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Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles for Men: Top Trending Cuts 2024

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medium length hairstyles for menMen, refresh your look with stylish medium-length hairstyles!

These versatile cuts offer effortless flair while staying sophisticated.

Embrace natural waves for low-maintenance texture.

Or opt for an edgy fade with brushed-back strands.

A classic side-part exudes refined professionalism.

While tousled curls provide retro appeal.

For sleekness, try a hard part with slicked styling.

Feeling daring?

Rock a pompadour or faux hawk.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace natural texture with effortless styles like wavy locks or tousled curls for a low-maintenance yet stylish look.
  • Opt for versatile, professional cuts like the side-parted comb over or slicked-back hard part to exude sophistication.
  • Make a bold statement with edgy options such as the faux hawk, pompadour, or spiky cut with tapered sides.
  • Stay on-trend with modern medium-length styles like the mid fade with long top or burst fade with twist-out.

Timeless Medium Length Hairstyles

Timeless Medium Length Hairstyles
Regarding timeless medium length hairstyles, the classics never lose their appeal. A natural part with highlights beautifully frames the face, while the top knot radiates effortless chic.

The comb-over with a high fade provides a sophisticated, polished style, and curls with ample volume add a touch of retro panache.

Even the modest bowl cut can be modernized with the appropriate styling. These medium length styles offer boundless versatility, allowing you to embody your inner icon whether you’re sporting a classic undercut or a medium top short sides hairstyle.

Low-Maintenance Medium Hairstyles

Low-Maintenance Medium Hairstyles
Looking to keep your medium-length hair easy to manage? Consider the natural medium length waves or the spiky low fade haircut – two low-maintenance styles that can give you a stylish yet effortless look. These versatile cuts require minimal upkeep, making them great options for the busy modern man.

Natural Medium Length Waves

If you’re rocking natural medium length waves, embrace that gorgeous texture! Start with a sea salt mist for voluptuous volume, then use your fingers to gently scrunch and shape the waves. A side-shaved comb over adds edgy definition, and a complementary beard creates an effortlessly stylish, lived-in look. You’ve got this natural medium length style in the bag!

Spiky Low Fade Haircut

For a spiky low fade haircut, cut hair on the sides and back short, leaving 1-2 inches on top. Use a low-shine pomade or wax to spike up the longer strands, then finish with a light hold hairspray. This low-maintenance style works for a range of face shapes and hair textures.

Hair Length Product Technique
1-2 inches Pomade or wax Spike up hair
Sides/back cut short Hairspray Lock in style
Tapered fade
Textured look

Sophisticated Medium-Length Looks

Sophisticated Medium-Length Looks
The classic brushed back hairstyle offers a timeless, sophisticated look that works well for professional settings. Grown out layers add natural volume and movement to medium-length hair, creating an effortless, stylish appearance.

Classic Brushed Back Hairstyle

For a sophisticated, timeless look, consider the classic brushed back hairstyle. This style features a clean undercut with the top hair brushed back and away from the face, creating a polished, professional appearance. The medium-length styling is versatile, suitable for both formal and casual settings, making it a go-to choice for the modern gentleman.

Grown Out Layers

For those seeking a sophisticated look, grown out layers offer a versatile and refined option. Embrace your natural texture by using layering products and a round brush to create volume and movement. A mist of hairspray can help hold the style in place for a polished, put-together vibe.

This layered cut works beautifully with medium-length hair, whether you opt for an undercut, taper, or all-over layers.

Versatile Side-Part Medium Haircuts

Versatile Side-Part Medium Haircuts
Elevate your look with a versatile side-part medium haircut. The shaved-side comb over exudes a refined, professional vibe, perfect for the office or special events. Sweep your strands back and to the side for a sleek, polished finish. This timeless style pairs beautifully with a clean-shaven face, allowing the focus to remain on your expertly sculpted ‘do. Whether you opt for a classic side part or a modern twist, this medium-length cut offers endless styling possibilities to suit your personal style.

  • Sophisticated side-part medium haircut
  • Shaved sides create a defined look
  • Versatile style for work or play

Stylish Medium Length Curls

Stylish Medium Length Curls
Embrace your natural curls and let them shine with stylish medium-length hairstyles. Layered curls add dimension, while textured ringlets create a trendy, carefree vibe. The curly quiff offers a modern twist, and voluminous coifs exude confidence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a bouncy perm for added body and movement. These curly styles are versatile, allowing you to dress them up or down as the occasion demands. With the right products and techniques, you can rock medium-length curls in a way that’s both stylish and effortless.

Layered Curls Textured Ringlets Curly Quiff
Adds dimension Creates carefree vibe Modern twist

Effortless Medium-Length Waves

Effortless Medium-Length Waves
Embrace your natural waves for an effortless, medium-length style that exudes cool confidence. This low-maintenance look allows you to simply air-dry and go, with light, wispy waves framing your face for a sexy, natural finish.

Whether swept back in a versatile comb-over or left to fall freely, these medium-length waves lend an undeniably stylish and masculine edge. Pair the look with a bit of texture spray or light pomade for all-day hold and a polished, put-together vibe.

It’s the ultimate in easy-going sophistication.

