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Best Hairsprays for Fine Hair: Top 10 Picks for Lasting Volume & Hold (2024)

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best hairsprays for fine hairDealing with limp, flat fine hair?

You need the right hairspray, one with staying power and volume-boosting abilities.

Our top 10 picks for the best hairsprays for fine hair will give you the lift and hold you crave.

From Kenra’s Super Hold to John Frieda’s Volume Lift, each spray is designed to meet fine hair’s unique needs.

Discover the secrets to volumizing fine hair, including choosing the right hold, key ingredients, and clever application techniques.

Continue reading to uncover the secrets to beautiful, voluminous fine hair!

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing a hairspray for fine hair, opt for lightweight, flexible-hold formulas that won’t weigh your hair down or make it feel sticky. Look for products that contain polymers, panthenol, and keratin to enhance volume, lift, and hold.
  • For maximum volume, section your hair and apply hairspray to each section. When spraying, hold the can upside down to target roots and create lift. Finish with a blast of cool air from your blow dryer to set the style.
  • If you’re experiencing thinning hair, avoid hairsprays with ethanol, as this can dry out your hair and contribute to breakage. Instead, opt for products that contain nourishing ingredients like panthenol and keratin to strengthen and protect your hair.
  • To prevent fine hair from feeling crunchy, choose lightweight products that won’t weigh down your hair. Avoid hair sprays and gels with a strong hold, as these can leave hair stiff and crunchy when dry. Spritz your hair lightly from a distance of 8-10 inches, and avoid touching your hair until it’s dry.

10 Best Hairsprays for Fine Hair

You’ll find the perfect hairspray for your fine hair among these top 10 picks, including popular brands like Kenra, John Frieda, and Bumble and bumble. These hairsprays are specifically formulated to provide lasting volume and hold without weighing down your delicate strands, ensuring your style stays fresh and bouncy all day long.

1. Kenra Volume Spray Super Hold

Kenra Volume Spray 25 |View On Amazon
You’ll love the Kenra Volume Spray Super Hold if you’re after serious staying power. This powerhouse hairspray resists winds up to 25 MPH and humidity for 24 hours, keeping your style intact for up to 120 hours.

It’s a game-changer for fine hair, providing exceptional hold without weighing you down. The fast-drying, flake-free formula works wonders on all hair types, adding volume and control.

While it’s a bit pricey and some find the scent strong, its performance is hard to beat. Just a few spritzes, and you’re ready to conquer any hair challenge.

Best For: Those seeking long-lasting hold and style control.

  • Exceptional hold for up to 120 hours
  • Flake-free and fast-drying formula
  • Enhances volume and control
  • Pricey
  • Some find the scent strong
  • May weigh down fine hair

2. John Frieda Volume Lift Hairspray

John Frieda Volume Lift HairsprayView On Amazon
John Frieda’s Volume Lift Hairspray is your secret weapon for fine hair. This lightweight formula boosts volume without weighing down your locks. You’ll love how it maximizes fullness while maintaining a soft, touchable feel.

Its Air-Silk technology guarantees a gentle, fine mist that won’t leave residue. Plus, it’s safe for color-treated hair and fights humidity like a champ.

Just remember, a little goes a long way – overuse might cause clumping. For best results, spray in short bursts and clean the nozzle between uses.

Get ready to say goodbye to flat hair!

Best For: Fine hair that needs a boost in volume and fullness.

  • Enhances volume and fullness
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Cap can be difficult to remove and replace
  • May require cleaning the sprayer between uses
  • May cause hair to stick together if overused

3. Tigi Bed Head Shine Hairspray

TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece ShineView On Amazon
You’ll love the massive shine and serious hold of Tigi Bed Head Shine Hairspray. This USA-made product packs a punch with its topical berry scent and flexible hold that lasts all day.

It’s your secret weapon for adding hold to any hairstyle without making your hair sticky or hard. The invigorating scent will keep you feeling confident, but watch out – it might be a bit overpowering for some noses.

