20 Best Smelling Beard Balms For Conditioning & Robust 2020

Taking care of a beard requires a lot of work, such as washing, trimming, and styling, but do you take that step with the best smelling beard balms? A healthy beard needs its maintenance, and a large part of that maintenance is the form.

best beard balmsBest smelling beard balm is another essential tool for anyone who is seriously engaged in beard care, grooming, maintenance.

Plus keeping your beard beautiful and healthy, using some of the best smelling beard balms makes your facial hair much more pleasant and pleasant.

After a while wash, shampoo and conditioner will dry your beard and destroy the protein in those hairs instead of feeding it.

Best beard oil with natural ingredients such as argan, avocado, jojoba, and almond oil help restore your beard and keep it shiny, but it doesn’t help make it look more robust.

Beard balm is very versatile:

  • It can be used with beard oil
  • Used as a stand-alone beard conditioner
  • Helps you to style your beard

Top 5 Best Smelling Beard Balm (Quick Summary)

Honest Amish Beard Balm -Honest Amish Beard Balm - New Large 4 Ounce Twist Tin
  • Focuses on fixing beard dandruff
  • Should your beard soften within a few days
  • Made from all-natural ingredients (making it perfect for both facial hair and skin)
517 Customer Reviews
Badass Beard Care Beard BalmBadass Beard Care Beard Balm For Men - The Original Scent, 2 Ounce - All
  • Warm vanilla and sandalwood fragrance intoxicating
  • Offers a nice light to medium hold
  • Made in the USA by veterans
97 Customer Reviews
Beard Balm Conditioner for MenBeard Balm Conditioner for Men - Wild Willie's Beard Butter - Amazing Beard Balm with
  • Get your beard incredibly soft.
  • The balm contains an impressive list of ingredients.
486 Customer Reviews
Scotch Porter - All NaturalScotch Porter - All Natural Men's Beard Balm, 3 oz
  • African-American men love this beard balm because of its intense moisturising properties.
  • It smells great.
  • Makes your beard look soft and healthy.
291 Customer Reviews
Grave Before Shave Bay RumGrave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm
  • Offers a nice light hold that is good for short beards
  • Premium beard balm favoured by experienced bearded doctors
  • Hydrates both skin and hair
692 Customer Reviews
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What is beard balm used for?

big bearded man portrait - beard s and pictures What is beard balm used for?

Beard balm is a substance used to solve 4 main problems
  • Soften your beard
  • Make your beard healthier
  • Prevent and cure beard rose
  • Provide styling control

Whether it’s the cold winter months or the hot, dry heat in the middle of the summer – beard balm should be used in all seasons.

But why?

When you start growing a beard, even if it is not very long, you may notice that it is starting to become both itchy and flaky.

This is due to the dryness of your skin and the lack of tallow oil.

Sebum oil is an oil that is naturally produced by the glands in your skin.

It gives your skin and hair the essential nutrients it needs to look healthy and feel soft.

Consider beard balm as a supplement to the natural sebum oils that your skin already produces.

The addition of beeswax in a balm protects your skin and gives structure to your beard.

Therefore, if your facial hair is a little unmanageable, this added ingredient can keep your beard in place all day long.

Before Buying: Tips About Beard Balms, You Need To Know

smiling bearded man. - beard s and pictures Before Buying: Tips About Beard Balms You Need To Know

However, before we discuss our beard balm reviews, in this first section, we will make a list of the features that you should keep in mind when reading those reviews.

We are here to help you, and here you can quickly see what to look for when looking for the best smelling beard balm.

Remember these features here in the list, and they will help you find the best smelling beard balm that suits your specific needs.

1-Holding Power

When you shop for a new beard balm, you will come across many companies that mark their beard balm as one of the following strengths:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Strong

As the labels infer, the holding power should help in setting performance expectations around an absolute beard balm.

Generally, if you think your facial hair can become a little unmanageable, you should expect a medium to healthy hold beard balm to keep your beard in shape all day long.

This can be especially important for men who may have problems with their beards getting in the way while eating.

For composition, beard balms with a medium or stronger shelf life had a higher concentration.

Therefore, you should expect lower conditioning properties for these beard balms with strong holding strengths.

2-Natural ingredients

Of course, we see balms packed with quality butter and essential and natural oils.

If a product comes in contact with our skin for a long time, we want it to be as mild – and natural – as possible.


We know that scent is important to you, so we have done our best to describe the aroma of any balm.

20 Best Smelling Beard Balms Of 2020

After a healthy dose of research and testing in the real world, here are our top choices for the best smelling beard balm you can pick up now.

When you first enter the world of beard balm, here is our selection of the top 20 best smelling beard balm currently on the market.

