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The 7 Best Brushes for Oily Hair: Solve Greasy Hair Problems Now! (2024)

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best brush for oily hairWhen it comes to styling your hair, the brush you use is key. It’s like a magic wand that can transform an unruly mane into bouncing waves and glossy locks.

For those with oily hair, the wrong brush can be disastrous; leading to an even greasier look than before.

To make sure you never have this problem again, check out our list of the seven best brushes for oily hair – they will revolutionize your routine!

From Belula Boar Bristle Brushes to BESTOOL Hair Brush Sets and Vented Curly Hair Brushes; these tools are designed specifically for those with greasy tresses so you know they will work wonders on yours too!

Key Takeaways

  • Boar bristle brushes distribute oils without irritation.
  • Nylon bristles can cause breakage on oily hair.
  • Clean brushes regularly to remove buildup and maintain effectiveness.
  • Use oil-control masks and shampoo the scalp only to manage oily hair.

Best Brush for Oily Hair

When it comes to finding the best brush for oily hair, look no further than the Belula Boar Bristle Brush Set, Cortex Professional Boar Brush, BESTOOL Hair Brush Set, Small Round Boar Bristle Brush, Spornette Deville Boar Brush, Conair Boar Bristle Hairbrush, and Vented Curly Hairbrush.

These brushes are specifically designed to reduce frizz and distribute natural oils while being gentle on your scalp – perfect for all hair types! They also provide an ergonomic grip handle and vented body, which helps with faster drying of thick or curly hair.

Belula Boar Bristle Brush Set

Belula 100% Boar Bristle HairView On Amazon
Experience a luxurious pampering session with the Belula Boar Bristle Brush Set, designed to restore shine and reduce frizz while conditioning your hair. The complete set includes a brush, comb, headband, and travel bag for all your styling needs on-the-go.

Natural boar bristles distribute oils in the hair evenly without damaging it or tugging on strands too harshly. Its ergonomic wooden handle is lightweight yet durable enough to last you many uses.

The Belula Boar Bristle Brush Set also comes with an impressive 2-month satisfaction guarantee – so what are you waiting for? Enjoy a pleasant brushing experience that stimulates your scalp and adds volume, lift, and curls to all types of hairstyles – short or long! Be sure not to overlook its box, which makes it perfect for gifting purposes too!

  • Restores shine & reduces frizz
  • Distributes natural oils & conditions hair
  • Wooden handle is comfortable & durable
  • Stimulates scalp massage during brushing
  • Perfect gift set with box included
  • Too small/ineffective for man with short/medium-fine hair
  • Causes static electricity & frizz
  • Time-consuming method

Cortex Professional Boar Brush

Cortex Professional Boar Bristle -View On Amazon
Try the Cortex Professional Boar Brush for a smooth, shiny finish. For example, Sarah found that it helped her oily hair stay manageable all day long.

This round brush is made with boar bristles to distribute oils in your hair while being gentle enough for fine and thin strands. Its ergonomic wooden handle provides a comfortable grip and glides through your mane effortlessly without tugging or pulling on strands.

This brush stimulates scalp circulation as you style, which helps promote growth too! It’s ideal for short styles but can also add volume or lift when needed; perfect if you want a sleek look one day and bouncy waves another day – making this tool an incredibly versatile addition to any beauty routine!

  • Distributes natural oils evenly
  • Gentle yet effective on fine/thin hair
  • Stimulates scalp circulation & promotes growth
  • Wooden handle offers a comfy grip & styling
  • Versatile – great for different looks
  • May lose a few bristles upon first usage
  • Not suitable for thick/long locks

BESTOOL Hair Brush Set

BESTOOL Hair Brushes for WomenView On Amazon
The BESTOOL Hair Brush Set is perfect for restoring shine, reducing frizz, and conditioning your hair without the use of harsh chemicals or heat. This set includes a 70% boar and 30% nylon bristle brush, a bamboo oval paddle brush, a rubber massage cushion, as well as a storage bag.

It’s great for all hair types, but particularly helpful for damaged, greasy, or frizzy hair. The natural boar bristles help to distribute oils evenly while massaging your scalp, which helps promote new growth.

The eco-friendly bamboo handle offers comfort when styling while reducing heat damage from traditional styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons.

Enjoy a 3-month money-back guarantee with this amazing set, so you can purchase worry-free!

