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Best Blue Toner for Orange Hair: Neutralize Brassy Tones Like a Pro (2024)

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best blue toner for orange hairYou’ve tried everything, but those stubborn orange tones just won’t quit. Don’t worry, the best blue toner for orange hair is here to save the day!

Blue-based toners are your secret weapon against brassy, warm shades. They use color theory to deposit blue pigments that neutralize and cancel out unwanted yellow and orange hues.

Apply the blue toner to clean, damp hair from roots to ends. Let it process, then rinse thoroughly.

With the right toner and some expert tips, you’ll soon be rocking cool, ashy tones.

But the journey doesn’t end there – learn how to maintain your fresh blue-toned hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Struggling with orange tones in your hair? Don’t sweat it, darling! A blue-based toner is your knight in shining armor, ready to neutralize those brassy beasts and leave you with cool, ashy perfection.
  • Let’s talk toner tactics: start with freshly washed, damp hair and distribute the blue magic potion evenly from roots to ends. Treat your locks like a luxurious canvas – the more even the coverage, the more breathtaking the results!
  • Maintaining your newfound blue-toned brilliance is a labor of love, but hey, isn’t true beauty worth the effort? Invest in color-protecting haircare, limit heat styling, and embrace the routine like a true diva.
  • When the brassy demons persist despite your valiant efforts, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Don’t be shy, my dear – a professional colorist’s expertise can slay those stubborn tones and unlock the icy blonde goddess within you.

What is a Blue Toner?

What is a Blue Toner
If you’re dealing with unwanted yellow or orange tones in your hair, blue-based toners are your savior. These color depositing products work by canceling out those brassy, warm shades through their cool, blue pigments which are opposite on the color wheel.

Blue-based Toners Neutralize Yellow and Orange Hair Tones

Blue toners are your secret weapon against yellow and orange hair woes. As color theory queens know, blue lies opposite warm tones on the wheel. So when you crave an icy, lived-in blonde or ash brown, reach for a top-shelf blue toner like Ugly Duckling’s 10.1b to effortlessly neutralize brassy bands.

Blue-based Toners Cancel Out Unwanted Warm Tones

Orange and brassy tones are your enemies, but blue-based toners are your secret weapon. Using color theory, blue toners neutralize unwanted warm tones on the opposite side of the color wheel, like a skilled artist mixing paints. Wave goodbye to brassy locks and say hello to your desired ashy blonde perfection.

How to Use Blue Toners

How to Use Blue Toners
To use blue toners effectively, start with clean, damp hair and apply the blue toner evenly from roots to ends. Once fully saturated, allow the toner to process for the recommended time before rinsing thoroughly.

Apply to Clean, Damp Hair

To apply blue toner, start with freshly washed, damp hair. Squeeze out excess moisture, then generously apply the toner from roots to ends, ensuring even distribution. Allow the toner to process for the recommended time, typically 5-10 minutes, before rinsing thoroughly with cool water. For best results, consult a professional colorist for personalized application advice.

Distribute Evenly From Roots to Ends

After applying the blue toner to clean, damp hair, take your time and distribute it evenly from roots to ends using your fingers or a tinting brush. Guarantee even coverage by working in sections and paying extra attention to any brassy or orange areas. With the toner distributed evenly, you’ll achieve a consistent, toned result.

Rinse Thoroughly and Style as Usual

Thoroughly rinse the blue toner from roots to ends, ensuring no product residue remains. Apply a hydrating mask to prevent damage, then style as usual. For ideal results, use the Ash Blue Additive with your toner for enhanced blue tones on dark to medium ash blondes. Maintain vibrancy with color-safe products and limit heat styling.

Maintaining Blue Toned Hair

Maintaining Blue Toned Hair
To maintain your freshly blue-toned hair, use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner formulated for blonde or toned hair in your daily haircare routine. Limiting heat styling with hot tools will also help preserve the vibrancy and prevent premature fading of the blue tones.