While it’s a game-changer for many, it may not suit all hair types and can be tricky to brush out.

Best For: Those seeking a hairspray with long-lasting, flexible hold and a refreshing berry scent.

  • Provides massive shine and serious hold
  • Flexible hold that lasts all day
  • Invigorating topical berry scent
  • May not be suitable for all hair types
  • Can be difficult to brush out
  • Scent may be overpowering for some

4. Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode

Bumble and bumble Spray deView On Amazon
You’ll love Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode for its flexible hold that doesn’t weigh down your fine hair. This hairspray offers exceptional shape memory, allowing you to restyle without starting from scratch.

Its light hold keeps your locks in place without stiffness, and you can easily brush it through for touchups. The fresh scent, with notes of citrus and jasmine, is a pleasant bonus.

While it’s on the pricier side, the workable hold and natural feel make it worth considering. Just watch out for potential nozzle clogging issues.

Best For: Those seeking flexible shape memory in their finished style

  • Flexible, workable hold
  • Exceptional shape memory
  • Fresh, pleasant scent
  • Expensive
  • Spray nozzle has a tendency to clog
  • Some users report that the can they received from Amazon had a shattered top

5. Kristin Ess Hair Refine Finishing Hairspray

Kristin Ess Hair Refine SignatureView On Amazon
Kristin Ess Hair Refine Finishing Hairspray is a game-changer for fine hair. You’ll love its multi-tasking abilities, from setting styles to taming flyaways. It offers a medium hold that won’t weigh down your delicate strands.

The brushable finish means you can restyle without sticky residue. It’s cruelty-free and safe for color-treated and keratin-processed hair. Free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, it’s a healthier choice for your locks.

While some users report nozzle issues, most rave about its soft hold and pleasant, woodsy scent. It’s pricier, but worth it for everyday use.

Best For: Fine hair

  • Multi-tasking (sets styles, tames flyaways)
  • Brushable finish (no sticky residue)
  • Cruelty-free, color keratin safe, sulfate-, paraben-, and phthalate-free
  • Expensive for what it is
  • Some users report defective nozzle issues
  • Light hold

6. Verb Ghost Hairspray

VERB Ghost Hairspray, 7 ozView On Amazon
Looking for a hairspray that won’t weigh down your fine locks? Verb Ghost Hairspray might be your new secret weapon. This weightless formula offers medium hold while adding body and flexibility to your style.

It’s perfect for use with heat tools, giving you that coveted dry texture. Plus, it’s packed with nourishing ingredients like moringa oil and pro-vitamin B5 to keep your hair healthy.

The light grapefruit and oatmeal scent is a bonus. You’ll love how this PETA-certified, cruelty-free spray leaves your hair touchable and brushable with a natural shine.

Best For: Those looking for a lightweight, volumizing hairspray that won’t weigh down fine hair.

  • Weightless formula for touchable, brushable hold
  • Adds body and flexibility to hair
  • Nourishing ingredients like moringa oil and pro-vitamin B5

7. Amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray

Amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray, 1.5View On Amazon
You’ll love Amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray for its delightful scent and flexible hold. It’s a game-changer for fine hair, providing amazing control without the crunch.

Free from talc and aluminum, this hairspray won’t weigh you down or leave your locks stiff. Its travel-friendly size is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

The light hold formula allows for natural movement while taming flyaways. Say goodbye to that harsh alcohol smell and hello to soft, manageable hair.

With Amika Fluxus, you’re in control of your style without sacrificing touchability.

Best For: Those with fine hair looking for a flexible hold without the crunch.

  • Delightful scent
  • Provides amazing control without the crunch
  • Travel-friendly size
  • Light hold formula may not be suitable for all hair types
  • May not provide enough hold for thick or coarse hair
  • Price may be a concern for some

8. R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Hairspray

R+Co Vicious Strong Hold FlexibleView On Amazon
You’ll love R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Hairspray if you’re after serious staying power. This powerhouse product delivers unbeatable hold without sacrificing touchability.

