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Grow Your Beard Thicker With Testosterone, Nutrition, and Proper Grooming Full Guide of 2024

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how to thicken your beardYou’ve been trying to grow a beard for some time now, haven’t you? Despite your best efforts, those pesky patches of skin insist on peeking through. Don’t fret, friend. This needn’t spell disaster for your hirsute aspirations. The key is to arm yourself with knowledge.

There are proven ways to cultivate a thicker beard. You simply must tap into your testosterone, nourish those follicles, reduce stress, and practice patience.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on scalp and hair follicle health through techniques like exfoliation and using derma rollers to promote healthy beard growth.
  • Ensure proper nutrition by eating nutrient-rich whole foods such as salmon, eggs, and nuts that provide key vitamins and minerals.
  • Use quality beard grooming products including oils and balms that moisturize and condition.
  • Persist with consistent beard care and have patience. Growing a thicker beard takes time, so trust the process.

Why Beard Thickness Varies

Why Beard Thickness Varies
Your beard thickness varies because genetics determine how dense your facial hair will grow. Genetics influence hormones like testosterone and DHT that stimulate beard growth. However, your hair follicles’ sensitivity to these hormones impacts thickness more than the hormones themselves.

For example, more testosterone doesn’t guarantee a fuller beard if your follicles aren’t sensitive to it.

Genetics also dictate your beard’s growth pattern. Some men naturally grow dense cheek and neck hair while others only fill in their moustache and chin area.

Diet and skincare habits influence thickness too, but you’re limited by your genetic beard blueprint.

While genetics play a key role, improvements in density are possible through proper diet, exercise, skin cleansing, and targeted products that support growth. Be patient and consistent with healthy lifestyle choices to maximize your genetic beard growing potential.

Getting Enough Testosterone

Getting Enough Testosterone
While testosterone is essential for beard growth, having higher levels doesn’t necessarily lead to a thicker beard. In fact, research shows that DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, is more directly linked to increased facial hair growth.

The key is maintaining balanced testosterone levels through healthy lifestyle habits like exercise, nutrition, and stress management. While some men pursue testosterone replacement therapy hoping it’ll boost beard growth, the risks likely outweigh potential benefits.

You’re better off focusing on diet, exercise, rest, and reducing stress to support natural testosterone production. Eating nutrient-rich whole foods, strength training, getting enough sleep, and practicing stress-relieving activities can help maintain ideal testosterone levels and hormonal balance for optimal beard growth.

Be patient and consistent with healthy lifestyle habits for the best chance of growing a thicker, fuller beard over time.

Managing Stress for Growth

Managing Stress for Growth
Reducing daily stressors helps nurture your facial hair’s growth potential. Chronic stress increases cortisol production, which can inhibit testosterone. This imbalance disrupts growth cycles of hair follicles. Stress-relieving techniques like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing calm the mind-body connection.

Consider progressive muscle relaxation to release tension. Adjust your schedule to prioritize adequate sleep, as resting rejuvenates beard growth. Outdoor activities in nature lower stress. Laughing and spending time with uplifting people boost your mood.

Stay hydrated and eat a nutritious diet with ample protein, vitamins and minerals. Phase out alcohol and tobacco. Positive lifestyle changes reduce stress for healthier beard development.

Improving Blood Circulation

Improving Blood Circulation
Exercising regularly boosts blood circulation, which aids facial hair growth. Improving blood flow to the skin nourishes hair follicles and stimulates new growth. Try facial massage techniques like gently rubbing or tapping to increase blood flow to the beard area.

Maintaining scalp health also enhances circulation; use a beard brush or wide-toothed comb to exfoliate and stimulate the skin.

An essential skincare routine clears away dead skin cells and debris that restrict blood flow. Devices like derma rollers further encourage circulation by creating tiny wounds that trigger the body’s healing response.

While genetics largely determine beard fullness, optimizing blood flow and circulation provides the best environment for facial hair to thrive.

Eating Nutrient-Rich Foods

Eating Nutrient-Rich Foods
You gotta devour nutrient-dense foods daily to nourish your facial hair fully. The beardly bros among us know that what you eat directly impacts your mane. So start planning meals with plenty of hair-healthy vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

Varied dietary choices like salmon, eggs, spinach, avocado, nuts, seeds, whole grains and more provide key nutrients for flourishing facial hair. Absorb all these beard-boosting vitamins by eating enough and managing stress levels, as high cortisol hinders nutrient absorption.

