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How Long Does a Perm Last for Men? Tips & Tricks for Long-Lasting Style (2024)

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how long does a perm last for menAre you looking for a way to add some texture and definition to your hair without having to use harsh chemicals? Consider getting a perm! Perms offer men the chance to experiment with their look without completely changing it.

But how long does a perm last for men? Read on as we discuss tips and tricks about achieving a long-lasting style.

Key Takeaways

  • Perms provide texture and definition without cutting or coloring hair.
  • The duration of a perm can vary depending on factors such as hair type and aftercare.
  • Using curl-friendly products and avoiding heat styling can help prolong the lifespan of a perm.
  • It is recommended to wait 48 hours before washing hair after getting a perm.

Understanding the Male Perm

Understanding the Male Perm
Perming hair has become increasingly popular among men, providing them with a unique look and low-maintenance style. The process involves washing the hair, applying a solution to reset the bonds into new curl/wave patterns, wrapping on rods, and neutralizing.

There are various styles available, ranging from beach waves to faux-hawks. Furthermore, it can be combined with other cuts such as fades or undercuts for more creative looks. This trend is becoming more appealing due to social media influence and its ability to give men an edgy look without having to cut or color their hair.

This is why proper care must be taken by using curl-friendly products in order to maintain the perm for longer periods of time.

The Process

Getting a perm is like baking a cake – measure ingredients, apply solution carefully, wrap in foil, and let cool. Preparation includes clarifying shampoo to reset hair texture plus rod wrapping for the desired curl type.

Products are essential to maintain personal preference while setting disulfide bonds into a new pattern. Carefully rinse and neutralize before blotting; avoid washing for 48 hours so the curl sets properly! Finish with products tailored for permed/curly hair and regular trims if needed.

Styles and Variations

You can create a variety of styles with perms, from beach waves to ringlets and bleached highlights. Heat protection, frizz control, and curl-defining products are essential for perm men’s hair – strengthening strands while retaining moisture.

Hair length affects the perm style chosen; an undercut or fringe is also possible.

Reasons for Popularity

Perms for men have become increasingly popular due to their low-maintenance, socially-influenced styles and ability to make a unique statement without cut/color. The TikTok trend of curls & waves has inspired product needs for all hair lengths.

Heat styling can be limited with modern perm tools, creating wave patterns from beachy to ringlets.

Maintenance and Care

To maintain your perm, use curl-friendly products and limit heat styling to keep waves fresh. Curl types range from tight ringlets to beachy waves; product selection should be tailored accordingly. Heat styling will damage hair bonds, so opt for natural air drying whenever possible.

Types of Men Perms

Types of Men Perms
If you’re looking for a low-maintenance style with a unique look, then consider trying out one of the many types of men perms. Hot and cold perm techniques vary in terms of results achieved, while fancy perm designations offer different styles to choose from.

It’s important to understand each technique as well as key factors that affect the outcome before taking this step into changing your hairstyle.

Hot and Cold Perm: Perming Techniques and Key Factors to the Outcome

Feeling adventurous? Transform your look with a hot or cold perm to achieve the waves and curls of your dreams! Hot perms use heat-activated chemicals for faster results; they can be used on all hair types but require more caution.

Cold perms are gentler and work best on curly or wavy hair. Whichever type you choose, make sure to get it done by an experienced master stylist with the right curl types in mind. Use special styling products such as mousse and curl gloss hold for longer-lasting effects while preventing damage from heat styling tools.

Fancy Perm Men Designations

Experience the transformation of your look with creative and unique perm designs that will give you bold, wavy, or curly hair for months!

Permed curls are achieved by first wrapping your hair around rods before applying a special solution. The type of curl depends on which rod is used, from loose beach waves to tight spirals.

Heat styling tools should be avoided as much as possible, and professional products such as mousse and curl gloss must be used for better results.

Hair guys can have fun experimenting with different styles, while perm works best on longer locks due to its texture-changing ability.

Try out this new trend in hairstyle today!

Best Perm Men Hairstyles

Best Perm Men Hairstyles
If you’re looking to make a statement with your hairstyle, consider one of the popular perm men hairstyles. From fringe with perm and curly faux hawk to wavy perm men styles, there is something for everyone.

Or why not go modern with an undercut fade or brushed back bleached curls? All of these options will give you a look that lasts longer than usual while creating unique texture and volume in your hair.

Fringe With Perm

Achieve a modern look with fringe and perm for men – balancing unique texture and relaxed waves in one style. To maintain the fringe, use curl-friendly products to avoid damage. When it comes to styling, curls need special attention; straight hair may require additional rods when perming.

DIY perms are possible but must be done carefully as solution strength and time affect results.

Curly Faux Hawk

Show off your unique style with a curly faux hawk, combining the texture of curls and the bold look of an undercut. Styling tips include using curl-friendly products to prevent hair damage, varying perm types for the desired curl pattern, wrapping hair on rods, and applying an alkaline solution.

