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How to Trim a Soul Patch Beard: Styles & Tips (2024)

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how to trim soul patch with beardReady to take your look up a notch? Then show off with a stylish soul patch beard! This small, sharply-trimmed facial hair style can be tailored to suit any face shape. Whether you’re after the classic pointed or square design, or want something more unique like the Sole Soul Patch, it only takes a few minutes and some precision grooming with an electric shaver and trimmer to get this look just right.

With our how-to guide on trimming your soul patch beard plus five of our favorite styles for inspiration – from Small Soul Patches through to full Chin Patches – we’ve got all the tips you need for creating that standout hipster chic vibe in no time at all!

Key Takeaways

  • Consider your face shape when tailoring your soul patch.
  • Use grooming tools such as an electric shaver and trimmer to maintain the desired length.
  • Take inspiration from jazz musicians for iconic soul patch styles.
  • Regularly trim your soul patch to maintain its shape and avoid harsh lines.

How to Trim a Soul Patch Beard

How to Trim a Soul Patch Beard
If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with a unique facial hair look, consider trying the soul patch beard. This timeless style is easy to maintain once it’s properly trimmed and groomed. Follow these steps to achieve the perfect soul patch look.

Tools and Considerations

You don’t need to be a jazz legend or celebrity to sport the perfect soul patch — just get your hands on some precise trimmers, an attachment comb, and maybe even a beard shaping tool.

Consider your face shape when choosing the style that suits you best. Electric shavers are helpful for maintaining sharp lines and precision trimming around the soul patch. Jazz musicians popularized this look, but with regular maintenance, it’s easy to keep up with trends whether at home or on-the-go with all-in-one grooming kits.

Keep the definition without hard lines while avoiding overshaving necklines – practice makes perfect!

Steps to Grow and Trim a Soul Patch Beard

To achieve the perfect look, start by precisely trimming and styling your facial hair. Trim your beard to 3-5mm length, leaving the soul patch longer for further shaping.

When defining the shape of this area below your lip, use precision trimmers with multiple settings to get a precise cut. The neckbeard should also be shaved using an electric shaver or razor while avoiding harsh lines around its edges.

Keep boundaries in mind when adding decorations like beads or braids, as they could ruin its definition and style.

Finally, consider face shape when choosing a style for maximum impact. You’ll have achieved perfection with minimal effort!

Different Styles of Soul Patch Goatees

Different Styles of Soul Patch Goatees
When it comes to styling a soul patch beard, there are several goatee variations worth considering. These include the small soul patch, the soul patch with a chin patch, and the sole soul patch. Each of these offers an interesting option for shaping your facial hair in unique ways that suit your individual style.

Small Soul Patch

Smoothing a small soul patch is an easy way to add character and charm to your facial hair. To achieve the perfect style, consider styling variations, maintenance tips, soul patch shapes, and celebrity inspirations that have been popularized by jazz musicians.

For precision trimming, use a beard trimmer with multiple length settings. Opt for shorter hairs in the middle of the chin area and longer ones on either side. Always trim in a downward motion, as this ensures better blending with other facial features like cheeks or necklines, without appearing overly squared off or pointed at the ends.

Soul Patch With a Chin Patch

Take your soul patch goatee to the next level by adding a chin patch for an extra bit of flair! Styling a soul patch with a chin patch is easy, and there are lots of fashionable variations.

To start, use a precision trimmer and attachment combs to trim your facial hair to a length of 3-5mm. Then, define the shape you desire using a short beard comb or grooming tool before shaving the tight areas around it.

For maintenance tips, regularly trim your facial hair every few days while avoiding harsh neckline shaping or dyeing your beard altogether.

So if you’re looking for new ways to spruce up your style this season, try incorporating some facial hair trends like the Soul Patch with Chin Patch.

Sole Soul Patch

The Sole Soul Patch is a classic look, featuring a distinct tuft of hair below the lower lip and nothing else. It’s low-maintenance yet stylish, perfect for those who want to stand out without overdoing it.

The soul patch benefits from regular trimming with a beard trimmer or electric shaver set at 3-5mm length – no need for complicated styling techniques! Jazz musicians popularized this style in their footsteps, which has since become an iconic fashion statement.

To maintain definition on your cheeks and neckbeard while avoiding hard lines around them, opt for precision shaving rather than harsh shaping methods.


So, there you have it. With just a few simple steps and some extra tips, you can master the art of trimming a soul patch beard. Whether you want to maintain a small soul patch, add a chin patch, or go for the sole soul patch, all you need is a precision trimmer, an electric shaver, and a few attachment combs.

Remember, you should also take into consideration your face shape and the celebrity beard looks you choose to emulate.

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