1-Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

If you have had a beard for a while and have played with some of the different beard care products, you will probably come across the name Honest Amish once or twice. Honest Amish is a favourite among us here at Stubble Patrol, and the classic beard balm of the company is still one of the most solid beard balms currently on the market.

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner 1The beard balm from Honest Amish is made here in the United States and can be rough and rough facial hair and is as soft as the bottom of a baby.

This is great for reducing the amount of itching and dandruff often found in long beards, and it works excellent through consecutive days of use.

In addition to the standard range of essential oils, Honest Amish also uses Shea Butter, Cocoa, Aloe and a whole range of other ingredients to make the balsam odour fantastic.

During the composition of Honest Amish, you will not find any harsh chemicals or fake odours, and this serious look at the completely natural movement is another reason why we can not get enough of it.

  • Focuses on fixing beard dandruff
  • Should your beard soften within a few days
  • Made from all-natural ingredients (making it perfect for both facial hair and skin)
  • The odour is a bit polarising

2-Badass Beard Care Beard Balm for Men

Badass Beard Care has been treating bearded men for years, and they are incredibly good at it.

Made in the USA and run by military veterans, it doesn’t get more American than this.

Badass Beard Care Beard Balm for Men 1But in addition to feeling incredibly patriotic when applying this beard balm, it delivers a great warm scent along with the right mix of ingredients.

The ingredients are top-notch and include shea butter, cocoa butter, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil and more – you can view the full list on their site.

Therefore, if you are dealing with a dry beard or a little itch, you should be happy with the results after a few short applications of this beard balm.

Since this is more a hydration-focused beard balm, the concentration of beeswax is a lot lighter. Therefore, if you have a very long beard and want some structure, this beard balm is not suitable for you.

However, if you are still within a few centimetres of the total beard length, this balm is fine.

  • Warm vanilla and sandalwood fragrance intoxicating
  • Offers a nice light to medium hold
  • Made in the USA by veterans
  • For the size, it is quite expensive.

3-Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

If you’ve ever used beard care products before, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Wild Willie’s.
The brand is very popular with beard lovers around the world.

Wild Willie's Beard Butter 1Their beard balm, which is advertised as beard butter, is entirely handmade from locally sourced ingredients in the USA without colouring agents, preservatives or fragrances.

It contains a mix of 13 organic ingredients that provide a blend of carrier oils, essential oils, and beeswax.

If you are sensitive to flavours, there is a natural Tea-Tree scent or a refreshing mint flavour. Both have a slightly active aroma profile that lasts for at least an hour before it evaporates.

After using this product for a few days, there is no doubt about it, Wild Willie’s Beard Butter Balm will completely stop any dry, itchy feeling that has been going on with your beard. Not only does it give your beard great form, but it will hydrate your skin as well.

With so many oils listed as ingredients in this beard balm, your beard will feel incredibly soft and look healthy within about a week after using it.

Regarding the scent of this beard balm, being that it has tea tree, rosemary, cedarwood essential oils, it does give off kind of a lavender/woodsy scent.

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If you prefer an unscented beard balm, then this isn’t for you.

  • Get your beard incredibly soft.
  • The balm contains an impressive list of ingredients.
  • Not made animal-friendly.

4- Scotch Porter Beard Balm

This beard balm is one of the best on our list when it comes to hydrating your beard and contains a wide range of natural ingredients, including marshmallow root, nettle leaf, aloe vera juice, shea butter, jojoba oil and various others.

 Scotch Porter Beard Balm 1Although any man can use it, this moisturising beard balm is the perfect beard balm for black men.

The reason for this is that this balm could soften coarse and thick hair within a few days.

Although the moisturising properties are the strongest selling point, the scent of this balm is a good second. A light marshmallow/coconut scent is both intoxicating and masculine.

Men fell in love with this scent, and even one person found out if Scotch Porter sold the same scent as a cologne.

If this has disadvantages, it will retain its strength.

If your beard is a bit unmanageable, you may have some trouble arguing with the whiskers of that product.

  • African-American men love this beard balm because of its intense moisturising properties.
  • It smells great.
  • Makes your beard look soft and healthy.
  • Could have a bit stronger of a hold.
  • The price is at the higher end.

5-Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm

The next product we are looking at is a Grave Before beard balm – more specifically the Bay Rum Beard Balm. Grave Before Shave follows in the footsteps of Liberty Grooming with only honest, natural ingredients, and this is present with the all-natural oils and butter through Bay Rum.

Grave Before Shave describes the fragrance as Bal Rum, and although it is a bit stronger than what you get at Virtu, that is not necessarily bad. Some customers are not completely satisfied with the smell of this, but we have personally fallen in love with it.

