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Best Blue Toners for Orange Hair: Neutralize Yellow & Orange (2024)

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best blue toner for orange hairDon’t you hate it when your hair looks less than perfect after bleaching or coloring? We know the feeling all too well. But don’t fret, there’s a solution! Let us introduce you to blue toners – they are specifically designed to neutralize orange and yellow undertones in your hair so that you get back to looking fabulous again.

In this article, we’ll show off some of the best blue toners for orange hair solutions on the market. From Matrix Brass Off Shampoo and Redken Brownlights Blue Shampoo, to Manic Panic Virgin Snow Blonde Toner and DyeCraft Blue Food Coloring, right up until Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue.

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Key Takeaways

  • Matrix Brass Off, Redken Brownlights Blue, Manic Panic Snow Toner, and Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar are top blue toners reviewed.
  • Blue toners are designed to neutralize orange and yellow undertones in bleached or colored hair.
  • They deposit blue pigments to counteract brassiness and neutralize orange and yellow tones.
  • Blue toners work best on pre-lightened or lifted hair and provide progressive color deposit over time.

Top 12 Blue Toners for Orange Hair

Are you looking to combat orange tones in your hair? Look no further! Here are the top 12 blue toners for orange hair that can help restore and enhance cool tones.

  • Matrix Brass Off Shampoo
  • Redken Brownlights Blue Shampoo
  • Manic Panic Virgin Snow Blonde Toner
  • Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • DyeCraft Blue Food Coloring
  • L’Oreal Paris Blonde Hair Toner
  • Wella Colorcharm Toner T28
  • Pravana Ash Blue Hair Color
  • Pureology Color Fanatic Tonner
  • Fanola No Orange Shampoo
  • Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue

These options have been carefully chosen to provide a wide range of solutions for any type or color of hair.

Matrix Brass Off Shampoo

Matrix Brass Off Blue ShampooView On Amazon
Try Matrix Brass Off Shampoo for a gentle, effective way to neutralize orange tones and restore vibrant cool tones in your hair. Featuring blue-violet pigments that enhance, restore, and boost cool tones without stripping color or drying out the hair like other toners can.

This shampoo is suitable for both color-treated and natural hair, so you don’t have to worry about damaging delicate strands with harsh chemicals.

It’s part of the Brass Off collection, which offers an easy one-wash solution perfect for those between salon visits who want maximum impact from minimal effort.

  • Neutralizes brass and red tones
  • Enhances and restores cool tone vibrancy
  • Gently cleanses without stripping color
  • Hydrates dry/damaged locks
  • Can cause staining if not used properly
  • Not ideal for light blonde shades
  • Requires gloves when using

Redken Brownlights Blue Shampoo

Redken Color Extend Brownlights BlueView On Amazon
Eliminate brassiness and restore cool tones in brown hair with Redken Color Extend Brownlights blue toning shampoo & conditioner. Formulated with blue pigments to counteract brassy hues, this professional salon-quality solution neutralizes unwanted warmth for brunettes of all shades, whether naturally occurring or color-treated.

Its sulfate-free formula gently cleanses while the progressive deposit system keeps your tresses looking bright and healthy without stripping away vibrance.

  • Neutralizes unwanted warmth & prevents brassiness
  • Progressive deposit system keeps brunette hair cool
  • Sulfate-free formula gently cleanses and moisturizes
  • Makes shower walls slightly blue
  • Can be drying if overused
  • Stronger than normal shampoo

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Blonde Toner

MANIC PANIC Virgin Snow BlondeView On Amazon
Manic Panic Virgin Snow Blonde Toner offers a vegan, cruelty-free hair dye solution to achieve and maintain the icy blonde Khaleesi vibes you desire.

Formulated without PPD, ammonia, parabens, or any other harsh chemicals, this toner is safe for use on level 9/10 lightened hair only.

You’ll also benefit from deep conditioning while coloring, which helps prevent breakage and split ends while enhancing shine.

