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Should You Use Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair? Pros, Cons, and Tips (2023)

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how long to leave purple shampoo on dry hairFor all you natural and faux blondes out there, you haven’t been living till you try purple shampoo on dry hair. While we’ve been taught to only use toning shampoos wet, it turns out that theory doesn’t hold up.

Leaving purple shampoo on for 5-30 mins dry before rinsing amps up the toning power, neutralizing brassiness better than wet hair can.

But you’ve gotta be strategic based on your hair health and color. Overdo it on dry fragile or pale strands and you risk drying out your hair or going lavender. Use a nourishing mask after to avoid straw locks. For caramel blondes, don’t leave it on too long or you’ll end up ashier than you want.

With some trial and error though, you’ll be rocking cooler, brighter blonde in no time.

Key Takeaways

  • Start with 5 minutes and check often to avoid overtoning
  • Gradually increase time based on hair porosity
  • Rinse thoroughly after the time to seal in toning
  • Never exceed 10 minutes to prevent damage and dryness

How Long Should You Leave Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair?

How Long Should You Leave Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair
When using purple shampoo on dry hair, it’s crucial to follow the recommended leave-in time. Typically, purple shampoo should be left on dry hair for 5-10 minutes. However, hair porosity, damage levels, and desired results are all factors to consider.

Keep it brief, blondie—a splash of purple left sitting too long risks a stained, straw-like mane. The violet pigments bind best to damp strands, so apply your toning shampoo to wet hair. Start with a quick lather and rinse to preview the initial color correction. Gradually extend your toning session up to 5 minutes for intense neutralization of those brassy tones.

More porous hair will eagerly absorb the purple pigment. Dilute unwanted saturation by wetting overly parched sections. Find the sweet spot between eliminating brassiness and overtoning. A splash of moisture after rinsing seals in softness and shine.

Factors to Consider

You gotta find the fine line ‘tween tonin’ them brassy tones and turnin’ your strands gray, doll. Life’s about balance—too little purple and your blonde’s still brass city, too much and you’re rockin’ the blue rinse.

Start with a quick splash, seal in moisture and evaluate. Play chemist, adjusting contact time and product amounts ’til you strike the right solution. You’re walkin’ a tightrope here—take baby steps. With practice even Rapunzel-length locks can be toned to perfection, but patience and TLC are key.

Overdo the pigments and kiss vibrancy goodbye. Your hair’s a canvas—find the purple sweet spot that makes you beam.

Why Use Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair?

Why Use Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair
When applying purple shampoo to dry hair, there are benefits as well as risks to consider. The main advantage is increased product absorption for maximum toning, since dry strands readily soak up more pigment.

However, you’ll need to exercise caution. Uneven application can lead to splotchy results, so distribute carefully. Plus, overdoing it risks over-toning and potential damage from leaving purple shampoo on for too long.

With the right technique though, this shortcut can help maximize effectiveness between washes.

Benefits of Applying to Dry Hair

Applying purple shampoo to dry hair can provide more even toning and help reduce the risks of patchy results. Plus, it offers the added benefit of saving time – up to three times faster than wet application! When used correctly, this hack works wonders in preventing discoloration.

It also helps keep lightened strands from darkening over time, while preventing brittleness or fading that often occurs with deep conditioning treatments.

For brunettes who highlight their locks, using a blue-toned product on dry hair prevents brassiness better than wet application does. On the other hand, those with blonde or silver highlights should opt for purple shampoo as it is designed specifically for these tones and helps maintain vibrancy between salon visits.

Whether you have brown hair with ash blonde streaks or full platinum locks, understanding how purple shampoo works will ensure your color stays vibrant during its period before reapplication is necessary again!

Risks and Precautions

Don’t go overboard when using purple shampoo on dry hair. It can quickly damage those precious locks, leaving them brittle and fried. Dry hair absorbs more pigment, increasing the risks of overtoning. You may wind up with patchy purple spots or an uneven ashy hue that dulls your vibrant color.

It inhibits vibrancy rather than enhancing it. For optimal results, wet your hair first so the pigments distribute evenly. Then rinse thoroughly after the recommended leave-in time. Avoid overdoing it to prevent dryness.

When used correctly, purple shampoo boosts brightness and neutralizes brassy yellow tones beautifully.

What is the Best Purple Shampoo for Use With Dry Hair?

When it comes to using purple shampoo on dry hair, there are a few key products you should consider.

The Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set is great for neutralizing brassiness and enhancing blonde, silver, or grey hair.

For light blonde to platinum blonde locks, the Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair brightens up tresses while eliminating brassy tones.

John Frieda’s Violet Crush provides a vibrant violet-purple toner shade with a vegan and cruelty-free formula.

Kristin Ess’ Hair the One leave-in primer preps your strands before styling.

Redken Blondage lifts color up to 7 levels with advanced pH balancers that minimize damage during the lightening process.

Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Purple Shampoo and Conditioner SetView On Amazon
Look for a set that tones down brassiness while conditioning your crowning glory. This sulfate-free purple shampoo and conditioner duo cleanses hair while neutralizing yellow tones. The pigmented shampoo lifts brassiness from blonde locks as the rich conditioner prevents dryness.