  • Reduces the need for washing & products
  • Helps prevent dandruff
  • Cruelty-free boar hair
  • Eco-friendly bamboo handle
  • Not suitable for short fine/medium length hairs
  • Bristles may be lost over time

Small Round Boar Bristle Brush

Small Round Hair Brush forView On Amazon
For short, fine to medium hair, try the PERFEHAIR Small Round Boar Bristle Brush to add volume and shine without pulling or tugging. The soft boar bristles are gentle on the scalp and distribute oils evenly while giving a pleasant massage sensation with its lightweight wooden handle.

This brush glides through your hair effortlessly, allowing you to style it with ease.

Not only is this brush great for styling, but it also helps prevent dandruff and reduces breakage from brushing too hard or too often.

  • Gentle on the scalp & distributes oils evenly
  • Lightweight wooden handle provides comfortable styling
  • Adds volume & lift at roots plus adds lasting curls
  • Reduces dandruff & breakage from brushing
  • Perfectly sized for travel
  • Too small for longer hair
  • Bristles may be stiff
  • Head is very small so not much product can be picked up

Spornette Deville Boar Brush

Spornette Deville Cushion Paddle Brush,View On Amazon
Experience salon-like results at home with the Spornette Deville Boar Brush, featuring 100% boar bristles to help you smooth, shine, and finish your hair. This paddle brush shape is great for straightening, smoothing, and styling medium to long hair.

Its natural boar bristles are gentle on the scalp while redistributing oils for added shine and manageability – perfect for all types of tresses from fine to thick.

The rubber grip handle offers an easy yet comfortable hold while styling. Plus, its vented body ensures faster drying time than other brushes on the market!

The wooden handle is lightweight but durable – plus, it’s ergonomic, so brushing won’t be a chore anymore! With regular use, this brush will reduce breakage and shedding, leaving you with thicker-looking locks that have more life in them too.

All these benefits come together in one compact tool measuring 9x3x2 inches and weighing only 4 ounces, making it ideal even when traveling or taking limited space items along with you!

  • Redistributes natural oils, adding sheen & manageability
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Vented body allows airflow & helps keep clean
  • Dense high-quality bristle material
  • May need sectioning of thick hair before brushing effectively
  • Quality concerns reported by some customers regarding packaging/minor defects
  • Doesn’t detangle as well as some other brushes

Conair Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Conair All Purpose Boar BristleView On Amazon
Discover the Conair Boar Bristle Hairbrush, designed to detangle and reduce frizz while infusing natural oils for added shine. This brush is perfect for creating finished hairstyles with its 100% boar bristles that distribute hair oils evenly.

The rubber grip handle offers a comfortable grip and control when styling your hair, ideal for short or fine to medium locks.

Thanks to its durable wooden body, this long-lasting brush will help style your hair without pulling or tugging it too hard – even curly tresses! Furthermore, it’s been around since 2003, so you know you’re getting quality from the #1 brand in brushes!

Enjoy salon results at home with the Conair Boar Bristle Hairbrush today; just be sure not to use it on wet or damp hair as damage may occur.

  • Natural boar bristles distribute oil evenly
  • Rubber grip handle provides comfort and control
  • Durable wood body helps prevent breakage and shedding
  • Not suitable for wet or damp tresses as damage can occur
  • Only suitable up until medium length

Vented Curly Hair Brush

Vented Curved Boar Bristle HairView On Amazon
Try your Vented Curly Hair Brush; its boar & nylon bristles will glide through your locks, delivering natural oils and moisture for a smooth and shiny finish. Detangle with ease using the ergonomically curved shape of this brush that comfortably fits in your hand.

The vented body allows for faster drying while brushing, making it an ideal choice for thick or curly hair styles. Enjoy scalp massage benefits as you gently run this brush from roots to ends without experiencing pain or breakage.

  • Distributes natural oils & moisture
  • Restores shine & improves texture
  • Allows airflow for fast drying
  • Comfortable grip & scalp massage
  • Bristles may fall out
  • Brush in sections if needed with detangler
  • Replace brushes every 6–12 months

Why Does My Hair Get Greasy So Fast?

Why Does My Hair Get Greasy So Fast
Do you feel like your hair gets greasy too quickly? You’re not alone. Greasy or oily hair is a common issue that can be caused by several factors, such as genetics and lifestyle habits. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to combat this problem—from quick fixes for getting rid of grease right away to long-term solutions for preventing it from occurring in the first place.

