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Does Jet Black Hair Make You Look Older? Tips & Tricks for Youthful Hair (2024)

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does jet black hair make you look olderAre you wondering if jet black hair makes you look older? As we age, our hair color can have a profound effect on how we appear to others. From champagne blonde to soft black and copper highlights in between, certain hues can give us the youthful appearance that many of us strive for.

Key Takeaways

  • Jet black hair can wash out the complexion and make wrinkles more noticeable.
  • Dark hair, including jet black, can create a severe and aging effect.
  • Blue tones in lowlights can help counteract the thinning and aging effect of black hair.
  • Maintaining soft blacks can provide shine without losing vibrancy and can help maintain a youthful appearance.

Does Jet Black Hair Make You Look Older?

Does Jet Black Hair Make You Look Older
Though jet black hair can make your hair look thinner and less voluminous, contrasting with the skin can accentuate a thinning look and wash out the complexion. To avoid an aged appearance, use shades that are lighter than the natural color when adding highlights or lowlights.

Blonde highlighting is better for anti-aging than jet black since it does not have the same effect of making grey strands stand out as much. Dark brown has similar but less severe effects on aging compared to jet black because it washes out the complexion slightly less dramatically.

Lowlights add thickness while blue undertones neutralize redness in darker colors such as dark browns or blacks. This removes any rosy glow from the face, which can cause an older-looking appearance if too pronounced.

Caramel, honey, copper, auburn champagne, and strawberry blonde tones brighten up the skin and create a youthful look without compromising volume in the hairstyle. Chocolate brown with golden balayage makes brunette hair shine through while lighter pieces around the face further soften features.

Soft blacks will also create healthy-looking locks without taking away from the vibrancy of youthfulness either! Going lighter than natural helps give facial features more definition, thus avoiding outlining wrinkles, which could age you prematurely.

In short, contrasting shades like those found within one’s own color family are best for maintaining beauty regardless of age while still keeping some contrast between both skin tone and hair color.

Does Dark Brown Hair Make You Look Older?

Does Dark Brown Hair Make You Look Older
Dark brown tresses can still wash out your complexion, so consider going for a shade with highlights or lowlights to add thickness and blend away the greys. Going too dark may make your skin look duller due to shadows being cast on it from the darker hair color.

Darkening hair without any lighter shades will also outline wrinkles and age you more quickly. Instead, opt for muted tones that won’t be too drastic of a change while still providing contrast between skin tone and gray blending at roots.

Brown hair is much softer overall compared to black, so if you want an anti-aging effect, go with a soft brown rather than stark black. This will create a healthy-looking shine instead of flattening out the volume of your locks like jet black would do.

Caramel highlights can soften features on brunettes, but avoid platinum blonde if you’re trying not to look older. Choose colors that are lighter than what’s natural for an illuminated appearance around the face area, creating vibrancy and less severity around wrinkles or lines.

Does Red Hair Make You Look Older or Younger?

Does Red Hair Make You Look Older or Younger
Red hair can give you a youthful look, especially when combined with highlights or lowlights to add depth. Lighter shades of red, such as strawberry blonde or warm gold, are great for brightening and softening your complexion.

For an edgier look, try caramel blonde with copper highlights or an auburn shade that pops against grey hair.

Darker shades may not be the best choice if you’re looking to appear younger since they have the potential to make features appear sharper and more gaunt than lighter colors do. Blonde is often seen as being most associated with youthfulness; it blends greys well at roots while adding fullness, which helps reduce thinning due to age-related balding patterns.

Avoid jet black unless you want a dramatic contrast between your skin tone and hair color – this will wash out some of your natural rosy glow, making skin look pale instead! Caramel hues soften facial features while herringbone highlights blend naturally into graying strands for anti-aging effects without sacrificing vibrancy in hue choices like warmer tones ranging from champagne blondes up through rich coppers and auburns, all perfect if you want something young yet timelessly elegant too!

Does Blonde Hair Make You Look Older?

Does Blonde Hair Make You Look Older
Blonde hair can brighten your complexion, giving you a youthful glow that jet black just can’t achieve. Darkening roots help blend grey hairs, while warm tones create soft hues and a healthy shine. Jet blonde gives off an icy vibe that doesn’t flatter most complexions and makes skin look washed out.

Honey blonde adds warmth to the face, while strawberry tones are perfect for adding vibrancy to fair skin types. Golden balayage with champagne or strawberry highlights lightens up darker shades of brown and helps soften facial features without making you look too old-fashioned.

What Hair Color Does Make You Look Younger?

What Hair Color Does Make You Look Younger
Searching for the perfect hair color to make you look younger? It’s possible to achieve a youthful, vibrant appearance with the right shade and highlights. Champagne blonde tones brighten complexions, while youthful auburn reds add vibrancy.

Strawberry blondes can also be used to brighten your face, while soft black hair creates healthy shine, and caramel highlights are great for aging brunette hair.

