10 Best Shaving Cream Warmers: Closer & Relaxed Shave of 2021

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Warm foam opens your pores and relaxes your skin, giving you a much closer and more relaxed shave, and the best shaving cream warmers (dispensers) help achieve this.

best shaving cream warmersShaving requires more than rubbing some shaving cream or gel on your face and removing it with a razor.

If you have wide-open pores and softer follicles, the razor will glide through the whiskers effortlessly, ensuring a clean and comfortable cut.

For that reason, a great device to have on hand is a shaving cream warmer. It gives users a clean, smooth, and comfortable shave every time.

The trick is to find the best shaving cream warmer machines.

This article will give you the ten best machines you can use. I also have a buying guide and some tips for the maintenance of these machines that are tucked away at the end, you will definitely find them useful.

Top 5 Best Shaving Cream Warmers (Quick Summary)

Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine Conair Hlm10 Hot Lather Machine
  • The machine is not complicated. All you have to do is slide into a bus, and it's done.
  • This little product only takes a minute to get the job done for shaving enthusiasts.
  • I have to say that the warmer shaving cream continues to keep WARM. It doesn't make it too hot for the job.
Conair HGL1NR/HGL1R Conair Gel and Conair Hgl1nr/hgl1r Conair Gel and Lather Heating System
  • Probably works with your favorite brand of canned shaving cream
  • Warms up quickly
  • Compact and easy to store
Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine
  • Extended lasting DC motor and a single-handed operation
  • Non-slip rubber safety pad
  • Additional large soap cup for the complete day provide
Wahl Professional ’9 Hot Lather Wahl Professional ’19 Hot Lather Machine #68908
  • Wahl comes with an On/Off switch.
  • It does not overheat your shaving cream.
  • Indicators aid you to judge existing progress.
Conair HLM11CH Chrome Hot Lather Conair Hlm11ch Chrome Hot Lather Machine
  • I like the design of the unit. It is sleek and wonderful to look at and truly feel with the Chrome finish.
  • You have the indicator to signal when the item turns on and when the cream is prepared.
  • With this, you can warm up the shaving cream each morning quickly without fail.
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Things To Consider For Choosing The Best Shaving Cream Warmer

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best shaving cream warmer for you:

Things To Consider For Choosing The Best Shaving Cream WarmerTemperature Control

One of the disadvantages of the professional hot foam machines is that it works with a heating element at the dispenser so that the temperature cannot be regulated.

Having control is something you definitely want to look for when using it at home.

It’s important to keep it warm, of course, but some guys don’t want it to burn them. Guys with sensitive skin may want to use a lower temperature.

Guys with rougher skin who need more time to open will definitely want to use a little hotter.

If you have several people using the shaving cream warmer in your home, it really pays to have some control over the temperature.

Size of Shaving Cream Warmer

Size is critical for a shaving cream warmer. Dimensions determine how much shaving foam your appliance can hold. That is if you pour the cream or gel directly into your machine. For me, the bigger, the warmer, the better. Make sure the device is also easy to open and close.

If you only work with the cap (there are also warmers on the cap), make sure that the cap matches your shaving cream perfectly. These things shouldn’t be too difficult to open and attach to a can. The top machines take 10:15 seconds to prepare.

Gel or cream?

If you prefer one, find a shaving cream dispenser optimized for the option you prefer. Some models work best with one or the other, while there are warmers that work great for both.


For the common man who wants a quick and easy way to heat his shaving cream, there are some that cost less than $ 20. I might not recommend them because they are too cheap and probably won’t last long if your budget is your main concern, make sure you have an option.

The other end of the spectrum means that hundreds of dollars are spent on a professional hot foam machine that can be used by hairdressers.

These are built to last and are extremely reliable at a price. If you think it’s worth spending more on high quality and durability, then you definitely get value for money if you decide to go for it. If you still enjoy your heated shaving cream for years, you won’t mind how much you spent.

If you are a hairdresser and want to equip your workplace, you really only have one choice. You have to choose a professional because you need reliability.

