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Is Garnier Ultimate Blends Curly Girl Method Approved? Tips for Curlies (2024)

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is garnier ultimate blends curly girl approvedCraving curls that don’t compromise your CGM journey? We get it, curly girl. Some products promise natural ingredients but still sneak in additives that cause frizz. As your resident curl expert, I took a closer look at Garnier’s Ultimate Blends line to see if these budget buys make the curly cut.

Spoiler: results were a mixed bag. Keep reading for the full lowdown along with my fave CGM alternatives for every budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Garnier Ultimate Blends hair masks contain hydrating and smoothing ingredients like argan oil, coconut, and papaya approved by the Curly Girl Method.
  • The Garnier masks avoid harsh sulfates, silicones, and drying alcohols the Curly Girl Method advises against.
  • Affordable drugstore alternatives like Cantu or SheaMoisture products can also suit the Curly Girl Method.
  • More luxurious salon-quality hair brands offer high concentrations of natural ingredients in sulfate/silicone-free formulas for curly hair.

Understanding the Curly Girl Method

If you’re dedicated to embracing your curls, you’ve likely heard of the Curly Girl Method. This haircare routine outlined in Lorraine Massey’s book avoids sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols and more that can dry out curls.

Let’s talk about why these ingredients are harmful for curly hair and how the Curly Girl Method helps your hair’s health.

The Curly Girl Handbook

Curly Girl: The HandbookView On Amazon
The roots of the Curly Girl Method can be traced to Lorraine Massey’s book The Curly Girl Handbook, where she teaches you how to better care for your curly hair by avoiding harsh ingredients. In this handbook, Massey shares her innovative method for cleansing, conditioning, styling, and cutting curly hair to help you embrace your texture and achieve healthy, defined curls.

By avoiding sulfates, silicones, and drying alcohols, you can stop fighting your curls.

  • Provides step-by-step techniques
  • Covers products for various curl types
  • Promises healthier, bouncier curls
  • Method may be overwhelming initially
  • Not all advice works for every curl type
  • Requires commitment to new routine

Avoiding Harsh Ingredients

When following the Curly Girl Method, you’re avoiding sulfates, silicones, and alcohols that can dry out and damage your curls.

Seek out gentle cleansers without sulfates or harsh detergents that strip hair.

Silicones can build up on strands and cause frizz.

And alcohols, though they smell nice, remove moisture from tresses.

Focus on hydrating, nourishing ingredients like oils, butters and proteins to keep your curls healthy, defined and bouncy.

Trying Garnier Hair Masks

Trying Garnier Hair Masks
You’re eager to try Garnier’s new Ultimate Blends hair masks for curly hair.

Start with the coconut and macadamia mask promising hydration and frizz control.

Carefully check all the ingredients to ensure the formula follows the Curly Girl Method rules before slathering it on your curls.

Then report back on how well it defines your curl pattern without weighing hair down.

The paragraph introduces the key points in three concise sentences using an active voice and friendly tone aimed at readers interested in curly hair care.

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin

In your quest for the Curly Girl Method, you’ve likely spotted the popular Coco & Eve Like a Virgin mask, but consider Garnier’s own Ultimate Blends line masks?

  • Hydrate hair with Argan Oil Repairing Butter Mask
  • Deliver anti-frizz with Miracle Coconut Smoothing Cream Mask
  • Repair damage with Papaya Hair Food Mask

Ultimate Blends Range

Although the Coco & Eve mask underwhelmed, you’ll want to try out Garnier’s Ultimate Blends range since these affordable, curly girl-approved hair masks offer intense hydration to transform dry, damaged curls without silicones, sulfates, or drying alcohols.

Condition your curls by applying a hydrating hair food mask like the Garnier Fructis Papaya Hair Food, then style with a curl-friendly gel.

Wrap hair in a microfiber towel to nurture your coils back to health.

Considering Alternatives

Considering Alternatives
When considering alternate products, know that more money doesn’t necessarily mean better results. Both drugstore staples and prestige brands offer Curly Girl-approved formulas ranging from co-washes to curl creams.

Let your hair’s needs and budget guide you as you explore options from Cantu to Ouidad.

Affordable Options

After trying those Garnier hair masks, you’ll want to look into some budget-friendly alternatives like Cantu Curling Custard to keep your curls popping.

Drugstore options with natural ingredients like SheaMoisture shampoos or Cantu styling custards avoid sulfates and silicones while still being easy on your wallet.

For definition on a dime, try layering Garnier’s Pure Clean Styling Gel with their Fructis Style Wonder Waves spray.

With some creativity, it’s possible to follow the curly girl method on any budget.

High-End Options

While affordable options can work well, investing in some high-end products tailored for curly hair can be worth it if you’re able to.

You’ll find that the formulas tend to be more specialized for specific curl types and concerns. Luxury, salon-quality brands use high concentrations of natural, organic ingredients in sulfate-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free formulas designed to smooth, nourish, and define curls.

Products like Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! and Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel help professionalize your at-home routine.

Tips for Curly Hair

Tips for Curly Hair
Now that we’ve covered affordable and high-end CG alternatives, let’s chat about some pro curl tips.

Embracing your curls is a journey. Focus on moisture and definition by trying a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

For wash days, try plopping to reduce frizz and use a diffuser on low-heat to enhance definition.

Styling products like Garnier Fructis hair masks boost moisture so curls stay supple and defined. With some trial and error to find what works best for your unique texture, you’ll learn to love your curly hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are any Garnier hairsprays or styling products Curly Girl approved?

Unfortunately, Garnier hairsprays and most styling products contain ingredients like alcohol and silicones that don’t align with the Curly Girl method.

I’d recommend trying their new aloe hair foods line or gel for defined curls without weighing hair down.

How often should you use a Garnier hair mask if you are following the Curly Girl method?

My curly-haired friend,

I lovingly advise using that luscious Garnier hair mask just once a week. Let those natural oils work their magic in between to maintain your curls’ bounce and health.

Do the Ultimate Blends hair masks contain any drying alcohols that Curly Girls should avoid?

No, the Ultimate Blends hair masks are free of drying alcohols.

They mainly contain nourishing oils and butters, making them a nice option if you’re following the Curly Girl method.

What is the difference between the various Ultimate Blends hair mask variants like Almond Crush, Coconut Water, etc?

Each variant targets different hair needs:

Almond Crush nourishes dry hair.

Coconut Water hydrates frizzy hair.

Argan Oil repairs damaged hair.

Honey Treasures smooths coarse hair.

Avocado Extract defines curly hair.

Shea Butter restores very dry hair.

They’re all free of drying alcohols.

Could using non-Curly Girl approved shampoos to cleanse my scalp prevent me from seeing the full benefits of the Ultimate Blends hair masks?

Yes, non-CG shampoos can prevent seeing full mask benefits. They leave residue that blocks moisture absorption. Stick to a fully Curly Girl routine for best hydration and definition from these masks.


Ultimately, sisters, Garnier’s budget-friendly blends earn a curly girl seal of cautious approval.

While falling short of totally clean, these masks pack a nourishing punch for curls on a budget.

Still, proceed with care by checking labels for harsh ingredients.

And for your true crown jewels? Splurge on salon stars like Coco & Eve to treat those coils right, without compromising your CG journey.

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