Champagne Blonde to Look Younger

Try a subtle champagne blonde hue to give your complexion a youthful, radiant glow. The balayage technique is perfect for achieving this look as it creates natural and soft-looking highlights that blend seamlessly with darker roots.

Herringbone highlights are an even subtler option in which strands of hair near the face are lightened to brighten features without looking over-the-top. Soft black or muted black can also provide anti-aging tips if chosen carefully – try tortoiseshell balayage techniques featuring caramel and golden hues for brunette hair.

Youthful Auburn Red Hair Colour

Auburn red hair can give you a youthful glow with its warm undertones, accentuating your natural beauty and making you look years younger. To achieve this look, choose from vanilla blonde to ash brown to honey hues or even mahogany red.

Chestnut brunette provides the perfect base for those looking to dye their hair darker without losing their facial features in the process. Lighter pieces around the face will help brighten up any complexion and add vibrancy that is often lost when opting for darker shades of hair color.

Jet black can make skin appear duller than desired by outlining wrinkles and washing out your features.

Strawberry Blonde Brightens Your Face

Adding strawberry blonde tones to your hair can brighten up your complexion and give you a more youthful glow. Copper-toned highlights with hints of honey shades create warm colors that lift facial features, while herringbone highlights blend away greys.

Opting for this shade over jet black prevents the harsh contrast that accentuates thinning hair and casts shadows on pale skin, making it look gaunt or sharpened around the face – an anti-aging move! Strawberry blonde is softer than platinum but still offers brightness to soften wrinkles and remove redness from the skin tone, giving a natural rosy hue back into complexions.

Let these sunny hues bring out all of your best angles for an overall younger you!

Soft Black Hair to Make You Look Younger

Soft black hair can give your complexion a youthful glow, and you’ll feel like new money when you freshen up with this timeless look.

To get the perfect soft ombre, try balayage highlights in natural tones to lighten the roots and create an effortless blend into darker tones. A chocolate brown color with golden herringbone highlights will give life to brunette hair while maintaining a youthful look.

Natural shades are key for anti-aging. Avoid jet black as it outlines wrinkles and washes out complexions, making them appear older than they are.

Caramel Highlights for Ageing Brunette Hair

Caramel highlights add warmth to your brunette hair, making it look healthy and vibrant. Opt for honey tones or herringbone highlights to frame your face. These will celebrate gray hairs while still looking natural.

Soft black is also a great option as darker shades can draw attention away from wrinkles. Copper hues create depth in the hair. Balayage blonde pieces around the face help brighten dull complexions. Caramel highlights soften features and bring life to locks of chocolate brown coloring.

Copper hues are perfect for aging brunette hair due to their neutralizing properties against any redness on the skin.

Hair Colors That Can Hide Away a Few Years

Hair Colors That Can Hide Away a Few Years
You may be looking to hide a few years from your appearance, and hair color can help. To achieve this goal, you should consider warm gold highlights, caramel blonde, chocolate brown, copper highlights, or auburn tones.

These colors will brighten the complexion while softening features for an overall more youthful look compared to jet black, which outlines wrinkles and washes out the skin tone.

Warm Gold Highlights

Warm golden highlights can bring a youthful, brightening effect to your hair and complexion. Honey tones are subtle yet effective for soft ombres or balayage streaks that will bring life back into dark roots while giving it an overall warm tone.

Blending ash blonde with platinum blonde helps keep the scalp from looking too harsh against one’s complexion, without sacrificing vibrancy in coloring.

Highlights of various shades can be used to soften features and draw attention away from any wrinkles or signs of aging on the face.

Caramel Blonde

Adding subtle caramel blonde highlights to your hair can give you a youthful, vibrant look while blending any grays for an anti-aging effect. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Allure Magazine, nearly 70% of women reported feeling younger after adding warm golden tones to their hair color.

The perfect hue will depend on the natural color base and skin tone; however, there are some general tips that can help:

  1. Lightening dark roots with yellow-based shades gives dimension and hides age effects.
  2. Herringbone highlights add texture without taking away from the natural colors.
  3. Keep it within 2-3 levels lighter than your current shade for an anti-aging technique that won’t wash out light skin tones.
  4. Caramel blonde hues create shine and vibrancy without looking artificial or flat like jet black.
  5. Avoid going too light as this could make features appear harsher or gaunt.

To achieve naturally beautiful locks, opt for soft shades which work well on all complexions!

Chocolate Brown

Try a chocolate brown shade with golden balayage to make your brunette hair shine and add vibrancy. You’ll love the youthful look it gives! Unlike jet black, this color won’t create harsh shadows on your skin or give a washed-out look.

Instead, herringbone highlights will blend nicely into any natural graying while caramel tones bring out warmth.

The balayage technique will also soften features around your face as lighter pieces brighten up complexion and neutralize redness for an overall glowing effect. Avoid going too light though – opt for shades that are just slightly lighter than what’s natural to avoid looking older than necessary.