10 Best Shaving Cream Warmers (Dispensers) Of 2021

since there are thousands of these products for sale, I would rather not confuse you.

Let me tell you about 10 of these best shaving cream warmers that will give you the highest level of performance and price.

1. Conair Hlm10 Hot Lather Machine

 Conair Hlm10 Hot Lather MachineView On AmazonWhen it comes to foaming machines, Conair HLM10 is one of my first choices. This is a simple machine suitable for simple operations. People don’t need a shaving diploma (pun intended) to operate this tool.

HLM10 has a large bus. Do not worry. This machine is easy to set up. Thanks to its compact size, it also finds its way on any type of shaver. This machine is also very easy to set up. It prepares the shaving cream in easy to follow steps. A little patience does it.

The dispenser system has an on / off indicator and a (ready) button on top. You don’t have to move it to understand how it works. After that, the shaving cream stays warm. Remember, I said warmly it doesn’t make the cream too hot to handle.

Operating this piece of technology is quite simple. This is just warmer. Complex boxes don’t play here. You just need to shake the can of shaving cream or cream. Then slide it through the lower part in the warmer. Make sure to remove the dispenser cap from the canister. Screw it tightly. After a few minutes, press the top button for warm foaming cream.

Don’t worry, the warmer will keep the shaving gel or cream in top shape for use. Yes, it also works for shaving gels. Use it to believe it! They soften your facial hair the way you want. Regarding size, the shaving cream warmer works on the standard can sizes from 11.5 to 14.75 inches.

Users can handle this quite easily, as I keep emphasizing. The can is small and compact enough to operate with one hand. Besides, while you take out the shaving cream or foam, it doesn’t spill on your clothes or on the counter.

  • The machine is not complicated. All you have to do is slide into a bus, and it’s done.
  • This little product only takes a minute to get the job done for shaving enthusiasts.
  • I have to say that the warmer shaving cream continues to keep WARM. It doesn’t make it too hot for the job.
  • Conair HLM10 heats your shaving cream/gel in just a minute. You don’t have to wait forever.
  • Feel free to operate this simple machine with just one hand. It is simply not bulky or heavy.
  • Make no mistake, and this is an expensive unit. People will not want to spend more than $ 100.
  • The power switch is located near the power cord and no closer to the device itself. It is difficult.

Customer Reviews
132 Reviews

Avatar Douglas R. Fouts

Douglas R. Fouts

This machine is worth the money (updated review)

This is an update to a review that I gave in January, 2020. I PURCHASED THIS HOT LATER MACHINE IN november, 2019 and was quite impressed. Now, in March, 2020, I am completely pleased. It gives lots of inexpensive hot later on a daily basis. HInt, I unplug the machine so as not to burn out the heating element, just a precaution. When I get into the shower I plug it in and when finished it is ready to dispense. Actually, you could wait until after shower to plug in as it takes ...

2. Conair Hgl1nr/hgl1r Conair Gel And Lather Heating System

 Conair Hgl1nr/hgl1r Conair Gel And Lather Heating SystemView On AmazonThis model is one of the most popular options for men who want a heating system not much bigger than a can of shaving cream. While canned shaving cream is usually of lesser quality than shaving bars, you can still enjoy the feel and benefits of warm foam.

This stove also has the advantage of versatility. Rather than using a proprietary shaving cream blend, it is designed to work with almost any canned shaving cream. That means you can stick with your favorite brand and fragrance, instead of making the switch.

It’s also a bit more allergy-friendly if you have to use a specific product to avoid certain ingredients.

A rotary knob on top of the heating system gives you a lot of control over how much foam you produce. This warmer is also compatible with gel alternatives. Gel has its own dials, so you can be sure that your product is well prepared.

The power and ready buttons also make it easy to see when the system is ready for use. It only takes a minute or two for the warmer to warm up, saving you time and effort every morning.

It also offers temperature control, ranging from a slightly warmed foam to pleasantly warm. The temperature control is also fully adjustable, so you can change the temperature from day today.

