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Best Holding Gel for Natural Hair: Unleash Your Kinks & Curls’ Potential! (2024)

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best holding gel for natural hairCalling all curly queens! You’ve been on a quest for the best holding gel for natural hair, and your search ends here.

Eco Style Gel Olive Oil is a powerhouse – delivering superior hold without wax or grease, allowing your kinks and curls to reign supreme.

Taliah Waajid’s Lock It Up Tight Hold is an intense yet flexible formula that will have your mane feeling snatched for days.

These gels harness natural ingredients like olive oil and shea butter to nourish while they define.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding the perfect holding gel is like searching for a hair unicorn – mythical, yet totally achievable with the right botanical blend of nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and marshmallow root. These plant-based gems hydrate while defining, working magic on your gorgeous coils.
  • Choosing a gel that caters to your specific curl pattern and porosity level is key. It’s like finding that perfect partner who meshes flawlessly with your quirks and needs. Low porosity? Lightweight water-based formulas are your hair’s new BFF. High porosity calls for heavier creams to lock in that blessed moisture.
  • Mastering gel application techniques like raking, shingling, and smoothing will elevate your curl game to mythical heights. With the right moves, you’ll be sporting gravity-defying coils, juicy ringlets, and a slick, liquid silk finish that sashays with every head toss.
  • For those boss babe, power ponytail days, turn to heavy-duty holding heroes like Wetline Xtreme, Got2B Glued, or Gummy Wax. These maximum-strength stylers have your back, locking your edges and updos in place through life’s hair-raising adventures (or humidity levels from Hades).

Top 10 Best Holding Gels for Natural Hair

Are you struggling to find the perfect holding gel that can tame your natural curls and kinks? Consider these top 10 best holding gels – from Eco Style Gel Olive Oil to Mixed Chicks Styling Gel – they’ll give you the long-lasting definition and frizz control you need.

1. Eco Style Gel Olive Oil

Eco Style Gel Olive OilView On Amazon
You crave styling products that work as hard as you do – enter Eco Style Gel Olive Oil. Made with 100% pure olive oil, it smooths hair cuticles, locking in moisture and shine. No wax or grease, just superior hold that lets your curls reign supreme.

With its alcohol-free formula, this gel nourishes strands while defining your glorious kinks and coils. Emancipate your hair’s full potential, one scrunch at a time.

Best For: Those seeking a natural, nourishing hair gel that provides superior hold and definition.

  • Made with 100% pure olive oil, moisturizing and nourishing hair.
  • Provides superior hold without wax or grease, leaving hair soft and manageable.
  • Alcohol-free formula, gentle on hair and scalp.
  • Some users experienced leakage or breakage upon delivery.
  • May not be suitable for all hair types, as some may find it too heavy or drying.
  • Statistics on effectiveness are not provided.

2. Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Tight Hold

Taliah Waajid Black Earth ProductsView On Amazon
You’ve heard of the Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Tight Hold gel, right? This powerful formula is a game-changer for your natural tresses.

Crafted to tame even the most stubborn kinks and curls, it provides an intense yet flexible hold that lasts all day (and night!). Say goodbye to frizz and hello to defined, lustrous coils that radiate confidence.

With natural ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera, this gel nourishes while it sculpts. Embrace your crowning glory – Taliah Waajid has your back!

Best For: Those with natural hair, including locks, twists, and kinks.

  • Provides intense yet flexible hold
  • Contains natural ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera
  • Reactivates with just water
  • May not be suitable for all hair types
  • Can be difficult to wash out
  • May leave a residue on hair

3. NaturAll Flaxseed Gel Curly Hair

NaturAll Flaxseed Gel for CurlyView On Amazon
Craving frizz-free curls that last all day? NaturAll Flaxseed Gel is your crowning glory!

This botanical gem harnesses the power of flaxseeds to fortify and define your coils. Its lightweight formula banishes crunch, leaving your kinks soft and supple.

Say goodbye to dryness and hello to healthy, lustrous spirals. Embrace the freedom of a no-fuss styling routine that nurtures your hair’s natural beauty.

Best For: NaturAll Flaxseed Gel is perfect for those looking to define and hold their curls without the crunch.