Use a Color-protecting Shampoo and Conditioner Daily

You’ve got your blue toner on lock, now protect those toned tresses! Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner daily to keep brassy tones at bay. Wella’s Koleston Perfect 8/38 and Illumina Color 5/81 are game-changers for maintaining your major tone. Embrace the daily maintenance routine – it’s the key to blue-toned brilliance!

Limit Heat Styling to Maintain Vibrancy

You’ll also want to limit heat styling to maintain your blue toned hair’s vibrancy. Heat can cause color to fade faster, so:

  1. Air dry when possible
  2. Use a heat protectant
  3. Keep tools on lower settings
  4. Get regular trims for split ends

Minimizing heat exposure and keeping your hair healthy will help those blue tones last longer between salon visits.

When to See a Professional

When to See a Professional
You’ll know it’s time for professional consultation when you’ve followed your hair care routine diligently but still aren’t seeing the desired results.

Maybe the orange tones are stubbornly lingering, or your blue tones have faded faster than expected.

That’s your cue to seek expert advice from a salon. A skilled colorist can assess your hair’s condition, identify the underlying causes, and recommend customized salon treatments or color correction services.

With their expertise, you’ll open the door to vibrant, long-lasting blue tones that banish brassy hues for good.

Don’t hesitate—mastering the perfect blue toner is a journey best taken with a professional guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use blue toner on orange hair?

Yes, you can use blue toners to neutralize brassy, orange tones in your hair. Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel, allowing it to cancel out those unwanted warm hues effectively. Just be sure to choose the right level for your hair shade.

What toner is best for orange hair?

You’ll want to use a toner with blue-violet pigments to neutralize orange tones. Look for formulas with ash or pearl in the name, as these contain high levels of blue and violet dyes that can cancel out unwanted brassiness.

What will T18 toner do to orange hair?

T18 will neutralize any unwanted orange tones in your hair, transforming it into a beautiful, cool ash blonde. Say goodbye to brassy hues – this powerful toner is the solution you’ve been seeking to achieve your desired ashy, icy locks.

How to tone level 7 brassy hair?

For brassy level 7 hair, use the 1b Cool Ash Blonde toner from Ugly Duckling’s range. This blue-based formula neutralizes unwanted yellow-orange tones, canceling them out to achieve your desired ashy hue.

How long does a blue toner last?

A blue toner typically lasts around 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance. But its longevity depends on your hair’s condition and how often you shampoo. With the right care routine, that cool ashy hue can be your crowning glory for quite a while!

Can blue toners damage hair over time?

While blue toners can be potent, you needn’t worry about damage. Used correctly, they’re safe for maintaining vibrant blonde or neutralizing unwanted warmth. Just remember to deep condition regularly, and your locks will stay luscious.

Are blue toners suitable for all hair types?

While blue toners work on most hair types, your hair’s porosity plays a role. Highly porous hair may grab blue pigments too intensely, leaving an undesirable ashy tone. Assess your hair’s condition first to determine if a blue toner is suitable or if a gentler option like a purple shampoo would be better.

How often should I use a blue toner?

You should use a blue toner about every 4-6 weeks to keep brassy, orange tones at bay. Consistent usage is key to maintaining your desired ashy, cool-toned hue. Don’t be shy—really work that blue magic into your strands for vibrant, healthy-looking color.

Can blue toners be used on colored hair?

Yes, blue toners can be used on colored hair to neutralize unwanted brassy or orange tones. Just be mindful of the existing hair color to choose the right blue toner shade and avoid over-toning for a seamless, natural-looking result.


Neutralizing cool, ashy tones starts with the best blue toner for orange hair. Don’t let brassy hues linger – neutralize them like a pro. With the right toner and maintenance routine, your hair will radiate vibrant, blue-tinted shades. Be prepared to turn heads with your fresh, enviable locks.

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