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Flattering Hairstyles for Older Men: Styles to Look Your Best (2024)

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hairstyles for older menAs an older man, you have a wealth of flattering hairstyle options to choose from. Textured looks like the classic side part or wavy bob can lend sophisticated dimension. For a clean-cut appearance, the buzz cut or Caesar cut are timeless choices.

For added volume, the pulled-back pompadour or high and tight ponytail create a polished, modern style. To complement thinning hair, the bearded semi-buzz cut or flat top with skin fade offer smart solutions.

When styling, use volumizing products and blow-drying techniques to achieve the desired look. Continue reading to discover even more hairstyle inspirations suited for the mature man.

Key Takeaways

  • Mature men have a wealth of sophisticated, textured hairstyle options to choose from, such as the classic side part, wavy bob, and buzz cut, to flatter their features.
  • Volume-boosting styles like the pulled-back pompadour and high and tight ponytail can create a polished, youthful look for older men.
  • Hairstyles that embrace natural graying and thinning hair, like the Caesar cut and bearded semi-buzz cut, offer confident, low-maintenance solutions.
  • Edgy, modern styles with flat tops, fades, and sharp lines can sharpen mature features and exude a distinguished, sophisticated vibe.

The Best Haircuts for Older Men

The Best Haircuts for Older Men
Looking to update your hairstyle as you get older? Consider cuts that add texture and dimension, such as the classic side part or the versatile wavy bob. These styles can help flatter your face and keep you looking sharp.

Texture All Over

For a youthful, textured look, go for the texture all over cut. Your hair will have volume and movement with short sides and texture on top and in back. This versatile style is ideal for thinning hair or hair loss, providing coverage while embracing your natural texture. Add texture paste for piecey, modern vibes.

Classic Side Part

For a timeless, polished look, the classic side part is a natural choice. You’ll want to:

  1. Blow dry hair smoothly after washing
  2. Create a clean side part using a comb
  3. Apply a light pomade or cream for hold
  4. Comb hair neatly to one side

With regular maintenance, this sophisticated style keeps you looking sharp, professional, and age-appropriate. The side part’s versatility complements both casual and formal settings.

Buzz Cut

If you’re tired of combing over thinning or balding areas, consider a buzz cut. It’s a no-fuss style that embraces mature features like a receding hairline or gray hair. A buzz cut can give you a distinguished, confident look perfect for older men.

Pros Cons
Low maintenance May accentuate scalp irregularities
Youthful appearance Not ideal for formal occasions
Minimizes signs of hair loss Limited styling options
Confidence boost Requires frequent trimming
Masculine aesthetic May appear severe on some faces

Wavy Bob

A textured, asymmetrical, layered wavy bob with a fringe and highlights is a chic, low-maintenance option. You’ll look youthful yet distinguished with this versatile style. Consult hair stylists for expert guidance on the cut’s proportions and recommended hair products for enhancing your natural waves. It’s a modern hair trend embracing natural texture that flatters most face shapes.

Caesar Cut

For a distinguished look that flatters a receding or mature hairline, consider the Caesar cut.

Its short, cropped style minimizes signs of thinning hair while allowing you to embrace grays confidently.

Pair it with a hair system or replacement for added fullness.

This versatile cut suits any age and face shape, making it an excellent choice as you navigate hair loss gracefully.

Pompadour and Volume Hairstyles for Older Men

Pompadour and Volume Hairstyles for Older Men
For an eye-catching, vintage-inspired look, consider a pulled-back and trimmed sides pompadour. Or, embrace full volume with strands swept up in a high and tight ponytail – a bold style that commands attention.

Pulled Back and Trimmed Sides Pompadour

For a refined pompadour, comb the hair back and use a styling paste or pomade to slick it into place. This classic short back and sides style features a swept-back, slightly voluminous look on top with neatly trimmed sides. The Greaser-inspired faux hawk adds an air of sophistication perfect for the mature gentleman.

Full Volume

Full volume hairstyles breathe new life into aging locks. Volumizing products and texturizing cuts are key to achieving this look. Embrace your natural waves or curls – they’ll add instant fullness. Regular trims and strategic layers also boost volume. With the right products and techniques, you can rock a youthful, voluminous style that takes years off your appearance.

High and Tight Ponytail

The high and tight ponytail is a classic pompadour style that suits older gents. Keep the length just below the crown for a neat, refined look. Use a sleek ponytail band to secure the style and aim for medium height on top.

Achieve a round, lifted shape by blow-drying with a brush. This style works well for thinning hair, balding, and dull locks, so consult your hair expert for personalized tips.

Bearded Semi-Buzz Cut

For the bearded semi-buzz cut, start by shaping your beard to complement the style. Maintain defined edges and even coverage.

Use a clipper to trim your hair into a crew cut, fading the sides shorter.

Style the top with a touch of matte clay for a textured look.