Copper Highlights

Copper highlights can bring a beautiful vibrancy to your hair and help soften features, making you look younger. To achieve this effect, the balance of copper tones with red highlights is important. Blonde tones should be used sparingly as they may wash out aging skin and make wrinkles more apparent by outlining them.

Dark browns or soft black are better choices for an easy-to-maintain style that will give you a brighter complexion without looking too harsh against your skin tone.

Copper highlights blended into dark colors blend grey hairs while adding dimension to the overall color scheme.


Auburn tones brighten your complexion and help create a youthful look. They’re warm gold and copper highlights that give an elegant contrast to lighter skin complexions or chocolate brown hair. Strawberry blonde hues will add vibrancy for medium-light skinned individuals. A caramel blonde with some natural grays is also great for those looking to keep their color age-appropriate.

Soft black can be used as well, but should be avoided if you have signs of aging as it tends to outline wrinkles more than other colors do.

Auburn has the ability to make dull hair come alive with its subtle reddish tint, giving movement even in naturally straight locks without making it too obvious that one has opted for such a dramatic change from their usual natural hue(s).

When considering adding years back onto your appearance via color choice, opt for different shades of auburn instead of jet black or platinum blondes, which could potentially worsen the situation!

Other Hair Color Tricks That Can Age You

Other Hair Color Tricks That Can Age You
Avoiding highlights, choosing a platinum blonde shade, and not maintaining your color can all add years to your look. If you’re looking to stay young or appear younger than you are, these hair color tricks should be avoided.

Jet black also ages the face as it emphasizes wrinkles and casts shadows on pale skin that make features look sharper and gaunt.

No Highlights

Avoid jet black and platinum blonde hair colors to keep your complexion bright and youthful-looking. Dark brown has similar effects as jet black, though less severe, washing out skin tones. For thinning hair, add highlights or lowlights for thickness over solid flat color.

Lighter roots on ombre blends greys well. Blonde is better than jet black in terms of anti-aging. It adds vibrancy to cool skin tones without making it look too thin or pale compared to darker shades that outline wrinkles more easily.

Brunettes can benefit from chocolate brown with golden balayage. The lighter pieces around the face help brighten up complexion and soften features.

Platinum Blonde

Avoiding platinum blonde can help you maintain your youthful look, as it tends to wash out the complexion and make wrinkles stand out more. Bleaching your hair to achieve this shade of blonde strips away natural oils, leaving hair dry and brittle.

Root touch-ups are recommended for gray blending, but not if achieving a solid color, which can be damaging in the long run.

Not Maintaining Your Color

Not updating your hair color to suit the changes of time can give you an aged appearance. To keep a youthful look, choose shades lighter than your natural tone and add highlights for vibrancy, like sprinkling stardust through locks of hair.

Consider dyeing techniques such as balayage or ombre that enhance texture while still looking modern. Select products formulated for aging hair and follow the latest color trends, but stay within natural families from youth.

Hair care is essential. Proper product selection keeps strands healthy, allowing colors to last longer while emphasizing shine without harsh chemicals. Choose hues that complement skin tones, avoiding extremes like jet black or platinum blonde.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best highlights to add to my hair if I want to look younger?

To look younger, try caramel or honey highlights for a gentle glow, or copper and auburn tones to brighten your complexion.

What color should I avoid if I want to look younger?

Avoid very dark and light shades, like jet black and platinum blonde. Opt for lighter hues than your natural color to look younger – caramel, honey, copper, or auburn are great choices! Add highlights to create thickness without washing out the complexion.

What are the benefits of lightening my hair around my face?

Lightening your hair around the face adds vibrancy, brightens complexion, and softens features for a youthful look.

Is there a hair color that can blend in my grey strands?

Try a dark brown shade to blend in your gray strands. Highlights and lowlights can add thickness while still maintaining some contrast between hair and skin tone for an anti-aging look. Blonde shades are also great for blending grays at the roots, giving you a youthful appearance without making your hair look thin.

Are there any tricks to make jet black hair look less severe?

Try softening jet black hair with caramel or honey highlights and lowlights for thickness. Add lighter pieces around the face to brighten the complexion and soften features. Neutralize redness while maintaining youthful vibrancy with shades like copper, auburn, champagne, or strawberry blonde tones.


As we’ve seen, jet black hair can make you look older, so it’s important to know how to pick the right colors for youthful hair. For example, my friend had jet black hair and was constantly asked if she was in her late 30s.

After getting a few highlights, she started receiving compliments on how young she looked. Highlights, lowlights, and warm, natural tones are all great ways to keep your hair looking young and vibrant.

Colors like champagne blonde, auburn red, strawberry blonde, soft black, and caramel highlights can make you look years younger. On the other hand, going too light or too dark, or not maintaining your color can age you.

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