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How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair: 20 Vol Tips (2024)

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how long to leave bleach in hair 20 volAre you ready to take your hair game to the next level? If you want perfect, salon-quality highlights and a gorgeous new ‘do without spending top dollar at a salon, bleaching your own hair is the way to go.

Getting this right can mean all the difference between beautiful locks or damaged tresses – so let’s dive into our quick guide on how long to leave bleach in hair 20 vol! We’ll cover everything from what developer does and which products are best for different types of hair colors; as well as tips on application techniques and aftercare routines.

With these handy hints up your sleeve (or rather brush!), you’ll be able to create stunning results safely every time!

Key Takeaways

  • Determine the processing time based on hair color and thickness.
  • Conduct a strand test to determine the appropriate processing time.
  • Avoid using higher-volume developers (30, 40) without professional guidance.
  • Use Brilliant Blondexx for up to 8 levels of lift.

The Short Answer

The Short Answer
With 20-volume developer, you’ve got just the right amount of time to get dreamy bleached hair – not an eternity, but enough to make your tresses positively glow! For most blondes and lighter shades of brown hair, 10 minutes is all it takes.

If you have dark or coarse locks though, plan for up to 30 minutes with 20 volume developer.

Strand testing is a great way to determine exactly how long your particular hue needs for ideal results. Remember that higher volumes (30 and 40) should always be used under professional guidance only as they can cause serious damage if misused or left on too long.

After mixing bleach with the appropriate strength developer into a creamy paste consistency in a non-metallic bowl, apply carefully on dry unwashed strands starting at thicker/darker areas first before tackling regrowth roots last when doing full head applications.

Be sure also follow toning tips post processing and use Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo & Mask plus anti-breakage products like Brilliant Blondexx protect against yellow hues while strengthening fragile bleached hair ensuring optimum safe protection from root tip down until desired color achieved without any regretful consequences.

What Does 20 Vol Developer Do?

What Does 20 Vol Developer Do
You might be wondering what 20 Vol developer does when bleaching your hair. 20 vol developer is a popular choice for at-home bleaching, and it can achieve 1-2 levels of lift in most cases. It contains 6% peroxide and is milder compared to higher-volume options such as 30 or 40 volume developers that contain 9% or 12%, respectively.

When used with bleach, the ideal ratio of bleach to developer should be 1:2 so that you get an even application on the hair without causing too much damage with overprocessing. The processing time will depend on factors like hair type (blonde, fine, medium dark), but generally takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on how many levels are being lifted – darker hairs may take more time than lighter ones.

Monitor your progress carefully while allowing enough time for results; never leave the mixture in longer than thirty minutes regardless of desired result! Once you’ve achieved desired color level using a blonde toner product afterwards if needed – finish up strong with Brilliant Blondexx Anti Breakage Shampoo & Mask to strengthen your newly colored locks!

Should You Use 20 Vol Developer?

Should You Use 20 Vol Developer
When it comes to hair bleaching, the short answer is that you should use 20 vol developer. This strength of developer contains 6% peroxide and is milder than higher-volume options (30 vol and 40 vol). It’s an ideal choice for at-home bleaching because it can achieve 1-2 levels of lift while minimizing potential damage caused by overprocessing.

To prepare the bleach mixture, you’ll need to mix 2 parts developer with 1 part bleach in a nonmetallic bowl. This will create an even paste that can be applied to dry, unwashed hair. It’s important to leave the mixture on for no longer than 30 minutes, as timing varies depending on your natural color and desired results.

Be sure to monitor the progress carefully during processing time to avoid permanent damage.

Once you’ve lifted your hair up one or two levels (to level 10 blonde), it’s recommended to use toning products to achieve stunning results without any remaining yellow tones in the strands. To minimize further breakage from repeated bleaching sessions, it’s best to wait at least two weeks before bleaching again.

Additionally, using conditioners before and after the application is crucial to keep your locks healthy despite the frequent use of harsh chemicals like these developers.

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair?

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair
When bleaching your hair, timing is crucial. Hair color and thickness can influence the duration of application, so it is important to perform a strand test beforehand to determine the ideal bleach processing time.

Incorrectly leaving bleach in for too long may cause permanent damage or unwanted color changes.

Hair Color and Thickness

The color and texture of your hair play an important role when it comes to bleaching. Lighter, finer hair may only take 10-15 minutes, while darker, coarser strands may require up to 30 minutes with a 20 vol developer.