Along with the excellent fragrance, Grave Before Shave’s option also offers amazingly good in sweltering conditions. Hot weather is something that many bale balms often struggle with, but you will not find such a problem with what Grave Before Shave made here. This will probably not be a big problem for our Northern readers, but if you live more in the South, this will become a huge game-changer.

Don’t let the dry beard deter you from all your hard work.

Save it instead with this beard balm from Grave Before Shave. With deep conditioning and a subtle scent of bourbon that lasts all day, this product helps you achieve everything; whether you want a tamed beard or a wild beard!

One of the disadvantages of the gentleman’s beard balm is that it is more than relatively light. Although the texture keeps the hair very soft and stylised, it does not stay good all day.

  • Offers a nice light hold that is good for short beards
  • Premium beard balm favoured by experienced bearded doctors
  • Hydrates both skin and hair
  • The hold is missing a little
  • priced at a premium

6-Beard Bolt XL Beard Balm

If you want to add some fuel to speed up your beard growth, pay attention to the beard bolt XL.

This beard balm is formulated to stimulate beard growth and contains a tonic of natural ingredients, including caffeine, apricot oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E oil for a fuller and thicker beard.

According to this study published on the National Institutes of Health website, caffeine was found to help with hair growth.

Also, vitamin E oil is linked to increased blood circulation – which is crucial for supporting improved hair growth.

Although the science is still aware of the effectiveness of such ingredients when it comes to beard growth (as opposed to head hair growth as quoted in the articles above), there were positive reviews from other men in our study.

Men who used this product saw promising results — ultimate after continued use.

If you’re a little sceptical about such a product, don’t worry, this beard balm will still work well by providing lots of moisture to soften and strengthen your beard.

Men also liked the light and airy scent of this beard balm.

  • Contains a mixture of ingredients that may speed up beard growth
  • Beyond growth properties, its an effective beard balm
  • The scent doesnt linger and is pleasant
  • It’s expensive.

7-Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm

It is not an easy task to follow Urban Prince, but it does well with the beard balm from Rocky Mountain Barber Company.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm 1You will not find artificial or unnatural ingredients anywhere in Rock Mountain’s beard balm, and the utterly natural ingredient mix is a real highlight for this product.

Cedar and eucalyptus are the two most prominent ingredients when it comes to the odour of the balm, and it presents a somewhat masculine aroma without favouring the odour profile too much.

Beard balm – Rocky Mountain Barber – 100% natural – Premium wax mix with cedarwood fragrance, nutritious beeswax, Jojoba, tea tree, coconut oil
Click on the image to view Amazon prices

The grip of the Rocky Mountain Barber balm is a bit on the stronger side of things, and although it is incredibly sturdy, it also does a great job by making your beard greasy or dirty.

Key Features
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS With more than eight essential oils, we are proud to say that our product is completely natural with ingredients that make your beard feel and look great
  • A PREMIUM Beard Ball Use only the best ingredients from North America, we have made it our duty to offer you the best beard balm on the market.
  • ULTIMATE STYLING MANAGEMENT Our beard balm gives you the style and control you want without weighing or making your beard feel greasy or greasy. Shape your condition and start your day well.
  • CEDARWOOD Fragrance Our beard balm gives off a light masculine scent with eucalyptus and cedar and is not overwhelming.
  • EVERY BEARD LENGTH Our beard balm hydrates and takes care of beards of everyone lengths.

8-Smooth Viking Beard Balm

If you are looking for a lotion that offers extra grip without compromising hydration and conditioning. Smooth Viking Beard Balm solves the problem.

Smooth Viking Beard Balm 1The look looks a lot thicker and drier than most other beard balms that you have tried before. But that is only when you apply it between your fingers and palms and rub it. It melts evenly and becomes a consistent, spreadable texture that allows easy application.

Whether your beard is short, long or somewhere in the middle, Smooth Viking beard balm works wonders to control your unmanageable whiskers.

By using various natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and candelilla wax, this beard balm was loved by men because it had retained its structure throughout the day.

No matter how healthy your beard was, it still gave enough moisture to prevent beard itching or flaking.
The ratio of moisturisers to wax in this beard balm is one of the most balanced on our list.

Apart from the composition of the stellar ingredients, Smooth Viking beard balm is made in the US – for more quality control on production.

  • Stronghold gives your beard structure throughout the day
  • A mix of oil and butter will soften and hydrate your beard
  • One of the highest valued balms on the market
  • Made in the USA
  • The smell may not be for everyone

9-Cremo Styling Beard Balm

This beard balm is perfect for men who are looking for a beard balm suitable for their long and flowing beard.

Cremo Styling Beard Balm 1Although the texture can be a little greasier than some of the buttery, sultry counterparts, Cremo’s beard balm has no problem styling and hydrating even the wildest beards.