  • Strengthens hair with organic flaxseeds
  • Lightweight formula leaves curls soft and frizz-free
  • Versatile usage as a styling product or extra hold
  • Some reviewers noted an unpleasant smell
  • Some reviewers experienced product buildup
  • Non-sticky formula absorbs quickly

4. Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control

Design Essentials Sleek Edge ControlView On Amazon
Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control offers touchable hold to lay those stubborn edges and smooth flyaways. This water-based gel delivers a soft, natural finish while controlling frizz and fraying. Its lightweight formula won’t cause buildup or weigh your hair down. Apply it to wet or dry hair for a snatched, polished look that complements your curls.

Best For: Those with stubborn edges or flyaways who want a touchable hold.

  • Lightweight formula won’t weigh hair down
  • Controls frizz and fraying
  • Delivers a soft, natural finish
  • May cause buildup if used excessively
  • Not suitable for dry or relaxed hair without a protector
  • Requires a protector before applying

5. Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly

Curls Blueberry Bliss Control JellyView On Amazon
Awaken your ringlets’ brilliance with Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly! This botanical gem, infused with organic blueberry and raw castor oil, offers frizz-free definition and moisture. Defying dryness, it enhances your curls’ vitality, amplifying volume and shine. Embrace your hair’s radiant potential with this ultra-nourishing, sulfate-free marvel – the key to revealing your coils’ true glory.

Best For: Enhancing curls, defining ringlets, and controlling frizz.

  • Infused with organic blueberry and raw castor oil
  • Sulfate-free, silicone-free, and paraben-free
  • Enhances volume and shine
  • Not specified
  • Not specified
  • Not specified

6. Ouidad Climate Control Styling Gel

OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control HeatView On Amazon
You crave curls that can withstand any weather while looking effortlessly fabulous. Ouidad’s Climate Control Styling Gel has got you covered. Infused with UV protectants and humidity-blocking technology, this powerhouse gel shields your ringlets from the elements. Its weightless formula defines and elongates each curl, leaving you with frizz-free, bouncy spirals that stay fresh all day long.

Best For: Curly hair types seeking humidity resistance and frizz control.

  • Defines and elongates curls
  • Lightweight finish
  • Provides UV protection
  • Not suitable for all hair types
  • May not provide enough hold for some users
  • May be difficult to find in stores

7. Aunt Jackie Flaxseed Curling Gel

Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Recipes Don'tView On Amazon
Ready to reveal your kinks and curls? Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel is your secret weapon.

This nourishing gel, enriched with flaxseed and wheat protein, gives your tresses delicious bounce and stretch. Say goodbye to dryness and flaking – it promotes hair health from the inside out.

Embrace your natural texture with added moisture, nourishment, and anti-shrinkage benefits. Your curls will thank you!

Best For: Those with natural hair curls, coils, and waves looking for nourishment and anti-shrinkage benefits.

  • Adds nourishment and moisture to hair
  • Promotes hair health from the inside out
  • Helps to prevent dryness and flaking

8. As I Am Smoothing Gel

As I Am Smoothing Gel,View On Amazon
You want a styling gel that delivers on its promises? As I Am Smoothing Gel is your destination.

This vegan formula provides a secure, moisturizing hold without flakes or crunch.

A little goes a long way in taming frizz and defining your curls.

With natural ingredients like aloe, it nourishes while sculpting.

Don’t settle for dull, dehydrated locks – set your hair’s full potential free!

Best For: Curly hair types seeking a moisturizing hold without flakes or crunch.

  • Provides a secure, moisturizing hold
  • Made with mostly natural ingredients
  • A little goes a long way
  • May flake for some users
  • May cause scalp itch for some users
  • Not a holding gel equivalent to a firm Eco styling gel

9. Mixed Chicks Styling Gel

Mixed Chicks Styling Gel -View On Amazon
You’re seeking a gel that keeps your tresses in line? Behold the ultimate solution: Mixed Chicks Styling Gel!

This formidable product delivers unwavering hold, ensuring your curls remain defined and untamed by frizz.

Infused with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera, it revitalizes strands while molding them into luxurious spirals.

Crown your curls with Mixed Chicks – the professional’s secret to enviable, controlled coils.

Best For: Those seeking a strong hold and defined curls without flaking.