This warmer gets our best deal not only because it’s one of the most affordable options, but also because it’s a flexible and effective tool. If you’re looking for superior shaving comfort, a warm foam is a great way to get one.

This tool offers an affordable option for men who prefer the convenience of canned shaving cream. It is suitable for one user and has enough options for almost any preference.

  • Probably works with your favorite brand of canned shaving cream
  • Warms up quickly
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Easy to use design
  • Lots of settings and control
  • Only works with canned shaving cream
  • Best for one user, not several

Customer Reviews
3,452 Reviews

Avatar DaMiGi


One of the best shaves I've had.

As someone who has purchased this item before @ Fry's Electronics in Az (about 15+ Yrs ago), & in doing an item search on Amazon, I found the same product to replace my former one (the power on button "jammed up" & would not allow me to turn the unit on) & after seeing some of the reviews, it's plain to see that "some people can not follow easy directions", most obvious is the person that posted his review along with a photo of said product with shave gel coming out from the unit itself & my first thought was ...

3. Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine

 Lather Time Professional Hot Lather MachineView On AmazonMade for the professional hairdresser or for all men who want to feel like this, Lather Time Professional Hot Lather Machine creates a thick, smooth, and warm foam every time.

Powerful, durable DC motor extends the life of your foam machine, while a simple push-button ensures easy dispensing.

During use, you will not hear any annoying noise from this product like most other warmer dispensers.

The rubber pad is a great addition that provides a non-slip surface where you can rest your foaming machines after shaving.

To ensure that you have stock all day, the manufacturer made an extra-large soap cup.

You’ll also find a handy cleaning brush and an 8 oz bottle of shaving cream in the packaging, so you have everything you need for a pleasant shave in one place.

  • Extended lasting DC motor and a single-handed operation
  • Non-slip rubber safety pad
  • Additional large soap cup for the complete day provide
  • Comes with a cleaning brush and an eight oz bottle of liquid shave cream
  • Amongst the most costly warmer dispenser on the marketplace
  • Requires longer to heat

Customer Reviews
451 Reviews

Avatar Kae


Follow the directions!

Delivered on time within 2 days. Took it out of the box. Read and followed the directions. The machine worked just as it should. I had hot lather in 10 mins and shaved my client. Even he said it’s the closest clean shave he’s had by a barber. No drips or leaks. No problems.

4. Wahl Professional ’19 Hot Lather Machine #68908

 Wahl Professional ’19 Hot Lather Machine #68908View On AmazonThe Wahl’19 Hot Lather Machine # 68908 is a professional quality professional foam dispenser. It has a very simple and clear design. While the manufacturers say it’s made for professional use only, anyone can use it as long as they follow the instructions.

It is different from other warmers. It uses a mixture of foam-filled in the inner container. This also limits use, as you cannot use gel or foam. It’s simple. The machine takes 50 minutes to fully heat the fabric. When the liquid is ready for use, the blue light turns on. It works with only one temperature setting.

Wahl’19 shaving foam heater comes with a spare/extra liquid pump. That is, there are two liquid pumps in the box, one inner container, 12 Oz premixed liquid foam along with the primary heating system. Simply remove the pump and pour the foam mixture into the filling.

Do not overflow. The machine heats the entire liquid but does not heat up too much. And so there is no risk of accidents. Wahl’19 also offers a premixed liquid foam that you can purchase separately. Or you can prepare the mixture yourself.

  • Wahl comes with an On/Off switch.
  • It does not overheat your shaving cream.
  • Indicators aid you to judge existing progress.
  • You can buy the pre-mixed foam that comes along.
  • People have a separate liquid pump at their disposal.
  • The shaving cream warmer needs also extended to heat up the foam or gel.

Customer Reviews
263 Reviews

Avatar Stephen K. Perrott

Stephen K. Perrott

Hot lather without breaking the bank

Having been shopping for a hot lather machine for a long time without luck. The cheap ones don't heat the lather and the expensive ones seem to break down too easy. After watching a couple of real barbers review this on YouTube I decided to take a shot. I am really happy I did. The lather is hot after 50 minutes and it works perfectly.