Professional Medium Hairstyles

Professional Medium Hairstyles
For a polished, professional look, consider the clean-shaven quiff – a versatile style with a sleek, combed-back appearance. Alternatively, the modern hard part haircut with a slicked-back style exudes sophistication and can be customized to suit any formal occasion.

Clean-Shaven Quiff

The clean-shaven quiff is a timeless and sophisticated look that works well with mid-length hair. This style features a tapered cut on the sides and back, with the hair on top styled into a sleek, high-volume quiff. Pair it with a smooth shave for a polished, professional appearance. The key is using the right amount of pomade or wax to create definition and hold.

  • Razor-sharp fade on the sides
  • High-volume quiff on top
  • Slick, shiny finish with pomade

Hard Part With Slicked-Back Style

Elevate your professional look with a sharp hard part and slicked-back style. Shave the sides into a taper fade, then comb the medium-length top hair back for a clean, sophisticated finish. This versatile side-shaved comb over pairs perfectly with a dressy suit, conveying an air of confidence and polish. Maintain the hard part and slick-back for a refined, office-ready aesthetic.

Edgy Medium Length Styles

Edgy Medium Length Styles
For those seeking a bold and eye-catching look, consider the faux hawk with tapered sides or the pompadour with a side part. These edgy medium-length styles can elevate your look and make a statement.

Faux Hawk With Tapered Sides

For a truly fresh and edgy look, the faux hawk with tapered sides is a cool style that commands attention. This medium-length cut features an undercut fade along the sides, allowing the hair on top to be styled into a modern faux hawk. Achieve this on-trend look with minimal effort for a stylish, confident finish.

Pompadour With Side Part

For a sophisticated yet edgy vibe, style your medium-length hair into a modern pompadour with a side part. Use a pliable pomade to lift and sculpt the front section, then brush the sides back for a seamless undercut effect. Complete the look with light facial hair and a stylish outfit to exude confidence and control.

Textured Medium Hairstyles

Textured Medium Hairstyles
For a textured medium hairstyle, you can try tousled strands paired with a groomed beard. This unkempt yet stylish look adds volume and texture. Alternatively, a spiky cut with tapered sides offers a bold, edgy aesthetic by combining length on top with closely trimmed sides.

Tousled Strands With Beard

You want a tousled, rugged look? Rock some mussed coils with shaved sides or a tousled balayage. A medium pompadour with shaved sides oozes swagger. Can’t go wrong with a swept back pompadour or short ponytail, either. Add a beard for extra scruffiness—the perfect complement to your delightfully disheveled ‘do.

Spiky Cut With Tapered Sides

If you crave an edgy, eye-catching medium haircut, the spiky cut with tapered sides is a bold choice. Add dramatic volume on top with a layered, faded style, then taper the sides for a sleek, textured look. Style the spiky fringe with a touch of product for an effortlessly cool, disconnected vibe.

Trendy Medium Length Options

Trendy Medium Length Options
For a modern, stylish look, consider a mid fade with a long top. Alternatively, a burst fade paired with a twist-out can create an edgy, textured medium-length style.

Mid Fade With Long Top

For a modern take on medium length hair, try the mid fade with long top. This trendy cut for 2024 features a tapered fade along the sides that gradually blends into a longer, textured top. Style the longer hair with a matte pomade for a polished, edgy look that’s perfect for the office or a night out.

Burst Fade With Twist-Out

Rock the burst fade with a twist-out for a trendy, medium-length hairstyle.

Opt for a tapered fade on the sides and back, leaving length on top for twisting out your natural texture.

This low-maintenance style is perfect for those seeking a fresh, modern vibe with minimal upkeep.

Use a styling cream or pomade to enhance definition and control frizz.

Take inspiration from celebrities like Donald Glover, rocking this fashionable look with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I manage frizzy medium length hair?

Running a ship through choppy waves? Tame that frizzy mane with a leave-in conditioner – your strands’ life raft. Braid or bun it when you can, avoiding excessive heat styling that’ll only make things worse.

What styling products work best for medium hairstyles?

For medium hairstyles, you’ll want a firm hold pomade or wax to tame flyaways and keep your ‘do in place. A flexible hairspray can also help lock in your style without that crunchy feeling. Play around to find what works best for your hair type.

How often should I get medium length haircuts?

Imagine your hair is a canvas – how often would you repaint it? For medium lengths, every 4-6 weeks is ideal to maintain shape and style. Don’t let those locks overstay their welcome!

What face shapes suit medium length mens hairstyles?

Medium length hairstyles flatter most face shapes, especially oval and square. They add volume for round faces, while softening sharp angles on angular ones.

How can I add volume to medium hairstyles?

To add volume, use a root-lifting product when styling. Blow-dry your hair upwards while brushing strands, creating lift from the roots. Finish with texturizing products like sea salt spray or fiber pomade for lasting fullness.


Embrace your personal style with medium length hairstyles for men, the versatile trend shaping 2024.

Whether opting for effortless waves or sporting a daring fade, these cuts provide endless avenues to express your uniqueness.

Maintain polished professionalism or evoke retro elegance – the decision is yours.

Venture into this stylish domain and augment your appearance with medium length hairstyles customized to your lifestyle.

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