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man testing cologne in store - men's cologne s and pictures Best Men's Cologne Of All Time Right Now

Finding the best men’s colognes of all time can be an impossible task to test every brand and every model, especially when it comes to visiting many different stores, it is a task that needs to be done.

After all, many men have taken the time to select their best long lasting perfumes for men and thus improve their lives.

Before we start, it should be noted that there is not a single best fragrance for men.

Every man is different, and every nose is different. The trick to finding the best mens cologne of all time is to find out what it is that you want your scent to say about you.

Some scents radiate sensuality with notes of the leather chord and spicy cinnamon; others who spread light and airy summer feeling with sweet and light floral notes, and others show tones of power and masculinity with woody notes and musk.

Top 5 Best Men's Colognes of All Time (Quick Summary)

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'homme
  • A soft and sweet fragrance
  • Not overwhelmingly powerful but far-reaching
  • Women find it intoxicating
Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Nautica Voyage Cologne by Nautica for Men
  • Fresh, aquatic scent
  • Perfect for when it gets warm out
  • Great value
Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Versace Man Eau Fraiche
  • Crisp citrusy opening evocative of brilliant Summer season days
  • Spicy, warm saffron, musk, amber, and pepper hum at the heart and base
  • Fits all ages, and pleases nearly all noses (particularly females)
Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Versace Eros Cologne
  • It is recommended for daily wear
  • The composition is built of a perfect harmony of sweet and salty notes of seawater and nuances of sunny warmth on your skin
  • This is a product to be of high quality and is made of high-quality material
1 Million Lucky by Paco 1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml
  • Fresh, vivid, and sensual
  • Woody scent with a touch of sweet
  • Beautiful longevity
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Tips For Buy Best Men’s Cologne Of All Time

  • Do not automatically go for the famous brands that have been approved by celebrities. You would be surprised how much better the smell of small brands can be.
  • Keep It Simple! You do not need a complicated, sophisticated scent with dozens of layers. Stay with recognizable smells (fig, lavender, or citrus) with pure woody or earthy underlying tones. Find the best men’s cologne with a short ingredient list for a genuine, versatile fragrance.
  • Do not expect to have a fragrance for the rest of your life. Try out new scents to find a variety that works for you and consider changing your characteristic aroma once every few years. Your clothing style, preferences for food, lifestyle, and hobbies can change – your scent must change with them.
  • Knock-offs and imitations have a shorter odor life than the right colognes. There are also small differences in the fragrance profile, so a cheaper impression will never be as good as the real ones

10 Best Men’s Colognes Of All Time of 2021

Another thing worth mentioning is that men and women do not always want the same things. Some colognes may be more suitable for the boardroom or a cocktail party. It’s all about playing on your specific strengths and choosing the right fragrance for your environment.

Like a moth in the flame, some colognes can attract our attention by appealing to our senses. Whether they are warm and woody or fresh and clean, colognes have the power to convey personality and attract attention.

So, if you are looking to increase your desirability, the right scent will go a long way. Fortunately, we know what you need.

Here is the best men’s cologne of all time, and just a few suggestions to help you get started with the search for the best perfumes for men:

1. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme

 Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'hommeView On Amazon

We think this cologne works all year round, when you want to impress, this highly intoxicating scent strikes the perfect balance between soft and sweet, while still emitting a decidedly masculine scent.

This is a versatile fragrance that comes in layers. Cardamom (spicy) to start. Bergamot (sweet) comes next. And lavender (soft, relaxing) tops it all off.

Wear this anytime, anywhere.

Considering how good this cologne is (it’s a Nordstrom top seller), this price is an absolute bargain.

Key Features
  • A soft and sweet fragrance
  • Not overwhelmingly powerful but far-reaching
  • Women find it intoxicating
  • 100% authentic and cheaper than department stores
  • One of the best YSL cologne for men

Customer Reviews
2,044 Reviews

Avatar trevorgmiles


y s l perfume for men

very nice smell

2. Nautica Voyage Cologne By Nautica For Men

 Nautica Voyage Cologne By Nautica For MenView On Amazon

One of the best men’s cologne of all time right now is Nautica Voyage by Nautica. As will be discussed in more detail later, choosing the most affordable cologne is not always the wisest idea. In this case, however, it is difficult to go wrong with these relaxing scents for watermen.

The Cologne leads with the cooling feeling of fresh green apple and leaf notes at the top, opening to a heart of mimosa mixed with soft lotus and linen. It is reminiscent of chattering sails high above the deck of a sailboat that navigates over the salty summer sea.

At the base, a woody mix of cedar, musk, moss, and amber Nautica Voyage gives much-needed masculinity.

It is a relaxed and casual fragrance that can be worn all spring and summer, designed for men who like to let go and have some fun in the sun.