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free Formula
  • Semi-permanent color that fades in 4-6 weeks
  • No bleaching/lightening effect
  • Mixable for custom colors/tones
  • Only works on level 9/10 lightened hair
  • Follow instructions carefully
  • Perform an allergy test before using

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

BRAGG Organic Raw Apple CiderView On Amazon
Experience the light and wholesome flavor of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, a certified organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO product that contains the Mother of Vinegar.

Perfect to add a bit of zing to your favorite dishes without added chemicals or preservatives. Use it in marinades, dressings, or just as is on salads for additional crunchy deliciousness! This vinegar comes from apples that have been raw and unfiltered, so you get maximum nutrition from every drop.

Enjoy this versatile liquid condiment that also helps enhance color-treated hair while preserving vibrancy between salon visits when used as part of your beauty routine!

  • Certified organic (CA Organic Foods Act)
  • Gluten-free & Non-GMO certified
  • Contains Mother Of Vinegar
  • Unheated/unpasteurized can cause digestive issues

DyeCraft Blue Food Coloring

DyeCraft® Blue Food Coloring (LARGEView On Amazon
Try DyeCraft Blue Food Coloring to tint your treats and add a pop of vibrant blue color without altering the flavor. This odorless, tasteless liquid offers more intense color than natural blues and is certified kosher, edible, and food safe.

With 8 ounces per bottle, you can use drops to make frostings, candies, or baked goods look extra special. Just shake well before using each time – be sure not to get any on skin or clothes as it may stain.

Test the dye first before adding more if desired for an even color throughout your masterpiece creations!

  • Odorless & tasteless liquid form of dye with no alteration in flavor
  • More intense coloring than natural blues
  • Certified kosher & food safe
  • Can stain skin/clothes, so wear gloves while handling
  • Must be stored carefully in a cool, dry place away from sunlight

L’Oreal Paris Blonde Hair Toner

L’Oréal Paris Hair Color PowerView On Amazon
L’Oreal Paris Blonde Hair Toner

L’Oreal Paris Blonde Hair Toner offers a modern solution to counteract brassiness and restore cool tones in multi-faceted blonde color, so you can say goodbye to those orange hues for good. Formulated with built-in conditioning polymers, this ammonia-free demi-permanent toner helps strengthen lightened strands for softer, smoother hair without lifting or shifting your color.

  • Ammonia-free
  • Reduces orange & yellow tones for 3 weeks
  • High-speed technology
  • Built-in conditioning polymers
  • Does not lift or shift hair color
  • Does not cover grays

Wella Colorcharm Toner T28

WELLA colorcharm Hair Toner, NeutralizeView On Amazon
Wella Colorcharm Toner T28 slightly lifts and tones pre-lightened hair with 8 shades across 3 color families that can help achieve a variety of toning effects. The permanent toner works best on natural blonde or pre-bleached hair, offering the user a complete range to create their desired look.

Its liquid format allows for quick and easy application. Simply mix it with 10 or 20 volume developer in a 1:2 ratio before processing for 5 to 45 minutes, depending on your brand’s instructions.

Reap the benefits of Wella’s professional salon-quality hair care line without having to make an appointment at the hairdressers!

  • Permanent toner works best on natural blonde/pre-bleached hair
  • Liquid format allows quick & easy application
  • Complete range offers a variety of toning shades
  • Can be time-consuming (5-45 mins)
  • May require assistance from professionals if unfamiliar with the process
  • Results last up to 6 weeks

Pravana Ash Blue Hair Color

Pravana Chromasilk Hair Color CorrectorView On Amazon
You’ll love the vibrant results of Pravana Ash Blue Hair Color, designed to nourish and condition your hair while providing 100% gray coverage. It comes in a 4 oz tube and is made in Mexico with 6 tonal families for vibrant reds, cool violets, and low lights.

Formulated with Coconut Oil for shine, this color corrector restores radiance and preserves color by equalizing porosity, which also extends hold while adding shine. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Customers report great brunette colors that leave their hair richly saturated without orange or brassy tones.

