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How to Keep Your Beard From Curling: Pro Tips for Managing Unruly Facial Hair (2024)

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how to keep beard from curlingLet’s face it: your beard has a mind of its own. Some days those wild, wiry curls sprouting from your chin resemble a tumbleweed blowing across the prairie. Other days, your facial hair takes on the wispy appearance of a cloud, twisting and turning in the wind.

We understand – an unruly beard can be frustrating. But fear not! With a few simple techniques, you can tame that beast into a mane any mountain man would envy.

Follow these tips, and soon your beard will go from scraggly to stunning:

Ladies will swoon, lumberjacks will applaud, and you’ll exude rugged manliness.

Key Takeaways

  • Use beard balm, wax, or pomade to add hold and structure to straighten curls.
  • Brush your beard daily with a boar bristle brush to train hairs and reduce frizz.
  • Taper and regularly trim your beard every 2-3 weeks for an even length.
  • Try different beard care products and techniques to find the routine that works best for you.

Understand Causes of Curly Beards

Understand Causes of Curly Beards
Your facial hair grows in a curly shape due to the follicle shape. This creates natural volume, giving your beard a fuller appearance.

Follicle Shape

  • Feel at home with your unique follicle shape
  • Embrace the wild texture your beard provides
  • Appreciate your natural masculine style
  • Laugh at myths surrounding beard grooming

The structure of your beard follicles leads to curls emerging as your hair grows. Embracing your natural texture allows you to craft a unique style with character. Focus on keeping your beard healthy, rather than attempting to change what makes it special.

Natural Volume

Since curly beards appear fuller due to their natural volume, you’ll want to embrace that wild style. When caring for your curly beard, focus on maintaining its natural volume through proper grooming techniques.

Use beard balm or styling wax when your beard is still damp to help define those lush curls and their natural curl pattern. Avoid excess beard straightening, as this can take away that iconic curly beard volume.

By embracing the volume, you’ll keep your curly beard looking healthily full and bold.

Tips for Taming Curly Beards

Tips for Taming Curly Beards
Get control of those unruly curls with a few simple tips. To reduce frizz, start by washing your beard. Apply balm to add hold and structure. Use a heated brush with caution to add weight and straighten hairs.

Don’t forget to taper your beard for the ideal shape. Varying sentence structure and length will ensure your article flows naturally.

Beard Wash

Use a beard wash and towel dry, then brush straight to help reduce curl. To receive moisturizing benefits, lather your beard with a quality wash 2 to 3 times per week. Look for natural ingredients like jojoba oil when choosing a gentle wash. Follow with a light brushing to align follicles before blow drying and styling.

A proper beard hygiene routine reduces frizz so you can confidently rock your full mane.

Beard Balm

Apply a small amount of beard balm through your beard with a comb to add hold and shape. Work the balm into your beard in a downward motion, using your fingers and a comb. Balms condition while taming flyaways. The right balm can refine unruly curls into a polished style.

Heated Brushes

Dry your beard straight with a heated brush, but be cautious, as the heat generated can singe your skin. Set your heated brush to low heat. Protect skin with heat protecting sprays or serums. Try beard balms or natural oils as gentler straightening alternatives. Quality heated brush brands help nourish hair.


Seeing a barber for practical guidance on tapering is essential for getting the right beard shape. Step into that barber chair and get the pros to trim and taper your beard professionally. With their clippers, trimmers, and techniques, they shape your facial hair into a slick taper that contours your face and jawline wonderfully.

Embrace Your Curly Beard

Embrace Your Curly Beard
Look in the mirror and embrace those luscious curls. Allowing your beard to air dry after washing will help maintain its natural curl pattern and definition.

Let It Dry Naturally

You’ll find letting your beard air dry helps maintain your natural curls and definition, bro. After washing and conditioning, wrap it in a towel briefly then let your lush locks finish drying naturally.

Here’s a quick 5-step guide to embracing your curly mane:

  1. Wash and condition your beard as usual.
  2. Gently towel dry.
  3. Apply beard oil.
  4. Shape curls with balm or wax.
  5. Let dry completely.

Following a simple routine like this will have your beard looking healthy and hydrated, with bouncy curls that turn heads.

Conditioner for Curls

Apply some beard conditioner and let your curls run wild. Enhancing, moisturizing formulas help define curls and soften beards. After washing, work a creamy conditioner through damp whiskers with your fingertips.