Strand testing can help you determine the best processing times for your individual needs and desired level of lift achievable by a particular bleach product. The number of levels that can be achieved will depend on whether you use a 20 or 30 volume developer.

The latter is recommended for more drastic changes, such as going from dark brunette to blonde.

Bleaching guidelines should always be followed carefully. Never leave in bleach longer than necessary or risk damage to delicate strands!

Performing a Strand Test

To ensure desired results, perform a strand test prior to bleaching. This will help determine the ideal bleach application time and the strength of developer needed for each individual. It ensures that you can apply bleach correctly without risking hair damage or overprocessing.

Strand testing also allows you to check how your hair is responding to treatment and adjust processing time accordingly before continuing with an all-over application.

Potential Damage and Unwanted Color Changes

Be mindful to avoid processing the bleach too long, as this can potentially lead to damage and unwanted color changes. To prevent overbleaching, use toner after bleaching and maintain hair health by following post-bleach care guidelines.

Professional consultation is recommended for drastic color changes; strand tests also help determine the ideal application time. Adjust timing based on developer strength when mixing bleach with 20 or 30 vol developer in a 1:2 ratio – never leave it in for more than 30 minutes! Following product instructions carefully ensures desired results without compromising hair health; be sure to monitor progress throughout the process.

Which Bleach Should I Use?

Which Bleach Should I Use
When bleaching hair, the type of bleach used can make a significant difference. For on-scalp applications and very dark hair, Brilliant Blondexx with 20 or 30 Vol developer is recommended – it’s gentle yet strong enough to lift up to 8 levels for stunning blonde results.

With careful preparation and precise timing, you can achieve beautiful results safely at home.

On-Scalp Applications

For on-scalp applications, use feather brushes to ensure a gentle yet dynamic bleaching process that will leave you with stunningly perfect results. When using 20 vol developer for on-scalp applications, it’s important to adjust the bleach mixture as well as the processing time depending on hair color levels and desired blonde maintenance.

It is also essential to protect skin from irritation and choose toning products carefully in order to avoid orange tones caused by overbleaching. A hair care professional can help select the best bleach strength based upon lifting needs or guide you through breakage prevention techniques such as trimming ends when necessary.

With proper preparation and knowledge of your unique hair type combined with an experienced hand at application of the right colored bleach level, beautiful blondes come alive!

Very Dark Hair

For very dark hair, use Brilliant Blonde bleach, which can lift up to 8 levels. Choose 20 or 30 Vol developer based on the number of levels you want to achieve. When bleaching with 20 vol developer, mix 2 parts peroxide and 1 part bleach into a creamy paste for even application.

Monitor closely as processing time varies depending on hair type, and desired results should not exceed 30 minutes.

Follow up with Purple Shampoo & Mask for maintaining color and Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Mask to strengthen your locks post-bleach session!

What Developer Should I Use?

What Developer Should I Use
When it comes to choosing the right developer for your desired lift, there are two main options: 20 Vol and 30 Vol. 20 Volume is ideal for 1-2 levels of lift, while 30 Volume should be used if you want to reach 3+ shades lighter.

To ensure successful bleaching, here are some important tips:

  • Prep your hair beforehand by deep conditioning and doing a spot test on a strand of hair.
  • Choose the appropriate bleach depending on how many levels you plan to lift – never use more than recommended!
  • Always set a timer when applying bleach; avoid leaving it in longer than necessary as this can cause permanent damage.
  • For toning blonde results, use Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo & Mask after processing time has finished.

If color correction is needed due to overbleaching or unevenness, mix together shampoo with water and apply directly onto dampened hair like an ordinary wash before rinsing out thoroughly afterwards with cool water only.

Lastly, don’t forget that professional help may be required if severely damaged, so seek advice accordingly from an experienced colorist in such cases!

Can I Bleach Previously Colored Hair?

Can I Bleach Previously Colored Hair
Take a leap of faith and give your hair the transformation it deserves – bleach those previously colored locks with 20 vol developer. If you’re looking to lighten up your look, bleaching over color can help, but be aware that it is more complicated than just applying bleach.

To ensure optimal results, take into consideration what type of toning tips work best for pre-existing hair color and balance out any underlying tones in order to achieve the desired end result. For added protection against potential damage from harsh chemicals during this process, make sure you deep condition your tresses prior to application and always perform a spot test first before beginning full head bleaching.

Once complete, use color correction products such as purple shampoo or Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo & Mask combined with Brilliant Blondexx Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Mask for post-bleach aftercare.

