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How to Trim a Long Goatee Evenly & Growing It: Full Guide (2024)

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Do you need to know how to trim a long goatee beard? This can be the first time you grow a goatee, and what you have on hand is limited, your long beard goatee looks a bit messy, and you have a hot date or an important meeting to attend.

madrid nm: portrait man with goatee - long goatee s and pictures how to trim a long goateeWhat exactly is a goatee? Growing a goatee, or round beard (not to be confused with his cousin, the Van Dyke), can be traced back to ancient Greece, inspired by the god Pan’s goat-like appearance.

Today’s long goatee styles have evolved, but this classic look has lost none of its appeals.

Growing a goatee are investments without risk, but they require regular maintenance if you want to look your best.

It may sound pretty simple, but with so many shavers, trimmers, creams, foams, beard oils, and everything else, covering all of this can be not very clear.

Don’t worry; below, I will guide you through long goatee styles and how to trim a long goatee evenly step by step.

First of all, you want to make sure that you have the very best beard scissors or beard trimmers, without which you, unfortunately, cannot do anything.

Long Goatee Styles

First things first, you have to find your long goatee styles; there are many different goatees, so you have to find one that suits you.

Different Type Of GoateeTo help you visualize the different long goatee styles, we’ve compiled a few images to show some of the most popular styles.

  • Round Face Shape: Pure goatee (goatee without the mustache), anchor, Norwegian skipper, Soul Patch, Rap Industry Standard.
  • Square Facial Shape: goatee and mustache, handlebar and chin wool, little goatee, Balbo.
  • Elongated Face Shape: extended goatee, goatee with chin strap, handlebar and goatee, van Dyke.
  • Diamond Facial Shape: Full Goatee, handlebar and chin clouds, goat’s lap, Balbo.
  • Triangular Face Shape: anchor, goat’s lap.

How to Trim a Long Goatee Using a Beard Trimmer

The goatee offers excellent coverage for triangular faces or pointed chin.

So here’s how to trim a long goatee with a beard trimmer step by step for maximum effect:

1. Trim Down

Start using a beard trimmer to cut your whiskers up to even 3-5 mm. This makes it easier to style.

2. Make An Overview

Use a precision trimmer to make the outline of your goatee around your chin. The width is up to you, but wider goats go with longer faces.

Then cut the remaining hair from your cheek and neck, make smooth and gentle movements and work against the direction of hair growth.

3. Style Under The Lip

cut under your bottom lip to make a triangle (or rounded shape). Or annihilate that lock of hair. Gently touch the edges of the hair with the trimmer to form well-defined lines.

4. Shorten The Last Length

Now use a trimmer roller (or the zoom wheel, if your trimmer has one) to reduce the length or reduce your goatee as desired.

5. Clean Up

Shave your cheeks and neck clean. Finally, cut the hairs around your mustache line and check your new goatee beard for symmetry.

How to Trim a Long Goatee Evenly With Scissors

beard trim - goatee with scissors s and pictures How To Trim A Long Goatee With Scissors

First of all, you need more than just a pair of scissors, you also need a razor, ideally a beard trimmer, but in this case, we have none, so a razor and a pair of scissors work.

1. Choose a Goatee Style

all long goatee styles are the ones that I have shown above or something else that you have found.

2. The Shaver

Use your razor to cut hair that is not needed. I suggest fitting this in, initially keeping a distance from where your goatee is.

3. Shaping The Goatee

Use your razor to determine the shape of your goatee, cut away excess beard hair, and do your best to keep using multiple mirrors.

4. Cut Your Goatee to the desired Length

Use your beard scissors to cut your goatee to the desired length.

If you want about one millimeter per cut, more than normal cutting leads to errors.

A goatee is actually a fairly short beard, so any mistake you make, you will prune, will be very noticeable.

5. Admire Your Goatee

You are done; you have formed your goatee with a razor and cut to size with scissors.

Go back and admire your handy work and the handsome devil looking back at you in the mirror.

5 Steps for Growing and Maintaining a Goatee

how to grow a long goateeGrowing a goatee can be a relatively low-maintenance facial accessory that can enhance the uniqueness and serve as confidence.

We discuss five key steps about growing a long goatee and maintaining an excellent goatee, regardless of your face type.

Step 1: Let it Grow

Put your shaving accessories away a bit and get that beard thick and full. Let your facial hair grow under and around your mouth, even if it looks long enough for a goatee. Growing a little more than you might have expected will make shaping your goatee an easier task. The timeline of growth should be about a week, maybe a little more for men with a thinner beard.

Step 2: Shape it

Once your beard has grown enough, it’s time to shape the goatee. Use a trimmer or a single blade to shape the goatee into the desired shape. This is an easier task if your facial hair is longer than initially planned. It is easier to see and sketch visually. y. Workaround your cheeks and chin until you find the shape you want. Remember, symmetry is crucial. Make sure the length and width of the goatee are balanced on all sides.

Step 3: Trim it regularly.

Even if you want your goatee to continue to grow in length after shaping it, it is important to trim it regularly. Consistent trimming of the edges will keep your goatee looking clean even as you keep adding length. Electric trimmers or even nose hair trimmers do this job well.

Step 4: Keep your face shaven

Keep the areas around the goatee, which is basically the rest of your face, clean. A goatee is usually at its best when the rest of the face is clean. It can give you an advantage as it makes the edges more visible and easier to shave. Remember to move the razor away from the goatee, not towards it. There’s nothing worse than accidentally shaving off part of your goatee, and then you have to restart the whole process.

Step 5: Wash Your Beard

One of the most important but often overlooked aspects of maintaining a goatee is washing. Regular shampoo and conditioner will keep your goatee from becoming greasy and unmanageable. This also prevents acne breakouts and ugly food particles.

FAQs About Goatee

When should I trim my goatee?

Ideally, trim your long goatee at least once a week to maintain that neat, artisan goatee look. Washing your goatee every 2-3 days will also help keep it fresh and groomed. Using a regular hair conditioner will give you a smart, easy-to-clean iconic long goatee.

Is a goatee a good look?

Goatees look especially good on slim, angular faces (but don’t keep them too long, or your face will look too skinny), and a round face can look a bit slimmer – a trick used by goatee George Michael.

Are long goatees attractive?

Men with long, well-kept beards have a kind of sexy scientific affair … However, there is a fine line between a full beard and an ultra-long, terminal beard that is no longer attractive.

What length should a goatee be?

The length of the goatee under the chin should be as far as the neckline you defined. The neckline, as I mentioned above, should be about two finger-widths above Adam’s apple.

Final Words

Keep the area around your goatee shaved clean and trim it regularly to maintain the desired length.

You can do this process without a razor. You can do it completely with scissors, it won’t be easy, and will take a long time.

In all areas where you would use a razor to cut off unwanted beard hair, you can use your scissors and be careful because you run a high risk of cutting yourself. And Remember that professional barber scissors are sharp.

Good luck, and let us know which iconic long goatee you’ve chosen!

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