On the other hand, there have been some issues reported, such as being sent wrong colors not matching ad listing or drying out the hair unevenly.

  • Nourishes & conditions
  • Provides 100% gray coverage
  • 6 tonal families (reds/violets/lowlights)
  • Not always true to ad listings
  • Can dry out unevenly
  • Allergy test recommended

Pureology Color Fanatic Toner

Pureology Color Fanatic Top CoatView On Amazon
Pureology Color Fanatic Toner is great for neutralizing unwanted brassiness and restoring cool tones to your hair. This vegan toner contains Oat Milk and Camellia Oil, which help smooth, soften, condition, and nourish hair while adding a beautiful rose, floral ginger, cedarwood scent.

The formula is paraben-free, making it safe for color-treated hair. For best results, use after shampooing with Pureology’s special formula Shampoo & Conditioner set before applying the toner in sections of dampened hair – leaving it on for up to 8 washes or until the desired tone has been achieved!

It’ll make your tresses look shiny and healthy while counteracting any orange tones you may have noticed in your bleached or dyed locks!

  • Neutralizes brassy/orange tones
  • Restores shine/softness to dull strands
  • Lasts up to 8 washes
  • Can be drying if used too often
  • Not a hugely noticeable difference

Fanola No Orange Shampoo

Fanola No Orange Shampoo WithView On Amazon
For brunettes, dark blondes, high-level blondes, and warm tones, Fanola No Orange Shampoo helps to neutralize brassy and orange tones while preserving hair color. It is enriched with hypoallergenic Tiare flower to nourish and seal cuticles. This shampoo is formulated with Coconut Oil for shine as well as prevention of breakage or split ends.

The result? Icy Khaleesi vibes or rich brunettes sans brassiness! Enjoy the protection of a Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex that shields against fading color while a Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex repairs from within.

  • Neutralizes brassy/orange tones in brown hair
  • Formulated with Coconut oil & Hypoallergenic Tiare Flower for shine & conditioning benefits
  • Ammonia-free formula protects against fading color
  • Repairs damage from within using advanced peptides complex
  • Not suitable for natural blondes or prelightened hair
  • May not be strong enough if you have very light-colored/highlift blonde
  • Can cause build-up if used too often

Color Balance Shampoo Set

Color Balance Shampoo and ConditionerView On Amazon
Try the Color Balance Shampoo Set to keep your lightened brown hair looking vibrant and free from brassy or orange tones. This set includes a shampoo (10.1 oz) and conditioner (10.1 oz), designed specifically for chemically treated hair, that eliminates brassy or orange tones while preserving 89% of hair color for up to 18 washes.

The Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex protects color from fading and losing vibrancy, while the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex exclusive blend repairs damaged strands from within – perfect for lightened brown locks! Use both products together every two weeks for best results.

  • Eliminates brassy or orange tones on lightened brown hair
  • Preserves 89% of hair color up to 18 washes
  • Protects color from fading and losing vibrancy
  • Repairs damaged strands internally
  • Must use both products together every 2 weeks
  • Ideal only on lightened brunette locks

Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue

Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue ShampooView On Amazon
Experience salon-quality results with Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Blue, a vivid fluorescent blue that nourishes and conditions your hair while adding stunning color – like lightning in a bottle! This vegan and cruelty-free formula is free from ammonia, peroxide, and parabens.

It’s perfect for light blond to medium blond hair. Simply apply it on clean, towel-dried hair before processing for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse off.

Enjoy up to 20 washes of beautiful blue without any damage or fading. Plus, always perform an allergy test 48 hours prior to use just in case! So unleash the power of this fabulous toner today – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Vivid fluorescent blue adds gorgeous color
  • Nourishes and conditions while coloring
  • Lasts up to 20 washes
  • Free from ammonia, peroxide & parabens
  • Perfect for light blonde/medium blonde hair
  • Requires an allergy test 48 hrs before each use
  • Must avoid contact with eyes & skin

How Blue Toner Works on Orange Hair

How Blue Toner Works on Orange Hair
Selecting the right blue toner for your orange hair can be tricky, but with some know-how, you’ll be able to achieve beautiful results. With an understanding of how it works and its pros and cons, you’re ready to start countering yellow or orange tones in your locks.