There are also many easy updos you can do with greasy locks so you don’t have to worry about hiding your roots all day! Discover how understanding why your hair gets greasy fast and following some simple tips will help keep it looking fresh and healthy.

Causes of Greasy Hair

If your hair is greasy, it could be caused by a variety of factors. There are several home remedies that can help reduce oil production in the scalp and distribute oils evenly through the strands for more manageable styling.

One remedy is using a boar bristle brush, which helps stimulate circulation in the scalp while distributing natural sebum throughout locks for added shine. Another remedy is washing your hair regularly with a gentle shampoo, which helps keep excess grease at bay without drying out tresses.

Additionally, eating foods rich in vitamins like B6 can help balance pH levels on the skin’s surface, resulting in healthier-looking hair overall.

Tips to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Quickly

Using the right brush and technique can help you quickly reduce greasy scalp and hair. Invest in a boar bristle brush for even distribution of natural oils, while avoiding plastic bristles, which cause breakage.

Start brushing from the bottom up, sectioning off your hair to prevent tangling. Add leave-in conditioner when detangling curly or dry hair before brushing top down to avoid damage. Shampoo focusing on your scalp with salicylic acid or tea tree shampoos for an oily scalp.

But don’t forget about diet tips like reducing sugar intake and getting enough exercise, as well as natural remedies such as massaging aloe vera into roots of wetted strands! Regularly clean brushes remove excess sebum build-up that causes scalps to look oily.

How to Make Your Hair Less Greasy

Choosing the right brush for your hair type can help reduce greasiness and keep it looking its best. Detangling tips, such as using a boar bristle brush, applying hair masks, and shampooing with scalp-focused shampoos, are all important steps to make your hair less greasy.

Avoid dry brushing or using brushes that pull on the scalp. Look for natural oils in products to nourish your tresses instead! Use a soft-bristled brush that’s designed specifically for oily hair types.

This will help distribute natural oils without tugging or pulling at strands. When shampooing, focus more on the roots where excess sebum accumulates. Use an anti-residue shampoo if needed. Follow up with conditioner too! Finally, finish off by brushing from root to tip every night before bedtime.

This stimulates follicles and distributes nutrients throughout while preventing tangles and split ends.

Updos for Greasy Hair

Updos are a great way to keep greasy hair looking stylish and put together without having to wash it every day. Try using hairstyling tips, such as teasing brushes, paddle brushes with boar bristles, or scalp care products like masks and leave-in conditioners.

For curly hair, go slow when brushing – always start at the ends of your strands first! This will help distribute natural oils from the scalp throughout the lengths of your hair for added shine.

To reduce oiliness on scalps, use tea tree shampoos or salicylic acid cleansers that can help balance out excess oil production while still nourishing your locks with hydration.

Keep styling time quick, but be mindful not to overbrush – pulling too hard will only cause breakage!

Preventing Oily Roots

To keep your roots from getting greasy, try alternating brushing directions each time you brush and using natural bristle brushes. Detangle hair before starting at the ends to prevent breakage. Divide it into sections for better results.

Massage the scalp with a wooden brush to stimulate circulation and distribute oils evenly throughout hair lengths. Use conditioner on curly locks and detangle them before brushing top down with a leave-in product for extra moisture protection against breakage or damage due to dryness.

A round brush is great for volume, while nylon bristles can cause split ends if used too often – use sparingly! Hair masks targeting oil production are ideal long-term solutions.

How It Works

How It Works
Brushing your hair correctly can help keep it healthy and reduce the amount of grease that builds up on your scalp. To start, gently and slowly brush through your hair, starting from the ends and working up towards the roots.

It’s important to use a brush type that is appropriate for your particular hair type. Natural boar bristle brushes work well with oily scalps, while paddle brushes are great for sleek, straight styles.

Step One: Brush Gently and Slowly Through Hair

Gently and slowly brush through your hair to help distribute natural oils without pulling or scratching the scalp. For best results, choose a brush that suits your styling needs – volume, sleekness, or detangling tips – as well as one that fits your hair type and length.

Opt for ergonomic handles for comfort when brushing. Use vented brushes to allow airflow during blow-drying.

Before beginning with brushing top down, always detangle starting from ends using small sections of hair before gradually working up towards roots in order to maintain healthy locks.

Step Two: Start Brushing From the Ends and Work Up

Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up, gradually untangling each knot with a gentle touch. Brush selection matters for healthy hair; natural bristle brushes distribute oils from the scalp while nylon/plastic bristles can cause breakage.

