10 Best Hairsprays for Fine Thin Hair That Gives Perfect Look 2021

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When it comes to finding the best hairspray for fine thin hair, you want to keep your hair in place without making it look like a helmet, right?

woman spraying hairspray on beautiful curly hair. hairdressing - hairspray s and pictures best hairspray for fine thin hairFortunately, the best hairspray for fine hair, adding a radiant shine to conditioning with nourishing oils and vitamins and protection against heat.

Anyone with fine/thin hair knows that finding the best hairspray for thinning hair can be a long task.

Whether you are looking for the hair spray to make your hair from fine to full, add volume, strengthen curls or fight frizz, we have it for you.

Today’s hair sprays not only help you attract thicker strands to counterfeit, but they can also add a beach-like texture, oil-free, and at the same time, act as a finisher.

With that in mind, below we have put together 10 of our favorite best hairsprays for fine thin hair.

Top 5 Best Hairsprays for Fine Hair (Quick Summary)

Kenra Professional Volume Spray Hair Kenra Volume Spray 25
  • Protection against moisture and strong wind
  • For long-term use, holds hair for days
  • Gives fine hair lots of volume and texture
John Frieda Volume Lift Hairspray John Frieda Forever Full Hairspray Luxurious Volume
  • For highest volume and hold
  • Light-bodyweight and particularly formulated for fine hair
  • Hair fortifying
TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray
  • Delivers firm nevertheless versatile hold for all kinds of hairstyles
  • Leaves hair a massive shine
  • Fights frizz and flyaways
BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray - Boldify Hair Thickening Spray
  • Paraben, sulfate, and alcohol-totally free
  • FDA-accepted
  • Cruelty-free of charge
Tresemme Compressed Micro Mist Texture Tresemme Compressed Texture Hairspray
  • 1 piece - 5.5 Ounce (162 ml)
  • Lightweight coverage,
  • Invisible hold,
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Things To Consider For Buying The Best Hairspray For Fine Hair

woman with a hair spray - hair spray for thin hair s and pictures Things To Consider When Buying The Best Hair Spray For Thin Hair

Many people with fine hair struggle to find the perfect hair spray for them.

A big reason for this is that as soon as they find one that actually gives them volume and keeps their hair in place, they notice that they hate the texture it gives.

Take a look at these things before buying to get the best hairspray for fine hair:

Lasts longer

It’s hard to hold on to a beautiful hair design as they get limp after a while. Powerful hair sprays provide a perfect grip to keep your hair in place.

When you scan your choices to get the best hairspray for thinning hair, you can still find one that will guarantee your long-lasting style when you work out at the gym or perform strange acts outside without yourTo weigh down hair.

If you want a spray that can take you through damp weather, an ice-cold hairspray is a way to go. They provide a firm grip and protect your hair from wind and moisture.

Volume lasts

the first factor to consider is that you need to search for the keyword (volume) when you use a fine hair spray. Hair sprays made to add volume always have the strongest shelf life.

It would help if you had some volume with fine hair anyway, so it will always be the hair sprays formulated to add volume that best fits your hair.

Light to medium hold

Since your fine hair can only tolerate a lot, high hold sprays will only weigh it down. Having said this, it is better to go for a hairspray with a light to medium hold formula without all of the stiffness. Another benefit of light and medium sprays is that they can be brushed, allowing flexible hold, meaning you can still comb, adjust, or change your style as you wish (do or even later in the day.

The secret of the best hairspray for fine thin hair

The most important thing to remember is that there is a difference between volume and weight. There are so many hairs spray on the market that promise to give you volume, and although they can, they also weigh your hair down and make it so heavy that it will end up flat at the end of the night.

With fine hair, you are looking for volume, but you do not want to fall into the trap of buying a cumbersome formula that gives you just big hair that is flat at the top of your head. That is why we have made sure that you find hair sprays that lift your hair and keep it there!

10 Best Hairsprays For Fine Thin Hair of 2021

In the world of styling products, hair spray definitely deserves our vote for the most improved.

We have collected the best flexible hairsprays to get those strands in the right direction.

These ten best hairsprays for fine hair are the best tricks under your sleeve.

1. Kenra Volume Spray 25

 Kenra Volume Spray 25View On Amazon

Kenra Volume Spray is not kidding when it comes to giving hold. Its ability to withstand moisture for up to 24 hours, windproof up to 25 mph, and long wear for up to 120 hours are its biggest selling points. In other words, you can use this Kenra hairspray to apply with confidence for a style that lasts for days; no wonder this is the best hairspray for fine hair on the market right now.

As its name implies, this hairspray is designed to improve the volume of your hair. And when we say volume, we mean va-va-va-volume, highly appreciated for fine hair like yours. You can also use this spray to polish your look and give the hair a natural and shiny finish.