Wavy Perm Men

Get your head-turning look with a wavy perm: soft, bouncy waves created by wrapping hair on rods and applying an alkaline solution. Curly trends create a focal point for any hairstyle; explore curl types with stylist James Corbett or use treatments and products to maintain it.

Modern Male Perm Undercut Fade

Transform your look with a modern male perm undercut fade – tight curls at the top blended into shorter sides for an edgy, eye-catching style. Curly fades are trending center stage and create semi-permanent waves that can last for months.

Perm care is key to make sure it works; use products specifically designed for chemical treatment and perms.

Brushed Back Bleached Curls

Rock a daring look with brushed-back bleached curls – perfect for adding volume and texture to your mane. Master hairstylist Anakin Chan can help you create the trendiest look by giving quick trims, using curl products to maintain definition and longevity, and finding the best products for your curly hair lifestyle.

How to Style and Care

How to Style and Care
Are you looking to make a statement with your hairstyle? Modern perms offer the perfect way to do just that, whether it’s beach waves, ringlets, or something else. But what makes modern perms different from traditional ones and how should they be cared for in order for them to last as long as possible? It’s important to understand the differences between traditional and modern perms when it comes to hair damage potentials, the longevity of your perm style, styling techniques, and caring methods.

What’s Different About Modern Perms?

Experience the coolest new trend with modern perms for men! Get a unique look that lasts without damaging hair or heat styling. Creative tools and treatments give you curly maintenance and wave techniques to achieve the best hairstyle.

Do Modern Perms Cause Hair Damage?

You can achieve the look you crave without causing damage – modern perms are designed to protect hair health. Enjoy a trend-setting style that lasts and maintain it with special products for curly hair.

Chemical ingredients are used carefully, while styling tips ensure heat protection from burns or breakage. Don’t forget a bottle of neutralizing solution! Philip B’s Detangling Toning Mist is perfect for protecting your new ‘do while keeping it looking fresh and vibrant.

How Long Does a Perm Men Last?

Discover the secret to a lasting, stylish ‘do with modern perms for men – they’ll keep your curls looking fresh and vibrant! To maintain them, use special curl-friendly products, limit heat styling, and trim regularly.

Curl types vary from beach waves to ringlets; hair length affects texture and frizz control. Chemical treatments require expert care but can create unique looks for straight tresses using perm rods or creative tools.

How Should You Style and Care for a Perm?

Once you’ve got the perfect perm, it’s essential to know how to style and care for your new look. Choose products based on hair type, skin sensitivity, and styling tips; opt for expert-recommended ones that keep curls low maintenance.

To maintain trendsetting locks, prepare them before a treatment with detangling mists or shampoos, then use curl-friendly items afterward. Blot moisture out of strands after showering; avoid heat as much as possible too! Keep up with regular trims for healthy hair growth while preserving curly looks long term.

Tangle-Free, Glossy Hair Mist

Tangle-Free, Glossy Hair Mist
Philip B’s Tangle-Free, Glossy Hair Mist is the perfect way to keep your perm looking glossy and frizz-free for days. This lightweight, paraben-free leave-in conditioner seals the cuticle while detangling hair and reducing static.

It adds moisture and shine without weighing down fine, straight hair that’s prone to tangles.

With a light botanical scent, this product is color safe as well as keratin treatment-friendly, making it an ideal choice for those with chemically treated hair.

For extra protection against heat styling damage, incorporate products like Maria Nila Argan Oil Shampoo along with Rahua Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment before finishing off with Curl Enhancing Gel Unisex. Then, use Oribe Hydrating Curl Gloss Hold and Moroccanoil Curl Cream Fragrance for added definition of curls.

Maria Nila Argan Oil Shampoo

Maria Nila Argan Oil Shampoo
Experience luxurious, soft hair with Maria Nila Argan Oil Shampoo. It is designed to nourish and moisturize dry hair with its rich blend of argan oil, antioxidants, and fatty acids. This sulfate-free shampoo is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. It provides a pleasant aromatic scent of lilies, jasmine, and rose.

It is perfect for those looking for curl-defining products that provide moisture while avoiding harsh chemical ingredients.

The 11.8 oz bottle will last you through many washes. You can use it daily on normal types of hair without leaving your scalp feeling stripped or weighed down by residue build-up. Afterward, you can use the True Soft conditioner to protect any perm styling efforts made during the week ahead.

With this product, you’ll achieve beautiful curls full of shine. This is thanks to its carefully formulated mixture containing natural extracts like argan oil, which helps strengthen your locks against breakage.

You won’t regret adding this True Soft Shampoo into your haircare routine if you’re seeking long-lasting hydration.

Rahua Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment

Rahua Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment
Tame frizz and flyaways with Rahua’s Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment, like a master wrangling wild horses. This cruelty-free cream is designed to smooth and soften hair, protect from heat damage, and improve texture in bleached or gray locks.

Suitable for curly fade styles popularized by Timothée Chalamet on the red carpet, as well as celebs rocking perming techniques on TikTok trends everywhere! A little goes a long way, but it can feel sticky if too much is applied.

