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8 of the Best Hairstyles for Balding Men (2024)

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By the age of 50, approximately 50% of all men will have experienced hair loss. While many balding men feel stress and a loss of confidence because of it, hair loss doesn’t have to mean unattractive hairstyles.

In reality, hairstyles for balding men aren’t what they used to be. An awkward comb-over or a smelly hairpiece are things of the past. Continue reading to find out how to handle hair loss with pride and look great doing it.

Hairstyles for Balding Men: Things to Consider

When getting your hair cut, you want a style that matches your personality and makes you feel confident. Before diving into our recommended hairstyles for balding men, it’s important to think about your situation.

Severity and Location of Balding

Balding men are often acutely aware that they’re losing hair, but may not objectively understand the severity of it. Take some time to examine your hair and decide how severe the hair loss is and where it’s located.

You should also consider the effect your hairstyle has on your hair loss and what adjustments could help. Whether you need a slight comb-over or a complete buzz cut depends on how severe the condition is.

Your Usual Style

One of the reasons men delay getting their hair cut after hair loss is because they want to feel like themselves. This is why you need to consider your current or usual style before going to see your barber.

While there are plenty of hairstyles for balding men, you should choose one that makes you feel the most like yourself. This can make it easier to switch to something more flattering.

What You Want From a New Style

Another important consideration before getting your hair cut is considering what you want from a new style. Start by asking yourself what you like and dislike about your current look. Then, find a similar style.

This is especially important if you need to make a drastic change. While a new style may be more flattering, something that’s too drastic may negatively impact your self-image. Try making a gradual change instead.

Facial Hair

Your facial hair, or lack of facial hair, should be factored into your new style. Not only is growing facial hair a popular trend, but it can also help create balance for balding men.

For example, men with severe hair loss should consider growing a full beard while men with mild balding may just want some thick scruff. If you’re new to facial hair, be sure to invest in the best beard wash for a clean scent.

1. Clean Shaven

If you have severe hair loss, consider going for a clean-shaven look. This is a power move for balding men because it requires a high level of confidence. It can also look far more attractive than trying to cover up a large bald spot.

2. Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a short hairstyle that’s one length across the entire head. It’s a great option for men with mild to moderate balding or those who aren’t ready to go for the clean-shaven look.

One of the benefits of a buzz cut is that you can keep some of your hair but with less maintenance. Some hairstyles for balding men require daily styling to be flattering. If you want to avoid stress, consider this style.

3. Crew Cut

Crew cuts are popular short hairstyles for balding men and are similar to buzz cuts. The main difference is that a crew cut doesn’t trim all hairs to the same length.

The sides are cut into what is known as a taper fade where the lowest point near the neck and ears is the shortest. The area near the top of the head is the longest. The top is also slightly longer than a buzz cut.

4. Messy Fade

A messy fade or high and tight is a variation of a crew cut. However, a messy fade is longer and has a ‘mussed’ finish at the top to cover the most area. This is easy to achieve with styling products to hold the strands in place.

The should have a laid-back feel and a controlled-bedhead look. These features make this style great for covering small bald spots since you can move the hair around. It also pulls attention away from receding hairlines.

5. Spiked Fade

This style also calls for a taper fade on the sides while the top is left long. Instead of messing the hair with styling products, you’ll want to pull the hair upwards to create spikes. The shorter your hair, the more subtle the look.

While a messy fade covers the most area, a spiked fade can make your hair appear thicker. If you’re having trouble covering bald patches, you can also incorporate a messy finish in this style as well.

6. Comb-Over

A comb-over was once a style intended for balding men and many think it still has a negative connotation. However, the style has evolved into a popular option for all men and is still ideal for men with bald spots.

To achieve a great-looking comb-over, part your hair at the lowest point in your hairline. That means if you have a receding hairline, you should part where the hair recedes the most. Keep the sides short and the top long for this style.

7. Short Pompadour

If the above short hairstyles aren’t your preference, a short pompadour is an attractive compromise. Pompadours became popular for men in the 1950s and 60s but they can be considered androgynous haircuts.

A short pompadour is a more subdued take on this look. The hair on top is shorter but still swept away from the face. This is a good choice for men with bald spots near the center of their heads or toward the forehead.

8. Fringe

The fringe haircut is the opposite of the short pompadour in that you comb your hair toward your face instead of away from it. The sides are cut as short as possible while the bangs are kept long.

This looks great on men with thicker hair but it can also complement men with thinning hair if well-styled. Men may opt for this style to cover a widow’s peak or an uneven hairline.

Find the Right Hairstyles for Balding Men

Before choosing any of the above hairstyles for balding men, be sure to consider the state of your hair and how you want to change it. While trying something new can give you more confidence, you don’t want to overdo it.

If you’re ready to learn more about styling your buzz cut or comb over, check out some of our Hair Care tips.