Its innovative formula, featuring Amp Copolymer and Provitamin B5, offers both control and hydration. Perfect for all hair types, it’ll keep your fine strands in place while adding volume and shine.

The lavender scent is a nice touch, though some users find it divisive. While it’s on the pricier side, its performance justifies the cost.

Trust us, this hairspray will become your go-to for humidity-defying, all-day styles.

Best For: Those demanding unwavering hair control without the drawbacks of traditional hairsprays.

  • Exceptional hold that defies humidity and movement
  • Nourishes hair with Provitamin B5 for added hydration and shine
  • Maintains touchability and prevents tangling
  • Pricey compared to other hairsprays
  • Lavender scent may not appeal to everyone
  • Some users find it slightly sticky

9. Kenra Perfect Medium Hold Spray

Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13View On Amazon
The Kenra Perfect Medium Hold Spray is a popular choice, providing optimum styling control without leaving hair stiff.

This fast-drying formula gives a touchable, brushable hold with a high-shine finish.

It’s suitable for all hair types and comes in a 10 oz can.

The product has received positive reviews for its hold, quality, weight, and softness, although some customers have noted that the smell can be strong.

Best For: Those seeking flexible styling control with a glossy finish.

  • Provides medium hold without stiffness
  • Fast-drying for malleable styling
  • High-shine finish
  • May have a strong scent
  • 10 oz can size may not be suitable for all
  • Can be expensive

10. Oribe Free Styler Hairspray

Oribe Free Styler Working HairsprayView On Amazon
The Oribe Free Styler Hairspray is an ultra-fine, ultra-dry mist that can be layered, styled, and reworked. It provides a light, brushable hold with a touchable, satin finish.

The hairspray contains a flexible polymer blend, which offers a natural hold while moisturising and protecting hair from environmental stressors. Other key ingredients include ginseng root extract, which prevents breakage, and hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which strengthens and promotes elasticity.

Available in an 8.8 oz or 9 oz bottle, the product typically retails for around $46.

Best For: Fine, dry hair types.

  • Workable, brushable control
  • Can be layered with other products without crunching or flaking
  • Ultra-dry, satin finish
  • Can be pricey
  • May have a weird scent (according to some reviewers)
  • May dry hair out (according to some reviewers)

Understanding Fine Hair Needs

Understanding Fine Hair Needs
Understanding your hair’s unique needs is essential to achieving your desired styling outcomes. Here are some key considerations for fine hair:

  • Texture: Fine hair refers to the thickness of individual hair strands, which tend to be delicate and can be damaged easily by heat styling or over-manipulation. It’s often lightweight, airy, and transparent, resembling baby hairs.
  • Porosity: Hair porosity refers to how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Fine hair usually has low porosity, meaning the cuticles are tightly packed, making it challenging for moisture and products to penetrate the hair shaft.
  • Density: Fine hair typically has low density, with fewer strands per square inch on the scalp. This can make it more difficult to achieve volume and fullness in hairstyles.
  • Styling: When styling fine hair, it’s important to choose lightweight products that won’t weigh down your strands. Opt for gentle, volumizing products to enhance body and movement without making your hair appear oily.
  • Maintenance: Fine hair may require more frequent washing due to its tendency to absorb oils and moisture less effectively. However, be mindful of over-washing, as this can strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness and brittleness.

Choosing the Right Hold for Fine Hair

Choosing the Right Hold for Fine Hair
The hold level of your hairspray is important for fine hair. Lighter holds provide volume and movement, while stronger holds guarantee styles stay in place without weighing hair down.