To add extra moisture without weighing down curl definition, use Tangle Free Glossy Mist beforehand. Follow it up with Curl Enhancing Gel Unisex afterwards for that glossy finish we all love! With these key factors taken into account, your perm will last longer than usual without compromising any of its bounce or glossiness due to preventable hair damage caused by lack of care products specifically targeted towards men’s curls.

Curl Enhancing Gel Unisex

Curl Enhancing Gel Unisex
Achieve glossy, defined curls with Curl Enhancing Gel Unisex – perfect for bringing out your coily or curly locks! This lightweight styling product is specially formulated to protect against frizz and provide long-lasting hold without mineral oil, phthalates, gluten, parabens, or talc.

It has a natural scent that won’t overpower other hair products you use in your routine. With its curl-defining properties and ability to add shine without feeling too heavy on the hair strands, this gel is sure to bring life back into even the most damaged of hairs.

For those who want additional protection from heat damage as well as nourishment for their curled tresses, Moroccanoil Curl Cream Fragrance can be used in tandem with this product.

Expertly balanced between hard-holding ingredients and softer ones, using both these products together creates an unbeatable combination rooted deep within each perm benefit available today!

Enjoy beautiful shiny curls all day long thanks to the expert touch of these two powerful hair care items specifically designed for curly styles!

Hydrating Curl Gloss Hold

Hydrating Curl Gloss Hold
Reap the glossy, defined curls you desire with Oribe’s Hydrating Curl Gloss Hold – it’s like a hug for your hair!

This lightweight curl defining cream helps control frizz and provides shine without weighing your locks down.

It has a refreshing Cote d’Azur scent that stylists love to use on their clients.

Whether it’s beach waves or tight ringlets, this product will help achieve whatever type of perm you want – from wavy styles popularized by Harry Styles to Gen Z trends like faux hawks and mullets.

Plus, its heat protection feature helps retain moisture while keeping permed hair safe from styling tools too!

Get creative with different curl types and textures using products specifically designed for curly hairstyles such as Rahua Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment or Davines Bouncy Curls Serum – both are great for taming frizzy strands while giving them bounce and elasticity at the same time.

Experimenting with these curling techniques will help keep long-lasting hold throughout any trend that comes along, so rock those curls proudly!

Bouncy Curls Serum – Davines

Bouncy Curls Serum - Davines
Give your curls a bounce and elasticity with Davines’ Bouncy Curls Serum. It’s perfect for achieving long-lasting hold in any style! This lightweight serum helps reduce frizz and define curls without weighing hair down.

It’s fragrance-free, so it won’t interfere with the fresh scent of other products like Philip B’s Tangle-Free, Glossy Hair Mist or Maria Nila Argan Oil Shampoo that you may be using.

Best used on damp hair after washing, this product is great for curly or wavy tresses needing extra protection against heat styling. Its concentrated formula works well layered under mousse to help lock in curl shape while giving shine.

When wanting more definition from perm rods, use Oribe Hydrating Curl Gloss Hold. This cream provides strong hold without leaving locks crunchy. Achieve power over your permed look by layering these products together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tools are used to create modern perm styles?

Discovering the perfect perm style for you can be daunting. To create modern looks, professional stylists use a variety of tools such as rods, neutralizers, and curl-friendly products — all to help achieve your desired look with ease.

How can I maintain my perm after the process is complete?

To maintain a perm, use curl-friendly products and limit heat styling. Wash sparingly to keep the curls intact – twice a week is optimal. Regular trims will help preserve your look while keeping hair healthy and tangle-free.

Invest in quality leave-in conditioners to give hair moisture without weighing it down.

Is there a way to protect my hair from damage during the perm process?

Protect your hair during perming with a professional stylist and quality products tailored to curly/wavy hair. Hydrate, nourish, and reduce stress on the cuticle with an oil-based leave-in conditioner for long-lasting curls that won’t damage or break.

Are there any specific products I should use for my perm?

To maintain your perm, use curl-friendly products that provide moisture and elasticity. Look for shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients like argan oil or avocado oil. A lightweight gel to define curls can also help reduce frizz without weighing hair down.

Are there any risks associated with perms for men?

Perms for men can last up to 6-8 months on longer hair; however, they come with some risks. Chemical treatments should be done by an expert, and using the wrong products can cause damage or loss of curl definition.

Regular trims are necessary to maintain healthy curls, as well as avoiding heat styling and using special hydrating products.


Do you want to try a perm but are unsure how long it will last? Perms for men are becoming increasingly popular as they’re a great way to get a unique, low-maintenance look. There are a variety of perm styles available, from beach waves to ringlets and fades.

To keep your perm looking its best, use curl-friendly products and limit heat styling. With proper care, a perm can last up to 6-8 months for longer hair. For shorter hair, the perm will last around 3-4 months.

If you’re looking for a temporary change without a cut or color, a perm is a great option. Ultimately, how long a perm lasts for men depends on the style, care, and products used.

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