Continually fill your diet with these beard-friendly foods, and you’ll soon be rocking a burlier, fuller bristle-boi.

Staying Hydrated Daily

Staying Hydrated Daily
Drinkin’ plenty of water every day helps your beard stay hydrated and healthy. Getting enough H2O keeps your skin and facial hair moisturized.

  1. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.
  2. Carry a water bottle and sip throughout the day.
  3. Eat water-rich fruits and vegetables like cucumber, watermelon, and lettuce.
  4. Limit caffeine and alcohol which can lead to dehydration.

Staying hydrated benefits your beard by enhancing blood circulation, delivering nutrients, removing toxins, and preventing dryness. Make hydration a daily habit for your health and a lush beard. Hydrating properly aids your beard’s growth and fullness.

Using Quality Beard Products

Using Quality Beard Products
Staying consistent with your beard care routine using quality products can help thicken and grow a fuller beard. Try using beard oil daily to moisturize the skin and soften the hair, along with beard balm, which can add shine, hold the style, and prevent dryness.

Varying your beard care products and staying diligent with your routine is key to getting your desired beard texture and fullness over time.

Beard Oil

Moisturize and condition your facial hair regularly with quality beard oil. A nourishing beard oil hydrates hair follicles, preventing brittle strands and encouraging new growth. Massaging oil into your beard after showering when pores are open is a good idea.

Look for oils with ingredients like argan, jojoba, coconut, and vitamin E. Avoid parabens and fragrances. Brands like The Man Company, Viking Revolution and Beard Guyz make excellent oils. Using beard oil helps your beard stay healthy, reducing breakage for thicker, fuller facial hair.

Beard Balm

After oiling, style your beard with balm for extra conditioning.

Balms distribute oils while moisturizing the coarse hairs below. Smooth some into your hands and fingertips, then work it throughout the beard and mustache to soften the bristle. The beeswax in quality balms helps train unruly whiskers by providing gentle hold.

Try styling upward for a fuller look or sweeping it to the side for a sleek shape.

Styling for a Fuller Look

Styling for a Fuller Look
Trim your beard to a style that suits your growth pattern for a fuller look. Go for the classic chin strap to define your jawline if your cheeks are patchier. Focus growth on your stronger chin and mustache areas with the goatee. Let your facial hair grow for 24-48 hours for the 5 o’clock shadow when first starting out.

Look for beard trimmers with multiple guards for maintaining precise lengths. Opt for longer styles on top to create the illusion of density. Experiment with different parts, textures and lengths to maximize what you have.

Proper beard grooming enhances your appearance and self-image. Discover the confidence, masculinity and style of your ideal facial hair.

Trying Supplements

Trying Supplements
After exploring various beard styling techniques to create the illusion of fuller facial hair, you may want to try beard growth supplements. When selecting supplements, prioritize formulations with ingredients clinically shown to spur hair growth like biotin, vitamin E, zinc, and collagen.

Follow dosage instructions carefully, starting with lower amounts to assess tolerance and gradually increasing over several weeks if needed.

Seek out supplements with high customer ratings and reviews confirming visible beard thickening. While not a quick fix, high-quality supplements paired with proper diet and care may support your beard growth journey.

With realistic expectations and patience, supplements could help fill in patchy areas over time.

Being Patient

Being Patient
Grow faithfully, my friend. The mark of time’s passage will reward your patience.

A beard is grown over the long term. Remember that the growing process takes time. There’ll be a waiting period before you see the thickness you desire. But persistence pays off. Though progress may seem slow, staying with your beard care through the years will produce results.

Accounting for factors like age and lifestyle will equip you for the journey. Using beard shampoo and Mean Beard products will maximize your genetic potential. While beard implants are an option, growing patiently over the long haul often brings the greatest satisfaction.

The man who persists through slow gains becomes distinguished by his venerable beard.


Grow lush in the forest of facial hair you’ve cultivated. Like a sturdy oak, let your beard become the proud mark of your masculine wisdom. With time and care, its branches will fill out, its roots will run deep. Feed your follicles well with testosterone, nutrition and proper grooming, and growth will come.

Adorn your chin as nature intended; be patient, yet purposeful, and your beard will thrive. Trust the process. Nurture the soil. Soon you’ll see that your beard can and will be thicker.

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