Both will help maintain an even tone while strengthening weakened strands due to the chemical alteration endured by each follicle during processing time.

So don’t hesitate – if blonde’s where you want to go, then start off on the right foot!

What is the Correct Bleach to Developer Ratio?

What is the Correct Bleach to Developer Ratio
Using the right ratio of bleach to developer is key for achieving beautiful blonde hair with 20 vol. Mix two parts developer to one part bleach in a non-metallic bowl for an even paste.

The ideal mixture should be creamy but not too runny, so it’s easy to apply on your hair without dripping or running down your face or neck. Make sure you use the correct strength of developer depending on how many levels you want to lift.

Typically, 30 Vol is used for 3+ levels and 40 Vol if more than 4 levels are desired.

For extra protection against damage, deep condition your hair before bleaching and don’t forget about strand testing! A spot test can help determine what kind of volume will work best with your particular type of hair color and texture, as well as give you an idea of how long it’ll take before reaching a level 10 pale yellow blonde shade.

When toning afterwards, keep in mind that Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo & Mask maintain a yellow-free look, while Brilliant Blondexx Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Mask helps strengthen bleached strands post-processing time.

How Should I Mix and Apply the Bleach?

How Should I Mix and Apply the Bleach
Mixing and applying bleach correctly is essential for successful hair bleaching. To achieve maximum lift, you’ll need to mix the developer and bleach into a smooth paste with the right ratio, then apply it to dry, unwashed hair using specific techniques.

Follow these tips for optimal results: use a non-metallic bowl, start in thicker/darker areas if doing a full head bleaching or target the regrowth area first when focusing on roots only, and feather the brush for scalp applications, etc.

Mixing and Consistency

Mix the bleach and developer until you have a smooth, creamy consistency. Use precise timing and monitoring for an even application: 1) Mix two parts developer to one part bleach in a non-metallic bowl; 2) Apply to dry, unwashed hair; 3) Lift color to a pale yellow (level 10); 4) Start with thicker/darker areas first; 5) Adjust processing time based on hair type.

For perfect results every time, keep your mixing technique consistent—use feather brushes for on-scalp applications—and follow product instructions closely.

Application Techniques

When applying bleach to achieve desired results, carefully section your hair and brush in the mixture with a feather touch.

Prepare beforehand by deep conditioning and doing a spot test for sensitivity.

To avoid overprocessing, set a timer and monitor the color level of your hair throughout its transformation.

Be sure to use recommended bleaches based on desired lift; 20 Vol is best suited for 1-2 levels while 30 Vol should be reserved for 3+ lift.

For stunning blonde results, consider toning products like Brilliant Blonde Purple Shampoo & Mask or Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Mask from Brilliant Blondexx – designed specifically up to 7 levels of lift with Bond Protect technology!

Always consult professional help before attempting drastic changes or if you experience any breakage during application.

How Do I Minimize Damage and Take Care of the Hair After Bleaching?

How Do I Minimize Damage and Take Care of the Hair After Bleaching
To keep bleached hair looking its best, it’s important to follow up with the right post-bleaching care.

  1. Use hydrating products before and after bleaching to reduce the risk of damage. Deep conditioners, oils, or masks can help restore moisture in your locks.
  2. Avoid using hot tools for at least a few days following bleaching. This will give your hair time to recover from any stress caused by color lifting agents like bleach or peroxide developer mixers used during the application process.
  3. Hair hydration is key. Use moisturizing shampoos specifically formulated for blonde or colored treated hair. Additionally, incorporate nourishing treatments like Brilliant Blondexx Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Mask into your routine.

    These products strengthen weakened strands and protect against breakage due to lightening processes such as ombre coloring techniques or full head highlighting services. Regularly using these items will help preserve your results longer while maintaining healthy tresses.

With regular maintenance using high-quality products tailored towards colored/lightened locks, you’ll be able to maintain beautiful blonde highlights without worrying about the damaging effects of harsh chemicals on vulnerable follicles.


It’s time to get your hair transformation underway! After considering the factors of hair color and thickness, performing a strand test, and determining the correct bleach to developer ratio, you can confidently use 20 vol developer to get the perfect shade of blonde.

When using 20 vol developer, remember to apply the bleach carefully, monitor it throughout the process, and never leave it on for more than 30 minutes. With the proper preparation, the right product selection, and precautions taken, you can achieve stunning blonde results with minimal damage.

Follow the tips outlined in this article for a safe and successful bleaching session.

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