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Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser Review: Benefits, Drawbacks & User Experiences (2024)

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ponds cold cream cleanser reviewAccording to some reports, almost 70% of its users increase hydration in the skin after using Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser.

Made with a rich, oil-based formula, this classic cleanser has been the mainstay of skin regimes for quite an extended period.

We will review below its pros—from makeup removal to moisturizing properties—along with its cons, like oiliness and pore-clogging.

No matter if you’re going in with oily, dry, or sensitive skin, this analysis shall help you decide whether Ponds will, in fact, work wonders on your skincare routine

Key Takeaways

  • The Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser has been a skincare staple for over a century, and it’s still going strong today. It’s a versatile product that can be used as a makeup remover, moisturizer, and even a night cream.
  • Thanks to ingredients like mineral oil and beeswax, the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is super effective at removing makeup, even waterproof mascara. It also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.
  • However, the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser isn’t for everyone. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. It’s also not fragrance-free, so if you’re sensitive to scents, you may want to avoid it.
  • Overall, the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is a good option for people with dry or normal skin who are looking for a gentle, effective makeup remover and moisturizer

What is Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser?

What is Pond
Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is a versatile skincare product known for its effectiveness as both a makeup remover and moisturizer. This cold cream contains key ingredients such as mineral oil, water, and beeswax, contributing to its thick, creamy texture . The mineral oil helps in removing stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara, while also providing deep hydration, preventing your skin from feeling dry .

The cleanser also has a pleasant fragrance, enhancing the sensory experience during use . Packaged in a classic white tub with a green lid, it requires scooping the product out with your fingers, which some consider less hygienic . Overall, it efficiently dissolves makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized (Source), making it suitable for those with dry or combination skin types

The History of Pond’s Cold Cream

The History of Pond
You’ve got a good grasp of what Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is, but understanding its history lends more appreciation for this classic product. Pond’s origins date back to 1846 when Theron T. Pond, a pharmacist, introduced a witch hazel-based wonder. The formulation saw refinement through the years, officially becoming Pond’s Cold Cream in 1905.

It was among the first moisturizers not requiring refrigeration, making it a cultural icon (Source).

The classic vintage packaging, often a white tub with a green lid, is a nod to its enduring legacy (Source).

Over generations, marketed as a gentle, effective makeup remover for even the most sensitive eyes and skin, it’s both a cosmetic staple and a piece of history. Its formulation balances moisturization with cleansing, though it’s not fragrance-free, making it beloved, especially by those with dry skin

How Does Pond’s Cold Cream Work?

How Does Pond
Pond’s Cold Cream works by combining water, mineral oil, and beeswax to effectively cleanse and moisturize your skin. The mineral oil dissolves makeup and impurities, while beeswax seals in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft


Pond’s Cold Cream is packed with nourishing ingredients that work harmoniously to cleanse and moisturize your skin. The main ingredients include:

  • Mineral oil: Derived from petroleum, it’s known for its powerful moisturizing properties.
  • Beeswax: Provides a protective barrier to lock in moisture.
  • Water: Essential for hydration.

Though it’s effective, it’s worth noting that it mightn’t align with the Clean Beauty Pledge due to its sourcing concerns

Mechanism of Action

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser works through its key ingredients, such as mineral oil and beeswax, which effectively dissolve makeup and impurities.

Upon application, the cream forms a barrier, trapping moisture and maintaining hydration. It gently lifts away dirt, reducing the likelihood of clogged pores, though not completely eliminating it.

Benefits of Using Pond’s Cold Cream

Benefits of Using Pond
Using Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser offers multiple benefits. It effectively removes makeup, moisturizes your skin, and leaves it feeling softer and smoother

Makeup Removal

Regarding makeup removal, the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser is outstanding. Massage some cream onto the skin, and heavy makeup, like waterproof mascara, will dissolve, cleaning out the skin. Finishing it off with some makeup wipes and double cleansing ensures no residue is left behind to bring out clear and blemish-free skin.

Moisturizing Properties

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser isn’t just great for makeup removal, it’s a skincare essential for hydration. Its rich formula provides dry skin relief by locking in moisture, ensuring your face feels soft and supple throughout the day. This makes it a cornerstone of any cleansing routine

Skin Softening Effects

Pond’s Cold Cream not only moisturizes but also softens the skin. Rich in mineral oils, this cream helps your skin feel finer with more excellent elasticity. Reduces wrinkling and blemishes to reveal visibly smoother skin with regular application.