  • Unwavering hold that keeps curls in place
  • Contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera
  • Paraben-free and flake-free formula
  • Not specified
  • Not specified
  • Not specified

10. Eco Style Moroccan Argan Oil Gel

Eco Style Moroccan Argan OilView On Amazon
You’ll be captivated by the power of Eco Style Moroccan Argan Oil Gel! This mighty elixir quenches parched strands with vitamin E-rich argan oil, liberating your hair’s radiant potential.

From coily kinks to luscious waves, command exceptional definition and frizz control. Infused with pure olive oil, it nourishes while sculpting sleek styles that last.

Embrace the liberation of healthy, hydrated tresses that shine bright with confidence!

Best For: Those with frizzy hair seeking superior hold, nourishment, and brilliant shine.

  • Provides exceptional definition and frizz control
  • Nourishes and hydrates hair, promoting total hair health
  • Adds brilliant, long-lasting shine
  • Smaller than expected
  • May need to use additional products for a slick back look
  • Not maximum hold as advertised

Choosing the Right Holding Gel

Choosing the Right Holding Gel
To choose the right holding gel for your natural hair, you must consider your hair’s porosity level and unique curl pattern needs. Botanical gels containing nourishing plant extracts and humectants can provide flexible yet lasting hold while hydrating your strands.

Hair Porosity Consideration

When selecting a holding gel, consider your hair’s porosity. Low porosity strands struggle to absorb moisture and products, so opt for light, water-based gels. High porosity requires heavier, cream-based formulas to retain moisture while defining curls. Understanding porosity guarantees effective product absorption for long-lasting hold and defined, healthy curls.

Curly Hair Needs

Your curly hair needs to be understood and met. You want frizz control, moisture retention, shine enhancement, scalp soothing, and even hair growth stimulation. The right holding gel can deliver all that and more! Botanical gels with aloe, natural ingredients, and no harsh chemicals are ideal for your 4c hair needs.

Botanical Gel Ingredients

You want curl definition without damaging your coils, right? Look for botanical gels that pack a punch with natural ingredients like marshmallow root and herbal extracts. These water-soluble, plant-based products define curls, prevent dryness, and leave zero white residue. Find the best gel formulated for your coily hair and reveal its full potential!

Gel Application Techniques

Gel Application Techniques
For maximum curl definition and frizz control, you’ll want to master different gel application methods like raking, shingling, and smoothing. These techniques help distribute the product evenly throughout your strands, allowing your natural texture to truly shine.

Raking Method

Mastering the raking method guarantees effortless frizz control and curl definition. Section your hair into manageable segments, then rake the best holding gel through each section from root to ends. This distributes the product evenly, allowing your kinks to bloom gloriously while maintaining long-lasting hold. Embrace your 4a hair‘s full potential!

Shingling Method

Another way to achieve defined curls? Try the shingling method. Here’s how:

  • Rake gel through hair in sections
  • Smooth curls between palms from ends to roots
  • Get that juicy, elongated curl definition

This curl-enhancing technique works wonders with botanical gels like Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic or Camille Rose’s Curl Maker. With the right application, you’ll walk out with head-turning, gravity-defying coils!

Smoothing Method

For sleek styles, the smoothing method is key. Apply a generous amount of gel, combing it through from roots to ends. Make sure every strand is coated for maximum hold. This technique leaves your tresses perfectly polished, like a sheet of liquid silk caressing your face.

Confidence Control Liberation
Trust the process Take charge Free your curls

Embrace the smoothing method – your hair’s inner radiance awaits!

Gels for Defined Curls

Gels for Defined Curls
For defined, frizz-free curls, you can’t go wrong with Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker, or Eco Slay Jello Shot. These botanical gels contain nourishing ingredients like flaxseed, aloe vera, and marshmallow root that hydrate and define your natural texture without leaving any crunchy or flaky residue.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

You crave curl definition? Kinky Curly Curling Custard delivers! This botanical gel blends marshmallow root and nourishing oils for frizz-free, bouncy ringlets. Apply the custard to soaking wet hair, raking and scrunching for clump-forming magic that’ll have your curls poppin’! With its natural ingredients and firm yet flexible hold, it’s the curl champion your mane deserves.