Blue toners are an effective way to neutralize these brassiness issues as blue is a complementary color that cancels out any unwanted yellows or oranges.

Selecting the Right Blue Toner

To find the perfect blue toner for your orange hair, consider the intensity of brassiness and select a complementary shade that counteracts tone. Color correcting with a blue toner is an effective way to neutralize brassy tones and restore natural vibrancy.

Opt for salon-quality products like Matrix Brass Off or Redken Brownlights that target yellow or orange hues while protecting hair health from damage. For golden blondes, Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow Toner helps maintain blonde tones without over-toning.

DyeCraft Blue Food Coloring creates vibrant pastels when mixed with Pastelizer, and L’Oreal Paris Blonde Hair Toner offers up to 3 weeks of color correction results. Wella Colorcharm Toner’s 8 shades across 3 families will help you achieve the desired look, while Pravana Ash Blue Hair Color provides 100% gray coverage.

Keep it cool with Pureology fanatics – their vegan formula adds shine & softness. Then finish off using Fanola No Orange Shampoo for icy blonde Khaleesi vibes sans brassiness.

Pros and Cons of Using Blue Toner

Using a blue toner on orange hair can be an effective way to neutralize brassiness and restore cool tones, with some products delivering up to 89% color preservation for 18 washes. Blue pigment helps counteract the orange tones, while purple shampoo works to tone down yellowness.

Silver shampoos are also great for restoring balance between warmer shades of blonde or brunette hair. Along with blue toners, such as Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Toning, which is formulated specifically for lifting natural and color-treated blondes.

Color correcting is made easier through blending silver, purple, and blue shades together. This creates a more natural look instead of using one shade alone, as it will help tone down brassy hues without making your locks appear too grey or washed out.

How Blue Toner Corrects for Yellow and Orange Tones

You can counteract yellow and orange tones in your hair by using a blue toner, which works on the principle of complementary colors. To successfully do this: 1) Choose the correct intensity of toner to match the level of brassiness; 2) Select an appropriate shade – blue for orange, purple for yellow-orange; 3) Utilize the proper developer strength when mixing with the toner.

How to Use Blue Toner on Orange Hair

How to Use Blue Toner on Orange Hair
Before using blue toner on orange hair, it is important to properly prepare the hair. Start by dampening or towel-drying your hair before applying the toner, letting it process for as long as directed, and then washing with a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner.

With these steps, you can effectively neutralize any brassy tones in your colored or lightened locks while keeping them healthy and hydrated.

Dampen or Towel Dry Hair Before Applying

Before applying toner to your orange hair, make sure it’s lightly shampooed and towel-dried. This helps ensure even saturation of the toner when applied and avoids over-toning. Complementary colors like blue and orange cancel each other out, so you can use apple cider vinegar or ash blonde color for a more natural look without fear of fading away quickly.

Let the Toner Process Before Washing

After you’ve applied the toner, let it work its magic for 5-45 minutes – like a watched pot never boils!

To ensure pre-toning preparation was done correctly and to get the best out of your blue toner, make sure hair is damp or towel-dried before application.

The consistency should be mixed with 10 or 20 volume developer in a 1:2 ratio for desired lift.

Leave on dependent on brand and remove once orange tones have been neutralized.

For long-lasting effects, use purple shampoo to maintain blonde color or blue shampoo to maintain brunette shades while counteracting brassiness.

Ash colors can help counteract too much yellow if needed, but keep an eye on color duration as overexposure could cause damage!

