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How to Shape a Ducktail Beard Full Guide of 2024

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how to shape a ducktail beardDo you want to be the ‘master of your own destiny’ and take charge of shaping your look? If so, learning how to shape a ducktail beard is an excellent place to start.

This iconic facial hairstyle has been popular for centuries, with everyone from the Devil in ancient artworks all the way up through modern celebrities like Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson sporting this style.

With its signature pointy chin section that gives it its namesake – resembling a duck’s tail – there are various lengths available depending on individual tastes ranging from short right through long or even horseshoe variations.

Read on as we guide you step by step though everything you need know about creating and maintaining this classic yet contemporary beard style!

Key Takeaways

  • Start by washing facial hair and using an unguarded trimmer to shape the cheeks and sides.
  • Create a horseshoe curve below the jawline and integrate the mustache above the upper lip.
  • Regularly maintain every 3-4 weeks with trimming and scissors.
  • Seek professional barber recommendations for initial shaping.

What is a Ducktail Beard?

What is a Ducktail Beard
You can achieve a mix of ruggedness and sophistication with the Ducktail beard, named after its resemblance to a duck’s tail. This popular style is inspired by celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt, and Mel Gibson.

There are various styles to choose from: short (1/2 inch chin hair), medium-length (5-inch chin hair), or long (full grown with a uniform soul patch).

To get started, you’ll need tools like trimmer, scissors, comb, shaping tool, beard balm/oil, etc. Wash your facial hair, then use an unguarded trimmer to shape your desired length on cheeks and sides before trimming under the lower lip and neckline.

Benefits of the Ducktail beard include softer, more manageable strands, plus increased confidence in social situations due to the extra recognition that comes along with having this eye-catching look!

Choosing the Right Ducktail Style

Choosing the Right Ducktail Style
When it comes to the Ducktail beard, there are four styles to choose from – the Medium-Length Ducktail, Long Ducktail, Pointed Ducktail, and Horseshoe. All of these styles offer a unique take on this iconic look and will help you stand out in any crowd.

Medium-Length Ducktail Beard

A popular choice for Ducktail beards is the medium-length style, which requires 5 inches of chin hair. For example, Pierce Brosnan showcases this look with a neat and tidy V-shape at his chin. To achieve it, trim your cheeks downward to create length near the chin while continuously combing to maintain uniformity.

It’s important to locate your neckline and shave below it too; then shape cheek lines accordingly.

This style suits most faces but can elongate chins, so bear that in mind when choosing this style.

Long Ducktail Beard

For a truly impressive look, opt for the long ducktail beard and make sure to trim it regularly. This style is best for those with full-grown beards that require plenty of upkeep.

It starts at the chin and extends outward in an even length, giving facial hair structure and definition. To maintain this look, use quality scissors or trimmers to keep stray hairs away.

For maximum impact, consider pairing it with a handlebar mustache! Ensure beard health by using hemp or jojoba oil as part of your grooming routine.

With proper care and attention given to detail, you can flaunt one of today’s hottest facial hair trends: The Long Ducktail Beard.

Pointed Ducktail Beard

Give your chin a V-shape with the Pointed Ducktail, perfect for those seeking a sharp yet dapper look. Choose from Short, Medium-Length, or Long variations to best suit your face shape and hair volume.

Get the right tools – trimmer, scissors, and comb – plus beard balm/oil for shaping and maintenance.

With careful trimming of cheeks downwards to create length near the chin, combined with mustache combinations, you’ll be well on your way to achieving this style! Celebrity influencers sporting this facial hair style can help give guidance along the way too, while also teaching valuable beard care essentials such as regularly oiling up!

HorseShoe Ducktail Beard Style

Create a unique look with the HorseShoe Ducktail and show off your strong jawline.

To style this beard, you’ll need medium-length chin hair plus shaping tools like a trimmer, scissors, comb, and wax.

Start by carving out a horseshoe shape below your chin. Then work on trimming cheeks downward to increase length near the point of the beard at your chin line.

Finish off with mustache tips connected to your face fuzz and groomed using essential balms/oils – voila! A signature celebrity-style ducktail that will turn heads wherever you go!

Steps to Shape a Ducktail Beard

Steps to Shape a Ducktail Beard
If you’re looking to shape a ducktail beard, the first step is to carve out a rough ducktail shape. To do this correctly, make sure you have the right tools, such as trimmers and scissors, on hand. With patience and precision, your goal of achieving an impressive ducktail will be within reach.

Step 1: Carve Out a Rough Ducktail Shape

Start by using a trimmer to carve out a rough 2-4 inch extension on your chin. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this impressive look can come together! Utilize trimming techniques and various beard tools for the desired shape.