Vent brushes allow airflow to the scalp, round brushes add volume to roots while wooden ones massage it.

Never brush dry curls as this causes tension & damage – focus on distributing oils instead by using leave-in conditioners or masks that combat oily scalps long term!

Step Three: Use the Appropriate Brush for Your Hair Type

Choose the brush that suits your hair type and flaunt shiny, healthy-looking locks. Hair brushing technique is key for both oily and dry hair. Brush shape should match styling needs; boar bristles distribute natural oils, reducing the greasy appearance, while plastic/nylon bristle types can cause breakage.

Brush size depends on the amount of hair – bigger brushes handle more locks – while ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip throughout the brushing process.

Vented brushes allow airflow during blow-drying, perfect for oily tresses. Plus, top-rated products have thousands of 5-star reviews to back them up! Choose quality tools that don’t shed and last a long time.


Users of the Belula Boar Bristle Brush Set report softer, shinier hair that is easier to style. The Cortex Professional Boar Brush has been praised for its wooden handle and gentle boar bristles, which are perfect for fine, thin hair.

Customers rave about the BESTOOL Hair Brush Set’s ability to reduce heat and chemical damage while also promoting softness, shine, and healthy locks.

User Reviews and Experiences With the Belula Boar Bristle Brush Set

Users rave about Belula’s Boar Bristle Brush Set, claiming it smooths and adds shine to all hair types while reducing frizz and distributing natural oils.

Product feedback consistently mentions it’s great for wet brushing curly hair, providing a scalp massage as you brush that helps nourish the strands from root to tip.

Some users have even reported increased hair growth after using this set!

Additionally, many people find their hair is much smoother after washing with this brush set due to the way it massages the scalp gently yet effectively.

It works wonderfully on all lengths of locks too!

This versatile product has become an essential part of many users’ haircare routines – no wonder why it’s gotten so much positive feedback!

Feedback on the Cortex Professional Boar Brush

You’ll love the Cortex Professional Boar Brush, as its soft boar bristles glide through your hair like silk. It distributes natural oils without irritating sensitive scalps and stimulates sebum production for healthier-looking locks.

The ergonomic wooden handle provides a comfortable grip while you give yourself a scalp massage.

User reviews prove this brush is great for providing shine, reducing frizz, and styling hair nicely – plus, it comes with a money-back guarantee! Its vented body allows faster blow-drying times too!

Bamboo brushes are also effective in distributing vitamins throughout strands, which helps to strengthen them from within; perfect if you’re after healthy-looking tresses with volume and bounce!

Customers’ Opinions on the BESTOOL Hair Brush Set

Try out the BESTOOL Hair Brush Set and get ready to experience softer, smoother hair! This set has thousands of 5-star reviews and is perfect for all hair types, but especially long or thick. Boar bristles distribute natural oils, while nylon/plastic bristles help detangle without breakage.

The ergonomic handle provides comfortable brushing, along with a vented body for faster drying.

With its eco-friendly bamboo handle and cruelty-free boar hairs, you can achieve salon standards at home! Plus, it features a 2-month satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about.

Does Brushing Help Oily Hair?

Does Brushing Help Oily Hair
Brushing your hair is an important step in managing oily hair. From distributing natural oils to reducing frizz and breakage, a good quality brush can make all the difference when it comes to controlling oiliness.

But can a brush really help tame greasy locks? And how do you go about brushing oil out of your hair without making matters worse? Read on for answers to these questions and more as we explore the benefits of brushing for oily hair.

The Benefits of Brushing for Oily Hair

Brushing your hair regularly with the right brush can make a huge difference in keeping it healthy and shiny, including reducing oily buildup – one study even found that brushing helps remove up to 95% of scalp oils!

Proper technique is key – start from the ends, then work your way up to avoid breakage. Look for soft bristles on natural or boar bristle brushes. Alternating directions during each use stimulates circulation while distributing nutrients for growth.

Detangle before starting at the top, focusing on sections using leave-in conditioner when wetting curly hair. Use masks and shampoos specifically designed for an oily scalp like Oway Silk’n Glow Mask or Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo to keep oil levels under control long term.

With these tips, you can have healthier-looking hair without having to worry about excess grease!

Can a Hairbrush Make Your Hair Greasy?