Key Features
  • Fresh, aquatic scent
  • Perfect for when it gets warm out
  • Great value
  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

Customer Reviews
59,735 Reviews

Avatar Kyle


So originally I felt vague when ordering this because most might be, so you're not really sure how the item will turn out. But this exceeded my expectations, it was placed in a fantastic package and arrived flawlessly. But all other things aside, the actual Cologne was incredible, the smell is hard to explain however it is very sweet and refreshing. When it was applied, it was not extremely strong like some, but it is certainly an eye-catching type of eau de cologne, it has one of those scents that is not artificial and cheap like an ax, but instead ...

3. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

 Versace Man Eau FraicheView On AmazonAn uplifting yet highly refined, high-quality scent that can be used by both men and women.

A citrusy, fresh, clean fragrance with an aquatic radiance. Top notes are bergamot and lemon, with peppery spice, musk, and wood in the heart and base.

You’ll love this if you like citrusy spicy tones. keeps it dry to clean wood with aromatic spicy notes. Like D and G Light Blue, it is not a smoky nightclub scent (bad boy), but a beachy, positive scent.

The typical summer fragrance for day and night.

a huge bottle for less than $ 120. For the quality, this is fair!

Key Features
  • Crisp citrusy opening evocative of brilliant Summer season days
  • Spicy, warm saffron, musk, amber, and pepper hum at the heart and base
  • Fits all ages, and pleases nearly all noses (particularly females)

Customer Reviews
12,523 Reviews

Avatar Martin



Smells amazing.It is the first time I have this perfume and I love it!

4. Versace Eros Cologne

 Versace Eros CologneView On Amazon

Eros by Versace men’s fragrance gives you a lively freshness with its mix of mint leaves, green apple, and lemon zest. You may remember that Eros is the Greek God of love that makes people fall in love with his bow and arrow. The predominant color of the Eros bottle is turquoise, a male color of the gods.

This price is for the bottle with 1.7 liquid ounces, but we recommend buying more than 1. Fragrances such as mint leaves, Italian lemon peel, green apple, tonka beans, amber, geranium, vanilla, cedarwood, vetiver, and oakmoss

What reviewers say:

Women are very enthusiastic about this eau de cologne, but what do men think?

  • I am always asked what I wear. I get a lot of compliments about this. It is clean, smelling, and not overwhelming.
  • Smells great and lasts all day. Ladies love it. Although I must say that it feels a bit and something else, they are useful things. Not diluted.
Key Features
  • It is recommended for daily wear
  • The composition is built of a perfect harmony of sweet and salty notes of seawater and nuances of sunny warmth on your skin
  • This is a product to be of high quality and is made of high-quality material

Customer Reviews
2,046 Reviews

Avatar Kaidyn S

Kaidyn S


I have used this EDT once since receiving it and I am completely blown away by everything about it. The scent lasted over 24 hours on just one spray alone, and it smells incredible. I got endless amounts of compliments and it's even boosted my confidence. It does have kind of a sweet scent that I wasn't sure about after smelling the bottle, but once I put it on I knew I made a great choice. If you're on the fence about buying this like I was, I say just go for it. For the price you'll be pleasantly surprised.

5. 1 Million Lucky By Paco Rabanne Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml

 1 Million Lucky By Paco Rabanne Eau De Toilette Spray 100mlView On AmazonIntroduced in Spring 2018, One Million Lucky is a pulsating and captivating scent of woody gourmand notes, perfect for the man who lives without limits and makes his dreams come true.

Hazelnut enriches the woody elements, along with fresh ozone honey, and Greengage Plum for a hint of sweetness.

Can really be worn for any occasion, but is best suited for a night out. In fact, many reviewers say this is the perfect cologne to wear on a night out.

Typically this cologne costs anywhere from $ 80 for a 100ml bottle. However, you can often find it on Amazon for nearly $ 70. If you can get it at that price, we highly recommend highly recommended. You won’t regret giving this cologne a try.

We think the ambroxane scent advertised as one of the top notes is a bit lacking. Nevertheless, everyone seems to love this product so we definitely think it’s still worth a try.

Key Features
  • Fresh, vivid, and sensual
  • Woody scent with a touch of sweet
  • Beautiful longevity

Customer Reviews
4,098 Reviews

Avatar Mac


Todos los perfumes vendidos por "Amazon México" son originales.

El perfume es original, les recomiendo siempre SIEMPRE comprar sus perfumes con Amazon, busquen que diga "Vendido y enviado por Amazon México, de esa forma se aseguran que su perfume siempre va a ser original, puesto que Amazon JAMÁS te va a vender algo pirata, NUNCA, y repito NUNCA compren con terceros llámese "Aromanza" o "Magna Perfumes" o cualquier otro, ya que la mayoría de opiniones que he visto de esas empresas es que sus perfumes que venden son falsos o rellenados, así que váyanse a la segura y compren siempre con Amazon. En este caso es un perfume que ...

