair day.

  • Nourishes and strengthens hair with a rich blend of essential oils
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and soothes dry scalps
  • Suitable for all hair types, including chemically-treated hair
  • May be too heavy for very fine hair types
  • The invigorating scent mightn’t be for everyone
  • Requires consistent use for best results

3. Heeta Hair Scalp Massager Scrubber

Imagine giving your scalp a spa day, right in the comfort of your own shower. The Heeta Hair Scalp Massager Scrubber is your ticket to that blissful experience. With its soft silicone bristles, this little black gem gently exfoliates, removing dandruff and promoting hair growth.

It’s like a mini-massage therapist for your head, minus the chit-chat. Plus, it’s waterproof and manicure-safe, so you can pamper your scalp without sacrificing your style.

  • Gentle exfoliation and massage can improve scalp health
  • Waterproof and easy to use with a comfortable grip
  • Suitable for all hair types and manicure-friendly
  • May not suit those with very sensitive scalps
  • Not a cure-all for every scalp condition
  • Durability and ease of cleaning could be improved

4. Elizavecca Collagen Hair Protein Treatment

If your locks have been through the wringer with heat styling or beach days, the Elizavecca Collagen Hair Protein Treatment swoops in as your hair’s superhero. This cream packs a punch with Ceramide 3 and collagen, transforming your tresses from dull to dazzling in just 5 minutes.

It’s like a spa day for your hair, minus the hefty price tag. Whether you use it as a leave-in or a rinse-out mask, expect your mane to feel softer, look shinier, and say goodbye to those pesky tangles.

Just a heads-up, though, the scent might be a bit much for some, and if you’re not up for a bit of a treasure hunt, the non-English label could have you playing detective for instructions.

  • Quick 5-minute treatment for busy bees
  • Leaves hair feeling like silk
  • Wallet-friendly for the frugal fashionistas
  • Potent fragrance may not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Non-English label could lead to a mini scavenger hunt for directions
  • Overuse might lead to the straw-like hair scare

Payment Methods

Payment Methods
When considering a visit to MasterCuts, it’s essential to know how you can pay for the services you receive. MasterCuts accepts most popular credit cards, ensuring a wide range of payment options for their customers.

Additionally, for those who prefer digital payment methods, Apple Pay is also compatible, offering a convenient and secure way to complete transactions. This flexibility in payment methods underscores MasterCuts’ commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction, making your salon experience smooth and hassle-free.

Credit Card Acceptance

At MasterCuts, you can say goodbye to payment woes and hello to a seamless checkout experience.

  • Swipe, tap, or insert your credit card with ease; rewards await with every chic cut.
  • Embrace the future with contactless payments – just a quick wave and you’re all set!
  • Online payment options mean you can book that bold new look from anywhere.
  • Gift card availability lets you share the love of style with friends and family.

Rest assured, your journey to hair fashion isn’t just about the snip and style; it’s also about the convenience and control you feel from start to finish. With MasterCuts, you’re not just getting a haircut; you’re stepping into a world of haircare innovation and mastery.

Apple Pay Compatibility

At MasterCuts, embracing the future means making your salon visits as smooth as silk. With Apple Pay, you’re in for a treat. Imagine this: a world where wallets are relics and your smartphone is your magic wand.

Ease Speed Security
Tap & go Lightning-fast Ironclad

Gone are the days of fumbling for cards. Welcome to the era of contactless bliss.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling
MasterCuts simplifies the process of scheduling your next haircut or salon service. You’re welcome to walk in without an appointment, making it convenient for those spur-of-the-moment decisions to freshen up your look.

Additionally, for those who prefer planning ahead, MasterCuts has embraced technology by offering the option to book appointments through a mobile app. This flexibility ensures that whether you’re making a last-minute decision or planning your salon visit in advance, MasterCuts accommodates your schedule with ease.

Walk-Ins Welcome

After seamlessly paying for your fresh cut with a tap of your phone, you’re ready to dive into the convenience of MasterCuts’ walk-in availability.

  • Same-day service is a breeze; just stroll in and they’ll work their magic.
  • Last-minute bookings? No sweat. They’ve got you covered.
  • With convenient locations, you’re never too far from a style refresh.

Whether you’re squeezing in a quick trim or going for a complete style overhaul, MasterCuts makes it easy to get groomed on the go. No appointment? No problem. They welcome walk-ins with open arms, ensuring you can get that snip or style whenever the whim strikes.

Mobile App Availability

Given the information provided, MasterCuts offers a variety of services and products for both men and women, including haircuts, styling, color services, and chemical treatments, all at affordable prices.

They’re part of the Regis Family of Brands, which ensures that their stylists are highly trained professionals. MasterCuts also sells a range of professional haircare products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.

The MasterCuts location mentioned is a full-service salon in Roseburg, OR, offering a convenient and quality salon experience. They provide haircuts for all ages, specialty treatments, and are located in malls for easy access.

The salon welcomes walk-ins and offers quick appointment times, with the added benefit of complimentary consultations.

In terms of chemical hair treatments, MasterCuts offers balayage and ombre among others. Their pricing is transparent, with adult haircuts starting at $20 and kids’ haircuts at $15. They also sell products from well-known brands like Sebastian and TIGI, and their stylists can provide personalized product recommendations.

MasterCuts also has a mobile app that enhances the customer experience by allowing users to book services, manage appointments, make payments, and purchase products online. The app includes features such as a waiting list for full booking slots and the ability to stay in touch with your barber.