Light Hold

When choosing a hairspray, it’s crucial to evaluate your hair type and styling aspirations. If you seek a light hold hairspray, you’ll desire something that offers flexible control minus stiffness or crunch. Here are some options:

  • Kenra Design Spray 9: Tames frizz and flyaways, lightweight and brushable formula, suitable for all hair types.
  • Nexxus Flexible Hold Hairspray: Provides a lightweight, brushable hold with StyleProtect Technology.
  • Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Finishing Hairspray: Natural hold, touchable finish, specifically designed for fine hair.
  • Pantene Pro-V Level 3 Airspray Hairspray: Provides a smooth, soft finish.
  • TRESemmĂ© Extra Hold Hairspray: Offers 24-hour frizz control with Pro Lock Tech.
  • Bumble and bumble Spray de Mode: A flexible hold hairspray that adds shine and is workable for various hairstyles and textures.
  • COLOR WOW Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray: Provides a medium hold without stiffness, is buildable, and offers UV and color protection.
  • Living Proof Flex Hairspray: Works in all climates, can be used on damp or dry hair, and provides a flexible hold.

Medium Hold

Medium-hold hairsprays offer a balance between light and strong control, giving you the flexibility to style without stiffness.

For a medium hold, try Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium Finish, which adds shine and a flexible hold.

Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13 is another option that provides styling control without stiffness and a high-shine finish.

Moroccanoil’s Luminous Hairspray Medium is also available in a travel size.

Strong Hold

For a strong hold, look for hairsprays that promise long-lasting, all-day hold with anti-frizz and anti-humidity properties. Consider the following:

  • L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray: This hairspray provides a light shine and strong hold without the "hairspray smell."
  • Redken Control Addict 28 Extra High-Hold Hairspray: This extra-strong hold hairspray offers 24-hour humidity resistance and control without residue or flaking.
  • KĂ©rastase Laque Noire Extra-Strong Hold Hair Spray: This hairspray guarantees 48-hour humidity protection without stickiness or flaking and provides a soft finish with UVA/UVB protection.
  • Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray: This hair spray offers a super-strong hold with a natural shine and a light, fine spray pattern for easy application.

Key Ingredients for Volumizing Fine Hair

Key Ingredients for Volumizing Fine Hair
Discover the secret to volumizing fine hair with hairsprays containing essential ingredients like polymers, panthenol, and keratin. These components work in synergy to enhance volume, lift, and hold, giving you the confidence to embrace your voluminous locks.


Polymers are substances composed of large molecules linked into chains of repeating subunits. They can be natural or synthetic and are essential in our everyday lives. For hairsprays, polymers are key ingredients that provide hold and volume to fine hair.

Here are some key points about polymers:

  • Polymer Function: Polymers give hairsprays their holding and volumizing abilities, making them essential for styling fine hair.
  • Polymer Composition: Polymers are made up of large molecules called macromolecules, which are formed by linking smaller molecules or monomers together.
  • Polymer Properties: Polymers have a wide range of properties, including toughness, high elasticity, and the tendency to form amorphous and semicrystalline structures.
  • Polymer Safety: Some polymers are susceptible to degradation from UV light, heat, or ozone.
  • Polymer Applications: In addition to hairsprays, polymers are used in various products, such as synthetic fibers, packaging, medical devices, and electronics.


Panthenol is a chemical substance made from pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5). It is often included in hair care products due to its moisturizing and strengthening properties.

Panthenol is particularly beneficial for dehydrated or low-moisture hair. It helps to retain and balance moisture, smooth hair strands, and improve suppleness.

Panthenol also has anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in the repair of damaged hair. It can be used daily and is typically found in shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in products.


Keratin is an essential ingredient in hair volumising sprays. As hair is primarily made of the protein keratin, using keratin-based products can strengthen and volumise your hair. Here are four volumising sprays with keratin that can help you achieve your desired look:

  1. Keratin Complex Texturizing Spray
  2. Keratin Complex Flex Hold Hairspray
  3. CHI Keratin Mist
  4. Keratin Anti-Breakage Blow Dry Styling Spray

Application Techniques for Maximum Volume

Application Techniques for Maximum Volume
To maximize volume, section hair and apply hairspray to each section. When spraying, hold the can upside down to target roots and create lift.