The only downside to this product is that the nozzle can easily become clogged. However, you can always run warm water over the mouthpiece or poke it with a pin. There’s nothing an unclogging mechanism cannot do.

  • Protection against moisture and strong wind
  • For long-term use, holds hair for days
  • Gives fine hair lots of volume and texture
  • Can be used as a finishing spray to polish the look
  • Holds hair firmly and gives shine
  • The mouthpiece can easily get clogged
  • Potential dryness for some hair types as it is a concentrated formula

Customer Reviews
15,474 Reviews

Avatar Sam


Always loved Kenra

This is a great hair volume spray. I first picked up a bottle at my hairstylists and loved that I got hold without the sticky/glue type as in other hair sprays. This hair spray can be combed out, if you don't like the style, without doing any damage to your hair. I bought (by accident) from my hairstylist the 30 hold and hated it..didn't finish it...threw it out. Don't make the mistake that I did, just buy the 25 volume..it does the job and does not have a heavy feel, or scent to it.Sam

2. John Frieda Forever Full Hairspray Luxurious Volume

 John Frieda Forever Full Hairspray Luxurious VolumeView On Amazon

Transform dull, flat, and fine hair into salon-style fuller hair with this expertly formulated blow-out spray. It contains a blend of lightweight polymers that instantly strengthen your hair’s natural body.

The formula is infused with volume-boosting components that promote fine hair.

For a flexible and tactile, soft look, lifting fine strands from the roots to create a long-lasting, voluminous style.

  • For highest volume and hold
  • Light-bodyweight and particularly formulated for fine hair
  • Hair fortifying
  • Provision of the handle when styling
  • Protected to use on shade-taken care of hair
  • Very low-cost
  • As with other sprays, the nozzle can get extremely easily clogged.
  • Wants improvement in packaging

Customer Reviews
16,041 Reviews

Avatar Rebecca B.

Rebecca B.

Great hold and washes out wonderfully!

I like that this spray holds hair right away when you spray. Doesnt seem to require drying time. My hair is extremely fine so i can style, spray and have a sec to modify what i need to i can spray again if i need to. The wondrous part is that any spray like this i experimented with before will not just wash out, it always leaves white clumps when washing. This does not. The price is also excellent for such a good item.

3. Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Hairspray

 Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Shine HairsprayView On Amazon

Remember when regular hair sprays left an uncomfortable residue that built up your hair? This hairspray from TIGI is an example that today’s hair sprays are no longer the crunchy and flakey formula of the past. It is sturdy enough to let you play with gravity-defying styles, but it remains tactile, so you can still restyle or tease it.

This formula also favors those with dry hair as it is a glossy hairspray designed to give the hair a smooth finish while keeping frizz and flyaways in place, even in the hottest and windiest weather. If you’re not a fan of hair sprays with an overpowering chemical scent, you’ll love the slightly fruity scent of this hairspray.

It is also worth noting that TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray is a best seller in its class, with over 2.1 million sold, proving that it is clearly a customer favorite.enough to impress.

  • Delivers firm nevertheless versatile hold for all kinds of hairstyles
  • Leaves hair a massive shine
  • Fights frizz and flyaways
  • Simple to comb by means of for restyling
  • Enables extended put on
  • With topical berry scent
  • It is straightforward to go overboard with the thick consistency.

Customer Reviews
2,293 Reviews

Avatar lmw523


One bottle is all it takes.

I bought my first bottle of this when our local Alco went out of company a handful of years in the past. It was like 75% off and I required hairspray anyways. (I’m usually a cheapo Tresemme or Suave kinda gal. Really don't care also a lot about top quality hairspray... or at least I did not...) It ruined me permanently. Now I am a hairspray snob and detest to use anything at all else but this. I’ve tried to quit and go back to dollar hairspray a few times and I in no way make it much more than ...

4. Boldify Hair Thickening Spray

 Boldify Hair Thickening SprayView On AmazonConsider Boldify Hair Thickening Spray your fairy mom on bad hair days as it will help you get through it like a diva. Spray it through damp hair to get incredibly thick and voluminous hair.

It gives you a layered finish with a stronghold that lasts all day.

This lightweight formula will not weigh down your hair or leave a sticky residue on your scalp. It also acts as a thickening tonic and hair texturizer.

This medium hold spray provides a natural definition and an effortless finish. The formula is packed with minerals.

And nutrients that promote healthy hair.

Say goodbye to your oily scalp by using this spray as it immediately absorbs excess oil and moisture to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

  • Paraben, sulfate, and alcohol-totally free
  • FDA-accepted
  • Cruelty-free of charge
  • Adds volume
  • Washes out really effortlessly
  • Suitable for all hair types

Customer Reviews
14,320 Reviews

Avatar Elisha Granger

Elisha Granger

The Best!