Leave it in for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Finger comb or use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle. Let your beard air dry or gently pat it with a towel. Your beard will feel touchably soft and look naturally voluminous.

Conditioning nourishes the hair and skin for optimal curl definition. Simply allow your whiskers to air dry and watch as your beard transforms into a head-turning masterpiece.

Maintain Your Curly Beard

Maintain Your Curly Beard
Proper grooming is crucial for keeping a curly beard in good shape. To maintain your beard’s curl and growth, be sure to trim it regularly every 2-3 weeks, wash it thoroughly 2-3 times per week, and brush it daily with a high-quality boar bristle brush.

Regular Trimming

Trim your beard regularly to maintain that wild, curly style. Regular trimming of your curly beard, every 2-3 weeks, helps control length and remove any split ends or stray hairs. Seeing a barber for beard trimming provides expert guidance on shaping techniques, products, and tools to keep your style well-groomed.

Proper trimming complements your daily beard care routine for managing those lush curls.

Proper Washing

Because curls crave conditioning, lather up your locks a few times weekly. Prevent parched strands with beard wash and conditioner, dampening first then massaging into skin and hair. Rinse thoroughly, gently patting dry. Balance moisture levels, nourishing skin and taming unruly curls.

Daily Brushing

You’ll wanna brush your beard daily to help distribute oils and balms while aligning the hairs.

  1. Use a boar’s hair brush for the best results. The natural bristles gently smooth each hair strand.
  2. Always brush downwards along the grain. This helps train your beard hairs to grow straight.
  3. Focus on problem areas that tend to curl more. Extra brushing keeps those patches tidy.
  4. Alternate using a beard comb for added control over unruly patches.
  5. Brush gently and avoid pulling to prevent damage and breakage.

Regular, thoughtful brushing keeps your beard looking good whether you want to tame the curls or let ’em roam free.

Straighten Your Beard Naturally

Straighten Your Beard Naturally
Take control of your curly beard by combing and styling it. Apply some beard wax or pomade, then use a quality comb to brush your beard straight.

Comb It Out

Run a comb through your beard after applying balm to straighten hairs and tame the curls. As you comb, go with the grain, not against it. Use a wide-toothed comb first to detangle, then a fine-toothed comb to align and shape.

Take your time combing methodically section by section. Let the comb glide through gently without tugging or pulling.

Embrace the process as a meditative part of your self-care routine.

Comb Type Use
Wide-toothed Detangling
Fine-toothed Aligning and shaping
Pocket On-the-go touch-ups
Heated Quick straightening
Brush Spreading balm

Use Wax or Pomade

Slap on some wax or pomade while your beard’s damp to shape those curls and add just the right amount of hold.

  • Rub the wax between your palms to warm it up before massaging into your beard. The heat from your hands makes it easier to apply.
  • Go with light, downward strokes using your fingertips to encourage your hair in the direction you want it to lay.
  • Focus on the trouble spots and any flyaway strands that resist laying flat. Work the product into the skin beneath your beard too.

Some beard pomade or wax can help tame pesky curls for a straighter style. Just go slowly and work it thoroughly for best results.

Experiment and Stay Patient

Experiment and Stay Patient
Working to tame a curly beard takes time, so stay patient and keep experimenting ’til you find what works. It’s easy to get frustrated when your beard refuses to cooperate, but don’t give up. Finding the right combination of products and techniques for your unique facial hair requires trial and error.

Experiment with beard washes, conditioners, balms, oils, heated styling tools, and brushes until you discover a curl management routine that works. Adjust and tweak your beard care rituals until you nail a grooming process that straightens and defines your beard just right.

Pay attention to how your hair responds and take notes on what products and methods yield the best results. With consistent effort and patience, you’ll figure out how to master your beard’s natural curl.

The journey to tame your facial hair may feel endless, but don’t be discouraged. Persist in your search for the ideal curl-busting beard care routine. In time, your patience and experimentation will unlock the secrets to straightening and styling your unique beard.


Ultimately, managing unruly whiskers requires dedication. Though curly facial hair has character, maintaining tidy growth separates the men from the boys. Bring those tangled threads into order with smart grooming habits. Clean coarse curls with quality products.

Follow ideal trimming techniques. Accept your scruff or straighten it—either way, take charge of your beard.

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