5. Conair Hlm11ch Chrome Hot Lather Machine

 Conair Hlm11ch Chrome Hot Lather MachineView On AmazonDo you want a stylish machine to do the foam instead of stirring the shaving cream yourself? Conair HLM11CH is simply the tool to go for. This little foam tool has a nice price between $ 100 and $ 200. Shocked? Do not. The features and performance coincide with the price.

The best shaving cream warmers are usually small in size. This is also. It doesn’t look weird. The beautiful chrome finish also gives this thing an edge in design. Trust me when I tell you that this machine won’t disturb even some of the busiest bathroom counters!

Operating this tool is very simple. You have to unscrew the bottom part of the stove to put a shaving cream can in it. Then tighten it firmly and shake the heater well.

There is a power button. Pressing it starts the heating process. There is an indicator that turns green once the cream is ready to use. You can press the button at the top to extract the required amount of cream.

Don’t worry, and this little machine is fast. You don’t have to wait too long to prepare the shaving cream. Conair HLM11CH Hot Lather Machine does the job in just a minute. The cream will also not be too hot. This is what I call a (lukewarm) cream that will not burn the skin in any way.

If you’re concerned about the texture and feel of the foam, don’t. The foam appears to sit comfortably on your skin. It also does not cause a rash or red spots. The texture is also smooth. Don’t worry about your hands getting caught on your thick facial hair when you spread it all over your face.

The best thing about this Conair model is that it is lightweight. You can also use it with one hand. This is not a bulky product that will strain your wrists when you shake it for good results. Plus, you don’t need to do maintenance to keep it running. Occasional wiping is enough.

  • I like the design of the unit. It is sleek and wonderful to look at and truly feel with the Chrome finish.
  • You have the indicator to signal when the item turns on and when the cream is prepared.
  • With this, you can warm up the shaving cream each morning quickly without fail.
  • A single can heat the cream up in just a minute. I brushed my teeth while it acquired ready for use.
  • This Conair item lasts an extended time. Two several years are excellently longevity-sensible contemplating the creating.
  • Yes, this is lightweight. But I favored a lot more effective create for an item of this worth.
  • Numerous of the consumers will find the value more than $1 hundred a bit, also considered for a shaving cream warmer.

Customer Reviews
74 Reviews

Avatar June O

June O

Smooth shave

My new son-in-law has really enjoyed this gift. He said it is amazing. Makes a huge difference shaving each morning

6. Latherking Next Generation Shaving Cream Heater

 Latherking Next Generation Shaving Cream HeaterView On AmazonWith a name like Latherking, you know that this product takes its job seriously. A workhorse like the Scalpmaster, this shaving foam heater, is primarily for hairdressers.

However, given its relatively sleek design, it can also be a welcome addition to many worksheets for men who shave daily.

While we discussed this above in the Scalpmaster section, shaving cream warmers with this capacity for just one man can be a bit of an exaggeration. However, sharing your sink with other people in the household who shave regularly is an incredible way to cut costs for everyone across the board, rather than paying the high prices demanded by the canned foods.

Since it is made in the USA, you should expect quality construction not seen in other warmers made abroad. This Latherking dispenser is not only made in the United States but is UL certified (and the only one we found on our list).

It is important to note that since this dispenser is not equipped with a platter or tray to rest in, you may want to pick up a product when checking out. However, it is not to say that it does not have a closed motor housing, only that a rubber mat to rest on should extend its life and prevent mildew along the bottom.

Second, given the industrial first design, this shaving cream warmer will take a while to finish—expected waiting time for a warm foam of about 30 minutes.

That’s why you want to flip this while brushing your teeth and well before you plan on jumping in the shower.

Finally, given the focus of the barbershop, there are no ways to adjust the temperature setting on this machine.

  • Skilled Grade
  • Large soap cup
  • Easy to fill
  • Simple to use
  • Waterproof
  • Shock resistant
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Produced with stainless steel
  • It will get thirty minutes to heat up, so if you are in a hurry, that could be an issue. Nevertheless, if you’re experienced you are utilized to this if you are a nonprofessional and committed, you can effortlessly strategy ahead and make it execute.
  • Some report that it will get clogged effortlessly make certain you’re utilizing compatible soap with the soap cup.