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

If you crave luscious, frizz-free curls bursting with life, Camille Rose’s Curl Maker is your holy grail. This botanical elixir quenches thirsty strands and nourishes your scalp with its blend of essential oils. Kiss dryness goodbye as the curl-defining formula cocoons each ringlet in lasting hydration – no crunch or white cast in sight!

Eco Slay Jello Shot

For a gel that packs some serious punch, try Eco Slay’s Jello Shot. This botanical beauty delivers:

  • Intense hold for defined curls
  • No flakes or crunchiness
  • Frizz-fighting power
  • Nourishing botanical extracts
  • Long-lasting results

With Jello Shot, you’re in control of your luscious locks. Embrace your natural texture with this gel’s invigorating strength!

Long-Lasting Hold Gels

Long-Lasting Hold Gels
For ultimate long-lasting hold and frizz control, reach for the heavy-duty gels like Wetline Xtreme Gel, Got 2 B Glued Gel, or Gummy Wax. These maximum hold stylers will lock your curls and coils in place all day and night, perfect for slick updos, ponytails, or just enhancing your natural texture.

Wetline Xtreme Gel

For long-lasting hold, you can’t go wrong with Wetline Xtreme Gel. This ultra-powerful styler tames even the most stubborn kinks and curls, delivering extreme definition that lasts days. A little goes a long way – just rake a pea-sized amount through your natural tresses for frizz-free, slayed strands.

Got 2 B Glued Gel

Got 2 B Glued gel offers maximum hold with its protein and resin formula. You’ll achieve that sleek, snatched look for:

  • Ponytails and updos that stay put
  • Slicked-back styles that won’t budge
  • Edges that remain laid all day

Though intense, the gel rinses clean with minimal buildup. Reveal the full potential of your natural hair by mastering this potent styler.

Gummy Wax

Get grip like a superhero with Gummy Wax! This maximum hold gel delivers severe slicking power with its concentrated formula of hydrogenated castor oil and waxes. Whether you’re rocking an ultra-sleek ponytail or sculpting avant-garde edges, Gummy Wax keeps your hair locked for days. Perfect for low-porosity strands craving the ultimate hold.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What gel can hold natural hair?

For a strong, long-lasting hold on your natural tresses, go for gels with intense hold like Eco Style Argan Oil Gel or Wetline Xtreme Gel. They’ll keep those curls popping without drying out your hair.

What is the best hair gel for hold?

Brimming with power, Eco Style Gel reigns supreme for an iron-clad hold that commands your curls—a true force to be reckoned with.

What is the best gel to slick down hair?

For a sleek, slicked-down look, go with an ultra-hold gel like Eco Style Argan Oil Gel or Got2B Glued Gel. These maximum hold products will keep your style polished and frizz-free all day long.

How do you get gel to hold your hair?

An earth-shattering secret to hair gel glory? Prep properly! Shampoo, condition, and dry thoroughly before applying gel evenly from roots to ends. Gently scrunch and allow to fully set for a locked-in, frizz-free look that defies gravity.

How do holding gels affect hair growth?

You’ll want to avoid heavy gel use, as some ingredients can clog hair follicles and slow growth. Opt for lighter botanical gels, and focus on moisturizing your scalp and ends.

Are botanical gels better for low porosity hair?

Like a gentle breeze rejuvenating thirsty locks, botanical gels treat low porosity hair with delicate care. Their weightless, hydrating formulas softly define curls without overburdening them.

What is the best holding gel for kids?

For kids’ natural hair, eco-friendly gels like Camille Rose Curl Maker and ECO Styler Argan Oil Gel offer lasting hold without harsh ingredients. Their plant-based formulas nourish delicate strands while defining curls all day.

Can holding gels be used on colored hair?

You’ll reveal the colored hair’s true glory with botanical holding gels! These plant-based gems will tame your tresses without stripping away those vibrant hues. Their gentle, natural ingredients guarantee a perfect fusion of color and curl definition.


Embracing your natural hair is effortless when armed with the best holding gel. Whether crafting defined curls or seeking long-lasting hold, natural formulas like Eco Style and Taliah Waajid offer superior, nourishing performance. Don’t settle for lifeless locks – invest in a quality holding gel to realize the full potential of your natural hair.

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