The only disappointment with this styling beard balm is the scent.

Some have reported that although the aroma of peppermint is active in the beginning, it fades and is not bad, but others say that this balm resembles the strength of Vicks vapour friction. Other than that, the Cremo product is easy to use, absorbs quickly and feels your beard fresh and hydrated.

Designed for more extended and fuller beards, you would think that this balm would have much hold. But that is not the case. Although Cremo) is great for styling and hydrating a beard, you want to apply it again later in the day if you are very active.

The perfect balm for people with longer beards. Protects and cares for your skin and beard without feeling greasy.

  • The ultimate beard balm for those men with longer beards
  • The fragrance is refreshing
  • Moisturizes and softens skin as well
  • The scent may be a bit too strong for some

10-Grave Before Shave Gentleman’s Blend Beard Balm

Don’t be put off by all the hard work of a dry beard.

Save it instead with this beard balm from Grave Before Shave. With deep conditioning and a subtle scent of bourbon that lasts all day, this product helps you achieve everything; whether you want a tamed beard or a wild beard!

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One of the disadvantages of the gentleman’s beard balm is that it is more than relatively light. Although the texture keeps the hair very soft and stylised, it does not stay good all day.

Also, the ingredient list does not contain all the essential oil that this product uses; so people with sensitive skin may want to avoid this balm. Moreover, Grave Before Shave balm is extremely easy to apply due to its buttery texture and leaves no residue. If you are looking for an excellent lotion for beginners, this might be precisely what you are looking for.

  • Offers a nice light hold that is good for short beards
  • Premium beard balm favoured by experienced bearded doctors
  • Hydrates both skin and hair
  • The hold is missing a little
  • priced at a premium

11-Urban Prince Beard Balm Conditioner

Urban Prince is a bit of a newcomer in the game beard balm, but it soon becomes a favourite among boys who have tried it. Made by BushKlawz and supports your beard in three ways – by conditioning, radiant and refreshing.

Urban Prince Beard Balm Conditioner 1Urban Prince Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner Beard Butter Moisturizer Premium Refreshing Fragrance 2 oz – Best Leave-in Conditioner Scented Beard Balm Gifts Bearded Men

Obtaining dry and flaky facial hair is not fun for anyone, and Urban Price does miraculous work by hydrating your hair, keeping your beard fresh, lively and incredibly soft. Better still, it also helps to promote natural beard growth by rejuvenating the hair follicles in your face.

Did we mention the smell? Oh man, the smell of this stuff. There are many delicious scented beard balms, but Urban Price can take the crown on the nose as the best smelling beard balm we have ever tried.

It is difficult to describe the smell of Urban Prince accurately, but the best way to say this is by saying that it is at the same time a well-balanced smell of masculine, sporty, sharp and refreshing.

Combine all this with elements that reduce itching during your beard, and you have a real winner here.

Key Features
  • Indications: Improves beard softness, manageability and health of the beard hair by conditioning with all-natural ingredients, including essential oils. Designed for ALL beards, and especially useful for dry, brittle or unmanageable beards. Conditions and locks in moisture for the hair.
  • Imported
  • BEST CONDITIONING BALM: Are you tired of having a brittle, dry, unmanageable beard: broom steers are for hermits and newbies. Control your MAN MANE with the Urban Prince Premium scented beard balm.
  • MOISTURIZES HAIR AND PROMOTES GROWTH: BushKlawz Urban Prince Premium perfumed beard balm keeps your hair conditioned, smooth and soft while you hold your Man Mane lightly. It keeps the hair follicles moist and promotes growth from within.
  • LEFT IN HYDRATION AND ITCH LIGHTING: Hydrates and hydrates the skin under your beard to keep beard rose at bay. Tames wild hair and eliminates coarse texture for fully manageable Magnificent Manes.
  • ODOR AWESOME: Our scent of Urban Prince is the perfect balance between masculine, sporty, refreshing and fresh sea breeze that will draw the bees to your male honey. Nobody wants to walk around and smell like walking incense.
  • FOR THE BEST RESULTS: Use in combination with BushKlawz beard oil, daily hair and beard care spray, 2Klawz Full-Size mens comb and 4Klawz 4-sided pocket beard comb.

12-Beardoholic Beard Balm – Sweet Orange

A reviewer on Amazon suggests that Beardoholic’s Sweet Orange Beard Balm smells (good enough to eat.) That is lofty praise and, indeed, the sweet orange scent is intoxicating.

But that is not the only reason why we have this balm. First, it has all the advantages of other high-quality lotions, not least that it has a shelf life that is strong but not too stiff.