Wash With Moisturizing Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

Once you’ve allowed the toner to process, wash and deeply condition your hair with a moisturizing shampoo for optimal results. Moisturizing shampoos contain beneficial oils like coconut oil, which help add moisture back into the hair while still depositing color.

Look for an ammonia-free, gray coverage formula that won’t damage your tresses while delivering 100% orange tone neutralization.

With these products working together, you can easily tackle any orange problems caused by bleaching or sun exposure without compromising on vibrancy or shine!

What is Blue Toner and Why Use It for Orange Hair

What is Blue Toner and Why Use It for Orange Hair
Are you tired of your orange hair? If so, blue toner is the perfect solution. Toner helps to neutralize and balance out unwanted colors in dyed or bleached hair. Blue toner specifically works best for counteracting orange tones, while purple shampoo is better suited for yellow-orange hues.

Understanding the Role of Toner in Hair Care

Toner can be a great way to help you maintain cool and vibrant tones in your hair, especially when it comes to fighting off orange hues. It’s an important part of the toning process that helps neutralize brassiness, correct color, and restore shine.

Tone maintenance involves using purple or blue pigments to counteract yellow undertones on lightened hair or brunette locks with warm hues. Toners also provide deep conditioning benefits without altering the natural texture while adding strength and elasticity for healthier-looking strands over time.

Difference Between Blue and Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is specifically designed to counter yellow tones, while blue shampoo counters orange or brassiness. Blue toners are used to remove the warm, brassy tones in your hair that can be caused by environmental factors like sun exposure or hard water.

Choose a blue toner with enough pigment intensity for your desired level of brassiness removal – deeper shades work better on intense orange hues. Use purple shampoo regularly if you want to maintain blonde color and prevent yellowness.

Use blue shampoo as needed for brunette hair and control any unwanted warmth/brassiness it may have acquired over time.

Benefits of Using Blue Toner for Orange Hair

Using a blue toner can help counteract orange tones in your hair, giving you brighter and cooler results. It deposits blue pigments to neutralize brassiness, while the color-depositing formula reinforces lightened strands for softer locks.

Toner offers more intense shade than natural blues with up to 100% gray coverage and 6 tonal families for vibrant reds or cool violets. It is perfectly safe on all hair types and helps maintain blonde shades while preventing breakage and split ends.

Additionally, it equalizes porosity and adds shine! Professional salon brands like Matrix Brass Off or Redken Brownlights Blue Shampoo are effective at removing brassy hues from brunettes.

Tips and Tricks for Using Blue Toner at Home

Tips and Tricks for Using Blue Toner at Home
Looking to tone your orange hair? Using a professional-grade blue toner is an easy and effective way to neutralize brassiness at home. This tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on using Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Toning or Keracolor Clenditioner Semi-Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditioner for the best results.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Using Hair Toner

Discover the perfect shade of blue to counteract your orange tones and transform your hair with a step-by-step tutorial on using toner! Start by selecting the right intensity for the level of brassiness.

Aim for an evenly dampened head before applying developer mixed with toning pigments directly onto sections.

To maintain color, purple shampoo is great against yellow hues, while blue targets brassy warmth in brunettes or blondes alike.

Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Toning

Experience the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Toning range to counteract brassiness for a luminous, cool-toned finish. Color deposit technology with blue violet pigments helps restore hair’s natural balance and enhance its cool tones.

Enjoy the perfect color balance of blonde shades – from icy blonde to light browns!

Experience lasting results that protect against orange undertones for up to 8 weeks!

Achieve a vibrant, icy blonde finish without compromising on shine or manageability!

Tone your locks with this professional toner for an effortless touch of beauty and perfection every time you style your hair! Get ready for a stunning look that will keep everyone in awe at all times, while being gentle enough not to damage delicate strands over time.

Keracolor Clenditioner Semi-Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditioner

Transform your tresses with Keracolor Clenditioner Semi-Permanent Hair Color Depositing Conditioner, a powerful and playful product to put orange in its place. This ammonia-free formula is vegan-friendly and deposits color without damage while conditioning hair for added softness and shine.

