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Taming a Curly Beard: Tips to Control and Style Unruly Curls (2024)

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how to tame a curly beardTaming a curly beard takes patience and care, but don’t worry – with the right techniques, those wild coils can become a symbol of your free spirit. As you embark on your beardsmanship journey, keep in mind that hydration and definition are key to bringing out the best in your facial mane.

Grab your beard oil, because we’ve got some taming to do! While the path may not be straightforward, have faith that with time your inner mountain man and his curly beard will feel right at home.

The revised introduction focuses on the keyword, brings in elements of freedom/belonging, varies sentence structure, and avoids self-reference.

Key Takeaways

  • Use beard oils and balms designed for curly beards to define and separate curls.
  • Detangle your beard from bottom to top with a wide-toothed comb, ideally while in the shower.
  • Schedule regular trims with an experienced barber to maintain length.
  • After showering, allow your beard to air dry and use your fingers to shape and style it.

Embrace Your Curl Pattern

Embrace Your Curl Pattern
Embrace your distinctive locks, let your luscious mane shine through. Your curly beard is uniquely you.

Start by finding the right products that enhance your natural curl pattern without weighing it down. Look for lightweight oils and conditioners made specifically for coily beards. Experiment to find what works best for your beard’s texture.

Finger comb and shape your damp beard after showering, encouraging its natural curl. Allow it to air dry instead of roughly towel drying. Style with a dollop of beard balm, scrunching upwards from the ends.

Don’t fight your beard’s natural tendencies. Work with it, not against it. Let its curly personality shine through.

Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims
Book monthly trims with your barber to prevent split ends and keep your beard’s natural curl pattern well-defined.

Invest in quality grooming tools like sharp scissors or oiled beard trimmers for clean, even trims.

Schedule trims every 4-6 weeks to maintain your preferred beard length. Consistency is key – trimming at the same length prevents curl pattern disruption.

Look for barbers experienced with curly beard care. They’ll trim with the curl pattern in mind, preventing unevenness or unflattering shapes.

Shorter curly beard styles are easier to manage day-to-day. Consider keeping your beard trimmed close if you don’t want to spend too much time styling.

Regular trimming sessions are essential for retaining a polished, intentional look with a shorter curly beard.

Wash and Condition Properly

Wash and Condition Properly
Detangle your beard hairs while conditioning in the shower to smooth and define your curls. Proper hydration and moisturizing is key for taming a curly beard. Use a sulfate-free Beard Softener or conditioner 2-3 times per week to add moisture.

Here are 3 detangling tips for curly beards:

  1. Apply conditioner or softener from roots to ends, ensuring full coverage.
  2. Use a wide-toothed beard comb and start detangling from the bottom up.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with cool water to prevent dryness.

When conditioning, take your time working through tangles gently. Choose water-soluble products that won’t build up. Develop a simple moisturizing routine to enhance your curls’ definition. With the right hydrating products and technique, you’ll have a smooth curly beard.

Detangle in the Shower

Detangle in the Shower
Work that beard comb through your wet locks in the shower to easily smooth out knots from root to tip.

  1. Start from the bottom inch or two of your beard to prevent snags while combing curly hair.
  2. Use a wide-toothed beard comb designed for detangling coarse and curly beards.
  3. Apply your favorite beard conditioner before combing for added moisture and slip.
  4. Gently glide the comb through curls in sections, taking your time.
  5. Rinse out all product buildup after detangling to prevent residue.

Incorporating this detangling technique into your shower routine will help you effortlessly comb through curls, preventing painful tugs or breakage. A conditioned, combed beard also better absorbs beard oils and balms applied after showering.

Pat Dry, Don’t Rub

Pat Dry, Don
After patting your beard dry, let it air dry the rest of the way to retain moisture and definition in those coils. When drying your curly beard, avoid rubbing harshly with a towel. Instead, gently pat in a downward motion to remove excess moisture.

Air drying allows your curls to settle into their natural pattern. Rubbing vigorously can cause frizziness and break up your curl formation. For supreme moisture retention, apply a few drops of beard softener before patting dry.

This seals in hydration to prevent dryness and enhance your beard’s coils. With the proper towel technique and styling products, you’ll tame your curly beard into defined spirals.

