How Fast Does Beard Hair Grow

Thick and well-groomed beard is a sign of masculinity. As a physical attribute, facial hair (mustache and beard) separates men from boys. A man with a beard demonstrates his maturity. On the other hand, beard helps avoid the famous shaving trap.

If you are sick and tired of everyday shaving or want to look manlier, it is time to start growing facial hair. The process of growing facial hair might be quite challenging, thus you need to arm yourself with patience, a commitment is a key to successful beard-growing. Do not let the itching period and other transient difficulties mess up with your plans. Never pay attention to what other people say because it is your face and your decision.

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While growing facial hair you may wonder what type of beard will suit you. Your beard should make you look more attractive, so do not make any hasty decisions. Also, do not make your choice based on the latest fashion trends. Growing a thick beard should not be an obvious attempt to follow the fashion, it should be a deliberate decision, which will help reveal your personality and accentuate your manliness.

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Important Things to Know About Beard-Growing

Choose one that will make you feel comfortable and confident, On the other hand, the choice of a beard style will be also predetermined by genetics and type of facial hair you have, The main rule here is to make the best of what you have. Though facial hair is a manly thing, not all men are able to grow a thick or long beard, as they have a scant beard-growing potential.

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Whatever style of beard you choose to be sure to avoid premature shaping. This is the most common mistake of beard-growing. Once you have decided to grow a beard, you need to stop shaving and let the hair grow for about four weeks. Many men cannot stand this slipshod looking period and try to shape the beard before it gets the right length and thickness. As a result, the beard looks awkward and further attempts to arrange it may be fruitless.

When growing a thick beard, you may face a common problem of itching. This happens because skin accustomed to regular shaving needs to get used to a new environment. Do not give up your idea as it is only a transient discomfort, Remember that itching will pass once your skin gets accustomed to hair, You can relieve unpleasant feelings by applying moistening lotion or any other skin care products.

Once you achieve your aim and your facial hair grows into a real beard, you will need to learn how to take care of it. If you want to look attractive and have the kind of beard that arouses admiration, you need to give it good care.

How Fast Does Beard Hair Growbest men's beard dye

How is it possible to grow a dense beard? Is there anything you can do to make the process more effective? Millions of men of all ages are concerned with these questions that seem quite simple at first sight. Meanwhile, the problem turns to be much more complicated and requires precise attention and serious consideration.

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Actually, you do not have to be too anxious about your inability to grow a beard or mustache fast, especially if you have not tried to do that before. In most cases, this process takes around a month, so there is no need to run to the drug store right from the start. Instead, doctors recommend to have not less than 6 hours of sleep every night and go in for sport regularly. This helps your body refresh after a hard working day and stimulates fast hair growth, which is exactly what you need, don’t you?

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Keeping your face clean and properly moisturized is another step you should undertake to make your facial hair grow the way you need.

The fact is that skin dryness often results in slowing the rate of hair growth. This is because dried cells and dust particles accumulate around hair roots, thus preventing it from growing fast. Steam therapy is one more method popular with men all over the world. It also helps hair follicles grow without any hindrance.

However, it is not recommended to apply hair care products on your face, because some of them contain harmful chemicals that can lead to unwanted facial skin reactions.

Recent studies have shown a positive effect of Biotin upon the rate of hair growth. It stimulates the production of keratin, thus speeding up this process. What is Biotin? It is also known as vitamin B7, so it is not surprising that you can come across various hair care products containing it. Still, make sure you purchase only those of them that are meant for facial skin care, Biotin is found in certain food products, such as egg yolk, peanuts etc., so do not forget to include them into your everyday menu.

Final Words

It is highly recommended to undergo a thorough medical examination if you do not succeed in making your facial hair grow faster,The thing is that the level of testosterone, genetics as well as overall health condition may seriously affect this process, Inform your doctor about all chronic diseases you have as well as current complains you have.

Your doctor may recommend you Rogaine (Minoxidil), which is said to feature high hair growing efficacy. This over the counter medication is applied on your skin face for around four hours. Just like other drugs, it may cause side effects, such as the feeling of burning in your eyes, skin irritation and itching etc. So, always consult your physician before using this medicine for the first time.

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