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How to Straighten a Short Beard: 7 Best Products & Methods (2024)

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how to straighten a short beardFeeling like your short beard is a wild animal that has taken over your face? Taming facial hair into the perfect, straight look can be as tricky as herding cats. But with the right products and methods, you can learn how to straighten a short beard in no time—just like wrangling an unruly beast! Here are some tips on getting it done without breaking out the scissors.

Key Takeaways

  • Taming a short beard can be challenging due to its shorter length and curly texture.
  • Key products for straightening a short beard include beard oil, wax or balm, conditioner, and styling tools like a round brush or mini-straightening iron.
  • Heat is essential for straightening; use blow dryers on medium heat or heated brush-type beard straighteners.
  • Daily combing with a fine comb or small plastic comb helps promote a straighter appearance over time.

7 Best Products for Straightening a Short Beard

Are you searching for the best products to straighten your short beard? Look no further! Mythical Beard Oil Fl Oz, Leven Rose Beard Oil Men, Jack Black Beard Oil, Birds Beard Wash Conditioner, Stache Bomb Mustache Wax Maine, Mountaineer Mustache Wax, and Seven Potions Beard Wax are all excellent options that provide nourishment and hold while taming unruly beards.

With these products in your grooming arsenal, you can achieve a clean-cut look with ease.

1. Mythical Beard Oil Fl Oz

Mythical Beard Oil - 1View On Amazon
You’ll love the scent of sandalwood, citrus, and rosemary in Mythical Beard Oil Fl Oz – perfect for softening your facial hair while locking in moisture to prevent itching, skin irritation, and dandruff.

Made from all-natural ingredients like Jojoba oil and Moroccan Argan oil, this vegan-friendly beard oil is a must-have if you’re looking to keep your facial hair healthy.

Not only does it eliminate dryness, but it also helps break down dirt without stripping away natural oils. The 1 fluid ounce bottle comes with an amber glass stopper for easy application, so you get every last drop! Plus, its dye-free formula makes it safe enough to use on any type of skin or facial hair type.

  • Affordable price
  • High-quality product
  • Pleasant scent
  • Eliminates dryness & itchiness
  • Dye-free formula – suitable for all types of skins/hair
  • Leakage issues with older bottle designs
  • Lack of dropper
  • Contains unusual ingredients

2. Leven Rose Beard Oil Men

Leven Rose Beard Oil forView On Amazon
Experience the luxurious feel of Leven Rose Beard Oil Men and enjoy a nourished, moisturized beard that looks healthy and shiny. Crafted with only two natural ingredients – Jojoba oil and Moroccan Argan Oil – this product helps eliminate dry skin and dandruff, softens hair, and manages facial hair.

Packaged in an amber glass bottle with a glass stopper, it is economical to use yet provides maximum convenience due to its dropper design.

Nourish your facial hairs today using this vegan-friendly beard oil that offers protection against itching, irritation, or any other discomforts caused by dryness without stripping away its natural oils! Enjoy the subtle scent of sandalwood as you apply it to slightly damp beards after showering or anytime during the day for added hydration whenever necessary.

All these, coupled with long-lasting results, make Leven Rose Beard Oil Men one of the many must-haves when looking into straightening short beards.

  • Nourishes & Moisturizes Facial Hair
  • Vegan Friendly & Cruelty-Free
  • Easy Application With Dropper Design
  • Can Cause Allergies In Some People
  • Older Bottle Designs May Have Leakage Issues

3. Jack Black Beard Oil

Jack Black - Beard OilView On Amazon
Try Jack Black Beard Oil to soften and condition your dry facial hair for a healthy shine. This unique formula is free of synthetic fragrances, parabens, and colorants, making it safe to use on all beard types.

Natural botanicals and essential oils are used to add control and create a healthy-looking shine. Customers also love the subtle yet sophisticated scent that eliminates itchiness instantly upon application.

The product offers many beneficial effects such as softening brittle hairs while providing nourishment for the skin underneath your beard or mustache – something other products cannot do! It’s economical too; one bottle can last up to three months with regular use depending on the size of your facial hair growth! And you can trust its quality due to its dermatologist tested status.

  • Softens brittle hairs
  • Adds control & shine
  • Nourishes skin underneath beard/mustache
  • Subtle & Sophisticated scent
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Economical (lasts 3 months)
  • Not very effective in making the beard softer
  • May be expensive compared to some brands

4. Blrds Beard Wash Conditioner

Bluebeards Original Beard Wash andView On Amazon
Discover Blrds Beard Wash Conditioner to clean and soften your beard while providing nourishment and moisturization. This all-natural liquid cleanser is made with aloe, essential oils, and other natural ingredients that break down dirt, unclog pores, reduce dryness/flakiness of the skin under the beard, as well as softening wiry or rough facial hair.

It lathers nicely with a pleasant lime scent yet does not strip away natural oils from your hair follicles.

  • Cleanses & Softens Beards
  • Moisturizes & Smoothens Facial Hair
  • Boosts Natural Shine
  • Doesn’t Strip Away Natural Oils
  • Paraben Free & Cruelty Free
  • Made In The USA Under High Standards
  • Some Users Found Lathering Not Enough
  • Works Well For Short And Long Beards

5. Stache Bomb Mustache Wax Maine

Stache Bomb Stache Wax MustacheView On Amazon
Stache Bomb Mustache Wax Maine offers a softer texture than many other brands, making it easier to apply and providing decent hold for handlebar mustaches, beards, goatees, and sideburns. The wax is handmade in Maine with an invigorating pine scent that’ll have you feeling like a classic gentleman from the golden age of flight.