Beardoholic Beard Balm – Sweet Orange 1Like all Beardoholic products, this balm has a hypoallergenic formula that is free from sulfates and parabens, making it safe for all beard and skin types. Essential ingredients are shea butter, beeswax, argan oil, jojoba, a vitamin E, to name just a few.

It is a formula that also has other benefits, including that the beard relieves itching and eliminates dandruff. It also refreshes dry skin under the beard.

Another thing that you will appreciate is the texture. It is very flexible, making it easy to apply and evenly distributed over your beard. It is not too greasy or too waxy and melts quickly.

And of course, there is the smell that comes from sweet orange seed oil mixed with the other ingredients of the balm. It is subtle and not overwhelming and pleasant enough that others notice it.

Key Features
  • STRONG, ALL DAY HOLD: shape and style your beard quickly and effortlessly like a PRO. Tame loose hair and enjoy every beard style you want.
  • Subtle masculine scent: pleasant and refreshing orange scent that is not too strong or overwhelming.
  • ELIMINATES itching and dandruff, making your beard supple, tidy, clean and soft. Moreover, it also helps with DRY SKIN under your beard.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Hypoallergenic formula that is completely free from sulfates and parabens. Safe for all beard and skin types.
  • EASY TO ADJUST: With one of the softest structures, it melts quickly and spreads evenly over your beard. Not greasy or waxy.

13-Beard Balm Sandalwoodleave

The hat goes to the new boy in the city.

The Rogue Beard Company was founded in 2015 provided the world needs premium beard products at the right price †’ …¡ and has earned its spurs with products such as the Natural Beard Balm Sandalwood Leave-In Conditioner.

Beard Balm Sandalwoodleave 1It has also vowed to crawl behind beards that defy most trim tactics. Their Natural Beard Balm, however, is at work, with a formula that confronts brittle beards, split ends, itching, and the dreaded beard.

And you stay with a fully conditioned, fully groomed beard that is softer and more manageable than the one you had before. It even helps you to thicken your beard.

We also like the fact that Natural Beard Balm, as the name suggests, is made from entirely natural ingredients. That means no pesticides, parabens, GMOs – you name it. Even the two-ounce can enter recyclable.

It is even cruelty-free, which means that the ingredients have not been tested on animals.

There is more good news: Natural Beard Balm comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not like it, send it back.

Key Features
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE no questions asked! If you dont like it, well pay it back! Rogue Beard Company answers all emails quickly we stand behind our satisfaction guarantee! Great for men who try the beard life (you dont want to go back) or who has the best beard ever. If you dont like balm, dont worry. Send us an e-mail, and we will give you a refund or replacement. If you have any questions: We care about your beard journey, send us a message and let us help.
  • 100% NATURAL Beard Balm No pesticides, parabens, GMOs, artificial ingredients or fillers it is pure and safe for all hair types and a good basis for beard care. Better made than homemade and moulded in 2 ounce recyclable and refillable aluminium cans (except the trees!) That protect it from UV light. When you choose a beard balm, you choose the best product for the best results natural ingredients that are great for your epic beard.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT Beard growth Best beard balm on the market, Sandalwood Essential Oil stimulates beard growth while itchy, sensitive or soothing irritated skin. Sandalwood scent is a masculine, rich wood scent, reserved in days with mahogany pines. Rogue Beard Company Beard Balm is the male choice of leave-in beard conditioner with natural oils that work with your brittle beard to treat beard-dandruff, itching, split ends and more. Use daily for the best beard effect
  • THICK YOUR Beard and soften with the best beard balm by Rogue Beard Company made with a unique blend of natural olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, argan oil, Jojoba oil and pure sandalwood essential oil for maximum control of the beard, softening and soothing. After showering, rub through the beard when the beard is still slightly damp. Quickly takes place for every mans rogue lifestyle takes 3 seconds to apply and then start looking and smelling your life.
  • HAVE A WILD Beard: Use beard balm to tame stray beard hairs. Sandalwood Beard Balm from Rogue Beard Company gives your beard and moustache a healthy and well-groomed look that is natural and perfumed with pure essential oils, so you dont have to worry about ruining your beard with chemicals or additives. Sandalwood beard balm soothes and cares for unmanageable, coarse and rogue beard hairs to make your beard hair more comfortable to handle, smooth and manageable, tamer and better against your skin.

14-Beard Balm – All Natural Leave-in Conditioner

Beard balm is not a very innovative name for a beard balm. A bit like naming your dog.

But this handmade, natural beard breeder has been around for a few years, and his popularity has remained constant.

Beard Balm - All Natural Leave-in Conditioner 1Made by hand in Detroit, all of this taps into the right boxes you are looking for in a beard care product.

It has a wonderfully mild aroma, is just the right consistency, it softens hard beard cords, and a small tin can last for months, although it is slightly lower than the standard 2oz.