For those looking to save, MasterCuts provides various promotions and discounts through their mobile app and other platforms. Customers can sign up for newsletters to receive the latest updates and coupons directly to their inbox, and there are strategies like abandoning a shopping cart to potentially receive a discount code to encourage completing a purchase.

In summary, MasterCuts offers a comprehensive range of hair services and products, with the convenience of a mobile app for easy scheduling and purchasing, all backed by the reputation of the Regis Family of Brands.

Community Support

Community Support
After seamlessly scheduling your appointment at MasterCuts, you’ll be stepping into more than just a salon; you’re entering a hub of community support. MasterCuts isn’t just about snazzy haircuts and the latest styles; it’s about giving back and weaving a tapestry of care within the neighborhood.

  • Charitable Donations: They’re not just cutting hair; they’re cutting in on issues that matter, contributing to causes that resonate with both the staff and the community.
  • Community Outreach: MasterCuts stylists are more than just pros with scissors; they’re ambassadors of goodwill, reaching out and touching lives beyond the salon chair.
  • Employee Volunteerism: The team at MasterCuts doesn’t just clock in and out; they roll up their sleeves and dive into volunteer work, showing that their commitment to the community is as strong as their hair game.
  • Local Partnerships and Fundraising Events: They’re not just about the bottom line; they’re about the front line of community needs, partnering up and raising funds for the greater good.

Whether it’s through local partnerships, fundraising events, or encouraging employee volunteerism, MasterCuts is a cut above when it comes to community support. They understand that a little snip here and a trim there can lead to big changes, not just for your hair, but for the heart of the community.

Hair Donation Program

Hair Donation Program
Transitioning from the broader theme of community support, MasterCuts not only shines in offering top-notch hair services but also stands out through its commitment to social responsibility.

Diving into the heart of altruistic acts, the salon’s hair donation program exemplifies how beauty and charitable giving intertwine, creating a ripple effect of kindness within the community.

By participating in hair donation, you’re not just getting a new look; you’re part of a larger movement towards making a significant difference in someone’s life. Whether it’s contributing to wigs for kids experiencing hair loss or supporting other charitable causes, your locks can be the key to unlocking happiness for those in need.

MasterCuts encourages this noble gesture, ensuring that your donation isn’t only a testament to your generosity but also a step towards fostering a culture of giving back.

So, if you’re looking to switch up your style or trim those ends, consider turning that routine haircut into an act of love. Remember, it’s more than just hair; it’s a symbol of hope and solidarity, proving that small, altruistic acts can indeed make a big impact in our world.

Inclusivity at MasterCuts

Inclusivity at MasterCuts
At MasterCuts, you’re not just getting a haircut; you’re stepping into a world where the scissors are like magic wands, and the stylists are wizards of transformation.

  • Inclusive Atmosphere: No matter your hair type or style preference, MasterCuts is your go-to spot. They’ve got a chair for everyone, and they mean everyone!
  • Stylist Training: These stylists aren’t just good; they’re maestros of mane, trained to tailor your tresses to perfection.
  • Accessible Locations: With salons peppered across the country, finding a MasterCuts is as easy as spotting a bad hair day in desperate need of fixing.
  • Loyalty Programs: Keep coming back for more snips and styles, and you might just find yourself saving a pretty penny with their loyalty discounts.
  • Discounts Galore: Whether you’re a student, a senior, or just savvy about savings, MasterCuts rolls out the red carpet with deals that’ll have you and your wallet feeling snazzy.

So, next time you’re looking for a snip, remember MasterCuts is the place where every strand stands a chance to dance to the tune of top-notch styling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does MasterCuts ensure the quality and consistency of haircuts across different locations?

MasterCuts ensures quality and consistency across locations by training stylists in the latest trends and techniques.

They offer personalized attention and maintain a professional, relaxed environment.

You’ll leave satisfied, every single visit.

What training and qualifications do MasterCuts stylists have to perform specialized services like balayage or ombre?

MasterCuts stylists are like artists, turning each head of hair into a canvas for their balayage and ombre masterpieces.

They undergo rigorous training, ensuring their hands weave color with the precision of a painter, bringing out each client’s unique style.

Can MasterCuts accommodate haircuts and styling for special events, such as weddings or proms, and what is the process for booking these services?

Yes, MasterCuts can style your hair for special events like weddings or proms.

To book these services, use their salon locator tool online or call your local salon directly.

How does MasterCuts handle customer dissatisfaction or complaints regarding a service received at one of their salons?

MasterCuts takes customer dissatisfaction seriously, aiming to turn frowns upside down.

If a service doesn’t meet your expectations, they’re all ears—ready to listen, understand, and rectify the situation.

They believe in making it right, ensuring your salon experience is nothing short of satisfying.

What are the environmental sustainability practices of MasterCuts salons, particularly in terms of product usage and waste management?

MasterCuts salons prioritize reducing waste and enhancing sustainability.

They may use eco-friendly products, recycle hair clippings, and manage chemical disposal responsibly.

Always striving for a greener trim!


Imagine stepping out of MasterCuts with a fresh, vibrant haircut that didn’t break the bank.

With a wide array of services, from trendy cuts to nourishing treatments, and discounts for all ages, MasterCuts prices ensure you’re getting top-notch care without the hefty price tag.

Embrace the convenience of flexible payment options and scheduling to make your next salon visit as seamless as your new look.

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