I’m struggling from an outdated lady syndrome....limp, thinning hair. I purchased Boldify before i headed to a hair emergency area. It’s excellent. My hair is volumized and not gunky or stiff. You will not regret this obtain.

5. Tresemme Compressed Texture Hairspray

 Tresemme Compressed Texture HairsprayView On Amazon

First of all, you have to trust me. But if you still don’t do that, at least trust this lightweight formula. It gives you that flexible but natural grip that keeps flyaways in place without feeling like a helmet and never, never, ever feels sticky or crispy. Promise.

You can thank Tresemmé for bringing this groundbreaking spray to the market. Thanks to the innovative design, this baby not only releases fewer pollutants into the atmosphere but is compressed in a can that is half the size you would normally find. So you get a concentrated product that offers you an invisible grip that stands the test of time.

The strongest grip between the four new compressed sprays from Tresemmé, it has super-fine fog technology that penetrates deep into the hair fibers (instead of just sitting on top of it). The result? Crazy good hold. And don’t be fooled by the size – the 5.5-oz can contain 50 percent less gas but still has the same amount of product as a standard-sized can.

Key Features
  • 1 piece – 5.5 Ounce (162 ml)
  • Lightweight coverage,
  • Invisible hold,

Customer Reviews
114 Reviews

Avatar Oriana



perfect for my thin hair and not too smelly

6. Oribe Superfine Hair Spray

 Oribe Superfine Hair SprayView On Amazon

This pure formula from Oribe wins important points for versatility because it is easy to build. While another hair spray can dry, this is the exact opposite, thanks to the moisturizing extract of aloe leaves and the conditioning hydrolyzed wheat protein.

For information, it also comes in a handy travel format.

When it comes to texturing hair sprays, this is definitely the cool kid on the street. In just a few spritzes, you will find a strong dose of volume, texture, and a dry shampoo effect. It is pricey, but worth every penny.

Key Features
  • Offers UV protection
  • Mild fragrance
  • Paraben and sodium chloride-free
  • Color-safe formula

Customer Reviews
840 Reviews

Avatar mothera8


Well worth the price!

This superfine spray works miracles on my feathery thin hair! It is terribly expensive, but for me it is worth it. My hair has never been so shiny and stayed styled all day with any other product. That’s saying something considering that I’m 66 years old. I have also purchased the shampoo and conditioner and moisturizer because I am 100% sold on this brand.

7. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Texture Hairspray

 Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Texture HairsprayView On Amazon

Carrying with two separate spray bottles for volume and texture becomes heavy (and expensive). Instead, keep this bottle – which adds both texture and volume – close by. It creates a weightless body that still feels soft, while your hair seems effortlessly tousled.

You don’t have to search long before you find this favorite product from a fan. It gets one rave review after the other. Expect immediate fullness, lightweight volume, and airy texture.

  • Cruelty-free
  • Keeps your hair in place
  • Lightweight formula
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Prevents your hair from going flat
  • Expensive

Customer Reviews
876 Reviews

Avatar Colt


and for my budget this is pretty expensive. However

I normally don't spend much on personal beauty products, and for my budget this is pretty expensive. However, it's my favorite hair product ever so I continue to buy it. My hair is fine and it adds texture and fullness, and also holds the style in place, whether it's a curl or a beehive. Additionally, this product is not tested on animals, which is very important to me.

8. L’oral Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heat spray

 L’oral Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heat sprayView On AmazonL’Oréal Paris Heat Spray deserves a spot in your beauty salon if you are someone who loves styling with hot tools; it is especially a must to use a heat protectant spray for break-prone fine strands like yours, as these little contain heat. This hairspray, in particular, gives the hair optimal heat protection of 450 degrees.

However, the spray does not only form a protective barrier against heat but also provides a generous dose of satin shine, suitable for conditioning hair for frizz-free, long-lasting styles. The scent that the spray leaves on the hair are also highly praised by the users.

The spray has a light coverage, but a little goes a long way. It can be sprayed right at the roots or missed altogether to polish the look. Be careful when spraying as users claim that the mist floors easily.moistens, making them smooth.

  • For noticeable hair, shine
  • Light coverage goes a lengthy way
  • Combats hair injury brought about by heat styling
  • Neutralizes frizz and statics
  • Extremely applauded fragrance
  • Not as productive in locking styles
  • A bit messy to use

Customer Reviews
37,727 Reviews

Avatar Celic Rábago

Celic Rábago

Cabello lacio y delgado

Cumple su función sin añadir peso al cabello, lo cual me encanta.Si estas buscando un protector que no te deje una sensación grasosa en el cabello, este es el indicado, si buscas más que solo un protector de calor, este no es para ti, ya qué no te aportará algo extra a la protección.A mi me encanta y definitivamente lo recomiendo.

9. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Builder

 Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body BuilderView On Amazon

If you are looking for extra support with your bulky locks, this spray is simply the hard-working product you need. Couple this miracle with Living Proof Perfect Hair, and your roots can touch the ceiling.

Since this customizable hair spray was launched in September, we have been obsessed. The nozzle can be turned up or down at a different spray speed, depending on the amount of body you are looking for.

Moreover, it offers protection against heat up to 450º. I wouldn’t say I liked hair spray until I tried it from the geniuses of Living Proof, our assistant editor Erin Gushes.

  • Instantaneous, buildable entire body-Customizable nozzle-Situations your hair-Leaves your hair soft and flexible with huge volume-Mild fragrance
  • Costly

Customer Reviews
530 Reviews

Avatar Ann


Best product ever for lift and body.

This is absolutely the best product I have ever purchased for body. My hair tends to go flat—especially on top. I’ve tried everything to create some lift but nothing has worked to date. Although pricey this product does exactly what I want it to.

10. CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze

 CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying GlazeView On AmazonThis hairspray for fine hair from CHI has a wide following of people who cannot drive up their very thin and fine hair (I have thinner hair that is difficult to hold for long, and this product is the best I have ever used to do thishelp.), one user claims. It’s true. It’s one of the few sprays that lives up to its name and acts as a volume booster for any hair that doesn’t hold.

The perfect mid-range hold. Plus, it is what you need to keep frizz and static at bay. Even in challenging weather conditions, your hair won’t go anywhere with CHI Volume Booster. It’ll even glaze your hair with the smooth and shiny coat, but of course, without the crunch or stiffness; otherwise, it’s not on our list.

Another nice thing about the spray is its flexible grip. It allows repositioning so you can adjust your look while working on your style. No wonder it’s also a cult favorite among professional stylists—optimal styling experience with only minimal effort.

  • Designed to give hair further volume-
  • Highly suggested by stylists
  • For tough-to-design hair
  • Locks style whilst nonetheless permitting brush ability.
  • With the extra advantage of hair shine
  • The scent is overpowering for some.

Customer Reviews
1,838 Reviews

Avatar Donna Van Evera

Donna Van Evera

Really adds volume

I have fine hair and this product was recommended to me by a friend, I can tell a difference, my hair has more body to it, and it actually feels thicker. Good product, and, a little goes a long way.

How do you keep fine hair in place without hairspray?

How do you keep fine hair in place without hairspray?Like many curlies, sometimes, I want an alternative to hairspray. Many curlies do not like the feeling or the smell of hair sprays. Don’t despair! When you are looking for non-hair spray options that give you the grip of hairspray, there are several good options. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Turn to Texturizing Spray

A texturizer spray won’t hold you the same as a high-hold hairspray, but if you’re looking for a lighter grip or just a way to set up your style while adding an extra texture, this is the best answer without hairspray. This is a lightweight choice that makes hair less weighted than your typical hairspray while still giving you a little control.

2. Try Dry Shampoo

Another of the best alternatives for hairspray is dry shampoo. This works because it removes excess oils that can keep her closer to the scalp. By eliminating the extra oil, carrots get an instant boost similar to applying hairspray. With this method, be careful not to overdo it, as it can lead to dryness when used every day. And make sure you find one that works with your hair color.

3. Use a Sugar Spray

Another way to get an impressive hold without the hassle or crunch of hairspray is probably already in your pantry. Sugar cane extract has curl enhancing capabilities, as well as hold. When used directly on the scalp, it can also unclog pores and act as a clarifying treatment to exfoliate and promote hair growth. Sugar is known to give some hold without making hair too hard.

4. Use a Little Shea Butter

Shea butter can be one of the most loved ingredients for curly girls around the world. But an attribute that doesn’t get so much attention is its ability to create a decent amount for your curls as used like a grenade to prevent the use of hair lacquer.


No hairspray is a size-fits-all. There will always be one that specializes in a particular category. For example, you can always be one that is best in volumizing hair while protecting it from moisture and wind.

Then you can sparse use a finishing perfect hairspray to the look and locks out your style in place.

For starters, you’re going for one who says it helps with curled hair? What about an anti-humidifier formula? And at the end: of giving you glisteringly hair or a matte appearance? Can you buy one that has a lightweight grip or an extra-strong grip? Seriously, who knew there are many variants of hairspray for fine hair? I hope our goods list of best hairsprays for fine hair answers your questions.

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