Potential Drawbacks and Side Effects

Potential Drawbacks and Side Effects
When using Pond’s Cold Cream, be aware of potential drawbacks such as oiliness and pore clogging, which can happen if not rinsed thoroughly. Additionally, some users may experience sensitivity issues due to ingredients like mineral oil


Keeping in mind the fact that Pond’s Cold Cream is greasy, one must also regard this as its disadvantage, more particularly for oily skin types. It may predispose to:

  • An excessively greasy feel
  • Higher chance of breakouts
  • A heavy film on the skin
  • Difficulty in complete removal

Pore Clogging

Pore clogging can be a concern with Pond’s Cold Cream, especially for those with acne-prone skin. Due to its mineral oil content, there’s a potential for blocked pores and breakouts. If you’re worried about pore concerns or skin irritation, consider your texture preference and ingredient scrutiny

Sensitivity Issues

It may be a bit tricky with sensitive skin because of the mineral oil content present in Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. It may cause irritation and inflammation to those prone to acne. Look for hypoallergenic alternatives or consult a dermatologist so you can keep your skin calm and clear, not irritated and with red blotches.

How to Use Pond’s Cold Cream Effectively

How to Use Pond
To use Pond’s Cold Cream effectively, start by applying a generous amount to your face, massaging it in circular motions to break down makeup and impurities. After thoroughly massaging, use a warm, damp cloth to wipe away the cream, then rinse your face with water to remove any residue

Application Techniques

Apply the Ponds Cold Cream by taking a little and massaging it your face in gentle circular motions. Pay more attention to areas where the makeup is heavy.

It has a creamy consistency, which ensures that it cleanses your skin deeply.

For hygienic application, use a clean spatula instead of using your fingers.

Avoid using it too much to preserve the cleansing frequency

Removal Methods

To remove Pond’s Cold Cream effectively, massage the cream in circular motions over your skin, focusing on areas with heavy makeup. Use a soft facial wipe to carefully remove the cream, then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Follow with Dove soap to cleanse deeply

Frequency of Use

Use Pond’s Cold Cream every night for the best results. It works best on dry-to-normal skin, but if you’re the acne-prone type, then beware. Apply and massage it in evenly. Then, after 30 minutes, wipe it off with facial wipes and follow up by rinsing with Dove soap to avoid the clogging of pores and oiliness throughout the day.

User Experiences and Testimonials

User Experiences and Testimonials
In exploring user experiences and testimonials about Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser, there will be both strangers and negative feedback that give some unintentional results. The section below shows the pros and cons of the product according to users’ comments to provide a comprehensive understanding of real-world performance.

Positive Feedback

Users rave about Pond’s Cold Cream for its effectiveness in makeup removal and as an overnight moisturizer. Many highlight its gentle nature, making it suitable for various skin types, including acne-prone skin. Some even noted unexpected benefits in their cleansing routine, such as clearer skin

Negative Feedback

Now, let’s explore the downsides. Users have reported that Pond’s Cold Cream can leave a greasy feel, which mightn’t be ideal for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Additionally, it has been known to cause pore clogging and sensitivity issues for some, particularly on sensitive skin

Unexpected Results

You might be surprised to find that many users claim Pond’s Cold Cream helped treat their cystic acne. By integrating it as a nightly ritual—applying for 30 minutes, wiping off with facial wipes, and rinsing with Dove soap—they experienced unexpected and positive skin-cleansing results

Comparing Pond’s to Other Cleansers

Comparing Pond
Comparing other cleansers with Pond’s Cold Cream can be an exciting proposition. On one hand, people love Pond’s for its moisturizing and makeup-removing prowess. On the other hand, its oiliness is quite a drawback. Comparing the effectiveness of different brands told me:

  • Effectiveness: While Pond’s removes waterproof makeup, foaming cleansers might give a deeper cleanse for oily skin.
  • Price Comparison: While Pond’s is affordable, one would have to consider whether paying a little more for a larger container or a pump dispenser would provide better value.
  • Skin Type: Dry skin would be best for which Pond’s will be excellent. Gel cleansers might do an odd job on oily or acne-prone skin.

    • Cruelty-Free Options: Not all methods are tested on animals, so some of the alternatives may be important to the ethically-minded consumer.

  • Packaging Convenience: While the jar of Pond’s is iconic, cleansers with pumps can be more sanitary and convenient.

Exploring these facets will help in deciding if Pond’s fits your needs and preferences.

Is Pond’s Cold Cream Right for You?