It also comes with its own Stache Bomb logo guitar pick as a scraper, adding to the vintage-inspired look. As versatile as it is stylish, this product can be used daily for touch-ups or styling your beard into different shapes and styles.

  • Soft texture makes application easy
  • Offers decent hold without a cardboard feel
  • Ideal for taming unruly facial hair
  • Pleasant scent
  • Includes scrapers for added convenience
  • Hold isn’t quite strong enough compared to some alternatives
  • Not suitable if looking specifically for firm holds

6. Mountaineer Mustache Wax

Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax forView On Amazon
Mountaineer Mustache Wax offers a natural hold with its all-natural beeswax and plant-based oil formula that can last for up to 8 hours, giving you the confidence to style your facial hair. The wax contains shea and cocoa butter, grapeseed and coconut oils to condition and moisturize the skin beneath facial hair while providing great shape retention.

The cedar fir scent gives it an extra special touch, making this beard wax suitable for any mustache or beard type.

  • Easy application without needing heat
  • Holds well against wind & brief water exposure
  • Medium hold without a cardboard feeling
  • Nourishes all hair types
  • Pleasant pine scent with a hint of sandalwood
  • Humidity & face masks may weaken hold
  • Extra firm recommended for stubborn mustaches

7. Seven Potions Beard Wax

SEVEN POTIONS Beard Wax 1View On Amazon
Seven Potions Beard Wax provides a medium-hold finish with its 100% natural ingredients and subtle Woodland Harmony scent, perfect for taming unruly facial hair. It’s easy to apply and turns to liquid quickly while offering nourishment and moisturization for the skin underneath the beard.

With no synthetic colors or parabens, Seven Potions Beard Wax is sure to give you a great look without any harsh chemicals.

For optimal results, it can be combined with oil for added hold but may struggle to keep all whiskers flat when used on its own.

  • Easy Application
  • Long-Lasting Use
  • Nourishing Ingredients
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Expensive Due To Small Container Size
  • May Struggle Keeping All Whiskers Flat

Why Short Beards Are Difficult to Control

Why Short Beards Are Difficult to Control
Controlling a short beard can be like taming an unruly beast, as its shorter length and curlier texture make it harder to manage than longer styles. Grooming techniques, such as combing on a daily basis with a small plastic comb, trimming problem hairs or clusters that won’t straighten well, and applying quality beard products, are all important for keeping your short beard in order.

There are also different methods of using heat treatment on the facial hair to help keep it straightened out. These methods include blow drying with medium heat at least one foot away from the face followed by setting the style with cold air, using heated brush-type tools or mini-straightening irons, and chemical straighteners for more permanent results.

Beard care is essential when styling and maintaining any type of facial hair, but especially so when it comes to those limited in length due to their higher propensity towards frizziness if not tended correctly.

Methods for Straightening a Short Beard

Methods for Straightening a Short Beard
Short beards can be tricky to control and maintain, but there are ways to keep them looking neat and sharp. To get your short beard in order, you’ll need a few key products such as beard oil, wax or balm, conditioner, and styling tools like a round brush with vented ceramic plates or an electric clipper.

Heat is also essential for straightening short facial hair. Use blow dryers on medium heat or heated brush-type beard straighteners at least one foot away from the skin. A mini-straightening iron can provide precision when it comes to finishing touches.

To lock in your desired look without compromising natural oils, opt for high-quality products like balms which contain ingredients such as beeswax and Shea butter that will nourish the skin underneath while providing a strong hold.

On the other hand, waxes have higher amounts of wax, offering a stronger hold if used sparingly.

Lastly, remember daily combing with either a fine comb or small plastic comb helps promote the flow of hairs downwards, resulting in a straighter appearance over time!

Product Benefits Usage
Beard Oil Softens & Moisturizes After Shower
Wax Strong Hold
Balm Strong Hold + Nourishment

Tips for Straightening Curly Beard Hair

Tips for Straightening Curly Beard Hair
To tame your wild curls, a few products and techniques can help you achieve the look you desire.

Trim unruly hairs or clusters that don’t straighten well to get clean edges. Use styling products such as waxes or balms for added texture and hold. While blow-drying on medium heat with a round brush, shape your beard hair in the desired direction.

Heat tools such as heated brushes or mini-straightening irons are also great options for short beards. They not only create smoothness but also add volume by lifting up each individual hair strand from root to tip without damaging them.

Finally, finish off with high-quality grooming products like oil and butter. These nourish facial hair while providing control over flyaways, giving an extra shine boost all day long!


A well-groomed beard is a sign of a man who takes pride in his appearance, but achieving that look with a short beard can be challenging. With the right products and methods, however, you can have a straightened, well-maintained short beard.

From using a blow dryer and beard straightener to trying out different beard waxes and oils, there are many options available to help you get the look you want. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so keep at it, and you’ll soon have the perfectly styled short beard you’ve always wanted.

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