Experiment with different styling options like facial hair care products, celebrities’ choices of Ducktail styles, or even pointed beards for added sophistication.

Neckline shaping is key in order to maintain the perfect Ducktail form. It should start near Adam’s apple height, then define cheekbones as high as possible before wrapping back around under the chin.

Step 2: Clean Up the Rough Edges and Shorten the Sides

Take the time to clean up any rough edges and shorten the sides of your beard with a trimmer, making sure that everything is uniform and symmetrical for an impressive Ducktail! Use shaping tools like beard wax or a straightener to help you get those perfect lines.

Make sure you’re using proper trimming techniques – from cheekbones down towards your chin, then across below your lower lip.

Now it’s time to clean up any areas that need attention; use scissors if necessary. To finish off, ensure even growth levels on both sides by brushing outwards with a comb while trimming lightly as needed.

Step 3: Shave the Neckline and Line Up the Cheeks

Shave along your Adam’s apple to create a neckline and then define the line of your cheekbones as high up as you can. For best results, use a beard trimmer with no guard for maximum accuracy when shaping the Ducktail beard.

To ensure an even look, trim facial hair in sections from top-down before shaving the neckline and creating perfect cheek lines.

Ensure proper care by using quality products such as hemp and jojoba oils or waxes to keep it looking neat and classy without sacrificing any ruggedness associated with this style.

Step 4: Maintain the Shape

Maintain your Ducktail’s shape every 3-4 weeks by trimming and using scissors. Use a trimmer to even up any rough edges, then comb the beard downward for uniform length.

Regular care is essential. Keep the mustache short and connected with the beard. Carefully shave the neckline below Adam’s apple level.

To get an expert look, you can visit your barber initially while learning how to maintain it yourself. Moving forward, use quality products like hemp and jojoba oil for faster growth and conditioning of facial hair.

Best Face Shapes for the Ducktail Beard

Best Face Shapes for the Ducktail Beard
To rock the Ducktail beard style, you need to have a face shape that can handle its unique look – don’t let it swallow your features whole! Oval faces are ideal for this facial hair style as it accentuates and enhances their existing features.

Square faces also suit the Ducktail well, as long as the pointy chin doesn’t get too long.

Heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces benefit from subtle shaping around cheekbones with this beard style; while rounder face shapes will appear more angular with its help.

To achieve an even trim, use quality tools like trimmers and scissors along with balm or oil for molding into the desired shape. Maintaining symmetrical lines is key when grooming any kind of facial hair styles, so ensure that the neckline is at Adam’s apple level before defining the cheekbone line towards the ears topside.

Hemp & jojoba oils encourage thicker growth, which helps in achieving a fuller look faster; while wax can be used for added hold over time if required by certain conditions or locations’ humidity levels.

Maintaining and Grooming a Ducktail Beard

Maintaining and Grooming a Ducktail Beard
Maintaining and grooming a Ducktail beard can be an involved process that requires regular trimming, shaping, and styling. It is important to have the right products on hand, such as trimmers, scissors, combs, beard balm, or oil, in order to achieve the desired look while keeping your facial hair looking neat and healthy.

Styling and Maintenance Tips

Regularly trim and style your facial hair for a sharp, Ducktail-inspired look. Use quality products like beard oil, balm, wax, and a brush to keep your ‘Duck’ looking perfect. Get the right tools, including scissors and a trimmer, along with a handlebar mustache to add sophistication.

Consider using an electric beard straightener if you have curly hair too! Seek out professional barber recommendations initially – they can shape it perfectly according to your face shape or desired outcome.

To keep your Ducktail Beard looking its best, consider investing in quality beard oil, balm, and wax for molding and styling.

A beard shaper can help you achieve perfect symmetry while shaping it up. Beard softeners are also great for keeping facial hair healthy-looking without weighing it down too much.

Finishing touches such as a boar bristle brush or comb will bring out that natural shine and luster we all desire.

Investing in these tools is an absolute must if you want your look on point every day!


Achieving the perfect Ducktail beard is a work of art! With the right knowledge and tools, you can create a look that’s guaranteed to turn heads and elevate your overall style.

Whether you choose a short, medium-length, long, pointed, or horseshoe Ducktail, the key is to grow out a full or mid-length beard. Then, choose the best style for your face shape and use the right tools to shape the Ducktail.

From a handlebar mustache to beard balm and oil, the right products are essential for maintaining the perfect Ducktail. As long as you’re patient and realistic with your beard growth, a Ducktail beard can be a great look for most face shapes, adding sophistication and ruggedness in equal measure.

With the right care and grooming, you can shape a Ducktail beard that’s truly something special.

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