It offers a multi-spectrum defense complex that preserves gray coverage up to 18 washes.

Its gel creme texture helps equalize porosity levels for more even toning shampoo results when used on opposite color levels of blonde or brunette tones.

Get the most out of this versatile product by using it along with the professional salon hair quality line from L’Oreal Paris or Wella’s Colorcharm Toner T28 – perfect for achieving a variety of toning effects safely and quickly!

Maintaining the Effects of Blue Toner

Maintaining the Effects of Blue Toner
Maintaining the effects of blue toner is key to keeping your hair color vibrant and free from orange tones. The results typically last 3-6 weeks, so it’s important to follow a maintenance routine in order to maintain blonde or brunette hair colors.

Here, you will find all the tips and tricks for using blue toners at home, as well as the best product recommendations for achieving optimal results.

How Long the Results Last

Find out how long you can keep your cool, brass-free hair with the right blue toner. Generally, results of a single application last 3 to 6 weeks. However, this depends on the type and intensity of toner used.

Temporary and demi-permanent options are available at salons or drugstores for lighter orange tones, while semi-permanent variations provide more intense coverage.

To maintain color protection in between applications, use shampoos that contain neutral pH along with bond-enforcing hydrolock technology like Rosehip seeds for purple tones. This ensures optimal haircare health and avoids any unwanted brassiness from resurfacing.

Avoid overusing toners as it will damage your hair’s natural pigment. Instead, opt for regular maintenance every few months or when needed!

Tips for Maintaining Blonde or Brunette Hair Color

To keep your hair looking cool and bright, use a purple shampoo to maintain blonde tones or blue shampoo for brunette locks.

Pros: It’s a fast and affordable way to remove brassiness from lightened strands. It’s suitable for all types of blonde and brunette shades. It also helps protect color from sun exposure, hard water, etc.

Cons: It requires regular maintenance every 3-6 weeks, depending on the toner strength used. You may need additional product if you’re using higher lifts beyond the pale yellow stage.

For an icy blonde look or rich brunette tones without any orange or yellow hues, try Fanola No Orange Shampoo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I use Blue Toner on my Orange Hair?

For optimal results, use blue toner every other day. Choose the right shade to target tone and apply the mixture in sections for even saturation. Follow directions carefully to avoid over-toning and process accordingly for the desired result.

Shampoo after rinsing, then condition hair; air dry for best results! Re-tone as needed to maintain the effects of your blue toner on orange hair.

What is the difference between temporary and demi-permanent Blue Toners?

Temporary Blue Toner washes away with a few shampoos, while Demi-Permanent will last 3-6 weeks. Get the perfect cool tone and fight brassiness without stripping color or drying out hair.

Is Blue Toner safe to use on my colored/chemically treated hair?

Blue Toner is a great way to enhance and revive your colored/chemically treated hair! With its gentle yet powerful toning action, it can remove unwanted brassiness while nourishing and protecting the locks.

Are there any potential side effects of using Blue Toner on my Orange Hair?

Using a blue toner on orange hair can potentially cause irritation, dryness, and fading of the color. Use caution when applying to ensure you don’t over-tone, as this could lead to an undesired result.

Can I use Blue Toner to prevent Orange Hair in the future?

Yes, blue toner can help prevent orange hair in the future. By using a product with enough blue pigment to counteract your level of orange and following directions carefully, you can achieve desired results.

Keep up regular applications of purple or blue shampoo to maintain cool tones and protect against brassiness over time.


Just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, a blue toner can give you the perfect look to transform your orange hair. Whether you’re using permanent or temporary blue toners, you can find the perfect one to neutralize the yellow and orange tones in your hair.

From Matrix Brass Off to Color Balance Shampoo Set, there’s a blue toner that can help you achieve your desired shade of blonde or brunette. With the right products, application techniques, and maintenance tips, you can find the best blue toner for orange hair and show off your new, vibrant locks.

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