Using the wrong brush can create greasiness that’s hard to fix. Brushing technique, product choice, and scalp health all play a role in avoiding greasy hair. Choose boar bristles for distributing natural oils without breakage or too much volume.

Paddle brushes are perfect for sleek styles, while round brushes add lift and volume to your look.

A good rule of thumb is to start at the ends when brushing from top down. Use leave-ins on damp curls and never brush dry curly locks! Avoid pulling and scratching the scalp with soft flexible bristles.

How to Brush Oil Out of Your Hair

To combat oily hair, give your scalp a massage with the right brush and enjoy shiny locks. Choose from various detangling techniques to find which is most effective for you: brush shapes, bristle types, and sizes should suit your styling needs.

Boar bristles are best for distributing natural oils while avoiding breakage or pulling of the scalp.

Alternate brushing direction each use to evenly distribute oil from roots down through lengths. This also promotes healthy blood circulation in your scalp. Brush damp curly hair gently with leave-in conditioner before drying to reduce tension on curls without damaging them further.

Shampoo focusing on scalps only avoids build-up around ends too! Finish off by stimulating follicles overnight as well as preventing tangles while sleeping.

Oily Scalps

Oily Scalps
Oily scalps are often caused by excessive sebum production and can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are solutions that involve the use of good hair brushing habits as well as special shampoos and masks designed specifically for oily scalps.

Causes and Solutions for Oily Scalps

If you’re struggling with an oily scalp, there are a few solutions that can help. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oils and control shine throughout the day. Use a shampooing technique that focuses on the scalp instead of the length of your hair for deep-cleaning results.

A weekly scalp massage stimulates blood circulation and encourages healthy oil production in your strands while eliminating buildup from styling products or dirt particles. Hair masks provide nourishment and hydration while controlling greasiness at its source—the roots! An oil-control formula works best when used on damp hair before blow-drying to avoid product overload, which can lead to heavy, greasy locks.

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep oily scalps under control all year long!

Good Habits to Get Rid of Oily Scalp

You can take control of your oily scalp and achieve healthy, shiny hair with the right brushing habits. Avoid using brushes that pull or scratch your scalp as they’ll only worsen oiliness. Use natural bristle brushes to distribute oils evenly from the root and massage your scalp for an extra boost in circulation and nutrient delivery.

Shampoo regularly, using shampoos specifically designed for oil-prone scalps, such as Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo. This will reduce buildup without stripping away essential moisture. Don’t forget to include conditioners in your routine, as they are a must for dandruff control.

Finally, try incorporating conditioning methods like deep treatments into your weekly rituals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using a boar bristle brush?

Boar bristle brushes offer numerous benefits for achieving shiny, smooth hair. They assist in distributing natural oils from the scalp throughout your hair, reducing frizz and adding shine. Additionally, they gently detangle without causing breakage, allowing for easy styling while providing an invigorating massage that stimulates healthy blood circulation in the scalp.

How often should I replace my brush?

You should replace your brush every 3-6 months. An anachronism, like running the same brush through centuries of hair, emphasizes this point: regular replacement is key to healthy locks and luxurious style.

What is the best brush shape for styling my hair?

Brush shapes vary depending on the type of style you’re looking for. Choose a paddle brush for sleek, straight styles. Use a round brush to add lift and volume. Opt for an ergonomic handle with flexible bristles that won’t pull or scratch your scalp.

Vent brushes provide airflow while massaging the scalp and adding sheen to color-treated ends.

Is brushing my hair at night beneficial?

Yes! Brushing your hair at night helps stimulate follicles and distribute natural oils, giving you healthier-looking locks. Plus, brushing before bed can help prevent tangles as you sleep – a win-win for anyone with beautiful tresses.

What is the best shampoo for an oily scalp?

Fight oily scalp with the right shampoo! For best results, try Oway Silk’n Glow Mask and Purifying Shampoo.


If you have oily hair, you know how frustrating it can be. Greasy roots, limp locks, and flyaways are all symptoms of oily hair.

From the Belula Boar Bristle Brush Set to the Conair Boar Bristle Hairbrush, there are a variety of brushes that can help manage your oily hair. These brushes help distribute your natural oils, reduce frizz, and stimulate your scalp.

With regular use, you can achieve silky, shiny hair that is healthy and manageable.

By brushing your hair gently and using the right brush for your hair type, you can reduce the appearance of greasy roots and get your hair looking its best. So, if you’re looking to solve your oily hair problems, start with the best brush for oily hair.

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