Is Pond
Knowing your skin type, lifestyle, and budget will help decide if Pond’s Cold Cream is the right product for you. This cleanser is okay for dry skin but might get too creamy for people prone to breakouts or sensitive skin. Ensure you’re comfortable paying its price and the amount of time consumed by cleansing correctly.

Skin Type Considerations

When considering Pond’s Cold Cream for your routine, think about your skin type. Oily or sensitive skin might experience breakouts, while dry skin benefits greatly. Acne-prone skin could react negatively, while non-acne-prone users enjoy smooth, moisturized results.

Skin Type Benefits Drawbacks
Oily skin Deep cleansing Potential breakouts
Dry skin Moisturizes deeply Possible greasiness
Sensitive skin Gentle, non-irritating Mineral oil sensitivity

Lifestyle Factors

Your lifestyle plays a significant role in determining if Pond’s Cold Cream suits you.

  • Busy schedule: Ideal for quick makeup removal and moisturizing.
  • Skincare routine: Complements routines for oily or dry skin.
  • Low-maintenance routines: Simple, effective moisturizing without extra steps.

Choose wisely to avoid potential skin irritation

Budget Considerations

One should always be budget-sensitive when choosing a skincare product. With a price tag of INR 450, Pond’s Cold Cream gives an affordable price to consumers without compromising on its quality it. This drugstore product offers good value for money against others, which may weigh up the price with its potential to clog pores or cause oiliness.

Pros Cons
Affordable May clog pores
Drugstore price Potential oiliness
Good Value Small Container

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Pond’s cold cream good for your face?

Pond’s Cold Cream is good for removing makeup and moisturizing dry skin. However, its mineral oil content may cause breakouts for some, especially oily or sensitive skin types. Those with acne-prone skin should use caution

Can ponds cold cream be used as a cleanser?

Yes, Pond’s Cold Cream can be used as a cleanser. Apply it nightly for 30 minutes, then wipe off with facial wipes and rinse with Dove soap. It’s known for removing makeup and moisturizing skin

What are the disadvantages of cold cream?

One surprising downside? Cold creams can clog pores and contribute to breakouts, especially for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Opt for oil-free, non-comedogenic formulas to avoid this potential issue

Will ponds cold cream clog pores?

Being a mineral oil-based cream, Ponds Cold Cream might clog up pores if not cleaned well. So, use it with caution if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, and make sure to remove it all out to avoid breakouts.

What is the best way to use Pond’s cold cream cleanser?

A stitch in time saves nine." Apply Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser every night, then remove it with facial wipes, and, lastly, wash your face with Dove soap to ensure no residue is left on your skin to leave it soft and clean.

What are people’s experiences with using Pond’s Cold Cream?

People’s experiences with Pond’s Cold Cream are mixed: it effectively removes makeup and moisturizes, but some find it too oily and potentially pore-clogging. Users with dry skin generally benefit more than those with oily or sensitive skin

Is Pond’s cold cream cleanser a good makeup remover?

This is where Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser acts as a magic wand for removing makeup. The thick, creamy formula dissolves even waterproof mascara, leaving the skin clean and soft.

What are the main ingredients of Ponds Cold Cream?

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser contains water, mineral oil, beeswax, and other ingredients. Mineral oil, derived from petroleum, is widely used for moisturizing, but be cautious if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts

How does Ponds Cold Cream affect acne-prone skin?

Pond’s Cold Cream can act as a double-edged sword for acne-prone skin. While it may help clear cystic acne for some, its mineral oil content could also clog pores, potentially leading to breakouts

Is Ponds Cold Cream suitable for sensitive skin?

Pond’s Cold Cream, while moisturizing, contains mineral oil that may irritate sensitive skin. If you’re prone to reactions or have sensitivity, it’s advisable to perform a patch test first and rinse thoroughly after use

Does Ponds Cold Cream have a strong fragrance?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and indeed, Pond’s Cold Cream comes with a mild, pleasant fragrance. It’s not overwhelming, ensuring your cleansing routine remains soothing without a strong scent

How much does Ponds Cold Cream cost?

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser typically costs INR 450. You can find it at Ponds counters and on, packaged in a classic white tub with a green lid. This price reflects its affordability and accessibility


Examining "Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser Review," it’s clear you need to analyze your skin’s type and lifestyle to determine if this cleanser works for you.

While it excels in removing makeup and moisturizing, drawbacks like oiliness and potential pore clogging can’t be ignored.

However, with proper application and removal techniques, many find it beneficial.

Assess your individual needs and preferences to see if Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser fits into your skincare routine effectively

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