To achieve maximum volume with hairspray, sectioning is key. Divide hair into seven sections: top, right side, left side, right crown, left crown, right nape, and left nape. This method is taught in cosmetology courses and helps create a consistent, balanced look.

To section the front, use a comb to part hair from one ear to the other. Separate the front from the rest of the hair and comb it forward. Then, isolate the top third of the hair and use a clip to secure it. Repeat on the right and left sides. For the back, start at the mid-ear and run the comb to the same spot behind the other ear. Use the top portion of this sectioned hair for the crown. Divide the remaining hair at the bottom towards the nape and secure it.

Upside-down Spraying

To achieve maximum volume with hairspray, try upside-down spraying.

Flip your hair upside down and shake it while spraying close to the roots.

Use your hands to continue shaking your hair while still upside down, then straighten up once the product is properly massaged in.

Repeat this process several times to build volume in layers until you reach your desired level of fullness.

Root Lifting

For that extra volume, try root lifting:

  1. Lean forward and flip your hair over.
  2. Spray your roots from about 6 inches away to avoid spraying large chunks of hair.
  3. Alternatively, lift sections of your hair and spray the roots for added volume to updos and ponytails.
  4. Hit with blow-dryer heat for lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of hairspray is good for fine hair?

For fine hair, opt for lightweight, flexible hold hairsprays that won’t weigh your hair down or make it feel sticky. The Kenra Volume Spray 25, Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist, and Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Texturizing Hairspray are all great options.

What hairsprays to avoid?

Avoid hairsprays with a strong, crunchy hold that leave residue and weigh your hair down.

What do you spray on fine hair before curling?

Before curling fine hair, you should spray on a heat protectant. This will guarantee your hair stays healthy. Some stylists also recommend a light-hold hairspray before curling for better hold, but only if your hair is resistant to curls.

Is hairspray bad for thinning hair?

Hairspray is like a double-edged sword. While it helps you style your hair, it can also cause minor hair loss.

However, it’s essential to recognize that hairspray doesn’t cause permanent hair loss. So, if you’re experiencing thinning hair, it might be a good idea to check your hairspray bottle.

Avoid hairsprays with ethanol, as this can dry out your hair.

Does hairspray work on fine hair?

Yes, hairspray can work on fine hair to add volume and shape without leaving it flat or heavy. However, it’s important to choose the right type of hairspray and apply it correctly.

How can I prevent hairspray from weighing down my fine hair?

Avoid heavy hairsprays that leave behind sticky residues. Opt for a lightweight formula that adds volume without weighing your hair down. For example, the Boldify Hair Thickening Spray or the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow-Out Spray.

Why does hairspray make my fine hair frizzy?

Hairspray can make fine hair frizzy if it’s not applied correctly. To avoid this, hold the can 8-12 inches away from your hair when spraying and lightly mist all over.

How can you prevent fine hair from feeling crunchy?

To prevent fine hair from feeling crunchy, choose lightweight products that won’t weigh down your hair. Avoid hair sprays and gels with a strong hold, as these can leave hair stiff and crunchy when dry.

How can I make hairspray last longer?

To make hairspray last longer, apply it while styling your hair and use it with a workable hairspray. Spray from 8-10 inches away, and avoid touching your hair until it’s dry. Don’t reapply too often, and make sure the valve works correctly for a perfect mist.


Discovering the secrets to achieving enviable volume and hold for your fine hair is now within reach.

With the right hairspray and techniques, you can transform your limp locks into a voluminous masterpiece.

This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to choose the best hairsprays for fine hair, understanding hold types and key ingredients, and employing clever application methods for maximum impact.

Now, go forth and spray with confidence!

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