Customer Reviews
134 Reviews

Avatar Tony Hollingsworth

Tony Hollingsworth

Perfect lather!!

 After reading some reviews that weren't so good I wasn't sure about buying this but I was in need of one since my old one went down. It came with pre-mixed Campbell soap which I never used before but was perfect mix. I plugged it in filled it with the soap and with in 10 minutes it heated up and I had hot thick lather. Also I like the on-off switch and that it is quiter than my old one. So far it has out performed my old lather King. After my experience I would recommend buying one.

7. Conair Hlm5cs Compact Hot Lather Cap Heating System Worldwide Dual Voltage

 Conair Hlm5cs Compact Hot Lather Cap Heating System Worldwide Dual VoltageView On AmazonThe Conair HLM5CS Compact Foam Heater promises to make shaving a more comfortable experience for you. It is one of the cheap heating machines but does not compromise on service. It only works with shaving cream or foam.

The foaming machine is not compatible with gels. This is something that limits its use. However, it works great with both travel and regular cans. Conair works with double voltage, namely 120 V and 230 V.

The HLM5CS Compact Shaving Cream Warming System is very easy to handle, like the others on my list. Simply remove the top of the shaving cream container and place the Conair Lather Cap over the Aerosol Straw. There is an opening under the cap that pushes the cream out of the can and into the cap.

The heating system does not heat the shaving cream; it heats the foam after it is pulled into the cap. This makes the process fast. In fact, it takes about a minute for the cream to warm up and be ready to use.

This Conair foam heating machine operates with only one fixed temperature setting. But you can set the voltage as desired.

  • Excellent machine for making use of although you are traveling.
  • Heats up the lather fast.
  • The machine does not heat the can itself.
  • The process will consider considerably significantly less than a minute.
  • If you pull significantly much more and much more shaving cream, it tends to drop heat.

Customer Reviews
85 Reviews

Avatar Melissa


Better than the $100 ones!

I was looking for hot lather appliance for my father. He had one for over 20 years and it finally died on him. There were several appliances that cost $50-$100+ but then I came across this one for $10. I decided it was worth a chance since it was so inexpensive.My dad called me raving about how great the product is. He says it works just as well as the one he had been using (which held the entire canister). He couldn't believe that a company could charge $50 more just for the canister part. ...

8. Conair Hgl1 Combination Hot Gel/lather Machine, Black

 Conair Hgl1 Combination Hot Gel/lather Machine, BlackView On AmazonDo not worry if you are concerned that the shaving cream does not support heating gel. Conair HGL1 Hot gel can heat up your shaving gels. It can, of course, also heat up the shaving creams. It’s kind of two-in-one when it comes to the warmers. Not to mention, it has the brand name behind it that gives it an edge.

This is a streamlined machine. Conair HGL1 looks like a can of shaving cream. Without looking closely, no one will be able to tell the difference between a real shaving gel container and this one.

To me, this is black marble. It is much better than chrome counterparts. With long-term use, the chrome counterparts catch visible dust particles and water droplets. Not the HGL1. The black coating on the cylinder eliminates the chance of water stains.

I would say this machine heats up and adjusts the lathe to make it soft to our skin. This little product foams the gels to work to soften your beards and whiskers. Just like the best shaving cream would do. The difference is that there is a machine at work here that helps us.

The heating process can be followed. A light flashes when it is switched on, and you start the heating process. Once the gel or cream is warm enough, the light will shine steadily.

If you are concerned about the size of the cans that will fit in the heater, don’t. Measuring 7.9 x 3.9 x 7.2 inches, this thing takes up any tin of shaving cream or gel. Not to mention, it absorbs and works well on women’s shaving cream or gels too—a real all-rounder through all accounts.

This neat product looks good on all bathroom counters. Even if they are overflowing with products, this thing works with electricity. All you need is to plug it in to a 120-volt outlet.