It is not the ideal choice if you are looking for something that your beard can hold all day.

View our next choice for the ultimate styling balm for beards. But if you want to tame your face, reduce the terrible beard itching, reduce frizz, knots, and drought; Beard balm does the job fine.

From the general scent to the overall shelf life that Beard Balm from Detroit offers, your beard needs are covered. It gives off an unpleasant/woody odour and will undoubtedly make you smell like a rough man.

But don’t worry, the scent is not so overpowering that you want to wash it immediately after applying your beard. It gradually disappears as the day progresses and gives the beautiful undertone that you and others can occasionally enjoy (this is not a bad thing at all!).

Made in the USA (Detroit, MI), this beard balm is top compared to all other tested beard balms.

Ensure a good grip during the day by giving the right amount of beeswax – your beard looks professional and good.

  • Offers a great balance between holding strength and moisture
  • Made in the USA
  • The natural woody scent is subtle and yet pleasant
  • Must be used daily because product ingredients tend to break down

15- Seven Potions Beard Balm

Seriously, what’s nice about a bearded balm that smells delicious and consists of natural and organic ingredients? Not much and that’s why we included Seven Potions Beard Balm in our discussions.

 Seven Potions Beard Balm 1Not that smell is the most critical factor in evaluating beard balms, but it does not hurt to keep track of how a product smells when you plan to use it consistently.

The smell of The Seven Potions – described as ‘woodland’ – comes from a combination of cedar and sandalwood. It is a soft smell and not overwhelming, but not so sweet that you do not notice it.

But the smell is only part of the general equation that contributes to keeping this balm.

The hardness is somewhere between medium and firm and easy to work with. It provides excellent grip while softening your beard and helps to rid it of dandruff, itching and split ends.

Seven Potions Beard Balm leaves your skin moisturised thanks to vegan-friendly glycerine, while you enjoy the control it gives. People will notice how well-defined and healthy your beard looks like compared to others.

Another plus is that Seven Potions comes in a 2-ounce package that is larger than that of other brands. You only have to use it a little bit peruse, and a single container lasts a long time.

Again, this is a completely natural and organic balm that contains no chemicals, parabens, preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes. It is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Key Features
  • The premium beard balm that makes your beard softer and healthier
  • 100% All natural ingredients, vegetarian without animal testing; A unique blend of high-quality carrier and essential oils, including coconut oil, palm oil, jojoba wax, peach kernel oil, cocoa butter, avocado butter, vitamin E, cedarwood, sandalwood
  • Dont settle for mediocre products; This natural beard softener has been developed with quality and performance in mind
  • Stops beard itching, reduces beard split ends and helps with dandruff; Use this premium balm to grow a healthy and strong beard
  • It makes your facial hair naturally shiny without getting greasy; Beard maintenance and care are becoming easier and more pleasant than ever before

16-Woody’s Beard Balm

With an affordable price and a refreshing scent of grapefruit, Woody’s Beard Balm is an invigorating beard balm that will altogether remove the beard rose. Greasy, because this product is as smooth as butter.

The only problem we have with this product is that Woody only mentions some (essential ingredients) in terms of components, such as beeswax and coconut oil. There is not a very clear picture of what is in this beard balm, so people with sensitive skin may want to stay clear.

When it comes to sticking, however, it was pretty sturdy, and your beard structure would look good.

In general, this is a great daily beard balm that can get the job done. The stronghold should work for most beard styles.

  • A refreshing scent for an affordable price
  • Men were satisfied with the holding power of this balm
  • Some questions about the composition of ingredients

17-Gentleman’s Beard Balm Viking

If you have a problem with itching while you have a long beard, this balm can work effectively. It retains moisturiser for a long time along the hair shaft. This means the hair does not dry out day and night. That is why the problem of itching has been solved with an enormous amount.

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The way it hydrates your hair also helps with hair growth in sublime quantity. The moisturising particle even hydrates the follicle, resulting in the growth of hair.

Applying this balm not only nourishes your hair but also prevents outsiders such as bacteria and contamination. That is why it prevents your hair from being damaged. Even if you have damaged hair, it offers the right treatment to improve the growth and rejuvenation of that hair.

And above all, this beard balm is 100% organic. That is why you can use this balm in any skin. The ingredients include shea butter, rice bran oil, almond oil and other natural essential oils.

Key Features
  • Increase moisture along the hair shaft, stopping itch
  • Seal moisture into the follicles, promoting growth
  • Armour beard from bacteria and pollutants
  • Repair damaged hair
  • Provide hold and mould to style

18-Beard Balm by Liberty Grooming (Virtu Beard Balm)

Liberty Grooming has created a lot of buzz in the gentlemen’s care community with its newest beard balm offer, which is named by the company as Virtu Beard Balm. Virtu is easily the most popular balm Liberty Grooming currently has in its range, and it is a pretty phenomenal product.