6. Acqua Di Gio Cologne By Giorgio Armani For Men

 Acqua Di Gio Cologne By Giorgio Armani For MenView On Amazon

it is one of the most popular and best-selling fragrances of all time in the US.

This is a light and fresh scent, not sharp, not spicy but clear and wonderful. The smell will be familiar to most people, which is a good thing, but not necessarily good for those who want to stand out or be unique in the crowd.

Men love how male smells like this perfume, and women can’t get enough of it either. If you are looking for a woodsy, almost tobacco-y, suitable for any occasion, you should definitely consider giving this cologne an attempt.

Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, pear, and apple; tied together with geranium, lavender, and rosemary; and with a finish of patchouli, labdanum, Tonka bean, and amber wood.

Perfect for any occasion, day or night, and can be worn every time of the year.

This is not the cheapest eau de cologne on our list, but considering the 4.5-gram bottle, this cologne will prove to be a great value.

Key Features
  • Woody and aromatic
  • Wonderful manly fragrance
  • Great price

Customer Reviews
9,338 Reviews

Avatar Swifty MD

Swifty MD

This stuff smells real. I'm not sure if it's ...

This stuff smells real. I'm not sure if it's made by the real company or not after reading all the negative reviews, but I've wore this since high school and it's legit. I've bought it twice off amazon and each time same quality. It lasts at least 8 hours on clothing. I have my coworkers comment on how I smell when we are signing out at the end of a shift. Maybe these negative reviews are coming from people that are losing money due to amazon sales????? Worth the buy!

7. Guess Seductive Homme Blue Cologne

 Guess Seductive Homme Blue CologneView On Amazon

A really beautiful, subtle scent that can be worn in almost every situation and projects just the right amount of refinement.

Designed for charming, charismatic, and magnetic men, Seductive Homme Blue by Guess consists of aromatic, woody, and Fougere fragrances. It is a fairly new release of the brand, but it makes women crazy. This price applies to the bottle with the 3.4-liter bottle.

Smells like cardamom, mandarin pulp, pink pepper, vanilla orchid, violet leaves, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and musk.

What reviewers say:

So what do other guys think of it?

Very mild scent. Not overwhelming. I am sure that others will vary, but I love it, and I have about 30 bottles of designer perfume. But I think this is at the top of my favorites.
Excellent fragrance at an excellent price !!

Key Features
  • Airy and sensual
  • Mild and subtle
  • A scent more sophisticated than the non-Blue version
  • 100% authentic & lower priced than other brands

Customer Reviews
1,710 Reviews

Avatar JASS


Excelente perfume para caballeros.

Lo compre para regalo,el aroma es muy llamativo ,lo recomiendo.

8. Sauvage By Dior Eau De Parfum Spray

 Sauvage By Dior Eau De Parfum SprayView On AmazonSoft, mysterious, and sensual, Dior Sauvage offers a fresh take on the signature Dior fragrance.

Expect the signature Dior scents of Bergamot, Sichuan pepper, Lavender, and Ambroxan, but enriched with spices and warm oriental notes of star anise, nutmeg, and Papua vanilla.

Inspired by the cool of the night and the magical hour of dusk, this is definitely more of an evening scent.

A little pricey, but some say it’s worth it.

Key Features
  • Light, fresh, and clean
  • Outstanding staying electrical energy
  • Anticipate tons of compliments when sporting this cologne

Customer Reviews
2,884 Reviews

Avatar Miguel


Lit 🔥

First of all it's original; the real deal, secondly I love the top note and the middle note; that rough freshness of a peppery Bergamot and the noble, lingering scent of an amber wood. Right now I'm in Jamaica 🇯🇲 and so far the compliments are raining . Finally, it's worth the money... go and get it! #Love&Respect

9. Mont Blanc Legend Cologne

 Mont Blanc Legend CologneView On Amazon

If you are looking for something versatile and safe, then the Mont Blanc Legend is a good choice. This is a masculine, fruity, aromatic scent with interesting notes: lavender, pineapple, oakmoss, coumarin, and porose.

The projection and life span of this cologne are not too heavy or linger, but are sufficient to get the job done. It is excellent for spring and summer.

MontBlanc opens with a delicious, fruity citrus combo of pineapple, bergamot, fresh lavender, and lemon verbena. The heart has rose, apple, geranium, and dried fruits, with oakmoss for a fresh and earthy balance. The base is vanilla-y, woody, and lightly spicy with tonka bean and sandalwood.

As many people have said, it smells a bit like Abercrombie Fierce, very similar, but that does not necessarily have to be bad because it happens to be half the price of Fierce.