  • This thing produces results! You will get the hot foam/gel/cream you need within a minute.
  • HGL1 is easy to use. You just need to put in the gel/cream, shake it and turn it on.
  • There will be no water stains or wear thanks to this black-coated cylinder.
  • With an indicator light that you can follow what happens and when the machine is ready.
  • I liked the quality of the hairdresser and premium foam for my facial hair. Ladies can use it too.
  • If anything, you have to enable it manually, unlike all the automatic machines out there.

Customer Reviews
279 Reviews

Avatar AF Ret

AF Ret

Great Gift

Any body North of the Mason-Dixon line would be glad to own this or receive as a gift. Nothing worse on a cold Winter morning that shaving with ice cold shaving cream. This heats it up quickly, makes it come out foamy (if you use gel) and feels great on my face. Gave it 3-stars for ease of use, because its tricky to get the can loaded correctly, but, the warm lather on a cold day it WELL Worth IT!

9. Babylisspro Barberology Latherfx Hot Lather Gel Machine

 Babylisspro Barberology Latherfx Hot Lather Gel MachineView On AmazonAnother smaller shaving cream warmer, the LatherFX, is designed to work with all universal shaving cream cans and quickly ensures a high-quality warm shave. While it doesn’t have as much control over the foaming texture like some other machines, you can stick to the brand and scents you prefer.

Any shaving cream that comes in a 7 oz or 10 oz can is compatible with this system.

A temperature controller also offers great flexibility. The heating system allows you to switch between lukewarm and warm temperatures.

This system also has a ready light, indicating that the foam is fully heated.

The system works with both foam and gels. Do not allow gels to overheat as they can break down and change the texture.

The 12-month limited warranty that comes with the LatherFX also protects you in case of manufacturer errors or shorts on the go.

That extra peace of mind is important, especially if this is your first time trying a shaving cream warmer. The guarantee means that you are protected if something goes wrong. It also means that you have access to extra support if you need it while learning to use your new shaver.

The included foam bowl is also a handy addition. Instead of putting the hot foam on your hand, the bowl helps to retain the heat longer, and you can take the time to apply the shaving cream.

  • Works with almost all canned shaving foams
  • Heats up quickly
  • Allows temperature control
  • Comes with a shaving bowl
  • Ready indicator for easy use
  • Comes with 12 months limited warranty
  • Various mouthpieces for gels and foams
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Not much control over texture and thickness
  • Cans must have a neck to be compatible
  • Must read instructions for differences between gels and foam

Customer Reviews
253 Reviews

Avatar Dede


Great gift

I bought this item for my son who is a barber. So far he loves it

10. Common Wealth Professional Deluxe Hot Lather Machine

 Common Wealth Professional Deluxe Hot Lather MachineView On AmazonThe Common Wealth Hot Lather Machine has a glossy black exterior with a push button that delivers both an aerated and non-stop heated cream. The hot foam softens your hair on your face before you shave and then opens your skin pores, allowing you to shave pain-free even if you have a challenging beard.

Thanks to the huge 680 ml bottles, huge amounts of cream can be filled and even heated up at any time. If you work in a barbershop, not only does this tool look great on the counter, but it can also deliver large amounts of cream, so you don’t have to fill the container often.

Another highlight is a thermostat control of heating cream to the best setting. The device has an approved one-year warranty.

  • Convenient to operate.
  • Eye-catching entire body ideal for storage on the countertop.
  • Soft shave.
  • Time intensive.
  • Modest electrical powered cord.
  • Great with premixed lather.

Customer Reviews
101 Reviews

Avatar jean claude poulin

jean claude poulin


A nice simple compact attractive unit that works very well and is exactly what needed.

Benefits Of A Shaving Cream/Gel Warmer

Why do I advocate a shaving cream dispenser/warmer? Obviously, it has its advantages; let me explain the advantages of these units in more detail.