Beard balm and combo set for men, beard butter, beard wax, best styling emollient cream.

Virtu is made entirely in the United States, and some of the most prominent ingredients are shea butter, beeswax and a load of essential oils. All these ingredients come together to create a fantastic scent, and although it is too strong now, it bears very remarkable notes of the earth and outdoors.

Beeswax is the main holding component for Virtu, and this ensures a very light hold. Lighter balms are usually best for men who are just starting with beard balms, but Liberty Grooming says this is also a reliable option if you’ve had a beard for a while.

The hold can be light, but this means that it is safe enough to hold everything in place while giving you a little extra room to move that you can not get with stronger balms.

19-Bossman complete Beard Kit

Bossman is the complete beard set for managing your beard. It conditions, repairs and ensures a sleek appearance of your beard. This kit is a perfect combination of a Beard treatment package with Beard conditioner, Beard oil, beard balm and Beard scent.

Beard conditioner helps you repair damaged beards. The tip of the beard can be damaged now and then. Washing your beard with this conditioner rejuvenates the advice and promotes the beard grow faster.

Meanwhile, beard oil helps hydrate your beard. It prevents itching and redness of your skin. This oil maintains your hair follicle and pores.

So, how long does the moisturiser in your beard last with this moisturiser? It certainly takes a long time. If you want to hydrate your beard for a long time, you can use this beard balm. It nourishes your hair and helps thicken your beard and moustache.

Moreover, the scent of this balm is super amazing thefts, all great.

Key Features
  • YOUR COMPLETE BEARD TREATMENT PACKAGE Including the Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner cream the Jelly Beard Oil the Relaxing Beard Balm and Metal Beard Mustache Comb Makes a great gift for bearded men with four scented selections.
  • FORTIFY INTENSE BEARD CONDITIONER for the shower 2x a week to replenish dry pores, and facial hair Helps stimulate beard growth with all-natural moisturisers Wash the face and beard with shampoo and then apply conditioner lotion directly to the beard and moustache for the best result.
  • JELLY BEARD OIL To hydrate pores and soften facial hair The Jelly Beard Oil is superior to conventional beard oil due to the increased viscosity and ability of the gel to form a better bond with the pores and skin of the hair follicles. Stops beard itching dryness and brittleness.
  • RELAXING BALM: A butter-like wax that captures moisture and essential vitamins and minerals in the facial hair for long-lasting nutrition Makes your beard and moustache grow faster and look thicker a critical part of your care setting.
  • GOLDEN SCENT The fresh mix of cedarwood and spruce oil that gives a touch of fresh air Combined with rich lemon oil for a clean and refreshing effect Golden scent is the perfect way to wake up or feel refreshed during the day.

20-Whiskey ink and lace beard balm

Are you afraid of using beard balm because of acne? Well, you don’t have to be? Whiskey ink and beard balm with lace is specially made to prevent outbreaks. The oil mixed in this balm ensures that this thing happens.

You can hit this balm in your skin and get the super softening beard without acne in mind and face.

Also, this product makes your beard shiny and attractive. Moreover, this oil also works as a

  • Aphrodisiac
  • Relieving stress and
  • antidepressants

Sometimes while you walk through polluted areas nearby. It can dry your beard. This works as a pure moisturiser and also works as an insect repellent.

The scent of this balm is mild. It is not too strong. So you will feel the good scent and make your day good too.

Key Features
  • 100% completely natural, perfumed with therapeutic natural essential oils. Contains no fragrance oils. Subtle, natural scent, not overwhelming.
  • Fragrance: woody, with a hint of bergamot (citrus), and floral ylang ylang and a soft vanilla finish. Odour strength: subtle
  • Benefits of therapeutic essential oil: aphrodisiac, antidepressant, uplifting, stress-relieving, stimulating, grounding, insect repellent.
  • Key benefits: soothes the skin. Very good for people with eczema, psoriasis, itching or pimples. Can act as an insect repellent, so perfect for lumberjacks. It has been proven that this scent is quite a potent aphrodisiac.
  • Composed of oils that care for the hair and are light enough to be used on the face, including coconut and argan oil. It contains a little wax to style your chin hair.

Benefits Of Beard Balm

Beard balm is primarily a mix of butter, beeswax and other natural essential oils. Let’s look at the benefits of beard balm, especially the benefits of these blends.


Butter acts as a moisturiser in the beard. The moisturiser nourishes your beard and ensures that your beard looks healthy and shiny. You all know that butter feels slightly greasy. So it works for styling your beard. Above all, it helps to remove tame flyaways.