Key Features
  • A sweet, fruity, floral scent that everyone will love
  • An easy everyday fragrance
  • Fresh, clean, understated, yet not boring

Customer Reviews
3,641 Reviews



great product

I would like to buy this product again..

10. Jimmy Choo Man Intense

 Jimmy Choo Man IntenseView On AmazonSmell: this exciting blend of lavender and honeydew on top, davana oil and spicy black pepper in the middle, and tonka beans as the basis on which customers are enthusiastic about how masculine and sexy this aroma is.

Opportunity: this is a pretty versatile fragrance, so you should be able to wear it anytime and anywhere. Although there is a summer melon in advance, the black pepper and tonka beans also make it a pleasant smell for cooler temperatures.

Price: as this is a newer fragrance, you should expect such a price. However, if you like Invictus or Chanel Bleu and find it cheaper, you may want to go that way because customers claim they all have the same odor profile.

Despite this cologne being synchronized intensely, customers actually prefer this one to other intense smells due to its soft nature. Customers also rave about how male and sexy it is, some are even going so far as to call it a female killer.

Key Features
  • Very mellow scent
  • Masculine and sexy
  • Versatile scent with surprising hints of melon and pepper that pop up

Customer Reviews
1,129 Reviews

Avatar Ms. Nature

Ms. Nature

Lovely scent

Bought this for hubby and he loves it. I love it on him as well. Such an intoxicating scent.

Types of Cologne

Best Men's Colognes Of All TimeBuying a new men’s perfume is no different from shopping for a new suit or car. You must never lose sight of your budget and, in particular, try to prevent that you are not satisfied.

Something that is often overlooked is, for example, the difference between Eau de Perfume (EDP), Eau de Toilette (EDT), and Cologne.

Although men often use the terms as synonyms when talking about scents, they refer to entirely different products. Read on to discover the difference.


Generally, the most expensive of the group, this can take up to eight hours and offers a concentration of scents between 15 and 20 percent. It is the most common dilution on the market and is the best option if you are looking for more luxurious and deeper tones.

So make sure you wear it carefully. Less is always more.

Eau de toilette

EDT contains up to 15 percent aromatic essence and is the perfect option for everyday use. It lasts up to four hours, so make sure you have a spare bottle in your desk drawer for a quick supplement when you go out after work with colleagues.


This product is mainly found as a splash and has a lower odor concentration, between one and two percent. It usually takes less than two hours and can be reused if necessary, but does not have the same effects as an EDP or EDT.

How and where to apply to Cologne

The ignorant have one rule for using Cologne: on MUCH and ANYWHERE! Giving yourself to Cologne, after all, must smell good all day, right?

Oh, there are so many types of errors! When it comes to perfume, there are three rules to remember:

  • Less is more. Repeat that a dozen times before applying cologne. Your cologne must be appreciated, not overwhelmingly. Too much cologne (especially a high odor concentration) can change the nose and stomach of people. A few spritzes are more than enough.
  • Apply from bottom to top. Start with your wrists, then go up to your neck and behind your ears. Only one spritz at each heart rate point (the point where the blood vessels are close to the skin) is more than enough to do the job.
  • The only one will do it! One spritz per pulse point is sufficient to get started. Give it 30 minutes to get the underlying tones out, and you’ll notice that you smell beautiful without overdoing it

Bonus: Be wary of your deodorant. If you use a strongly fragrant deodorant NL cologne, the two odors may collide. If you are going to wear strong cologne, stay with a mild deodorant.

You may see people using the spray and flow method to apply cologne. It is a foolish way to do it and a waste of Cologne! You want the particles to stick to your skin, not to your clothes.

With immediate application (spraying or dabbing), the pulse points are the best way to guarantee maximum odor absorption.

The spray and flow method only spreads the particles in the air and reduces the concentration of the smell. (Remember that the odor particles are oxidized and broken down as soon as they are exposed to oxygen, spraying close to your neck to deliver the odor before oxidation.)

How to make your Cologne last longer

  • A few spritzes are all you need to smell good.
  • Place tissue paper in your drawers and inject it with cologne. The scent will be absorbed into your clothes, making you smell good all day.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Humidity, light, and heat ensure that the cologne breaks down, and the quality decreases.
  • Spray after showering. Your skin absorbs the odor with the moisture, which leads to a longer smell.
  • Do NOT rub your wrists after spraying. Friction degrades and changes the smell.
  • Rinse cotton swabs with your perfume and place them in a lockable plastic bag in your bag or suitcase. Use the cotton swabs to update the fragrance during the day

Let’s say you do not like any of the best mens colognes you see today.

I would insist on starting your research. In that case, the buying guide in this article will help you.

Which best men’s cologne of all time do you do best? Let me know how shopping has turned out in the comments.

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