Using them together seals in vibrancy for maximized results. Rinse thoroughly after the recommended leave-in time.

  • Comes with coordinating shampoo and conditioner
  • Sulfate-free gentle cleansing
  • Tones and brightens blonde hair
  • Conditions to prevent dryness
  • Enhances shine and softness
  • Can temporarily stain skin or surfaces
  • Not for brunettes unless highlighting hair
  • Must lighten first if hair is too brassy

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Purple Shampoo for Blonde HairView On Amazon
You’ll boost your blonde when using this purple shampoo for lightened locks. Infused with violet pigments, this color-correcting shampoo neutralizes unwanted brassy tones in blonde, grey, and highlighted hair.

It gently cleanses while depositing toning pigment to counteract yellowing. Use it 1-2 times per week after shampooing, leaving on for 1-3 minutes before rinsing out.

The paraben-free formula keeps blonde vibrant and bright between salon visits without drying out strands.

  • Neutralizes brassiness
  • Brightens blonde, gray, highlighted hair
  • Gentle sulfate-free formula
  • Paraben-free
  • Keeps color vibrant between salon visits
  • Can temporarily stain skin purple
  • Not for brunettes unless highlighting hair
  • Results vary based on existing hair color

John Frieda Violet Crush

John Frieda Violet Crush PurpleView On Amazon
Keep blonde bouncin’ with John Frieda Violet Crush for a temporary tonin’ pop. This vegan-friendly purple toner provides a fun color shift in 5-15 minutes. Simply shampoo, apply to towel-dried hair, wait, and rinse for blonde hair transformed.

The specially-formulated purple pigment neutralizes brassy tones for hair that’s lighter and brighter. Use with the Sheer Blonde regimen for maximized results. Watch those brassy tones fade as your blonde stays fresh between coloring.

This temporary tint washes out gradually over 4-5 shampoos. Keep blonde vibrant by using Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner for added toning power. But beware overuse, as darker blonde or porous hair risks unwanted staining. Test a strand first and limit use to avoid permanent discoloration.

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Temporary color
  • Neutralizes brassiness
  • Enhances blonde tones
  • Potential staining with overuse
  • Not for brunettes
  • Gradual washout

Kristin Ess Hair the One

Kristin Ess Hair The OneView On Amazon
Tell you what, darlin’ – use Kristin Ess’ leave-in primer on those pretty locks and see your hair transformed. This lightweight, non-greasy formula preps those strands like a dream. Infused with nourishing oils, it primes for protection and repairs damage from heat styling.

Silky soft and friction-free, detangling is a breeze. Blowouts come out smoother and frizz stands no chance. Your hair will soak this multitasker right up and reward you with a radiance that shines from root to tip.

  • All-in-one prep, prime, protect
  • Lightweight, non-greasy
  • Repairs damage, protects color
  • Makes detangling and styling easier
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth, shiny
  • Scent not for everyone
  • Bottle makes dispensing messy
  • Not as affordable as drugstore brands

Redken Blondage

Redken Blondage Color Depositing PurpleView On Amazon
Redken’s Blondage lifts your locks to new heights without unwanted brassiness. With just one simple step, this pro-strength home hair lightener boosts you up to seven levels while depositing glossy tone and shine.

Blondage’s breakthrough formula wields advanced pH balancers to minimize damage to your delicate strands during processing. Keratin and vegetable proteins reinforce weak spots to help prevent breakage. Multiple strengths and toner shades mean limitless looks for all hair types if directions are followed precisely.

  • Lifts up to 7 levels in one step
  • Deposits tone & shine while lightening
  • Advanced pH controls minimize damage
  • Reinforces hair to prevent breakage
  • Requires very precise application
  • Can easily damage hair if misused
  • Dramatic lightening has unpredictable results

Still Wondering What Happens if You Put Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair?

Still Wondering What Happens if You Put Purple Shampoo on Dry Hair
You’ll risk an uneven result if you apply purple shampoo to your dry hair. Purple shampoo is formulated to work on wet hair, so using it on dry strands can lead to splotchy, patchy toning. The pigments in purple shampoo are designed to deposit evenly when diluted in water.

Dry application often concentrates the pigment in certain areas, creating an uneven, blotchy effect.

To get the most even, uniform results, always use purple shampoo on freshly washed wet hair. Work the product through from roots to ends, letting it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. This allows the violet pigments to fully penetrate each strand, neutralizing brassiness and enhancing tone.

  • Shampoo hair as usual first before applying purple product
  • Apply thoroughly from root to tip on wet hair
  • Rinse after the recommended time; don’t leave on too long

As you continue investigating how best to use purple shampoo for optimal results, remember it is formulated for wet hair application. Using it dry risks an uneven, splotchy effect that concentrates pigment on certain areas.

Stick to wet hair for the most uniform tone and keep discovering techniques to get that bright, neutralized blonde you want.