  • I think people with sensitive skin should use these products, especially when it comes to shaving gel warmers. Gels are often hard on our skin. The warmer machines break down the gel particles while heating foam in smaller, not as tough, and more tolerant amounts.
  • Believe it or not, the machine works better than untrained hands. Shaving cream heating machines offer better foam than beginner’s hands. You get (almost perfect foam that spreads evenly and without problems. So you don’t have to worry about burns, cuts, and cuts.
  • When we make our own foam, it takes time. Getting a warmer tool is useful when someone wants to save time for other things while the machine takes care of the heating work and also heats the cream/gel evenly without inconsistencies.
  • A shaving cream/gel heating aid is an absolute necessity if you have a barbershop. You make up for the time you can do with the best shaving foam dispensers. You can get high-quality foam without spending a lot of time.

How do you use shaving cream warmer?

How do you use shaving cream warmer?Okay, I get it! I have a list to myself and now know what factors inside and out help me buy the best shaving cream warmer I can afford. But there is a problem. I don’t know how to use one.

Trust me, few of you think the same at the moment. Do not be afraid! In the following points, you will learn how to use such an accessory while shaving. Short but sweet.

  • Locate the can opener. Yes, each of these tools comes with a (can opener) that can be used to open the sealed part of your shaving gel or the cream you are using.
  • The next part is to open the top part of the foam or gel you are using.
  • Load the can into the machine and set the temperature at which you want to heat the can.
  • Once the heating is complete, unload the can and place another one in the machine.

Maintaining Your Shaving Cream Heater

This section is more about protecting your investment in one of the professional models.

It is not much you can do to clean your Conair or Babyliss. Unfortunately, you get some build up in the units that you can’t do much about. Remember that these things don’t last as long as the professional models.

These hot foam machines are on all day and will burn out if you are not careful. Always disconnect them at the end of the day. You don’t want to use it 24 hours a day. Not to mention that it wastes electricity.

It takes too long for them to warm up to turn them off and only turn them on if you need to shave, so it’s okay during working hours.

Also, occasionally leave them without soap, so you can clean the room. You get a build-up of soap scum on the sides of the room, but especially on the heating unit on the tip.

Wipe up the built-up scum with a paper towel before it dries out. Use a wire brush. Hopefully, one will be included to clean the heating element.

To really clean it deeply, fill it with very warm water and leave it on for a few minutes. Place a bowl in front of the dispenser where the foam will come out, as a lot of water will run out. Then pour it out as if it contained foam.

Never immerse this thing in water, especially if it is plugged in!

Also, follow the instructions for mixing the soap and which brands may be used. Some formulas are not suitable for certain models.

FAQs About Shaving Cream Warmers

Can I use a shaving cream warmer to shave my head and neck?

Yes, but remember that the scalp and neck may be more sensitive than your face depending on how often you shave them and how often they are exposed to the elements. If your skin is sensitive, start at a lower temperature and work your way up so that you don’t get your scalp or neck too hot.

You don’t want the heat to dilate your veins and make them super prominent on your head. (It’s a temporary thing, yet annoying and possibly embarrassing.)

Can women use shaving cream warmers?

Yes, of course. Shaving cream warmers can produce a wonderful foam to shave your legs. Armpits, personal areas, and faces can be more sensitive in women than in men just because the female skin is often more sensitive, so be sure to adjust the heat settings to what feels best for you and maybe test the heat before testing sensitive areas shaves.


You no longer have to go to a barbershop to shave hot. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know not only some of the best shaving cream warmers on the market but also what features and benefits are most important to you.

You should read the reviews and rate the features to find out which machine you want for your shaver. I can guarantee that there are machines that also suit the hairdresser. Be on the lookout for great control buttons for easy operation. Happy shaving!

Most importantly, we trust that each of these products is high quality and reliable option. While none of them are perfect, we are sure you can find an effective and useful shaving cream warmer on our list.

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Mutasim Sweileh
Mutasim is a published author and software engineer and beard care expert from the US. To date, he has helped thousands of men make their beards look better and get fatter. His work has been mentioned in countless notable publications on men's care and style and has been cited in Seeker, Wikihow, GQ, TED, and Buzzfeed.


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