This low-maintenance style is perfect for aging gents seeking a polished, modern edge.

Short and Stiff

For an eye-catching, timeless look, consider the short and stiff pompadour. This style features a textured, voluminous top with trimmed, close-cropped sides and back. The key is to pair the high and tight top with a low fade for a clean, sophisticated finish that flatters mature features. This hair inspiration is perfect for older men seeking a polished, on-trend style.

  • Textured, voluminous top
  • Trimmed, close-cropped sides and back
  • High and tight styling
  • Low fade for clean finish
  • Sophisticated, polished look

Flat Top and Fade Hairstyles for Older Men

Flat Top and Fade Hairstyles for Older Men
Looking to keep an edgy, modern look as you age? Consider a flat top haircut with faded sides – the sharp, angular silhouette can sharpen your features. Alternatively, a salt-and-pepper peaked style with a well-groomed beard can lend an air of distinguished maturity.

Beard With Flat Top Hair and Skin Fade

Taking your pompadour or volume style to the next level, the beard with flat top hair and skin fade is a bold, masculine look. Pair the structured flat top with a tight skin fade on the sides and a carefully groomed goatee for a refined, polished finish.

Complement this style with long, textured hair on top for a modern twist on a classic flat top.

Forehead Straight Cut With Shaved Sides

With a forehead straight cut and shaved sides, you’ll achieve a polished, refined look that works beautifully for older men. Comb the top back for a slicked-back effect, letting the hair on top fall naturally. Trim sideburns close to accentuate the receding hairline and gray hair. This flat top and fade style is a timeless classic.

Here are 5 key features of this look:

  • Shaved, faded sides for a clean, defined profile
  • Combed-over, slicked-back hair on top
  • Trimmed sideburns to frame the face
  • Flattering for men with receding hairlines
  • Enhances natural gray or white hair

Salt and Pepper Peak and Beard

The salt and pepper peak and beard style is a timeless classic that exudes sophistication. The high, sharp peak and neatly trimmed gray beard create a distinguished look that commands attention. To achieve this style, ask your barber for a clean fade on the sides and back, leaving length on top for the distinctive peak.

Feature Description Benefit
Salt and Pepper Blend of gray and dark hairs Distinguished, sophisticated appearance
Peaked Hairline Angled, high-volume front Frames the face, adds definition
Trim Beard Well-groomed, neatly trimmed facial hair Balances the strong hairline, adds maturity

This classic look is sure to have you looking and feeling your best, radiating an air of confidence and experience.

Fl■ With Short Beard

The fl■ with short beard style offers a refined and sophisticated look for the mature man. With its crisp, high-volume top and tapered sides, this cut exudes confidence. To achieve the perfect fl■, use a volumizing pomade and blow-dry the hair up and back. Pair it with a neatly trimmed beard for a distinguished finish.

  • Undercut fl■ with gray highlights
  • Fl■ with fade on the sides
  • Fl■ with volume on top
  • Fl■ with full beard
  • Classic fl■ with short beard

Raised Front, Flat Sides

Looking for a bold, confident look? Consider the raised front, flat sides style. This flat top haircut features a straight, forehead-framing cut with shaved sides for a striking contrast. Add a salt and pepper peak and short beard for a rugged, distinguished finish. Embrace your mature aesthetic with this striking, sophisticated style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As an older gentleman, you can embrace the latest hairstyle trends like the textured quiff, taper fade, or side-part comb-over. These styles offer a refined, modern look that’ll boost your confidence and keep you stylishly on-trend.

How can I maintain healthy hair as I age?

As you age, embrace the wisdom in your strands – nourish them with gentle care. Tame grays gracefully, shun harsh chemicals, and let your locks shine. Your crowning glory deserves the royal treatment.

What styling products work best for mature hair?

As you get older, embrace matte clays and texture pastes to style your hair with ease. These versatile products will give your mature locks a natural, effortless look while keeping them in place all day.

Are there any hairstyles that can hide thinning hair?

Try a textured crop or cropped pompadour to add volume and camouflage thinning. The layered look disguises sparse areas while the lifted style flatters your face. Experiment with matte clay for an effortless, youthful finish.

How can I find a hairstyle that suits my face shape and lifestyle?

Discovering the perfect ‘do is like finding a needle in a haystack – but fear not! By analyzing your face shape and lifestyle, we can uncover a style that flatters and complements your unique look effortlessly.


As the sun dips below the horizon of your younger years, embracing the ideal hairstyle can be the gateway to achieving a refined, distinguished appearance. From the timeless side part to the contemporary pompadour, the hairstyles presented in this article provide a multifaceted range of choices meticulously designed for the mature gentleman.

Celebrate your age with aplomb, and allow your hairstyle to be the pinnacle of your appearance that accentuates your most desirable attributes. Ultimately, the optimal hairstyle for elder men lies in discovering the style that evokes a sense of supreme self-assurance.

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