Can Purple Shampoo Turn Hair Purple?

Can Purple Shampoo Turn Hair Purple
Let your imagination run wild, but if you overdo the purple potion, your honey hues might transform into an oompa loompa tone.

Leave-in Time Result
5 minutes Subtle neutralization of brassiness
10 minutes Vibrant, cool blonde tones
Overnight Unnatural purple or grey cast

Yes, you can actually turn your blonde hair purple if you use purple shampoo incorrectly. Purple shampoo contains violet pigment that adheres to the outer layer of your strands, canceling out any unwanted warm tones.

The trouble comes when you leave purple shampoo on too long. The longer it is in contact with your hair, the more pigment gets deposited. Exceeding the recommended leave-in time of 5-10 minutes allows too much violet tone to build up.

To avoid any purple mishaps, carefully follow instructions. Do a strand test to see how quickly your hair absorbs pigment before applying all over. Start with the minimum suggested time, working up cautiously until you reach the ideal cool tone.

Clarify only when needed to prevent drying out your strands. With some precautionary measures, you can reap the rewards of purple shampoo without becoming an oompa loompa.

Will Purple Shampoo Tone Dry Brown Hair?

Will Purple Shampoo Tone Dry Brown Hair
Moving on from purple shampoo turning hair purple, let’s explore whether purple shampoo can effectively tone dry brown hair. While purple shampoo is specially formulated to brighten blonde, gray, and highlighted hair, it can provide subtle toning benefits for brunettes as well.

When evaluating if purple shampoo will tone dry brown hair, consider these factors:

  • Effectiveness: Purple shampoo is most effective at neutralizing brassiness in very light blondes.
  • Compatible Shampoos: Look for brands tailored for brunettes or brown hair with highlights to maximize toning.
  • Prevent Overtoning: Purple shampoo is concentrated, so limit use to avoid unwanted gray tones on brown hair.
  • Mixing With Conditioner: Dilute shampoo with conditioner to make it less potent if concerned about overtoning brunette strands.

While purple shampoo is ideal for cancelling yellow tones, it still provides value for brown hair as well. The violet pigment helps keep highlighted pieces brighter, minimizing dinginess.

When using on dry, brown hair, focus the shampoo only on highlighted sections to target the most porous areas. This prevents an overall purple hue while allowing your highlights to stay vibrant. Monitor closely and adjust frequency depending on your hair’s porosity and how much toner deposit you want.

How to Remove Purple Shampoo Stain From Hair

How to Remove Purple Shampoo Stain From Hair
Life’s a beach sometimes when your hair gets stained purple, but dishwashing soap can strip that color quicker than a tube of SPF50 in July.

  1. Dish soap diluted with water is often the quickest fix for removing purple shampoo stains. The degreasing agents in dish detergent act swiftly to lift pigment off strands without drying.
  2. Create a clarifying vinegar rinse by mixing equal parts vinegar and water. Rinse hair with the solution after shampooing.
  3. Coat strands in olive oil and let sit before washing as usual. The oil helps break down pigment deposits while conditioning dry strands.

For removing purple stains from blonde hair, try a clarifying shampoo. These are stronger at stripping away buildup.

For removing orange tones from hair, use a blue shampoo instead of purple. Blonde hair that’s over-toned can also switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does leaving purple shampoo on dry hair work as well as on wet hair?

For the best results, avoid using purple shampoo on dry hair. Studies show that applying it to wet hair evenly deposits the toning pigment across every strand, preventing an uneven or splotchy effect. Wet hair allows the shampoo to spread and penetrate most effectively before rinsing thoroughly.

Can you use purple shampoo right after bleaching your hair while it’s still dry?

Listen, lady, I know your hair desperately needs toning, but applying purple shampoo dry will only lead to an uneven, splotchy mess. For the blonde you really want, always apply it wet – the water helps deposit pigment smoothly.

Is it okay to apply purple shampoo to dry hair if you have highlights?

Love yourself enough to accept what you cannot change. Although dry, highlighted hair can absorb more purple pigment, apply it to wet strands for the most even toning results.

Does the temperature of the water used to rinse out purple shampoo matter for dry application?

It’s best to rinse with cool water when applying purple shampoo to dry hair. The cool temperature helps seal the cuticle for shine. Warm water opens the cuticle, which can lead to uneven results. Finish with a cool water rinse for optimal toning.

How long should you wait after applying purple shampoo to dry hair before washing it out?

Don’t leave it on for too long. Begin with 5 minutes, checking frequently. Gradually increase the time for more toning. Once the desired result is achieved, rinse thoroughly. Excessive application may result in uneven color.


You should exercise caution when using purple shampoo on dry hair. While it can help the toning absorb more readily in porous, damaged strands, the results are unpredictable. Always do a test strand first. Leaving purple shampoo on for too long risks an uneven, splotchy tone.

For best results, use as directed on wet hair and gradually increase the leave-in time based on your hair’s porosity and brassiness. With some trial and error, you’ll find the ideal leave-in time for how long to leave purple shampoo on dry hair.

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