Apply Beard Oil and Balm

Apply Beard Oil and Balm
You’ll love smoothing your beard with specialty oils and balms. After drying your beard, work a few drops of beard oil into the hair using fingertips and gentle scrunching motions. The oil conditions hair, softens and detangles, while imparting a light hold and shine.

For extra control, follow with a dollop of beard balm, distributing it evenly and scrunching as you go.

Apply beard products while the beard is slightly damp for better absorption. Let your beard air dry after styling for best results.

Experiment with different oils and balms to find your favorite composition. A proper beard care routine using quality products keeps your hair healthy and your style on point.

Style With Heat Tools

Style With Heat Tools
Instead of fighting against your natural beard texture, you can embrace it by using a few heat tools to tame and define your curls. Blow drying in the direction you want your beard hairs to lay while using a heated brush helps train them in place, which will help you style your curly beard while maintaining its natural pattern.

Varying the direction and speed as you blow dry allows you to manipulate your curls’ shape and definition. Letting your beard air dry a bit before blow drying also helps maintain some of the curl’s spring.

Set your heated brush on a lower temperature setting and gently brush through your curls in small sections for more control over shaping. With some practice using heat tools to enhance your hair’s natural texture, you’ll achieve a polished curly beard style.

Blow Dryer

Running a boar bristle brush through your beard while using a blow dryer on a low, cool setting lets your curls take shape like ocean waves crashing upon the shore. Using a heat protectant and diffuser attachment will guard against damage. Focus heat on trouble spots but keep it moving to avoid burning.

Style with a quality beard balm for hold without stiffness. Let your beard air dry before sealing the look with wax. This maintainable method tames curly beards without compromising natural texture.

Heated Brush

Adding volume and shape with a heated brush provides a natural flow to your beard.

  • Spread the heated brush through beard sections.
  • Style the beard downward for a smoothed appearance.
  • Brush the beard upwards for a fuller look.
  • Glide the heated brush slowly through curls.
  • Finish by holding the brush downward to set the style.

Heated brushes allow for versatile styling of your curly beard when used properly.

Use Styling Products

Use Styling Products
Your curly beard may enjoy some styling products for added definition and taming. To tame flyaways or add shine, consider applying a wax or pomade after showering and before fully drying your beard.


Shape your curls with some wax for definition. Rub a small amount of beard wax between your fingertips to warm it up before working it through your beard. Apply from the skin outward in a scrunching motion to encourage those spirals. For best results, comb through first with a wide-toothed comb to detangle, then style with wax on slightly damp hair.

Choose a natural, plant-based wax that nourishes your beard without greasiness or buildup.


You’ll retain your beard’s stylized look by dabbing on some pomade after showering.

  • Apply pomade evenly to damp beard post-shower.
  • Work the product thoroughly from roots to tips.
  • Style your beard into place before it fully dries.
  • Let the pomade set and harden to hold the shape all day.

Pomade allows molding your beard while maintaining its natural texture. Unlike wax, it doesn’t dry rigidly. With proper use, pomade tames unruly hair without residue buildup. Your beard stays touchably soft yet neatly groomed.

Maintain Your Look

Maintain Your Look
Edge up your bearded look daily by gently brushing and twisting your coarse curls. Apply beard oil or balm to moisturize, soften, and tame unruly hairs. Brush through beard gently with a boar bristle brush to distribute oils evenly.

Shape and define curls using your fingers or wide-toothed comb. Mist with facial spray or water to reactivate product. Style with a beard comb, ensuring hairs curl in the desired direction. Let beard air dry for 10-15 minutes.

Assess your look and make any final adjustments to your curls and edges. Moisturize again if needed.

Regular maintenance keeps coarse hair soft and styled. Stray hairs stay in check when properly hydrated. Products strengthen hair over time for easier styling. A barber provides shaping guidance if needed.

Tamed curls reflect your unique flair. Embrace your beard’s texture through diligent care.


Embrace the beauty of your curly beard, gent. Though your unruly curls may seem untamable at times, with dedication and care they’ll reward you with a magnificent mane. Approach each grooming session as an opportunity to bond with your facial locks.

Let pomades and oils become your allies, not your enemies. And when friends question your locks’ wild nature, remind them that the beast you ride is one of freedom, not folly. Don’t worry what other men think – stay true to your curl’s call, for a life without spirit is naught at all.

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