Note: most beard balm uses shea butter, which is beneficial for both hair and beard.


As the name implies, the wax is used for styling. The beeswax helps to straighten your coarse, curly and wild hair. If you take a scoop of balm and put it directly into your beard, it hydrates and nourishes it.

After application, you can spread it evenly over your beard using your hand. And finally, you can use a comb or beard brush to give it shape and style.

Natural essential oil

The most balm is the mixture of various natural oils such as almond oil, seed oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil and other oils.

  • Almond oil: Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid. These are the nutrients needed for the growth of silky smooth and healthy hair. It not only nourishes your hair but also helps to repair damaged hair in your skin.
  • Grapeseed oil: Some people don’t like the greasiness of beard balm. In that case, grape seed oil plays a role. It nourishes your hair and does not let you feel the greasiness in your hair. Moreover, it retains a moisturising cream in your beard for a more extended period.
  • Avocado oil: Your hair will not look good and shiny if it does not receive essential nutrients. It is one of the fats that penetrate your hair shaft and hydrates your hair. It is due to the oleic acid present.

FAQ About Best Smelling Beard Balms

Is a brush or comb needed for applying beard balm?

my beard is well cared for - beard brush s and pictures Is a brush or comb needed for applying beard balm?

We get this question a lot from guys.

Is a beard brush or comb worth it?

The answer is a resounding YES!

You see that beard brushes and combs are made differently from other types of combs and brushes on the market.

Whether you apply a beard balm or beard oil, you absolutely must use a beard brush and comb.

But why?

A high-quality beard brush contains bear’s hair.

This type of brush can catch excess beard balm in the hair and spread the product evenly in your beard.

On the other side of the equation is a beard comb.

Beard combs are mainly used to style your beard and give it a great shape.

With the bit of beeswax in a beard balm, a beard comb gives you the ability to ensure that you can tame your moustache on the sides and give your beard structure.

It is important to note that beard combs differ considerably from your typical drugstore comb.

Beard combs are often cut and polished by hand. This leaves no micro-serrated edges along with the teeth of the comb that can destroy your beard.

Beard Balm And Beard Oil: Can I Use It At The Same Time?

Because each beard is different, you must choose a routine that is most suitable for you. That said, there is no reason not to use beard balm and beard oil at the same time.

There are different ways to use the two products together:

  • Apply beard oil to the hair roots and rub it deep. Then apply beard balm to the outside of your beard to give it extra hold.
  • You can apply once in the morning and at night. Again, it’s a matter of personal preference and your specific routine.
  • You can even apply them to other days.

How and when to apply best beard balms?

best smelling beard balm

People argue a lot about the use of beard products, such as beard balm and beard oil. It is a fact that, although the technique ensures that your beard strands are evenly covered, it is a relatively simple process.

Take meat with beard balm in your palm and rub it to melt it so that it covers your palm evenly. Now apply it to your beard and work your way from the roots to the edges. The amount of balm you need to use depends on the length of your beard.

If you plan to style it, you may need to use something more than what you would otherwise apply.

For beards that are shorter than a few centimetres, even a ball with small dimensions may suffice.

However, if you have a very long beard, you may need more to get cover. Even if your beard is longer than 2 inches, you may have to use a beard brush and a comb to style the beard in the right way.

Difference Between Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Wax

The line between beard balm and beard oil can get blurred.

Admittedly, although it is not difficult to notice the physical differences, it can be confusing about what, when and why one or the other is used.

Or, even if you can use them together.

We have already discussed what beard oil is and we can tell you that beard wax is very similar to beard balm, but usually has a higher concentration of beeswax, while shea butter is often omitted.

So what’s this beard balm stuff?

Beard balm, as mentioned, generally contains beeswax and butter (usually shea or cocoa butter) and Beard oil is essentially a mixture of oils – which is clear.

Beard balm, on the other hand, looks like lip balm or light hair wax. It is thicker than oil and comes in a smooth paste that you can easily mould into your hand.

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Another way to look at beard balm is this: it’s a leave-in conditioner that is great for styling your beard and keeping stray hair in place. Just like beard oil, it also hydrates and softens your beard – and is an essential tool in beard care kits.

Final Thoughts

This contains our 20 best smelling beard balm. As I said before, if you have not tried Beard Balm yet and want to lift your beard care to a new level, you should try a few balms.

Trying to get only one beard balm out of all these options may seem complicated, and that is fair because it is. We are really in love with all best smelling beard balms on this list, and you can not go wrong with what you end up with.

Our advice? Pick a few and try them out to see which suits you best.

Taste and mistakes are usually not a fun process to go through, but we do not mind if you play with these beautiful balms.

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